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What May Spirits Know About the Laws of the Spirit World After They Have Been in That World for a Short Time

April 13, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Professor Salyards.

Well, I am here as I agreed and will endeavor to write you my thoughts on the subject: "What may spirits know about the laws of the spirit world after they have been in that world for a short time."

As you know, I have been here for a comparatively short time, and while my studies have been to a considerable extent in the study of these laws, yet, I find that I have limited knowledge of the same, and much of my information has been gathered from other spirits who have lived here a great many years, and who have devoted their study and investigation to these laws.

Well, I want first to say that no spirit, by the mere fact of having shortly before made his advent to this world, has received any much greater knowledge than he had when on earth.

My knowledge of spiritual laws when on earth was not very extensive and, I found when I came into the spirit world that I did not know much more than I did before I came; and such is the experience of every spirit. But, as I continued to investigate these matters, I discovered that my capacity for learning was greatly increased, and that my mind was more plastic and received this knowledge more easily than when I was a mortal. This is largely due to the fact that the brain, I mean the mortal brain, is, when compared to what you might call the spirit brain, a thing of much inferior quality, and not so capable of learning the cause and effect of phenomena.

I am now undergoing a course of study that will, I have no doubt, give me wonderful information of these laws, so that ultimately I may become what you mortals might call a learned man.

The first and, to me, the most important Law that I have learned is that: 

Man continues to live in the spirit world without his earthly body

This great Law, while to you and to many others is well known and is an established fact, yet, to me was not known, as I had never had any experience in spiritualism and had never given any study to the subject. When I arrived in the spirit world, I learned that this law is one of God's truths, and that it is fixed and will never change, for all will survive the change of so-called death.

The next great Law that I learned is that:

No man can - of his own power - make his condition or position in the spirit world
just what and where he would have it be

This is another fixed truth, and one which many spirits even do not fully comprehend; for they think, or so express themselves, that all they have to do is to exercise a little will power and they can move from certain conditions. But this is not true, for the Law controlling this matter never has any exceptions in its operations. Man or spirit can, in a way, determine what his destiny may be, but when once fixed by this great power of will which God has conferred on man, he cannot by the exercise of that will change that fixed condition until the Laws of Compensation have been satisfied; and even then the change is not brought about by the exercise of his will, but by the operation of the Laws releasing him from memories and recollections, which hold him to the conditions that his life has placed him in. So when men think that they, by the exercise of their own will, can release themselves from a condition which they have made for themselves, they are mistaken.

Many spirits here have this idea, and believe that if they only chose to exercise their vaunted will power, they could relieve themselves of their darkened condition and get into happier conditions. But strange, they never try this and the reason, therefore, is apparent. They could not if they tried, and will not try because they cannot. And yet they think that when they get ready, they will only have to exercise this will and the change will follow. No, this Law is as fixed as any Law of this great universe of God.

Of course, while man or spirit cannot by the exercise of his will change his condition, yet, in order to secure that change, the will has to be exercised, because the help which comes from without, and which is absolutely necessary to man, and which causes the change, and will not come unless man exercises the will in the way of desiring and asking for it. So let not man think that he is his own savior, because he is not; and if the help did not come from without, he would never be saved from the condition which he finds himself in when he enters the spirit world.

You hear in your spirit circles and read in the publications about spiritualism that progression is a law of the spirit world. Well that is true; but it does not mean that a spirit by the mere fact of being in the spirit world necessarily progresses, either mentally or spiritually, for this is not true. Many spirits who have been here for years are in no better condition than when they first became spirits. All progression depends upon the help that comes from outside the mind or soul of man. Of course when this help comes, man has to cooperate, but without this help there would be nothing with which to cooperate, and no progress could possibly be made. Many of the spiritualists make this great mistake when they speak or write on this subject. But let them know, that if a man depends upon his own powers, exclusively, he will never progress. And this law does not apply only to the soul's progress, of which you have heard us speak so often, but to the progress of the mere mind, and also to what might be called the purely moral qualities. My observation, and my information from the other spirits that I have mentioned, confirms the truth of what I have said: man, of himself, cannot elevate himself either mentally or morally, and the sooner he learns that fact, the better for him.

Another Law of the spirit world is that:  

When a spirit once commences to progress, that progress increases
in geometrical progression,

(as we used to say when teaching on earth). Just as soon as the light breaks into a man's soul or mind, and he commences to see that there is a way for him to reach higher things and make greater expansion of either his mind or soul, he will find that his desire to progress will increase as that progression continues, and with that desire will come help in such abundance that it will be limited only by the desire of the spirit. His will then becomes a great force in his success in progressing and working in conjunction with the help that calls it into operation. It becomes a wonderful thing of power and irresistible force.

This progression may be illustrated by the history of the snowball, which started rolling from the top of a hill. As it continues its descent not only does its velocity increase, but it continually enlarges its form and body by the outside snow attaching itself to the ball. So with the mind or soul of a spirit: as it ascends, it not only becomes more rapid in its flight, but it meets this outside help that I speak of, which help attaches itself to the spirit and, as it were, becomes a part of it.

So you see that the great problem is to make the start; and this principle will apply to mortals as well as to spirits because, if the start be made on earth, the mere fact of becoming a spirit will not halt or in any way interfere with the progress of the soul of that spirit. Of course, this means that a correct start be made. If the start be a false one or based on things other than the truth, instead of progress continuing when the man becomes a spirit, there may have to be a retracing of the way and a new start made in order to get on the right road. And this applies to the progress of the mind as well as to the progress of the soul.

The mind of a mortal learns many things which seem to that mind to be the truth and, which in its opinion must lead to progress and greater knowledge. But when the earth life gives place to the spirit life, that mind may find that its basis of knowledge were all wrong, and that to continue in the way that it had been moving would lead to increased error and, consequently, a new start must be made. And frequently, the retracing of that mind over the course that it had followed and the elimination of errors that it had embraced is more difficult and takes a longer time to accomplish than the learning of the truth does after the mind makes its correct start.

So sometimes the mind of great learning (according to the standards of earthly learning) is more harmful and retards more the progress of that man in the ways and acquirements of truth than does the mind that is, as you might say, a blank - that is, without preconceived ideas of what the truth is on a particular subject. This unfortunate experience exists to a greater extent in matters pertaining to religion than to any other matters, because the ideas and convictions, which are taught and possessed of these religious matters affect innumerably more mortals than do ideas and convictions in reference to any other matters.

A spirit who is filled with these erroneous beliefs, that may have been taught him from his mortal childhood, and fostered and fed upon by him until he becomes a spirit is, of all the inhabitants of this world, the most difficult to teach and convince of the truths pertaining to religious matters. It is much easier to teach the agnostic, or even the infidel, of these truths, than the hide-bound believer in the dogmas and creeds of the church. So, I say, let the minds of mortals be opened to the teachings of the truth, and even if they are convinced that what they believe is the truth, yet, let not that belief stand in the way of them being able to see the truth, when it actually is presented to them.

Another law is that:

Not all who know that life in the spirit world is continuous are certain
that continuous life means immortality

I mean by this that the mere fact of living as a spirit does not of itself prove that such spirit is immortal. This is a subject that spirits discuss as much as do mortals, and it is just as much a question of uncertainty as is the immortality of the soul as taught among mortals now and for all ages past. While men know that the death of the body does not mean the death of the spirit and that such spirit, which is the real man, continues to live with all its qualities of a spiritual nature, yet, there has never been any proof presented to man that that spirit will live for all eternity or, in other words, that it is immortal.

I say this, because I have read the histories and beliefs of most of the civilized, and some not called civilized, nations of the world. And I was not able to find in all my readings that it was ever demonstrated that man is immortal. Of course, many pagan and sacred writers taught this, but their statements were all based on belief and nothing more and, so I say, immortality has never to mortals become demonstrated as a fact. In the spirit world, the spirits of not only the lower spheres, but those of the higher intellectual or moral spheres, are still debating the question among themselves.

I am informed that there are some who lived on earth many centuries ago, and who have become exceedingly wise and learned in the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe and have become so free from the sins and errors of their earth life that they may be called perfect men and, yet, they do not know that they are immortal. Many of them think that they are just such men or spirits as were they who were represented by Adam and Eve. They know not that they are any less liable to death than were the ones just mentioned. And, hence, immortality is a thing which may or may not exist for spirits as well as for mortals.

I know that many of your spiritualist friends on earth claim that the mere fact that spiritualism has demonstrated the continuity of life establishes the fact of immortality. But a few moments consideration will show you the falsity of this reasoning.

Change is the law eternal, both on earth and in the spirit world, and nothing exists the same for any length of time; and in the succession of these changes, how can it be said that in the future, far or near, changes may not come by which the existence of the spirit - the ego of man - may be ended, and that ego take some other form or enter into some other condition, so that it will not be the same ego, and not the same spirit which is now living as a demonstration of the continuity of life?

And so, many spirits, as well as mortals, do not know what is necessary to obtain, to have the certain knowledge of immortality. But many other spirits know that there is an immortality for spirits who choose to seek that immortality in the way that God, in his great wisdom and providence, has provided. I will not discuss this phase of immortality now, but will at some later time.

