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John Wesley and Helen Padgett Write they Attended the Services of Nita Padgett Along with Jesus and a Congregation of High and Beautiful Spirits

June 21, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John Wesley.

Let me write a line. I was present tonight at the services over your daughter's remains and saw what a wonderful congregation of high and beautiful spirits was there. Your bands were present and the Master was shedding his love and influence over the mourners and near ones. Your daughter's spirit was also present, and although it seemed a little strange to her that she should be outside her body and could look upon it as it lay cold and dead, yet she understood and was quite happy that so many of her friends were there displaying their sympathy and love. Of course, your wife was present and was radiantly happy in her love for you and her boys and her other relatives. She had her daughter close by her side and was telling her of the truths of the resurrection as the minister read the services, and especially how the Great Love of the Father is necessary to the true resurrection and heaven.

It was a glorious evening with the spirits, and no sorrow or unhappiness was with them, only their sympathy for the human grief of those who did not know the truth of the liberation of the spirit from the bondage of the flesh. Well, I might tell you many things which occurred among the spirit visitors, but I am admonished not to write more, so will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley


Helen tells about her daughter's demise and that there were Celestial Spirits present, casting over the people love and influence that only Celestial Spirits can give forth. Baby was with me.

I am here, Helen Padgett.

My own dear husband, how happy I have been tonight as you and the others congregated around the coffin of our baby to pay their respects and offer their love and sympathy to her memory. As has just been said, many of our Celestial Spirits were present, all casting over the people the love and influence that only Celestial Spirits can give forth.

Baby was there with me, and while she did not quite understand all that she saw, yet she realized that her body is now no part of her, and that she lives independently of it, and that the body which she now knows is hers, is so much more beautiful and ethereal. She was very close to me and did not attempt to leave my arms, for while she knew that she was no longer a mortal, yet she was timid and felt that she needed me and my love. She is quite beautiful and happy and says that if she is in Heaven, she does not want to return to earth or to her body that was lying before her so cold and lifeless. She saw and recognized all who were present and tried to talk to some of them, but found that she could not make them hear and wondered a little that they did not.

Tonight you must not write more, but must go to bed and get your rest. I will soon write you fully as to our baby. She said though, that she saw how much you must love her and was so anxious to reply to you as you talked to her. Do not grieve too much for the body, for it is no longer hers and cannot understand or answer your words of sorrow. She is so happy that you love her so much and will come to you before very long.

Love me and pray to the Father. Good night, and God bless you, my dear Ned.

Your own true and loving,

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