Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jesus Writes That He is Happy James Padgett is Praying for God's Divine Love and His Faith is Increasing

August 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight because I see that you are again praying to the Father for the inflowing of His Love and for faith, and for a nearness to him that will make you happy. I am glad of this new aspiration and know that the Love will come to you and that your faith will be increased, and your trust in me will be established firmly so that we can proceed with our work. So, I will soon come now and write you another of my formal messages, and I hope that thence we can go rapidly onward.

I have been with you today and know what your feelings have been, and how in a way you have had faith that certain things would come to pass without knowing just why - but you have not troubled yourself very much and expected to secure them at the time needed. Well, I want to tell you that that is the kind of faith that you should have in reference to all the things that affect you both materially and spiritually. Such faith brings results and you will not be disappointed in your present faith, for what you need will come to you this week. I am here predicting a thing with certainty as I see it; and I do not think you will be disappointed. I know what you mean, and we will help you, only exercise your will power, and when you feel the temptation come to you very strong, utter a prayer to the Father for help, and you will receive it.

I am glad that you are in such condition of harmony with the Father tonight, and that your love for him is so strong; and with that love will come faith that will be able to accomplish most anything that you may desire, and that the Father sees is best for you. Yes, you can ask those things with the assurance that they will be pleasing to the Father and will not be refused you. I would like to write longer but I must stop now.

I will tell you the next time that I write about these two spirits who say they are the first parents of the human race. I have not the time now, and what I may say may be interesting to you and to the world.

So, my dear brother, I will say goodnight.

Your brother,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

St. John Writes That Adam and Eve Were Created Instantaneously and Not By Evolution

August 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I merely want to say tonight that you must soon prepare to take messages which the Master and some other high spirits desire to write. Let your arrangements be such that you can take those messages without any one being disappointed, for when you say that you will receive them and then something comes up to prevent, the spirits feel that you have not interest sufficient, and they are disappointed.

Well, that will be satisfactory and we will make our arrangements to comply with that understanding.

I know, though, that you have been in a condition of love and soul during the past few days and have realized that the Father has been close to you, and you have been happy. So continue to turn your thoughts to the Father and His Love and you will find that there will come to you an increased Love and a great happiness.

I feel that your faith is growing and that the rapport between us all is steadily increasing. I did not intend to write more tonight, as we will all wait until the time that you have named.

Well, I have already told you that that Book (Revelation) was written as a kind of allegory, and that now it is of no practical use, and should not be given much attention. Besides it is not as I wrote it - for many interpretations and additions have been made. At any rate it is of no importance, and men lose much time in trying to solve what they call its mysteries.

Well, Aman is a general term, which means first or highest, and when applied to man it means the first or highest creation. As it is applied in Revelation to Jesus, it means the man who first received the Divine Love of the Father after its rebestowal. I will come to you sometime and explain this matter more fully.

Yes, they (Aman and Amon) came to you and gave you their names, which were the names that they were called by after their creation. They were both created instantaneously and became living souls in a moment, and did not grow from a germ by the slow process of evolution. Their story of the fall is substantially correct as I have learned from them and from the Master.

The names Aman and Amon are correct, and were known thousands of years ago to the early inhabitants of the earth and who descended from them.

The story of their fall was, of course, known to their immediate descendants and became known for some generations after their deaths to their more remote descendants; but after awhile the names became forgotten, but the substance of the story of their fall did not, and there were at one time manuscripts showing the account of the fall, but they disappeared long before the time of any of the present writings, though the story of the fall with various changes and amendments came down the ages, until the writers of the Old Testament incorporated such tradition in the Book of Genesis. Of course, Adam and Eve did not exist, and neither is the story as to their fall true. It is only symbolical in the way of showing that man once occupied an exalted and happy state, and by his own disobedience fell, and with his fall came the condition of evil and sin.

Well, I must not write more tonight. So remembering what you say,

I am your brother in Christ.
John - Apostle of Jesus

Monday, October 29, 2012

Amon (Eve of the Bible) Writes That She Did Not Seduce Adam to do the Great Wrong, Which Caused Their Fall From Grace

August 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.


I am the first mother of all the human race, and I want you to know that before Aman and myself, no human beings ever existed. We were created by God at the same time and were ready, just after the moment of our creation, to live the lives of natural beings. So that there was no gradual growth on our part from any other creature or thing. I know it has been said that the first man was not created, but developed from some animal of the lower order, and as the process of evolution proceeded, this being became in the end a man, with all the wonderful organism and structure of his body, but I want to tell you that this is not true.

When I was created I was as perfect in my physical organism as I ever was afterwards or as any man or woman ever became from that time into the present. In fact, I believe, that at the time of our creation we were more perfect than mankind are now, because we had no physical ailments, no sickness, no deformity of any kind. We certainly were more beautiful in face and form than mankind now are or have been for many long centuries; and besides, our bodies and organism lasted for longer years than do the bodies of mankind at this time.

Before our fall we were very happy in our conjugal love, and knew not troubles or worries of any kind, and never had anything to make us afraid or draw us apart from each other or from God; not until the great temptation came, and then because of our ideas of our greatness and power and want of dependence on God, we fell and never again were restored to our position of beauty and happiness that were ours in the beginning of our lives on earth.

So you must see that we were specially created and not evolved from any other thing.

Some men now may marvel and wonder at the Bible description of the creation of man, and reject the description as the imaginings of a mind of romance or imagery are not true, but I tell you now that the essentials of this creation and the fall, are true. Of course, the parts played by the apple and the snake and the devil are not true literally, but are symbolical of the principles that entered into the temptation and fall. Well, I was as much to blame as was Aman, but I did not entice him after I had the ambition to become immortal without waiting till that time came when God would give us that quality of His own nature; but our ambitions grew together and we discussed the matter of making the great effort between us and acted as one in trying to obtain this great immortality.

So the story in the Bible is not exactly true just as far as I am concerned, for I did not entice or seduce Aman to do the great wrong; neither did he seduce me to enter into the effort.

But all this is past, and many thousand years have gone by since our fall, and we have suffered much because of our first sin. As you have been told, many thousands of years passed since the time that we forfeited the gift of immortality, until it was restored and made known to humanity by Jesus the son of God, for he was the son of God, and as being a part of his Father's Divine Nature, he was Divine, and partook of those qualities of the Father which gave to him immortality, and those who follow his teachings and receive the New Birth will become Divine and immortal also.

I must not write more tonight. Yes, I will, and now I will say goodnight.

Your sister,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

St. Paul Writes That There Are Errors in His Epistles As Contained in the Bible

August 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saint Paul.

I desire to tell you that I am very anxious to disclose to you what are the true teachings of Jesus, and what errors my epistles, as contained in the Bible, possess. I know now that it may seem strange to you that errors should have gotten into my epistles, but there are several reasons for their entrance.

First, the epistles as they now appear - are not what I wrote. I mean many changes have been made in my writings. And second, when I wrote the epistles, I did not know as much of the truths of God as I do now and, thirdly, I was not such a believer in the teachings of Jesus as I am now.

These are sufficient reasons why my epistles should not be accepted as containing all the truths, or rather, that all they contain are truths. There are apparent contradictions in these writings and, if what is said were true, there would be no real contradictions.

I fully realize this great defect in my epistles and I have tried hard to impress those who attempt to explain my sayings, as to the real truth of what they attempt to explain, but with indifferent success.

And now I want to correct what is untrue or not in accord with the teachings of the Master, and the only way in which it can be done is by writing through you. Of course, I realize that you have a great work to do for the Master, and that most of your time and energy will be taken up by doing this work of the Master, and that every other communication must be subordinated to those of Jesus, yet, I believe that you will at times find time to take my messages.

Tonight, I will not attempt to write any message of these truths, and will only say that I am much interested in your work, and will try to help you all I can. So I must stop.

No. No blood saves from sin - only the Divine Love of the Father does this.

With much love I am your friend,
St. Paul

Saturday, October 27, 2012

St. Clement Writes that the Truths of God Will Prevail

August 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I, St. Clement, want to write a few lines.

