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Priscilla Stone Writes of Her Spiritual Progress and Confirms Leslie R. Stone's Visit to the Spirit World to Help Eleanor Meads

December 10, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, his mother, Priscilla Stone.

I am here, the mother of Leslie, and very much desire to write a few lines, as I feel that he would like to hear from me and receive an expression of my love. Well, in the first place, I desire to tell him that I am progressing and am in a sphere that is so beautiful and full of the Father's Love, that for me to attempt to describe it would result only in failure. But when I tell him that my happiness is so very great that even I, at a very recent time when in what I thought was the acme of happiness, had no conception of what happiness meant as compared to what I now possess.

All this is so wonderful to me, that it is difficult even for a soul that is filled with this Love to conceive what the Love of the Father in its fullness can be. And the great thing of wonderment is that as we progress, we realize that it is impossible to comprehend the heights and depths of this Great Love.

When on earth and I read that "God is Love," I had not a faint idea even of what the expression meant, for as you must know, my conception of love was based largely on what I knew or thought the human love was, such as my love for my children, which was to me the greatest expression of love. But, as I say, this love is not even a faint shadow of what the Love of the Father is: and the great beauty of it all is that, while this Divine Love is always the same, yet in seeking and obtaining it, I find that more and more is waiting for me.

We know of no cessation of progress and are never satisfied, yet never unhappy, because we realize that we are not the possessor of it in all its fullness. No, our happiness is in proportion to the amount of Love that we possess, and for the time that Love is sufficient for our complete happiness. I do not know that mortals can fully understand this, because, as you may know, when mortals are seeking the natural love of another and desire more and more of it, and they are happy in its possession, yet at the same time they have some pain or unhappiness, because they do not have all the love that their desires ask for.

Well, this is not the condition of us who have and seek this Divine Love, for it, of itself, seems to have the quality of causing complete, perfect happiness, without taking from us the desire and longings for more. I doubt that any of your philosophers can explain this apparent inconsistency, because they have nothing on earth to which they can make a comparison. A mortal who is satisfied with the love that he may have on earth has not the longings for more, and when he has the longings, he is not wholly happy in the enjoyment of that which he possesses.

And the same principle applies to the possession and longings of mortals for everything else of the natural or material. Ambitions for fame and power and position and the accumulation of wealth, and the love of a woman or man, are all subject to this Law of the accompaniment of pain and unhappiness. So you may in a short way understand what great qualities the Divine Love has in its operations, and how it differs from the mere natural love.

Well, my boy will think I am somewhat of a philosopher and have changed from my course of thought while on earth. And so I have, but he must not be surprised to know that as I receive the Great Love in my soul in increased abundance, there comes with it a knowledge of law and principles and the relationship of things that I have never studied or attempted to acquire by study. And this is one of the surprising results of the obtaining of this Divine Love. It seems to have in it, as a part of its qualities, knowledge and wisdom and understanding that is not dependent upon the mind or intellect of the natural man, but which is a part of the mind of the soul that is developed as the soul is developed in Love.

I thought I would write in this way tonight that Leslie may, in a faint way, comprehend what the progress of his mother means and comprehends. With Love there can be no ignorance, for Love is, of itself, wisdom and knowledge and understanding. And from all this you will see that the mortals whose ambition is that when they get into the spirit world, they will have the opportunity to pursue the studies which they loved on earth, and that during all the long eternity, there will be no cessation of opportunity to gratify their ambition. I say, you will see that these mortals will find themselves very poor, indeed, as compared with those whose ambition is to obtain the Divine Love, which brings with it all these things, and others greater and beyond conception of knowledge that these mortals can possibly have.

Well, I will not write further on this subject tonight, but some time, if it pleases you, I will come and write my boy a regular thesis upon some spiritual truth that may interest him very much.

(Mrs. Stone confirms Leslie's astral flight to help in the spirit world in the same way that he tried to do when the spirit was a mortal in order to help Eleanor Meads.)

I heard him tell of his experience of a few nights ago, in going out of his body, and wondering if it were really true. Well, it was true. He left his body, and he may be a little surprised to know that the great desire of that young spirit to have him come to her and tell her again of some of the things that he had told her on earth was the cause of his leaving his body. Her desires were so great that they actually drew his spirit to her. What he saw, he saw with his spirit eyes, and the persons who appeared to him were actually present; and the young spirit heard his conversation, and in it found some relief.

She brought with her to the spirit world some of the thoughts that he had conveyed to her during his earth life; and having the experience of not finding what she had been taught, when on earth, that she would find in the spirit world, she became disappointed and doubtful, and then recalled what Leslie had told her, and with these memories came the desire that he should come and repeat to her these explanations that he had made to her of the truths and condition of the spirit world.

She is now very much better and is seeking for the truth, or rather a corroboration of the truth that she learned from him. I was present, as he thought, and when he left her, I went with her and took her in my care and have been trying to help her into the light and to a longing for this Love. She is so young and her soul so susceptible to the influence of Love, without being bound very much by erroneous beliefs that were taught her, she will, I know, soon become convinced of the true way to happiness and redemption.

And her grandmother, who loves this young spirit so much, was with her and heard what Leslie said, and, of course, was shocked and grieved that he should try to teach the child such blasphemous things; and she shed tears and was very unhappy and wanted her child to go with her and not listen to what he said or was saying. But just here we interfered to a certain extent, and caused them to separate, and induced the grandmother to leave the child for awhile, though she did not want to do so.

And when Leslie said that he assisted her to a lower plane, he actually did so, for while she is a woman of a kindly nature, and a somewhat Christian character, as she understands, yet she is not fitted for the plane on which the scene related took place. And here let me say that the young spirit and her grandmother, because of the great Law of Attraction, are not suited to the same plane, and this grieves the grandmother very much, and also the child. But the regeneration of the child will, no doubt, have a great effect upon the grandmother, and when the time comes, that is, after the child has learned the truth and received some of the Love and goes to her grandmother to show her beauty and tell of her experience, we will go to the grandmother, also, and attempt to explain to her these truths and the error of her belief.

Well, I have written enough, and your wife says that I had better stop now. So with my love, I will say good night,

His mother,
Priscilla Stone

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Helen Writes that Christian Science Does Not Convey the Way of Obtaining God's Divine Love

December 9, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I heard your prayers, and prayed with you for the inflowing of the Love, and I know that the Father will respond and fill your soul with His Love, and make you feel your oneness with Him.

I was with you this afternoon and heard the lecture on Christian Science and, while many true and helpful things were said, yet the address did not convey to the people the vital thing - that is, the Way of obtaining the Divine Love of which the lecturer spoke. What he conceived to be the Divine Love is not that Love, and in his concept does not operate as he believes. His conception of God, while superior and more true than that of the orthodox churches, yet it is not the full and correct conception of God.

Sometime soon a spirit will come and write on the subject of Christian Science. It is a true teaching in some particulars, especially as regards the way to the acquirement of a cleansing of the soul that will tend to make a mortal a perfect man, yet it cannot show the Way to the higher truth that makes him a Divine Angel. I will suggest this explanation to the spirit who will write you, and I have no doubt that it will be fully explained to you.

Well, dear, I will not write more now. Believe that I love you with all my heart, and that I am watching over you trying to help you in every way. Good night, and God bless you.

Your own true and loving,

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George W. Smith Writes that He Knew the Stone Family in England

December 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, George W. Smith.

I am a spirit who lived in England and knew the family of your friend (Dr. Leslie R. Stone) and have met them in the spirit world and have seen them write to him and call him their son, and as I am permitted to write, I thought that I would say a few words.

I am not in such an exalted position as my friends and have with me some darkness and suffering, though I am progressing and learning of the way, which they tell me I must pursue in order to get rid of my present conditions. Mrs. (Priscilla) Stone has been a very angel of goodness to me and has so patiently tried to show me the way to truth and to the Love that has made an angel of her. What a glorious and beautiful spirit she is and how fortunate her son is to have such a mother who loves him so much as I have heard her often say.

Well, I merely want to say that I have heard the conversation between you and my brother and have believed with interest in what he said about writing to my sisters and telling them some of the spiritual truths that have been written to him by our mother and others.

Well, I will not write more, but I have learned that the prayers of you mortals do help the darkened spirits very much and wish that your friend and you would pray for me. Heaven is ahead of me, they tell me, and I want so much to get there.

Good night.
George W. Smith

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Helen Padgett Writes that Mortals, Themselves, Must Make the Effort to Overcome the Influence of Evil Spirits

December 4, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here. Must I say? Your own true and loving, Helen.

While, in many instances, the evil spirits influence mortals in their thoughts and actions, yet this is not always the case and it will not do for mortals to think so. They are not the mere pliant tools or subjects of these evil spirits, but are persons with free wills controlled by their own appetites, and for them to believe that all their evil acts are the results of the influence of these evil spirits would place them in a very subservient and deplorable condition, and at the same time retard the development of themselves by their own thoughts and acts. No, the evil spirits are always working evil, but all the thoughts and desires that mortals have and do, are not the results of the influence of these spirits.

Man must realize that in himself is the cause of his own evil thoughts and deeds - though increased by the influence of these spirits - and that he must master these thoughts that he be able to drive them from him and overcome them by thoughts of a different and higher nature.

