Sunday, March 31, 2013

Herod Writes Further On the Description of the Hells

December 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Herod.

Let me write just a line before you close, as I am anxious to tell you of a matter that may be of importance to you in reference to the descriptions of the hells which you received last night from Swedenborg.

He says that the hells are places as well as conditions, and that they have as a part of them certain appearances and surroundings that make the sufferings of the evil spirits increase. Well, this is true, and in addition I wish to say that not only are these appearances and surroundings real and existing to the consciousness of the spirit, but are real as a fact, independent of the consciousness. If there were no spirits in these hells, these appearances and surroundings would exist just the same.

So you see, a great many mortals whom I have heard express their opinions to the effect that hell is a mere condition of the recollections of the spirit, and nothing more, are altogether wrong in such opinions, and they will find that the consolation, if any there be from such opinions, will not be found whenever they may become inhabitants of these hells.

I have passed through all of them, and know whereof I write; for there is no teacher so efficient and convincing as the teacher called experience.
I know that if I had only my recollections and remorse as the cause of my sufferings. they would have been much lighter and not so excruciating as they were. No, mortals will not find any consolation in such a hope, for there is no foundation for such hope, and the poor, deceived mortal who bases his ideas of hell on such a hope will be sadly disappointed. When you consider a moment, you will see that there is nothing unreasonable in the facts that I have stated.

You and all others who believe in the happiness of the higher spiritual spheres, not to mention the Celestial Spheres, believe that the happiness of the spirits who inhabit these spheres is increased and made more real by the beautiful surroundings and the fruits and living water that so many spirits have described as being a part of that higher existence. Then why is it not as reasonable to suppose that in the hells there are surroundings and appearances that will make the conditions of spirits whose evil lives have caused them to become inhabitants of these hells of even more unhappiness and create more suffering and misery. This supposition is one that no reasonable argument can prove to be incorrect.

I merely wanted to add what I have said to what Swedenborg wrote, for I know that conviction must come where statements are based upon actual experiences and where knowledge is derived from sufferings which came from the actual existence of things that are sometimes alleged not to exist.

I will not write more now, but in closing will say that I have long since left these hells and am now an inhabitant of higher spheres and a follower of the blessed Master.

When on earth I was known as Herod the King of Judea, and the poor, miserable, mistaken man who thought that by slaying the babes of Bethlehem, he would maintain his power as ruler.

So good night and God bless you.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mrs. Padgett Confirms Herod's Message   

I am here, Your own true and loving Helen.

Well sweetheart, you have had a letter tonight from a spirit who ought to know what he is writing about, as he was a most wicked man and, as I have been told, suffered the torments of the lowest hells.

But as to you personally, I want to say that it will make no difference to you what the nature of the hells is, or whether there be any or not. You will never see them unless, when you come over, you have a desire to visit them for the purpose of doing good to some poor unfortunate. And I thank God for this assurance and knowledge.

I will not write more tonight.

With all my love, I am your own true and loving

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Swedenborg Writes About the Truth of the Hells and Describes Its Location and Appearance

December 17, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a few lines as I desire to write you some truths about what you and your friend were discussing; namely: "Are there any such hells;" as are described in the messages contained in the book (Dr. Peeble's Immortality) that you have been reading tonight.

Well, you must know that in the spirit planes, hell is a place as well as a condition and that, as a place, it has all the accompaniments that make it a reality to the spirits who inhabit it. Of course, the conditions of the spirits who are in these hells are determined by their recollections worked upon by their consciences. But notwithstanding that these recollections are the things that cause their sufferings, yet, the appearances of the locations in which they live are due to something more than these mere recollections for, as you have been informed, all these spirits are in darkness - the degree of the darkness in which they live being determined by their recollections. I mean that when the spirit has recollections of deeds done or not done, which are not so bad as the recollections of another; the former spirit is in a place where there is less darkness than the latter.

These places have their own fixed condition of darkness and of gloom and many other attachments, which increases the sufferings that spirits have to endure.

There are, of course, no fires and brimstone lakes and devils with pitchforks adding to the sufferings of the spirits, but yet, there are certain conditions and appearances which are outside of the spirits themselves, which causes their recollections to become more acute and to work in a manner to produce a greater degree of suffering.

These hells may be places of caverns and rocks and barren wastes and dark holes and other such things as have been written about; and mortals must know that evil spirits do not live in pleasant places and suffer only from the punishments, which their recollections bring to them.

And while the hells of the orthodox are in their descriptions greatly exaggerated, yet there is some truth in the ideas, which these descriptions convey as to the fact that the hells are places in which are darkness and many accompanying appearances that add to the tortures of the spirits of evil.

I tell you this because I see you want to know the truth, and for the further reason that you do not believe that there are such distinctive places as the hells; and that the darkness, which the spirits in their communications to you speak of is, in your opinion, produced by the conditions of the minds and souls of the spirits who write.

But such opinion is not altogether correct, and it is best for men to know that the mere recollections do not include all of what the hells are.

You say you have your hells on earth sometimes, and that is true to a limited extent, and many men suffer very much from their consciences and remorse, but when they come into the spirit world, if they have not gotten out of the condition which these recollections and remorse place them in, they will find that there is waiting them that place or location, which will add to their sufferings that arise from the recollections of evil deeds committed while on earth.

These evil spirits live in communities for the Law of Attraction operates in these dark and lower planes just as it does in the higher spheres and causes spirits of like or similar conditions to congregate together and find consolation, or what they may at times think to be consolation, in one another's company.

These hells are on the planes nearest the earth, and these spirits are not confined all the time to any particular hell. They have the privilege of moving at will along this plane, but wherever they go, they find that they are in these hells, and they cannot escape from them, unless they accept the help from spirits who can instruct them (in) what they must do.

Well, when they come to you to write, they are not very far from these hells, because the plane in which they live is a part of the plane in which the inhabitants of earth live.

Of course, I don't mean to say that that portion of the earth plane that surrounds your earth is composed entirely of these hells, for that is not true, as the earth sphere has in it considerable light and some happiness. And you must further remember that there are many planes in this earth plane.

These spirits, while their habitations are in these hells, have the privilege of leaving these particular localities and wandering for a short time in and over other parts of this earth plane; but this is only for a short time, and they have to return to the places where they have been placed, and which this Law of Attraction, that I speak of, draws them to.

Well, there are thousands of millions of evil spirits, and there is never a time when some of them - thousands of them - are not surrounding and trying to use their bad influences on mortals. We do not know why this is permitted, but only know that it is so. And here again, the great Law of Attraction operates, for many mortals are in similar conditions of development and evil thoughts to what these evil spirits are and, naturally, these evil spirits are drawn to them and do come to them. And frequently it happens, that while visiting these mortals of similar conditions to their own, they attempt to influence mortals who are in a better state of moral and spiritual condition and sometime succeed in doing them harm.

But the great fact is, that these evil spirits have a place of living, where they have to remain until by the operation of the Law of Compensation, they are relieved from some of their evil tendencies and desires when they are permitted to progress.

My principal reason in writing you is to have you know that there are hells of places as well as of conditions, and that these places, by reason of what they contain and their appearances, add to the suffering of the spirits.

As I have written a long time I will stop and say that I am a Christian and an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres, and one of the spirit band that is helping you in your great work of the Master. So in leaving you, I will subscribe myself,

Your brother in Christ,
Swedenborg the Seer

Friday, March 29, 2013

Helen Padgett and Mary Kennedy Write Lovingly and Jokingly About Their Love for Their Soulmates

December 15, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, you have written enough for tonight, and I will say only a few words and stop if the little lovesick girl does not interfere. I suppose, though, she will have to say a word or she will not sleep tonight, as you mortals say. Well, go ahead and tell him that you love him. You should be ashamed to try and deceive him so.

Mary Kennedy's message to Dr. Leslie R. Stone:

Well, Leslie, don't you believe her, for you know that I love you, and she is only jealous because I love you more than she does her soulmate. Of course, I will interfere whenever I get the chance to tell you of my love, and Helen is real mean to try and make you believe that I am trying to deceive you. But she will tell you differently, I know. Won't you Helen?

Helen's message to Dr. Stone:

Yes, Doctor, I was merely joking, for of all the sick girls that I have ever seen, I don't think I have ever seen one so sick as your Mary. Now she says that I must not say that, so you see I can't please her. Now, come Mary, was I right when I told him that you would deceive him, or when I said that you were lovesick? Well, I won't deceive him, and I suppose I won't have to say anything more.

So you see, Doctor, she acknowledges that she is a little lovesick girl and is not happy unless she can tell you so. But remember, Doctor, that she does love you, and you should be a very thankful man to have such a beautiful and loving soulmate.

Helen's message to Mr. Padgett:

Well, sweetheart, I will not write more.