I have written you once before and told you of some of the evils and errors of the church of which I was a member, and now I want to tell you that in the distant future that church will lose its power over the hearts of men, and then it will go into decay and finally disappear from the face of the earth. It can never be reformed from within because those who govern and control it know nothing about the real truths of salvation,and will never learn.

The dogmas of the church are too firmly fixed in their minds to ever permit the truths to enter and, consequently, as these dogmas must be destroyed, with their destruction, the church will cease to exist as a church. I am sorry that this will have to be, but the truths of God will prevail, and everything that is not in accord with them must be destroyed and cease to exist. I know that it will make a desperate effort to preserve its power and existence, but in vain.

I am now working to bring about that consummation and so are all the redeemed Christian spirits, because we see that it is a mighty stumbling block to the reception of God's truths by men, and men must be taught these truths and be saved from their sins.

Yes, there will be a church established, and it will be a church of Christ, and all mankind in time will come to unite with it and worship the one true God, and believe on Jesus as His great messenger and teacher, and not as God. The name of that church I don't know, but it will be one in which faith in spiritualism will obtain, and all members will believe that spirit and mortal can commune.

I will write no more now, but say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
St. Clement

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jesus Writes and Gives His Love and Encouragement to James Padgett to Have More Faith and to Keep Praying for Divine Love

August 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and my spirit was in your heart to an extent that made you feel its presence and caused you to suffer somewhat physically - but it was there to tell you that I was present and that my love was helping you to get nearer the Father and His Love.

I know that the people who were worshiping me were not doing what I approve of or like, but their hearts were turned to God; and while they were making me the object of their worship, yet, the spirit of God was with them, and the workings of the Holy Spirit were in the hearts of very many of them showing them the Love of the Father and the truth of His salvation.

They, of course, are mistaken when they talk about being saved by my blood - for my blood has nothing to do with their salvation, but as they have been taught this, I cannot expect that they will know the real salvation which the Father has provided for them. Sometime they will know that only the Divine Love of the Father saves from sin and error, and that not any blood of mine or death on the cross can save them.

But, notwithstanding this false belief, these people in their prayers actually aspire for the Love of God, and He knows the longings of their hearts and sends the Holy Ghost to fill them with this Divine Love, which makes them become very close to the Father and makes them happy.

So, while, as I say, I don't like the worship of me, yet, the truth of God's Love enters into their souls and they become at-one with Him to the extent that such Love enters their souls.

I know that to you, with your enlightenment, it appears that they are making a great mistake in worshiping me and believing that my blood saves them, yet, you must understand that while they make such mistakes, yet, they are receiving the Divine Love and that it is working to redeem them from their sins and evil lives. So let not this error in their belief make you think that I am not with them, or rather that the Christ spirit is not with them teaching them the way to the Love of the Father and to the great happiness, which that Love brings to them.

I know that the meeting did you great good and opened up your soul to the inflowing of this Love and, consequently, to a renewed faith and trust, and renewed love for the Father and belief in me.

Let this Love in you increase and pray to the Father for more faith in His promises, and for a greater inflowing of His Love, and very soon you will realize His actual presence in your soul to an extent that will make you know that you are one with Him in Love, and in the possession of the Divine Essence that will cause all doubt to leave you and give you a faith in which no doubt will appear.

I am glad you went to this meeting tonight and I hope you will go again, for the influences attending it were helpful to you, and were from above.

Soon I will write again as I desire, if you will only pray more and trust more. You are thinking right and I will pray the Father for you, and if you will only persist in your desires and try to act in accordance with our prayers you will succeed for the Father will hear your prayers and will help you to the fullest. And in addition, I will be with you and help you with my power and love.

So do as I say, and above all have faith in the Father and trust me. I will not write more tonight, but will say that I will be with you during the week and will help you in your spiritual efforts.

So with all my love, I am your friend and brother,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aman, the First Parent Born on Earth (Adam of the Bible), Writes His Testimony

August 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Aman, the first parent.

You don't believe me, I can see, but I am whom I say, and want to tell you that I am now a follower of Jesus and a lover of God, and live in the Celestial Heavens far up near where the Master lives.

I know it is hard for men to believe that I am the father of all physical manhood, and that I can come and communicate with mortals; but Jesus has rendered this possible in his opening the way for the higher spirits to communicate through you. You should feel specially blessed at having this great privilege and feel that the Master has conferred on you a great favor, as he has.

Well, I have never before come to earth to communicate with mortals and, the experience being new, I find some difficulty in doing so. But I will try to write a few more lines.

I and my soulmate lived in a paradise, which God had given us, and were very happy until the great fall. We were so filled with the thought that we were all powerful and all wise, that we concluded that the obedience, which God had required of us, was not necessary for us to observe, and that if we only exerted our powers, we would be as great as He is great and would be able to obtain that immortality which he possessed. But, alas, the day. We were mere creatures, although wonderful and beautiful, and we soon realized that fact.

The disobedience was in not waiting for God to bestow upon us the great Divine Love that would make us like Him in substance as well as in image. We were like Him in our possession of souls and also in the possibility of obtaining the Divine Love.

We disobeyed Him in that we tried to make ourselves believe that we were as He was, and that we need not submit further to His decrees. We tried to make this belief a thing of reality, and in our vanity tried to appear as gods; but as soon as we did this, the scales dropped from our eyes, and we saw how naked and impotent we were.

God did not drive us from His paradise, but the inexorable laws of our creation and of the workings of His will showed us that no longer could we expect this Divine Love, which He said would make us Divine. And so we became mere mortals, deprived of the potentiality of obtaining this Divine Love and we had, thereafter, to become subject to all the appetites of the natural man and to work to satisfy these natural appetites.

We continued to live in the same place as formerly, but no more could we be satisfied with the spiritual food that had supplied our wants and enabled us to subdue the appetites which formed a part of our physical being. The physical then asserted itself and the spiritual became subjected to it, and we became as mortals now are, and had to find our substance in mother earth. We were compelled to till the soil and earn our living by work. I mean we had to work in order to make the earth supply us with food for our physical wants.

It was a bitter time of sorrow but the law had imposed its penalty, and we were without power to relieve ourselves of that penalty and had to live thereafter without the possibility of obtaining this Divine Love and of having our spiritual natures reassert themselves over the physical and subdue it.

When Amon (Eve) and I were created, there were no other human beings living on earth, and none came there to live, until we had sons and daughters who intermarried and produced other sons and daughters. I cannot tell you how long ago our creation was, but many thousand years before the coming of Jesus.

I will not write more tonight, but will come again sometime and write.

Your brother in Christ,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

St. Luke Writes That the Gospel in the New Testament is Not as He Wrote It

August 28, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

Well, I came to tell you that you are not in such a condition of faith as will enable you to take my messages in a satisfactory way, and I will not write as I expected and give you some account of the errors and untruths that are in my gospel.

I am the one who first collected the different writings or manuscripts of the history of the times of the New Testament and of the sayings and doings of Jesus and compiled them in one gospel. The present gospel is not as I wrote it, for many things have been added and a number extracted from what I wrote and what the truths are. Tonight I will not attempt to tell you but will come again soon.

I know, and I will tell you with all my emphasis that it was Jesus the Nazarine, and the person of that name around whom the New Testament centers. He is the same Jesus and waits to write through you his messages to the world. So you must believe and listen to what He says and try to do your best in receiving these messages for they will be the truths of God. I will stop now and say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
St. Luke

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jesus Writes About The Book on Spiritualism that James Padgett Was Reading

August 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I merely want to say that the book you have been reading is one that shows that spiritualism is an established thing in this world of mortals. It is beyond doubt that spirits and mortals communicate, and that spirits know just what mortals are doing on earth, and bow to influence them in their loves and actions.

Well, that is the very reason why I am communicating to you these truths, for as you say, they were never before communicated to any mortal. Well, because no medium was fitted to receive them and the world was not in condition to believe as it is now. All this was a part of God's plan to bring about a salvation of mankind.

