Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jesus Writes on How the Soul of a Mortal Receives the Divine Love

November 10, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to tell you that you are in a better condition than you were last night and, in fact, have been for some nights past. I desire to write you a message on the question of: "How the soul of a mortal receives the Divine Love, and what its effect is, even though subsequently his mind may indulge in those beliefs that may tend to prevent the growth of the soul - what is a lost soul?"

As you know, the inflowing of this Love is caused by its bestowal by the Holy Spirit in response to sincere prayer and longings. I mean prayer and longings for the Love Itself, and not prayers in general,for the material benefits that men more often and more naturally, as they believe, ask for and desire. The prayers of mortals for these things that may tend to make them successful and happy in their natural love are answered also, if it be best that they should be, but these are not the prayers that bring the Divine Love or cause the Holy Spirit to work with men.

As the prayers of the sincere, earnest soul ascend to the Father, that soul becomes opened up to the inflowing of this Love, and the soul's perceptions enlarge and come more in rapport with the conditions or influence that always accompanies the presence of this Love and, consequently, its entrance into the soul becomes easier and its reception more perceptible to the soul sense. The more earnest the prayer and sincere the longings, the sooner faith comes and with this faith, the realization that the Divine Love is permeating the soul.

When once the Divine Love finds a lodgment in the soul, it, to the extent that it receives the Love, becomes as it were a changed substance, partaking of the Essence of the Love; and as water may become colored by an ingredient foreign to itself, and which changes not only its appearance but its qualities, so this Divine Love changes the appearance and qualities of the soul, and this change of qualities continues ever thereafter. The natural qualities of the soul and the Essence of the Love become one and united and the soul is made altogether different in its constituency from what it was before the inflowing of the Love, but this only to the extent of the Love received. As this Love increases in quantity, the change and transformation becomes correspondingly greater, until at last the transformation may and will become so great, that the whole soul becomes a thing of this Divine Essence, and partakes of its very Nature and Substance, a being of Divinity.

When once this Love enters and truly possesses the soul and works the change mentioned, It, the Love, never leaves nor disassociates Itself from the soul - its character of Divine Essence never changes to that of the mere natural love, and so far as It is present, sin and error have no existence, because it is just as impossible for this Essence and sin and error to occupy the same parts of the soul at the same time as it is for two material objects to occupy the same space at the same time, as your philosophers say. Divinity never gives place to that which is not of the Divine. Man is working towards the attainment of the Divine, when he pursues the way provided for obtaining the Divine Nature, and as he advances and obtains a portion of this Divine, no matter how small, he can never retrace his steps to the extent of ridding himself of this transforming Essence, and again become without its presence.

But this does not mean that a man may not lose the consciousness of the existence of this Essence within his soul, for he frequently does. The indulgence of his carnal appetites and evil desires will place him in the condition that he may cease to have a consciousness of the existence of the Divine Love in his soul, and to himself, he will be as if he had never had any experience of the change that I speak of.

And while this Love can never be eradicated by the evils that man may indulge in or by the mental beliefs that he may acquire, yet the progress of this Love in his soul may be checked and become stagnant, as if the Love were not, and sin and error may appear to be the only dominant elements of his life and being. But yet, when once possessed, the Love cannot be crowded out of his soul by sin and error, no matter, how deep and intense they may be. I know that this may seem strange and impossible to man's intellectual thinking, and that it is not in accordance with what has been attributed to me as teaching that a soul may be lost, nevertheless, a soul that has once received this Divine Essence cannot be lost, though its want of realization of the presence of this Love and its awakening from its dormant condition caused by sin and error and its misdirected beliefs may delay its manifestation of life and existence for a long time, and much suffering and darkness may have to be endured by the soul that is in such condition. And I must not be understood by this, as meaning that a soul cannot be lost, for it can, and many have been and will be, and many will realize the fact when too late.