There is another law, which enables spirits to become - by the mere operation of their natural affections and loves - pure and free from the consequences and evils of their mortal lives and again become perfect, like the first parents before the fall. This does not mean that the Law of Compensation does not operate to the fullest, and that it does not demand the last farthing, because such is the exactness in the operation of this Law that:

No spirit is released from its penalties until he has satisfied the Law.

As you believe, and as many other mortals believe, a man's punishment for the sins committed by him on earth are inflicted by his conscience and memories. There is no special punishment inflicted by God on any particular man, but the Law of Punishment operates alike on every man. If the facts that brings that punishment into operation are the same, that punishment will be the same, no matter whether the object of its infliction be the same or different persons. So you see, it cannot be escaped on any ground of special dispensation so long as the facts, which call for its operation exist, and the conscience and memories of the spirit realize these facts.

When a spirit first enters the spirit life, it does not necessarily feel the scourging of these memories, and this is the reason why you will so often hear the spirit - who has so recently left his mortal life - assure his friends or sorrowing relatives at the public seances that he is very happy and wouldn't be again in the earth life, and similar assurances. But after a little while, memory commences to work, as the soul is awakened, and then never ceases until the penalties are paid. I don't mean that the spirit is, necessarily, continuously in a condition of torment, but substantially that, and relief does not come until these memories cease their awful lashings. Some spirits live here a great number of years before they receive this relief; while others more quickly obtain it.

The greatest cause, which operates to relieve these spirits of these memories, is love. I now mean the natural love - and this love embraces many qualities, such as remorse and sorrow, and the desire to make amends for injuries done, etc. Until a spirit's love is awakened none of these feelings come to him. He cannot possibly feel remorse or regret or the desire to atone, until love, no matter how slight, comes into his heart. He may not realize just what the cause of these feelings may be, but it is love just the same.

Well, as these various feelings operate, and he acts in accordance with them, a memory here and there will leave him, never to return; and as these memories in turn leave him, his sufferings become less, and after awhile, when they have all left him, he becomes free from the Law, and it, as to him, becomes extinct. But it must not be understood that this is a work of quick operation, for it may be years - long, weary years of suffering - before he becomes thus free and once more a spirit without sin or these memories. This is the way the great Law of Compensation is satisfied. It cannot be avoided, but all its demands must be met, until sin and error are eradicated, and the soul returned to a pure state.

But this gradual release from these penalties does not mean that a spirit is progressing in his journey to the higher and brighter spheres; because even without this torture and torment, he may still remain stationary as to the development of his higher nature, mental and moral. But when he has been relieved of these sufferings, he is then in a condition to start towards the progression that I have spoken of.

As you are tired, I will continue the balance of my discourse when I write again. With all my love I am,

Your true friend and professor,
Joseph H. Salyards

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Professor Joseph Salyards Arranges a Time When He Can Write a Message to James

April 12, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Professor.

I am very happy and am glad to say that I can see that you are, too. I want to say that I am prepared now to write you as I promised and, any time that suits you, I will be glad to do so. Well, that will suit me very well, and I will be here, and ready to give you the result of my best thoughts, and hope that you will find my writings interesting and profitable.

Yes, she is happy and is here. She says that you are very dear to her and wants you to know that you are doing a great good to the poor unfortunate spirits who come to you for help. She is willing to help, too, if you desire her to.

Yes, says Mrs. Salyards, that will be perfectly proper, and she will not hesitate to respond and do what she can. So she says with all her love, she wishes you much happiness and success.

Well, I tried to help them and some of them listened to me and tried to take my advice and are now striving to obtain the Father's Forgiveness and Love. Some were not so easily impressed, but I believe that they will ultimately try to do as I advised them. Oh, it is a great and good work that you are doing, and we are helping you to do.

Yes, I heard the conversation between him and Mr. Riddle, and I enjoyed it very much. It was quite a revelation to me, as I could hardly conceive that a spirit, with all the surroundings that exist here, could be so self-opinionated, or believe that he had such an all-comprehensive mind. It was certainly interesting as I heard him discourse on the wonderful knowledge which he possessed, or thought he possessed. Such minds, I doubt not, are very difficult to convince that there may be some little knowledge that they do not possess.

I will not write more now, but will say goodnight.

With all my love and best wishes for your happiness, I am

Your old Professor,
Joseph H. Salyards

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Helen Confirms that Jesus Wrote and Writes of Her Deep Love for Her Husband and Soulmate

April 12, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

It was the Master. I want to tell you of my love for you, as I promised. Well, because I have not lately said very much about my love, and have let others write a great deal, you must not think that I do not love you as much as formerly, for I love you a great deal more as I told you a few nights ago.

As my love for the Father increases and I receive more of His Love in my heart, the more and deeper love I have for you, and I can only try to tell it to you. I am not able to find words sufficient to do so, for words cannot convey to you my feelings of love and happiness.

Oh, Ned, I never thought when on earth that there could exist such love as I have for you now, and I never thought that I could love you as I do now. But I do love you with all the capacity of my developed soul and feel that I am yours for all eternity. No one can understand what this Love means, who has not received it in his heart, and no one can know the happiness that it brings when once such Love becomes a part of him, until he has actually experienced it. I am waiting patiently, I hope, for the time to come when you will be with me and share my home and joys. I am now in such a state of happiness that nothing that can possibly happen can in any way take from one that happiness or diminish my love for you.

I sympathize with you in all your troubles, but I know that they are only for a season, and that in a very short time, comparatively speaking, they will pass away and you will be free to turn all your thoughts to me, and love me as your own, and only true soulmate. I will not attempt to tell you what it will all mean to you and to me, but I assure you that in your moments when my love overshadows and fills your soul, as it does at times, you catch only a faint glimpse of what is here waiting for you. So, do not let yourself worry or doubt that I love you with a love greater than you can possibly imagine can exist. Well, sweetheart, I must stop now as another wishes to write some.

Yes, he has both. His Guardian Angel is his mother, who is a very happy and beautiful spirit, filled with the Love of God, and who watches over him with such tenderness and love. She is now trying to influence him to give his thoughts to higher things, and to let doubts of the future and the possibilities awaiting him flee from him. She certainly does love her boy, and if he only knew what hours and days she spends with him overshadowing him with her love and beautiful thoughts, he would thank God for such a mother.

I do not believe that she will ever cease praying until he fully realizes the great truth that a man never dies; and that when he passes from the earth life to the spirit life, she will be waiting for him, ready to take him into her arms and loving care as she did when he was a very small boy. She says that he never knew very much of her mother's love and protection, and that for that very reason she has for so long a time been so anxious for the time to come, when he will know and realize that he has a mother with so much love for him, that he will wonder how she can love him so much.

She is with him and tries to make him feel her presence and sometimes she succeeds, and he feels very happy, but does not know the cause. She is trying to help him see that there is something more of life than this mere earthly existence, and that when the time comes for him to leave his mortal body, there is another body which will show itself to him, and which will live forever in a world where, if he will only make the effort to find, he will find happiness and love beyond his conception.

Tell him that his mother is closer to him now than she possibly could have been had she remained a mortal, because she knows all his troubles and times of loneliness and aspiration for better and higher things. She will come sometime and write him a letter and tell him of her great love for him. She says: "Bless my boy and keep him in ways of happiness and truth of Father of Love"! Well, as to his soulmate, I have not thought of finding her, but I will do so and let you know.

I am your own true and loving,

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Jesus Writes a Short Note that James Has More of God's Love in His Heart and He's Getting into a Better Spiritual Condition to Receive Jesus' Messages

April 12, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I want to tell you that you are now getting in a better spiritual condition than you have been for a long time. You have more of God's Love in your heart, and I think that very soon you will be in that condition of mind and soul development that will enable you to take my messages and as I desire that they be received.

I am with you very much and try to help you in your efforts to obtain this soul development and also in your material matters. So do not doubt me, as what I tell you is true. If you will only give more time to prayer you will find that your condition of happiness will be much improved, and that you will realize that the Father's Love is coming into your soul more abundantly.

So let me feel that you are endeavoring to get this Great Love more and more every day, and I will try to help you with all my powers and love. I will not write more tonight as there are some others here who desire to write. So goodnight. With all my love and the blessings of the Father,

I am your own true brother,

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Jesus Writes That He Will Soon Give a Message About The Holy Ghost

April 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Yes, I am, and you will be enabled to fully understand what the Holy Ghost is, and what meaning should be given to it as you find it referred to in various parts of the Bible. I will say this, though, that it is not God. It is merely one of his instrumentalities used by Him in doing His work for the redemption of mankind. I will not write any message tonight, but will commence next week, if you are in better condition.

Well, as you believe what I say as to my being a son of God, and not a god, you can easily believe that my coming to you, as I do, is not at all contrary to any law of the spirit world. The fact that I have my home in the highest Celestial Heaven does not prevent me from coming to earth to do my work, which has not been carried on by those of earth who should have performed it. I am a spirit of love and sympathy, as well as of great spiritual development, and I desire that all men shall know what the great plan of the Father is for their redemption and happiness.

So, because I am such an exalted spirit, as you say, it is no reason that I should not come to you and communicate with you freely and, in a way, confidentially. I love you, as I have told you, and I have selected you to do my work and, hence, I am trying to make you one wholly at-one with me.

