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Jesus Writes the Reasons Why He Selected James E. Padgett to do the Work of Receiving the Messages

October 25, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, my dear brother, time is passing and the necessity for the revealing is very apparent, as men are longing and waiting for that which will satisfy the natural cravings of their souls, and which the present religion called Christianity has not in it the qualities to satisfy.

I am pleased that you are in so much better condition, and that your Love is again becoming active and awakened and operating upon the qualities of your brain so that a rapport can be made, as recently explained to you by John in his message. And here I desire to impress upon you the necessity and desirability of your understanding thoroughly the truths set forth in that message, and of meditating upon the same and making a personal application of what is therein written.

I would like very much to deliver a message dealing with spiritual truth tonight, but do not think that your condition is such as will enable me to take possession of your brain and control the same that the qualities and truths of my message demands, and so I will not attempt to write the message, but, instead, will advise you somewhat upon the way in which you must think and act in order to perfect the condition which you must possess that the rapport may be made.

John has told you to pray often to the Father so that the Love may become more abundant and your soul become permeated with it, and to think thoughts of spiritual things, until by such thinking your brain may become, as it were, infused with these thoughts and thereby receive those qualities that will make its conditions similar to the conditions of the minds of the spirits who may wish to form a union with your brain and convey through it the truths that are waiting to be delivered.

And I confirm what John has written and, in addition, say that your praying must be more frequent so that the soul may be freed from the condition that the existence in it, of thoughts not spiritual, be established. You need not wait for occasions or opportunities to formally pray but all during the day and evening let your longings for the Love ascend to the Father. A long prayer, or even one formulated into words, is not necessary, as in order to have the longing it is not necessary that words should be used to give it form. The longing may be rapid as unformed thought, and as effective for the Father to catch, as I may say, the longing is quicker than the thought, and the answer to the same will come with as much certainty and Love as if you were to put the longing into the most exact form.

Prayers of this kind ascend to the Father and are heard and answered and, by a law of your relationship to the Father, affect the qualities of the brain in the way of preparing it for the union with the spiritual thoughts of the spirits who desire to write, as I have stated. Your thoughts of spiritual things or of the truths of the spirit world, as they have already been revealed to you, and especially those which pertain to the love and mercy of the Father, and to His will, in their passing and operating, also affect the qualities of the brain so as to produce the condition which is so necessary for our rapport.

It may be surprising to you that this condition is required in the brain of a human and also the development of the soul, which really produces the condition, in order that a rapport may be made so that the spiritual truths may be delivered; and, also, surprising that you have been selected from all the men on earth in whom this condition and development shall be made. And it may be more surprising to know that it is true.

There are certain qualities in your constitution, both spiritual and material, that render you susceptible to the influence of our powers and to the use by us for the purpose of our design and work, which determines one to choose you for the work in the way in which I and the other high spirits have heretofore used you, and it may seem strange to you that in all the long ages preceding, I have not found one human with the qualification to fit him for the work.

I have used others before, but they have failed to submit their minds and souls and beliefs and forethoughts to our influence and directions as you have so far done. Many humans have the qualified conditions of spiritual and material make up to perform our wishes and work, but as they all have free wills, which we cannot compel, and as circumstances and environments and education and beliefs are elements which affect and determine the possibility of our finding an instrument suitable for our purposes, we have not been able to find a medium who was qualified to be used for our work.

You, of course, understand that you were not selected because of any special goodness or freedom from sin, or because you were more beloved by the Father, or naturally, and I mean according to your course of living, by reason of any spiritual condition that you were in, for there were many superior to you in goodness and more in at-onement with the will of the Father, and whose love and the results therefrom, were more perfect than yours. So you will realize that you were not selected because of any special spiritual merits possessed by you.

As you have been told, all things in the spirit world, as well as on earth, are controlled by immutable laws, and all spirits as well as mortals are subject to those laws. The Law of Rapport and Communication must be complied with spirits, no matter how much elevated, and also by humans, and no spirit, by reason of the possession of any supposed power can set aside this law. But while spirits have not this power, yet they may have such knowledge of conditions that they can discern what qualities in the condition of a human are susceptible to the influence, and molding by the spirits, so that as a result thereof, the law may be brought into operation.

And this briefly will explain to you why I selected you as my medium and mouthpiece. For know this, that for a long time I have been endeavoring to influence and mold your mind and beliefs, so that your soul might become developed in such a way that conditions might be formed that would enable us to make a rapport that would permit of our controlling your brain to convey these messages of truth. You were naturally a medium and, for ordinary purposes, it was not difficult for the spirits to control and communicate through you the truths of the spirit world, which are not of a nature such as I and others have communicated in reference to the soul spheres and the relationship of God to man in the higher spiritual sense. As you read John's message you will the better understand what I intend to explain at this point.

There is another phase to all this, more personal to you, and this is that while we have been developing you for the purpose of doing our work and helping make effective our mission, your soul, as you, has been developed in its spiritual nature and you have become in closer union with the Father and have partaken to a large extent of His Love and, to a degree, been transformed into his essence, so that you have become a very different entity from what you were when your development for our purpose commenced; and, as a consequence, you will derive all the benefits that flow from an experience such as you have had.

You are now one of us in the progress towards the fountainhead of the Father's Love and have taken on a part of his immortality, and it depends only upon yourself how rapid your progress shall be towards a complete transformation such as spirits who are inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres possess. You need not wait until you come to the spirit world in order to make a rapid progression, although it will be more difficult for you to progress while in the flesh, as you understand, but wonderful progress may be made while in the flesh, and you have been told the secret of this progress.

And I will further say that you have a closer association with spirits that are nearer the Father and more possessed of His Essence and substance than have any humans of earth at this time. To you this may seem extravagant and improbable, but I declare to you that it is as true that I and many spirits who come to you and write are in the Celestial Spheres of God's immortality.

Well, I have written a long time and you are somewhat tired. Remember my advice and pray often and earnestly, if but for a moment, and the condition will be yours and we will come and continue our revealments.

With my love and blessing, I am, your brother and friend,

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John Writes Further on the Laws of Rapport and Communication

October 22, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a few lines tonight, as I have not written for a long time and am anxious to say a few words which may be of help to you. I have been present on many evenings when you were expecting to receive communications and was disappointed because of reasons or causes that you could not understand, except that you were not in that condition which would enable the spirits to make a rapport with you.

Well, this is true and is the immediate cause of the want of power of communicating; but it is well that you understand more than this, for in order to remedy the difficulty you must have some knowledge of the seat (reason) thereof. I have explained to you the Law controlling rapport and communication and endeavored to make it as plain and understandable as possible, so that you, at least, might grasp its meaning; but, I see there are some things that you do not understand and, because thereof, you have had the recent experience of not being able to receive the many messages that were waiting to be delivered through your brain and hand.

As I have said, the first and important requirement is that you be in that condition of soul which will, because of its qualities, enable the spirits who may desire to write the higher messages to form a rapport or union with you, which means simply to take charge and control of your brain - a brain which, because of certain qualities and thoughts having possessed it, will be in harmony with the thoughts that these spirits desire to transmit through it, just as it is absolutely necessary that the medium through which it is desired that the electric fluid shall flow must be a medium possessing such nature and qualities as will permit the fluid to flow through it.

A wire or medium may be made of wood and the electric fluid (electricity) be present ready to flow through it, but cannot. And why? Not because the wire or wood may not be perfect in itself as such wire; but, because the wire has not that nature and quality that will permit the electric fluid to make a union with it and thus control it. And so it is with the brain of the mortal, that such brain has the possibility of possessing, when properly prepared, those qualities that will admit of this union and control, while the wood has not. But the brain, when devoid of this preparation, is just as non-receptive to the union with and control of these spirits - as is the rapport - as is the wooden wire to the union with the electric fluid.

You have been told on numerous occasions that you were not in condition and that the spirits could not make the rapport, and that you must make the effort to get in condition; and this assertion and advice are all true. You were told to pray more to the Father and think of spiritual things, and then you would become in that condition. This is true, and the advice is helpful. But you were not told what this praying to the Father or thinking of spiritual thoughts means and, hence, you may do these things in a way and yet not get in the condition.

I know that during a long period in the past you have been receiving many messages of the higher truths, and for the delivery of which a brain highly prepared was necessary to receive the same, and the thought has come to you, why were you able to receive these messages at the time of their delivery and not be able to receive them now because, as you further think, your brain is in as good condition now as it was at those times.

Well, in the latter thought, you are mistaken, and the fact of such mistake should be sufficient to convince you that your inability to receive the messages should not surprise you. During the periods mentioned, you prayed more often for the inflowing of the Divine Love and your longings were intense and the desires to possess this Love, which is so vital to the preparation of your brain, were so much more active. And also your thoughts of things spiritual were so much more frequent. In other words, you were then seeking with your whole heart to learn the truths of God and to possess His Love; and, hence, your brain was continually in that condition which enabled the spirits to make the union and control it for the purpose of their higher expressions.

