Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jesus Writes that the Only Part of Man that is Immortal is the Soul

August 26, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to let you know that in a few nights I will write you another message conveying important truths that are necessary for men and spirits to know.

I see that you have not been well and that your vitality is somewhat exhausted, and that it is not best for you to attempt to write much at this time. You had better not attempt to receive any messages except from your wife. I wish to tell you, though, that you will soon feel much better and will be able to proceed with your work without any interference.

The only part of man that is immortal is the soul. The spirit is merely the active energies that manifest life and these energies - for their existence - depend upon the soul from which they emanate. Very soon I will deliver a message defining just what the soul is, and what the spirit is, and their relationship to each other and to the body. So do not trouble yourself about this question, but believe that the soul is the ego - the real part of man which distinguishes him from the beast, which has a spirit as has man, but not a soul. All these matters will be explained before we cease delivering these messages of truth.

I will not write more tonight, but with my love and blessings, say to you have faith in the Father's Love and pray without ceasing and all happiness will be yours.

Your brother and friend,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jesus Writes That Spirits Were Present and Listened Attentively to Mr. Padgett Reading the Messages

August 15, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I have been interested in your reading of the messages and on desires tonight and I know that they will do much good to those who have heard them for I must tell you that there have been present a large number of spirits of all kinds that have listened attentively to what you have read and many of them are wondering what they can mean as they only heard the important points of the messages referred to.

You must continue to receive the messages just as soon as you get in a better condition physically which will soon be as you will commence to recover your vitality, just as quickly as the weather gets a little cooler.

Tonight I will not write more as it is very late and you had better go to bed, but I will come soon and write you. So with my love I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jesus Writes About the Battle of Armageddon

August 13, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and heard the address of the preacher (Elder Daniels) and the explanation of the cause of the Great War (World War I) that is now raging in Europe, and it was a very intelligent and truthful one and the real foundation of the war.

I will not come as the Prince Michael, as the preacher said, to establish my Kingdom on earth and take into me those whose names are written in the book and destroy those whose names are not therein written, for I have already come and am now in the world working to turn men's hearts to God and to teach them the way by which they may become at-one with the Father and receive into their souls the Divine Love.

In no other way will I ever come to men on earth for they will not need me as a visible king with the powers and armies of the spirit world in visible form to subdue the evil that exists. There will arise no Satan to fight against me or my followers in the sense that the preacher teaches, for besides, the fact that I am already in the world fighting for the salvation of men, there is no Satan. The only devils or evil spirits who are trying to influence men to evil thoughts and actions are the spirits of men, which still retain all their sins and wickedness and the evil that exists in the hearts of men themselves.

How pitiable it is that the preacher and his followers believe that the spirits of men who have died the natural death are also dead and resting in the grave, or in oblivion, waiting for the great day of my appearance on earth, as they say, in order to come again into life and be called by me into my Kingdom. How much they lose by such beliefs, and how great and surprising will be their awakening when they pass through the change called death.

There will be no Battle of Armageddon - only as each man, or the soul of each man, is now fighting the battle between sin and righteousness. This is the only battle that will ever be fought between the Prince of Peace and Satan. Each soul must fight its own battle, and in that fight the Powers of God, by His instruments, which never cease to work, will be used to help that soul overcome the great enemy, sin, which is of man's creation.

These teachings of the preacher do great harm to mankind in that they cause the individual man to believe, that I, as the Prince of Peace, will come in mighty power, and in one fell swoop will destroy evil and all who personify it, and thereby do the work which each individual man must do.

I know that it will be very difficult to persuade the people of this sect that what they teach and what they conclude the Bible teaches is not true, but I hope that when my truths are brought to light and men have the opportunity to learn the truth, that many of them will halt in the security of their beliefs and attempt to understand these truths, as they must understand them, either in the mortal life or in the spirit world, in order to enter the Kingdom of God.

As to these prophecies of Daniel, they have no application to the present condition of the world, and so far as they were written by him, or by any other prophet, they related only to the times in which they were written. No man, inspired or not, and no spirit had the omniscience to foretell these wonderful things that are now taking place in the world, and any attempts to apply these supposed prophecies to the happenings of the present day are without justification and the results of the imaginations of men that the occurrences fit the prophecies.

Peace will come, but not as the result of any Battle of Armageddon, or any other battle based upon the principles which the preacher applies to these prophecies. As I have said, this battle is going on all the time, and it is an individual fight between the sinful soul and the creatures of man's disobedience. So do not waste your time in reading or listening to these unreal and foundationless teachings of men who think that they have discovered the intentions of God with reference to the destiny of nations.

I will not write more tonight, but at sometime I may say more on this subject, though, its only importance is that it attracts men's attention away from the truth and creates beliefs which do harm. I will soon come and write another message of truth.

I am with you, as I told you, trying to help you and to show you the way to that New Birth, which is yours and all others who will follow my instructions. I love you as a younger brother and will continue to bless you with my influence and prayers. So doubt not and pray to the Father and you will find the truth in greater fullness and receive corresponding happiness. I will now stop.

Your brother and friend,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Writes About Divine Love: What it is, What it is not, and How it can be Obtained

August 5, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John.

I come tonight to say only a few words and these in reference to love - the Divine Love of the Father, which He rebestowed upon mankind at the coming of the Master.

This Love is the greatest thing in all the world, and the only thing that can make man at-one with the Father, and change the soul of man as it has existed since his creation into a Divine Substance filled with the Essence of the Father. There is nothing else in all the universe of God that can cause man to become a new creature, and an inhabitant of the Father's Kingdom; and when men possess this Love, then they possess everything that will make them not only the perfect man but the Divine Angel.

Then men will understand the moral precepts of brotherly love and also the Father's oneness, and they will not have to seek for other help in order to bring into the life of the human race those qualities that will bring to it peace and good will. Then will every man know that every other man is his brother and be able to do unto each as he would have the other to do unto him, and this without effort or sacrifice on his part for love worketh its own fulfillment and all its beneficence floweth towards the fellow-man as falls the dews from Heaven. Envy and hatred and strife and jealousy and all the other evil qualities of man will disappear, and only peace and joy and happiness will remain.

It is so abundant that it may be possessed by all men by the mere seeking and the sincere longing for its inflowing. But man must understand that it is not his by matter of right, nor is it ever forced upon him, but comes only in response to the sincere earnest prayer of a soul that is filled with longings for its coming. This Love comes not with observation of mere moral rules, or with good deeds and the exercise of the natural love of a man towards his fellows, because no man can possibly merit it by any deeds or acts or kindness of heart that he may have. All these things are desirable and they work out their own rewards and bring the happiness and peace that result from good thoughts and kind deeds; but all these do not bring unto the soul of man this Great Love.

It is the Father alone, and only when the soul is opened up to its reception can it possibly find its home in that soul. It is greater than faith or hope, because it is the real Substance of the Father, while faith and hope are the qualities which a man may possess by his own efforts, and which are given him that he may realize the possibility of obtaining this Love. They are merely means; it is the end and fullness of their exercise.

But men must not believe that all love is the Divine Love for it is very different in its substance and qualities from all other loves. All men have a part of their possessions, the natural love, and they need not pray for a bestowal of that although since it has become defiled by sin, it needs to be purified and freed from this blight, and the Father is ever willing and ready to help men obtain this purification. But this Divine Love is not a part of man's nature nor can he obtain or possess it, except he seek for it. It comes from without and is not developed from within.

It is the result of individual acquiremen, and not the object of universal possession. It may be possessed by all; it can be possessed by only a few; and each man must determine for himself whether it shall be his. With God there is no respect of persons; neither is there any royal road to the obtaining of this Love. All must pursue the same way and that way is the one that Jesus taught: the opening up of the soul to this Love finding a lodgment therein, which can be brought about only by sincere prayer and longing for its inflowing.

This Love is the life of the Celestial Heavens and the only key that will unlock the gates, and when the mortal enters therein, all other love is absorbed by it. It has no substitute, and is of itself, a thing apart. It is of the Essence of the Divine, and the spirit which possesses it is Divine itself. It may be yours, it may be all men's and it may not. You must decide that question for yourself, not even the Father can make the decision for you.

In closing, let me repeat that It (Divine Love) is the greatest thing in all God's universe and not only the greatest, but the sum of all things, for from It flows every other thing that brings peace and happiness. I will not write more tonight, and with my love to you, and the blessing of the Father, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, August 26, 2013

Helen Writes that Buddha is in the Sixth Sphere

August 1, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, sweetheart, you have been much interested in the book (The Birth of Buddha) you were reading, and there are some wonderful statements contained in it, and which, as you must see, are fables; for never did the things related happen.

There are in the spirit world a great number of spirits who believe in and worship Buddha, and who are satisfied in their beliefs and their manner of living and the places in which they live. None of them are in the Celestial Heavens, but are in several spheres of the spirit world according to the development of their moral natures and their natural loves.

I have never seen the founder of this sect, but I am informed that he is in the Sixth Sphere and is a very bright spirit and pure and still engaged in teaching his doctrines. But, of course, he has changed in some of his doctrines, notably the doctrine of reincarnation; for all the spirits of his followers on earth remain in the spirit world and never become reincarnated.