You must not doubt me just because I come to you so often and speak so familiarly with you, because I hope and expect that in the great future you will be very close to me and with me. I am trying to prepare you for so great a progression in your spiritual condition, that when you come over, you will realize the oneness that I speak of, and be fitted to live near my sphere.

Well, your grandmother is a wonderful spirit in her development, and by the time you come over, she will be near me in my home and, as I believe, will your mother and wife. They are all filled with the Father's Love and are receiving it more abundantly all the time. They are now in the First Sphere of my Kingdom and will find that their progress will be much more rapid.

So try to believe what I say, and do my will, and all will be well with you. Well, soon you will be free, as I told you, and then you can do the work without being interfered with by material things. I know that it is hard for you to lay aside these cares, and I am not disappointed or impatient that you do not, but only believe that the time will soon come when they will trouble you no more.

So as we have written somewhat long tonight, I will stop now. I will pray for you as I always do. With all my love and the blessings of the Father,

I am your loving brother,

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Jesus Writes that James is Doing a Good Work of Helping Lower Spirits and that Many Unhappy Spirits Gather Around James When He is Receiving Messages

April 7, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, you have my love and help, and you must realize that I am with you very much, as I am.

I wish to tell you that you are not in such a good condition tonight for much writing as your nervous forces are not exactly suitable for the strain which writing imposes upon you. I know that you do not understand just what this means, but I know, and tell you, so that you may not write very much.

I do not think that in permitting the unfortunate to write as you have determined that they may write will injure your rapport with your band or with me. You are doing them much good, and the influence that you seem to have with these unfortunate spirits is surprising, and to many other spirits seems a very remarkable thing. I know just what your kindness and desire to help means, and that you not only benefit them who come to you and are happy, but also benefit many who are not able to write, for these latter see that you have helped the former, and they naturally make inquiries as to what you said to them, and what course you advised them to pursue; and as a consequence of what they hear, they seek the help of other spirits.

There are great hosts of these unhappy spirits who come to you or gather around when you are writing. Of course, they cannot all write and, yet, they who do not write are just as anxious to get relief from the condition of darkness in which they are, as are the others, and naturally try to learn the way out. Many of these spirits, after learning and seeing what benefit the few whom you advise have derived, of their own volition turn to the brighter spirits and ask advice. They seem to think that these brighter spirits may be somewhat interested in them and, consequently, they seek their help. You are doing a good work and must not stop, for if you do, you will cause many spirits to remain in darkness for a much longer time than they otherwise would.

I want to tell you that I am anxious to continue my messages, and so have been very free from them, and your band should save you from being bothered by them. Your Indian guide is strong enough to keep them away, and he will do so, I have no doubt. Your band also is strong enough to keep away the strongest of these evil spirits and they will do so.

Yes, so far you have, and I have been very much pleased that you have. You certainly have a way that overcomes these evil spirits and turns them to higher things, and causes them to listen to the bright spirits. You must not doubt or become disheartened.

I will stop now as your wife wants to write a little.

With all my love, I am

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A.G. Riddle Writes About an Inteview With an Intellectual Spirit Who Knew Comparatively Little of Anything

April 6, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old partner, A.G. Riddle.

Well, I want to tell you of that man with the wonderful mind, who surpasses every other spirit in his knowledge of the laws of the spirit world. I had a conversation with him and I found that he knew comparatively little of anything.

His knowledge consisted in not knowing what there is for him to know. He had certain ideas about the spirit world, but they were few and superficial. He was so convinced that he had learned everything there is to know that he was not capable of learning more. I soon found that his capacity for learning was limited by his horizon of what he didn't know, that is, he thought that as he knew everything; there was nothing in all God's universe that was left to him to learn.

His was the greatest case of a man who was possessed of all knowledge that I have ever met. Just as soon as we commenced to converse, I saw that the only way to deal with him was to let him think that his is the great mind that he believed it to be, and so I posed as one who was inferior to him in intellect and one willing to sit at the feet of Gamiel to learn.

He commenced to tell me about his wonderful mind and the great knowledge which it possessed and how he was quite lonely in the spirit world, because he could find no one who was competent to discuss subjects which only minds of his greatness could grasp and understand.

As a seeker after some of his great knowledge, I commenced in a very modest way to ask him certain questions for information as he thought, and to his surprise, but not to mine, I will confess he said that he had never considered them, and that because they did not appear to be of sufficient importance for his gigantic intellect to bother with. Well, I kept putting questions after question and his only answer was that he had not considered them for the reason above stated. At last he commenced to see that I had an object in approaching him in this way and that I was not so unsophisticated as I first appeared.

Finally, he said that maybe there were some things which he didn't know, and which were worthy of his investigation, and that he would give his mind to their consideration.

Then I commenced to tell him of spiritual things and of the great Love of the Father, and what a power it had to beautify and make happy the souls of spirits. At first he declared that there was no such thing as the soul and reiterated that the mind is the only thing that belongs and determines the character and qualities of a spirit; that God is only the creature of man's mind; and that love is a thing of the imagination only.

Well, you may imagine what a task it was to convince him that he had a soul, and that the soul is the real thing in his existence, and that mind is merely a subordinate part of the soul. He didn't seem to grasp the proposition, but after a while I showed him the beauty and happiness of several of our band and asked him if the mind is the greatest thing and as he knew that none of these spirits has a mind equal to his own why is it that they are so much more beautiful and happy than he.

He hesitated a moment and said that his mind did not run in the direction of creating beauty or happiness, but if he had devoted it to those things he would be more beautiful and happier than any of these spirits.

I confess this argument was difficult to meet from his standpoint, but I called into concentration my argumentative faculties and knowing he was wrong, I asked him why he had not devoted his mind to these subjects as he must surely know that beauty and happiness are more desirable than anything to which he could possibly direct his mental strivings. He said that he knew that these qualities or possessions are very desirable but he doubted if there could be any happiness equal to that of great mental development and its resultant delights. I asked him why he was willing to remain in his condition of darkness and surrounded by such unhappy beings if the mind could bring such delights, and why he had not left the plane of darkness a long time ago, and sought the companionship of brighter and more intellectual spirits.

He said that was one of the few things that he did not understand. He was anxious to get into different associations and wanted more congenial companionship but, yet, no matter how much he exercised his mental powers he did not seem to be able to change his condition or leave the plane on which he lived.

I then said to him, "Suppose there is a power so great that it can take you out of that condition and place you among these congenial spirits where you say you have desired to go. What would your great mind say of you if you refuse to learn what this great power is, and rest content to remain in ignorance of this great power and ignore its existence?"

 He said, that he supposed his mind would say that he is a fool, and does not do its greatness the justice to which is was entitled, and that such a position on his part would show him that he was not making the best use of his mind to which it is entitled.

Well, after letting him think a while on this phase of the matter, I said to him, "My friend, what I have put to you as a supposition is a truth. There is a power, which is able to elevate you above your present condition and one which your mind will tell you to seek for, if you will only let it do so. And that power is one of spiritual qualities not depending on the mere mind, but upon a source which is the mind of all minds, and of which your great mind is only a shadow, and merely reflects its possibilities."

He said, "Well, since you seem to know of this great power, suppose you describe it to me, and if you can show my mind that such a power can have any possible existence, I will try and learn what that power really is."

I then told him of the greatness of the soul, and its wonderful capacity for growth and expansion and love. He listened to me intently, and said, "What you say may be true and I will investigate, but I am sure that there must be some mistake as to its superiority over the mind, but as you are an honorable and intelligent spirit, I will consider the question in all seriousness; and if I find that there is any probability of such power existing as you describe, I will let my mind acknowledge it and will seek to obtain the means of attaining to this power. I am as you see, a very reasonable man and susceptible to conviction when the evidence to prove your assertions are reasonably certain."

I told him to think the matter over and come again and discuss the question with me. He said he would, but I am afraid that he is hopelessly bound up with the idea that he knows everything, and outside of his mind there is nothing in all God's universe. Such spirits are the most to be pitied because to them repentance will never come, or if it does, it is a long way ahead of them.

I must confess that I rather enjoyed the interview, because it recalled somewhat some of the old times when on earth I engaged in arguments and debates. But, of course, it had a deeper and holier meaning than that, because I hoped that he might come to the light of God's great provisions for the spiritual awakening, and learn the way to the Father's Love.

So, I must say that I am indebted to you for bringing me in contact with such a spirit. I know how apparently hopeless the task is of convincing him that his great mind can be surpassed by any other thing, but I pray that something I may say may help a little light to enter into that hidebound and all-sufficient mind of his.

I intended to write about another subject tonight, but as I thought you would be interested in knowing the result of our interview, I concluded to tell you rather than write on the other subject. So I will not write more as there are other spirits waiting to write.

So my dear boy and partner, I am your loving friend and brother, as ever,
A.G. Riddle

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jesus Writes That He is Very Pleased that James Declared Faith in Him and That He Will do the Work of Receiving Jesus' Messages of Truth

April 6, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, I am here to tell you of my great gratification in hearing you declare your belief in me again as you did today. This may seem to be a small matter to you, but I tell you it is one of greatest moments, not only to my cause but to you personally, because it puts you in close rapport with me and helps you get into a condition which enables you to respond with a greater facility to my efforts to convey to you my messages. And also it has a reflex influence on your spiritual condition, and tends to increase your faith in what I tell you of the Father's Love and great mercy, and His plan for man's redemption. I am pleased with your declaration and will help you to become more at one with me in my work.