If these truths had been communicated at the time of the occurrence that you read of in that book, they would have been received with incredulity, even by the spiritualists themselves; and so the date for the communication of these truths was postponed until we saw that mortals were ready to receive these truths, which is now.

I have read some of it, and it is more the imagination of spirits who attempted to impress the believers in spiritualism with the idea that it was true and contained a true account of the creation of the world since, but it is not true, and has never been received as true by the people and will not be so received but will soon be forgotten.

My writings will contain only the truth and those truths must be received and accepted by men for in them is the eternal happiness, or otherwise, for mankind. So you need not fear that they will not be received. The power that is behind the present moment to spiritualize the world will not fail, and it will be accomplished through my messages, which are being delivered through you.

You will not pass over until my messages shall be fully declared to the world, and neither will your mental faculties be impaired, but rather increased and with all this will be given you power to do many wonderful things which will cause to think and believe in what you may give to the world as truth coming from me. I cannot write more.

Your friend and brother,

* * * * * * * * * *

St. John Confirms that Jesus Wrote

August 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saint John:

I merely want to say that what the Master says is true, and will soon triumph, and you must believe for faith is a wonderful help. I know that it seems a long way off to you before you will get in condition to do these things, but it will not be long, for all the powers of our Christian spirit world is working to bring this about. I am with you very often when you are least aware of the fact and so are herds of others.

Well, he is subject to the same laws controlling communications that the rest of us are and the powers had left him when he so stated. It is nothing that you should be astonished at because you will find in the future that many times this power will exhaust itself.

You must not think that he is infallible in these things which pertain to the working of the laws governing the communications between spirits and mortals. We are all subject to them and sometimes conditions arise that prevent the continuance of communications. Yes, it is so and you must not let the fact disturb you. I will stop now.

Your brother in Christ,

* * * * * * * * * *

Luke Confirms the Messages of Jesus and St. John

August 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

I merely want to add my testimony to that of John and to tell you that you must not doubt that the Master wrote you just because his powers to do so became exhausted. I will not attempt to write more tonight.

No, the Bible is filled with errors. I never wrote many things which are credited to me and some time I will tell you of them in detail. I will keep my promise. So goodnight,

Your brother in Christ,
St. Luke

Monday, October 22, 2012

Judas Writes a Short Note About His Betrayal of Jesus and Will Come Again to Tell His Story

August 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Judas Iscariot.

I came tonight because I want to tell you of just what my condition and expectations were when I betrayed Jesus, which resulted in his crucifixion.

I was a very enthusiastic lover of the Master and believed thoroughly in his teachings and his power and did not believe that the Roman soldiers could take him away from where we were, if we did not permit it to be done. As a consequence, I was anxious that Jesus should show his great power and demonstrate to the Jews that he was a true son of God with power over men and devils.

I never betrayed him for the money that I received for it was not sufficient to pay for one moment of happiness, which I have lost because of my act in betraying the greatest spirit in all God's Kingdom.

I see that you are too sleepy to write more tonight. I will come again and tell my story.

So goodnight,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Samuel Smith, an old Friend of James Padgett, Writes That He Was a Fool and Has Since Began Receiving Instruction by the Higher Spirits

August 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here - the man who had the ponderous mind as you called him.

Since writing to you last I have had a great experience and the result is, I see what a damned fool I must have appeared to all of you at the time. I wrote, and because of the manner I wrote in, I now see that I was really an ignorant man, and that I was learned in only what I didn't know, that is in my egregious conceit that what I didn't know was not worth learning. But since that time I have really had my eyes opened and my mental powers awakened to the fact that I was just on the border land of learning what is here for me to learn.

I have had the benefit of association with members of your band and with many other intelligent spirits, and I have learned that there are several spheres higher than that in which I live, and that they can be obtained only by progress in knowledge and mental acquirements. Some of these spirits have shown me truths of the spirit life that I never conceived of and taught me laws governing this spirit world that I never heard of.

I must have been very stupid as well as hide bound and I don't wonder that you all, in a kind of derision, called me the man with the ponderous mind.

I am now in the Second Sphere and am studying the laws of the universe and other needful things under the supervision of competent and learned teachers, and I have studied also those things which tend to enlighten me of things spiritual. Your friends, who first took me in hand, have helped me very much, and especially your grandmother who seems not only so beautiful but to be so filled with knowledge. She is a wonderful spirit, and her teachings have helped me beyond all comprehension.

I have not yet been able to quite believe what she tells me about the New Birth and the Divine Love of the Father, although when I meet these spirits who claim to have received this New Birth, I have to think that there is something in it, for they are all so much more beautiful and bright than are we who have not believed in it. I am seeking the light, though, and that which will show me that there is some reality in this doctrine. I shall not hesitate to seek further and accept it for my own salvation.

I came tonight merely to tell you that I am no longer the man with the ponderous mind in my own conceit, and that I am a very humble student of the many things of which I had no knowledge or experience.

I will not write more tonight, and will say goodnight,

Your friend,
Samuel Smith

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jesus Writes That the Ancient Spirits Were Allowed to Give Their Messages to Confirm the Truth of the New Birth

August 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I am glad that you are feeling better tonight and I see that you will soon be in condition to take my messages again, and then I will be ready to write you more of my truths.

The messages that you have been getting from the spirits of those who have lived in the spirit world for a long time all go to confirm the truth of my writing to you and of the reality of the New Birth, and the necessity of men getting this New Birth in order to become immortal.

So I think that these messages will work a great confirmation of what I write and for that purpose you have been permitted to receive them and they to write to you. I thought, that considering the fact that men will be so loath to believe what I write through you, that it is wise that all these spirits should write.

I will not write more tonight, but will have you prepare to soon take another of my messages. I will rewrite the message that I last wrote you as it is not entirely satisfactory. Well, that is a subject upon which I will write you fully later, and I can only give you a satisfactory explanation of that question in a message that will require me to write longer than I can tonight. So, wait until then.

I will stop now and say that you will soon be in the condition that we both desire you to be in. I give you my blessings and love.

Your friend and brother,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Aleyabis, a follower of Zoroaster, Didn't Know About the New Birth and Wants to Investigate It

August 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Aleyabis.

Let me write. I have been listening to those who have preceded me and am interested in what they have said.

I know nothing about this New Birth, and although I have lived in the spirit world a long time and in great happiness, yet, I have never before heard of the doctrine.

I feel like the Turk, in that if there be any truth in this doctrine, I would like to learn what it means. Of course, to learn I will have to make investigation and to do so I must get a starting point; and if you can show me how I may come in contact with anything that may assist me in my investigation, I will be obliged to you.

I am a Persian and was named Aleyabis. I lived four thousand years ago and was and am a follower of Zoroaster, the divine teacher of God. I am living in the highest spheres where the followers of our teacher live. We are not in the same heaven with the spirits of other beliefs, but have a heaven all to ourselves; although I sometimes come in contact with spirits from these other heavens.

Sometimes I come in contact with the Christian spirits and talk to them, but we do not discuss our doctrines, because we each so firmly believe in the truth of our respective beliefs, that no good would come of any discussion as to their relative merits.

I see a great many spirits around you, and some are very beautiful and bright, more so than I have seen before, and also seem to have much love in their being.

She is here and says she will be pleased to show me the way to start in my investigations, and I will accept her kind offer.

I will come to you again sometime and tell you the result of my investigation.

Your friend,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Selim, a Natural Love Spirit, Never Knew About the New Birth and Wants to Learn More

August 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Selim.

I was the first Mohammedan Sultan of that name, and I want to write you for a while, if you don't object.

I have listened to what Paul wrote and some things that he said I do not understand. I mean the difference between the spirit who receives what he calls the New Birth, and the spirit who has only his natural love.

I know that I have a love for God and a love for my fellow man, and that I am very happy and do not desire greater happiness and have surroundings that I cannot conceive can be excelled in their beauty and desirability.