Well, I do not know whether we can have him come and write or not, but we will make the effort sometime in order that he may tell you himself of his present beliefs and condition of bliss. Well, you will be able to do that and it may have some effect. But you have so many other things to do at this time, that I do not think we will have him come very soon.

Your own true and loving

Sunday, August 25, 2013

St. Luke Writes a Short Note that He Did Not Write the Gospel or Acts as They are Now Contained in the Bible

July 25, 1916
Received by James Padgett.
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I merely come to corroborate what Luther has written, as I am one of those who have set the causes in operation. You may believe what is said, and your realization will not be long postponed. I will not write more tonight.

I did not write the Gospel or the Acts, as they are now contained in the Bible. I wrote a Gospel and also a book called the Acts, but my writings were not preserved and in the copying and translating of them many things were eliminated and many things added. Of course, I cannot tell you now what these things are, but before our messages are finished you will know of many truths, which will explain this matter. I am really the Luke who wrote the Gospel and the Acts which were the supposed originals of what the Bible now contains.

So with my love and blessings I will say, good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Edwin Forrest Writes of His Progress Out of Darkness and that He is Praying for Divine Love

July 19, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Edwin Forrest.

I come tonight to tell you that I am much better than I was when last I wrote you and have gotten out of much of the darkness in which I was.

This is all so wonderful to me that I scarcely realize what it means, and when I think of how ignorant I was on earth and what a God-less life I led, I never cease thanking God for the great opportunities that I enjoy, and for the help of the beautiful, loving spirits who came to me to show me the way to Truth and this Love of the Father.

Your wife has been my angel of hope in all my darkness, and her tenderness and love have caused me to awaken from the miserable condition in which I found myself shortly after coming to the spirit world. How fortunate I am; I cannot tell you and never will I be able to tell anyone, for no spirit that has not experienced what I have can possibly convey the meaning of the great change from darkness and ignorance to some light and some of the Divine Love that has come to me.

I now pray to the Father almost continually and as I do so, I realize that there comes into my soul that which changes all its qualities and makes me realize how dead I was. Oh, if I only had known of this wonderful Love on earth how different my life would have been, and how many heartaches would have been saved to others, and among them I include yourself, for now I realize that I did you great wrong in our business affairs by my conduct and drunken escapades.

But I know that you have forgiven me and pray for me and want me to be happy; and your wife, who knows what happened, tells me not to think of these things but to think only of the Father's Love, and the fact that it can be mine in ever increasing abundance. I wanted to write this to you, and I now feel better, and you may rest assured that so far as I can in this spirit world help you and retrieve what injury I did you, I will do to the utmost of my power.

Well, I have written considerable tonight and must stop. So continue to pray for me, and I know that I shall be helped.

Good night,
Edwin Forrest

Friday, August 23, 2013

Jesus Writes As to Some of the Errors and Deficiencies of Christian Science

July 9, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come today to tell you that I am pleased with you in your efforts to find the truth of what we have taught as to God and of the relation of man to Him.

I have been with you in your reading of several days past and have observed the effect upon you of the contrast between the beliefs and teachings of men, as you have read them, and the teachings of truth that we have revealed to you in our messages. While these writings that you have been reading have in them some things of truth, yet there are many things that are wholly untrue and the mere results of speculation. Today, if you feel in condition, I will instruct you as to some of the errors and deficiencies of Christian Science and the want of the true comprehension of its founder of the realities of being.

She writes and teaches that there is nothing real in sin and error and disease, and that their apparent existence is wholly due to the mortal mind, and that when this mind denies the existence of these things, they will no longer exist. Well, in this assertion there is a large grain of truth, but in order to understand and apply this truth, more than a mere denial of their existence must be taught and believed by man.

It is true that God never created anything of evil - or that which is not in harmony with His Nature and Essence, which are only good; and that to ascribe the existence of these evils and discords to God is erroneous and blasphemous. But the fact remains that these things exist, and the mere denial of their existence does not remedy the harmful results that flow from such existence.

Man suffers from evil and error and disease and has always so suffered since the fall from his state of perfection and always will suffer in consequence of there being in his consciousness these things of reality, and the mere calling them the result of "mortal mind," will not explain their existence or furnish a remedy by which they may be gotten rid of.

First arises the necessity of understanding how, and by what means, these things came into existence, and then it will become easier for the understanding of the means and the way by which they may be eliminated from the life and apparent nature of mankind.

As I have already told you, these things, foreign to God's creation, were created by man alone in the excessive and unlawful exercise of his will power in following out the suggestions and desires of his animal appetites, which unduly asserted themselves when man lost a part of his spirituality by his disobedience.

Their creation was the result of something more than what the founder of that science calls the "mortal mind," for the mind is only a part of man's being; and while the faculties of the mind must be used in the operation of all the powers and qualities of man, yet the mind is not the originator of all his desires and appetites and emotions. The emotional nature and affections are distinct from the mere mind, or the intellectual faculties, and as regards sin and error, are generally the creators of the same, although the mind may and does foster and increase these things so created.

Then man must understand that these excrescences to his perfect creation are real and existing, and result in his own damnation and alienation from the good, and are antagonistic to his original and natural condition of perfection, and that they cannot be swept out of existence by the mere assertion that they are not real.

Again, man must understand that they are the creatures primarily of the inordinate exercise of the animal appetites and desires, and not of the exercise of the mind, and (that they are) to be eradicated by the same process in reverse order as was used in their creation.

Of course, it must not be lost sight of that in using this process, the faculties of the mind must be brought into operation, just as they were in the creation of these existences. And the great fact to be remembered in this process is that these things are real, and not things of the mere imagination, which is the equivalent of the founder's mortal mind.

Now, when man grasps the meaning, as thus explained, of what these things really are, and how they came into being, then he will the more readily comprehend the way or the means by which they are to be destroyed and never again permitted to become a part of his being; for while they do not by nature belong to his being, yet by reason of his being the creator of them, they are, so far as his consciousness is concerned, together with all the results flowing therefrom, a part of his being; and that part which keeps him in discord with the laws controlling his own existence. The purity of his true being is always besmirched by the impurities of his own artificial being, and always will be, until he eliminates these impurities which, as to him and to his fellow man, are real, persistent existences.

The will, however, is the great force that must be used in the destruction of these excrescences, and as this will power in man is free and untrammeled, and in its operations follows the suggestions and desires of the appetites - both animal and spiritual - of man, it therefore becomes apparent that these appetites and desires must first be controlled and directed in that direction that will cause the will to be exercised in such a manner as to lead the thoughts and deeds towards the realization of the desires and appetites in harmony with God's Laws.

As sin and evil are not the creatures of the spiritual desires, but wholly of the animal, then to eradicate from man's being these things of evil and sin, the efforts of man must be directed towards the supplanting of the unlawful and inharmonious animal desires and appetites, by appetites and desires arising from the same source that is in harmony with the laws creating this very source.

Man was created by God with animal appetites just as he was created with spiritual aspirations, and the one is just as harmonious with the laws of his creation as the other, and the loss of the spiritual aspiration, or the perversion of the animal appetites, similarly causes man to become out of harmony with these laws. So that man in order to become free from these foreign parts of his being, must strive, not by a denial of their reality, but by the effort to supplant them, to recreate, as it were, in himself the animal appetites that are consistent and in harmony with those which were his when he was made the perfect man; in other words, to destroy the beings of his own creation and possess only those of the creation of God.

Of course, in this effort, he will have to use his mind, mortal or otherwise, but in addition, he will also have to exercise the faculties of his emotional and affectional nature, which are not of the mind but the soul. Mere negation or belief will not be sufficient, but desires and cravings for these things which engender sin must be supplanted by desires and craving for those things, which are in harmony with his creation.

So, I repeat, the teachings that sin and error and disease are not real and are no part of man's being, as he now exists and lives, is erroneous and when not understood, harmful, and not sufficient to bring about the regeneration of man.

In one sense, it is true that sin and error and disease are not real, but that means that so far as God's creation of man is concerned, they have no existence, for He created only that which was good and in harmony with His perfect laws. But as man is a creator as well as a creature, and as these things are the creatures of man alone, then so far as the being of man is involved, they have a reality which will persist until their creator - man - has destroyed them.

I am pleased that you gave me the opportunity to write today and am also glad to find you in good condition.

Your friend and brother,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mary Kennedy Writes of Her Intent to Take the Spirit of Dr. Leslie R. Stone to the Third Sphere to Meet Her

July 3, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary.

I want very much to write as I have been waiting for some time to send my dear Leslie (Stone) a communication, and I have been so disappointed because it seemed to me that conditions would never present themselves that would enable me to tell of my love and desires. But now that I am writing again, I hope that you will not think me selfish if I should write a little longer than seems to be reasonable.

Well, I was present the other night when you came to us in your spirit form, and what Helen told you is all true, but she did not tell you the whole truth for if she had, she would have told you that I greeted you also, and that you said I was very beautiful and that Leslie had no conception of what a lovely sweetheart he had, and that if he could only see me and be with me he would never want to return to earth again. And I told you to tell him that I was his, and no one else's, and that I was waiting for him to come, and that I was going to try to bring him to these spheres of love just as Helen did you, and I am going to do it, too.