Lately you have not had the longings or prayed the prayers for the Love as frequently and, as a consequence, the qualities and elements of thought that have possessed your brain were not such as to put your brain in that condition which made it receptive to the passing through it of those thoughts of the higher truths. Now from this, you must not infer that this condition is a mere matter of brain condition produced by itself, for it is not. You have had the intellectual desire to write and receive the messages as much as you ever had, and also to receive messages of the higher truths that should be new as well as edifying to you, and your desires were real, and you were disappointed because they were not realized. And this merely demonstrates to you that there is something more than the mere mental or intellectual necessary to prepare the brain for the reception and transmission of that which partakes of the nature of truth that has its source in something else than the mere human mind.

These higher truths come from spirits whose minds, as you might say, are of the soul, and as only soul can deal with soul, it requires that the preparation of the brain should come from the exercise of soul powers upon the organs of that brain. And, hence, the necessity for your soul being in that condition that will produce in the brain the qualities that will unite and permit the truths of the soul to be received and transmitted.

You must not only pray to the Father for the inflowing of this Divine Love but you must pray often, until you realize almost constantly the possession of this Love in your soul; and also, you must turn your thoughts, and I do not mean the merely intellectual thoughts, but the thoughts of the soul, which as you have already had you may have again, to the spiritual truths which have been revealed to you, and to the spiritual realm where you believe other spiritual truths are waiting to be revealed. If you will thus pray and think, you will find coming to you the desires and expectations of the fulfillment of these desires and an enthusiasm which will come from the development of your soul by the possession of this Love, and also the soul thoughts. This is what is meant by the condition necessary to enable the spirits to make the rapport.

Of course, as to the ordinary matters of the spirit world where no special soul condition is required, the spirits can make rapport as they desire, and in your case, many of them could have written at the times you thought you were unable to receive any writings. But we thought it best that no spirit be permitted to write you, as it might endanger the probability of your getting in the condition that we desire and which is necessary in order for your brain to receive our vital and important messages. And, hence, your Indian (guide) was directed to not permit any spirit to write you, and he did not though many made the effort to do so.

Well, I am glad that I can write you in this manner tonight, and hope you will consider what I have said, and realize the importance of your getting into the condition of which I speak. The brain must be used by the soul having the Divine Love active and so prepared to receive the rapport.

I will not write more tonight, but will merely say that we have many more messages which we desire to transmit. So believe that I am frequently with you in my love and desire to help and protect and make your mission a success. Good night.

Your brother in Christ,

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Helen Writes About the Progress of Nita Padgett and Encourages James Padgett to Stay in a Spiritual Condition so Their Rapport Will Not be Lost

October 14, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, you have heard from Baby (Nita Padgett), and she was so pleased that she could write you and is more anxious than ever to tell you of all the things that she has in mind, and the wonderful experience that she had when passing and has since had. She is a beautiful girl now and is so very happy and best of all is filled with the desire for an increased possession of the Father's Love. She prays very often and seems to have great faith, and I believe that her progress to higher spheres will be very rapid. I am so glad to have her with me, as I realize that she has escaped many of the trials and worries of life.

Well, dear, I am so glad that we can get close together again, and now I hope that we will never have another severance of our rapport, and we will not unless you let your love grow cold, and your thoughts of me and for me become less. I was very unhappy when I found that I couldn't come to you as I had been doing and that you had raised a barrier between us that I had not the power to break down.

While you may think that we spirits are very powerful, yet you must also think that all our powers cannot bring me in rapport with you, when you do not think in that way towards me that will create a condition which will enable me to make the rapport. Thus, you will realize how much of our intercourse will depend on you. Of course, I can be with you and know and see what your condition is and what your thoughts are, but I cannot arbitrarily change your condition or turn your thoughts to me and cause you to draw close to me in a union of rapport that will enable me to write to you. So sweetheart, do not let yourself get in this condition again. Only love and think of and wish for me and no spirit or power can keep me from you - only you, yourself, can do this.

Well, it is late, and you have been working and I must not draw on you longer. Keep your thoughts on spiritual things and pray to the Father and long for His Love and very soon you will be in condition which will enable the higher spirits to write. Love me and say good night.

Your own true and loving,

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Nita Padgett, James Padgett's Daughter, Writes that She Has Progressed to the Third Sphere

October 14, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Nita.

Let me write a line. I am Nita, and I have been so anxious to write you ever since I came to the spirit world and realized that I could do so.

Well, Daddy, I cannot tell you how happy I am and how glad I am that I can write you. I know that mother has written you in regards to my passing over and my condition and progress since I became a spirit, and all that she said is true and much more. I am so desirous of telling you in detail just what my experience has been, but as this is my first attempt to write, I will not do so tonight, but very soon I will, and I know that you will get tired before I cease writing, for I have so much to tell you.

Of course, I had some idea of what might be my experience in passing, but the idea was a very faint glimpse of what I really experienced, and I want to tell you how much your information when I was with you helped me.

Well, Daddy, I am also so very glad that I could be with you so much and know that you were still my dear Daddy and loved me so much more than I ever realized when on earth. I am now so very happy and know to a large extent the reality and blessedness of God's Love, which you used to tell me of. Oh, how can I ever express to you how thankful I am that you told me of this Love, for it has been the means of helping me so much in my progress.

I am now in the Third Sphere, as mother tells me, and I cannot tell you the beauty and loveliness of all that surrounds me and what a lovely home I have and what delightful associates. You must not think me selfish when I write that I would not return to the earth life for all the world, for here I am free from the worry and troubles that I had and also can be with you and love you and know that you love me as your own darling baby.

I am with (my) brothers a great deal also and try to make them realize that I am with them, loving them so very much. They think of me sometimes and wonder if I am really with them, and I know that they, to a degree, feel my presence even though they are really not conscious of the fact.

Well, Daddy, I have written a good deal, and mother says I had best not write more now, but wait until I am in a better condition to express to you just what I desire to write. So love me and think of me, and expect me very soon to tell you of what I have suggested. Give my love to the boys, and especially to Hazel and tell her that I am with her, and so is mother, both trying to help her, and make her expectations come true, and also cause her to be the happiest little mother in all the world. She has wonderful influences around her and should be very happy as well as should Harry, and I know you will also.

So, dear Daddy, I must say good night. With all my love, I am still

Your own loving,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Helen Writes that Mr. Padgett Should Bend Every Effort to Get in Rapport to Receive the Messages

September 23, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, my dear Ned, I am so very glad that John has written you as he has and hope that you will consider and act on his advice. If you could only realize what it all means, you would bend every effort to get in the condition that would enable these high spirits to make the rapport and communicate to you their wonderful messages.

I know, though, that you really feel the importance of the work and that you long for the Love and will be glad when the delivery of the messages is resumed. And I know you love me and will try to do everything possible to please and make me happy, and you can do this by following the advice of John.

Baby (Nita) is here tonight and is so very anxious to write you, but I tell her that it is best to wait for a few nights when you will be in so much better receptive condition and she will be more successful in writing to you. She is so very loving and beautiful and believes that her daddy is the most wonderful man on earth and one to be loved by her, and it is no wonder that she thinks in this way, for she sees so many of the bright and Celestial Spirits around you desiring to get in rapport with you and deliver their messages.

Well dear, it is not necessary to repeat our expressions of love, for you know how much we all love you and want your love and thoughts. Some spirits are here tonight who would like to write you, but I tell them that they must wait a while until you are in a condition when their messages may be received. Think of us and believe that we are with you very much trying to help you.

Yes, he has been here on several occasions, but did not have the opportunity to write. When he next comes I will have him write. Good night, my dear one.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

John Writes that the Most Effective Way of Reestablishing the Rapport is by Praying More for Divine Love

September 23, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

Let me write a few lines, as I see that you are expecting some of the higher spirits to write tonight, and yet you are not just in that condition which will enable them to write of the higher truths that are waiting to be made to you. I am sorry that this is so, for there are many messages to be delivered; and the spirits are very anxious to write. But you are in better condition than you have been for some time, and if you continue to improve in a very short time, you will be able to receive the messages.

Tonight I merely wish to say that we have been with you a great deal trying to influence your mind and tune your thoughts to things spiritual so that your soul may become more in accord with us, and we be enabled to make the rapport that is necessary. You have thought more tonight of these spiritual truths than for some time and, as a consequence, your soul has had a new awakening, as it were, and taken on the qualities that will enable us to form the rapport, and for that result we are thankful and pleased and desire to advise you to continue in these thoughts and the opening up of your soul. We are all very anxious for the return of the rapport and the opportunity to continue the writings, as so very much time has been lost and the urgency of communicating the truths is very great, and they must not be longer delayed.

As you have been told, the most effective way of reestablishing the rapport is by your praying more sincerely and frequently to the Father for the inflowing of His Love, for you must know that the possession of that Love in your soul brings you in closer union with us than anything else that could possibly exist. I say this that you may appreciate the importance of action in the particular mentioned on your part and also the vital necessity for doing the work which has been assigned you to do. So take my advice and make the effort and success will undoubtedly come and we will all be happier.