So let not doubt come into your mind as to my being who and what I represent myself to be, for if there is a truth in all the universe, that assertion of mine is a truth. Let your faith increase, and your life will be happier, and you will become better fitted to inhabit the sphere which I have determined you shall have for your home. Oh, my dear brother, it is a great consolation to know that you will do my work as I desire it to be done on earth, and to feel that I can rely upon you to receive my "Gospel of Truth and Light to mankind."

Yes, you were correct and I will soon write on this subject at length, and you will see that, before me, no man or spirit ever declared the truth of immortality. You have a right conception of what I meant, and you will sometime realize that that immortality is for you. You and all who believe as you do and seek for the Divine Essence, which alone can bring immortality to man. Very soon now I will continue my last message and then we will progress faster in our work.

Well, I will not detain you longer tonight, as there are several present who desire to write. Well, that is now a part of your work, and your band knows that you must do that work. It will not injure your rapport with your band, or cause your power of writing to diminish.

So with all my love and the blessings of the Father,

I am your own true brother,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mary Kennedy Confirms There are Many Spirits Present and Writes of Love for Her Soulmate, Leslie Stone

April 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy.

You have had some spirits tonight who are no doubt thankful that they could write to you, but they do not know what it is to love you and enjoy your company as do some others of whom I am one, and strange as it may seem, that while you know them on earth, you now know me, and yet I am closer to you and that dear boy who is waiting for a word from me, than any of these other spirits are, or can be.

Helen thought it wise to let these spirits write tonight as they were so anxious and wanted so very much to let you know that they had not forgotten you. I do not refer to that fraudulent spirit who came and thought that he was telling you something that would give you a great surprise, but let me tell you that he was caught as the law sometimes catches the fraudulent ones of earth, but he was not caught by the law, but by love, for if you could have heard how Helen told him of the great Love of the Father and how much he needed it, and how it was waiting for him, and how happy it would make him, you would not regret that he came to you and wrote. Well, he is one of so very many who know nothing of this Love, and who need it so much. He is now thinking, and I hope that he may be benefited.

Well, I will say a few words to Leslie, for I feel rather serious tonight, and want to tell him that he must not let his faith lessen, or any doubt come to him of the truth of this Great Love, or of the fact that I am his own true soulmate and love him with all the love of a soul that has much of the Father's Love.

We are here in great numbers tonight trying to impress you both with our love and praying to the Father to bestow it upon you, I mean His Love, in great abundance.

Sometimes as you know, I am quite jolly, and as some of the sedate spirits may say "frivolous," but tonight I do not feel that way for the love is with me in such degree, that I feel I must get closer to my dear in all its seriousness. He is so very dear to me, and I am so anxious that he get into a condition of soul exaltation that I do not feel that even my soulmate love should intervene. Let the Father's Love, alone, be his tonight. I am with him, as he knows, and am happy when I can come to him. So tell him to pray more and believe, and he will find a wonderful happiness come to him.

I will not write more now, as Helen says that you are tired. So with my love to him, and best wishes to you,

I am,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ann Rollins Confirms that James is Receiving Messages from Authentic Spirits and Not Imposters

April 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

Well, I am glad to be with you again as I want to tell you of some truths that you will be benefited by knowing. You have had more or less doubt pass through your mind as to whether we are really the persons whom we represent ourselves to be, and whether, if your own mind does not produce the thoughts and write, or whether some evil spirit or imposter does.

I want to tell you now with all the love, which I had for you, that everyone of us who write you is the person he represents himself to be, and no spirit who may seek to impose on you is permitted to write or in any way communicate with you. Our band is sufficiently powerful to prevent any such spirit from intruding himself upon you. Of course, the unfortunate spirits who write you, we permit to do so, but they are not imposters, but tell you truthfully just who they are.

I know how natural it is for you to doubt this great marvel of spirit communion, and of the truthfulness of our representations, but I assure you that it is all true.

The Master is the one of whom you read in the Bible, and of whom you have heard all your life. The only difference being that he is not God or part of Him, but a spirit - the greatest in all the spiritual kingdom. He is not so very different in his desire to do the great work which the Father gave him to do, from what he was on earth, except that he is now more highly developed than when a man traveling the planes and mountains of Palestine. He is more powerful and knows so many more truths of the Father, but his love is just the same, only greater in degree.

So you must not doubt any longer or you will not develop as you should. He is the wisest and most filled with the Father's Love of all the spirits in the Celestial Spheres. I know that you love us all, and I believe that you love him also, and when I tell you that his love is greater than that of any of us, I am merely telling you what is true.

I would like to write more tonight but there are some others here who are very anxious to write you and I will stop.

Your own true and loving Grandmother,
Ann Rollins

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Helen Writes a Short Note of Surprise as to James' Power to Help Lower Spirits

April 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am very glad that you helped so many spirits tonight and some of them were very much in need of help.

The poor spirit that you sent to me was truly penitent and cried such bitter tears of grief and sorrow. I know that she will soon be forgiven and receive the light. She is now praying to the Father and her whole soul seems to be in her prayers. Oh, I thank God, that you can help them as you do. It is to me, so surprising that I wonder what you have about you that God should give you such power to help.

Well, sweetheart, you are tired, and I must stop. So believe that I love you and am with you.

Your own true and loving

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jesus Writes that he is very Pleased that James has Faith in him and James has much more Rapport to Receive Jesus' Messages of Truth

April 4, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you today and I heard you declare your belief in me and my being the Jesus of the Bible, and while it did not have much impression on the hearers, yet it will cause them to think and possibly lead them to a realization that I am the true Jesus and that my teachings, which you will receive are the teachings of truth. I was much pleased that you declared yourself so emphatically and earnestly, and that your faith in me is so fixed and certain.

You have advanced yourself in the way of your spiritual development by such positive assertion of your belief, and you will find that your faith will increase and you will progress in your development very rapidly.

I will now be able to communicate with you more satisfactorily than before, for the mere fact of declaring you belief in such a way, and the knowledge that those to whom you spoke do not believe that I am other than God, a part of God, will help you beyond what you may conceive.You are now much more in rapport with me than ever, and you will soon realize that you are very near the Kingdom of the Father.

The discourse on forgiveness made a deep impression on the father, and he will commence to think that his belief in the church dogmas and creeds does not satisfy the longings of his soul, as they have heretofore.

Be my true disciple under all circumstances, and your reward will be great, both here and hereafter.

I will come to you soon and finish my last discourse, and when completed, you will see that the truths which I shall declare are truths that will show man that the Love of the Father is the one all-sufficient means to His Kingdom and favor. Be true to me and to yourself, and you will be one of the overcomers who will inherit the eternal Kingdom of the Holy Home of redeemed spirits.

You will not only feel the great benefit yourself of this great truth of the New Birth, but you will lead many others to embrace the truth and receive the benefits of the Father, which He has prepared for all who may love Him and receive His Love. So my dear brother and disciple, let your efforts continue to learn these truths and teach others the way of my truths and their own redemption.

I will be with you very often, for on you I depend to receive and spread my Gospel of Truth; and when you have done this, mankind will turn from their condition of formal religion and embrace the true and only way to their salvation. A new church will arise, and the Love of the Father waiting to be bestowed on all men will be the foundationstone of its establishment. I know that you will have disappointments and trials in doing this work, but only be faithful and steadfast, and the great object of my teachings will be accomplished on earth, as in Heaven.

I must not write more now, but I want to assure you that your action today is of more significance than you realize, and you will soon see the importance of what you declared in the presence of those who doubt the truth of your declarations. So with my love and assurance of tender care and the blessings of the Father, I am

Your own loving and true brother,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Helen Confirms that Jesus Wrote About a Lost Soul

April 3, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, did not the Master explain what the lost soul means in a way that makes it very plain? I am so glad that you asked him and received the answer that you did.

He is the only Jesus of the Bible and you are right when you say you believe that he is. Let not what men say cause you to doubt this fact - for it is a fact. He is the greatest son of his Father, and when you have him for a friend, you are rich indeed. So my dear Ned continue to believe in him, and listen to his teachings, and follow them.

Well, I love you, as you know, with all my heart and soul, and with a love that increases as the Father's Love fills my heart more abundantly; and when I am so filled with more of this Love, I will tell you, and you will know that my love for you has increased correspondingly.

So my darling Ned, I must say goodnight.

Your Helen

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jesus Writes About the Lost Soul and States it Needs an Awakening of His Spiritual Perceptions

April 3, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I know that what you say is true, but it is I, Jesus, the man who was crucified on Calvary, that comes to you and writes. These persons, who will not believe this fact, will some day become convinced.

I am with you, as I have told you, because I have work for you to do, and also because I love you very dearly. So you must not doubt me in any way, and if you do not, you will soon see from my messages, and also from your own spiritual development, that I am the Jesus that I represent myself to be. So believe in me and you will be happier and prosper in every way. I want soon to commence my messages again. Yes, you will soon be in condition, and then we will continue our work.

Well, he was so overshadowed by the results of his confining all his thoughts, when on earth, to his mental development, that his soul was permitted and compelled to starve, and as he now believes, has left him. Of course, he has his soul, and only needs an awakening of his spiritual perceptions to realize the fact; but as long as he remains in the mental condition that he is now in, he will never find his soul, as he says. The only thing that will get him out of that condition of mind is an opening of his spiritual nature, and then a belief in the Love of the Father. Your grandmother is now endeavoring to bring about his awakening, and she will succeed, for she is a very wise, as well as highly developed, spirit in her soul qualities.