Of course, I have never had any experience of this kind, but Helen says that she will show me the way and that very soon. And now I desire to tell him that he must not be surprised if some night before very long he finds himself with me and enjoying my love and happiness.

But Helen says that if he does come she will meet him also and tell him some things that will cause him to think that I do not love him so much; but I don't care if she does so that I have him with me.

He must believe in what I here write, for it is true and we will have all the enjoyment that I can possibly promise, and I know that then I will be so real to him that he will never thereafter have to wonder what kind of looking girl his soulmate is. He may not recollect any more, than you do, his experience, but yet there will remain with him in his memory some conception of what his Mary looks like, so that she will be real to him as your Helen is to you.

Oh, what a glorious thought that I can have him with me in his actual spirit presence, and talk to him and have him talk to me! Won't that be heaven for us both! But I must not get into such rhapsody for if I do I may forget some other things that I desire to say.

Tell him that I am with him so very much and that when he thinks I am giving him the signal I am really doing so, and that when he does not receive the signal I am frequently with him. And tell him, too, that as I progress in my soul development and get more of the Divine Love in my soul, the more I love him, and try to make him realize it, and that now as I am in the Celestial Heavens, I know that he will not be left in the lower spheres, for I could not be perfectly happy without him, and that God is too good to deprive me of his companionship.

What a wonderful thing is love, and I mean not only the love of the Father but the lesser love of the soulmate when it knows that it's soulmate on earth returns that love; but of course, the mortal soulmate can never love as does the soulmate in the higher spheres. I am so very happy tonight that I could write for a long time yet, but I must not, though I will add a postscript.

I am with his mother very much, and love her very dearly, because she loves her son so much, and we often talk about the time when he will come to us and be one of the family of redeemed spirits, and when his home and my home shall be the same. His mother is a very beautiful spirit and knows only love, and while she loves all her children on earth yet she feels closer to him because he gives her the opportunity to come to him and he responds to her thoughts of love and happiness.

His father is also much interested and is with him very much, trying to help him and turn his thoughts to the higher things of life on earth as well as here and is now here telling me that I must let him know that he, the father, is so very happy that his son's longings and aspirations are so often given to those thoughts that will enable him to progress to the delights that come only with the Divine Love of the Father.

Well, I must stop now or you will think that I am very selfish and I do not want you to think that, for you know I love you as a sister and want you to believe that I am a good little spirit, even if I do love more than some spirits who don't know so much about love.

So I will say good night, but tell my dear one to prepare to have his spirit carried away some night to fields of bliss and beauty that very few mortals visit. So goodbye.

Your own true friend and sister,
Mary Kennedy


Helen Confirms Mary's Plan.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

You have received quite a letter from Mary tonight, and she was so glad that she could write you for she wanted to let the Doctor know that she intends to carry his spirit with her and enjoy his presence as I did yours. I will assist her and she will succeed, and the Doctor will be carried to the sphere to which his soul development will enable him to enter which I think will be the Third, for he has much development and is in possession of much of the love.

Well, I see that you do not feel like writing much tonight, and I will not try to write longer, and only say that I love you with all my heart and soul. So love me and give me my kiss. Good night,

Your own true loving,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

John Writes on "Why should men learn that they are not to be left to themselves in their conception of what life means..."

July 2, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I come tonight to tell you of a truth, which is important for you to know as well as for the world of mankind. I will not write a very long message, but what I may say will be the truth and every man should understand it and make it his own. I will not write upon any subject that you have been instructed upon before, but will deal with a subject entirely new and my subject is:

"Why should men learn that they are not to be left to themselves in their conceptions of what life means, and what its importance is in the economy of man's creation and destiny."

I know that this may seem to you to be a strange subject to write on, but it is one that should be of interest to all men who know that the earth life is very short and then eternity takes them into its embrace and never again permits them to become creatures of time.

Man lives and dies and never lives again according to the materialist, and he is as the brute animal without any future. But the spiritualist, and by that I mean those who believe that there is something more to man than the mere material, believes he lives and never ceases to live, although the physical body dies never to be resurrected again as such body. Now as we take either the one or the other of these views, the meaning of man's earth life assumes a very different aspect and calls for very different thoughts and actions on his part in living his life.

Of course, if what is called "death" is the end of things that man should do, or he should think he should do, as the old saying, "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you shall die," and with that death comes oblivion and forgetfulness never to be awakened again into consciousness, his mission in the universe is fulfilled, and he can no more experience the hopes or ambitions or joys or sorrows, which were his as a living man. But on the other hand, if man never ceases to live, then his thoughts and conduct should be turned towards the accomplishment of that, which will provide for him the best possible future.

Those of both opinions know that when death comes, the physical body can no longer be used, and those who believe in the continuous existence know that as the physical body perishes, man must have some other form or body in which may be lodged the consciousness of this continued existence, and that body must be as real as the one which he relinquishes. Such being the fact, the man who knows that death does not end all will naturally and necessarily seek to learn what that body of continued existence is like and what is necessary to enable him to obtain that body and thereby enjoy the living in eternity. And, thus, seeking he will not be satisfied to learn that that body is the mere spirit body, which has been his during all the years of his earth life but will desire to further learn what the relationship is between that body and the manner of living his earth life.

I know that of himself, man cannot to any degree discover this relationship, and that he must depend upon the teachings and experiences of those who have experienced the separation of the spirit from the physical in order to at all comprehend this relationship.

As one having had this experience, I wish to say that the spirit body is, of itself, a creation like as is the physical body and has its existence only for the purpose of preserving man's individuality and of containing and sheltering his soul, both while on earth and after he becomes a spirit.

Then his living means that he is placed on the earth merely to acquire an individuality, and to learn that within him is the soul, which is his real self and which he must cherish and educate and feed with the higher thoughts and goodness of his original creation and not neglect the opportunities that come to him for this development.

I know that this seems incoherent to you with no special object in view, but you are mistaken in thus thinking for the object will soon be seen. But as you are not just in condition for further writing tonight, I will postpone my writing until later. So trusting that you will not feel inclined to reject the message, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Martin Luther Writes About the Futility of Religious Ceremonies as Redemption from Sin

June 29, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luther.

I desire to write a short message tonight on the subject of: "The observance of the ceremonies which my church still uses in its worship is not approved by God or Jesus." I will not detain you very long and will try to express myself as succinctly as possible.

Well, as you may not know the church of which I am the founder believes and teaches the necessity of infant baptism and the observance of the Lord's Supper as necessary parts of its church doctrine, and of such very great importance that without them it is difficult to become an accepted member of the invisible church of Christ. Nothing is further from the truth than these doctrines for the baptism of infants, for they have no virtue to save one from his sins or to make him in atonement with the Father, and the mere fact that water is sprinkled on an infant's head and some blessing pronounced by the preacher does not in any way bring that infant in unison with the Father.

Baptism is of man's creation and to God it means nothing more than an outward ceremony that affects the infant merely as regards its connection with the established earthly church. It is not possible for this baptism to have any effect upon the soul of the infant and neither does it open up the soul faculties to the inflowing of the Divine Love. God cares not for these ceremonies, and rather looks upon them with disapproval, for their tendency is to make men and women neglectful of the great truth that will bring them in harmony with God's Laws of Love and redemption. And the same thing may be said of any and all kinds of baptism, whether the subject thereof be an infant or a grown man or woman.

As to the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, it has no part in God's plan for the redemption of mankind and it is merely a reminder of the association of Jesus with his disciples. It cannot affect the condition or development of the soul and, as now understood and practiced, this sacrament is of no importance for Jesus does not want to be remembered in the way of recalling to him the tragedy on the cross, which was only the result of the malice and envy of the Jews; and the blood spilt is not an element that enters into the plan of the salvation of men. And besides, with this sacrament there is always more or less worshiping of Jesus as God, which he, Jesus, abhors and looks upon as blasphemy.

So you see, the celebration of the Last Supper is a thing which is not acceptable to God or to Jesus. He does not want men to believe that they can be saved by any sacrifice of him or by any blood which he may have shed as a result of his crucifixion.

Of course, you will remember that the question, of what the wine and bread of the sacrament really were, was one that engendered much controversy and even hatred and ill-feeling on the part of those who were assisting me in the great Reformation. If I had known then what I do now, no such question would have been debated or believed in by me and taught for many years. The blood of Jesus was no more than any other man's blood, and the commemoration of the last supper that Jesus gave his disciples before his death is a useless ceremony and brings no help to those who indulge in this sacrament.

I see that you are tired and sleepy and I will not write more now. So with my love and wishes for an increase in you of the Divine Love, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Edwin Forrest, an Old Friend and Law Partner of James E. Padgett, Seeks Help in Getting out of Darkness

June 27, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Edwin Forrest.

Well I am here again and I am glad to be able to write you for I need your advice so much, as several have told me that you can help me. I am in much darkness and suffering, and don't know just why, but I suppose it is because of my evil habits, and I want to get relief if, possible, so try your best to help me.

Well I understand what you say and will believe that you desire to help me, and I will certainly try to take your advice. So give it to me. Yes, I see some who are like myself and need help as I do.

Yes, now I see some beautiful and bright ones who are so different from what I have ever seen, and as I look they become plainer to me, and I see your wife and she is so beautiful and speaks to me and says that she heard what I said to you and that she is ready and willing to help me, if I will listen to her and try to believe what she says. My, she is lovely and seems too good!