Now, what is a lost soul? Not one that a man may actually lose in the sense of being deprived of it,  separated from it actually, or even as regards his consciousness of not having a soul, for while, at times, he may believe that he has lost his soul in the sense of not having any, yet he is mistaken, for the soul, which is the man, can never be separated from himself, and as long as he lives in the physical body or in the spiritual body, his soul will be with him. And yet he may have a soul, consciously or not, and at the same time have lost it. This may seem a paradox to the mortal intellect or to the intellect of spirit, but it is true.

Then what is a lost soul? When God gave to man a soul, that soul was made in the image but not in the Substance of its Maker, and at the same time there was bestowed on him the privilege of having that soul become of the Substance of the Father, and to an extent, Divine, and entitled to and capable of living in the Celestial Kingdom of the Father, where everything is of the Divine Essence and Nature. When the first parents by their act of disobedience forfeited that privilege their souls lost the possibility of becoming of the Divine Nature and at-one with the Father in His Kingdom, and they thereby lost not the natural soul, which was a part of their creation, but the soul having the possibility of obtaining the Essence of Divinity and Immortality as the Father has Immortality.

As I have said, heretofore, with my coming this great privilege was restored to mankind, and the lost soul became again the object of man's recovery, and now he has that privilege as did the first parents before the fall; but also men may lose it as did they. As with them their souls were lost until they received into it the Divine Essence of the Father, so with men now, their souls are lost until and unless they receive this Divine Essence therein. As the first parents by their disobedience and refusal, forfeited their privilege of having their souls become a living, Divine Substance, so now, men by their disobedience and refusal will forfeit their privilege to save their souls from separation from the Divine Unity with the Father. The lost soul is as real as the verities of the Father's immutable laws, and only by the operation of the Divine Love can the soul lost, become the soul found.

Men may believe and teach that within them is a part of the Divine that will cause their souls to progress and develop until it reaches the condition of Divinity that will make it a part of the Divinity of the Father. But in this they are all wrong, for, while man was the highest creation of God, and the most perfect, and made in his image, yet in man is no part of the Divine, and having no part of the Divine, it is wholly impossible for him to progress to the possession of the Divine. He, of himself, no matter what his development may be, can never become greater or more perfect or of a higher nature, than he was at his creation.

The Divine comes from above and when once planted in a man's soul, there can be no limit to its expansion and development, even in the Celestial Heavens. Let all men seek this Love and there will be no lost souls; but, alas, many will not do so, and the Spiritual Heavens will be filled with lost souls not having the Divine Essence of the Father.

I have written enough for tonight, and I am pleased at the way in which you received my message. Continue to pray to the Father for more and more of His Divine Love, and your prayers will be answered, and you will realize with the certainty of conscious possession of the Divine Essence, that your soul is not lost and never will be. So with my love and blessings, I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother and friend,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kate Stone Writes that Dr. Leslie R. Stone's Family Rejoice in the Great Blessing Bestowed Upon Him

November 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Kate Stone.

Let me say just a word, for I want to tell you that this wicked spirit (Richard the Third) has left and his depressing influence has gone with him, and we feel better, as well as do you. I will not write much. I merely wanted to tell you this, and to say that your band are here and are exerting their peaceful influences.

I am very happy and I want you to be, and also I desire my brother to enjoy the feeling brought to him by his loved ones, of whom I am one and a dear one.

I would like to write him a long letter tonight, but you have been too much drawn on for me to do so. But tell him that I love him, and that we all rejoice at the great blessing that has been recently bestowed upon him by the Master and John and others, and I want to tell him that he must believe and trust in these good and higher spirits who are so very loving and kind to him. We all love him so much, and I not the least, although I suppose his Mary thinks that she has more love than any of us - and she is right.

So with my love and prayers I will say good night.

His own loving sister,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pastor Charles Russell Writes About Passing Into the Spirit World

November 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Pastor Russell.

I am the spirit of one who passed out a short time ago and in the full faith of his earth teachings. But in the twinkling of an eye, I saw the whole falsity of my beliefs and teachings, because I awoke to the consciousness of my being alive. Yes, more alive than ever, when I expected to go into nothingness and oblivion. Oh, the terrible mistake that I made and the great injury that I have done to all my followers who are now firm in the beliefs that I taught them; and when I think of the great responsibility that is mine, I am almost crushed and feel that the loss of every soul who believes my doctrines will rest on my soul, and that I must do penance or suffer the penalties that my teachings bring to me.