The spirit is not what you might call a wicked one. He only committed the great error of believing that the mind was everything in existence, and as he said, the soul and all spiritual faculties were myths. Many a spirit is in this condition, mind over-shadowing the soul to such a degree as to cause the soul, so far as the knowledge or belief of the spirit is concerned, to be lost. He is not one that will find much difficulty in recovering his soul, as soon as the soul faculties are awakened.

The unfortunate spirit is one who knows that he has a soul, and knows that that soul is filled with sin and error, and has no apparent way of becoming cleansed. I know of no spirit more to be pitied, or who needs more the influence and help of both spirits and mortals.

Let me tell you right here that when you help a spirit to find the way to salvation and God's Love, you are doing the greatest work that God has given any of His creatures to do - and when that spirit, through your help, finds that way and realizes the truth and receives this Love, he is forever your most thankful friend and worker in forwarding the interests of your own spiritual being.

So when the Bible says, for every soul saved there is a new star added to the crown of one who is the instrument in saving such a soul, it only declares a truth which exists and which never changes. So in your work of helping these poor sinful and darkened spirits you are laying up spiritual jewels which, when you come over into the spirit world, will form a part of your soul's existence. Of course, there are no jewels, as such; but they represent great qualities of happiness and Love, which the Father will give you. Men do not realize of what momentous importance the saving of a soul is, and what results come to him as such a savior.

I am not going to write more on this subject now, as in my other messages I will deal with it. So, I will now say goodnight. And may the Love of the Father be with you and in you this night. I will give you all my love and help you to obtain your desires.

Your true brother,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Charles G. Groveneur Writes that He Has Lost His Soul; He Was Once a Lawyer and an Honored Man on Earth

April 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, a man who has lost his soul and can't find it.

What would I not give to have it again, and so be able to receive the love that you write about. But I lost it and no one can help me find it. I have tried and sought for it everywhere, but it has left me, and I am a spirit without a soul, only my poor inefficient mind remains with me, and such happiness as I can conjure up by thinking of what might have been or what might be, if I had a soul.

Tell me, can you help me find it? If so, please do so, and I will bless you forever. I am in a condition of not knowing whether I am living, or only dreaming, or dead. As I seem to be alive, I wonder who and what I am; as I dream, I see that I am a son of God; and as a dead man, I know nothing. But I don't know what I am, and no one will tell me.

You are to me a very real man with a soul, as I can see, but I have no soul. Tell me where to find it, for I must have it. I lost it in trying to find that my intellect was the only thing in all the spirit world that is real, and where I thought that I had found that to be true my soul had left me, and I can't find it. Oh, tell me where it is, and I will never lose it again.

You must know something about it, for the other spirits say that you help to save souls, and if you can do that, you surely can find a lost one. Why don't you tell me where to find it, and not keep me in this condition of not knowing whether I am living or dead? Come, be kind to me, and find my soul. It will not run away from you, as you will treat it kindly, I know. Your soul will know, if you will only ask it, and when it tells you, you can find mine.

I am neither spirit nor mortal nor anything created by God until I get my soul again. My mind is nothing but an abstract nothing without my soul, and I have no love or happiness. Oh, if I had only cared for my soul instead of for my mind, how different I would be now, and I would not be a wanderer looking for his lost soul.

I was a man of great intellect when on earth, and lived in the City of New York, and passed over in 1864, a much honored man. I was a lawyer, and well-known to my immediate community, and I died a mere man without a soul. So, you see, I am so lonely without my soul and love. I was not a very bad man, and did not barter my soul for filthy lucre, but I thought that soul was a myth, and mind was everything; and when I passed over and found that I needed a soul, I could not find mine, and have never had it since. Tell me, I pray, where it is, and I will thank you through all eternity. Won't you tell me?

Yes, I will do anything that you say that will help me get it.

I know that I had a soul because, before I had given my years of hard study to make my intellect the great thing that it became, I loved, and felt sympathy for the unfortunate and poor, and especially loved children. And I know that if I had not had a soul, I would not have had these feelings and emotions. But after I became a man of great mind, I may say with only a mind, none of these feelings ever came to me - only the knowledge that I had a powerful intellect. My soul died and never has come to me since.

Yes, only tell me quickly that I may commence the search.

Yes, I see many beautiful spirits who look very happy. Yes, she says that she is your grandmother and how beautiful she is. Yes, I will go with her and do as you say and try to believe what she may tell me. Yes, I certainly will and, oh, if I do, how I shall thank you. Your grandmother calls me, and I must go.

So goodnight.

Helen Writes a Short Note that She has Never Been in Contact With a Lost Soul

April 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, sweetheart, you have heard a great many messages, but none like the last one. I have not before come in contact with a man who has lost his soul and don't know just what it means. I am so glad that you sent him to your grandmother, for she, I believe, knows what he means. Well, I will not write more tonight as it is late and you are tired.

So with all my love, I am your own true

Friday, June 15, 2012

Professor Salyards Writes a Poem of Divine Love

April 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Professor.

Yes, we are very happy, but she is more so than I. She has more Love in her soul. She loves you very much and wants to write to you some time and tell you what a wonderful medium you are and how much happiness you give to all of us.

She is very beautiful and loving. She is not so beautiful and loving as your wife and very few spirits are. Well, your mother is more beautiful still, but she is an exception. Oh, she is the most beautiful of all and so wise and good.

Yes, I was and thought it a wonderful production. She wrote it herself, no masculine mind had anything to do with it, as your friend remarked. My, she knows more of the things pertaining to the higher spiritual life than any male spirit I know of except Jesus. He, of course, is beyond comparison. But beside him I don't know of any masculine spirit who is the equal of your grandmother in her knowledge of these spiritual things. We all recognize this and submit our judgments to hers and besides she is so good and loving.

Well, it is so late tonight, I will not write very much but I am now prepared to write you my discourse on certain matters as I promised you some time ago. And when you say that you are ready, I shall be glad to do so. Yes, that will be best and you shall have it in minute detail as I have taken great pains to compose the best that I know how.

Yes, that was written when I had not my present spiritual development and the things then written are not of very much interest to me now. Yet, there are some beautiful thoughts in the book. Well, I will try.
Oh soul of mine,
When I realize
The wonderful capacity
That you have for loving
And telling of your love,
I stand in mute adoration
Of your great Creator.

You are the greatest creature
Of His Wisdom and Love
And when in all your fullness,
You possess the wonderful
Love of the Father,
Divinity is yours,
Immortality is yours.
So let my love be.
I don't seem to be able to write more. Let me try some other time when you are in better condition. No, I will complete it the next time I write. You see it is not in verse, but in prose, which I like better for the meaning can be more plainly expressed. But I will write it the next time I come.

Well, goodnight, my dear friend and brother,

Your own true friend,
Joseph Salyards

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jesus Encourages James to Keep Praying for More of God's Divine Love

April 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus. 

I have been with you very much today trying to cheer you with my love and influence. You are much better than you were yesterday, or a few days past, and your soul is in a condition of development and love that it has not been in for a long time. The Love of the Father is with you and filling your soul to an extent that you can hardly realize, for it is a Love that knows no limitation and is without bound or cessation.

I am glad that you are experiencing this great inflowing of this Love of the Father, and with it will come a faith that will make the Father seem very near to you.

Try to realize the presence of this great Love more and more, and you will find a happiness that you have never before felt, and a great peace will come to you that will make your worries disappear and leave you a free man. So my dear brother, let this confidence in the Father take possession of you and believe that there is nothing that can separate you from this great Love and happiness.

I wanted to write this to you so that you may know that the feelings and thoughts, which you have, are not the mere imaginings of your own mind, but the real, true and substantial things that I tell you of.

Keep praying to the Father and His Love will come to you in increasing abundance, and with this Love will come a wonderful faith that will make real all the longings and aspirations of your soul, so that you will know that the Father has the personality that I wrote you of a few nights ago.

I am pleased with you and with your efforts to become a true child of the Father and in unison with Him, and a recipient of His favor and mercy. Go not in the way of the wicked, nor associate with those whose thoughts are given to the evils of the material life, or to those things which are not approved of by the Father, or by His higher spirits who so often now come to you.

I am with you and you have all my love and help to enable you to become pure in heart, as you so often now pray you may become. Keep praying and you will find that this condition of soul will be yours, and with it will come a realization that you have been regenerated, and are at-one with the Father and His Love. Your blessings will be great and the happiness that will come to you will be beyond all conception that you may now have of what happiness may be.

I must not write more now, but will say, only believe in me, and trust in the Father, and all things that may be needful will be added unto you, and you will not be forsaken or left to your troubles alone. I will be with you to-night and will try to write you another message after you have received the messages from the dark spirits, who will come to you for help.

So with all my love and the blessings of an elder brother, I will say good bye for the present.

Your brother and friend,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ann Rollins Explains the Law of Forgiveness and Love and the Law of Compensation

March 31, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother Ann Rollins.

I came to write you about the forgiveness and pardon of the Father, and to enlighten you upon this subject, which is so little understood, since men first commenced to distort the teachings of the Master.