Well, I have heard what you say and you surprise me somewhat in telling me about Taggart and the others, and I will try to do as you say. But before I go, tell me how did you ever get the power to receive my writing and thus communicate. I never knew when on earth that you had this power, and if you had told me, I suppose I would not have believed.

So Ned, I will do as you say, and your wife calls me to her and I am going. So goodbye and believe that I am thankful.

Your old partner and now grateful friend,
Edwin Forrest

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jesus Writes on "Why the Divine Love of God is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become at-one with the Father"

June 27, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I wish tonight to write you upon a subject that is of interest to all mankind, and I hope that we will be able to communicate and you receive the message. I desire to write on the subject of : "Why the Love of God - I mean the Divine Love - is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become at one with the Father and an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom."

Already I have written you what this Divine Love is in contradistinction to the natural love, and how it is necessary to save men from their sins so that they may become inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom, and that nothing but this Love will make a man at-one with the Father, and that no mere ceremony or belief in me as the saviour of men will effectuate that end; and now I will try to show you why this Divine Love is necessary, or as your learned men might say, show you the philosophy of the transformation of the mere man into the Divine Angel, which every man becomes who receives this Love into his soul.

In the first place, man, as you have been informed, is a special creation of God, and is no greater than the component parts that enter into his creation as they are in their individual and aggregate qualities, and these parts are merely what God in His act of creation designed them to be.

It must not be assumed that these parts or any of them are a part of God, or of His Essence or qualities, for they are not, and are as separate and distinct from Him and His qualities as are the lower creations of His will, such as animals and vegetables and mineral substances. The only difference is that man is of a much higher order of creation, and in one particular, made in the image of God, and no other of His creatures has this image in its creation. But, nevertheless, man is no part of God, but a merely distinct creation, and in his best and purest state - only a man, having simply those qualities which were created in him at the time of his coming into existence.

There are certain qualities which man possesses, such as love and wisdom and the reasoning faculties which may be said to resemble the God-like attributes, and so they do; but yet, they are not a part of God's Essence or qualities, and when men assert that man is Divine, or that he has in him the Divine Nature, or even a portion of the Divine Essence, they are wrong for the qualities in them that appear to be of this Divine resemblance are merely those which were created for the purpose of making the human a perfect man.

And because of this conception of man as to his inherent qualities, he has and does and will lose the opportunity of becoming possessed of the nature or Essence of the Father which he may obtain, if he will pursue the proper and only method that God has provided for him in order to be at-one with Him.

The universe of man can and will continue to exist, even though man may never become a partaker of this Divine Nature of the Father, and man will live and enjoy the happiness that was bestowed upon him at the time of his creation, and he will not lose the perfect condition of this creation after he shall have been separated from sin and error, his own creatures. But he will not be anything more than the perfect man and in the time to come will not be anything less and, yet, he will always, as long as he exists remain distinct from the Nature and Essence of the Father, just as he was at the time of his creation, unless he obtains this Divine Nature and Essence of the Father in the way that I mentioned.

The highest endowment of man, either in soul or heart or intellect is merely that which belongs to him as a part of his creation and is not the smallest part of the Divine Nature and qualities of the Father. No part or portion of Divinity enters into man's creation, no matter how divinely constituted man may appear to be or God-like, he may seem in the greatness of his intellect or in the extent of his love nature.

So you see, man is as distinct from God and from His Divinity, as is the animal - the brute - from man and must forever remain so unless he follows the only way the Father has prescribed for him to obtain a portion of this Divinity.

Now, all this shows that man, no matter how highly he may develop his intellect or to what extent he may develop his moral and love nature cannot become more than the mere man that he was in the beginning - perfect in every particular - for he was in the beginning perfect in every particular, and as I have said before, God never makes a mistake as to the perfection of His creatures, even though in the case of man it may appear that He did in giving him the great power of free will, which in its wrongful exercise has caused sin and evil to appear in the word of man's consciousness.

And man was made finite, and his capacity for exercising any and all his qualities, is limited beyond which he cannot possibly go. His intellect is bound by limits as determined as the Law of God which controls it and, also, his capacity for loving and for the enjoyment of his happiness; and though he may live for all eternity either as man or spirit, he cannot possibly extend or pass beyond the boundary lines of his creation. He cannot enter into the Realm of the Divine where limitations do not exist and capacity for receiving knowledge and wisdom and love and for progression that is commensurate with the very fountainhead of God Himself.

Then such being the nature and limitation and capacity of man, it is apparent that he can never, by virtue of his creation and the qualities which he possess, become a partaker of the nature and Essence of God, unless he receives something in addition to these qualities, and he must receive this something from without. It will not do to say, that there is within him, as an inherent part of him that, which when developed, will make him of a nature divine and a part of the essence of the Father for this is not true. There is nothing in man of this nature, and it is impossible to produce an Essence Divine unless there be something from which it can be produced, that in some degree has the nature of that Essence. It would be the equivalent of producing something from nothing which even God does not attempt to do.

Then as man is, thus, limited all that flows from the qualities and attributes which he possesses is necessarily limited. The enjoyment of his intellect, the pleasures of his love, the satisfaction of his reasoning powers, and as a sum total, his capacity for happiness have their bounds and besides the consciousness of immortality can never be his, either as spirit or mortal, even though he may strive for it to be.

When man takes on the Divine Nature and becomes absorbed in the Essence of the Father, he then becomes like the Father, and whatever his image to the Father may have been when he was mere man, now he becomes the real Substance and limitations of possibilities become removed, Love sees no ending and intellectual development, no boundaries, happiness no limitations, and Immortality becomes a thing of knowledge, and the soul a new creature having the Divine Essence of the Father; and until this new creation has taken place, and the transformation becomes a thing of reality, and the soul be made at-one with the Father, man cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Then no longer man, but now an Angel.

Now, as I have written you before, all this can be accomplished only by the operation of the New Birth, that is, the inflowing into the soul of man of the Divine Love of the Father. This Love contains the Essence of God's Divinity, and when man obtains it, he is then of the same Essence as the Father, and for the first time becomes a part of the Divine and fitted to inhabit the Celestial Heavens. In no other way can man partake of this nature, and it does not require much reasoning to show the logical truth of this statement, for man in his earthly affairs and in his material experiments in producing compounds from elements applies the same principle that I assert in my statement, "The dough cannot be leavened unless leaven is placed in the batch."

So you see, that without this Divine Love entering into the soul, it will be impossible for the natural man to become the Divine Angel. Beliefs and creeds and doctrines and sacrifices cannot work this transformation, and even though the beliefs may be without doubt, and the creeds and doctrines satisfactory, and the sacrifices without end, yet they will all be futile to change the soul of the mere man into the soul of the Divine Angel and all this, in part, is why man should seek to obtain the Divine Love and become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres.

I have written enough for tonight and I am pleased at the way in which you received it. So with all my love and blessings, I am

Your brother and friend,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

John Calvin Writes a Short Note that He Would Like to Get in Rapport to Assist in the Work

June 20, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write just a word, as I am anxious to make known to you that I am interested in your work and in the development of the knowledge of the soul and the means by which all men may receive the Divine Love of the Father and become at-one with Him.

I am not going to write you a lecture tonight and I merely write that I may get in rapport with you, so that later I may have the opportunity and ability to write you of those things of deep and lasting interest to mortals.

I am not known to you, but I hope that you will soon consider me one of your friends, as I desire to be, I assure you. I must stop now and in leaving will subscribe myself,

Your true friend and brother in Christ,
John Calvin

Monday, August 12, 2013

John Writes About "The Condition of the Soul When and After the Divine Love Flows Into It"

June 19, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I come tonight to tell you that you are in a better condition than you were last night, and that I desire to write a short message if you think that you can receive it. Well, I will not write very long, and what I shall say will have to do with "the condition of the soul when and after the Divine Love flows into it."

As you know, the soul in the condition in which man possesses it before the entrance of the Divine Love is not in accord with the Love of God, nor is it a part of the Great Oversoul. It is only a special creation made in the image of the Father, having in it the natural love, which was conferred upon man at the time of his creation and not having in it any part of the Essence of the Father, or any quality that makes it of the Divine Nature of the Father or necessarily immortal.

But when the Divine Love enters into it, and it becomes permeated, as it were, with the Divine Essence, then it takes on the Divine Nature of the Father, and to the extent that it receives and possesses this Love, it becomes at-one with God and ceases to be a mere image and becomes transformed into the substance.

The soul in this condition is altogether a different entity from the soul in the condition in which it was created, and no longer is subject to the dominion of either the mind or of the animal appetites and desires and, hence, the spirit possessing such a soul is, in essence, a part of the Father, or as Jesus said, is in the Father and the Father in it.

Now, do not understand that such a soul is the soul that man originally possessed with increased development of purity and goodness or freedom from sin, because such is not the case. Such soul by such transformation becomes a new thing, and never again can it relapse into the soul of man's origin. Because of the qualities that it then possesses, it becomes immortal, and such immortal nature can never be taken from it.