It will not do for men to think that they are wicked only because of the influence of the evil spirits, for to think so would retard their development and at the same time take from them a realization of their own responsibility. And on the other hand, the source of good thoughts is within themselves, and if they will only seek for this source, they will be able to progress in their moral conditions; and while the good spirits can and do help them, yet primarily men must help themselves from the good that is within them.

I would like to write you fully on this matter and will sometime, but tonight you are not in condition, and I will not try. But remember this: that whatever of evil is displayed or gives evidence of the soul being possessed by it, yet within themselves is the power to overcome and cause its eradication. I mean that men must make the effort; realize that they are masters of good and evil. We can help you, if you will let us. It depends on you; and no other can take the praise or blame of the results of your thoughts or actions.

Yet, you must also realize this: that when the evil ones form a rapport with you, and in a way obsess you, it will become the more difficult for you to exercise your own will; and, hence, men should pray to be given help from the Higher Source to overcome the influences of these evil ones. The character of your company will determine to a considerable extent the kind of thoughts you may have and the deeds you may do. But good or bad be your associates, you alone will be responsible for the results of your thoughts and acts.

I must not write more. Good night.

Your own true and loving,

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Father Williams, A Former Catholic Priest, Apologizes to Eugene Morgan for Being Aggressive and Insulting; Helen Padgett Confirms the Message

November 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Father Williams.

I am the priest that visited your friend (Eugene Morgan) last night, and I was very aggressive and insulting; but now I wish to apologize, for I have learned that he knew a great deal more about things of the spirit world than I thought possible, and more than I knew myself.

Of course, if he will consider for a moment my position and the fact that for many long years, I entirely believed what I professed, and also felt it my duty to God and to my church to defend the doctrines of the church, he may understand why I was so vehement and looked upon him as a foe to truth and a dangerous man to the followers of the church and to all that we believed in as sacred and holy. Now I must confess that I see some things in a little different light and am not so certain as to some of the positions assumed by the church in its teachings as to the destiny of men in the spirit world.

I should like very much to talk to him again and ask him some questions respecting the position that he took, and this not for the purpose of controversy, but to learn his explanations of some of the things that he asserted. So, if he will tolerate me for a while, I will be greatly obliged.

(The spirit is now writing through Mr. Morgan.)

I want to ask you a question, and that is: "How you came to know of the things you asserted to be the great truths that are necessary to be understood in order to obtain salvation?"

(Mr. Morgan has enabled Father Williams to visualize a bright spirit.)

I saw him.

I am very much surprised at your statement. You are indeed fortunate. I am satisfied with your explanation and shall endeavor to profit by it. I am not as vicious as you may suppose, but I thought I was but doing my duty in trying to protect my people from one whom I believed was the emissary of the devil. I now see my error and am thankful that you were so patient in enduring my abuse as you were.

I am, as I said, satisfied with your explanations, and from now on shall endeavor to become as the bright spirit with whom you brought me in contact. You must not think unkindly of me; for I now realize what a great service you have rendered me. I will now go.

Your friend, the once Father Williams


Helen writes about the great work that Eugene Morgan is doing among the Catholics.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, you had an unusual visitor tonight and I was very much interested in his interview and experience with Mr. Morgan, and was glad that Mr. Morgan spoke to him as he did, and gave him the opportunity of coming in contact with a bright spirit and thereby having an awakening that he had never had before. The uncle is a very bright spirit and has much of the Divine Love in his soul and is so happy in doing the work that came to him tonight.

The Catholic priest actually wrote you and Mr. Morgan and, while he could not see me, and I did not choose to manifest myself to him, yet I could and did observe all that he thought and did. He had with him a number of spirits similar in condition and belief to himself, and they all heard what Mr. Morgan said to the priest, and some of them were attracted by what was he said, and also saw the uncle when he made himself visible to them; and some went with the uncle and the priest.

We are all glad that Mr. Morgan is doing this work, for it is a wonderful work and one that will accomplish much good among these Catholic spirits; and when it is considered that of all Christians, they are the most bigoted and convinced that their beliefs are the true ones and their states in the spirit world such as must have necessarily followed from the truths as taught by the Church, you can readily understand what a laborious and difficult work Mr. Morgan is doing and will do.

And for his benefit, I say that he will never be deserted by his band, and the Catholic priests will never be able to overpower this band; for this is a truth, that while the band seldom uses any force towards these deluded spirits, yet should they choose to do so, their mere willing that these antagonistic spirits should leave Mr. Morgan would be sufficient to cause them to withdraw and, thus, destroy the rapport. But this cannot be, for the work that he is doing is one that must be done, and this is part of the work which he has been selected to do; and in its results it is a glorious work. The salvation of these spirits is just as important to the harmony of the Heavens as is the salvation of any man or class of men or spirits.

Mr. Morgan will always have the necessary protection, and whenever he calls for the higher spirits to aid in his work, that call will always be responded to. Even now, there are many of these spirits who were lingering in and satisfied with their condition in purgatory that are now in brighter spheres on their way to the Celestial Kingdom, because of the Love that they have received in their souls; and they are more grateful to Mr. Morgan than I can explain. And these rescued spirits are also with him, working to help their friends and acquaintances who are still in their darkness and belief in the efficacy of the teachings of their church.

God will bless Mr. Morgan in his work while on earth, and many spirits whom he has helped will thank and bless him when he comes to the spirit world. I have, thus, written at length so that Mr. Morgan might gain some conception of what his work means and how he has been successful in his efforts and feel encouraged to continue in his good work without doubt as to the truth of what he may conceive the results of his efforts to be.

Well, dear, I will not write more now, but only say that I love you, as you know, and that your condition is much better, and very soon you will be able to receive the higher messages. So keep up your courage and pray to the Father and you will not be disappointed, for the Love will work in your soul the great miracle of transforming a human mortal soul into a Divine existence, at-one with the Father and His very Essence. Good night, and believe that I am

Your own true and loving,

Friday, April 25, 2014

Jesus Writes the Religion of the Future Will Be Founded on the Truths of the New Birth and the Transformation of the Soul into the Divine

November 6, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have been with you part of the time as you were reading* the different explanations of the various religions, and tried to direct your mind so that you might conceive the difference between the things taught in those teachings and what we are revealing to you. Many things that are set forth in those teachings - that are mysteries and the results of speculation - will be revealed to you in their true existence and meaning, so that all defects or desiderata that arise because of the insufficiency of these teachings will be corrected and supplied.

I am glad that you read these sermons, for they demonstrate to you a number of truths that were known to the ancients but which fall far short of the truth. At those times there was no source from which our truths could come, either in the spirit world or in the mortal world and, hence, humans could not become inspired as to the vital truths that we are revealing.

The men who appeared as reformers and gave forth the truths that were unknown to their fellowmen were inspired by the intelligences of the spirit world, but that inspiration could not be greater or higher than the knowledge of the spirits by whom these men were inspired. And what I here say applies not only to the prophets and teachers of the Old Testament times, but to those of all the times and among all races preceding my coming to earth and making known the great truths which were revealed to me by the Father.

I noticed that some of these teachers and writers of essays at the great religious gathering attempted to speak of a future or world religion, and their claims were divergent but were based mostly on those foundations that will never support such a religion. They almost entirely based their concepts on principles of morality as understood by them, and the churches based their beliefs on the teachings of the New Testament, which in many and vital particulars are erroneous, especially, the basic one that I am God, the Son, and that my vicarious atonement and sacrifice must be the touchstone of the future great and ultimate religion. Well, as their claims are not true, it is certain that any religion based upon them cannot be true or lasting.

There will be a religion of the future and a comprehensive and final one, and it will be founded upon the Truths which you are now receiving, for it will be inclusive of all the other religions, so far as the truths that they contain are concerned, with the addition of the greatest of all truths affecting mortals - the New Birth and transformation of the human soul into the Divine.

When men shall come to make a comparative analysis of these existing religions and the one that I shall make known, there will be very little conflict in the vital principles, and my teachings will only add to the old teachings that which all men can accept.

Hence, you see the importance of our working more rapidly in our efforts to disclose and disseminate the truth. I will come in a few nights and deliver another formal message, and others also will come and write you. Many of the Celestial Spirits are qualified to teach the truths of the Father, and they are ready and anxious to do so. I will not write more now, but with my love and blessings will say, good night. Yes, I am with you as I promised and will continue to be.

Your brother and friend,

*Mr. Padgett had been reading The World's Parliament of Religions at Columbian Exposition of 1893.

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John Writes on How God Answers Prayer During Times of War and Explains the Law of Rapport and Communication

November 2, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John, brother of James - Apostle of Jesus.

I come to you today because I see what your condition is and that you need encouragement, and as I am your special guardian, I could not abstain from writing you as I have. So I say, trust in the Father and in our help and you will not be disappointed. It has been a long time since I have written you in regards to spiritual things, and I desire very much to do so, as I have important messages to communicate, as have many other spirits who have been accustomed to write you.

While your material affairs are important, yet these spiritual truths are of more importance, not only to you but to the world for whom they are primarily intended. The world needs these truths more at this time than ever before, and the sooner we can complete our book of truths the better it will be for suffering humanity, and for many whose hearts are now lacerated because of the great destruction of human life caused by the war.