Dr. Stone then asked if she felt his kisses and Helen resumed:

Mary says that they were so quickly given that she did not have time to know whether she felt them or not. She says, tell him that when he kisses her to have them longer drawn out as she doesn't like these quick kisses. She says that she does kiss him, and sometime she will bite him, just to let him realize that she is kissing him.

So with our love to both of you, I will say good night.

Your own and true loving,

Postscript by Dr. Stone:

This message shows that spirits like a little fun and enjoy it as much as mortals and are just as natural in their existence as mortals are here.

Leslie R. Stone

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jesus Writes That He Has Selected Dr. Leslie R. Stone To Do a Work for the Kingdom

December 15, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have heard what you have said to your friend, Dr. Stone, and I must say that while you have some appreciation of the Great Love that came to you last night, yet you cannot fully understand, for no mortal can, although you did experience a wonderful feeling of its inflowing. But let me emphasize that if you continue to have the great longings and desires that you had last night, the Father's Love will come to you in increased abundance.

And I want further to say that the same Love that you received is waiting for Dr. Stone and will be his if he will only let his longings go out to the Father with all his soul's earnestness. While I have selected you to perform the great task of receiving my truths and spreading them to all mankind, I have also selected Dr. Stone to do a work which will be of great importance and will involve a labor of love on his part, and much physical as well as spiritual exertion. He must not only believe in me and trust in the Father, but let all his longings and prayers and desires go to obtain the great Love, and it will be his.

I am glad that you two men have come so closely together in your beliefs and in your faith in the Divine Love; and I will further tell you that you will both receive a happiness that can never be taken from you, even while you are on earth, and when you come to the spirit world, this happiness will be increased beyond all human conception. I am also glad that you can exchange thoughts on these important subjects of my religious teachings and feel that you both have a work to do and, above all, am happy that you are willing and anxious to do it.

I am with you in all my love and will make both of you the special objects of my care and keeping; and in the great hereafter when you shall end your work on earth, you will both receive a reward that angels would wish for and wonder that you two could receive it. So I will give you both my love tonight, and will also pray to the Father to bestow upon you His Great Love and blessings. So believe with all your hearts and His Love and blessings will be poured out upon you.

Your friend and brother,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

John Wesley, Ann Rollins and Helen Padgett Write About Being in Awe of Seeing Jesus' Power and Glory

December 14, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a word, too, for I was present when the Master bestowed upon you his great love and prayed the Father to send into your soul the Love of the Father - the Divine Love - that will make you one with Him. And I must tell you that never before have we seen such love and glory displayed by the Master as he displayed tonight to you his love and blessings. Oh, I tell you that it was wonderful and we all stood, or rather knelt in awe, for we could not stand in his presence.

What does all this mean! None of us know for we have never received such evidence of love from him and have never seen anyone else receive the love in that way.

We commence to know how you must be a very important man to the Master, and you must be the special object of his love and care, for he seems to love you with a love that we cannot understand, although we have in our souls the Divine Love of the Father to a very great degree. But yet such love as he displayed tonight, we have never seen and the meaning of it we cannot fully comprehend.

Oh, I tell you that you are a blessed man, and you have with you not only the love and power of the greatest spirit in all God's universe but also the Great Divine Love of the Father.

So let us think of this wonderful experience before writing more. I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley

* * * * * * * * * *

Ann Rollins:

Let me write while the power of the Master is here and tell you that you have had a wonderful experience tonight, and so have we who have stood by and seen the Master write to you and bestow upon you his great love.

He was glorious as he told you of the Great Love of the Father that would come to you and how he would be with you in all his love and blessings trying to make you happy.

We were all surprised at the great display of his glory, for it was like the great shining light of God's countenance of which we have heard, but never seen. You certainly are a blessed man and one that must become very happy.

I am not in condition to write more tonight,and can only praise God for the Great Love and favor that he has bestowed upon you. So my dear son believe what I have told you, and know that we all rejoice with you in the great favor, which you have from the Master. So dear son, good night.

Your own loving

* * * * * * * * * *


I am your own, Helen.

Well my dear Ned, I can scarcely write as I am so filled with awe over what has happened tonight that my power to write has almost left me. But my darling, I must tell you that you are very dear to the Master and a child of the Father's Love to a very great degree. Such love, I never before saw displayed and I never expected to see it, especially bestowed upon you, who are so dear to me.

I must not try to write more tonight as I am so filled with love and wonder and thankfulness that I can hardly think. So my own dear Ned, love me with all your heart and soul and believe that I love you, too. But when I think of this night and the great love that was bestowed upon you, my love seems like a mere shadow; but it is all that I have to give you, and I give all I have. So sweetheart, good night.

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jesus Writes that He Loves James E. Padgett With All His Heart and Soul as God Loves Him

December 14, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, I am so glad that you are so longing for this Love and I will tell you that the Father loves you with all His Divine Nature and is helping you to receive this Love into your soul, and you will soon receive it in such abundance that you will find yourself happy beyond all conception.

And I love you, too, with all my heart and soul and am very near you and try to make you feel my presence and influence. Rest assured that I am with you in all my love and tenderness and that you are the special object of my care and keeping. I wish that you could see me as I write this for I am filled with so much love for you, that I know, if you could see the glory of the Father displayed, you would never again doubt my love. Oh, my brother, only try to get this Love by prayer and faith in such a way that it will become as real to you as anything which your natural senses show you to exist in the physical world.

It is more real than anything in all nature, and you have in you the possibilities of realizing that it is an existing thing, and is yours, if you will only pray and believe. I am with you in prayer at night and with all my love and faith, I ask the Father to bless you and make you a true partaker of His Love and mercy and to give you the assurance that you will receive and know that you have it.

My dear brother I must stop now, but your longings tonight have been so great and so earnest that I could not stop without telling you what I have. And remember this that I, Jesus, with all the knowledge and authority that I possess, tell you that the Love of the Father shall be yours, and you will become a most happy man and a power on earth in things spiritual and which pertain to the Father's business.

So believe me and trust the Father, and you will not be forsaken or left alone, but will be surrounded by a host of witnessing Angels that you are the chosen child of the Father, and the object of His Great Love and blessings.

I will not write more now, but I will say, that I love you as a true brother and friend, and even as a closer one to you; and you must believe, and yours will be the happiness that few on earth possess.

So with all the great love that is mine, I will say good night and God bless you.

Your friend and brother,

Monday, March 25, 2013

Samuel C. Mills, a Former Lawyer, Writes that He is in the Earth Plane but He is Now Learning the Truths that Jesus Taught

December 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old friend and brother Lawyer, Samuel C. Mills:

I have been waiting for some time to have an opportunity to write to you, as I have so often waited and seen other spirits write their messages. Yes, your band, or rather that beautiful wife of yours, told the Indian Guide that I should write, and he consented. He seems to take a great interest in you and is protecting you from the harmful spirits.

Well, I am in what is called the earth plane and I am not very happy, as I have my recollections of so many things that I did on earth which were contrary to the laws of God, and for which I am now suffering some. But I have been fortunate enough to have the help of some very loving and beautiful spirits, who seem to take so much interest in me and in showing me the way to progress out of my darkness and sufferings.

While on earth I was not a very religious man, yet I always reverenced God and things pertaining to religion and believed that there was a better place for those who were truly good to go to.

Of course, in the short time that I have been here, I have learned a number of truths, and as I am very anxious to get out of my condition of darkness, I made a great effort to believe what these good spirits said to me and to learn all that I could about these truths.

I am now believing that Jesus is the saviour of us all by his teachings and love and the great influence he has with the Father.

You certainly are a favored man to be able to receive all these communications from the high spirits who come to you. When on earth I never believed in spiritualism, and I certainly would not have believed that Jesus and his Apostles would write to you, as I now see them do. But how limited is our earth knowledge of these things that pertain to the spirit or, as some say, the unseen world. The opportunities here to learn the truths are so much greater than on earth, if the spirit really desires and makes the effort to learn.

I thank you very much for having permitted me to write and renew my acquaintance. It is a glorious thing to be able to do this, and know, as I know, that only a thin veil of flesh separates mortals from their loved ones. I will not impose longer tonight, but will say with my best love,

I am your old friend and brother,
Samuel C. Mills

Sunday, March 24, 2013

John P. Newman, a Former Methodist Minister and Bishop, Writes About the Doctrine of Atonement

December 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John P. Newman.

I wish you would let me write a few lines tonight. I was, when on earth, a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus, as I then understood it, and made my great and earnest efforts to show my brother man what the truths of that Gospel were, and at times succeed to a great degree. But I now see how far short I was in my knowledge and understanding of these truths and how very much the creeds and dogmas of my church interfered with me and the members of my church in getting a true conception of the truths of the Master.