It is now a thing of love and purity, and consciousness of its true condition is always with the spirit that has such soul. This transformation is gradual, and men must not think that by the mere act of conversion from their state of death. they at once become possessed of the nature of the Divine, for such is not the fact. The transformation is gradual and comes according to the susceptibility of the the soul to receive this Love of which I speak.

But when once the inflowing of the Love commences, it continues eternally. Although there may be times of stagnation and apparent loss of this Divine Essence, yet always is the transformation taking place, and at certain stages in its progress, the possession of this Divine Love will be so great that the original soul, or its original qualities will entirely disappear and leave only the new qualities which the Divine Love has implanted in it. The leaven when once deposited never ceases to work until the whole shall become leavened.

I will not write more tonight, but only further say, that this condition of transformation may be obtained by all men if they will only seek for it in the proper way and with faith.

I will soon write you again. In leaving you, I give you my love and blessings and the assurance that I am helping you in your efforts to carry forward the work and in accomplishing all the promises. So my dear brother, good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jesus Writes Further on How a Mortal May Obtain the Development of His Soul Condition Without the Help of the Divine Love

June 17, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I see that you are in better condition tonight, and it may be that we can continue the message.

Well, as I was saying, the only way in which a mortal may obtain the development of his soul condition, without the help of the Divine Love, is by attempting to exercise his will in the way that will cause the thoughts of evil and error to leave him, and to be replaced by thoughts that will bring his heart and soul into harmony with the laws of his creation as mere man. This can be done by his seeking for those higher things of morality, and the subordinating of the purely animal desires and appetites of the mortal to the aspirations and desires of the higher and nobler part of his nature.

As I have before told you, man was pure and good until he, by the exercise of his will following the suggestions of the animal desires, permitted himself to degenerate from the high and perfect condition of his creation. These sins and desires do not belong to his original nature, for his true nature was pure and in harmony with the Laws of God. And although he has lost it by the excessive and wrongful exercise of his will, obeying the desires of his animal nature; yet he can recover his condition of original purity and harmony, if he will get rid of these sins and errors, so that his nature may again become free from everything that defiles it, or places it out of harmony with the laws that created it.

So you see, it is not necessary for man to obtain, or add to his original condition, any qualities that were not his in the beginning, but merely to get rid of or eradicate from that condition those things which are mere excrescences or parasites - and thereby have his nature in the same condition that was his when he was created and was the perfect man.

So long a time has the nature or condition of the nature of man been in this state of defilement and alienation from the true condition of his creation, that the effort to bring about the restoration will necessarily be great, and he will have to use all his power of will that he is capable of to effectuate this object, and he will find in such efforts two conflicting forces, always fighting each other for the mastery.

The fact that he believes his present condition is the natural one, and that the state and purity and freedom from sin and error is one that does not belong to him naturally, but must be acquired by adding something to what he now has and always possessed, will make the fight more uneven.

Therefore, the first things that man must believe is that his present condition is not his natural one, and that he has nothing more or greater to accomplish than to relieve himself of those things which prevent his condition from becoming as it was when he was the perfect man. If he will get this belief firmly fixed in his mind, and assert that he was made by God, and that God never created anything impure or not in harmony with His laws, he, man, will have accomplished the first step towards his regeneration and towards success in his effort.

He must not consider himself to be a weak, low and unworthy creature of God, not being entitled to those conditions of purity and greatness which made him the beloved child of the Father. Of course, self-esteem and pride and everything of that nature must be eliminated from the estimate that he must have of himself, but on the contrary the idea that he is a degenerated and utterly helpless being must not be permitted to enter his mind. Such thoughts do not make him pleasing to God, as he has been taught they do, but only make him subservient to his masters - sin and error - and prevent him from asserting his own superiority to these things, which is necessary to exist in his conception of his true condition in order that he may obtain the ascendancy over those masters.

When he shall have assumed this position, then he will realize that these animal appetites and desires and evil thoughts, which arise from them and from the belief that he is by nature degraded and unworthy of a better and higher condition of nature, are really beings of his own creation and subject to his will and self control  and total destruction. And with such realization will come a consciousness that they are not parts of his nature, but foreign to it; and in order that his nature may become separated from them, he must look upon them as enemies and treat them as such, to be destroyed and utterly extinguished, and never more to be taken to his bosom and cherished as inalienable and dominant parts of his nature.

Of course, in treating them as such enemies, great watchfulness and determination will have to be exercised, for they are very insidious and will at all times and in all ways, whenever the opportunity arises, try to convince him that they are an integral and necessary part of his being, incapable of being separated from him. But by the exercise of this belief, based upon a right conception of what is and what is not a part of him as the perfect man, and by the exercise of his will power in accordance with this conception, he will be able to rescue himself from these unnatural appetites and desires and thoughts of error and sin.

As this belief becomes stronger and this conception clearer, and his will exercised in closer harmony with the two essentials, these excrescences will gradually and one by one fall away from him until, at last, he will rise again - the perfect man - with the pure and harmonious nature which God gave him at the time of his creation.

But this process will be slow and sometimes hardly perceptible, for the long years of misbelief in the idea of original sin, and that God created evil and error for the purpose of defiling man's nature and making a disobedient devil of him, without any inherent goodness or the possibility of becoming regenerated, unless by the operation of some miracle, will make it difficult for the acquiring of the true belief as to what he, and what his nature are and enable him to become the master and not remain the servant.

God is the Father of all, and loves all His children, and as He originally provided for their happiness, so now He desires that all may be happy, even though they may not seek for that Divine Love which makes mortals and spirits more than the mere perfect man.

Forgiveness is, in effect, forgetfulness; and when men in their efforts cause all these things of evil and sin to cease being a part of their nature, and only thoughts of purity and righteousness to find a lodgment in their minds, then these other things are forgotten and forgiveness has taken place. Man no longer is the slave of false beliefs and unrighteousness, nor is he their associates, and even in memory they become things of nonexistence; and when he gets into this condition of purity and freedom and in harmony with the laws of his creation, there exists nothing which can be the object of forgiveness, and he is the man of perfect creation.

But in all this man must realize that he does not exist by and for himself alone, for always he is surrounded by mortals or spirits or both, exercising upon him their influence for good or evil; helping him to turn his thoughts from these things of evil and sin into those higher things which are his by nature, or causing him to receive and foster these evil thoughts with increased intensity. He cannot get rid of these influences, of one kind or the other and, hence, he should seek the influence of those who are good and desire to help him in his efforts towards the recovery of that condition which is his by right of birth.

Among God's Laws, which never change and which work impartially, is the great Law of Attraction; and it works in the case of all mortals and spirits and never rests. And the great principle of this Law is that "like attracts like" and the "unlike repulses the unlike." So man must know that as he is - I mean in his state of mind and soul - so necessarily will be his companions of those who desire his association and, hence, he should realize this important truth and all that it implies.

If his thoughts and deeds are evil, he will attract those spirits or mortals who have similar thoughts and deeds, and who will not help him to higher things, but who will retard his progress towards his first estate; and if his thoughts and deeds are good, then his associates will only be those of like qualities, who can and will help him in his progress.

Every effort to create good thoughts strengthens the desires and will in that direction and assists the coming of other good thoughts, for with these efforts comes the help of these unseen influences and the repulsion of the influences of the retarding forces.

Man is a wonderful being and the highest creation of the Father, and yet his greatest master is his belief in the power and supremacy of these things of evil of his own creation. But beyond all this, a means to accomplish man's restitution to his perfect estate, is the help of the Father, which is never refused when man seeks for it in earnest sincere prayer. Always the Father is willing to respond to the true prayers of man, and by His instrumentalities, will make the efforts of man sure and effective, so that he can acquire that condition that will free him from all sin and error and slavery of false belief in the mastery of his evil creatures.

Man must believe in the love and help of the Father, in the manhood and greatness of himself, and in the utter error of his belief in the mastery of his own children of sin and error.

I have written enough and must stop as you are tired. So assuring you of my love for you and my care and help, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,


Helen Writes a Short Note.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, my own dear Ned, you have had a very entertaining letter from the Master tonight, and I am glad that you were in condition to receive it so well. He said that you were very successful and he is pleased.

Good night.

Your own true and loving,


Martin Luther Writes a Short Message.

I am here, Luther.

I come tonight to say that I would like to write again very soon, as I desire to write further in the line of thought of my last message. I see that you are too tired to write tonight and I will not ask you to do so, but if you can soon give me the opportunity to write, I will be much obliged.

Yes, I know, and I enjoyed his message and believe that it will be readily understood. What a Master he is! So beautiful and powerful and loving.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jesus Writes About the Difference of Other Mediums With James E. Padgett's Mediumship and Denies the Doctrine of Reincarnation

June 13, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I intended to finish my discourse tonight, but it is now too late, and I will have to postpone it.

Well, there are cases where such results follow, and it is not astonishing that it is so, for these mediums who surrender their own faculties and wills and moral powers will find spirits take control of them; and these spirits do not hesitate to use these mediums for any and all purposes that they may desire, and these desires are mostly injurious and detrimental to the mediums, both morally and spiritually.

In such cases of spirit control, the mediums absolutely submit their mental and will powers to the domination of these spirits, and when once such spirits get control, they are never satisfied and care not for the conditions of the mediums, and such being the case, the mediums suffer.