I know nothing of the other love and fail to comprehend how there can be any other love than the one which God has given us. This love, in varying degrees we all have, and according as we possess it and have become freed from the sins and errors of life, I mean the earth life, are we happy.

Our Prophet, may Allah bless him, never taught us of any other love than the one I speak of, and I don't believe he knows of any other love.

But I confess that my curiosity is excited to learn just what Paul means by his doctrine of the New Birth, and I shall make the effort to find out. Of course, I will have to have something more than his mere statement, or even the statement of all the Christians, to cause me to believe in the reality of this doctrine, but I feel that there may be some truth in it and, if so, I want to learn it.

I will not write more tonight but will, with your permission, do so later.

I will say goodnight and God bless you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

St. Paul Writes the Truth About the New Birth

August 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Paul.

I merely want to write about the truth of the New Birth, because I speak, or rather it is written, that the blood of Jesus saves men from condemnation, and sin and death. This is not true, and I never wrote such declarations of what purports to be true.

Jesus did not save men by his death or sacrifice and, as I am informed now and learned when on earth, he never claimed that his blood or sacrifice saved men. And I hardly see how that could be so, because the blood did not have any efficacy to affect the condition or spiritual development of men, and his death could not help men to become redeemed from any condition of evil or defilement that they might be in and, hence, there can be no possible connection between his blood or sacrifice and the condition of men, whether good or bad.

I know that it is claimed that the blood of Jesus tended to appease the wrath of God towards men as did his death, but this presupposes that God had a wrath against men and that only blood and death could satisfy it. What a barbarous assumption!

God was never a God of wrath, but always of Love, and men can come to Him in reconciliation through Love only, and not through any sacrifice. Jesus never taught this doctrine of sacrifice and does not now, but repudiates it and says that it is a doctrine that is doing his cause and the salvation of mankind a great harm.

If men will only think for a moment, they will see that the only relation between God and man is that which arises from the soul's condition. God, as I said, is Love, and for man to be at-one with Him, man must become Love; I mean that his soul must be filled or permeated with this Love to such an extent, that it will become impossible for anything that is not of Love to be or remain a part of his soul.

I do not mean that it is necessary for men to obtain this Divine Love in order to live and enjoy a happiness which is far above the happiness that they have on earth, for that would not be true. God has given to man a natural love, which, when enjoyed in all its intended purity, is sufficient of itself to make men comparatively happy; but this love does not make man a part of God's oneness, or enable him to partake of the Divine Essence of the Father. And this oneness is absolutely necessary for men to become reconciled to God as Jesus taught.

So while the large majority of men may never become reconciled in the sense that I have mentioned, yet, they will be able to enjoy this inferior happiness in the spirit world, and to such a degree that no sin or evil will be permitted to mar it.

A small minority will become reconciled to God and enjoy the superior happiness which such reconciliation will bring to them. They will be in their nature and substance like the Father, having his Divine Essence and partaking of His immortality.

But this reconciliation can only be obtained by what is called the New Birth, which comes to men not by reason of any power or effort on their part only, but by the operations of the workings of the Holy Ghost, the instrument of God in bringing about this New Birth.

And, yet, man has his part to perform also, in this great renewal of his spiritual being. He must open his soul to the inflowing of this Divine Love, and must pray to the Father for the inflowing of the Holy Ghost, and with his prayers, must believe that the Father is waiting to bestow it.

Without the desire on the part of man to receive this Divine Love with prayer and faith, it will not come to him, for God never forces any human soul to a New Birth against its will.

I tell you this, because in my opinion this is the one great important truth of the mission of Jesus on earth, and the one that human beings should understand and try to comply with. I know now, as I never knew on earth, the full meaning of this truth, and I thank God all the time for His goodness and mercy.

Only those who receive this New Birth become Divine Angels, all other spirits remain mere spirits and subject to all the changes and conditions that belong to spirits; for there is nothing fixed as to those who may remain mere spirits any more than there was in the case of the first man and woman. We know now that changes may take place in the conditions of these spirits during the workings of God's plans.

Many men may, even when they know of the things that I have written, be content to remain mere spirits and live their spiritual lives in the happiness which their natural love gives them, but it seems to me that all men, if they will think a little and understandingly, will seek for the greater Love and happiness and immortality.

I wanted to write this tonight, for I see that some of the teachings of my Epistles may tend to lead men astray on this most important question as to what saves them from their sins and reconciles them to God. I will not write more tonight, but will come at times and write you in regard to the various spiritual truths of this Kingdom.

I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

St. Jerome Writes That the Bible Contains Many Errors and the Truths of Jesus are Not in His Writings

August 17, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

St. Jerome.

I came to tell you that I am an inhabitant of that Kingdom which Samuel has so inadequately described, and that is the Kingdom of Jesus and, of course, of the Father.

You may not know anything about me, but I was canonized many centuries ago by the church, because it thought that I had done the church so much good by my writings and discourses on things religious. But I must confess now, that when I wrote, I expressed as truths many things which I now see were not true, and I would like to be able to correct all these errors in my writings, but I cannot.

So I will tell you in a few words that the truths of the Master, which are the truths of God, must not be sought for in my writings, or even in those of his disciples as contained in the Bible, because of the many errors that therein exist - not because the disciples and those to whom they conveyed these truths did not write them correctly, but because the Bible, as now written, is not the same in many important particulars, as what the disciples wrote. And, hence, Jesus, knowing this, is so anxious that the world shall receive these great truths again through his written messages.

I am trying my best to help the cause which he is advocating, and am one of the spirits behind you who are trying with all their spirit powers to direct you aright and enable you to receive the truths.

I am in a Celestial Sphere very high up in the Heavens. I cannot otherwise describe its location. These spheres are not numbered after the first few, because then they interblend so that there is no lines of demarcation.

But I am not so high up as are the disciples and many others who are followers of the Master. The ancient spirits, such as Moses and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob are in higher spheres; but they are not so exalted as are Jesus' apostles and disciples and, as I am informed, many spirits who came to the spirit world since Jesus came.

I will not write more tonight, but will thank you, and say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
St. Jerome

Monday, October 15, 2012

Samuel the Prophet Describes the Homes and Surroundings in the Celestial Spheres

August 17, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Samuel the Prophet.

I am the prophet who came to you before and wrote. Tonight, I want to tell you of the wonderful things which God has prepared for his redeemed children in the Celestial Spheres, where only those who have received the New Birth can enter.

In these spheres are homes made of the most beautiful materials that can be imagined, and which are of a real and permanent character, and not subject to decay or deterioration of any kind, and which are made without hands, but by the soul's development, and the Love which each spirit possesses.

These homes are furnished with everything that is suited to make the inhabitants happy and contented; and not one element of inharmony has any abiding place therein. Every home has its library, and the most beautiful furniture and paintings and wall coverings, and also rooms that are devoted to the various uses that a spirit may need them for. The music is sublime beyond conception; and there are all kinds of musical instruments which the spirits know how to play and, as you may not suppose, every spirit has the ability to sing. There are no voices that are out of tune with the surroundings and with the other voices. Every spirit has music in his soul, and every spirit has the vocal qualities to express that music.

Couches for repose are provided, and running fountains and beautiful flowers of every hue and variety, and lawns the most beautiful and green. Trees are in abundance and are planted in the most artistic manner, so that they are in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

And the light that comes to our homes is of such a kind that I cannot describe it, and can only say that with it and in it are the most soothing and wonderful influences that spirits can conceive of.

All these things and many more are provided by our loving Father for the happiness of His children. But above all is this, the wonderful Love of the Father, which is always with us, and which fills our souls to overflowing, and keeps us in one continuous state of happiness and peace and joy.

All these things are freely given to us, and with them the knowledge that we are a part of the Father's Divine Being and have, beyond the possibility of losing it, the immortality which Jesus brought to light when he came to earth.

I have been in these Heavens many years, and know whereof I speak; and when I tell you of these things, I do so that you and all mankind may know that these delights may be yours and theirs, if you will only let the Divine Love of the Father enter your souls and take complete possession of it.