Many a man lost his opportunity to develop his soul by his beliefs in the atonement. I mean that he relied upon the sacrifice of Jesus being all sufficient to pay the debt which he supposed he owed to the Father and, relying upon such belief, he neglected to develop his soul qualities of love for the Father.

This doctrine of atonement is one that is working great harm among the children of men, and one that should no longer be believed, but be shown to be utterly at variance with the truth and not approved by either God or the Master.

I know it may seem surprising to some people that such assertions could come from an orthodox minister of the church, (Methodist) but if these people could only know what I now know, they would not be surprised at all, but would bend their efforts to have the creeds of their churches so revised and reformed, that the doctrine that I speak of, and a number of other untrue and harmful doctrines, would be entirely eliminated from these creeds and from their own beliefs also.

I have found that progress in this spirit world is a portion of the heritage of spirits just as progress belongs to mortals on earth; but not every spirit progresses, just by reason of being in the spirit world. Desire and will must exist, and must be exercised in order for this progression to take place, and I have heard that numerous spirits have been in a condition of stagnation for a great many years, just because they won't exert themselves to desire and believe what is often told them.

I have taken up more of your time tonight than I intended, and I must apologize for having so intruded, but I felt that I should like to say just what I have said, as it may be that these truths may help some mortal to get into the light and the way to God's Kingdom.

So, if you will pardon me, I will say that I am thankful for your kindness and would like to come again, if it is agreeable to you.

I will in saying good night subscribe myself,

Your true brother in Christ,

John P. Newman
late a minister of a church in 
your  city and a Bishop of the 
Methodist Denomination

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daniel Webster Writes That Jesus and Spirits of the Higher Spheres are Revealing the Great Truths of the Father Through James E. Padgett

December 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me say a word while you are writing, as I am also interested in your great work and in the efforts that are now being made by the spirit powers of the higher spheres to bring to earth the great truths of the Father, which Jesus shall write to you.

You do not yet appreciate the great importance of this work, or of the truths that shall be taught. But as you proceed in your work, you will see what a wonderful thing this great effort of the Master is. I am one who is trying to help forward this movement and in doing so, I feel that I am doing to mankind the greatest service that all the universe of God affords me to do.

I have not in my soul so much of the Divine Love of the Father, but I know that it is the one absolutely necessary thing that men must possess in order to get an entrance into the Kingdom of God, and to obtain the great happiness which the Father has made possible for man to receive.

You certainly have had imposed upon you a work of great responsibility, and one that will call for the exercise of all your physical powers, as well as your mental and moral endowments. So you see, it is a matter that must be received and considered most seriously by you, and you must not let anything interfere with the successful performance of this great and wonderful work.

Mankind, at this time, more than at any time since the presence of Jesus on earth in the material body, needs the truth to be presented to it in such a way that all superstition and blind faith will be eliminated from the minds and consciousness of mortals.

I can hardly realize that the truth can be presented in this way with the success that the Master says will follow the efforts of those engaged in declaring and spreading these truths. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to do one of the greatest services to your fellowman. Just think: it embraces in the results of the workings of these truths, not only man's welfare on earth, but also his happiness and immortality in the great eternity.

I could write more tonight, but I will not longer trespass on your time or strength and hope, though, that at some future time I may have the opportunity to come and disclose some of the knowledge that I have concerning these truth, and the importance that they are to mankind.

I live in the First Celestial Sphere where Jefferson and Washington are, and many others of the old patriots of revolutionary and later days. I will subscribe myself your obedient servant and brother in Christ.

Dan'l. Webster

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thomas Jefferson, Former President of the United States, Writes a Short Note That He is Interested in the Important Work James E. Padgett is Doing

December 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am a stranger, but I want to say just a word as I am so interested in the work that you have before you to do. You certainly are a favored man by having been selected to do this work. It is a stupendous work and one which is of the greatest vital importance to mankind and to the destiny of mortals.

I will not write longer at this time but would like to come again, if agreeable, and write.

Yes, I am a lover of God, and I live in the First Celestial Sphere and, as you know, am a redeemed child of God and immortal.

I will now say with all love - good night.

Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Helen and Mary Kennedy Write They Have Been Waiting For Their Soulmates to Call For Them

December 6, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Your own true Helen.

I merely want to say that you and Dr. Stone are very foolish men to neglect your soulmates, as you have been doing lately. We have been waiting to have you call for us, but you do not express a desire for us to write a short letter before you go to bed to let you know that we are here and that we love you.

Now do you think that this is right, when we are with you every night anxiously waiting for you to say: "Sweethearts come and write us a long letter tonight and tell us that you love us with all your hearts and souls."

I know that many men who, if they had such sweethearts as you two have, would not rest content to let the night go by without praying for us to write them that we thought at least just a little bit of them. Now what shall we do in the way of punishment for your neglect?

I said, "Tell my soulmate to give me a kiss."

Well, he has solved the problem. We will not give him the kiss but will make him go to bed without his usual kiss, and then he will realize that his punishment is just what he deserves, and he will not neglect us again. But Mary says, No indeed, she will not punish her soulmate in that way, because if she did, she would be punishing herself more than she would him, and besides she could not write unless you would consent to write for her, and she knows that many nights when he visits you, he hopes that he may receive a message, but as he sees that you are at work; he does not make his request and, consequently, she is not going to punish him for what he can't help.

Just see what a foolish little sweetheart she is. So you see that spirit sweethearts and mortal sweethearts, when they are females, do not differ very much. And she says that now that the ray is open, she will write just a little if you will help her and I - seeing what a foolish little girl she is and knowing that she will not be happy unless she can say a word to him - I tell her to go ahead and let the Doctor see what an easy little sweetheart she is. She says that she doesn't care what I think, that she knows that the Doctor won't think that she is foolish, but will just be delighted to have her write. So prepare now to hear words of burning love.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mary now writes:

Well, I will tell him that I love him with all my heart and soul, and I don't care if Helen is laughing at me, for I do love him and I have the right to tell him so, and he must believe me for I am with him nearly all the time and want him to know it.

So tell him, also, that when he is not thinking of me, I am thinking of him and trying to help him with all my powers and love. And say particularly, that I am so glad to see that the Love of the Father is entering his soul more and more and that, as a consequence, he and I are coming closer together in our love and in our soul development.

I know that you are tired but I could not help writing this for I have been waiting so long to write him and tell him this. But I will not trespass longer and will say that I thank you and love him as only a soulmate can love.

So goodbye.

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen resumes:

Well, sweetheart, I enjoy so much seeing Mary express her love for the Doctor for it makes her so happy, and I love her so much that I will do everything in my power to make her happy.

I will write you before you go to bed.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Paul Writes on the "The Drama of St Paul" Sermon and Corrects the Inaccuracies

December 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Paul.

Well, my brother, I was with you at the discourse on the "Drama of St. Paul," and was much interested in the subject matter, and also in the manner in which the speaker delivered his discourse. He was somewhat dramatic himself, and his elocution and intonation of the dialogues between several of the prominent personages in the drama and myself were very effective; but really they, the intonations, did not sound very familiar, because to me they possessed too much artificiality to represent correctly the real tones of voice and the feelings that possessed these persons and myself on those occasions. But, nevertheless, they were very effective and I have, no doubt, produced on the hearers the effect intended.

Some of the scenes depicted were very real, and some of them were not, for they never occurred. I well remember my experience on the way to Damascus, and the great change that it caused to my whole existence on earth. The brightness and the voice of Jesus were actualities, but the statement that I went blind is not true, for I was not blind but only affected for the time by the unusual light and, also, the shock that the voice of Jesus caused.

As Jesus said, my only blindness was that which covered my spiritual eyes at the time, and when I went into the town, the only blindness that I recovered from, in a way, was that which had kept my soul in darkness and caused me to persecute the followers of Jesus under the belief that I was doing the work which God had called me to do. So you see, that while the description as a whole of my life after my call was very interesting, yet it was not altogether correct.

Jesus has told you what my condition of soul development was and how I lacked the Love, which I afterwards, to some degree, possessed. And as he says, I was in my early ministry more of an intellectual Christian, than a Christian possessing the Great Divine Love of the Father; yet thanks to him, I continued to preach and believed as best I could until finally I became a redeemed child of God filled with His Love. I knew many things connected with and taught in the theology of the Jews, and especially of the Pharisees. I see now that in my writings, my conceptions of the truths of God, were flavored to a considerable extent by this knowledge which are of the Jewish theology.

While many things that I taught are true as I now see them, yet many things that the Bible says I wrote are not true, and I am not surprised that men will not accept them at this time. How I wish that I could review and rewrite the Epistles ascribed to me. How many seeming contradictions and unreasonable things would be made plain; but I cannot, except as I may through you declare the truth as I now see it, and I hope that the opportunities may come that I may do so.

Well, I will not write more tonight as you have written considerable, and others wish to write. I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jesus Writes About the Speaker's Discourse on the "Drama of St. Paul"

December 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and heard the speaker's discourse on the "Drama of St. Paul."