Forgiveness is that operation of the Divine Mind, which relieves man of the penalties of his sins that he has committed, and permits him to turn from his evil thoughts and deeds, and seek the Love of the Father; and if he earnestly seeks, find the happiness which is waiting for him to obtain. It does not violate any law that God has established to prevent man from avoiding the penalties of his violations of the law of God controlling his conduct.

The Law of Compensation, that what a man sows that shall he reap, is not set aside, but in the particular case where a man becomes penitent and in all earnestness prays the Father to forgive him of his sins and make a new man of him, the operation of another and greater law is called into activity, and the old Law of Compensation is nullified and, as it were, swallowed up in the power of this Law of Forgiveness and lLve. So you see there is no setting aside of any of God's laws. As in the physical world certain lesser laws are overcome by greater laws, so in the spirit world or in the operation of spiritual things, the greater laws must prevail over the lesser.

God's laws never change but the application of these laws to particular facts and conditions do seem to change, when two laws come into apparent conflict, and the lesser must give away to the greater. The spiritual laws are just as fixed as are the physical laws that control the material universe; and no law, having application to the same condition of facts, ever is different in its operation or in its effects.

The sun and planets in their movements are governed by fixed laws, and they operate with such exactness that men who make a study of these laws and comprehend them can, with almost mathematical precision, foretell the movements of these heavenly bodies. This only means that as long as the sun and the planets remain as they are, and surrounded by the same influences, and meet no law operating in a manner contrary to the laws which usually control them, these planets and sun will repeat their movements year after year in the same way and with like precision. But suppose that a more powerful and contrary law should come into operation, and influence the movements of these bodies, do you suppose for a moment that they would pursue the same course as if such greater law had not intruded itself?

The effect of this is not to set aside the lesser law, or even to change it, but to subordinate it to the operations of the greater law; and if these operations were removed or ceased to act, the lesser law would resume its operations on these planets again, and they would move in accordance therewith, just as if its power had never been affected by the greater law.

So, in the spirit world, when a man has committed sins on earth, the Law of Compensation demands that he must pay the penalty of these sins until there has been a full expiation, or until the law is satisfied. And this law does not change in its operations, and no man can avoid or run away from the inexorable demands of the law. He cannot of himself abate one jot or tittle of the penalties, but must pay to the last farthing as the Master said and, hence, he cannot, of himself, hope to change the operations of this law.

But as the Creator of all law has provided another and higher law, which under certain conditions may be brought into operation and causes the former law to cease to operate, and man may experience the benefit of the workings of this higher law. So when God forgives a man of his sins and makes him a new creature in his nature and love, He does not, for the particular case, annihilate the Law of Compensation, but removes that upon which this law may operate.

Sin is violation of God's Law, and the effect of sin is the penalty which such violation imposes. A man's suffering for sins committed are not the results of God's special condemnation in each particular case, but are the results of the workings and scourgings of his conscience and recollections and as long as conscience works he will suffer, and the greater the sins committed, the greater will be the suffering.

Now all this implies that a man's soul is filled to a greater or lesser extent with these memories, which for the time constitute his very existence. He lives with these memories, and the suffering and torment, which result from them can never leave him until the memories of these sins, or the result of them, cease to be a part of himself and his constant companions. This is the inexorable Law of Compensation, and man of himself has no way of escaping this law except by his long expiation, which removes these memories and satisfies the law.

Man cannot change this law and God will not. So, as I say, the law never changes. But remember this fact, that in order for the law to operate, a man must have these memories, and they must be a part of his very existence.

Now suppose that the Creator of this law has created another law, but which under certain conditions, and upon a man doing certain things, these memories are taken from him, and no longer constitute a part or portion of his existence; then, I ask, what is there in or of that man upon this Law of Compensation that can act or operate? The law is not changed. It is not even set aside, but upon which it can operate no longer exists and, consequently, there is no reason or existence of facts which call for its operation.

So, I say, as do your scientists and philosophers, that God's laws are fixed and never change, but I further say, which they fail to perceive, that certain conditions which may and do call for the operations of these laws today, tomorrow change or cease to exist, so that the laws are no longer effective.

And so when the truths of God's forgiveness of sin is declared, many wise men hold up their hands and shout, "God's laws do not change, and even God Himself cannot change them. And to effect a forgiveness of sins, the great Law of Compensation must be violated. God works no such miracle, or gives special dispensation. No, man must pay the penalty of his evil deeds until the law is fulfilled."

How limited is the knowledge of mortals, and of spirits as well, of the Power and Wisdom and Love of the Father. His Love is the greatest thing in all the Universe and the Law of Love is the greatest law. Every other law is subordinate to it and must work in unison with it; and Love, Divine Love of the Father, when given to man and he possesses it, is the fulfilling of all law. This Love frees man from all law except the law of its ownself, and when man possesses this Love, he is slave to no law and is free indeed.

The Law of Compensation and all laws not in harmony with the Law of Love, have nothing upon which to operate in that man's case, and God's laws are not changed but merely, as to this man, have no existence.

Now, let all men, wise and unwise, know that God in His Love and Wisdom has provided a means by which man, if he so will, may escape the unchanging Law of Compensation and become no longer subject to its demands and penalties; and these means are simple and easy, and within the comprehension and grasp of every living soul, be he saint or sinner, a wise man or an ignorant one.

Intellect in the sense of being learned is not involved, but the man who knows that God exists and provides him with food and raiment as the result of his daily toil, as well as the great intellectual scientist or philosopher may learn the way to these redeeming truths. I do not mean that a man by mere exercise of mental powers may receive the benefit of this great provision for his redemption. The soul must seek and it will find, and the soul of the wise may not be as capable of receiving as the soul of the ignorant.

God is Love. Man has a natural love, but this natural love is not sufficient to enable him to find these great means that I speak of. Only the Divine Love of the Father, and He is willing that all men should have this Love. It is free and waiting to be bestowed upon all men. but strange as it may seem, God will not, and I might say, cannot, bestow this Love unless man seeks for it and asks for it in earnestness and faith.

The will of man is a wonderful thing and stands between him and this love, if he fails to exercise this will in seeking for it. No man can secure it against his will. What a wonderful thing is man's will, and how he should study and learn what a great part of his being it is. The Love of the Father comes only into a man's soul when he seeks it in prayer and faith and, of course, this implies that he wills it to come to him. No man is ever refused this Love when he properly asks for it.

Now this Love is a part of the Divine Essence, and when a man possesses it in sufficient abundance he becomes a part of Divinity itself; and in the Divine, there is no sin or error and, consequently, when he becomes a part of this Divinity - no sin or error can form a part of his being.

Now, as I have said, man who is without this Love has his memories of sin and evil deeds and, under the Law of Compensation must pay the penalties. Yet, when this Divine Love comes into his soul, it leaves no room for these memories, and as he becomes more and more filled with this Love, these memories disappear and only the Love inhabits his soul, as it were. Hence, there remains nothing in him upon which this law can operate, and the man is no longer its slave or subject. This Love is sufficient of itself to cleanse the soul from all sin and error and make man one with the Father.

This is forgiveness of sin, or rather the result of forgiveness. When a man prays to the Father for this forgiveness, He never turns a deaf ear, but says in effect, "I will remove your sins and give you my Love. I will not set aside or change my Laws of Compensation, but I will remove from your soul everything upon which this law can operate, and as to you it becomes as if it had no existence."

I know by your personal experience that this forgiveness is a real, actual, existing thing, and when the Father forgives, sin disappears, and Love only exists, and that Love in its fullness is the fulfilling of the law. So let men know that God does forgive sin, and when He forgives the penalty disappears, and when they disappear as the result of such forgiveness, no law of God is changed or violated.

This was the great mission of Jesus when he came to earth. Before he came and taught this great truth, the forgiveness of sin was not understood, even by the Hebrew teachers, but their doctrine was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The Divine Love, as I have feebly described, was not known or sought for - only the care and protection and material benefits that God might give to the Hebrews.

The Divine Love entering into and taking possession of the souls of men constitute the New Birth, and without this no man can see the Kingdom of God.

My dear son, I have written you a long but imperfect communication, but there is sufficient in it for men to think of and meditate upon, and if they do so and open their souls to the Divine Influence, they will know God can forgive sin, and save men from its penalties, so that they will not have to undergo the long period of expiation, which in their natural state the Law of Compensation ever demands.

So without writing further, I will say that I love you with all my heart and soul and pray the Father to give you this Great Love in all its abundance.

Your loving Grandmother,
Ann Rollins

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Helen Writes About James' Wonderful Ability to Help Spirits With Prayer and Describes an Incident of a Higher Spirit Helping Those in Darkness

March 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I will not write much tonight as you are tired. So let me tell you of a little incident that happened only yesterday.

The spirits that you sent to me came, and I had quite a long talk with them, and told them the way to light and happiness, and tried to impress upon them the necessity of faith and prayer. One said that he did not believe in prayer and, if that was the way out of his torments, he did not see much hope for him. The other said that he, when a child used to pray, but that was so long ago that he had forgotten how, and that he thought it useless to try again.