Well, I know that many believe that in some way God has an overpowering direction as regards the progress and outcome of the war, and in a certain sense this is true, for He is always interested in and seeks to reach the souls and hearts of mankind and, of course, desires that the great suffering and devastation shall cease. But as the cause of all this was the evil desire and ambitions of men, He will let men, themselves, control the conduct and outcome of the war. He will not by His exercise of power in an arbitrary way end the war or determine which of the contending nations shall be successful, except in this, that through the instrumentality of His spirit, He will influence the minds and consciences of these men in such a way that right and justice will prevail, and the evil thoughts and deeds of men be stopped in their operations.

His spirits are working to this end at this time, and have been for a long time, and so have the evil spirits been working to bring discord and destruction upon humanity. The leaders of the nations have been, in a large degree, obsessed by these evil spirits and have been influenced in many of their thoughts and acts by these dark ones, who delight in seeing mankind suffer and in evil asserting itself.

The spirits of truth are exercising a wonderful power over the hearts and souls of men, and one that will cause them to soon realize that evil must not be allowed to prevail and that truth and right must assert themselves to the end that the war must not only cease, but that men must become more in unison with truth and justice. In this way, the Father will answer prayer, and His Love will also continue to flow to men.

I know that prayers are ascending unto the Father from many men and from many of the churches of the respective contending nations for success, but only those prayers will be answered which tend to bring about the overruling of evil and injustice; and the spirits who are working the Father's Will will answer these prayers only which - in their answer - will bring about the desired end.

As I have said, while God does not take interest in these matters by His arbitrary power and decree that the one or the other of these warring nations shall overcome and conquer the others, yet, He does by His angels exercise such influence upon the men who are engaged in the struggle, that in the end His Will will be brought to pass. But men, immediately, must determine the course and results of the issue, and no miracle will be performed which will make one side the conqueror of the other, and while this is so, this determination by men will be influenced as I have stated.

Man has his free will and, as we have written you, that is never arbitrarily controlled by the Father, but in the exercise of that free will, whenever man violates the Laws of God, man must suffer the penalty of that violation. This is a never changing law of the material as well as of the spirit world. When evil is sown, evil must be reaped, and until this evil ceases to operate as a cause, good will not appear. The men who are directing the war must understand that this law is operating in the conduct of the war, and that evil thoughts put into execution will inviolably bring evil consequences.

You may look for an earlier determination of the struggle than some men now believe possible, yet ere that end comes many mortals will become spirits and find their homes - some in the darker spheres, and some in those of light and love, but all are the children of God and will not be forsaken by Him in the great eternity.

Well, you have not been in that condition of mind that has enabled us to make the necessary rapport with you. We must have a mind that is filled with thoughts of the higher things of truth, even though we do not use those thoughts. Our thoughts are all spiritual, and our truths can be received only by the mind in a spiritual condition, and you, lately, have not had so much of this spiritual mind as formerly. Our contact has not been so close, and our rapport, necessary to enable us to express through your mind these spiritual truths, has not been so perfect.

And when I say mind. I merely mean the organs of the brain as influenced by the thoughts of the mind; for I will tell you what you may not know, that these component organs of the brain are not always and under all conditions receptive of the same control by the minds of spirits. You may receive through your brain a long and profound message of things pertaining to what you may call the material, and yet under similar conditions of these organs, not be able to receive messages of the higher truths; and the conditions of these brain organs are caused by the condition of the soul in the possession of things spiritual.

It is difficult for me to express just what I intend to convey but this you will understand, that upon the development and possession by the soul of things spiritual, depends the capacity of the human brain to receive the various kinds of messages. A medium who is merely intellectual and morally good cannot receive those messages of the highest truths, because there can be no rapport between the brain of such a medium and the mind of the higher spirit who may desire to communicate. And, thus, you will understand why it is that the messages from the earth-bound spirits or from those who have merely the intellectual development, are so vastly more frequently received by mediums than messages from spirits of the soul development.

A spiritual thought - I mean a thought which can come only from a spirit who has the development of the soul that makes that soul Divine - cannot possibly pass through a human brain which has never been developed by a soul in which the Divine Love has entered and worked its regenerating powers. Things of the material may be conveyed through a brain purely material, things moral through a brain which has been influenced by moral truths, and things spiritual through a brain which has assimilated those truths that come only with the development of the Soul by Love. This is the Law of Rapport and Communication.

Well, I will not write more now. But in closing urge you to have faith in us, and let your worries leave you, and pray more to the Father. Goodbye.

Your brother in Christ,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mary Kennedy Writes of the Great Gift that Her Soulmate, Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Will Receive

October 16, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Well, I am here and, of course, he knows it; and if he says he does not, he is either telling an untruth or is asleep, and I don't believe that he is either. Yes, I am here and am glad that I can write once more even only a few words.

I am, of course, very happy and have enjoyed the evening listening to your conversation, and especially that part of it when you conversed about the great gift that my soulmate will receive and exercise. I have known this for some time, but was not permitted to disclose the fact, and now that Helen has told him, I am all anxiety to repeat it.

Oh, how glad I am that he has been selected for this work, for two reasons: one, that he will be doing the will of the Father; and the other, that when his soul gets in that condition that will enable him to exercise this great power, I know that his development will be such that he and I will be very close together in our oneness, and that we will not have to be separated so very long after he comes to me. What a wonderful blessing this is, and how I thank the Father that He has bestowed this possibility upon my dear one.

I will not write more now as Helen says that you have written enough for tonight.

So with my love, I will say good night,
Mary Kennedy

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

George Whitefield Writes the Great World Teacher Will be the Master Again Come to Earth in the Form of His Divine Revelations

October 11, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a line or two. I have been present with you since you returned from the church and have listened to your conversation. I was with you tonight at the prayer meeting and heard what the preacher (Dr. Gordon) said, and was particularly interested in his ideas about the coming of the great world teacher, and saw that his idea of what constituted greatness in this particular arose from his estimate of human greatness.

The teacher will not be a great preacher, or a magnificent specimen of physical development, or a man with a wonderful voice, but a man who can reveal to the world the Truths of the Father regarding the relationship of man to the Father and the plan provided for the redemption and reconciliation of man to the Father.

It is a fact, and I know whereof I write, that the regeneration of the human soul is caused more by the quiet meditations of mortals of the truths of the Father and by the silent longings of the soul than by the emotions that arise from the fervid and persuasive sermons of the preachers and evangelists. These latter may arouse the dead souls to a realization of their need of a reconciliation to God, but not so often do these emotions bring the soul into rapport or unison with the Father, as do the silent meditations of which I speak.

There must be the true soul longings and aspirations for this Love of the Father, and in such cases these longings do not arise from the emotions produced, as I have mentioned, and especially where such emotions are the results of fear created by the picturing of an angry and revengeful God.

No, in the silence of the home chamber, where the mortal is, as it were, alone with God and lets his longings go to the Father for the bestowal of His Love. Because of the love that the mortal may have for the Father, does this Divine Love come in response and regenerating power. Only the mortal and God need be alone.

Excitement or the magnetism, which the preacher may give to the mortal, does not create the true longings or aspirations, and for the preacher to suppose that the great world teacher must be a man with this great personal magnetism or with a voice that can cause the feelings of the mortal to vibrate with emotion or excitement, is a mistake. Jesus when on earth, I am told, never tried to create emotion or excitement in this manner, but his teachings were as the still small voice that enters the soul and draws it to a contemplation of the Father's Love in all the power of a soul's longings - hungry and craving.

So I say, the preacher's conception of this teacher was not a true one, and besides, while there will be a revelation of the truth, there will be no world teacher, but only a revealer of truths that will be disclosed. The Master, himself, will be the great teacher come again to earth in the form of his Revelations.

I wish that I could come and proclaim these truths, but I cannot, and only through the instrumentality of a human can my thoughts be made known, and they will not be my thoughts either, any more than will they be the thoughts of the mortal, because what I may attempt to impress upon the minds and consciousness of men will be only those truths that I have learned from the same source as will come the Revelations.

Of course, these truths will have to be preached and taught to men, but this will not be done by any great teacher, but by many preachers who shall learn the truth from what the Master shall disclose; and no man of himself will be able to claim to be the great teacher. The greatest will be those who shall have the most of the Divine Love in their souls and the greatest knowledge of the truths.

I also heard the preacher say that he would believe in any truths that might be confirmed by miracles, such as were performed in the time of Jesus - the instantaneous healing, etc. Well, you need not be surprised of such a demonstration, for it will surely take place. When a man shall receive in his soul sufficient amount of the Divine Love, there will come with it to that man a power and knowledge of the laws governing the relation of spirit to material organism that will enable that man to perform these same acts that are called miracles; and further, there will be some who will have that power and will demonstrate the same in confirmation of the truths that you are receiving.

The spirits who are now working to make known to man and convince them of these truths have determined that such so-called miracles shall take place in confirmation of the New Revealment. The Master is the leader in the movement and he will not cease to bring about this great demonstration, or rather not cease to work to this end, and he will not fail, if the human agents will follow his leading.