Well, it was very interesting and in some places impressive and should produce a great effect upon the hearers. Many things that the speaker recited were true and occurred substantially as he related them, but some were not matters of actual occurrence, and Paul never had all the experiences that he spoke of. But these were of minor importance and did not affect the truth of the narrative as a whole.

Of course, the whole discourse was taken from the Bible, and as I have told you before, there are many things in the Bible which are not true. His description of Paul's experience on the way to Damascus is partly true and partly not.

Well, I spoke to him, and when he was felled to the ground by the brightness of the great light that shone about him, Paul heard what I said and answered me, and went into the town; but he was not blind, nor did the prophet Ananias do anything to him in the way of curing any physical blindness; he only helped to open the spiritual blindness of Paul and show him the way to the Father's Love and Kingdom.

Paul, as you know, was a very learned man among the Jews and was a strict believer and follower of the Pharisees' doctrines; but as to knowing anything about the Divine Love, he had never experienced it, nor even did not know what it was intellectually. My summons to him was not only for the purpose of stopping the persecution of my people, but for the further purpose of enlisting him in my cause, as not many of my followers were educated or learned men, and I realized that my doctrines and truths must be preached among not only the learned Jews, but also among the gentile philosophers; and as the first requisite in such cases is to hold and, in a way, convince the intellect, I saw that I must have a disciple who would have the mental qualifications to present to these learned men, in a convincing way, my truths and be able to withstand the logic and reasoning of these gentile philosophers.

John was filled with Love, and wherever he could come in close communion with the common people, he could, by the great power and influence of that Love, persuade these people to embrace and receive my truths and, as a consequence, feel the inflowing of the Holy Spirit.

But Paul had not this Love to that degree as to be enabled by virtue of its power or influence to convince and compel his hearers to receive my truths and embrace that faith in my teachings as would cause them to seek the Love of the Father; and, hence, his mission was the more intended to be the teachings of my truths to the intellect and mental perceptions of a large number of persons of greater intellectual development than those with whom John and the other disciples would come in contact.

Of course, Paul acquired this Love to a very large degree, but not sufficiently to prevent him at times in his early ministry from doubting my calling him to do this work; and, as he has told you, this doubt was the "besetting sin," or "thorn in the flesh," from which he suffered. Had he had the fullness of the Love that John and some of the others had, he would never have had the doubts of which he speaks.

But, nevertheless, he became a wonderful power in spreading my truths and in convincing men that the Love of the Father was the one great possession to be obtained, and in causing them to believe in me as the son of the Father, and His messenger to declare to the world the great plan of man's salvation.

Paul finally became a man filled with this Love as far as his nature was capable of receiving it, and in his gospel will be found wonderful exhortations to his hearers to seek for it. But he was not the disciple of Love, but rather of the intellectual parts of my truths; and when he taught, his teachings were intended to appeal more to the mental perceptions than to the soul perceptions.

He never taught that I was God, nor did he believe that I was, and whenever it is set forth that he did say, or rather, what the Bible says on that subject is interpreted to mean that I am God, that interpretation is erroneous.

I will not write more on Paul tonight, but will tell you of some things of more importance to mankind.

I am now working as I did on earth, though in a little different way, to show men the way to God's Love and eternal life, and to assure them that the Great Divine Love of the Father is waiting for them to have it flow into their souls and make them at-one with Him.

Men are now in a condition that causes them to long for this great Love, and the peace and happiness which it brings, without knowing really what it is that they desire; and when my truths are placed before them, and they are told of the wonderful blessings that may be theirs by merely seeking for it in earnest and honest prayer, they will turn their thoughts and longings to God and His Love, and find the happiness and peace which they so much realize the want of.

I have many things to write you, and hope that we may soon have the rapport that will enable me to do so.

Well, I see how you feel, and I am so glad that you do; and I must tell you that the Father's Love is working in your soul, and will result in your becoming my true and earnest disciple. I will be with you in all my power and influence, so that nothing will prevent the doing of the great work which I have selected you to do. You must pray to the Father for His Love, and for faith, and they will come to you; for such prayers the Father desires to answer and grant.

And besides, as I pray to Him, and all my followers pray, we will ask the Father to give you this Great Love and faith and power to do the work, and to sustain you through all the years that may be yours on earth; for the work must be done.

You have written long tonight and I think it best that I stop. But before doing so let me say again, that you are the special object of my care and love, and I will be with you in all your worries and conflicts, and will help you to overcome them all, and to get in that position that will give you the freedom that is so desirous.

With all my love and blessings, and the love and blessings of the Father, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Luke Writes About Spiritualism and This Beliefs Need to Embrace Divine Love and Soul Development

December 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I want to write a few lines on the subject about which you and your friend Dr. Stone were talking, and that is as to whether Spiritualism, as now understood and taught, supplies that which satisfies the souls of men in their longings for happiness and peace and contentment.

I have heard in the course of my spirit life a great many preachers and teachers of Spiritualism, both in recent years and all along the ages, from the time of my first entrance into spirit life; for you must know that Spiritualism is not a new thing having its origin or belief in the recent years that followed the manifestations in America. All along the ages, spirits have manifested to mankind in one phase or another and men have believed in Spiritualism and discussed it.

Of course, in former times when the churches had the great power which enabled them to dictate the beliefs of men, Spiritualism was not so openly taught or discussed as in these latter years; nevertheless it has always, during the time that I have named, been known to mankind. Never have its teachings gone beyond the mere phenomena which demonstrated to its believers the continuity of life and the communication of spirits. The higher things of the soul's development and the Kingdom of God, as you have been instructed, were never thought of, or at least, never taught or believed in. Only the two facts that I have spoken of were discussed and accepted; and even today, the scientific men who are investigating it deal only with the phenomena and are satisfied with proof that man never dies.

At no time has the existence of the Divine Love or the Kingdom of God been sought for or taught by the teachers of Spiritualism, and in fact such things could not have been taught, for they never have been known. God has never been anything more to the Spiritualist than some indefinable abstract force, whose existence is not of sufficient certainty to make Him anything more than a mere principle, as some call Him; and the laws governing all nature are the only things that men must look to for their ideas of right and wrong and the government of their conduct in life.

The Spiritualists speak of the love of man for one another, and the brotherhood of man, and the cultivation of the mind, and the moral qualities, but admit of no outside help or, if so, of the help of some departed friend who may not be at all competent to help or, if so, such help is only that which one can give to another; and even when the help of what is called the higher spirits is spoken of, it involves no different quality of help.

I know that spirits do help mortals, and also harm them, but all such help according to the ideas of the Spiritualists is based upon what they suppose these spirits possess in the way of superior intellectual acquirements or moral qualities.

The soul of man, which is that part of him that is made in the image of God, although it may be unconsciously, is longing for that which will make such image become Substance, with its resultant happiness and joy. Yet you will not find that any Spiritualist teaches or attempts to teach how, or in what way, such Substance may be acquired, or the fact that there is such a Substance. They do not know that the Divine Love, coming through the working of the Holy Spirit, is the only thing that can enable the image to be transformed into the Substance and, hence, they cannot teach the truths and, as a consequence, the longings of a man's soul are never satisfied by the teachings of Spiritualism.

Do you suppose that if the great truth of Spiritualism had embraced the greater truth of the soul development, that it - Spiritualism - would now be the weak, unattractive thing that it is, and that men would not have sought and embraced it in vast numbers?

Spiritualism, with all the truths that belong to it, is the true religion of the universe and one which would prove more effective in bringing men into a state of reconciliation with the Father than all other religions combined. But it is powerless and without drawing power as a religion, because it has not the teachings which show men the way to God's Love and to the satisfying of the soul's longings.

But some day, and in the near future, this defect will be remedied and then you will see men and women flock to its bosom, so that they can enjoy not only the happiness which communication with their departed friends give them but, also, the happiness which the development of the soul by the Divine Love gives them.

Why the great revelation of this truth has been delayed to Spiritualists so long, I do not know, except it may be that mankind was not ready to receive it before; but now the time has come, and false beliefs of the orthodox churches, and the want of belief of the Spiritualists, will both disappear and men be made free and the possessors of the combined truths of Spiritualism and the existence of the Divine Love, which brings to them not only happiness and peace, but immortality.

I must not write more tonight as you are tired; so I will say good night,

Your brother in Christ,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Helen Writes that She Appeared to Her Husband in a Dream After She Heard His Call

December 4, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, sweetheart, I heard you call me in your waking moments after your dream, and I came to you and loved you with all my heart. I know what your dream was for. I was trying to come to you in your sleep so that you would realize my presence, and I came as I might have appeared to you on earth were I am now living; but you must not think that I would not love you for I would and my appearance did not indicate that I did not love you. I only seemed a little sad and showed that I wanted your sympathy and love. So don't suppose from the dream that I did not love you.