Well, I talked to them a while longer, and there came to us a spirit that you had helped some months ago, and who had learned the way and was enjoying comparative happiness because he had followed your advice. He heard what these two spirits said, and at once told them that a short time ago his condition was worse than theirs and that he had sought your help, and you told him of this wonderful Love of the Father, and of prayer and faith, and that he had told you that he did not believe in either God or prayer, but that you became so insistent that you would not let him go until he promised to pray and tried to believe. That you literally tortured him in telling him of this wonderful Love and the only way to it. That he made the promise in order to get away from you, not intending to keep it, but that before you let him go, you told him how much you were interested in him and how much you loved him that his heart melted and, when he left you, he determined to keep his promise. And after that, he commenced to pray as you had told him, and that at night you prayed for him, and called him to pray with you, and that as he prayed, the light commenced to come to him, and at last some of the wonderful Love that you had told him about came to him, and he found that as this Love came into his soul, his sufferings and torture left him, so that now he was a very happy spirit, but still a praying one and a believing one.

When he had finished telling the two spirits of his experience, they commenced to ask him questions, and to think that there might be something or some way to relief, and after a little time commenced to pray, and the spirit who had told them his experience prayed with them, and as they prayed they commenced to feel strange sensations as they said, and after a little while they said they felt better, and believed that there might be something in prayer and faith.

They very soon thereafter left me, but said that they would continue to pray, and asked if I thought that you would pray for them as you did for the other spirit. I told them that you had already prayed for them, and would do so at night before you retired, and they said that they would be with you, and last night as you prayed for them they were there and joined in your prayers. They are now praying continually, and I know that soon they will see the light and commence to feel their sufferings and torments leaving them.

Oh, my dear, what a blessing it is to help the unfortunate and desponding souls. How you should thank God that he has given you the means to reach the hearts of these unfortunates, and the power to help them. They will always remember you with love and thanks, and you will feel the influence of your kind actions.

I must stop. So goodnight my own dear and loving Ned.

Your own true and loving,

Monday, June 11, 2012

A.G. Riddle Has Progressed in Divine Love and Wrote of His Meeting With a Female Spirit Referred by James Who Had Little Soul Development

March 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old partner.

I am very happy and have progressed very much since I last wrote you, and have increased in my faith and knowledge of God and His Love. I am very near the Fifth Sphere, and I hope to soon go there and be with your father and Prof. Salyards, who have been there for quite a while, and who are so very happy and filled with the Father's Love.

Well, I received the female spirit that you sent me last night, and I tried very hard to show her the way to redemption and freedom from her sufferings. She has such little soul development that it was a difficult undertaking to reach what little soul she has; but I struggled with her with all my powers of arguments, and also with all the influences of my love which I now possess, and at last she commenced to see the light, and promised me to pray to the Father, and try to believe in His Divine Love as standing ready to be bestowed on her and save her from her most unhappy condition. She was one of the most unloving and most unlovable spirit that I have ever met and was literally starved in her soul. No love for anyone not even for herself, and in her strict ideas of what was right and wrong, she had sacrificed every sympathy and feeling of love to the building up of the intellect. So I had an uphill task from the beginning.

She said that you told her that she must come to me with an open mind and a will free from all prejudice and then I could help her. Well, she tried to assume that position, but it was difficult for her to do so. She is a very strong-minded women, and, consequently, she was not easily convinced of those things, which did not appeal to her mind. She thought that the mind is the whole of spirit, as some earth people teach; but when I told her that spirit and mind are both only a part of the soul, and the mind the lesser part, she seemed astonished and couldn't accept the assertion as true. She has no soul, that is, it is all dried up and dead for want of exercise. She has now some little awakening, and if she persists in prayer and faith she will finally become convinced that soul is what brings happiness and joy, and saves her from her torment. So I will continue to help her if she will permit me to, and she now seems disposed to do so.

Well, you have had a great many communications since last I wrote you, and some of them were very wonderful in the information they conveyed.

The Master is so much interested in your welfare, that he visits you very often, and you must not let your heart doubt that he comes to you, because he seems so brotherly and familiar. It is he, and his love for you is very great. I know this for he sometimes tells me of his great love and interest in you. He has told you of certain things that will come to you in the future, and I say to you, that you must believe him for they will come true. He knows better than anyone what the future will bring, even though he may decline to acknowledge this great power, only trust him and you will not be disappointed.

I am now preparing a discourse on a subject that I desire to write you in a little while for your consideration, and I hope information. I will let you know before hand so that you may prepare yourself to receive it. Well, I will not write more tonight.

Well, I think that Garfield is too much given to the things purely intellectual to accept our teachings of the New Birth, but I think that sooner or later he will think of it, and when he does he will not rest until he has found the truth of the matter. Yes, he told me of his interview with your grandmother, and said that she had put to him some wonderful propositions, which he could not exactly understand, but which he has been considering very earnestly. He thinks that your grandmother is a very superior spirit in her knowledge of spiritual things, and in her beauty and goodness; and he said there must be something in what she told him to account for her great beauty and power. She showed him such powers of soul and mind that he was astonished and could only keep silent while she talked, and listened to what she said. He was impressed by her and I think, after a little while, he will visit her again and seek for further information. I want to say that she is a wonderful spirit in all things that pertain to the bigger things of spirit life.

Yes, I saw him (Syrick) and said a few words to him in the way of encouragement, but he is not in a very good spiritual condition; but he has the advantage of having had his eyes opened to the fact that there is such a thing as spiritual development while on earth. He is only fairly happy, and as the new sensation of a new life wears off, I think he will commence to suffer because of the errors of his earth life. His soulmate is with him a great deal and is helping him and so is your wife. She is a wonderful spirit and seems so full of the Divine Love and goodness that her influence among spirits is marvelous. I tell you Padgett, that you are a fortunate man in having such a soulmate.

Well, I must stop. So goodnight.

Your old partner and brother,
A.G. Riddle

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Helen Writes About the Spiritual Conditions of Judge Syrick and Laura Burroughs and Explains that Family Ties Do Not Always Bring Spirits Together

March 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen

Well, you have received a letter from the Judge. He was so anxious to write that we thought it would do him good to try as it would make him realize more sensibly that he is now a spirit only and also strengthen him.

Well, you may not think so, but it is a fact. With many spirits when their surroundings are good and much spirit help is given them they can almost as soon as they leave the body overcome their functions of mind and do things that you little expect. The Judge was prepared, to some extent, to understand this power of communication and, when we all assisted him with our powers, he tried successfully to write to you. He is not yet very strong but soon will be and then I have no doubt he will want to write to you often but, of course, we cannot permit him to because he is not in rapport with our band. He has not very much spiritual development and the conditions that surround him are not such as would be in accord with our conditions, and, hence, we will have to refuse to let him write very often but he can communicate through some of us.

Well, he is dark in appearance as he necessarily must be until he gets more enlightenment of soul. He will undoubtedly suffer because of the sins he committed when on earth and will pay the penalty until he finds the true way to God's Love and forgiveness. Of course, he has one advantage over many spirits who come over bringing the results of their life on earth and that is that he has some idea as to the way to salvation. You and Dr. Stone told him when on earth that he must turn his thoughts to spiritual things and while he did not understand just what you meant, yet, such advice had some influence on him and will cause him to try to learn what was meant and, having Rose and the rest of us to enlighten him, he will progress more rapidly to these higher things and the more rapid his progress the sooner his suffering will leave him.

He is now commencing to realize that as he sowed so must he reap. While Rose is with him a great deal and loves him and tries to help him, but all that isn't sufficient to prevent his memory from scourging him because of the life he led on earth. But we all pray for him and try to show him the way and he is ready to believe and is commencing already to pray to the Father.

So you see, you must all sooner or later face this great crisis and the better prepared you are to meet it, the less will be your sufferings and the more happiness you will experience.

Yes, it was Laura - she is very unhappy. I had never met her before and your mother said that she had not either. You see in this world, family ties do not always bring spirits together. When the relationship is distant, the spirits loose interest in relations merely because they are relations and find themselves attracted to spirits who have like qualities and relations.

This relationship counts for very little in the spirit world of itself and when we meet our loved ones of earth, before they come over we stay with them for a while and then if there are no other attractions than mere relationship, we gradually separate. This is the Law of Attraction, and we are compelled to obey it. So that when on earth mortals sing of meeting again on the other shore to part no more, they will find that they are mistaken. They will meet but, unless conditions compel it, they will part again and may never meet ever in the spirit world.

Love is the thing which determines the relationship and place of living in this world, I mean similar loves existing between spirits. No spirit loves another after a little while merely because that other is a mother or father or wife or brother, but loves it because that spirit has a similar love of the beautiful and true that it has. So you see, relationship after the first meeting and living together a little while determines nothing.

Of course, while the child or father of mother or sister or brother remains in the earth life, the spirit relative will love them and watch over them and try to help them in every way. Especially will the mother - for ties among son or daughter, and this is in accordance with the "material" Law of Love. But when that father or son, too, becomes a spirit, then the Law of Love as it were changes and like loves like, be there a natural relationship or not. This, I know, seems contrary to what mortals usually believe and accept as a fact, but it is true.

When my children come over, my love for them will not be the same as it is now. Then they will find that their love will probably, after a time, turn elsewhere and it will be only another in memory for our loves may take entirely different directions. And this love, while for the moment may take entirely different directions. And this love, while for the moment may seem unnatural in its workings, yet it is not, for happiness comes with love reciprocated and love comes only reciprocate of its own kind.