Well, as to our social enjoyments, we are so loving, one to the other that nothing arises, as on earth, to cause one the slightest jar in our wonderful harmony. We visit one another and give our experiences of the love life that we lead, and have music, and interchange thoughts about our continuous progress, and our work in the spirit world. Every spirit in our sphere may visit every other spirit, and know that the door is always open and a warm welcome awaiting him.

I cannot tell you of all these wonders because there are no words that will convey our meanings. Your capacity to understand is limited by your mental boundaries and, hence, I am at a disadvantage. But this I can tell you, and that is, that some day, if you get the Divine Love in your soul in sufficient abundance, you will see and understand for yourselves what God has in store for you. It was truly said, "that no eye has seen, or mind conceived, the wonderful things that await the true child of the Father."

No, there are no streets of gold or walls of jasper, or any of these material things that John made use of in his Apocalypse to describe the City of God. They were merely used as symbols, but they did not express the wonders of our homes.

I will not write more tonight, but will come again sometime and tell you of things that are of more importance than a description of our homes.

With all my love, I am your Brother in Christ,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

St. John Writes About Judas and His Unintended Actions That Caused the Crucifixion of Jesus

August 15, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John.

Well, there are some things in my gospel that do not seem to be very plain and, perhaps, are contradictory. But you must remember that many of these writings were not mine or written at my dictation. In the mutations of time, many things have been added to and subtracted from what I wrote and, as a consequence, the true and the untrue are mixed.

Well, it will be a very difficult task for you to make the distinction in simply reading or even studying the Bible, for the tenor of the writings is the same. The only way that you can separate the true - from that which is not - is to wait until Jesus gives you his messages. Of course, we can help also in that particular.

Well, that was not the word which he used, because he never taught that it was ordained by God that Judas should betray him. In fact, the death of Jesus was never a part of that which the Father considered as necessary to the performance of his mission. Of course, it was certain that Jesus would die, but the manner of his death was not foreordained, as my Gospel written in your Bible declares.

Judas was not a bad man as he is depicted to be and his betrayal, as it is called, of the Master, was not for the purpose of gratifying any avarice that he might be supposed to have or because of any jealousy or desire to revenge a wrong, but it was because he was impulsive, and a belief in Jesus' powers and ability to overcome the Jewish leaders in their fight to defeat the objects of Jesus' mission; and he thought he would be doing the Master and his cause a great benefit by having it demonstrated to these Jews that the Master could not be silenced or harmed by any act of theirs. It was really an act that grew out of his love for and belief in the greatness of the Master's powers.

Well, I tell you that Jesus never said any such thing. He never even told us that one of us should betray him, and I know because I was there. If Jesus knew that Judas would betray him, he did not tell any of us at that time, and we only knew it for the first time when Judas actually committed the act. I don't believe that Jesus knew it before that time; in fact, he has told me that he was surprised at Judas' betrayal of him. So you must not rely on the Bible statement as to what occurred at that time.

Judas was the youngest of the disciples and not so easily controlled in his impulses and acts, as he would have been were he older.

Yes, I know, but they are all based upon the same erroneous writings, for you must know that these gospels, as you have them, are not the originals written by those whose names they bear. Let not these things disturb your belief in the essential truths, which the Bible contains.

The trouble is that Jesus, as the individual, is given the prominence which should be given to his teachings. He is displeased very much because of this, and one of the great objects of his writing anew his truths is to correct that error and make the truths, which he received from the Father, the prominent things. As you progress in your writings, you will see that this is the great object of which he shall write.

Well, I will tell you that you are in the way to receive the Father's Love in very great abundance. In fact, so much so, that you will realize that you are one with the Father. I see, that you at present, have some difficulty in your way, but they will soon disappear and leave you free to do this great work. So my advice is to believe in the Master and pray to the Father and you will soon be a much happier man.

When on earth, I was a married man, and in my family the mother of Jesus lived until her death. She, Mary, lives near me. She is a beautiful spirit and filled with the Love of the Father. But you must not suppose that because she was the mother of Jesus she has any more exalted position than she otherwise would have had. Family ties do not determine anything in the higher spheres - the soul development is the criterion. Many spirits are living in higher spheres than Mary.

I will not write more now.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jesus Writes That a Mere Belief in Him Will Not Save Men From Their Sins

August 15, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight at the meeting of the Christians and I saw that you were thinking of several things that I had written and wanted to tell the preacher of my truths but, of course, you could not. He took a bit from the Bible, which I am credited with having uttered and I did, but I did not mean exactly what he explained it to mean when I said, "He that liveth and believeth on me shall never die."

I meant that the man whose soul was not dead to sin and believed in the truths that I had disclosed, that is, that God's Divine Love was waiting to enter into and fill his soul with its essence and substance and that means by prayer and faith received that Divine Love - he should never die. That is, he would become immortal as God is immortal.

No mere belief in me as Jesus the man or as the son of God is sufficient to give a man eternal life for while he must believe that I was sent by God to proclaim the great truth that He had again bestowed on man, the possibility of obtaining this Divine Love by his prayers and faith, yet, unless he believed this and became the possessor of this Divine Love he could never claim eternal life.

I wish that the preachers would pay more attention to the truths which I taught, that is, those truths which showed men the Father's Love waiting to be bestowed and the way to obtain it, thanks to my personality.

I, Jesus as the son of man or of God, do not save any man from his sins and make him one with the Father, but the truths which I taught and which were taught me by the Father are the things that save.

I know that the preachers attempt to explain these things by the light of the Bible as they understand that light, but so often it is so obscured that instead of preaching from light they preached from darkness.

For these reasons among others, I am so anxious to declare to you my teachings of these truths that the world may know what truth is, and what the individual must do in order to attain eternal life or immortality. I will try with all my power to bring about this opportunity for your receiving my messages and believe that very soon I will succeed.

So believe in my love and my desire for your success.

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Leetelam, an Ancient Spirit Who Died 4,000 Years Ago, Writes That He Suffered in Darkness for His Beliefs But Now Lives in a Natural Love Sphere

August 13, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Leetelam.

I was a Tartar, and lived in Tibet, and died nearly four thousand years ago. I was a Brahman and was a priest of the temple and the chief of the brothers of sacrifice. In my day, we sacrificed human beings to appease the wrath of our God, and they the most beautiful and virgins - so that our God would have a sacrifice that had never been defiled by man.

This was one of the chief tenets of our religion and was observed with all the strictness and pomp that we, who were fanatical in our beliefs, could give the occasion of the sacrifice. Many a beautiful victim just emerging into the full flower of her youth was made to suffer a cruel death in order, as we supposed, to save the rest of us from the wrath of our God, who was always hungry for blood and the cries of his human victims.

But this sacrifice was one of the chief ceremonies of our religion, and we believed in the necessity for it just as you Christians believe in the necessity for prayer. And when we, the priests who performed the act which consummated the sacrifice, had performed our duties, we considered that we had obeyed the will of God and that He was pleased with our great act of devotion and worship.

No rank or position could save the victim from the sacrifice when once the priests had selected that victim; and the parents of such victim were taught and believed that it was a great honor to have their young daughters chosen as brides for the great God who was not satisfied unless He could have the most beautiful and virtuous maidens for His brides of death.

Since I have become a spirit and learned some of the truths of the spirit world, and that love - and not sacrifice - is required by God, all these evil deeds that I and the others performed in the name of our religion have become to me monstrous and shocking, and for many long years after I had learned the truth, the recollections of these deeds caused me to suffer the tortures of the damned. The fact that I, at the time, thought that I was performing a duty did not assuage my suffering or relieve my darkness.

Truth is truth, and every violation of its demands must be atoned for, no matter if the intention at the time of committing these violations is supposed or believed by the actor to be in accordance with the truth. No belief, if it violates truth, will excuse.

As on earth, ignorance of law excuses no one for his acts done in violation of truth, so in the spirit world ignorance of the truth will not excuse deeds committed in violation of that truth. Every cause must have its effect, and no God interposes to prevent that effect from following the cause.