I heard you call me several times and I came to you and I then realized how lonesome you were and how much you wanted me and how necessary I am to you. Oh, my darling, only to think that in a few short years you will be with me and we will never have to separate again, and that our love will be so great that never can anything occur that will bring us unhappiness or discontent. I do love you with all my heart and soul and you must love me in the same way and think of me very often and wish for me, as you did last night.

The dream had no special significance, but was merely intended to show you that your little wife was still with you, and that even if she could not come to you in the flesh, yet she could in your dreams. She was just as she might have appeared to you in her early days of married life, and tried to let you see how beautiful, even as a mortal, she was, because she thought that maybe your recollections of her of those days may have become dim and shadowy.

So you see, we can be with each other in our writings, in our visions, in voice communications and in dreams. Should we not be thankful to the Father for these great privileges. I so often think of the great gift that he has given to you, and of our ability to become so close to each other in conscious communion, and wonder why it is. But when I consider the work which you have been selected to do, I don't wonder for that work is of such importance that you will have to have the gift which has been bestowed upon you, and also the other great powers that will be given you.

As I said last night, the power of inspiration is yours, also, and if you will seek to cultivate it, you will find that you will be able to express the thoughts of some of the greatest spirits that we have in our higher spirit world, and you will not only be surprised yourself at what may come through you in this way, but your hearers will also wonder and think you a wonderfully wise man and orator. But you will understand that it will not be you who will really do the speaking, but the spirits who may be behind you.

No, it will not interfere with your writing powers but, on the contrary, will help and increase these powers, for many times when we write, if we could only tell you in the way of inspiration what we desire to express, many things would be more easily transmitted to paper, than as now, when we have to do the physical work of moving your hand as well as of using your brain. So you see, it is very desirable for you to cultivate this phase of mediumship for the good that you will be able to do is beyond calculation.

No, I have not heard that he (Ed Thomas) has passed over, and I don't know any of his friends here, but I will try to find them and will speak to him and tell him that you sent me to him, and if he needs help, I will try to help him and, if he desires, will bring him to you and let him write. So you see, if we can do any good to any spirit we are always willing to do it.

Don't you think that we had better stop now, as you are tired, although you may not realize it.

Well, sweetheart, I do love you with all my heart and soul and I will stay with you and comfort you and make you feel my presence. I am so happy that you love me so much and want me with you as you do; but we have to observe the laws governing our communications, and it will not be best for us to write more at this time.

I will come tonight and again tell you of my love. So with all my love, I will say goodbye.

Your own true and loving,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spirits Write About Witnessing the Power and Glory of Jesus as He Poured His Love on James E. Padgett

St. James Writes that He Was Over-Powered by Jesus' Great Presence

December 2, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me say just one word. I was present and I saw the wonders of his power and glory again, I know that he is so much in earnest as to the truths of his mission and of your work, that no man can doubt.

I cannot write much for I am so overpowered by his great presence that I can scarcely write. How wonderful that he should come to you in this way and declare to you his great messages of truth and power! If you could only have seen him, you would never again doubt him or his great mission and your work.

I must stop.

Your brother in Christ,
St. James

* * * * * * * * * *

St. John Confirms That the Master Displayed His Great Power and Glory

Let me tell you that the Master has just written, and in writing, he again displayed his great power and glory for he wrote with all the authority of his Heavenly powers. I was present and know what I write to be true.

I wish that I could write you a longer letter tonight but it is late and you need rest.

Your own true brother in Christ,
St. John

* * * * * * * * * *

A.G. Riddle Describes the Great Glory of the Jesus

I know it is late but, yet, I must say that what has been told you is true, and when we speak of the glory of the Master, you cannot conceive of what is meant.

In your mind, think of the dim flame of the candle and the glory of the noonday sun and then compare the glory of the greatest thing in all the earth with this glory of the Master, and you will see side by side the dim candle and the glorious sun.

We all know what the Divine Love of the Father is, but do not appreciate its greatness or wonder until we occasionally see it displayed in and by Jesus.

Go to your prayers in the full belief that this Great Divine Love has been present tonight in amazing abundance, and that you both have had its influence around and in you to a degree that will cause you to feel to some extent, the great peace that comes only to the children of light and at-onement with the Father. Believe that your experience of this night is true and that it may be yours frequently when your souls are attuned to the inflowing of the Love.

I must say good night and God bless you with all His influence Divine.

I am your brother in Christ,
A.G. Riddle

* * * * * * * * * *

Ann Rollins Writes that Jesus Was Glorious With His Great Love

I am your grandmother.

My dear son, I feel that I must write you just a line, because I want to tell you that the Master wrote you, and with such power and force that you must not doubt.

He was glorious and with his Great Love, there was so much glory that we were all, for the time, overshadowed by these influences so that we could only listen in adoration.

So believe me when I say that you must believe, for never was a message given with more authority. I know that it is hard for you to conceive what I mean, but you will know some day.

Your own loving grandmother,
Ann Rollins

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen Comments on the Wonderful Messages Confirming the Glory of Jesus

I am here, Helen.

Well, sweetheart, you have had some wonderful messages tonight, all confirmatory of the fact that the Master has chosen and confirmed you to do his work.

How thankful I am that this evidence has come to you, for now you cannot doubt and you will lay all your plans to carry out the desires of the Master, and to get in condition to receive his messages. Now, we must stop. But oh, my dear Ned, to think that you are the object of the Master's choice and his great love.

Love me as I do you.

I am your own true and loving,

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jesus Writes That His Coming to James E. Padgett is Really His Second Coming on Earth and Will Satisfy and Fulfill All the Promises of the Scriptures

December 2, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have heard your discussion tonight and am pleased at the soul understanding of my truths, which you and your friend seem to have, and I now feel that you are both progressing to that point where you will soon be in a condition to fully understand what my mission is in writing these messages. You have said, truly, that my new revelation of the truths of the soul is what mankind needs at this time, and what men will be in condition to accept as the real truths of God's Love and of His Laws.

My coming to you is really my second coming on earth and the result of my coming in this way will satisfy and fulfill all the promises of the scriptures as to my second coming.

So let your belief in this important fact and your faith in me increase until you will have in your souls and minds no doubt as to what my present mission is and as to what your work will be in making known to men my real purpose in revealing to them the great truths of the Father.

I will not write more tonight, but say keep up your courage and believe and the time will soon come when you will be able to receive my messages in all their fullness and with such rapidity that the spreading of these truths will not be delayed. I am with you and will be a faithful friend and brother sticking closer to you than any earthly brother.

With all my love and blessings, I am your loving brother and friend,


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jesus Writes That He Will Cause Mr. Padgett to Feel the Great Love of the Father for Him

November 25, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I am with you tonight in your spiritual exaltation and will show you the Love that you crave for and will cause you to feel that the Father is very near you in his love and blessings. So you must let your thoughts go out to the Father and he will come to you with an abundance of Love that will make you realize that he is your loving Father.

I was with you at the Colburn's and saw that your Love was very great and that you needed a response and I tried to make you realize that I was with you and loved you very much. The music was very beautiful and caused a rapport which drew us very close together, and you were very happy in the thoughts of Love and peace that came to you. I am so glad that you are free from your cares tonight, as I want you to feel that the Love of the Father is with you and is filling your soul so that you can realize that His Love is a thing of reality and substance.

I will let you see how much you can become at-one with Him, and what a joy and peace the Love of the Father brings to you. So, as I say, let your thoughts turn to Him and let your prayers ascend to Him and you will soon know that His Kingdom is within and of you.

I am now going to tell you what a loving Father He is, and what great desire He has that you believe in Him and in His love for you. He is not a God of wrath and anger and His only desire is that you shall love Him with all your heart, and so become so close to Him that you will know that He is the Father that I have told you of. He does not want you to let anything on earth keep you from becoming His own dear son and a follower of His truths. I know that you are now very near the place where your soul will be filled with His Love, and your faith will have such strength that never again will it be shaken by troubles or doubts.

In the near future, you will be able to receive from me my messages in that condition of soul knowledge that will enable you to get them just as I desire to give them to you and so to the world. Be more faithful in your aspirations for this Love and more in condition to believe what I may write. I am your own true friend and brother and have an interest in you that will enable you to overcome all temptations and all the worries of your earth life. My love will strengthen you in your faith and in your realization that I am your friend and brother, and that I am able to fulfill my promises that I have made to you. Let me again impress upon you the necessity of prayer and faith and the necessity to seek continually the help of the Father.

I must not write more tonight but will soon give you another message.

I will do so, as I think it will be more satisfactory to write it anew. You were not in good condition when I wrote, and some things were not as clear as I desire. You will be stronger when I write again and the message will be more satisfactory. So try to obtain more faith and you will find that our writings will be more successful.