I have been here only a short time and am not in condition to write much now, but I will come. I must come  and find some way to reach my people and tell them to give up the belief that there is no spirit world in which they must live when they leave their bodies of flesh.

I come tonight because your wife sought me and told me that I must come with her and see a mystery, and to me it is. All the beliefs of a lifetime destroyed in one short moment and spiritualism demonstrated to be a truth. I must stop.

I will come again. Good night.

Pastor Russell

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wm. E. Gladstone, a Former Premier of Great Britain, Writes that He is in the Earth Plane and Still Believes in Jesus

November 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Gladstone.

Yes, I was the Premier of Great Britain and I merely want to say that I desire to come to you sometime and write a message containing some of my views on the war that is now scourging the countries that were supposed to be Christian. Oh, the horror of it all! And how blind the rulers are to the welfare of humanity!

But I must not write tonight, as I have not sufficient rapport with you and my comments and intense feeling on the subject are so great that I doubt if I could continue at this time. But if you are willing, I will come again soon and write you.

I am in the earth plane, but not in darkness. I was, as you may know, a churchman and defender of the faith and still am, and I believe in the doctrines of my church, but strange, as I sometimes think, that I am not more advanced in the progress to the higher spheres. But I suppose I must develop and that I am striving to do; and I attend to the duties of my church and worship as I did on earth and have the same hope in the sacrifice of Jesus and the efficacy of his atonement. I rest in his promises and am with many of my friends of earth who worshipped with me when a mortal. I still believe in Jesus, my Lord, and feel that in his good time I shall go to him in his Heaven of bliss.

I shall be glad to listen to you, for I have always found that something may be learned from others, no matter what their standing or condition is.

Well, I am glad that this way has been opened to me to communicate, for my country needs my advice, as I see that many errors of judgment have been made by those in authority. So thanking you, I will say good night.

Your friend,
Wm. E. Gladstone

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bishop John P. Newman Writes and Confirms Luke's Message About the Holy Spirit

November 5, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me say just a word as I am very much interested in the truths of the message which Luke has just written you; and I was present at the church (Metropolitan Protestant Church, Washington D.C.) where the minister discoursed on the subject of Paradise, and Luke was also present. And as I realized that something that the preacher said suggested to Luke the subject of his message, and as I am very much interested in the people of that church, as I at one time was pastor there, I desire to add just a few words to what Luke has so truly and plainly expressed.

The doctrine that the preacher proclaimed tonight, I often declared when I was minister there and as I, at that time, believed those doctrines to be true and know the preacher is equally honest in his beliefs. But, alas, my beliefs were erroneous, and as it took some years of suffering and disappointment for me to unlearn these errors and learn the truth, so will he have to go through the same experience unless, before the time of his leaving the physical body, he learns the truth.

And so with many of his congregation who are earnest and honest seekers of the truth, many of them having in their souls the Divine Love of the Father. And the pity is that there is no way of reaching him or them with the truth, for I know that they would not give heed to what you might say to them and would look upon you as an imposter or crank.

But, nevertheless, in the future some way may open up that these truths may reach these people, and as I have their interests so at heart and feel that the influence of my teachings still linger in that congregation and produce only error and belief in that which is not true, I desire to add my confirmation to what Luke has said, and if his message ever reaches them, I hope my message may also come to them. It is part of my penalty for teaching erroneous doctrines that I should work to have my people unlearn their teachings of error and to be able to reach them in this way would give me not only great happiness, but relief from my penalty of regret.

I will not attempt to recite what Luke has said, for I could not make it plainer, but I do desire to say to my people that what he said is true and they must believe. Sometime I should like to come and write you a long message on a subject that has had the object of my consideration for a long time, and which to me and to many in the earth life is a very vital matter.