Now that I have been awakened to the truth, I see with the perceptions of not only a clarified intellect but of the soul, that no act or deed done in the name of religion actually believed in will be excused because of the fact that it was done for the sake of that religion. I am now in the Nirvana of the Brahmans, and am very happy. My soul has been purified by the long years of suffering and discipline, and I love God and my fellow man. My sphere is high up in the spirit world - just what its location is I cannot tell you. There are no Christians or other sects in my sphere, although I see them at times and converse with them.

I came here because I was travelling in this earth plane and saw a bright light which is unusual in this plane, and it led me to you, and I found that you were receiving communications from spirits, and I listened to some of the messages and concluded that I would write also if I could have the opportunity. And after the dark spirits left you, I commenced this writing.

I did not know English when I lived, but you must know that the advanced spirits who have been in the spirit world for many years have not let the years go by without study and investigation. I understand most all the languages of earth, and so do most of the ancient spirits, and this for the purpose of being able to understand what the peoples of all lands may think and say. Our work is to help mankind and spirits whenever we can.

Well, I will not write more tonight.

I hear what you say and cannot understand you, but if there be such a supreme happiness as you speak of, I should like to possess it. I will accept your invitation and attend your writings on Wednesday night. And so with my best wishes and kind regards, I am

Your friend,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saul, the Jewish King, Writes That He is Now an Angel of God and an Inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens

August 13, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saul the Jewish King.

Yes, I was here once before and wrote you. I am now an Angel of God and an inhabitant of His Celestial Heavens.

I merely want to say that you are doing a good work in helping the unfortunate spirits, and I tell you that your influence with them seems astonishing. Why this is so I don't know, unless they feel that you are nearer to them by reason of being in the flesh, and more interested in them than are the spirits of a higher sphere who come to them sometimes and try to help them.

Well, you must keep up this good work, for it is a good work, as you are helping the Master more than you realize; and your reward, when you come over, will be the gratitude of many of these darkened spirits. I don't work very often in the earth plane, as my work is among the spirits of the higher spiritual heavens; but occasionally I am sent to earth and try to help mortals as well as spirits.

But since I have first written you, I feel much interested in your work and in the great powers that are behind you. As you know, the greatest spirit of all is Jesus, and he is more interested in having you do his work than you can conceive of. We are all interested in his cause and feel that whenever we can come to you and encourage you, or in any other way help you, it is our delight to do so.

I must not write more now.

Call me Brother Saul, for we are brothers in Christ. Well, as you are not of my time when on earth, I cannot say how you would have been treated had you done the same work then, but I suppose that you would have been called a witch, as was that good woman of Endor in her time.

Thank God the people are more enlightened now and will soon recognize the fact that a good medium is one of the greatest gifts of God to suffering humanity. The time will come when mediums will be looked upon as were the prophets of old by the Jewish people, but without having the ingratitude of the people visited upon them, as it was visited at times on these old prophets.

I must stop. So goodnight.

Your brother,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grover Cleveland Writes That He is in Darkness and Seeks to Find a Way to the Light

August 13, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Grover Cleveland.

Let me write just a line. I am a man who when on earth was prominent in the affairs of the nation, and who when I became a spirit, realized that my prominence on earth did not help me one particle in my soul's happiness, or in finding a home where goodness and congenial spirits live.

I was not a very religious man in the sense of soul development, although I attended church quite regularly and gave the appearance of being a Christian. But I realize now that something more than mere attendance in church is necessary to the development of the true Christian character or to fit a spirit to inhabit the heavenly places in the spirit world.

I was Grover Cleveland, and it is not necessary to tell you what my official position was, as I passed over so recently that all the citizens of my country know. But I do want to say that had I served God in spirit and truth, as I tried to serve my country and its interests, I would not now be in such an unhappy condition as I am. I am in the earth plane, and am in darkness and suffering, and am very unhappy.

I am led to believe by my training when a boy that I must stay where I am, but when I think on the matter in a reasoning way, it does not seem to me that a just God would impose eternal punishment upon me for the sins I committed in the short earth life that I lived.

I am surrounded by many spirits who are in a similar condition to my own, and who were not especially wicked men when on earth, and yet the recollections of the sins and evil deeds which they committed while on earth seem to be sufficient to keep them in this darkened condition with accompanying suffering.

Yes, I find among these darkened spirits a great many of my old political friends as well as my political enemies; and sometimes we talk over the affairs and life of the past, and unanimously conclude that the lives we led were not worth the fame or prominence that we attained to - that it was all vanity, and that we sacrificed our future happiness for the enjoyment of the moment. What a farce it all was, except as we did some good to our country.

But it is too late now to wish to undo these things and what we are now doing and what we may do in the future are the things that interest us now. Some of us say that our condition is not fixed and that in the future we will be relieved of this darkness and suffering, and see the light of a happier life among better surroundings and in the association of better spirits. But none of us know the way to find this relief or to bring ourselves to this light.

Of course, most of us know what the Bible teaches on this subject, but most of us believe that it teaches us that our time of probation was while we were on earth, and that now we must remain as we are until the great judgement day.

Well, as you say, it does seem strange that we should have such belief, but let me tell you that when the mortal becomes a spirit, he finds that all the importance of his earth life and the self-conceit and self-independence leave him; and he realizes that he is a very insignificant person, and that his self-independence is a myth and that he is the most helpless creature in all the universe. Such is my experience, and having nothing upon which I can stand as a fixed foundation of truth, I naturally go back to my childhood beliefs and they become a part of my existence.

I have met some spirits who claim that there is redemption for me and a way to get out of my present condition, but I did not think that they knew any more about it than I do, and hence I never paid much attention to them.

But as you remind me, if Jesus went into the hells to preach to the lost souls in prison, he would not have gone there for that purpose unless he could have done them some good by his preaching. I had not thought of this before, and I will think of it now and attempt to find some consolation in it.

But, you also say that you know that there is just as much probation for me in my present condition as there was for me when on earth. Now how do you know this? Of course, you can speculate but that will not satisfy me, as I can speculate also. I want facts. Do you know of any spirits who were in my condition and who have been relieved of their darkness and sufferings? If you can show me that you do, then I will commence to hope.

I remember hearing of Mr. Riddle while I lived in Washington, and I should like to meet him as a spirit, especially in view of what you say his condition and experience as a spirit were.

I see some spirits here who are very beautiful, and they say that they are of your band, and they are working for the redemption of spirits who are in darkness and suffering. One is especially glorious in her beauty and brightness, and she says that she is your grandmother, and that she has heard what I have written and is willing and anxious to show me the way to light and happiness, if I will permit her to do so. And why should I not? What a glorious beauty hers is, and how love seems to flow from her very being! I will accept her invitation and not wait longer to find relief. So I want to thank you for your kindness.

I will go with your grandmother, and will come to you again, and if I find the relief that I so much need I will thank you with all my heart for your kindness in having permitted me to write to you. I will say good night.

Your friend,
Grover Cleveland

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hugh Latimer Writes That He is a Follower of the Master and Lives in the Celestial Heavens

August 13, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Latimer.

I was the martyr who was burned at the stake because of my belief in God, and in salvation by faith and works as taught in the Scriptures. My name was Latimer - Hugh.

I merely come to tell you that I am now a happy spirit and an inhabitant of the Father's Kingdom. I live in the Celestial Heavens and am a follower of the Master as I was on earth.

No, I do not now worship him as God. That false doctrine I believed when on earth, but now I know that there is only one God to be worshiped, and that Jesus is His most exalted son. I was surprised, I must confess, when I entered the spirit world and did not enter heaven and see God on His throne and Jesus sitting on His right hand. But it was not long before I understood the truth, for Jesus came to me himself and explained that he was not God and that I must not worship him as such. But we, who love God as followers of Christ, adore the Master as our great teacher and elder brother.

When I first entered the spirit world, I found myself in the Second Sphere among spirits of brightness and love and after a little while, I entered the Third Sphere where love is more abundant, and then as my soul became filled with this Love and my errors of belief left me, I progressed from sphere to sphere until I arrived where I am now living, and I thank God for His Love and Mercy.