So with all my love, I am your friend and brother,


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mary Kennedy Writes a Message of Love to Her Soulmate, Dr. Leslie R. Stone

November 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Your wife did not mention my name and so I thought that I would tell you myself, for I am of much importance to my dear as any of them that she mentioned. I wanted to tell him that I am right here and close to him, and won't let even his mother take my place, though I love her very much and she loves me, but she knows that I am entitled to the first place, and that I won't let anyone take my place.

I am with him nearly all the time, trying to help and comfort him, and make him have good thoughts, and wish for me. So he will understand when you read this to him that I intend that he shall know that I am with him and won't let him forget me even if he wanted to, which I don't believe.

I was with you on Friday night, but I did not write or say anything, as his mother and grandmother and sisters and brothers were so anxious to communicate with him; but now, while I am here and have the opportunity which is mine by right of love, I intend to be first to write him. He must not think I am a bit jealous, for I am not; but you know that when a sweetheart has a chance to write to her soulmate, she is going to do it or try very hard. They can write, too, but they must wait until I get through, and then they can tell him whatever they wish. So tell him to love and think of me and wish that I may be with him very often.

I am progressing in my soul development and I am very happy; and the only thing that when he is around makes me happier is to have him with me, but that will not be very soon, for he has a work to do before he comes over, and he will have to wait until he does that work.

I am so glad, though, that he has this work, and as he is doing it and helping others, he will also help himself, so that when he does come over, he and I will not be separated for a very long time.

I suppose I have written enough under the circumstances and should let others write, but I certainly wish that I could have one evening when I could take my time, and tell him of a great many things that I want him to know. So tell him that I am not stopping because I want to, but because decency requires it.

He is my own true love, and I love him with all my heart, and sometime he will know what this means.

So with all my love for him and my sister's love for you, I will stop.

His own true,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Priscilla and Kate Stone, Mother and Sister of Dr. Leslie R. Stone Write a Message of Their Love for Him

November 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother.

I want to say one word to my son before you stop writing, as I feel so much love for him tonight and am so anxious to let him know that I am with him and feel that he is my dear loving boy, whom his mother is so much interested in and so thankful to God that he has found the way to the Father's Love.

Oh, my boy, if you could only know the happiness that you have given your mother by having sought and found this Love of the Father, you will also thank God that you had the opportunity to make your mother so happy.

I am your own dear mother, and will always love you and pray to the Father for you and for your happiness and well being of your soul. Your sisters are here, too, and they are among the redeemed and enjoy the happiness which the Divine Love gives to them, and they want me to tell you that they are happy, too, because you have found the Great Love and Mercy of the Father.

So press forward in your soul development and you will find a wonderful happiness and love, not only on earth, but when you come to us as well.Your Mary loves you, too as you know, and her love for you is something wonderful and beyond what we can tell you and beyond your comprehension.

I will not trespass longer tonight as your friend is tired and should not write much more, but I must say that I am so glad that you met him and have the benefit of his knowledge and experience of these higher things of the spirit world.

Be always friends and you will both realize a wonderful outflowing of Love from the higher spirits and from the Father, and also from Jesus, who is the most wonderful and loving spirit in all the Celestial Heavens.

I will stop now and in doing so give you all my love and blessings of a mother whose love is without limit.

Your loving mother,
Priscilla Stone

* * * * *

I want to tell my brother that he must not leave until I tell him that I love him, too, and am praying for him with all my heart and am with him very often trying to help him. So he must believe me and love me too.

I can't write more; but I love him.

Good night,
Sister Kate

Monday, March 11, 2013

William Stone Writes a Second Message to His Son, Dr. Leslie R. Stone

November 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your loving father.

I am the father of that boy, and I want to say to him that I am happy, too, as well as his mother but not as happy as she is. I am not in her high sphere, but I am striving to get there and enjoy her home. Leslie, my son, I am also happy that you are trying to follow the steps of the Master and in your love for the Father and in your soul aspirations.

Believe in this truth, and you will not be disappointed, and when the great day of reunion comes you will find more love waiting for you than you ever thought possible for a spirit to receive. So trust in God and follow the teachings of the Master. I know the importance of this, as one who was ignorant when on earth and now have learned only since coming into the spirit world.

God Bless that dear Mother of yours! If it had not been for her teachings after she came into the spirit world, I probably would be an easy going spirit, as I was a man, enjoying the happiness which my good nature and love of things generally gave me. But when your mother came over, and I saw that she had a Love which I had not, and which I must get in order to be with her, and when she told me how much she loved me, I sought for the same kind of Love which she had. And with her help and the help of the Father's Holy Spirit, I obtained this Love and am now very happy, for it is this Love which alone may make it possible for me to be with her where she is. But I am not yet with her, as her soul condition is above mine for me to be able to share her home. She is so beautiful and good that I am not satisfied to live away from her and I am trying with all my soul's desire to be together with her, through prayer to the Father for this Divine Love, the one possession that can make me worthy of her.

So, Leslie, believe what we say to you and trust in God and you will be happy.

Your loving father,
William Stone

Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. John Writes That the Spirits Who Have Little Development of Soul Can Help Those Who Have Less Development Than Themselves

November 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

I want to tell you tonight about the things that spirits who have not received the Divine Love of the Father do, or have done to them, as you may say, in order to get out of their darkness and suffering and progress to a happier condition.

Well, when these spirits of evil or sinful life first come into the spirit world, they enter what is called the earth plane; and when I say the earth plane I mean those spheres which are nearest the earth and partake very largely of the material. They are received by their friends who may have been with them at the time of their passing, and are, to a certain extent, comforted and made familiar with their surroundings. This may last for a shorter or longer time according as the spirit is capable of understanding his changed condition from mortal to spirit.

After this condition of consciousness is assumed by the spirit, these friends leave him, and some guiding spirit, whose duty it is to perform the task, shows or conducts him to the place or plane which he is fitted to occupy and which, by the workings of the Law of Equalization, he must occupy. In this place he is surrounded by and must associate with spirits of a similar condition of development as his own, until some change comes to him which fits him for a higher place.

Of course, this change may come in a short time, or it may require a longer time to bring it about; all this depending upon the realization by the spirit as to what his condition is and the fact that there is a possibility of progressing. Of himself, he cannot bring about this change, for the law which fixes his place or condition does not cease to operate until there is called into operation another law which permits and helps the change.

The only way in which this changed condition can be brought about is by the influences of other spirits of a more enlightened and higher position than that of the spirit whose position I have spoken of. These influences do not necessarily come from spirits who have received the New Birth, but may come from spirits who know nothing about it, and who have only the natural love, and even they may not necessarily be of a high order of development of either intellect or soul. But they must be in such condition that they know and are able to tell the lower spirit of the possibility of progress and the way in which it can be made.

Many spirits, who are themselves in a dark position or condition, can help others who are in a darker condition, just as on earth a student of a lower class in school may not be able to teach all that is taught or may be learned in that school, yet he can teach those, in a lower class than his own, things that he has learned in progressing to his own class.

All spirits have a work to do, and these spirits of little development are engaged in teaching those of lesser development the way to get in the same condition as those who teach are in. But, of course, these latter cannot teach anything that belongs to a higher condition than the one in which they are. In such cases, the progress is very slow for many reasons, and it sometimes takes centuries for a spirit to progress from this very low plane to a higher one where only the lowest grade of happiness exists.

So you see that in order to help these dark spirits, it is not necessary for the helping spirit to be one who has in his soul the Divine Love. But all this means that the spirit who is helped in this way cannot possibly progress higher than its natural love and moral conscience and intellectual endowments will permit - no progression of the soul to a realization of the Divine Love of the Father, or to the Celestial Spheres.

This is important for you and all mankind to know, for the reason that you and others may learn what the true soul development means, and how effectively spirits possessing this soul development may help all other spirits, good or bad. Aside from this, you may suppose that the spirits, who hear you talk at the séances where all kinds and conditions of spirits congregate and promise to help both mortals and spirits, may not be able to do so because some are in a dark and low condition themselves. Yet all spirits may help other spirits, to some extent, who are in a lower condition, and sometimes in the beginning of the progression, more satisfactorily than can the higher spirits, because these dark spirits who try to help the darker spirits, are more in harmony with them, and the darker spirits will listen to them with more interest and belief that they can help them.

But this is a help that does not work in such a way as to cause the spirits who are so helped to lose their desires and recollections very rapidly and to progress into the higher planes without the great suffering that you have been told of.

I thought I would write this to you for the reason that you might not, in your investigations and teachings of the spirit life, give due importance to the possibility of one dark spirit helping another. All the phases of mediumship, when honestly conducted, have their proper places and work in God's plan of redemption and none of them must be considered as useless or without special design.