I will not write more tonight, and thank you for your kindness in letting me write. Well, I am in the Seventh Sphere and am very happy in my love and surroundings, but I realize that if I had known the truth as I now know it, I would be much further advanced. Oh, I tell you the hampering of the soul's progress by a lifetime of erroneous beliefs is a terrible thing. I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,
Bishop Newman

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Luke Writes About the Mystery and the Truth of the Holy Spirit

November 5, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

I come tonight to write you a message upon the truth of: "What the Holy Spirit is."

I know that the orthodox generally believe and classify it as a part of the Godhead, being one with and the equal of God, the Father, and not merely a manifestation of the Father, as spirit and, hence, necessarily identical with the Father, though having a different and distinct personality. In this belief and in this classification is included Jesus having a distinct personality.

The orthodox preachers and theological writers teach that it is a fact that these three are one, co-equal and existing, and that fact is the great mystery of God, and that men should not endeavor to fathom the mystery, because the sacred things of God are His own, and it is not lawful for men to enter into these secrets. Well, this declaration and admonition are very wise as men's wisdom goes and saves the expounders of these doctrines of mystery from attempting to explain what they cannot explain, because it is impossible for them to unravel that which as a fact, has no existence.

Men of thought all down the ages have sought to understand this great mystery, as they called it, and have been unsuccessful, and as the early fathers met with the same defeat in their endeavors to understand the mystery and, then because of such defeat, declared the explanation of the doctrine to be a secret of God, not to be inquired into by men, so all these other investigators of the church when they became convinced of the futility of the search adopted the admonition of the old fathers that God's secret must not be inquired into, for it belonged to Him alone, and sinful man and the redeemed man also must respect God's secret.

And, thus, from the beginning of the established church, after the death of Jesus and his apostles, was declared this doctrine of the trinity - one in three and three in one, yet only one - and made the vital foundationstone of their visible church's existence. Of course, from time to time, there arose men, both in the church who, having more enlightenment than their brothers in the church, attempted to gainsay the truth of the doctrine and declared and maintained that there was only one God, the Father.

But they were in the minority, and not acting with the more powerful, their views were rejected; and the mystery became the church's sacred symbol of truth, unexplainable and therefore more certain and entitled to more credence. And it seems to be the tendency of men's minds, or at least of those who believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God, to welcome and encourage as the more wonderful and important and the more to be cherished those things which savor of the mysterious, rather than those which a man may read and understand as he runneth. (Habbakuk 2:2).

Nowhere, not even in the Bible is there any saying of Jesus to the effect that God is tripartite, consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; and, as a fact, never did Jesus when on earth teach any such doctrine, but only this: that the Father is God and the only God, and that he, Jesus, is his son and the first fruits of the resurrection from the dead, and that the Holy Ghost is God's messenger for conveying the Divine Love, and as such, the comforter.

I know that in some of the Gospels, as now contained in the Bible and adopted as canonical, it is said, in effect, that the Godhead consists of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost - these three are one - but such Gospels do not contain the truth in this respect and are not the same Gospels that were originally written. These original Gospels have been added to and taken from in the passing of the years and in the copying and the recopying that occurred before the adoption of the same.

They, the adopted ones, were compiled from many writings, and as the compilers in those early times differed in their opinions as men do now respecting religious truths, the more powerful of these having authority to declare what should be accepted, according to their interpretations of those manuscripts that were being copied, directed the copies to be made in accord with their ideas, and I may say, desires, and announced and put forth such productions to be true copies of the originals.

And as these copies were successively made the preceding ones were destroyed and, hence, the earliest existing manuscripts of these Gospels came into being many years after the originals from which they were claimed to be compiled were written and destroyed.

And I, Luke, who did write a gospel and who am acquainted with the present gospel ascribed to me, say that there are many vital things and declarations, that I never wrote and that are not true, contained in it; and many truths that I did write are not contained therein - and so with the other gospels.

In none of our Gospels did the mystery of the Godhead appear, and that for the reason that there was not and is not, and we did not teach that there was any Godhead, composed of three personalities. Only one God, the Father. Jesus was a son of man in the natural sense, and a son of God in the spiritual sense, but he was not God or a part of God in any sense except that he possessed the Divine Love of the Father, and in that sense was a part of His Essence. The Holy Spirit was not God, but merely His instrument - a Spirit - the Holy Spirit.