I do not think the fact that I died a martyr to my beliefs had any effect in enabling me to reach a higher sphere than I would otherwise have entered. Not the manner of my death determined my place in the spirit world, but the development of my soul qualities did. If I had a belief in what I thought were truths, but which were not really truths, and that belief, proclaimed and persisted in, had caused my being put to death, you can readily see that the mere fact that I died for the sake of that belief would not have in any way helped my soul development in the real truth, and so the mere fact that I died a martyr for the real truth did not help me in obtaining a place in the spirit world that I would not have obtained had I died a natural death with the same beliefs.

The manner of a man's death does not determine anything, but the manner of his living and the development of his soul qualities are what determines where he shall live in the spirit world.

Of course, the death of the martyr will sometimes awaken soul qualities or conceptions that might not otherwise have been awakened, and thereby increase the martyr's love for the Father; and in this way such a death may help him in his progress to higher things. But as I say, the soul development fixes the first home of the spirit. I mean the development at the time of passing over.

My dear brother I must stop now, but will come again sometime and write you.

Yours in Love,
Hugh Latimer

Monday, October 8, 2012

Aaron, a Prophet and Brother of Moses, Writes a Short Greeting

August 12, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Aaron.

I was a prophet, the brother of Moses, and the priest of the tabernacle. I was a very powerful man when on earth and taught the children of Israel the truths of God.

I will not write more tonight as you are sleepy and I will come again later.

Yes, she is here.

I will say goodnight.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Selim, the Sultan, is Happy and Loves All Christians

August 12, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Selim the Sultan.

I came to tell you that I am also happy in my paradise, which my God has prepared for me.

I am no longer a hater of the Christians, but love all men as I believe. I don't mean that I think all men are following the truths of God in their lives, or that they believe in God in a way that will enable them to reach the happiness which He has provided for them but, nevertheless, they are his children, and I love them as one brother should love another.

I will come to you at some time and tell you of our paradise and our lives here.

I will say goodnight and God bless you,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Salaalida, a Moslem, Did Not Know About Divine Love but is a Lover of God and Christians

August 12th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Salaalida:

I am a Moslem and I lived in the time of the crusaders and helped to defend Jerusalem from the Christians. I was an officer of high rank, and a general who was known among my own countrymen for my prowess in battle. I merely want to tell you now that I am a lover of all mankind and know no difference between the Christians and the Moslems, for all are God's children and are the objects of His Love, and of my love, for I am a lover of God.

I am an inhabitant of the highest Mohammedan heavens and am very happy and satisfied with my spiritual condition, and am still a follower of the Prophet who lives in our heavens and still teaches the truths of the Father, Allah.

I have no criticism to make of the Christians and believe that they are also followers of God in the way that their Jesus taught, but I cannot yet believe that his teachings are the only truths of the Father. He and his followers live in a different sphere from our sphere, and those whom I have met seem to be happy and are very beautiful.

So while I was once an antagonist of the Christians, and hated them with all the hatred that my religion taught me to hate, yet, now I see that hatred is not a thing which God recognizes as being a part of the faith or practices of His true followers.

I came merely to tell you this and to inform you that love is the ruling principle of the spiritual world where I live. By love, I mean love for God and for my fellowman. This is the only love that I know of and I find it sufficient for my happiness.

I don't know what you mean by the Divine Love. It cannot be anything more than the love which we have for God. Well, I must stop now, and will say good night.

Your friend,
Salaalida the mussulman 

Friday, October 5, 2012

George Washington Writes About the Higher Spirit Communications Received by James Padgett

August 12, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, George Washington, the same who wrote to you a few nights ago.

Well, you are my brother and I am pleased that you call me your brother, for in this world of spirits we have no titles or distinctions because of any fame or position we may have had on earth.

I came to tell you that I have watched with interest the many communications that you have received from the various kinds and orders of spirits, and am somewhat surprised that you could receive with such accuracy these several messages. I never in earth life supposed that such a thing could be, and since I became a spirit, I have never seen such demonstrations of the powers that exist on the part of spirits to communicate and mortals to receive the messages that come to you. I know that very many times such communications have been made by spirits to mortals, but what I mean as surprising is the great variety of spirits who come to you. They come from the highest Celestial Spheres as well as from the earth planes and what they write are not only new to mankind but many of their declarations of truth are new to many of us spirits.

Very seldom do  we, who are in the Celestial Spheres, have the opportunity to communicate with any of these ancient spirits who live high up in the Celestial Heavens and when I see them come and communicate to you so frequently, I wonder at it all.

I know, of course, that such spirits do occasionally come into the earth plane; and try to influence both mortals and spirits to do good, but I want to tell you that usually their influence is exerted through intermediary spirits, and not directly by these higher spirits in person as they do through you.

The messages that you have received from these spirits who lived on earth thousands of years ago were really written by them as they controlled your brain and hand.

I am trying my best to help you in your work and will continue to do so, for the work that you have been selected to do is the most important one that the spirit world is now engaged in - I mean the world that recognizes Jesus as its Prince and Master.

Some spirits come, because they see the way open to communicate to mortals, and they naturally desire to make known the fact that they live and are happy in their spheres. But their happiness is not the real happiness which the true believers and followers of the Master enjoys. So you in your work, when they come to you may have the opportunity to tell them of this higher experience which the redeemed of the Father enjoy. Many spirits are in these lower spheres who would be in the Celestial Heavens if they only knew the way.

We frequently try to show them the way to truth and the higher life, but we find it a difficult task. They think that we are merely spirits like themselves - have our opinions just as they have theirs, and that we are mistaken in ours and, hence, we can tell them nothing which will show them truths that they do not know, or will give them greater happiness than they have.

When they notice the contrast in our appearance - that is, that we are so much more beautiful and bright than are they - they simply think that such beauty and brightness is a result of some natural cause, and that we merely differ from them as do one race of men differ from another. They do not seem to think that there is anything in the contrast in our appearance that is caused by any higher spiritual condition than what they have. And this is the great stumbling block in the way of their becoming interested in the conditions which we have, and which should urge them to investigate and learn the true cause for the same. And hence, I say, that you may do them some good in this regard, for you are a third person and should call their attention to the great contrast and tell them the cause as you understand it, what you say would probably make some impression on them, and cause them to make inquiry, and once they commenced this then would come our opportunity to lead them into the light of the great truth of the Divine Love of the Father.

Well, I have digressed from what I intended to write but it is just as well, for all the truths of God are important to both mortals and spirits. I am very happy in my home in the Celestial Spheres of the Father, and I am trying to progress to those higher. So let me assure you of the truths of what you have had written to you by your band and others of God's redeemed spirits.

I thank you for this opportunity and will come again sometime.

Your own true brother in Christ,
George Washington

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lot, of the Old Testament, Writes That He is a Follower of the Master and He Helps Jesus With His Work

August 10, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

Lot, of the Old Testament.

I come because I now am a follower of the Master, and want to add my testimony to that of others of olden times who have written you that Jesus is alive and the ruler in the Celestial Heavens, and is now working among men and spirits to show them the way to eternal life and the Divine Love of the Father.

I am not a Hebrew who would have denied him had I lived when he came to the earth for in my thoughts and belief, I expected the coming of the Messiah and to me Jesus was that Messiah in all the qualities and spiritual possessions that I expected him to have.

Of course, when I lived we had not the privilege of knowing what the Divine Love of the Father means, - we only knew that there was a God and that God loved us as we thought, as His chosen people and wanted us to live correct lives on earth, and thereby receive His blessings as mortals, and all the rewards that an obedient life might bring to us. But as to this Greater Love which makes Angels of us all who possesses it, we had no knowledge, nor had we ever been taught by our seers or prophets that such a Love existed and as I now know the privilege of obtaining it did not then exist. Only with the coming of Jesus came that Love again to man and spirits.