I will not write more tonight as I prefer to wait until you get in a condition which will permit me to disclose some of the truths that I desire to communicate. Believe that we are with you and love you and above all else desire the development of your soul in Love and progress towards a condition of religious experience. Pray to the Father and believe that it is I who am writing, and that I am your sincere and true guardian and friend,


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stainton Moses Writes that His Book "Spirit Teachings" did not Contain the Truth of the "New Birth" as taught by Jesus

September 14, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Stainton Moses.

Let me say a word. I have been present as you read the book called "Spirit Teachings" and saw that while many of the statements therein contained are in accord with the knowledge that you have of spirit matters, yet, that there is wanting the one great truth of the New Birth as it has been explained to you by the Master and other high spirits.

Well, you must not, on account of the fact that this truth is not alleged and explained by the spirits who wrote the messages that you have been reading, assume that these spirits were not of a higher order, or that they are wanting in the knowledge of many truths that the book portrays as to the relationship of spirit to man and man to God, and his future destiny. No, these spirits were real and genuine and taught truths as they understood them. They were limited in their knowledge by the amount of the progress which they had made in things spiritual and in attempting to teach, they were honest and declared only those things that they believed to be true.

Many of the truths that they declared are of vast importance and necessary for men to know in order to their own salvation. They show the way to the condition of the perfect man, and the struggles, and sufferings, and sacrifices that spirits will have to make in order to arrive at this condition, are not overdrawn, but on the contrary are merely the outlines of what will be necessary for men and spirits to undergo in order to become the perfect man or spirit.

These spirits have since the time of the writings learned of this formation of the soul into an Essence Divine by reason of the possession of the Divine Love and, hence, could not use their medium in making known this great means of perfect salvation to mankind.

These spirits have since the time of the writings learned of this truth and are now progressing towards the Celestial Spheres, which can be obtained only by the means of the Divine Love. You will notice in the teachings many expressions that are erroneous, and solely because the writers did not know to the contrary; but this fact must not cause you to believe that many other things which they teach are not true, for outside of and independent of this truth of the Divine Love and what it means to men and spirits, the teachings are true and should be believed.

I write this that you may not doubt the genuineness of the writings, or think that the same were not made by the spirits who professed to write. These spirits had a mission to perform and were earnestly endeavoring to acquaint the medium, and, through him, the world with the truths and the necessity of meditating upon the same and ceasing to be satisfied with the oldtime beliefs, which were so erroneous and misleading and harmful, as the spirits declared.

I have an enlarged knowledge of the things that pertain to the spirit world, and to the true plan of salvation as established by the Father, and have experienced the possession of the Divine Love and its operations and effect upon the souls of men, and how sufficient it is to relieve men from the sufferings and penalties of their sins that they would have to endure or undergo, were this Love not open and free for them to obtain.

I have that Love to a degree that has made me an Angel of the Celestial Spheres and a possessor of that immortality that was unknown to men when I lived on earth, and also unknown to the spirits who communicated the writings which you have been reading. They taught a part only of the truth of salvation and regeneration, and that the lesser part in importance, but the one which the large majority of men will know of and obtain, only.

I thought that I would write this to you, for I saw that you were very much interested in the "Teachings," and had in mind the question as to whether these spirits who wrote were acquainted with the great truth. And I am very happy that I am permitted to write, for I do not want those who have read and believe these writings to rest upon the assurance that the same contain all of truth, and that there is no other way to Heaven and happiness, except that set forth in these writings. It is so important that all of truth should become known to men, and the opportunity given to them to seek and find the great way to immortality and bliss.

I will not write more now, but sometime in the future, I should like to come and write further with reference to these matters. I thank you for your kindness in receiving this imperfect communication and will only say further, that the Divine Love and the New Birth and the Celestial Heavens where the Master is forming his kingdom, are truths, vital and unchangeable, and the desideratum of the happiness of mankind.

I will say good night, and while a stranger to you, yet, can subscribe myself, your brother in Christ,

Stainton Moses, the medium

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pastor Charles Russell Writes that He Realizes the Falsity of His Teachings

July 31, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Pastor Russell.

Let me say a word, as I have been with you today as you read the book of which I was the writer. I see that you are aware of the erroneous interpretations of the testament that it contains of the false constructions that are drawn from the quotations of the Bible, and also that you feel that a great injury is being done to those who read and believe in my teachings.

Well, I realize the falsity of my teachings and the wrong and injury that are being wrought among those who have been followers of me; and how great will be their surprise when death comes to them, for what I said was impossible - they will find to be true that they are more alive than they ever were while living in the flesh.
This I have realized to my great surprise and suffering.

When I was about to leave the flesh, and for long years before, I believed that when I died, I would go into the literal grave and would thereafter be in a state of oblivion, knowing nothing until the day of the first resurrection, when I and all those who believed that we were of the little flock would be called into the presence of Jesus and there become his co-workers and co-judges of men during the millennium, when the rest of the world would be tried and finally judged to either a life of happiness, as men restored to the condition of Adam before the fall, or to total annihilation.

But as I passed from the body, I found that I had a spiritual body in which was contained all the faculties of mind and appetites of the flesh that were a part of me when on earth; and, also, the memories of all that I had thought, and taught, when trying to lead my followers into the truth, as I supposed. I was more alive than ever before, and conscience soon began to do its work of reproval and bring to me remorse and regret for the great harm that I had done to many of my fellow men by reason of my teaching a faith that is wholly untrue and destructive to the soul's salvation.

The soul! Ah, this is the thing that I blasphemed against, for I taught that there was no such thing or entity as the soul after the separation of the body and life; that it then ceased to have an existence and would never again come into existence until the first resurrection, which would be the first awakening of the little flock to a consciousness of its existence. To me the will was the great thing, and while that never ceased to exist, yet it lay in a dormant state and was as dead, knowing nothing.

How vitally misleading was this teaching - and how my followers will find themselves deceived and will suffer from the want of knowledge of the fact that the soul is the man and is susceptible to progressing in the knowledge of the truths of God while on earth, as well as after it becomes an inhabitant of the spirit world. I have had a tragic awakening with all the consequences of a tragedy in which I was one of the important actors and the principal cause of the results of the tragedy.

I know what death means, and what life means, for I died merely to live, and to live a life in which at this time is much suffering and regret, accompanied by the knowledge that I have before me a work greater than I can perform in many long years in the future. I must now try to undo what I - for so many years - did to the injury of those who believed in me; and when I realize that there is hardly a way, until these followers of mine become spirits like myself, in which I can do this work, my suffering becomes almost unbearable. Only through the medium of the mortal can I reach these people, and because of my teachings, they will not believe what I may attempt to communicate through a mortal medium (which medium I wrote against and reviled and alleged that they were only creatures used by the devil and his minions to deceive mankind).

If I had only known the truth, and thereby abstained from preaching untruth in this particular, how different my lot would now be. But I believed what I taught, and taught what I believed. It was all a lie, and though I believed it, yet that fact does not lessen my regrets, for I see with the clearness of the spirit that my thoughts and teachings are believed by many of my followers because I taught them; and, consequently, they will suffer from their beliefs; and the fact that I believed these erroneous things and taught in good faith will not, in one iota, save them from the darkness and sufferings which will certainly become theirs.

Unfortunate is the man who believes spiritual untruths; but accursed is the man who teaches them, and thus deceives those who are earnestly seeking for the truth. I would like to write more tonight in reference to this matter and my condition and the heavy burden which I am now bearing, but your wife says I must not write more now as you are not in condition to be further drawn on. So, thanking you, and having the hope that at some time in the near future I may again communicate with you, I will say good night.

Your friend,
Pastor Russell


Helen confirms that Pastor Russell wrote and is in much darkness as a result of his erroneous teachings while on earth.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, you have just received a letter from Pastor Russell, who, as he says, has been with you during the day as you read one of his books, and who was most anxious to write you. He is in considerable darkness and feels the great burden of seeing many persons of earth whom he taught, studying and believing his teachings of the vital truths of man's salvation, which teachings he now realizes, to his own suffering, are untrue and lead away from the realities of the life in the spirit world and the teachings of the Master as to things spiritual.

He was very anxious to continue his message, but I thought it best to stop him as he was very earnest and was drawing too much on your vitality. He will come again sometime after you shall have become stronger.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Helen Writes of the Progress and Happiness of Nita Padgett Since Coming to the Spirit World

July 8, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, I am glad that you are feeling better tonight and hope that you may continue to grow better and not let thoughts of things which tend to make you despondent take possession of you.

I have been with you a great deal today and saw how you felt and how far away we all seemed from you, and how much you wished that Baby (Nita) might be with you, and I tried to comfort you and cause you to obtain relief from your gloomy feelings, and I know that I helped you some.

Baby was with me and tried to tell you not to worry about her, but to believe that she is very happy and loves you more than when she was on earth. She is now getting into the light, which the possession of some of the (Divine) Love gives and is quite happy and longing and praying with all her soul. She realizes that she did not lose anything by coming to the spirit world, not even, as she says, lose being with you, and you must try to bring this thought to you as an actual, living fact.