But the mediumship which you have is not of such a character as to permit any spirit who may write through you to obtain that control of your mental faculties as will enable them to exercise their wills and powers in a way that will prevent you from exercising yours as you desire. They do not become your masters, but are subordinate to your will and cannot use you for the purposes mentioned unless you so incline.

The exercise of your phase of mediumship will not do you harm, and you need not fear the results. In fact, it is necessary that your mental faculties should become vivified and enlarged in order for you to do the work, and the greater development you have, the more you will be enabled to do our work in a more satisfactory manner.

I know the substance of the book that you have been reading and the falsity of these speculations that assert the doctrine of reincarnation. There is no such thing as the second embodiment of the soul into the human form, and no return to earth for the purpose of improvement of the soul's condition.

So try to be in condition and we will continue the writing of my messages.

With all my love and blessings, I am your brother and friend

Friday, August 9, 2013

Jesus Writes on "What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth, in order to receive the cleansing from his sins, so that he can acquire the purification of his natural love?"

June 11, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight according to promise and desire to write my message, if you are in condition to receive it.
I wish to write on the subject of: "What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth, in order to receive the cleansing from his sins, so that he can acquire the purification of his natural love?"

Heretofore, I have conferred  in my messages almost exclusively to the redemption of the soul by means of the Divine Love, so that the redeemed one may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres. Now I will deal only with that cleansing that will fit him to live in the highest and purest of the spirit spheres, where he can have the happiness which a pure natural love will bring to him.

As has been written you, the soul, as it was created and placed in man, was at the time of its creation in human form, or rather at the time it found a habitation in that form, made pure and perfect and in complete harmony with the Laws of God controlling its existence, and that only after the fall by reason of man's own indulgence in the animal appetites and desires did it lose its purity and become contaminated by sin and error, and that ever since that time it has remained in such condition of impurity and alienship to God and His laws.

This impurity has been the lot of each succeeding generation of men and has never been eradicated from men's souls, notwithstanding all the moral instructions that man has acquired; but still there has been wonderful improvements in the purity of man's thoughts, as well as in his actions and habits of life, since the turning from the bottom of his degeneracy.

Now, there are several ways in which man may succeed in acquiring that purity that existed at the time of the creation of the first man and in time, this consummation will be accomplished; but in these ways man, himself, will have to be an important working factor, for man is the highest of God's creation, with powers and will possessed by no other of God's creatures, and there is no power in Heaven or earth that can or will redeem man from this condition of sin and error, unless man will cooperate in the work and that to the greatest and best of his ability.

These sins that I speak of were created by man's thoughts and desires carried into acts and deeds by the operation of his will, and they must be removed by the same processes. Where the evil thoughts and deeds created that which contaminated and defiled the qualities of his soul, these evil thoughts and deeds must be supplanted by good thoughts and deeds in order that the defilement may be removed and the soul purified.

Evil thoughts are born of suggestions, both inward and outward, and also of the influences of spirits of evil who establish a rapport with the mortals.

Let us postpone the writing for our rapport is not just right. I will come soon and finish.

With all my love, I am your brother and friend,


Helen comments on the lack of rapport.

I am here, Helen.

Well, I am sorry that you could not continue the writing, for the Master was very anxious to write the whole message tonight. Well, you were not in condition, and it was hard work for the Master to control your hand and brain. It may be that your brain was tired, and he could not transmit the thoughts. But you may have better success next time. He understands and says that you must not feel bad about it.

Goodbye for a while.

Your own true and loving

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Helen Writes About the Wonders, Benefits and Blessings Wrought by the Divine Love of God

June 8, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own Helen.

Tonight everything seems favorable to my writing you my promised message, and I will try. Of course, you must expect to find some expressions of love in it, for I could not write you if I did not tell you how much I love you, and how happy I am when you love me and want me to be with you.

Well, sweetheart, I am now in the Celestial Sphere with your grandmother, though not in as high a plane as she and have not so much of the Divine Love as has she; yet my happiness is so great that I can hardly realize myself what it means, and it is impossible to tell you of the beauties of my home and surroundings. I have tried when I was in a lower sphere to describe to you my home, and I did it very inadequately, giving you only a glimpse of what it really was. And now, if you could increase that description a hundredfold, you would have no conception of the beauty and glory of my present home and the wonders that surround it.

I so often wish that you had words in your language that could be used to fully describe what this new home means to me, or even the one that I just left; but as you have not, you will have to be content with knowing that if you should take all the imagery of the Revelation and add to it the sum total of all the beautiful descriptions of places and homes and scenery that the whole range of your English literature contains, you would have but a faint idea of what really exists. And besides, the great increase in the Love that I possess and enjoy and the beautiful and loving and holy spirits whom I have for my companions make this home of mine truly one of the mansions of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus referred to in the Bible; only the mansions that he there spoke of were not necessarily like the one that I have, for the mansions in the Celestial Heavens vary according to the soul development of their occupants.

I sometimes think that a very few years ago, I was on earth without much soul development and very little knowledge of the things of God; and now I have that development and knowledge of those things that fit me for these glorious mansions of the Celestial Spheres. How wonderful it all is, and how I thank the Father for His goodness and mercy and for having given to mankind such a loving and glorious saviour as Jesus.

And I do not forget that you had something to do with my starting on this great journey of progress, for I remember that when I first came to you, things of the material were very attractive to me, and my appetites of earth had not left me, and how when I displayed some of these desires for the material things, you rebuked me and tried to point the way to the higher things; although I know now that your advice came from your merely mental conceptions of what I should strive for, as at that time you had very little knowledge of the things of the soul and scarcely any soul development.

But your Christian training as a child, and the conceptions that had come to you from these instructions taught you that in the Spirit World there must be something higher and beyond the mere earthly conditions of men, where purer joy and happier lives might be found and lived; and your love for me was such that you desired that I should find and possess these things, if possible. I have never forgotten what you then said to me, although at the time I thought you were unkind and not so anxious for my happiness. But long ago I had come to me the knowledge of the motive that actuated your advice and much happiness has come to me from that knowledge and recollection. Only a little thought of love and an earnest desire on the part of the mortal for the spirit, when it is directed in the way of the soul's progress, sometimes work a greater result than the conquering of a city, for it means the salvation of a soul, which is of more value than all the cities of the earth combined.

And while I am writing in this strain, I wish to say that one of the greatest benefits or possessions that can come to a mortal is to have a mother or husband or wife in whose bosom glows the Divine Love of the Father, even though very faintly, for that little spark of Love, to its own degree, makes that soul a part of the Divine Essence of the Father's Love, and its influence upon the possessor causes an atmosphere of love and help to be felt by all who have the relationship to such possessor of a child or wife or husband. Christian instructions, though mixed with dogmas and creeds that may all be wrong, yet will benefit, as in them are some thoughts that may awaken the soul to a condition that will let in some portion of the higher Love, which will remain, though dormant, until the time comes when something will arouse the dormant Love to action and life.

And this benefit passes with the mortal to the spirit life, and the influence of the teachings, or rather the accompanying impressions of the Christian mother, etc., to help such a spirit to realize its true condition and to start on its progress to the attainment of the higher things of the soul. No wealth or riches or position that a mortal may inherit can possibly equal the influence of that one little spark in the Christian mother who possesses some portion of the Divine Love; and there is none so poor as the spirit who comes into the spirit world without any recollection of having, at some time in its earth life, received in its soul the influence of that little spark.

So I say the man who has a Christian mother or wife who has, at some time in his earth career, taught him to turn his thoughts to God and to pray, even though that man in afterlife forsakes such thoughts and prayers, is a very fortunate being; for in the spirit life, he has with him the memories of his earth life and nothing is lost; and among these memories will be the influence of his mother's teachings and his own prayers. And while he will have to satisfy the Laws of Compensation, yet these recollections of these thoughts and prayers will come to him sooner or later and will help him in his progress to higher conditions. And you must remember, as has been often told you, that all souls will ultimately reach the planes of purification of their natural loves, or the glories of the spheres where only the Divine Love exists.

After I commenced to receive into my soul this Divine Love, I became very anxious to increase its possession and my progress was very rapid, as they tell me, and as I progressed from sphere to sphere, ever were there coming to me new wonders and great happiness and the disappearance of those things which belonged to my mortal life. No one, who has not experienced this progress, can understand what it means and how the happiness increases and also the longings for more; and yet the astonishing fact is that notwithstanding these longings, the contentment of the spirit is perfect and no unhappiness, because of longings yet to be fulfilled, exists.

As you know when I entered the spirit world, I was met by your mother and others and all fear or confusion that usually arises from the change which so-called death brings to the spirit left me and, in fact, never came to me, and I was as tenderly cared for as you can conceive of; and ever thereafter, while I could not go to the home of your mother, yet she and others were with me often enough to keep me from much darkness and suffering, though I did experience some darkness and suffering. But the influence of their love was with me, and they earnestly and lovingly told me of the Great Love of the Father, and how I might get it and become happy and start on my upward progression. And your father came to me also, with his cheer and help and showed me that upon myself, to a certain extent, depended my being able to get into the light. He was so good and kind to me that I loved him at once, although I had never seen him in earth life.

