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John Wesley, Ann Rollins and Helen Padgett Write About Being in Awe of Seeing Jesus' Power and Glory

December 14, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a word, too, for I was present when the Master bestowed upon you his great love and prayed the Father to send into your soul the Love of the Father - the Divine Love - that will make you one with Him. And I must tell you that never before have we seen such love and glory displayed by the Master as he displayed tonight to you his love and blessings. Oh, I tell you that it was wonderful and we all stood, or rather knelt in awe, for we could not stand in his presence.

What does all this mean! None of us know for we have never received such evidence of love from him and have never seen anyone else receive the love in that way.

We commence to know how you must be a very important man to the Master, and you must be the special object of his love and care, for he seems to love you with a love that we cannot understand, although we have in our souls the Divine Love of the Father to a very great degree. But yet such love as he displayed tonight, we have never seen and the meaning of it we cannot fully comprehend.

Oh, I tell you that you are a blessed man, and you have with you not only the love and power of the greatest spirit in all God's universe but also the Great Divine Love of the Father.

So let us think of this wonderful experience before writing more. I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley

* * * * * * * * * *

Ann Rollins:

Let me write while the power of the Master is here and tell you that you have had a wonderful experience tonight, and so have we who have stood by and seen the Master write to you and bestow upon you his great love.

He was glorious as he told you of the Great Love of the Father that would come to you and how he would be with you in all his love and blessings trying to make you happy.

We were all surprised at the great display of his glory, for it was like the great shining light of God's countenance of which we have heard, but never seen. You certainly are a blessed man and one that must become very happy.

I am not in condition to write more tonight,and can only praise God for the Great Love and favor that he has bestowed upon you. So my dear son believe what I have told you, and know that we all rejoice with you in the great favor, which you have from the Master. So dear son, good night.

Your own loving

* * * * * * * * * *


I am your own, Helen.

Well my dear Ned, I can scarcely write as I am so filled with awe over what has happened tonight that my power to write has almost left me. But my darling, I must tell you that you are very dear to the Master and a child of the Father's Love to a very great degree. Such love, I never before saw displayed and I never expected to see it, especially bestowed upon you, who are so dear to me.

I must not try to write more tonight as I am so filled with love and wonder and thankfulness that I can hardly think. So my own dear Ned, love me with all your heart and soul and believe that I love you, too. But when I think of this night and the great love that was bestowed upon you, my love seems like a mere shadow; but it is all that I have to give you, and I give all I have. So sweetheart, good night.

Your own true and loving,

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