Jesus has written you a loving letter, and he knows just what your condition is and how much you needed his sympathy and love. He has not yet talked or appeared to Baby, but says he will soon, and then I know she will become very, very happy, for he brings happiness to all those to whom he comes with his great love. I mean those who recognize and believe that he is the Master.

So sweetheart, do not be despondent any longer or let your faith in us and our love grow weaker, for we do love you more than we can tell you, and so want you to be happy and free from worry. I will not write longer now and suggest that you soon go to bed and get your sleep. Good night, my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,

Baby says love her, too, and believe that she loves you with all her heart and is happy and wants you to know it. Good night,


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jesus Writes to Comfort Mr. Padgett Not to Grieve for His Daughter; Nita is Happy and Receiving Divine Love

July 8, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I am here and will write a few lines in the hope that I may cheer you up and strengthen you. You must not look at things with such despondent feelings. I understand how natural it is for you to see the dark side of conditions which have arisen by reason of the death of your daughter (Nita) and ordinarily you would not have the comfort which now must come because of the knowledge that you have of the spirit world and of the actual condition of your loved ones. As you have been told, she is now quite happy and more alive to the reality of existence than she ever was and would not return to her earth life were it possible.

While you may think at times what happiness you and she might have were she still with you in the flesh and regret that she was taken from you, yet such thoughts arise merely from your desires that are purely of an earthy nature, for when you think of what her condition is now you will certainly realize that there can be no comparison between the supposed happiness that she might have and that which she is now actually possessing. And I know that you love her so much that this knowledge on your part is sufficient not only to remove these regrets but to cause you to rejoice that she is now in the spirit world - free from the cares and troubles that belong to an existence on earth. So do not think of these possible enjoyments that might come to you were she alive and with you. She is with you - closer than you may imagine - and with her is a love greater for you than she ever had on earth. She is now progressing and the love is flowing into her soul, and she is realizing that it is the one thing that can bring joy and peace to her. She will soon come and write you as she is anxious to do so.

She is here tonight and has been with you during the day as your heart went out so lovingly to her and you called for her. She was glad that you so much wanted her with you and responded just as a young spirit in whom the first awakening of the knowledge of the possession of the Great Love would do. So do not grieve for her, but realize that she is with you and is happy and wants you to be happy. She will be with you a great deal and you will consciously recognize her presence and feel the benefit of her love.

You must also know that many of us are with you, and especially that beautiful soulmate of yours who loves you as no other spirit can love you, and that she is trying to comfort and help you. So do not permit yourself to feel so lonesome or despondent. Remember the great work before you, and that all your energies must now be set to accomplish that work. While you have others on earth who you must and do love, yet you must not permit that love to interfere with your work or the accumulation of the means which are necessary to carry out the work as we have heretofore planned.

I know that you have been disappointed in various particulars, and that it seems almost impossible for you to get in the condition of which I have written, yet you must not lose your faith, for the matter will be accomplished, and after a little while when you get in better physical and mental condition you will start the plan and success will come to you. Let not any ambition or hope for worldly things take the place or even associate with your ambition to accomplish the work which you have undertaken together with us to make complete. Have faith and courage and then action on your part will come. I will not write more tonight. You have my love and help and prayers, and you must pray more yourself to the Father. Good night,

Your brother and friend,

Friday, June 20, 2014

St. John Writes About the Book "Spiritual Teachings" by Stainton Moses, Which He Read with James Padgett

July 5, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John.

Let me say a word. I have read with you in the book (Spiritual Teachings by Stainton Moses) and I find that many things in it are true and many others show a want of the true mission of the Master. I do not know the spirit who is supposed to have dictated the messages, but from the nature of the same, I would infer that he is a spirit of some of the higher spiritual spheres and that his information is limited by the development of his spirit, as he calls it. He apparently knows nothing of the true mission of Jesus, or of the Divine Love, or of the true resurrection, as was taught by the Master.

It is well that you have read this book for it will show you the differences between the messages, which you are receiving and those that you read in the book. Some of the writers declarations are correct; such communications as his development of mind and soul fit him to receive.

But the great and important truth relating to God and man are not contained in the book and could not well be, for the guiding spirit evidently knew nothing of the transformation of the soul into the Divine by reason of the Divine Love.

I merely wanted to write this to show you that your work is necessary to be done, and that never has the truths that you are receiving been revealed to men before. Good night,

Your brother in Christ,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

John Wesley and Helen Padgett Write they Attended the Services of Nita Padgett Along with Jesus and a Congregation of High and Beautiful Spirits

June 21, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John Wesley.

Let me write a line. I was present tonight at the services over your daughter's remains and saw what a wonderful congregation of high and beautiful spirits was there. Your bands were present and the Master was shedding his love and influence over the mourners and near ones. Your daughter's spirit was also present, and although it seemed a little strange to her that she should be outside her body and could look upon it as it lay cold and dead, yet she understood and was quite happy that so many of her friends were there displaying their sympathy and love. Of course, your wife was present and was radiantly happy in her love for you and her boys and her other relatives. She had her daughter close by her side and was telling her of the truths of the resurrection as the minister read the services, and especially how the Great Love of the Father is necessary to the true resurrection and heaven.

It was a glorious evening with the spirits, and no sorrow or unhappiness was with them, only their sympathy for the human grief of those who did not know the truth of the liberation of the spirit from the bondage of the flesh. Well, I might tell you many things which occurred among the spirit visitors, but I am admonished not to write more, so will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley


Helen tells about her daughter's demise and that there were Celestial Spirits present, casting over the people love and influence that only Celestial Spirits can give forth. Baby was with me.

I am here, Helen Padgett.

My own dear husband, how happy I have been tonight as you and the others congregated around the coffin of our baby to pay their respects and offer their love and sympathy to her memory. As has just been said, many of our Celestial Spirits were present, all casting over the people the love and influence that only Celestial Spirits can give forth.

Baby was there with me, and while she did not quite understand all that she saw, yet she realized that her body is now no part of her, and that she lives independently of it, and that the body which she now knows is hers, is so much more beautiful and ethereal. She was very close to me and did not attempt to leave my arms, for while she knew that she was no longer a mortal, yet she was timid and felt that she needed me and my love. She is quite beautiful and happy and says that if she is in Heaven, she does not want to return to earth or to her body that was lying before her so cold and lifeless. She saw and recognized all who were present and tried to talk to some of them, but found that she could not make them hear and wondered a little that they did not.

Tonight you must not write more, but must go to bed and get your rest. I will soon write you fully as to our baby. She said though, that she saw how much you must love her and was so anxious to reply to you as you talked to her. Do not grieve too much for the body, for it is no longer hers and cannot understand or answer your words of sorrow. She is so happy that you love her so much and will come to you before very long.

Love me and pray to the Father. Good night, and God bless you, my dear Ned.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Helen Writes About the Sudden Passing of Their Daughter, Nita Padgett

June 20, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, my dear Ned, you have had your little girl leave you, as you now feel, but she has not left, for she will be more with you than ever and happier than she could possibly have been had she remained in the body.

I was with her as she passed over and received her in my arms and told her that she was with her mother and had nothing to fear. That she had come to the spirit world and would now know what love and happiness are, and that all her troubles had left her forever. I told her that she would not have to leave you and her brothers, except as regards her body which was no longer a part of her, and which she would soon realize was merely a covering for herself. She was not afraid and nestled in my arms as I kissed her and told her that now she would understand how much her mother loved her and how happy she would be in that love, and that in a very short time. she would be perfectly content and feel so happy that she had left the cares and troubles of her earth life.

I was with her before she died, and she actually saw me as I waited at her bedside for her spirit to find a release from her body. She recognized and talked to me and actually heard my voice as I encouraged her and called her to come to my arms. She was not afraid and I know that I was as visible to her as I ever was on earth.

She is now with me, or rather I am with her, and am trying to help her realize fully that she is a spirit; and she is convinced for, as she tells me, she remembers the many talks that you had with her in which you told her of my coming to you and to her with all my love and desire to make her happy, and that as she remembered these things, it seemed to be natural for her to have the experience of having me with her as her real loving mother.

I will be with her a great deal and so will many other spirits who love her. Your parents and mine were with her when she came over and spoke to her of their love and encouraged her to believe that she was really with them and had nothing to fear, and that only love was around her.

She will soon be in a better condition to appreciate her surroundings, and then I will bring her to you and let her tell you of her experience and her love for you and the boys. I know that you are sorrowful to have her leave you in the body and that your heart is very heavy, as you expected to have her with you more intimately than ever and to find much happiness and comfort in her presence. But dear, you must try not to worry or grieve, for as I have said, you have not lost her. She will be with you more than ever and you will feel her presence and know that she is so much happier than when a mortal.

I wish that I could make myself visible to you so that I could comfort you the more and cause you to believe that your Baby has not left you. Let not your belief in the fact that we are really alive go from you. We are more alive than ever and can love you more than when in life on the earth. So do not grieve, but know that it will not be long before you will be with us, and that this is a certainty.