And from all this, can you wonder that I did not remain very long in the lower planes? I tell you that the love and tenderness and influence of the beautiful and loving spirits who have some of God's Love in their souls are things that can take away the terror of death and make a spirit who has just left his mortal home almost happy. And if men could only realize the fact that by attempting to get into their hearts good thoughts and longings of love so that these beautiful spirits could be attracted to them, their entrance and reception in the world of spirits would become one, even if not of happiness, yet of freedom from fear and loneliness. So I advise all mortals to so live as to attract friends on the spirit side of life that can come to them in the times of the great change and comfort and help them. Now, I do not mean by this that such spirits of mortals will not have to endure the darkness and suffering, which the conditions of their souls demand they should endure, but their entrance into the Spirit World will be as I say.

Well, sweetheart, I have written quite a long letter and you must be a little tired, but I must further write and tell you that all this happiness that I have spoken of may be yours and, as your soulmate, I believe and almost know that it will be; for while you are a mortal, no matter how long the years may be, you will have with you my love and longings for your coming, and my prayers to the Father for a great bestowal upon you of His Divine Love. And besides all this, you know that you have surrounding you the loves of those who are higher than I, and who possess so much more of this Divine Love. Oh, it will be a happy day for me when you do come, and I know that you will be happy, also. Just think, that as your eyes close in what the preachers call the last sleep, I will be with you, and when you awake, I will be with you, and the only thing that will greet your newly-awakened vision will be my eyes, so filled with love and joy that you will almost want to die over again just for the sake of having the awakening.

I remember that when on earth, you thought my arms were very beautiful, and loved to have them around you, and thought yourself happy; but when you come to me again, you will find arms so much more beautiful clasping you to a bosom that you cannot dream of, and eyes looking into your eyes with so much love and happiness that you will, for the first time in all your life, know what happiness means; and then when I tell you that I am all yours and that never again will cruel death, as it is called, separate us, and that only love, pure and unselfish and never-dying, will be ours without any lessening or disturbing by jealousy or tiresomeness, you will wonder if you have really awakened from that last sleep or are only dreaming. But then I will give you a long, sweet kiss of love that you will know that it is all real.

Oh, my Ned, I do love you and want you to love me with all your heart! The time will not be long now, until we shall be together in our spirit life, when your cares and worries of life will no longer trouble you. But, sweetheart, you must pray to the Father for a greater inflowing of His Divine Love and blessings, for upon the development of your soul depends our continuous living together, and progress.

I will be with you tonight while you sleep, and I am so filled with love that I know I shall call your spirit from your body and carry it with me to purer planes, where we can, for a few moments, enjoy the bliss of living together without the encumbrance of your body. You may not remember it when you awake, but I will know and will tell you of it when next I write. So, sweetheart, give me my good night kiss.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kate Stone Writes a Message of Sisterly Love to Her Brother, Dr. Leslie R. Stone

June 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Kate Stone.

Let me write just a line or two for while so much love is present, I want to enjoy it and tell my brother that Mr. Morgan is not the only one on earth who has a mother and sister's and soulmate's love.

I have not written often to him but have been present many, many times when others were writing their messages of love, and while I was not writing, I was impressing him with my love and I know that he felt it, for I could see his emotions and the return of his soul love to me as he received mine.

Of course, the sister's love is not so great or of the same quality as the soulmate's, or even that of the mother's, Yet, it is a love that is all pure and unselfish and carries with it the influences that can come only from a soul that has received the purification and great joy of the Father's Love. I do love my brother, as we all do, and I try so hard and so often to cause him to realize that my poor little sister's love is flowing to him in all its fullness.

I know that he has a great deal of not only the natural love, but also of the Divine Love as well, and if he could only know how happy it makes us to realize that he possesses this Divine Love and is constantly seeking for more, he will try all the harder to get more of it. We can see his soul condition, and to us, it is just as naked and open to our soul's vision as is the souls of spirits one to another and nothing can be hid from us.

So you see from what I say that he cannot pretend to love his soulmate, for she knows exactly what love he has in his heart for her, and when he tells her that he loves her, she knows to just what extent and so with the rest of us.

All of us are very happy and constantly progressing in our soul development and in happiness, and while this is so, we do not forget him, or our brothers and sisters on earth; but I am sorry to say that they do not know of this Divine Love, and we are trying so hard to impress them with the knowledge of its existence, and the fact that it is waiting for them; but we know that some day, they will have an awakening and receive it, for we do not think it possible that such love as ours can be with them so constantly seeking to influence them, and not in the end bring to them a consciousness that the other Love is waiting for them, and we have a great deal of faith, and the Master tells us our prayers will be answered, and he knows. What a precious brother and friend he is, and how he seems to love you and your friends.

When mother and father and the rest of the family here get together, we often wonder and try to understand why the Master should have selected you as the recipient of his love to such an extent, and for his disciple to do the great work that must be done for the salvation of mankind. Oh, we are all so thankful and happy that such a thing has come to you, and you, my dear, dear brother, must try to appreciate what it means to you and to others.

The Master is with you quite often and when you and your friends get together he comes to you and casts upon you his love and blessings, and also come many high and wonderful spirits with their love and influences of happiness and peace.

So listen to your sister, who was not very wise on earth, but who now knows the wonderful things that come to her with the inflowing of the Father's Love. When she tells you to pray more and let your faith increase, and when doubts come to you, turn your thoughts to the Father and ask His help and blessings, and they will come to you, and you will know it. And Love will become a part of your very existence, and the happiness that you will receive will be only a forecast of what is waiting for you when you become one of us in our glorious homes in the skies.

I must not write more now, but in closing will say that we all love you, and are all with you, and pray to the Father that His Love and Blessings may come to you in increasing streams of purity and joy, also, which only He can give.

With all my love, I am your own dear and loving sister,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lillian Summer Writes Her Testimony So It May Help Other Women Turn to Things Spiritual

June 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, the woman who lost her soul to preserve her standing in society while on earth. I was a woman who never thought of things spiritual or of the future life, but lived only for the pleasures of the present.

I had everything that money could buy and never knew what trouble in the way of desiring and not getting meant. I had an indulgent husband and lovely children, who made my home very happy, and who loved me with all the love of their natures and, of course, I loved them; but I did not feel the necessity of any other love, nor did I really know of any greater or higher love.

Of course, I attended church and listened to the sermons of the preachers and enjoyed them as intellectual treats, but as to appealing to my soul, I never once, as I can remember, experienced any sensation other than what came from the exaltation of my mind. My children were sent to Sunday school and learned what the teachers tried to instruct them in, but at home they had no religious teachings, as I never had any religious experience myself.

My husband was not an attendant at church and knew nothing of the higher things of life and was satisfied to make money so that his family could have all the comforts of home. We had a happy home in our love and associations and never felt that there was any other happiness that might be ours other than that which we had.

Now I realize the want of this spiritual conception of my being and the great joy that I am deprived of because of my want of knowledge of the things of the soul. I had a love nature, and I loved most people with whom I came in contact in a society way, yet this love was more or less unconsciously given, and my great ambition was to become a society leader, and the admiration, and possibly envy, of my friends.

Now, I see the falsity of it all, and how little of the ambitions of life, in the particulars mentioned, weighed in the standing and happiness of the spirits in this world of revelation and nakedness, for I am naked as regards all the thoughts and acts of my life, and very seldom do I see anything that helps my present condition.

I merely write you this that possibly someone who is living the life that I lived may read it, and turn her thoughts to the essentials, and let all these things of the earthly become secondary and of minor importance. My name was Lillian Summer, and I lived in Richmond, Virginia, and died in 1902.

I thank you for permitting me to write, as it has made me feel better and more at home.

I will say good night.

Lillian Summer

Monday, August 5, 2013

Luke Writes on the Subject: "What is the use in believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as salvation from sin."

June 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke, writer of the third Gospel that was.

I desire tonight to write a short message on the question: "What is the use in believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as a salvation from sin?"

I know that this belief is at the foundation of the so-called Christian religion and is the cornerstone of most of the churches as they now exist, but as such a belief is false and does not effectuate the object claimed for it, I must declare the utter uselessness of such a belief and the great harm it is doing to mankind.

A thing is just what its internal qualities make it. I mean by this, what the ingredients of its composition causes it to really be; and these ingredients cannot be supplied unless they have in themselves an existence of those qualities which are sufficient to make that composition just what is necessary and required to produce the thing in its genuine substance.

This applies to things of the soul, and unless the qualities of the soul are such as to eliminate the elements of sin and everything that prevents that soul from coming into harmony with the Laws of God, that soul will continue in sin and separation from the Divine Nature of the Father.

The soul is in each individual an entity, which is distinct and separate from the soul of every other man, and is dependent for its qualities, not in what that other man may do or not do, but upon that which will make those qualities like, or in substance the same as the qualities of that thing which is desired or sought for, as a necessary acquirement in making the substance of that possessed and that desired similar.

According to the belief of which I speak, the sacrifice mentioned causes the salvation of man by appeasing the wrath of God and lifting from man the condemnation under which he was suffering, and by accomplishing such an object, man became a new creature in his soul qualities and was given the qualities that are required to make him like unto the Father and, therefore, he has nothing further to be done for him in order to relieve him entirely from the possession of this sin and from the demands of God - the sacrifice is sufficient to bring about these results.