Well, I must not write more tonight, but as I am interested in this great work and saw that the preacher's conception of this great world teacher is incorrect, I deemed it wise to write you as I have; and what I have written is not the result of my individual belief or opinion, but the result of what these high spirits have determined shall come to pass; and back of it all is the will and help of the Father, for in His Love and Mercy He desires to see all men become His true children and redeemed from the sins and evils of their present human condition.

So with my love and as a co-worker, I will say good night and subscribe myself,

Your brother in Christ,
George Whitefield


Helen Padgett comments on message from Whitefield.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I see that you have had a very happy evening and it is not to be wondered at, for there were many spirits present filled with the Love of the Father and throwing around you their influence. Whitefield also wrote you and he was very much in earnest in what he wrote, and what he said is true, and you can place the utmost confidence in the truth of what he wrote you.

As he said, we all say, the only great world teacher will be the Master, and his teachings will be through the messages that you receive. There will be a great responsibility in disseminating these truths and, thus, making known to the world not only the truth but the identity of the Great Teacher. It is not reasonable for men to believe that any mere man can possibly be such a teacher as the preacher referred to, for only he who has the truth can teach the same, and no man in all the world has this truth and will not have it, except as he may learn the same from the Revelations of the Master.

I know that it is difficult for you to believe that this can possibly be, but it is not the miracle, as you call it, for that is the transformation of the human soul into the Divine Soul, which is the result of the Power of the Holy Spirit in its operations. No, the miracle, the great miracle is the changing of the human into the Divine.

Good night my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mary Kennedy Writes that the Earth, Stars and Suns May Pass Away, but a Spark of Soulmate Love Will Never Cease to Exist

October 11, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy.

I wish to write a few lines as I am so anxious to once more come into conscious communion with my soulmate. I heard you read the letter from Helen in reference to your dream, and I want to tell my dear one that what she said as to the soulmate love between you and her applies equally to that love which is existing between Leslie and myself. I am so happy that he understands this, for such knowledge is one that must create a happiness on his part that so very few of the human race understand or have the privilege of enjoying.

Yes, our love is one that can never be taken from us, and in all the great eternity it can never change, except to increase in intensity and beauty. Oh, I am so happy when I think that I have a soulmate on earth who knows that he has a soulmate in the spirit world, and that he is trying to develop his soul so that when he comes to me our separation will not continue very long. I am praying all the time that the Great Love of the Father may fill his soul so that it may become more and more in unison with mine and he realize, even while he is on earth, that it is possible to approach closer and closer to my condition of development. When he believes this, as I know he does, he is not dreaming but is believing an actual truth that nothing in all God's universe can change, and only he himself can postpone its fulfillment.

Isn't it all wonderful that our Father should have made such provisions for poor little insignificant mortals, when all around are the wonderful manifestations of His power and greatness! But while we are small and many, yet to the Father our happiness is the greatest care that there is in all His creation. The earth and the stars and suns may pass away and cease to exist, but that one little spark of soulmate love will never cease to exist, no not through all eternity; and we, who have this love when joined in unity, will live and know that as to it, the decree of the Father is that it shall never die, but in all the long ages grow brighter and deeper and more like the Love of the Father.

I am happier tonight than I can tell you of, and my love for Leslie is greater than ever before and growing all the time, and with this knowledge there comes to me the consciousness that his love is becoming mine to a greater degree than ever before. Then why shouldn't we, as a mere personal matter, thank and praise the Father for His goodness and loving provisions, which we have been so specially privileged in receiving - and not only receiving - but knowingly!

I feel tonight that I could write him many pages on this subject, but I must not consume too much of your time. So let me say just one word more; whether he is sleeping or awake, I am with him in my love and enjoying every thought that he sends to me, and only crave that his thoughts of me become more frequent and his desire to have me with him increase and never cease. This may seem selfish, but when you consider that there is none other who can give me this love, and none other who has the love which is a part of me, and which only, outside the Father's Love, can make me so supremely happy, you will not think me selfish.

Well, I must stop for tonight. But I will be with him and go home with him and remain with him until he goes to sleep; and sometime in the near future, I hope that I may have him come to me again in his spirit as he did before, when we enjoyed an hour of such great happiness and joy. Thanking you and with my love to him, I will say good night,


Sunday, April 20, 2014

John G. Carlisle Writes that He Has Received Divine Love and is Now in Considerable Light

September 29, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John G. Carlisle.

Well my friend, I have not written you for some time, not because I did not desire to do so, but because I have not had the opportunity; for I have been present many times when other spirits were here writing you. I have also been present when you and your friends have talked about spiritual things and have listened with very close attention and have derived much benefit from thinking of what you have declared to be the truths of the Spiritual Kingdom.

As a consequence, I have progressed very much and am now in considerable light and have received into my soul sufficient of this Love that you talk of to be convinced that it is a wonderful redeeming influence from the darkness and suffering that I - and spirits like me - found ourselves in when we came to the spirit world. I know that prayer is a thing that brings its response, and I am praying with all my soul, but it is hard to make a complete surrender of my beliefs and to forget the deeds of my life that cling to me with such very great tenacity.

While as you have said in your conversations, and as some of the bright spirits tell me, the true longings of the soul will bring to my soul this Love, yet I find it difficult to get these longings so that they are not mingled with the thoughts of earthly things that came with me when I became a spirit. As you know, when on earth I accumulated in my memory a large and varied amount of evil and sin, and when I became a spirit, I found it very natural that these memories should be with me and control my thoughts and desires as they did on earth. In fact, they seemed to get rid of some member of my body without injuring the body.

So you will see, it is not so easy to have these longings that I speak of, and even if a spirit makes up his mind and will to have the longings, he cannot always succeed. This has been my experience, and I have suffered so very much in consequence of this inability to direct my will to these longings. Intellectually I understand that this is necessary and that the longings, when earnestly possessed, will bring relief and surcease from these sufferings, but this intellectual knowledge, I find is not sufficient. The knowledge does not bring the power to will, and the will is controlled by appetites and desires. I know that I must try to control these appetites and desires, but oh, how hard is the task!

It is very foolish for men to suppose that they can cultivate and exercise these desires and appetites until a time convenient to them, and then by the mere wish control these desires and have these longings and aspirations come to them so that the help that comes in response to prayer will be theirs. No, they will find themselves greatly disappointed, for they will realize that these desires and the results of their indulgences will bind them in bands of iron, that a mere intellectual attempt to sever will not prove efficacious.

The spirits who all have this Love, of which they tell me, teach me that this Love is sufficient to bring happiness to me, and that it will come in response to earnest prayer, but they do not tell me that by the sudden exercise of my will, I can obtain these true longings, and if they should so teach, I could hardly believe them, for I have had such a will and have attempted to pray, and as I think wanted to be in all earnestness, but still the longings would not come free from the memories of my sinful life on earth; and I find that I have to continue to pray in order to progress the little that I have progressed.

I have no doubt that the Love is waiting for me and that I will be enabled to obtain it by the proper condition of my longings, but the trouble is to get the proper longings. It is not so easy to get rid of the effects of evil deeds and evil thoughts on earth, and the mere praying with the mind will not help except such prayers become merged into the prayers of true longings.

Well, I realize all this in my own experience, and I am praying and longing, and sometimes I feel the true longings, and then comes the response and I progress just that much. I mean in proportion to the strength of these true longings.

When men believe that by merely saying that they believe on Jesus Christ or by asking forgiveness of the priests and when absolved believe that they have done all that is necessary, they are mistaken, and if they rest in that contentment, they will find themselves as I was when they come to spirit life. No belief of this kind, or absolution by the priests, will put them in such condition of memory or soul as will enable them to have these longings of which I speak.

You may think that I am quite a preacher, but I am very ignorant of the bulk of the spiritual truth and what I have said is the result of my own experience. Well, I will not write more now, except to thank you and your friends for the opportunities that I have enjoyed in listening to your conversation on spiritual matters. I will not cease to come to you even though I may not be able to write. So with my love and hope that you will pray for me, I am

Your friend and well-wisher. Good night.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

John the Baptist Advises James Padgett on How to Get Into a Better Condition to Receive Messages from the Higher Spirits

September 27, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John the Baptist.

I merely wish to say that your condition tonight is not such as to permit the high spirits to communicate to you the important spiritual truth,s which they are waiting to write, and that you will receive communications from your friends of the spirit world upon matters more personal.

We have so many messages to communicate that we find the time is hardly long enough in which to do so, and we earnestly hope that you will soon get in condition to receive our messages. Let your mind turn more to the truths, which have been revealed to you and to the Love of the Father, and you will soon find yourself in a better condition. So wishing that you will take my advice, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
John the Baptist

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jesus Writes to James Padgett About the Importance of the Work: "While you are in the world, you must not be of the world"

September 17, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come as I promised and desire to write on a subject that requires that I should have absolute control of your brain and hand; and tonight I see that you are not just in the condition necessary. So I will not write on the subject, as I intended, but will postpone the same until later. But I will say a few words that may be of interest to you and your friend, whose conversation tonight I listened to and saw what was in both your minds and hearts.