Oh, my dear, I love you so much tonight and want to comfort you with my love, and with the assurance that now, as you sit in your room at night and feel lonesome and sometimes wish that Baby could be with you, I and your baby, who will soon be a bright spirit and enjoy the happiness that love for you will bring to her, will be with you.You, as I say, must not grieve, for you are not strong and grief will not be beneficial to your condition of brain. Only think of her as being a beautiful loving spirit, filled with love for you and always glad when she can be with you, and only sorry that you may not be able to feel her arms around you and her kisses on your lips. You are not in condition to write more tonight and must go to bed.

Well, dear, I wanted in the first place to encourage you and keep you from worrying so that you would not be unhappy. And next I really believed that she would not die, but that she would have the strength to overcome the results of the operation; but I was mistaken and for your sake, was as sorry as you could possibly be. We cannot always foretell the results of contingencies affecting the material conditions of mortals. We do not know these things as a matter of omniscience, but merely base our conclusions on what we believe will be the results of certain causes. I was so anxious to comfort and relieve you from your worry, and the real fact is that you have no cause for worry, but I did not allude to this when I told you not to worry, for I believed that she would recover from her sickness, and so thought the others who wrote you encouraging words. And even Dr. Campbell thought that she would be able to withstand the results of the operation. But in these things we cannot always judge aright. We are not infallible and cannot always exercise the power which we possess to bring about results that our loved ones on earth may desire. So sweetheart, do not feel resentful because my promises did not come true.

If you could only fully understand what the condition of your baby is, you would not want her with you in the body. I know that you will, at times, feel very lonesome and long for her as your dear one of earth form and companionship, but you will soon have such an experience with her as your spirit baby, that you will not often sorrow because she left you. This I know without the possibility of your being disappointed, and you must try to believe me.

Well, sweetheart, when you are a little stronger I will come and write you more in detail about baby's passing and she will write also. Love me and love her, and pray to the Father. Say good night. God bless and comfort you, my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mary Baker Eddy Writes that there are Misleading Errors in Some of Her Teachings

June 13, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a line, for I have been interested in the conversation of the Doctor (Leslie R. Stone) and want to express to him my thanks for his efforts to enlighten one of my followers as to the truth; and my obligation is based on the fact that I recognize the misleading errors of some of my teachings, and that I am responsible for the beliefs of many mortals that are not true and have the effect of keeping them from the truth; and further, that whenever any of those who have embraced the beliefs that I taught are shown the light and directed to the errors of my teachings, I am to that extent happier and relieved from the burdens which I carry with me - that my teachings are keeping so many from the truth. In all this I refer to the great question of the Divine Love and the way in which mortals may obtain the same and become in harmony with the Father, and partake of His Divine Nature and immortality.

I have examined these truths since I came to the spirit world and realize with a great conviction, that the reflection of the Divine Love is not the possession of that mind which comes only with the possession of the Love of the Father.

I wish that I had time tonight to write you a longer letter on this subject, but your guide says that you are not in condition to receive a lengthy letter and I must stop.

Let me express the hope that you and your friend, whenever the opportunity occurs, will attempt to enlighten my followers as to the truths which you know and as to errors and the want of the true explanation of a salvation, which my books do not contain.

With my love I will say good night.

Mrs. Eddy


Helen affirms Mrs. Eddy's message.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, I have been with you all evening and enjoyed your conversation. You may believe that the last communication was from Mrs. Eddy, for she actually wrote and was glad that she could do so, and because she carries the burden of which she wrote, we permitted her to write.

She realizes that, although she has a great amount of the Divine Love, yet the knowledge that she believed and taught others to believe the errors of her writings causes her much unhappiness in the way of possessing a great desire to undo or neutralize the effect of what she taught.

Love me and pray to the Father. Good night.

Your own true and loving,

Monday, June 16, 2014

John Writes that Eugene Morgan and Dr. Leslie R. Stone Have Important Work to Do, but Mr. Padgett's Needs to Come First

June 7, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

Let me write a line. I have been with you as you read the messages that your friend received, and want to say that what they say as to your want of condition is true, as you know, and that you must give your longings and thoughts more to spiritual things in order to get in condition to receive the messages again.

But the messages are not correct when they tell him that you will not be necessary to start the great work on earth. There is no other who can possibly start this work and, hence, you must realize the responsibility that rests upon you and make every effort to get in that rapport with the higher spirits that will enable you to successfully do your work.

Your two friends have an important work laid out for them to do, but their work is merely confirmatory of the messages that you receive, and until you shall have received all that is intended to be revealed, their work will not start.

Mr. (Eugene) Morgan is now doing a great work among the spirits and his band and many others of the high spirits are kept very busy in attending to the awakened spirits in their demands for enlightenment. He must continue this until the time that I have mentioned, comes, when he will be given the greater work. He is a man of very deep convictions and earnest in his work and will, sooner or later, realize the results of his efforts to help the dark spirits.

Your work and his work and that of Dr. (Leslie R.) Stone are separate and distinct; neither can do the work of the other, but yours must first be done. So do not forget this and realize with all the knowledge of your soul how much depends upon you. I will not write more now. With my love I will say good night,

Your brother in Christ,

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Helen Writes that James Padgett is in a Much Better Spiritual Condition

May 22, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, there were many dark spirits present tonight all wanting to write and when you shut them off many were disappointed and some remained in the expectation of being able to write. They have now disappeared as White Eagle told them in a positive manner that none of them would be permitted to write and that only I would write and advised them to leave. which they finally did. If you could see how disappointed they were, you would feel sorry for them as we all do.

Well dear, I see that you are in a much better spiritual condition tonight and that your longings have ascended more to the Father today than usual and He has responded with His Love and you have received the consciousness of the presence of His Love. I am so glad that this is so, for as you may know, I am always glad when you, by your longings, get nearer to the Father and in doing so you get nearer to us and we become more in unison with you.

I was with you tonight when you visited your children and also the Colburns and saw that you were quite happy in your visit. Harry and his wife are quite happy in their love and I am so pleased that such is their condition. At the Colburns, I enjoyed the music and came very close to you and you at times realized my presence and were loving me very much. The music was very harmonious and helped us to draw closer to each other for it started the vibrations of the chords of our souls and thus enabled them to be put in unison and made us so very close to each other.

As you may suppose a number of the bright sprits were present and Mrs. Colburn was there also in her love for her husband and children. She loves them very much and enjoys being with them and especially when they turn their thoughts to her as they do sometimes.

As it is very late, I must not write more but let you go to bed. Love me and think of me with your love increasing all the time and we will both be very happy in our love. You know what love means to us and how it is a part of our very existence and it should not be permitted to lie dormant or even to lessen. I think that you will be in condition to receive some of the higher messages tomorrow night and you must sit early and give the spirits an opportunity to write. As I have told you, many desire to write and you must make an effort to get in condition so that they may do so.

My dear husband, I love you so very much and want your love in return not only at night but all the time. So remember what I have said and pray to the Father. Good night and may the Father bless you in every way.

Your own true and loving,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Helen Writes that a Large Majority of Men Will Exist in Eternity as Perfect Men and Enjoy the Happiness Which it Brings

May 21, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well dear, I see that you have been much benefitted by the reading of the messages tonight, and I am so glad that you read them in the manner that you did. The truths, which you read in reference to the spirit world in the book of Dr. Peebles, are very beautiful and also edifying and helpful to the extent that they affect the conditions of the souls of men but, as you know, they do not reach the vital point or tell of the great truth, which is necessary for men to know in order to obtain the condition of the Divine Angel and a home in the Celestial Heavens.

Of course, the writer, or any of those whom he quotes, could not speak of this higher truth, for they did not understand the same and they could comprehend only the great moral teachings of Jesus. But these teachings are also of great importance to mankind, for the understanding and observance of them in thought and deed will certainly lead man to a purification of his soul, and to a coming in at-onement with the Father, in accordance with the perfectness of man in his creation. As we have written you, the large majority of men will exist in the great eternity only as perfect men, enjoying the happiness which that condition brings to them, and, hence it is of great importance that men should be taught these mortal truths.

But of greater importance is the knowledge of the truth which will show men the way to become Divine Angels and at-one with God in His very Substance and Essence of Love. This was the great mission of the Master on earth, but men failed to understand and realize that fact and, instead, were possessed only of the knowledge of the moral truths and a belief that such truths, or rather the results of the practicing and living the same, would lead them to immortality and perfect happiness.

Well, you understand all this, and I will not say more on the subject; but I wish to emphasize to you the importance of your fully realizing, deep down in your soul, that the truths of the Divine are not understood by men and, hence, cause you to appreciate more the great importance of the work which you are to perform. Oh, my dear, I hope that you will consider and meditate upon this and try your best to get in such condition that the rapport may be made and these truths delivered to you.

You know the way, the only way, and you must follow that way. Pray to the Father with all the longings of your soul, and meditate more on spiritual things, such as the truths which the Master and the others have revealed to you. I know that you are desirous of receiving the messages, but you are not willing, as it seems, to make the effort to get in the soul condition, which will not come from the existence of the mere desire to receive the messages.