But God had for us a natural love in contradistinction to the Divine Love and we had for Him a love which when fully purified makes us spirits with a happiness that is beyond all conception of human happiness. But even of that happiness we were not taught, and only did we have glimpses in the teachings of our prophets that such happiness might exist in the future life.

I was a lover of God as I then understood what God was; but such love was not that which arose from my conception of Him as a tender loving Father, but more as a stern wrathful God - one of jealousy and always watchful and ready to punish for disobedience to His commands. And yet we also learned that when we obeyed Him and did His Will, He would reward us.

So you see the God of my days and the God of the present, as we now conceive Him to be, are not similar. And all men should now understand and believe that Jesus Christ brought to light, and by that I mean to the knowledge of men, the possibility of their knowing the True God of Love and Mercy; and also, that because of that Love and His Great Mercy in the rebestowal upon mankind of the possibility of men becoming possessed of the Divine Love of the Father which would make them one with Him and certainty of Immortality.

It was long years after Jesus came before I received this Divine Love or believed the great truths which Jesus taught. I was so satisfied in my happiness as a spirit possessing merely this natural love which had been purified and freed from sin and error, that I thought there could be no greater love or no greater happiness. But in the course of time I had reasons to think that there might be another if not greater love in operation in the spirit world, because of the wonderful beauty and brightness of some of the spirits that I at times met. And I started to make investigation of the matter, and as a result, I learned of this Divine Love, and at last sought for and found it. And what a treasure I found!

I am now so filled with it, that my happiness is beyond all conception of not only man, but of spirits who live in lower spheres than I do.

I must not write more to-night, but I will tell you that I am one of the many Celestial Spirits who are interested in and now are engaged in doing the great work for the redemption of mankind. Jesus is our leader and we are all following him in the effort to redeem the world, and by that I mean the individuals who comprise the world. For you must know that redemption is an individual matter and not one that can be accomplished in the way of redeeming a nation or a race as a whole. So you see back of this work is the great power of the Celestial as well as of the spiritual heavens.

I have written enough for tonight.

Well, the incident of my wife turning into a pillar of salt is like a great many others related in the Old Testament. These incidents are mere figures of speech used to illustrate some moral or spiritual truth. My wife was never turned into salt, but died a natural death and her remains were buried where mine were buried. She is now in the Celestial Heavens, also.

So my dear brother, I must say goodnight,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leytergus, a Native of Arabia, Writes About the Creation and Fall of the First Parents

August 10, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.


I was a native of Arabia and lived before the time of Abraham, the Jewish patriarch.

I come to you tonight to tell you that before the Jewish Testament was written, I had written a book containing a description of creation and of the fall of man, and that the book of Genesis was copied after my writings, which were founded on traditions older than were the description of Genesis.

These descriptions of the creation of the world were not the works of men inspired by the angels or by any other instrumentalities of God, but were the results of the imaginations of the minds of men who lived long before I lived, and who left only tradition of their writings or teachings. I say all this to show you that the world has existed for many thousands of years longer than the account of its creation in the Jewish Scriptures would lead you to think.

I don't know when it was created and I have not found any spirit in the spiritual world who does know. Of course, no spirit would know of his own knowledge because in the natural order of things, man must have been created subsequent to the creation of those things which were necessary for his sustenance and comfort. I have never seen any angels who were not at one time mortals and, hence, I could not learn from them when the world was created and I have never seen any angels or spirits to whom God has made this revelation. So I say the creation of the world or rather any account if it is all a matter of speculation and tradition.

Yes, I have been informed as to the fall of man. My information is as follows: When man was created he was made two-fold, - that is, there were male and female beings - which was intended to make a perfect one without losing any individuality on the part of either. Their names were not Adam and Eve, but Aman and Amon, which meant the male Am and the female Am. Am meaning the exalted creation of God.

These beings were made perfect physically and spiritually. But these souls were not possessed of all the qualities of the Great Creator Soul, and in that particular were inferior to the Great Creator. But as regards this soul part of their creation, they were made in the image of their Creator. The physical or spiritual part of their creation was not in the image of their Creator, for He had no physical or spiritual body. But their soul part was only made in the image of their Creator - and not of the Substance - but this image was given a potentiality of obtaining or receiving the Substance of the soul qualities of their Creator and provided, if they pursued that course in their existence or living which would cause their souls to receive in accordance with certain operations of the laws which their Creator had prescribed, this soul Substance. And only in obedience to these laws or their operations could this Substance of the Creator Soul be obtained.

Well, these creatures were not equal to the test, or rather requirements, and after living awhile they became possessed of the idea that they needed not to comply with these prescribed laws, but could of their own will and power obtain this Substance by doing that which they had been forbidden by these laws to do, and so in their efforts to obtain this Substance or Divine Love - they disobeyed these laws and, as a consequence, these potentialities of obtaining the Substance of the Creator Soul were taken from them, and then they became beings still possessed of the spiritual and physical forms and continued souls, but not of these great potentialities - and this was the fall of man.

The story of the apple is a myth. No apple or anything else that was intended to be eaten, formed any part of the fall. It was wholly the fall of the soul's potentialities. The disobedience was the great unlawful desire on the part of these two, to obtain this soul substance before, in accordance with the operations of the laws prescribed, they were fitted or in condition to receive it; and as a consequence, they became disobedient, and being possessed of wills which were not in any way bound or limited by their Creator, they exercised these wills in accordance with their desires, and from this disobedience the wills of men and women have continued to act in accordance with their desires and in violation of the great laws of truth, which were made for the two creatures at the time of their creation and are the same unchangeable laws of this time.

The soul substance that these two forfeited was the Divine Love of their Creator, which, had they by their obedience became possessed of, would have made them a part of His Divinity and, thence, like Him not only in image but in Substance and reality.

The potentiality that was taken from them was the privilege which they had to obtain this soul Substance or Divine Love by complying with obedience which these laws prescribed. So you see the story of Genesis is merely symbolical.

I have nothing further to say tonight.

I live in a sphere which is part of the Celestial Heavens. I have, through the mercy of God and His gift, declared by Jesus, received this potentiality and through it the Soul Substance which our first parents forfeited.

The name which I have given you was mine when on earth. It is Arabic and nothing else. You must know, that many of the names of my time, were in after centuries incorporated in the nomenclature of other nations and races.

So I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, October 1, 2012

John the Baptist Writes That He is a Harbinger of the Master and That Jesus Communicates With James the Truths of God

August 10, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John the Baptist.

I came to tell you that I am now a harbinger of the Master as I was when on earth and that he is the true Jesus who writes to you in all the communications which you received signed by him or by his name. I do this that you may believe and not doubt the messages that you receive. He has written you and you must rely on what he says, for what he has said to you will surely come to pass.

I am the same John who appeared in Palestine and announced his coming, and as I told them what was actually to take place, so I tell you what is actually taking place, and you will not only receive the messages of truth which he will write you, but they will also be distributed to all mankind wherever the written languages of the world exist and are spoken or written.

So you have before you a wonderful and important mission and one that will do more to make true brothers and lovers of the Father than anything that has happened since the Master was on earth and taught and preached the truths of his Father and did good to physical man.

I sometimes have wondered why you should have been selected, as I see that your soul development has not been nearly as great as that of many other men who now live and have lived; but as he has made the selection, we must understand that he knows what is best, and that his selection must be the right one. As a consequence of this, all we who are his followers in the Celestial World are trying our best to forward the cause and help you; and I must tell you that you have behind you in this great work, supporting and maintaining you, more spiritual power than any mortal has ever had before; this may sound to you surprising, but it is true.

So, my brother, for such I must call you now - try to acquire a faith in the Love and desire of the Father to save all mankind from the errors of their lives and to make them one with Him that will enable you to stand forth as the representative of the Master and the authoritative teacher of these great truths.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens and am very close to Jesus in his home and in his love for the Father and for all humanity. I have powers which are great and Love which is of the Divine Essence of the Father and what I tell you now I will tell to the world when the opportunity presents itself.

Your Brother in Christ,
John the Baptist