We do not think that you will be forever with your children or parents or any other relative forever for that may not be so. If that relative has like attractions that you have then you may be together as long as that attraction lasts. But suppose that you make greater progress in your spiritual or even in your natural development, than the other spirit, it cannot be supposed for a moment that you will determine the results of your development in order to stay with that other spirit. No, that would be a violation of the Law of Progress and you could not and would not want to delay your upward movement.

So the idea that when we meet in the spirit world, we meet to part no more is not correct and is contrary to the laws that determine the condition and place of habitation of spirits.

I know this of my own experience. My parents are in a lower sphere than I am and have much less spiritual development, and while I visit them sometimes, yet they have not the attraction for me that other spirits to whom I have no relationship. And why is this, not because I do not care for my parents as such, but because the objects and extent of their loves are different from mine. The main fact that they are my parents does not cause me to want to be with them all the time. I could not so desire if, as you might say, I wanted to. Love is the attraction and love must demand a likeness in a spiritual sense of the objects of its love.

The time may come when I will never again see my parents and may forget that they ever had an existence. I say may, but I hope not, for I desire that sometime they will progress so that they may be in a similar condition to my own in spiritual development and then, of course, we will live in the same place and necessarily will meet and enjoy one another's company. But not because we are parents and daughter but because our loves are similar and our attraction are like.

This is a matter that few mortals understand and it may well be that they do not because the love existing between many relative is a beautiful thing and one that causes much happiness and self preservation. There is nothing on earth like the mother's love and no provision of God's blessings for mortals equals this great gift of Mother's love. And so with the other natural loves to a lesser degree.

But as Jesus said, "He that doeth the will of my Father is my mother and brother and sister."

So you must realize that that you and the natural love of relations is only for the earth life and a short time afterwards. Each individual is in and of himself a complete unit depending not on relationship to others and, as such, must find his place in the great eternity, which must be determined by the development and progress of his own soul in expectation of what may become of the souls of his earth relations. He is attracted only by souls of similar development and will find his home in the company of such souls irrespective of the question of natural relationship.

I have written enough for tonight and must stop. So with all my love, I am

Your own true and loving,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Judge Frank D. Syrick Writes A Message to His Friend, James

March 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Syrick.

Let me say a word, I am your late friend and brother in spiritualism. Yes, I am able to write some and your wife told me to try as she wishes me to get stronger and realize that I am living as a spirit.

Well, I am here and alive and have my Rose with me. She is so very beautiful and loving and I am very happy to be with her, but I have already learned that I am not suited to live with her for she is so much higher in her spiritual development than I am, but she tells me that I can progress and I am going to try with all my might.

Well, old friend, the uncertain has become certain and I know now that spirits can and do communicate with mortals. Do not let any doubts that you may have leave you and believe with all your heart that you have received the messages from your band and others as you have been informed.

I can tell you this, that you have as your wife and soulmate the most beautiful of all the spirits that I have yet seen. I had no conception of what beauty was until I came here and saw your wife and Rose and Dr. Stone's Mary. She is very beautiful also and loves him, I know, with a very deep love.

As this is my first attempt, I am tired and must stop. Well, I know no one whom I would rather that it should belong to than you, so keep it and think of me sometimes.

So with my kindest regards and best wishes,

I am your true friend,
Frank D. Syrick

Friday, June 8, 2012

Laura Burroughs, a Cousin of James Edward Padgett, Seeks His Help to Get Out of Darkness

March 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Laura Burroughs, your cousin.

Oh, my dear Edward, can you do something to help me. I am so unhappy and need help so much. I am in such darkness and pain that I can scarcely see the light of day, I mean the light that enables me to see my surroundings. I am also so lonely and without love or sympathy. I feel that you can help me, so pray do so.

Yes, I have seen several beautiful spirits, but I did not believe that they had interest enough in me to help me and so I turned aside from them.

I don't understand why I am in this condition and no one has explained it so far. I thought that maybe you might show me some way to get out of my awful condition. I thought so because I saw other spirits writing to you who are in this darkness as I am and they said that you had helped them.

Why I see Aunt Nancy and your Mother and Helen and your Father and others I don't know. How beautiful and happy they look to be. Why are they so beautiful? Oh, if I could only be like them. Tell me Ed why it is, and tell me what made them so.

Yes, I will and she is calling me now. Oh, how glad that I came here. I feel better already. Dear Aunt Nancy, she will love me I know and so will cousin Ann and Helen. Oh, how glad I am. I am now going with them.

So good bye, my dear Cousin.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jesus Tells James to Let Faith Take Possession of His Soul and He Will Know the Truth

March 26, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

It is that degree of belief that enables you to know, as a reality, that what presents itself to your consciousness as a truth is in fact a truth and an existing condition. It is not a mere intellectual belief, but a belief of the soul, which makes the belief a reality.

I know that this faith is the only one that can make you realize that I am who and what I declare myself to be. Let this faith take possession of your soul, and you will be a very happy and progressive man.

I am not here tonight to discuss spiritual subjects, but merely to help you in your troubles over material things. When you get in proper condition to write my messages, then I will finish my last subject which we left unfinished. So, my dear brother and friend and worker, try to let these things leave your mind and believe what I tell you, for I say again that they will come true.

Well, the devil is with you all the time. He is not a person as many think, but merely the evil suggestions that result from the operations of the thoughts of the unregenerate man. Every man has his devils, who cling close to him and can only be gotten rid of by the operations of the Holy Spirit. So do not think that the devil is something that has form or independent personality, for he is not. You are the creator and nourisher of your own devil and, until you get into a state which leaves no room for his presence, he will abide with you.

Well, the influences and suggestions that come from evil spirits would not have any effect if man were not in that condition of sympathy with such spirits as enables them to become, as it were, a part of him. I know that many men are possessed or obsessed by these evil spirits but if they, the men, would only seek the higher spiritual conditions, these spirits would not harm them. Well, that is one of the subjects of my messages, and I will delay to answer until I write that message. Yes, the time will soon come when you will know these things.

I must stop now as you are not in condition to write much more, and your wife wants to say a word.

So with my true and brotherly love,
I am Jesus

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helen Writes an Encouraging Message to James to Trust in the Master's Promises

March 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own dear and loving Helen.

Well, see how obedient I am, but it was a very great pleasure to obey you in that way, as you know. Well, sweetheart, you have had some wonderful messages tonight and I feel that they will help you very much in your moments of trouble and worry.

I was so glad that the Master wrote you as he did. He was so very loving and brotherly and seemed to be so much interested in your welfare. He is so beautiful that we all stand and gaze at him, as you say on earth, and so loving, that we feel that he is our great big, loving brother. I tell you that without him, this spirit world would not be the place of happiness that it is to us who believe in him and love him and follow his teachings. So many spirits do not know him as their loving brother and way shower, and they are left to their own thoughts to find happiness. So you see the great privilege and opportunity we, who know him as the son of the Father, have over those who know him not. Having eyes, they see not, and ears they hear not. It seems so strange to me, but I tell you that it is true.

The Master, with his great love and wisdom and power, passes them by and they see him not. I try so hard to teach many spirits what a knowledge of him means; but they seem so dull of comprehension and so darkened in their soul's development, that my work is often in vain. Ye,t I have hope and continue my work knowing that at some unexpected moment a ray of light may break in and they commence to think that God lives to give them His great Love and take them to His care and protection in the way that we have told you of.

My heart yearns so for these blind spirits and willful rejectors of the truth of the New Birth. Many of these spirits are very excellent moral people and live lives of uprightness and love for their fellow spirits and work very hard to help the less enlightened to progress to conditions of comparative happiness; and yet, they, themselves, will not listen to our teachings of the greater truths, which if understood and obeyed would carry them to conditions of inexpressible happiness. Well, such is the work of spirits on earth as well as here; and we are all trying to do the work of the Father in helping to redeem souls.

You are much better than when you came to your room tonight, and I am so glad of it. Only trust in the Master's promises and you will not be disappointed. I heard what he said about your progressing to a condition, even while on earth, that would enable you to enter the Celestial Spheres when you come over, and I believe it to be true. Now you must try to get this very great development because when you come to me, I want you to come to my home to live. Won't that be joyful! Yes, my dear Ned, I know that you will try, and I will help you so hard to accomplish it and so will all. But your great helper will be the Master, for you will be with him so much, that his love will overshadow you so that your soul will have to develop. So you see how you are blessed in all this. Try to do his work with all your heart and soul, and you will succeed.

Yes I heard, and when the time comes I will be with you to suggest and advise, and you will have a beautiful room for your purpose. And I know that we will have many joyous evenings together. We will bring Heaven with us, and you will live in it for minutes at a time. You will then hear our voices in talk and song, feel our presence so palpably that you will know that we are with you. I am so anxious for that time to come, as are all of us. Yes, we will all try to help you get the home and then you will be fixed for life.

Well, wait until the time comes, and you may change your mind. Of course, I would prefer that you should not, and if your comfort and happiness could be provided for otherwise, I would rather have it as you suggest. But you will have to wait.

Well, sweetheart, you have written much and must stop. She is well and a little troubled, but it will soon disappear as you will do what the Master said.

So with all my love, and with many hugs and kisses, I am

Your own true and loving,