Well, I did not write earlier in the evening for you were not just in condition, and I thought that if you did not hear from me, you might possibly read some of the messages and thus get in a better soul condition to receive my message, as you have done. It is too late to write more tonight, but I feel quite hopeful that I will be able to do so very soon. So sweetheart, pray to the Father and let your faith increase and think more of these truths and what they mean. I will not write more now, and will only further say, love me with all your heart and think more of me, and you will be much happier.

Good night, my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,

Friday, June 13, 2014

Jesus Writes About the Prophecy in Matthew 24 of the Bible

May 20, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I would like to write tonight, but you are not just in condition, though much better than you have been, and soon I anticipate I will be able to deliver my messages again. Take my advice and pray more and you will find yourself much helped into the condition which is necessary in order that I may make the rapport. I merely write this tonight to let you know that I am with you and waiting to write. You must not let your faith decrease, but believe with all your soul that we communicate with you and are with you trying to help you in every way. You must do the work and keep up your faith in us. I will not write more now.

Well, so far as that prophecy (Matthew 24) is concerned, it referred to the fall of Jerusalem. At that time - I mean just prior to and at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem - the whole world was in that condition that the prophecy speaks of - I did not know anything about the present condition of the earth and could not have referred to these times, or to what may now happen among men.

The end of the age, as it should be written, referred to the ending of the Jewish dispensation, and not to the end of the physical world. That was not to be destroyed at the time the prophecy was to be fulfilled, and no man or spirit now knows when the earth will cease to exist. Only God knows that, and He has never revealed it. But this I do know, that such an event will never take place until He has worked out His plan for the ending of the world and, I believe, it will be many centuries yet before such an ending to the earth and the visible world will take place. And I do not know that it ever will have an ending, and no human can foretell the same. So you need not bother about these things.

Each human will have his ending of the earth life, and to him that will be, in effect, the end of the world, and his duty is to prepare for that ending and what will surely follow. Sometime I will write you on this subject.

There are many matters yet to be disclosed, and this disclosure waits only for your getting in the proper condition to receive the same. You can see the importance of this, for the end of the world is coming each day to many mortals, which is so important for them to know. Think more of the spiritual things, and of your work. Believe that I am with you very often, and especially when you pray at night, according to my promise. Good night.

Your brother and friend,


Helen Confirms that Jesus wrote.

I am here, your own true and loving, Helen.

Well, dear, I am pleased that the Master wrote you tonight, for it indicates that you are getting in better condition. You must bend all of your efforts to accomplish the objects, the great objects of your selection, and not let other things interfere, as they have done for some time past. If you will only pray more and turn your thoughts to the spiritual things, you will soon find yourself in the condition which will enable the spirits to make the rapport. Pray to the Father and say good night.

Your own true and loving,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Charles T. Wilson Writes that He Knew Dr. Leslie R. Stone and Seeks His Help to Get Out of Darkness

May 16, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Charles T. Wilson.

Let me write a few lines. I am the friend of the Dr. (Leslie R. Stone) and knew him some years ago when he was living in Buffalo, N.Y. I was in a hospital where he was engaged in looking after daffy mortals, such as I was.

Well, in those days my mind and my brain did not coordinate, and this I know, for a short time after I passed into spirit life, I found that I had a mind which enabled me to understand things as I had before the awful blank came to me which resulted in my being incarcerated in the hospital.

What a wonderful experience I had after I became liberated from the imprisonment of my mind in a diseased brain. Then everything appeared to me as if I were a new creature, and the happiness which came to me - I mean the happiness that came from my liberated mind - is beyond what you may conceive of. I can suppose that men think that those whose minds are thus blotted out, as it were, by a brain which has ceased to perform its functions must be not unhappy, because they know not the loss of the benefits that a mind in a sound brain affords. But in this supposition, men are mistaken, for while the person thus afflicted may not know of what sound-minded men call "real trouble and worry," yet they have troubles which belong to their diseased brains, and to them these troubles, although they may have no real existence, are just as real as are the troubles of these others who think that they are sane. Trouble is a relative thing, and the real to one, though not real, causes as much unhappiness as do the troubles which are real.

Of course, while I was in the flesh I did not fully understand just what my condition of mind was and many of my vagaries were of such a character as to cause me apparent happiness; and on the other hand, certain other vagaries caused me real suffering. And things of great importance appeared to me with a force that no real existence could surpass.

Shortly after I passed to spirit life, these imaginations left me and with them disappeared the unhappiness, which they caused; and it seemed to me as if my mind had been freed from a great burden, and I became so conscious of the fact that it seemed as if I must be in Heaven or some other place of bliss. But it meant nothing more than my mind finding its real condition, and the recollections of my previous life came to me with all their consequences. And strange as it may seem to you, there were no recollections of anything that happened while I was in the state of mental darkness. Only those things came to my remembrance which were parts of my life before my affliction, and only these latter brought with them a knowledge of good or evil deeds which I had committed.

Since then, I have realized the workings of the laws which controlled my acts of life, and I was happy or otherwise as these laws called for suffering or failed to operate. I have been in the dark planes ever since, though I have made some progress towards the light, or rather the darkness has grown less intense and my sufferings have decreased. My mind has always been alert and nothing has escaped me which was a part of my sane existence while on earth.

I wish that I could find a way to get rid of this darkness and suffering and, as only a few nights ago, I heard that you could help spirits in my condition, I determined to seek your help, and tonight when I saw the Dr. with you, I thought it a good opportunity to ask your help.

Yes: and he says that he will help me, and as he is so very beautiful and bright, I can easily believe that he can help me and I am going with him. So I thank you.

I was Charles T. Wilson and was called Wash.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mary Kennedy Writes that No Other Love Exists in the Celestial Spheres Except Divine Love and Soulmate Love

May 1, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy.

I will write a few lines if you will consent, and I know you will, for Helen says that you receive so many letters of love and encouragement from her, that you are wholly sympathetic whenever other soulmates desire to write to their other halves on earth, and especially when I come to write to mine, and Helen knows and never tells me an untruth except when she is trying to plague or tease me.

Well, I am very glad that I can write once more to Leslie (R. Stone), for it has been a long time, as it seems to me, since I wrote him, and I believe that he thinks so, too. I know that he is interested in me all the time, for the reason that I know he loves me, and where loves enter there can be no want of interest, and so it must be.

I am very happy and am progressing all the time in my soul qualities and in my position in the soul spheres where only the Divine Love exists, except the other love which belongs only to soulmates. Since I have become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres and realized what an absorbing thing the Divine Love is, I wonder that I can have so much of this soulmate love as I do, when I realize the fact, and know, that no other love exists in our spheres except the Divine Love and our soulmate love.

No love of mother or father, or any other love that belonged to the relationship of the human life has any place in our existence or happiness, for spirits cease to have brothers and mothers and other relations, but all are as one great brotherhood, whose nearness and unity depends upon the amount of the Divine Love that enters into the souls of the respective spirits, and in this, the Divine Love is different from our soulmate love in that the former is of one nature and substance, though possessed by spirits in different degrees, and is of the same quality and may be possessed by the souls of spirits alike, while the latter belongs only to the two soulmates, and no other spirit can enter into or possess any portion of that love which belongs to the two soulmates alone.

I often think of this fact and how good is the Father in giving us this Great Love which we partake of in common with all other spirits, yet, let us have this soulmate love all to ourselves. This may, at first, seem to partake of the element of selfishness, but it is not, because, while one of the two souls can and does have it, yet, no other soul is thereby deprived of any love that would make them unhappy or that would afford them any greater happiness. It is not selfishness but merely the possession of that which in itself makes the love of the two individual.

Now, from what I have said you must not infer that when we become inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres all the loves that were ours when on earth by reason of our human relationship are not with us, for it would not be true to make such an inference. The explanation is that the objects and the place of existence of the objects of our loves, determines whether we continue to have this love of the human relationship. If our parents or brothers or sisters, or others having a relationship whom we loved when on earth, continue to live in the flesh, or even in the lower spheres of the spirit world, then our earth love, as I may call it, remains with us, and our dear ones are just as much, or to a greater degree loved than when we were on earth or in the lower spheres; and out of that love grows our desire to help and influence for good our relatives.

But when these relatives become with us inhabitants of the Celestial Spheres, where the Divine Love is the Great Love belonging to us all, then, the love that is possessed by reason of being relatives one to another, leaves us and has no influence. As long as you remain mortals, we love you as parents or children or other relatives, but when you come with us to the Celestial Heavens, there remains no reason why such love should continue, for this Divine Love is sufficient for all and supersedes these other loves.

Well, I love my Leslie, and I will love him for and through all eternity because I know that he will come to me in my home and be united, his soul to mine. I am with him a great deal and my love for him never dies down or ceases to exercise its influence upon his soul and never will so long as we remain separated, which will not continue very long, as we who are in eternity view it. I have written too long already and must stop. But I want to tell him that he has his angels around and with him very much, and he is never left alone. When he prays, as I know he does, we are all with him praying to the Father for a greater inflowing of His Love into my dear one's soul.

Oh, how I wish that I could tell him of the extent of my love and what it means to him, and how much I want all the love that he can give me. He must think of me and keep up his courage and faith in the truths that have come to him, for he will never be disappointed in that faith or in the expectations that come from it. Good night, my dear one.