I realize that you both appreciate the importance of the work that is set before you, and that you have arrived at that condition of faith which causes you to forego all interest in material things so far as they may benefit you personally; and it is well that you are in this state of feeling and appreciation of the work, for this work is of such an exclusive nature that in order to be performed in the way that we desire and which is necessary that the truths which you receive shall be given to the world, all thoughts of the things that ordinarily belong to the mere human being must be eliminated and turned aside.

These truths, while when understood and applied by the individual, will not render that individual less qualified to perform the duties of life, but on the contrary will increase these qualifications and must be so taught, yet in the case of you who are to make and teach these truths, your interest in the world must be forgotten or submerged in these higher interests. In other words, while you are in the world you must not be of the world, as I taught my disciples when on earth.

Of course, while you are mortals, you will have to have these things that are necessary to sustain life and health and comfort, and your work does not require that you shall make sacrifices of these things, but that you shall have the comforts that are necessary to your enjoying the merely physical life, and this you must understand.

As you have said, the work will be hard and the difficulties that you shall encounter will be great, but you will be able to do the work and overcome the difficulties; for I desire to tell you here that never in all the history of mankind has any work had behind it the power and influence of the high spirits of the spirit world as your work will have, and your faith must be such that no possibility of failure will be permitted to enter into your conception of success.

The world is now ready for those truths, for men's souls have been and will be more opened to the possibility and necessity of seeking for and obtaining things spiritual than ever before, and mankind will - and now does - realize that man himself, notwithstanding the teachings of some of the writers that man is of the divine and of himself capable of self-regeneration, is not able to become brothers in truth and reality, and that the brotherhood of man is a mere dream when based upon the power of man because of any qualities of goodness or of the divine that he may be supposed to possess.

Time is passing and the great conflict that has deluged the mortal world with bloodshed and hatred and vengeance will soon come to an end, and men will wander in confusion and seek that which may bring them into unison and brotherly kindness, and also into a greater knowledge of the world unknown to them - the hereafter. Faith will fail to satisfy and their souls will long for the spiritual food that will have in it the qualities of certainty and knowledge.

They will think in their hearts, and in many instances declare, that the Christian faith as has been taught them by the churches does not satisfy, and the creeds and dogmas of the churches have been failures, and will cry out for something that will fill their souls with spiritual food of truth and salvation. So we must work and be prepared to give to mankind the truth and this food - a knowledge of the only way to the Father's Love, and of what the possession of this Love in the souls of men will mean to them.

I feel that you are both in earnest in your desire to do the work and that all opportunities will be embraced, and that when you are free to give your whole time to the work, you will permit nothing to intervene. And this you will do for the good of humanity without thought of reward, and such should be your desires. But nevertheless, your reward will be great, not in the way of an independent payment, but as an acquisition necessarily growing out of the very nature of the work that you will do; for as you help others to learn the truth and gain the possession of this Great Love of the Father, your own souls will obtain more of the Love, and with that increased possession will come increased happiness and a closer at-onement with the Father; and this, of course, means rewards beyond all conception of mortals or spirits who have not arrived at the degree of possession of this Love that will be yours.

So, as I said in the beginning, first place yourselves in that condition which will enable you to free yourself from all worldly cares, and consecrate your body, mind and soul to this great work; and then what follows will be without interference of worldly things.

I am glad that I could write you in this way tonight, for I know it will assist you in pursuing the best way to accomplish the mission that has been given you and which at this time no other can take from you. You have been selected for the work and we feel that no mistake has been made. So, believe in us and pray to the Father with all the earnestness of your souls and you will find that which we have told you to be the greatest thing in all the universe: the Divine Love and nature and Immortality of the Father.

I will not write more tonight, and with my love and the blessings of the Father will say good night.

Your brother and friend,


Helen Confirmation that Jesus Wrote

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, the Master has written you an important message and I know it will help you in your conception of what and how you shall work. He was in great earnestness when he wrote, and we all felt that he was speaking with authority and knowledge that only he possesses. So keep in mind what he has said and try to follow his instructions. So, good night.

Your own true and loving

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sam Ford Writes that Spirits Are Taught the Truths Only as They Progress

August 28, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here and want to say a word to my friend, as I have not written for a long time.

I heard what was said in reference to protection being afforded Mr. (Eugene) Morgan when the broker calls upon him to write, and I desire to say that I will be present, and the priests will not have any opportunity to interfere, because I am stronger than any of these fellows of the popes and will not hesitate to use my power. Not that I do not want them to receive the benefit that so many of them have received in their communications with Mr. Morgan, but I realize the importance of what you are attempting to do, and the priests will have to wait a while in order to make their assaults.

I am progressing, and it seems to me that I am a different spirit altogether from what I was when I first came in contact consciously with you and had my eyes and soul opened to the truth. I cannot tell you how much I am benefited by the messages I hear you read and discuss with your friends, and also by the explanation of the truth that Mr. Morgan so often gives to the spirits who come to dissuade him from doing his work.

It may seem strange to you that we are benefited by what you mortals may say as to the truths of the spirit world, and you may naturally suppose that we, being here in the spirit world, would more easily learn these truths from the higher spirits than learn the same from you; but the fact is that these higher spirits do not often come into our plane and disclose these truths, except when they come and communicate with you. Of course, we have spirits here who teach us truths, but these truths are not of so comprehensive a nature as what you receive. We are taught only as we progress and are fitted to receive the next lesson in advance, as you might say. This may not appeal to your reasoning in such matters, but it is a truth.

You are having revealed to you a wonderful plan of God for the salvation of man and to be taught to men whether their conditions are such as to enable them to fully grasp the great significance of the truths or not. We are taught that plan only as we progress, and that truth or part of the truth is sufficient for us as we are at the time capable of applying or making it our own.

I merely thought that you would like to know just what the truth is in reference to our being taught and the manner in which we are taught by these spirits, whose work it is to open up to us the truths that may be embraced by us. So you see, we can learn of things by listening to your messages and the instructions that you and your friend and my friend may give us, where we cannot learn from our spirit teachers.

I am with him a great deal and am his friend and protector so far as in my power, as I promised to be. I could not be otherwise, and he must not forget that among all the spirits here who love him, he has no more devoted friend than

Sam Ford

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother of Rev. Mitchell Writes that Her Son Preached of the Divine Love of the Father and the Work of the Holy Spirit

July 29, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mrs. Mitchell.

Let me say only a word. I was present at church this morning and heard my son's sermon and was so happy that he preached of the Divine Love of the Father and the work of the Holy Spirit. It made me think that the Truths of God's Love and man's redemption are becoming a part of his soul's knowledge.

There were many spirits present and many were affected by the sermon and turned their thoughts to this Love of the Father that had never before been preached to them.

I have great hope that my son will receive the truths that have been revealed to you in their fullness, and thereby receive to a greater degree of this transformation of his soul into the very Essence of the Father. I thank you for your kindness and will not write more. So with my love I will say good night.

Your sister in Christ,
Mother of Rev. Mitchell, Methodist


Helen confirms that the preacher's Mother was very happy because her son will put away his dogmatic beliefs.

I am here, your own true and loving, Helen.

Well dear, you have received a message from the preacher's mother (Mrs. Mitchell) who was so anxious to write. She is very happy and believes that her son will have an awakening to the truth and put aside his dogmatic beliefs.

I was with you at church and was very happy, because I saw that you were happy. The Master was there as you realized in all his love and soothing influence and was pleased that the preacher delivered the sermon as he did. Many of the audience were affected by what was said and their souls responded to the truths told them by the preacher, and they experienced a feeling of Love that made them happy.

I see that you are sleepy and I will not write more. Only continue to think of these spiritual things and pray to the Father, and you will find the Love increasing more and more in your soul. So love me and believe that I love you. Good night, my dear one.

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Luke Writes on the Subject of the Devolution and Evolution of Man

July 22, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke, writer of the third gospel that was. Well, I desire to write a few lines on the subject contained in the book, which you were reading tonight. I mean the book dealing with the creation and fall of man.

Well, the man who wrote the book is endeavoring to reconcile the Bible doctrine of the creation and fall of man with the scientists' doctrine of evolution, and to show that these two views of the subject are not antagonistic, and if properly understood may be used, one to support the other. But in this, he has not succeeded, nor can he for this reason, if there were no others, that man did not evolve from the beast or lower animal, but was always man, the creature of God, perfect in his creation and wholly natural.

There was nothing of the supernatural about him and he never possessed any nature of the superman from, which he fell at the time of his disobedience. He has never been anything more or less than the perfect creation of his Maker, although he has degenerated in his qualities and in the exercise of his will.

Evolution, or the doctrine of evolution, has its limitations and its founder, or those who follow him either wholly or in a modified way, are not able to retrace this doctrine to the fall of man and, hence, when they attempt to pass beyond that stage when man seemed to have been very degenerate and a product of the animal progenitors, they get into the field of speculation and knowledge ceases to exist.

Man was not created with any of the Divine qualities, as the writer seems to think, but was made the merely natural man that you see now, without the defilement of his soul qualities which involves only the elimination of those things from his soul that cause the departure from the condition of his creation. That is, when he was created he was in perfect harmony with the will of God and His laws and when he shall be restored to that harmony of unity with these laws, he will then be in what was his before the fall.