But as we have told you, and as even the followers or possessors of these beliefs assert, Love is the great necessity to effectuate the union between God and man, and this Love must dwell in the soul of man as well as in the bosom of the Father waiting its bestowal on man. It can be obtained only by sincere seeking on the part of man, and no other way is provided by which it can be obtained.

The sacrifice or the shedding of blood does not cause the inflowing of this Love into the souls of men, and the mere fact even if it were true that an angry God had been appeased, or debt paid, or a mortal is redeemed would not cause this Love to become a part of the souls of men.

I know that it is asserted that these things, in some mysterious way, reconciles God to man, and thereby causes the acceptance of man by God, and when that is done all the sins and depravity of a man's soul immediately become no longer a part of his soul's qualities, and the soul is perfected and its condition is that which enables it to become of a nature like that of the Father.

But a difficulty with this conclusion is that only Jesus and God are the ones that are participating in this great work of redemption, and man is eliminated from the necessity of doing anything, except to believe that the sacrifice is sufficient to cause his full salvation and all that it means.

How this belief that the sacrifice or the flowing of the blood can make a sinful soul pure, or become a partaker of the Divine Nature of the Father, has never been explained by the teachers of the Christian doctrines in any way that is consonant with reason and cannot be so explained, for the one reason that is of itself sufficient and, that is, that the sacrifice does not work such a consummation. No one man, not even Jesus, can do the work of another, or for another, that will produce the results necessary to insure the reconciliation mentioned.

It is claimed that Jesus died to save all men from their sins, or that he that believeth on the name of Jesus shall be saved from their sins. But the question again arises: "How? In what way can it be argued that his death made the impure man clean, even though he believed it did? Can his blood shed on Calvary cleanse the soul of any man?" I know that it is claimed that in some mysterious way it does, but no one explains the how.

Can anyone of the great theological teachers tell you by what mysterious or other process this blood operates on the Mercy or Love of God, so that the sinner is saved from his sins or from the penalties which the violation of God's Laws entail? I know that they cannot, and for the same reason as before stated, that the blood does not accomplish these results.

Then what is the use in accepting such belief when it cannot be understood or explained and is the blindest of blind beliefs of mortals?

No, no sacrifice of Jesus, no shedding of his blood, and no vicarious atonement as it is called, can save a human soul from sin, or bring it into the Love of the Father, or cause it to become a partaker of the Divine Nature.We have already, in previous messages, declared and explained to you what and what only brings to men salvation, and I will not here repeat, but will say this, that: "Except a man be born again, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." Nothing less is sufficient and nothing added to can in any way bring about man's salvation.

I will not write more tonight, as what I have said should cause men to think and understand upon what false and baseless foundation they stand when they rely upon the belief in Jesus' sacrifice to save them from their sin.

With all my love and blessings I will say, good night.

Your brother in Christ.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Helen Confirms Josephus' Message and Writes that Love is an Equalizer More Powerful Than Any Laws Man Can Make

June 3, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true Helen.

Well, my dear one, you have had a message from Josephus that may be considered a women's rights argument, and I have no doubt that womankind will agree with him, especially as to his prediction as to what the future of women will be.

This may be all true, and the predictions may come to pass. I don't know. But this I do know: that as regards the Divine Love of the Father and the conditions in the Celestial Heavens, there is no distinction made between the man and the woman, except as the individual soul development makes the distinction. And when you consider the further fact that the two parts of the one soul, represented by the male and the female, must - in order to make the perfect one - become united in perfect harmony, you can readily understand that there will be no superiority of one over the other, but that both must be equal, not only in love and the nature of the Divine, but in every other quality that may exist.

So in my opinion, instead of women and men thinking about women's rights and such matters, they should devote their thoughts and aspirations to obtaining the Divine Love in their souls with the certain knowledge that, as they obtain it in equal degrees, they will become not only the equal of one another, but will become so very equal that they will exist as one, though in two individual forms and personalities.

But, of course, I recognize the importance of the equality of both being recognized on earth for the purposes of earthly existence. Yet, mankind will find that as this Love of the Father enters more into souls of men, or even as the natural love becomes more purified, the rights of women as to things material will become recognized without the enactment of any laws declaring the equality of the sexes.

For love is an equalizer more powerful than any laws that man can make.

But I will not write more on this subject, for when love comes, it will not be necessary that law shall declare the equality, as that love will, of itself, make them so in harmony that inequality cannot exist.

Well, I intended to write you a long letter tonight, but as others have written and it is late, I will not try.

Your own true and loving

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Josephus Writes on the Creation of the First Parents and the Difference in Their Qualities, Which Made the Perfect Pair

June 3, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Josephus.

I come tonight to write a few lines upon a subject in which you may be interested as I have observed that recently you have been reading my History of the Jews, and there are some things in that book which require correction. I don't mean that I desire to correct the whole book, but I do want to say something on some of the subjects that you have been reading about.

Well, you will notice that I attempted to tell of the creation of the world and of man, and that what I said was taken from the Old Testament, and that I elaborated a little upon what is contained in Genesis. My work was not taken entirely from the Old Testament for in my time on earth there were other books dealing with this subject that were entitled to just as much credence as was the Old Testament and from these books, I obtained much information that is contained in my writings.

But the truth of the things which I wrote, I find now to be not the truth in many particulars and should not be accepted as such. The description of the creation of man is not in accordance with the facts, and the story as related in the Old Testament, and by me, is not the true story of the facts of such creation. I have not the time now to enter in detail into a correction of the errors contained in these descriptions, except that I wish to say a few words as to the creation of man and also his fall.

He was not made of the dust of the ground, but was made of the elements that existed in the universe of a different order from the mere dust of the ground, and was so created by God for the purpose of forming the mere physical body of man. The two persons called our first parents were created at the same time, and not one out of the rib of the other. Therefore, the man and the woman are equal in their dignity, and in the relationship which they bear to God, and the one is of just as much importance in the sight of God as is the other. One was created stronger, physically, than the other and also was given a stronger mentality, for the exercise of the reasoning powers, and the workings of the physical organs of the body. And the other, while weaker in these particulars, yet was given more of the spiritual and emotional nature and also, an intuition by which she could understand the existence of things just as accurately and more quickly than could the man by the exercise of his reasoning power. One was just as the other as respects the gifts bestowed, and together, they were the perfect pair - male and female were they created with diverse functions and duties to perform in the perfect workings of the laws of God.

Power and love were theirs, and neither was made the superior of the other, nor was the one to be subject to the other, and had it not been for their fall there never would have been the subjection of the female to the male.

When the disobedience took place and the consequent fall, the qualities of the spiritual were taken from them to a large extent, and the animal qualities, as they may be called, asserted themselves and then the male felt his superiority by reason of the fact that he possessed a greater amount of these animal qualities; and the female became subordinated and continued to be ever afterwards, for the male, not having these spiritual qualities to the extent that his mate possessed them, and not being able to realize the greater existence of these qualities in the female, believed that the physical was the superior, and as he possessed the physical to a larger degree than his companion, he determined that he was the superior and, therefore, asserted this superiority, and the female observing that this physical superiority did exist, submitted herself unto the male and so continued until now.

As man degenerated, this domination of the male intensified, and in some parts of the earth, the female became nothing better in the sight of the dominant man than one of the lower animals.This degradation continued until man found the lowest place of his degeneracy, and when the turning point came, the qualities of the woman came to be more recognized, but very slowly, and for many thousands of years this inequality continued, and man remained the master.

As man evolved from this low condition and the moral qualities began to come more into his consciousness, and the animal nature became less dominant, the condition of the female commenced to improve, and as education came into the life and practices of men, woman's opportunities became more extended, and she was more and more recognized as approaching the equal of her companion. In some countries of the earth, her equality was recognized, but not in many.

The Jews recognized the equality of the woman in all matters pertaining to the home or the domestic life, and continued the distinction which had previously existed, only in respect to public affairs and the qualities of the mind - women were not permitted even by them to develop their mental faculties, and were taught that they were things that belonged to the male, in all matters pertaining to the state or religion of the race.

The consequence of this course of life was that the woman developed the spiritual qualities, which were hers to a larger extent, and her refinement and emotional nature and love principle exceeded those of the man to a great degree, and she became in her soul nearer the image of the Divine.

I have noticed that this progress has continued with the passing of the years, and now in some of the nations of earth the equality of the woman has become recognized, notwithstanding the fact that the laws of these countries did not permit her to exercise the rights of man, as she is his equal only in the home or in social life.

But a time will come when she will be recognized not only by the individual man but by the man-made laws as his equal in every particular, and the further fact will appear that she will be his superior in matters pertaining to the spiritual.

As the time approaches when man shall return to his former state of purity and harmony with the Laws of God, the spiritual qualities will assert themselves and the animal will become subordinated, and woman will stand before God and man as the latter's equal, and in these soul qualities, his superior; for in the beginning, in this particular, she was his superior; but that superiority existed only in order that what in this regard was lacking in man, was supplied by the woman, and the perfect pair was one.

You may think that this is a digression from what I first intended to write, and so it is, but I thought the occasion a proper one to tell mankind the future of the two integral parts of the perfect creation of God.

I will not write more tonight, but sometimes will come again and write. So with my love, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,