Of course, the above mentioned phase of assistance to spirits is of the lowest form and is merely preliminary to the great work which the higher spirits do in carrying out the great plan of redemption, which has been explained to you. The important work is that of the spirits who know what the Divine Love of the Father is, and what fits spirits and mortals for the enjoyment of the great happiness which obtains only in the Celestial Spheres, and also in the soul spheres, to a lesser extent.

When a spirit who is dark learns of this Great Love and strives to obtain It, and earnestly prays for the help of the Holy Spirit, which is God's messenger of Love, it will progress much more rapidly, and its sufferings and darkness will leave it sooner and greater happiness will come to it.

But still I say, the work of these lower spirits, that I have spoken of, is a great work and must not be underestimated. So remember what I have written and give due credit to this work.

I will not write more, but will with all my love and blessings say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
St. John  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kate Stone, Sister of Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Encourages Him to Write to Their Sisters on Earth About These Spiritual Truths

November 22, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Kate Stone.

Let me write a few words as I have not written you for a long time and, in view of the fact that I have been present so often when other spirits have written and have never sought the opportunity to write, I feel that I am not intruding by sending a short message, especially as your wife says just go ahead and write as long as you feel inclined to do so.

Well, I merely want to say that I have heard the conversation between you and my brother* and have believed with interest to what he said about writing to my sisters and telling them some of the spiritual truths that have been written to him by our mother and others.

I am with my sisters quite often and try to impress upon them but do not succeed very well for the reason that mother has explained, and I am so much disappointed for they need to know that I am with them and so much desire to get close to them and have them feel my influence.

They are as Leslie says. They are very orthodox and are loath to believe anything that is not in accord with their understanding of the Bible teachings, and I realize the difficulty in convincing them or even opening up their minds to a reception of the truth that is so important for them to know.

But I shall be with them when they receive his communication and will try to influence them so that they will, at least, give it a serious reading and, if possible, will open the way to a closer rapport. If they would believe one little bit that I was with them and let one longing for my presence flow to me, I would so much be encouraged in the hope that a possible rapport might be made with them.

I love them so much and so want them to feel my love, of course, they would not consciously do so yet they could have a feeling that I was with them with an influence such as love only brings.

Tell him to not fail to write as he expressed his intentions of doing and to add to his letter that their Kate loves them with all the love that a redeemed child of the Father can and does possess, that they are so very dear to her, and that her prayers are constantly ascending to the Father for their awakening to the truth and their happiness.

I am so glad that I could write tonight and I thank you so much. With my love to my brother and kind regards to you, I will say good night,

His sister,

*Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Friday, March 8, 2013

St. Luke Writes as to Who and What is God

November 22, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

I want to add my testimony to that of Professor Salyards as to "Who and what is God." Of course, since the Master has substantiated what the Professor wrote and enlarged on it, my testimony is not necessary, yet, I desire to say a few words which are expressive of my knowledge arising from my own experience.

I have a soul development, which is greater than that of the Professor, and a perception which is clearer and more convincing than his, and yet, what he has said is all that I can say as to the truth of the personality of God, except that to me it is undoubtedly much clearer and of longer acquaintance.

I know that God is a being that has personality, though not a form like unto man, but has all the attributes that have been mentioned. These attributes are not God, but merely qualities which he possesses and, which in their workings upon the hearts and souls of men, emanate and flow from Him. You may better understand this if I call your attention to the fact that while you can see and feel and hear and love and dislike, yet these attributes or qualities are not you, but only those things that belong to your personality. You may be deprived of any or all of them, and yet you may not cease to exist as a personality. And so with God; while these things of Love and wisdom and loving and hearing do not constitute God, yet they are a part of Him and are exercised by Him, just as the qualities I have mentioned are exercised by you.

I know it is difficult for the mere mind to comprehend this great truth of God having a personality, yet it is a truth, and just as real to the perceptions of the developed soul as is the existence of yours or any man's personality to the finite mind.

And here is another fact in connection with this great truth and that is that only the spirits who have experienced the New Birth and become filled with the Divine Love of the Father and, hence, a partaker of His Divinity will ever be able to perceive this great truth of the personality of God.

No other spirit will ever receive that soul development, which is absolutely necessary for it to possess in order to perceive the great truth under discussion.Yet the mere fact that these other spirits do not comprehend or understand this truth does not make it any the less a truth, and all men and spirits are subject to its operations, and must come under the benefits that they may receive by reason of the workings of this truth upon their lives and thoughts.

Just because men cannot see God, it does not follow that He does not see them - for He does; and their every thought is known to Him and taken account of. And strange as it may seem to you, or as I should more appropriately say, surprising as it may seem to you, that account is kept in the memories and consciences of men themselves, and when the time comes for them to render an account of their acts and thoughts, no other place or receptacle is sought for or examined to find this account than these very memories and consciences; and nothing can be hidden or lost, until it has fulfilled the purpose of its existence.

Men may create, but they cannot destroy - I refer now to their actions and their thoughts. While on earth they may forget and ease their consciences by forgetting, yet, when they come to the spirit world and are called to render an account, the inexorable laws that are really their judges and executioners show them that there is no such thing as forgetting and has been said, they have forgotten to forget.

God is being, self-existing, unchangeable, but full of Love and mercy, and these He does not exercise in any individual case, but has made certain that His Laws of Mercy will so operate that all the spirits of men and mortals also, may by their own acts and desires place themselves in such condition of soul, that these spirits will receive the benefit of this mercy. Yes, His mercy is from the beginning waiting for all men to ask for it and want it, just as is His Love.

I could write on this subject for a longer time, but I must not write more tonight as you are tired, so I will close. With all my love and blessings,

I am your brother in Christ,
St. Luke

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jesus Writes that God is a Being of Real Existence and Personality and He Sees Every Act of Man

November 22, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have heard what the Professor said to you and you must try your best to comprehend its meaning, for it contains a description of the true conception of God in a way that only one having the developed soul perceptions could explain. The only difficulty in the way of your fully understanding this idea of who and what God is, is that the idea is not one that the mere mind can grasp, for only the soul that has been developed to a sufficient degree can comprehend. But yet, you may be able to conceive of its meaning to an extent that will enable you to get closer to our Father as a real, personal Father, and not as a being of formless existence only. I mean that the idea of personality may bring the Father nearer to you, so that you may realize a deeper meaning of His Love and care and mercy and interest in you and in all His creatures.

In my message on God, you will find that the idea of personality is spoken of, but not emphasized so much as in the writing of the Professor; but the truth is that our Father is, to the soul perceptions, a being of real existence and personality.

I know how difficult it is for the mind to conceive, even in a faint way, how such a personality can be a part of a being who is declared to be a mere spirit without form or limitation, and everywhere at the same time; but I tell you that it is a truth that by the soul's faculties is comprehensible the personal attributes of the Father.

Of course, men will not understand this truth so long as they depend upon the mere intellect to comprehend it, and to them it may not mean much; but it is of the greatest importance to mankind, both in their lives on earth and in the spirit world. "Thou, God seest me", is not a mere meaningless generality which men repeat and do not understand, for God does see every act of man; and as I said when on earth, not even a sparrow falls without my Father knowing it, and the hairs of your head are all numbered. So if men will only learn that this great truth is of such importance, they will take more care of the manner in which they live their lives.

As I was saying, men must realize that God knows not only their acts but their thoughts, and every idle thought will have to be accounted for, and the penalties which His laws impose will have to be paid. So, if men would only realize this fact of God's being able to see and know what their lives on earth are, they would many times think before they do some things which they do, supposing that no one but themselves know of them. I am very glad that the Professor wrote to you on this subject to night, for it is one that is very important in our plan of revealing the truths of God and His attributes.

Very soon I will write you another message, and one that will be very important to mankind. I will come again soon, and tell you of some things that you must learn. So with all my love and blessings, I am,

Your own brother and friend,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Stephen Writes That God Can See, Hear and Know the Thoughts and Deeds of Men and Spirits

November 21, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Stephen.

I want to say only a word. At the time of my martyrdom, I saw the heavens opened and the spirits of the just made perfect, so now I can by my soul perceptions see my God as a real personal being, full of Love and Mercy.

Let no man rest in the assurance that God is only a formless spirit, without the attributes of seeing and hearing and knowing what the thoughts and deeds of men and spirits are, for if he does, in the time of accounting, he will be deceived in his false security.

I am in a condition of soul development to know the great truth that God is a God of real personality, and when I say this I don't mean individuality in the sense that you are an individual. But what I mean by personality is that all these attributes of Love and power and knowledge and mercy do not constitute God, but are merely a part of His being and flow from Him in their operations upon men and, in fact, upon all the things of the universe.

I will not enlarge upon this truth, as it has been explained by those who preceded me, but I will say this, that because a man with a finite mind cannot understand this truth, it by no means follows that it is not a truth, for it is, and in the great future every man who has received the necessary soul development will learn and know this truth.