So the idea put forward by the author that man was created with something of the Divine in him, which took him out from a kind of physical condition of imperfection, and that when he lost these Divine qualities, he fell into that imperfect condition, is all wrong. The great truth connected with man's creation is that man was created perfect; that as regards his order of creation or the qualities of his moral and physical nature. there could be no progress, for the next step in progression would be the divine.

Thus, you will see that he was so wonderfully and perfectly made, that he was only a little lower than the angels, and by angels I mean the souls of men which have ceased to be incarnate and have partaken of the Divine Love and become a part of the Father in His Divinity of Love - not the mere souls in the spirit world which have only the development of their moral qualities, because these, whenever they have become purified and in harmony with the laws and will of God, are only men perfected in their natures and organisms as they were at the time of man's creation.

I say, the perfect man possesses those qualities and attributes that were his at the time of his creation, and he cannot progress or become greater or other than he was at the time of such creation. He was made perfect as a creation, and beyond the perfect there can be nothing greater evolved from the qualities and faculties, one and all, that made him perfect. And to progress, there must come into his nature from without - the Divine Love - that which will add to these qualities and faculties, which you may understand is no part or method of evolution.

When the first parents fell, they lost that which destroyed the harmony of their existence with the Laws of God, and also were deprived of the great potentiality of becoming Divine in their natures of Love and Immortality, like unto the Father - but as mere created men, they fell from perfection and not from divinity. Nor were they by that fall deprived of the possibility of living forever in the physical bodies, because those bodies were made only for the purpose of enabling the souls to individualize themselves and thereafter die and become dissolved into their derivative elements.

The physical body was never created to live forever, and men were never created to live on earth forever, for a greater and larger world was provided for their eternal habitation, where things are real and only the spiritual exist. The earth is a mere image of the realities of the spirit world and exists only as the nursery for the individualizing of the soul. That you may not misconceive my meaning, remember the soul is the man - the ego - and that when man fell, it was not the physical part of man that fell, except as it was influenced by the soul, but it was the soul that fell; and the sentence of death was not pronounced upon the physical, but upon the soul potentialities and, hence, you may see that when man shall again become the perfect man, it will not be necessary that the physical body be restored.

Even if it were not contrary to the physical laws of the universe or to speak more correctly to the laws controlling the material part of the universe that the material body of man be resurrected and again be housed in the soul, it would not be necessary - for the soul has its spirit body, which manifests its individuality. There is no necessity for the resurrection of the physical body, and there will be no such resurrection, for God never does a useless thing.

As I say, man has never ceased to be the man of God's creation, although he has become degenerate and defiled, and at one time in the history of his existence devolved to that degree where, save for the essential qualities of his creation, he appeared to be lower than the brutes; but he was always the man of God's creation and never an animal of the lower order.

The scientists in their geological search and research and in their finds of fossils and traces of ancient man, and in their biological theories, conclude that man was of a lower degree of intelligence and manner of living, and they may be justified in so concluding, and also that he has gradually evolved from that condition and state and draw apparent correct theories therefrom, yet when they attempt to go further, they enter only into the realm of speculation and become lost in the darkness of mystery. They can rightly acclaim the evolution of man from where they lose him in their retracing of that evolution, but can know nothing of his devolution anterior to that time; and, hence, their speculations are without foundation of substance.

No, man has not evolved from the lower animal, but only from himself when he reached the bottom of his fall. In this particular, the history and experience of man is this: he was created perfect; he sinned; he fell from the condition of his created state.

His condition at the bottom of his fall was inferior in some phases to the brute animal. After long centuries, he commenced to rise from his base condition and had made progress when the scientists by their discoveries found evidence of his then condition, and since then he has been the subject of their "evolution." But the scientists and all mankind must know that all during these centuries of descent and ascent, man was always man, the greatest creation of God, and the most fallen.

Well, I have written enough for tonight, but as I was with you to-day as you were reading and saw the misconceptions of the writer of the book, as well as those of the scientists to whom he referred, I thought it advisable to write the few incompleted truths about the subject. I will soon come and write. So with my love and blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, April 14, 2014

John Writes that Only Soul Can Call to Soul and Divine Love Responds Only When Such Soul Calls

July 11, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here. St. John.

I heard your prayer and know that this Love is flowing into your soul and that now you have a great abundance of its possession of which you are conscious. It will never fail you when you pray in earnestness and with the real longings for its coming. It is always ready to respond to your aspirations and to make you feel its presence and the happiness that comes with it.

I, as you know, am your special friend in my work of helping to develop your soul, and whenever you pray to the Father as you have just prayed, I come to you with my love and influence to help open up your soul to the inflowing of this Love. Have faith and you will have the certainty of the presence of the Love, and that it is yours seeking to come into your soul in greater and more abundance.

You are blessed in that you have the knowledge of the existence of this Love, and that it may be yours if you so will it to be and pray with the true longings of your soul's desires. You cannot doubt the truth of what I write - for as in the ordinary things of life - there is nothing so convincing as personal experience, and your experience is such that there has been no room for doubt.

So if you would keep the consciousness of the presence of this Love continually alive, pray and pray whenever the opportunity presents itself, and by this I don't mean that you shall wait for a time when you are not engaged in your business affairs, but at moments when the mind may be free, even if only for a moment, from these business affairs. The longings, if exercised only for a moment, will bring their results; for God's ear is always open and ready to cause the responses to such longings.

One moment of true soul felt longings is more effective than hours of prayer where these longings are not present. The prayers of the lip or of habit rises no higher than the escaping breath and does not cause the Love to respond and flow into the soul. Remember this, and then realize how futile are all the prayers of preachers and ostensible worshipers when the soul's longings and desires are not present.

Only soul can call to soul, and Love responds only when such soul calls. The mere desires of the mind, if I may so express my meaning, do not in the least affect the soul, and as mind can operate only on mind, there cannot possibly be any activity of the soul's faculties, when only mind is in operation. Hence, you will see, that all the worship that comes merely from the mind will not effectuate the working of the Love or bring into operation the [Holy] Spirit's work.

I write this to further encourage you and, also, to make plain the necessity for the true prayer.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jesus Writes on the Result of Obtaining the Divine Love in Removing Worry

July 9, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, my brother, I see that you are much better than you have been for some days past, and that you have prayed more to the Father for the inflowing of His Love and, as a consequence, have more of it in your soul and are in a better condition spiritually and physically. I should like to finish my message on God tonight, but I do not think that you are in just the condition necessary to enable you to receive it, and I think it desirable to postpone it for a while longer.

You must surely realize the effect of prayer to a greater extent than ever, because if you had not prayed as you have been doing for the past few days, you would have found yourself in a great degree of despondency, as the same cause for creating this despondency exists now as it existed several days ago when you were so depressed and worried. Prayer is a wonderful help when offered with the true longings of the soul and will always find a response, and the benefit will not be merely spiritual but, as you may say, material as well.

Of course, prayer does not remove the cause of worry and thus relieve the mortal from worry, but it operates on the mortal's consciousness in such a way as to remove the effect of this cause of worry on the feelings and mental conditions of the mortal, and in this way is the mortal benefited and his prayers responded to. He, as it were, becomes a new man and ceases to look upon these causes in the same light that he did before the prayers commenced to bring their responses. And he in his real self, is a different man from what he was when in the condition that existed before he prayed.

I am so very glad that you prayed and let your longings go out to the Father, and tried to have faith in us to help you. We are helping you, and you will soon realize the result of our work in securing those things that you desire and consider necessary to enable you to get rid of your worries and perform our work. Continue to pray and to have faith in us, and you will not be disappointed in what we promise, for our promises will be fulfilled in a very short time.

I have many messages yet to write, and so desire that you get in condition to receive them properly; and besides myself, there are many other spirits who want to write upon these truths, that are so important that the world should know. So if you continue to pursue the course that you followed today, you will find a wonderful improvement in your condition of soul and mind and spirit qualities, and we will be able to form the required rapport that is necessary to our properly communicating.

I will not write more tonight. But in closing, I advise that you continue to pray with all the longings of your soul, and to believe with all the strength of your mind and you will develop to a surprising degree in your soul qualities and perceptions and also in your physical condition and mental strength. I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,


Helen comments on prayer to remove worry.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Yes, it is Helen, and I will write only a few lines as I see that you are feeling so much better physically and spiritually, and I think it best that you go to bed early tonight. I am so glad that you do not feel so worried as you did, and also, that you can understand that prayer helps so much to get rid of the worries while it may not remove the immediate cause thereof; but as you are helped, you are strengthened and the better fitted to deal with the causes and overcome them.

So my own dear Ned continue to pray and try to have faith in us, and you will realize so wonderfully the response to your prayers, and the fulfillment of your hopes and freedom from your causes of worry. Good night.

Your own true and loving,


Saturday, April 12, 2014

John Writes that James Padgett Did Not Learn Any Truth From the Spiritualist Preacher

July 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

Well, I was with you tonight and you did not learn any truth from the preacher's (Terry) discourse that is vital to the salvation of men. He does not know the truth and, consequently, cannot teach others. You could readily see his want of knowledge when he declared that Jesus was not different from the other teachers, to whom he referred, or did not teach any truths that they did not teach. No, I am sorry to say, he does not know the truth, and his opportunity is so great to teach the truth for the majority of his hearers do not believe in the orthodox creeds, and their minds are open to a reception of the truth.