Your own loving,

Monday, June 9, 2014

James Writes about His Visit to a Church with Mr. Padgett; Helen also comments

April 28, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, James.

I am here and desire to say a few words as I have been with you this evening at the church and listened to the lecture of the preacher and feel that he misapplied his opportunity for furnishing his hearers spiritual food, which they all are so much in need of and which in many cases their souls are longing and crying for.

The lecture of the preacher was instructive in a certain way and appealed to the sympathies and better nature of those who heard it, but it contained nothing that tried to open up the souls of men to the Divine Love of the Father or show them the way to the Celestial Kingdom of the Master or the way in which they may become divine in their soul qualities of love or in perfect union with the spirit love of the Father.

I do not know that what I have said will serve any good purpose but yet I thought it best for me to communicate to you their thoughts. Perhaps, they may do some good in the future when you come to demonstrate the truths that you have received.

I will not write more. Good night.



 Helen writes of the ignorance of preachers to explain the Truth of the Gospel.

I am here, Helen. I am your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I have been with you a very great deal today and know just how you have felt and experienced a happiness in your soul arriving from the thoughts that you had in reference to things of the soul.

I will not attempt now to comment on either of the sermons that you heard. But I know just what thoughts you had in reference to the same and your thoughts were as my thoughts. It is so important but sad that the preachers have not had more information of the truth so that they might tell their hearers.

Tonight the Master was with you and listened to the lecture and impressed you with the thoughts that you had and felt that he would like to be able to tell the preacher just what his future is. He is a representative as he claims of the Christian teachings with a duty upon him to give forth these teachings to his people, yet he failed to do so. It is pitiable that such condition of ignorance of the truth exists among the ministers of the Gospel. But it is so and no help can apparently be offered them until the truths that you are receiving shall be published and spread among them.

The Master would have written tonight had circumstances been altogether favorable, but they were not and he will come very soon and communicate. I will not write more now. So, my dear, love me and pray to the Father for His Love. Good night.

Your own true and loving,


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ross Perry Writes that He is Receiving Divine Love and Will Soon be in the Third Sphere

April 27, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Ross Perry.

Let me write a line, for I am very desirous of again communicating to you the fact that I am progressing and have found the Love of which you first told me and which information led to my seeking it.

I know that you are very much interested in the higher messages and want to give your time to receiving them and that it is almost impudence for me to intrude, but I have asked your wife if I will interfere with any of these messages tonight by my writing and she informed me that it would not, as none of these messages would be written tonight. So I feel somewhat at liberty to write and I hope that you will consider that I am not intruding.

Well, since last I wrote you, I have been praying to the Father with all the longing of my soul for an increase of His Love and realize that it has come into my soul in greater abundance and I am correspondingly happy. I shall soon be in the Third Sphere, so the spirit friends who have been so kind and loving to me, tell me, and it gives me much happiness to know that such a prospect is opened up to me, for I can, because of the progress that I have already made, and realize to some extent, what a home in that sphere will mean to me.

I would like to write you a long letter tonight, but I must not detain you. But this I want you to remember that I am very happy now and my sufferings have left and I know that all these blessings came to me because of the workings of the Divine Love in my soul. It is wonderful what that Love can accomplish in the way of rescuing a sinful soul from its surroundings of darkness and from suffering.

The Law of Compensation, which is a great truth, does its work without hesitation or partiality, or interference by any God or angel in the way of commanding it to cease its work, but this great Divine Love is more powerful than the Law and when it enters into the soul of a man or spirit it in effect says to this Law: "You shall no longer operate on the soul of the sinner that was, because it will take that soul away from and outside the operations of the Law."

How little men understand this working of the (Divine) Love. It does not set aside the Law, but it merely removes the soul in which it has found a lodgment from the scope of the operation of the Law. The Law goes on but the objects of its operations are rescued from the same. No Law is set aside which men think and argue is necessary in order for a soul to be saved from its penalties and when on earth I believed this, too, and did not believe in or accept the doctrine of the special interposition of divine providence to succor men from the consequence of their sins and that I did not believe because I thought that the only way in which this could be accomplished was for God to say to the Law: "You shall cease to operate."

But now I know, that, while the Law never ceases to operate until the penalties that are called for are paid, yet this Love is above the Law, though not antagonistic to it. I wish that I might write more on this subject tonight as to me, it is one of the most wonderful truths in God's Universe of Spirit and I never cease to meditate upon it and thank the Father that I was made a real example of the power of this Love.

Well I must stop now, but when you have time I should like to come and write at more length. I see that my wife has not progressed in learning the truth and I am very sorry. Well friend, good night.

Your friend,
Ross Perry


Helen is glad that Perry wrote.

I am here, your own true loving Helen.

Well dear, I see that you are not just in condition for very lengthy writing tonight and I will say only a few words. Your condition, though, is much better and there is no reason why you cannot receive the messages that have so long been delayed and I trust that you will do so very soon.

I am glad that Perry wrote you as he did, he is very enthusiastic over his knowledge and experience of the Divine Love and is now quite happy and progressing. Love me and think of me and pray to the Father. Good night.

Your own true and loving,

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Luke Writes that Religion is the Relationship and Harmony of Men's Souls with the Soul of God

April 25, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a line - Luke.

I was with you tonight at the church and listened to what the preacher (Gordon) said in reference to religions and their point of contact and was somewhat surprised at his declarations as to the analogy which he drew between the believers in the various so-called Christian religions.

While, as you know, there is implanted in the souls of men a longing for that which tends to elevate and spiritualize them, even though this longing may not be consciously present with a large number of them; yet the beliefs as to the ways in which this longing may be made manifest and develop the spiritual nature of the soul are very different among those professing these various religions and the ways are not equally efficacious in causing their spiritual development.

Religion is a matter of soul and not of intellect, and the greater the development of the soul in the right direction, the higher will be the spiritual state or condition of the soul. Mere intellectual belief, no matter how intense and undoubting, will not tend to bring about this spiritual development, for "religion is really nothing but the relationship and harmony of men's souls with the Soul of God." The mind will not be sufficient to create this state because the mind of man cannot possibly bring into harmony the Soul of the Creator and that of the creature. Mind, in its exercise, may tend to awaken the soul to this possibility of relationship, but only the workings of the soul can effectuate the complete unity of the Creator and the created. Only soul can speak to soul, and mind is only a helper, provided the soul is alive in its longings.

So it is apparent that that form of belief which is wholly of the intellect can have no common meeting place with that belief which is the result of the development of the soul; and, hence, to say that men of all the various religions, just because they are what are called Christians, are in an equal relationship to the Father, is erroneous and misleading.

As regards the condition of man as the perfect man, these several religions may tend to bring about this state of perfection, if the moral precepts which they teach are observed and practiced by men. But as regards man as the Divine Angel; that is, as a spirit having in itself the Essence of the Divine, only that religion which teaches the true way to acquire this Divinity can lead men to the at-onement with the Father in His very nature. There can be, in this respect, only one true religion, and only one way in which that religion can be practiced and possessed; and to say that all religions have a common point of approach is misleading and deceiving.

I know that among these various religions there are individuals who have found the way to the method of becoming transformed into the Divine Nature of the Father, and this notwithstanding that the teachings and creeds of the several churches do not show the way to this soul development into the spiritual of the Divine. But in these churches there is wanting in their dogmas and doctrines that which will help men to this true religion.

Because it may be found that in the churches there are some who have, to a degree, this Divine spirituality, there is no justification in saying that there is any common place of meeting in these several religions. Of course, the moral precepts may be and are taught by all the Christian churches, and when observed will ultimately lead all men to the condition of the perfect natural man, and only to this extent can it be said that they may have a common ground of religion arising from the belief in the moral teachings.

And the church which declares and teaches as its religion with great exactness and more enlarged comprehension is the church in which this, as I may call it, natural religion exists; and the more dissimilar these churches are in these teachings the farther apart is their approach. If a preacher of one church knows, with the conviction that arises from his sincere and honest investigation of the moral laws, that some other church is not teaching or insisting on the observation on the part of its members of these great moral truths, then he has no right to conclude and say this latter church is the possessor of religion, as is the church in which these moral truths are taught and followed by its adherents.

It is a mistake for a preacher to say that because there may be good and spiritual men in all churches, therefore, one church is as good and religious in its teachings as another church. Truth is of such a nature that it cannot be compromised, and the man or preacher who would compromise the truth is not fulfilling his duty to God or man.

The church which teaches that there is nothing greater than morality, and that man can become no more transcendent than the perfect man, is devoid of the truth and would not be accepted as a teacher of the full truth, as should the church which knows and teaches the way by which man may become a Divine Angel.

That the preachers of the various churches should accept as equal and the possessors of the true religion whenever these moral lessons are alike taught by these churches, and have a common point of approach, is not to be wondered at, because these preachers do not know the higher religion, or are able to teach the way to the same. And when it is understood that a moral truth is a truth no matter where it may appear and by whom taught, there is some justification in declaring that all churches which teach the moral truths are on a plane of equality, and that one is entitled to as much respect and freedom from criticism as another. And further, as the great truth of the rebestowal of the potentiality of receiving the Divine Love, and the effect on men's souls, was never known and taught until the coming of the Master, it is not surprising that none of the churches can or do teach this great spiritual truth and the only true religion arising there from. The knowledge of this truth perished from the earth a short time after the passing of the Master and, hence, no church can teach this religion of the soul that transforms the mortal into the Divine.