I will not write more to night, but will say to you, continue to seek this great development of your soul, and you will not be disappointed in coming to the realization that God is our Father of the Master, the close personal and loving Father.

With all my love I will say good night,

Your brother in Christ,
St. Stephen

Monday, March 4, 2013

Professor Joseph Salyards Writes That He Can Perceive Who and What is God With His Soul Perceptions

November 21, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Professor Salyards.

I merely want to say that I am very happy and want you to know that I am progressing in my condition of soul development and in my knowledge of the truths that pertain to the spirit world. I have not written you for a long time and would like to tell you of certain truths that I have learned since last I wrote you.

Well, I find that I am now in a condition of soul development that enables me to see the truth of what the Master has told us in reference to the real existence of God, who knows what His creatures are doing and in what way they are making use of their souls and bodies. I mean that this God is one having all the faculties that you would suppose only a being would have who had a personality and form; but can hardly understand how a mere essence or formless existence could have such powers and qualities.

I never, until recently, could comprehend the real truth and meaning of God. I believing him to be mere essence, void of form or personality, who could have the wisdom and love and power that I was taught such God possessed. Such comprehension is beyond the finite mind and can only be accepted as a realization of an existing condition or truth by means of faith. Yet, now I have more than faith to enable me to understand the fact that this God, whom we call our Father, for He is, has all these qualities and powers; and such understanding is to me a wonderful and unexpected addition to my knowledge of God.

This understanding, of course, is not a thing that arises from any exercise of the mind, or the result of any mental power or quality which I may never have realized that I possessed, but is the result of the exercise of my soul perceptions, which have become so great and in such condition of unison or harmony with our Father's qualities of soul that He and all these attributes appear to me as real, perceptible existences, having a certainty of comprehensible being, as do the existence of spirits and their attributes. So you see what soul development may mean and what its possibilities are.

No mere development of the intellectual qualities or attributes could ever lead to a comprehension of the personality of God, as I have described it. I never in all my life, natural or spiritual, conceived or expected that it were possible for any soul of mortal or spirit to see God as I now see Him, and I never could understand what was meant by the beatitude, "the pure in heart shall see God", except in this sense, that as we became pure in heart those qualities that were ascribed to God would become a part of us, and as such possessors, we could see God, or rather the result of those attributes of God in our souls.

I don't know whether you can fully comprehend what I intend to convey to you, but I have tried my best to put the idea in such language that your mind may understand, to some extent, what my meaning is. I know that you will never fully know what this great soul perception is until you have experienced what this development is in your own soul, which is necessary to enable it to see with the clearness that I now see.

I thought that I would tell you of this progress of my soul, so that you might have some faint idea of what the development of the soul means in a way other than an addition to the development of the Love Principle. But really all phases of its development are part of or dependent upon and resultant from the development of this Love Principle; for Divine Love is the fulfilling of the law, and law includes that which enables us to perceive that God is a personalty, having these qualities that I speak of.

I see that I have written enough for tonight, and if you will carefully read what I have written, you will find much food for thought and probably some help to a correct, concrete comprehension of who and what God is.

So expressing to you my gratification and pleasure in being able to come to you again and having you take down my ideas of who our Father is, and also for the opportunity to declare that God is a being, having an existence of His own, comprehensible by the soul perceptions of the redeemed of His creatures, I will say, good night.

Your old professor and brother in Christ,
Joseph H. Salyards

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Helen Padgett Writes a Short Note About John G. Carlisle's Appearance and Explains Why He was Allowed to Write His Message

November 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I called you because when the spirit* who wrote came, he was in such a very bad and suffering condition and begged so piteously to write that I thought it would be doing a great act of love and mercy to let him write.

He is a very ugly and dark and deformed spirit in his appearance, and while a man of great intellect, yet, his soul is almost in a condition of death; that is, it has no conscious life, for it was literally starved and was not capable of seeing or feeling any of the higher or better impulses. So when he came and said that he needed help so much, we let him write.

He is now with Mr. Riddle, and I hope that he may find some light and relief, though, I fear that he will have a struggle to believe what may be told him for, as you may know, when the soul becomes all shrunken and dead, it is hard for the intellect to believe anything which pertains to the awakening of the soul; but everything is possible with God and this man is not beyond redemption.

I believe, though, that he will have a long course of soul development before he will see the light and realize that his sufferings are leaving him. He must have been a very wicked man on earth, for he has about him all the traces and evidences of a very abandoned and wicked life.

"Their sins do follow them, saith the Lord," and I may add - stay with them until the great Law of Compensation has been complied with, or the greater Law of Divine Love has supplanted it.

You must not write more now. So goodbye.

Your own true and loving,

*John G. Carlisle

Saturday, March 2, 2013

John G. Carlisle Writes That He is Suffering and in Darkness and Asks For Help

November 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write, John G. Carlisle.

I merely want to say that I need help so much. I am suffering so very much and in such darkness, and I can find no relief from my condition. So please tell me if you can help me. Some spirits here say that you have helped others and I want help if it can be found.

It is not necessary for me to tell you who I am, or what I did on earth, for you as many others in Washington knew just what kind of life I led when I lived in that city, as I was a prominent man and my actions were watched and known by a great many.

Suffice it to say that I am now paying the penalties for my evil life, and I am in torture and such intense darkness and don't know the way to relief if there is any for me. I want you to help me, and if you can and will do so, I will never forget you. I will come and claim your promise; and if you can succeed, I will be everlastingly obliged.

Yes, I have seen him (Cleveland) on several occasions and have talked with him, but he seems to be in a better condition than I am for some reason that I don't understand. We were very much alike in certain particulars when on earth, but he seems to have found some means by which he is enabled to live in a brighter state than I do.

No, I have never met Mr. Riddle and don't know that he is in the spirit world, but from what you say I suppose he is. But why do you ask? You know that I knew a great many of the public men, and so very many better than I knew Riddle and, hence, I am a little anxious to know why you ask me if I have seen him. Well, you make me anxious to meet him and should I do so, I will remember what you say.

Well, I have looked and I see some beautiful spirits but I don't know any to them. I have asked who they are, and one says she is your wife and what a beautiful spirit she is and how good and loving her appearance. I wonder why she is of such beauty! I have asked her, and she says she will try and has left me.

Well, he is here and how surprised I am, for he is beautiful and bright, too, and seems to have so much love about him. What is the cause of all this wonderful beauty and brightness?

Well, he has spoken to me and tells me that he is glad to see me, and that he is willing and anxious to help me out of my darkness and wants me to go with him for a talk, and I am going. I will try to do as you say and will certainly make every effort to understand this great mystery.

So my friend, I must leave you, but in doing so I want to express to you my gratitude for what you have done and for your kind thoughts. So believe me when I say that I am very grateful.


Your Friend,
John G. Carlisle

Friday, March 1, 2013

Helen Padgett Writes About the Observance of the Seventh Day as the Sabbath

November 19, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I signaled you and wanted merely to say that I have been reading with you the pamphlet and want to tell you that it is not true. It is all wrong and misleading and will never save a soul from sin. The writer is so filled with the idea that God commanded the observance of the seventh day as the Sabbath, that he, the writer, can see nothing in all the Bible that is of such great importance as the keeping of the Sabbath.

The Sabbath, as a religious institution, is not of more importance than any other day, and the man who believes that by observing this Sabbath day can reach that condition of soul development which will fit him for an entrance into the Divine Kingdom will, when he comes to the spirit world, find himself much disappointed. The keeping of this day as these people teach, or of any other day, will not develop their soul qualities or make them one with the Father, or even give them a great development of the natural love, for the doing or refraining to do those things which the commandment, which is the basis of their belief, directs to be done or not done, will only benefit them if they will try to get into attunement with the soul requirements which are necessary in order to become partakers of the Divine Love. So do not let the thoughts or argument of this pamphlet influence you in any way as regards the essentials to a correct understanding of the plans of God for the salvation of mankind.

As Jesus has told you, he will not come to earth with a shout surrounded by his angels and catch up into the Heavens these Adventists, or any other human beings, but he will come and is now coming into the souls of men through his teachings the workings of the Holy Spirit and in no other way.

He is not the God of wrath and judgment that they teach, but merely the true son of his Father and comes to all men in love and sympathy and with the great desire that men shall turn away from their evil thoughts and seek the Love and Mercy of the Father.

I felt that I wanted to write you this, as I realize what great errors are contained in that pamphlet, and men may be lead to believe these errors. While you may read such literature, do not let it for one moment cause you to turn your thoughts away from the pure and true teachings of the Master for if you, or any other man, should base your salvation on what is taught in such writings, you will be deceived, and when you come to the spirit world you will be greatly disappointed in not finding what such writings may lead you to expect.

I must not write more now, as you are not in condition to write further.

Your own true and loving,