His conception of the relationship of man to God and of man's own constitution as regards spiritual things are all wrong, and he will not be able to learn the truth from the investigation of Spiritualism as he is now studying it, for all he knows is that men - when they become spirits - continue to live and have the power of communicating with mortals, and also that spirits are all happy or very shortly after their entrance into the spirit world may become so by their own exertions by the development of the "divine spark," as he calls it that exists in all men's souls.

He may learn the truth before he comes to the spirit world, and he may not; for there is no way other than through the information contained in your writings by which he can learn these truths. His advising his hearers to pursue the course of conduct that the moral teachings of the great teachers of light, as he denominates them, show to men will not give them the truth and the light and the liberty of which he so loudly discoursed.

There were many spirits present and some of them communicated to their friends, as the preacher told them, for he is a psychic and has the gift of clairaudience and also of clairvoyance to some degree, but he also is a man of quick perception and readily grasps the conditions of the mind and desires of those who are so anxious to hear from their departed friends, and sometimes he uses the information which he gathers by the exercise of his quick wit to describe to the people the presence of those in the spirit life that they are anticipating will make their presence known by communicating. But aside from this, he receives many messages from the spirits and he tries honestly to deliver them to the hearers for whom they are intended.

Now, while all this is true and affords consolation to many of these anxious ones, yet the meetings do you no good as we have told you, for the influences of the spirits who attend these meetings are not helpful to the development of your soul qualities, and it is not desirable that you come in contact with these spirits who always try to make a rapport whenever the opportunity occurs.

There were also some spirits of the higher order present, who were interested in their relatives and friends, and tried to get in rapport with these persons for the purpose of helping them; but generally their efforts were not very successful as the conditions prevailing did not enhance the probability of making the rapport or permitting the influence to be felt.

Well, I see that you are feeling better tonight and more hopeful and realize the result of the prayers that you offered to the Father and the increase of your faith in us. If you will continue to pray and exercise this faith you will find yourself helped to such an extent that the troubles you have will not worry you very much and in addition, such a condition of mind on your part helps us to more effectively perform our part of the work in bringing to you those things that you so much desire. You may not understand the philosophy of this, but sometime I will come to you and make clear the operation of the laws that are brought into use in bringing these results. Only believe and pray, and you will not be forsaken.

Well, I will not write more, but soon I must come and write a message, and if you improve, I will be able to do so in a very satisfactory way. So try to get in this condition. Remember that I love you and am with you very often, trying to help you spiritually and materially, and that you will be so helped. With my love and blessings I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,


Helen agrees with John that Mr. Padgett was not benefitted by attending meeting

I am here, Helen.

Well dear, I see that you are tired and I will not write much. But I must say that I am so glad that you are feeling better and more hopeful. Keep up your courage and everything will be alright.

I was with you at the meeting, but will not write my impressions now. You were not benefited. Try to have faith and pray, and I believe that tomorrow night you will be in condition to receive my letter that I so much desire to write. Love me and believe that I love you. Good night.

Your own true and loving,

Friday, April 11, 2014

Helen Writes that the Sun Will Shine Again on James Padgett's Material as well as Spiritual Affairs

July 7, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, I am glad that John and your grandmother wrote you as they have tonight for if you will meditate on what they said, you will derive much benefit and realize that your troubles are natural notwithstanding the fact that you are embarrassed by certain material affairs that I know will soon disappear and existed only on things of the past.

I have been so anxious that you get out of the condition of despondency that has been yours for several days past and see only the real condition of your soul qualities. You must not worry about these things for while they are very depressing yet you will be relieved and the sun will shine again. You and Nita will both be provided for and you must not worry.

I should like to write my letter tonight but you are not just in condition to receive it and when I write, I want to do it successfully so that you may get as much happiness out of my love dictations as possible. Keep up your courage and pray. This is the greatest source of help; for when you pray, you bring to you the Father's Love, which is the great thing that mortals not only require but which will make them happier than can anything else make them. I love you with all my heart and soul and so want you to be happy and am doing everything possible to make you so.

So my own dear Ned, think of what I have said and believe. Love me and know that no one in all the universe can love you as I do. Good night and God bless you.

Your own true and loving,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ann Rollins Writes of Her Love and Sympathy for James Padgett's Troubles and Encourages Him to Pray and Have Faith

July 7, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

Well my dear son, it has been some time since I last wrote to you, and I will write a few lines, and although I have not written, I have been with you, loving and sympathizing with you in your troubles and trying to help you.

I am so sorry that you have had the experience of the past few days and know that you have suffered from the same, and that everything has appeared to you very gloomy and disheartening, and that even now you are worrying about the material conditions that surround you and see no hope for the immediate future.

Well, my dear one, what you are experiencing has been the experience of many mortals and will be of many more, for such disappointment belongs to the mortal life. Yet you must remember this that very few mortals have had the loving close influence of high spirits in their troubles that you have had and are now having and have had to have their burdens intensified by the evil influences of spirits of the dark planes. So you see, you have been fortunate in this particular and will be in the future, and you must try to believe in the greater faith that such is your fortunate position.

We all understand what your worries have been and we have tried to help you and to remove the causes, but as we have told you before, we are not omnipotent in these material affairs and cannot absolutely control these things, although we have a greater influence than you can conceive of with mortals as regards their actions as the result of these influences.

I cannot foretell just what will happen or when, but we know the existence of some and the effects, and we try to make conditions that will bring certain effects, and this we have been doing with reference to your material affairs and very soon, I am certain, you will be relieved of your present troubles as John has written you. Pray and have faith in us and you will find your condition of spirit and mind much bettered.

As you know, I love you very much and want you to be happy and free from worries, and if I did not honestly believe that you will soon be, I would not tell you so. You have behind you a wonderful power working for your good, both spiritually and materially, and if you will only follow our advice, you will find yourself much benefitted. No matter how gloomy things may look to you, pray and try to have faith and the gloom will not last or find its lodgment in your mind.

I would like to write you a long letter tonight, but you are not just in condition to receive such a letter. So my dear son, think of what has been written and make the endeavor to let your spiritual condition dominate your feelings and conditions that arise from your depressions and despondency of mind. You can do it, if you will pursue the way suggested to you and happiness will come to you.

I will not write more now but with all my love say pray and believe and trust in what we tell you. May this Love of the Father flow into your heart in greater and greater abundance until all worry shall leave you. Good night.

Your loving grandmother.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

John Writes a Note of Encouragement for James Padgett to Have Faith and Pray More for Divine Love

July 7, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

Well, I come tonight to write a few lines on your condition and suggest a few thoughts to encourage you in your despondency. You have been much depressed in the past few days owing very largely to the fact that you permitted the evil influences to make a rapport with you, which fact is largely due to your not letting the Love enter your soul in such quantities as heretofore, for in your imagining, for such I must call them, you became convinced that your material affairs were such as to afford you no hope of relief from the burdens you felt were resting on you.

Well, you have these burdens and you do not see in what manner you may be able to meet them and find relief and, consequently, you become negligent of the necessity of seeking and praying more for this Love. In other words, the thought came to you that no Love or influence from the higher spirits could enable you to find a way out of your difficulties, and you lost faith in the power of the Love and in us, and the result was that your soul became in such a condition that the evil ones could make their rapport and, thus, increase your feelings of despondency and want of faith.

I know that your disappointment was very real and that you had a difficult task to make yourself believe that we could do you any good or that your condition of soul could determine that another of your problems being relieved from your worries and as may be said, it was natural for you to feel this way, but if you had taken the advice which we have given you more than once and prayed with all the longings of your soul for the help of the Father, you would not have gotten in such a condition of despondency and could not have given way to the temptations of the flesh and let the influences of the evil ones make a rapport with you and suffered the effects of that rapport.

Every time you get in this condition you lose ground in your spiritual development, and also in your state of happiness and the strength of your faith and experience the hopelessness that comes with such a condition. The material things, I know, are of great importance and are necessary, and you must obtain them in order to sustain you in your earth life, and the earthly happiness that comes from the freedom of want and when you could not see where these things were coming from, it was difficult to throw aside the worries that resulted from such a state of anticipated want. But if you had prayed and exercised your faith, such worries would not have dominated you as they did and caused you to ignore the very source from which all things must come.

And I say to you now, that you will not be left alone in these matters for you well realize the things that you desire and need. We are working to bring about the realization of your desires and we will succeed and you will be taken care of.

Yes, I understand, but nevertheless you must try to believe us and endure for a little the disappointment. We cannot accomplish these things at just the time that they may be used but they will be accomplished in such time as will prevent embarrassment.

Yes, I see what your thoughts are and I say to you that you will soon receive what is necessary to relieve you. So have faith in us and pray for the Love in more abundance. Believe that we are with you and will not forsake you and that all will be well. Try to overcome the worries and let them pass from you. I know that this is difficult to do, but you can do it and will feel the good that will come to you by so doing.