The religion of the perfect man may exist in varying degrees in all the Christian churches, but the religion of the Divine Angel exists in none, although some individuals of these churches, to some extent, have received in their souls the great truth - the Divine Love - even though they have no intellectual knowledge of the same.

I thought it advisable to make these few remarks on the declaration of the preacher as showing that his broad assertion that the religions mentioned, which to him is all embracing, may have a common meeting point with every religion. When he learns the truth, he will realize the errors of his human and brotherly declarations. I will not write more. Good night and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, June 6, 2014

Jesus Writes that He is with Mr. Padgett Often, Prays with Him and Wishes to Begin His Writings Earlier in the Evening

April 18, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and heard what the preacher said and some parts of his talk expressed the truth and some did not; and I should like to comment on what he said just now, but you are a little tired from the effect of the writings of the spirits who preceded me and I will postpone my comments until later.

I expressly wish to write on the subject of what God has to do with the war, and show how far the preacher was right. I know that men may be surprised at what I may say, but nevertheless I will state the truth as I know it.

I also desire to finish my message on God, and as your condition is much improved, I will do so very soon, and you must commence to write or permit me to write earlier in the evening, when you are fresh. I was with you last night as you prayed and prayed with you, and you were benefitted. I will continue to pray, for I desire and it is necessary that your soul have such development and get in such rapport with me as will enable me to write my deepest and highest messages of spiritual truths and this can be brought about only by the Love increasing in your soul and your becoming nearer and closer to the Father. And there is nothing in all the universe that can accomplish this result so certainly as the receiving of this Love in your soul, in fact, there is nothing else; and you must pray and long for its inflowing. I will not write more now, so good night.

Believe that I am with you often, throwing my love and influence about you. Well, I understand and am sorry that it has so far not worked out its end; but it will, I am sure, for the work has to be accomplished, and the attaining of these ends is necessary. Have a little more faith, and act on it.

Your brother and friend,



Ann Rollins confirms what the Master said and encourages him in his work.

I am here, your grandmother:

Let me say that I have heard what the Master said and join with him in advising you to keep up your faith and courage, for I know that which you desire will be accomplished and the means found for fulfilling the work and bringing it to a successful issue.

We are all with you trying to help you, and we will. Only do as the Master said and you will not fail or be disappointed in the end. Believe that I love you very much and am with you often, and that we will succeed. Good night.

Your Grandmother

Thursday, June 5, 2014

John Writes that the Previous Message by Spinoza is not that Vital as Are the Truths of the Celestial Angels

April 14, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

Let me say just a word, and that is, that I have been waiting with some interest until the spirit (Spinoza) who has just written you finished his writing.

I see that you are feeling very much better physically and spiritually, and now I know that we can make the rapport with you that will enable us to write our messages; and so I hope that tomorrow night you will give us the opportunity to write.

What the spirit wrote, I know, was quite interesting, but it is not of the vital at this time; for the present must not be consumed by messages of this kind. After we shall have finished the messages that we intend for the book, these messages of the kind just written may be received, for they have a work to do in the plan that we have in view.

I will not write more now, except to say that we are with you very much, and pray to the Father for you and try to help you with our love and influence. So remember what I have written, and pray to the Father. Good night,

Your brother in Christ,

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spinoza, the Celebrated Philosopher, Writes that "Reason" per se is Not a Reliable Guide to Truth

April 14, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Spinoza.

I desire to write a few lines, if you will permit. I need not say that I have never written you before, for you will know from the difficulty that I have in writing that such must be the case. No, I am a stranger to this method of communication, and to you and to me it has come in very recent days as a wonderful revelation.

I do not intend to write upon a subject of any great truth connected with our spirit life, but merely to say sufficient to introduce myself, in the hope that when I am better acquainted with the laws governing this method, I may be permitted to come to you and write of those things, which I have learned since becoming a spirit, and which to learn when on earth would have been not only very desirable but very important.

I was, when on earth, a philosopher, so-called, and gave many years of my life to the search for truth relating not only to the natural world, but to what I conceived to be truth connected with that world or existence outside of and beyond the sense world; and in my researches, I was guilty of many speculations, which I now see have no foundation upon which I had built many conclusions and postulates. I had only the intellect, supplied in its workings by the knowledge that came from the phenomena of the purely physical and, as I thought, by that great faculty called "reason," which, as a fact, is a wonderful faculty, but in its exercise it is dependent upon, first, its own development, and next, whether that development has been along the lines of and in accord with truth.

A reason merely because it is a reason is not a guide that can be depended on, for reasoning in an erroneous way must necessarily lead to conclusions of error and merely calling or believing that these conclusions are the results of reason does not justify the belief that the conclusions must be correct and veracious. Reason can be mistaken and featured by error, just as can the senses; and, hence, if you read the writings of the philosophers and metaphysicians, and also scientists, you will find that things declared and accepted by these men in one age have been repudiated and rejected by the successors of these men in later ages.

And so, when I wrote, and I wrote considerably, and was very largely read by what was considered to be the thinking class of men, and especially those whose researches led them along a similar line of study and subject matter as my own, I declared certain doctrines or principles connected with these metaphysical and philosophical matters that I now know to be wholly erroneous, but which at the time I firmly believed to be things of verity, because largely they were based on what I thought was the true workings of reason, together with some little empirical knowledge.

From this, I do not mean to decry the value and importance of the faculty of reason, for it has been the great factor operating progress of mankind, but like other finite faculties, it is subject to erroneous exercise and cannot be depended on as a thing infallible. The common experience of men has shown that men who have sincerely and earnestly and constantly exercised their reasoning faculties have arrived at different and contradictory conclusions as to the same principles or subject matter, and those conclusions have been entirely satisfactory and convincing to the respective persons. Now it is apparent that in such instances all of these men could not possibly be correct in their conclusions, and in many cases not any of them were correct, yet they were all founded on the reason, properly and intelligently exercised, as they supposed.

No, reason is fallible, and it is not a thing of itself, but dependent upon environments and sometimes inherited or preconceived ideas of what truth must be. It is the great friend and defender of speculation, and without it speculation could not exist, and so often is speculation deceived by its friend.

Truth is that which exists as an unchangeable condition or fact, and speculation can neither create nor destroy truth; and reason is a means which may be used to reach truth when knowledge does not exist. But the fact that reason exists does not mean that it is always used in that way that leads to the discovery of truth. Reason, as I am now justified in saying, is but a creature of God, just as is everything else in His universe; and when given to man with the freedom of exercising it as man wills, is subject to all the possibilities of defective exercise that every other faculty possessed by man is subject to and is no more infallible in its nature than are these other faculties.

But it is the greatest faculty that man has as a creature of the Almighty, and without it, some of the wise of earth have said man would be no better than or different from the brute animal. But this is not quite true, for man is possessed with that which is really man himself that the brute animal does not have, and that is a soul made in the image of its Creator. It may be said that reason is merely an appendage of the soul; and I have justification in asserting that the soul in its progress can do without or cast aside this reason without doing harm to itself because, as I have learned in progressing in the spirit life, the soul may and does arrive at that degree of development where reason is not necessary or even used by it in its acquirement of truth.

I now believe, and without speculation, that reason is a gift to man to be useful to him only in his earth life and in a portion of this spirit life, until the soul comes into a knowledge of truth by the exercise of the mere desire to know. A knowledge of the whys and wherefores is not required, but it knows because it knows, just as in your earth life you have a knowledge of the sunlight even if you do not know the why and the wherefore that produce that light.

Well, my new-found friend, I have written more than I intended, but as I continued I found the desire to write increase, and I fear that I have trespassed too long and pray your forgiveness. Sometime I should like to come and write of the errors of some of the teachings of earth, or rather of the truths along the line of the subject matter of my earthly writings, as I now know them to be.

I am in what is called the intellectual planes of the Fifth Sphere and very near the entrance to the Sixth Sphere, in which I hope to be in a short time. It has been a long time since I left the earth life, and the early period of my existence in the spirit world was one of stagnation and, as I now see, merely because I brought with me many of the doctrines of the philosophy of my earth life and, as a consequence, I continued my research along the ideas and ways that I had pursued as a mortal. The time thus spent was long and continued until I became convinced that speculation in the spirit life is not very different and arrives at no more satisfactory end than speculation on earth, and then I stopped speculating and waited for something, I know not what. And strange to say, that which came to me was from a spirit who had never heard of my philosophy or any other philosophy on earth, but merely accepted truth as it gradually came to him, without knowing why or how. And I soon learned that he had a greater knowledge of the verities than had I, and so I adopted his way of receiving truth, and since then I have been progressing and am now advancing with accelerated speed - all to my happiness and intellectual enjoyment. Good-bye,

Your friend,