I am not the only one who is saying this to you tonight for many of the spirits who are interested in you are present and are trying to help you, even the Master who is so anxious that you find the relief that you so much desire and get in condition to receive these messages. I will not write more and only say pray and believe. Good night,

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mrs. Mitchell Writes of Her Efforts to Influence Her Son in Receiving Divine Love and Prays that He Will Learn of His False Beliefs

July 3, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me say just a word.

I am interested in the message that has just been written you more than you may imagine, for I am the mother of the dear boy whom Paul refers to as the preacher (Dr Mitchell). I know that what Paul has said is true, for during the years that I have been in the spirit world, I have been with my son so very often and, as you may be surprised to know, in contradictory conditions of mind and belief, and also influence that I tried to exercise upon him.

When I lived on earth, I believed as my son now believes. To me Jesus was God and saviour and the redeemer of my soul by his blood and sacrifice and vicarious atonement; and when I first entered the spirit world and for some years thereafter, I believed as I did when on earth and, as a consequence, I visited my son in his study and in the churches as he preached and tried to impress upon him the truth of this belief, and also endeavored to inspire him in his soul as he proclaimed these truths to his hearers.

And I was comparatively happy in these beliefs, and so, as I saw, was my son; and I thought that he was doing a great work for the Master; and I often prayed for him and gave thanks to God, that I had on earth a boy who was doing so great a work for the salvation of men and the glory of the Father.

Now you may wonder that I continued in these beliefs any great while after I entered the spirit world, and infer that I must soon have realized that I was not in the arms of Jesus and singing praises around the throne of God, as our church teachers sometime assured us would be our experience when we passed to spirit life. Well, I will confess that I had that expectation and was disappointed upon arriving in the spirit world to find no arms of Jesus to receive me, and in not going into the presence of the Father. But I loved Jesus and I loved God and had in my soul a great deal of the Divine Love, though then I did not realize just what that Love is and, consequently, after I arrived in the spirit world, I found myself in a beautiful plane of light and love and glorious spirits having homes such as I had not conceived of on earth, even though I had thought of the many mansions that Jesus had spoken of.

And I was happy, very happy, and retained my belief that at the proper time, I would go to where Jesus was sitting on the right of the Father; that there was some reason, personal to me, why I was not admitted into his presence, and that when he saw that I was fitted in my soul, I would be called to him. I continued to believe in this hope and prayed to him and rested in the assurance that he had reconciled God to me, and that there was no doubt that at the proper time, I would realize the expectations of my belief and live with Jesus in his home forever.

Well, I have not time to tell you how I was awakened from these false beliefs and learned the truth; that while Jesus was my savior, yet he was not my God, nor did his sacrifice and vicarious sufferings reconcile the Father to me. I learned what a glorious and loving spirit Jesus is - the Prince of the Celestial Heavens and the most beloved of the Father, yet the humblest; for he is still working among the lowly and contrite to show them the way to the Father and immortality.

I also learned the great and vital truth that only by the New Birth - the flowing of the Divine Love into the soul of a man or spirit - can he become reconciled to the Father and take upon himself a part of that Father's Divinity and inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres, where Jesus is now forming the Kingdom of Heaven in which those only who have taken on the Divine Nature can possibly live. And here let me tell my son, for I know he will rejoice in the fact that I am an inhabitant of that Celestial Kingdom and know that I am immortal, never to die or to lose the Divine Essence that is a part of my soul.

Well, to hurry. When this great knowledge and transformation came to me, I did not cease to be with my son as he worked for the salvation of souls, but continued with him in a Greater Love than I had ever before had and endeavored to impress him and guide his mind in the truth - but oh, how different from heretofore! No more did I rejoice when he preached the sacrifice and blood, but prayed to the Father that my boy might become enlightened in the truth, and that I might be given power to cause him to realize that there was only one way to salvation, and that through the wonderful Divine Love, and not through the blood.

But, alas, I could not reach his mind so that his intellectual beliefs could be changed and a mental knowledge of the truth come to him; but even this I did to some extent, for many times he has had his doubts as to some of the doctrines of his creed or church teachings not knowing that his mother was working with all her love to make these doubts the way to truth.

But these beliefs remained and are his still, and he must not feel hurt at his mother telling him that they are as fragile and of as little tensile strength as the shell of an egg. But this consolation I have, that while I could not work effectively on his mind, I did help his soul to open up to the inflowing of this Great Love, and to become the possessor of a great deal of it; and sometimes this Love dominates his beliefs, and he thinks thoughts and has come to him conceptions of things spiritual that cause him to wonder as to their source.

Well, I have intruded upon you too long already but I love my boy so very much and want him to find the truth as soon as possible and thereby liberate his soul development from the bands that his intellectual beliefs fasten around it.

I am thankful for this opportunity to communicate to him and let him know, not only what his mother now knows as facts, but that his mother is with him very often, praying with and for him, and casting around him her Mother's Love, which has been made so much sweeter and purer by that other Love, which she now possesses so abundantly.

I would like to write further, but I must not, and when I tell you that for a long time I have been waiting for this opportunity to tell my boy all that I have told him. You, I know, will pardon my long writing. With my love to him and the blessings of the Father, I will say good night,

His mother, Mrs. Mitchell

Monday, April 7, 2014

Paul Writes About the Methodist Preacher Who Has Divine Love and Encourages Mr. Padgett to Tell Him the Truths of God and Salvation

July 3, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Paul.

Let me write a few lines, as I desire to say a word about the condition of the man to whom you were talking a short time ago on matters connected with your work and the messages that you are receiving. I mean the Methodist preacher. (Dr. Mitchell)

As you may judge from his conversation, his mind is open to the reception of the truth, and his beliefs in the dogmas of the Bible teachings are not such as to cause him to be unduly biased, so that if the truth be presented to him with any degree of reasonable force, he will give consideration to the same. Of course, he is an orthodox in the way of believing in the plan of salvation provided by God, as recognized and enunciated by the creeds of the churches, and to him Jesus is God, and his sacrifice and vicarious atonement are truths vital to the salvation of mankind; and that the man who does not believe in these necessary prerequisites cannot possibly become reconciled to God or be at-one with Him. To him, Jesus is God, and the only saviour of men, and without Him (Jesus in this sense) it is not possible for man to escape the great condemnation.

Now, while all this is true as regards the preacher's belief, yet he does not believe positively that the man who dies in his sins, as the churchmen term it, will be condemned to a separation from God for all eternity. His belief on this question is not fixed, and his love for mankind creates in him a hope that this may not be so, and that some means will be provided by which such an awful condemnation will not be imposed on men.

He has in his soul much of the Divine Love, without having the consciousness that this is a separate and distinct Love from the natural love that has been to some extent purified. In fact, he has no conception of any Love of God other than the love that was given to men at the time of the creation of the first parents, and which every human being born since that time has received, although it has become defiled by sin and error and the willfulness of man. He believes that man, by the operation of the Holy Spirit, is cleansed of this defilement of the love with which he was endowed, and by the atonement of Jesus is brought into a state of reconciliation with the Father, and no other or different love is necessary for the redemption of the fallen human. That Jesus, by his sacrifice, is all that is required; and when a mortal, by his belief and acceptance of that sacrifice, receives Jesus into his life and nature, he becomes a redeemed child of God.

Of course, he cannot fully understand just the method by which this change is brought about. He believes that there is something mysterious connected with the manner in which the resultant condition of goodness and purification and the change of the vile man into an angel, which flows from the sacrifice and acceptance and belief, yet the man is so changed, and the manner thereof is known to God, and it is not necessary for man to understand. This is a path which does not demand knowledge, a mystery of God which need not be inquired into; only: "Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, and ye shall be saved." I say that this belief is his and is sufficient for him, and in it he rests securely.

Well, he is comparatively happy in his belief and is willing to retain it for, as he sometimes thinks, if he renounces it, where and unto what shall he go? He can see nothing to take its place, and he is wise not to give it up. For in Jesus is salvation, when Jesus is correctly understood; and as the preacher turns his thoughts to Jesus and sends forth his soul's longings to the Master and what he represents, his soul at times catches a true conception of the very Jesus, although this conception does not agree with and is not the same thing as his intellectual comprehension of the Jesus of the Bible as interpreted by the creeds.

I am glad that you had the conversation with him, and I believe that as he listens to the unfoldment of the truths, as contained in the messages, his mind will take on a new and true conception of the truth, and his soul open up to a greater inflowing of the Love that will make him at-one with the Father, and transform that soul into the very substance of the Father's Divinity in Love.

I would advise you to present these truths to him, for he is an important factor in the work of man's salvation, when it is considered that one soul is of more worth than the whole world. He has the opportunity to show the way to salvation to many souls by the preaching of the truth, and any personal sacrifice which may come to him as a result of learning and believing the truths is not to be considered. While his material happiness on earth is to be considered and not thrown away whenever it is possible to retain it in connection with the teachings of the truth, yet his soul's happiness and that of many other souls are of more importance than the mere material happiness that arises from ignorance of the truth, or the living in that ignorance. So I say, let him know the truth no matter what the consequences may be, for in the end happiness will come to him, even on earth, as well as in the great eternity.

I will not write more now. So, with my love, I will say good night, and God bless you and the preacher, for I am interested in him, and in the future may possibly sustain a closer relation to him than is now possible by reason of his false beliefs and the want of the necessary rapport with him.

Your brother in Christ,