As you have been informed, the soul of man existed prior to man's creation in the flesh and was the only part of man that was made in the image of God. It existed in this pristine state without individuality, though having a personality, and resembled the Great Soul of the Almighty, which Soul is God Himself; though the soul that was given to man was not a part of the Great Soul, merely a likeness of it.

Some of you mortals have said that man's soul is a part of the "Oversoul," meaning the Soul of God, but this is not true, and if in any of our communications it has been said that the soul of man is a part of the Soul of God, and I mean while it existed before its incarnation, our saying must not be so interpreted. The ego of God as may be said, is the Soul, and from this Soul, emanates all the manifested attributes of God, such as power and wisdom and love - but not jealousy or wrath or hatred, as some of the writers of the Bible have said, for He possesses no such attributes. The ego of man is the soul, and in his created purity and perfection from his soul emanated all the manifested attributes belonging to him, such as power and love and wisdom; and neither were jealousy nor hatred nor wrath attributes of his before his fall.

It is said that man is composed of body, soul and spirit, and this is true. From your life's experience, you know what the body is, and I have told you what the soul is, and now the question arises, what is the spirit? I know that there have been for centuries great differences of opinion among theologians and other wise men as to what the spirit is; some contending that it and the soul are the same thing, and others, that the spirit is the real ego of man and the soul something of less quality and subordinate to the spirit, and others having other views, and all wrong. For as I have, said the soul is the ego, and everything else connected with man and forming a part at his creation when he was pronounced to be "very good," is subordinate to the soul, and only its instrumentality for manifesting itself.

As Jesus has told you, the spirit is the active energy of the soul and the instrumentality by which the soul manifests itself; and this definition applies to the spirit of man while a mortal as well as when he becomes an inhabitant of the spirit world. The spirit is inseparable from the soul, and has no function in the existence of man, except to make manifest the potentialities of the soul in its activities. Spirit is not life, but it may become an evidence of life - it is life's breath.

And as man was created in the image of his Maker - and as spirit is only the active energy of the soul, by the application of the principle of correspondences, which one of your former psychics declared to exist, it may be assumed and it is truth, that the Holy Spirit is the active energy of the Great Soul of the Father and, as we know from our experiences and observations, is used as the messenger of the Father to convey to mankind His Divine Love. And I do not mean to restrict the mission of the Holy Spirit to mankind in the flesh, for it also conveys and bestows this Great Love upon the souls of the Father's children who are spirits without the bodies of bone and flesh, and who are inhabitants of the spirit world. And so, it is a truth that the Holy Spirit is not God and no part of the Godhead, but merely His messenger of Truth and Love emanating from his Great Soul and bringing to man Love and Light and Happiness.

So you see there is no mystery of the Godhead, and no secret that God does not wish man to know and understand, and no truth that it is contrary to God's Laws and Will that man shall search for and possess. It is said that God is Spirit, and it is true; but spirit is not God, only one of his instruments used to work with mankind and the spirits of men. To worship the instrument is blasphemy, and only God alone must be worshiped. Jesus must not be worshiped as God, the Holy Spirit must not be so worshiped, and the sooner men learn this Truth and observe it, the sooner they will get in at-onement with the Father, and please the Master who, as some may not know, is the greatest worshiper of the Father in all his universe.

I have written longer than I expected, but I hope from my message many mortals may receive the truth, and believe that the Holy Spirit is not one of the Godhead, and that the mystery of the Godhead is a myth, without body, soul or spirit, and that there is no truth in all God's universe that man is not invited to search for and understand and possess.

I will now stop and in doing so will leave you my love and blessings, and will pray the Father to send the Holy Spirit to you with great abundance of the Divine Love. Good night and God bless you until I come again.

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hugh T. Taggart Writes that He has Progressed to the Third Sphere

November 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Well, old fellow, how are you?

I am not going to tell you who I am until the end, but I want to say that I have been listening tonight to the writings and also to the comments you made, and you are very fortunate in having such evidence come to you, for you have more than one witness to a fact, and there are none to contradict, except some funny fellow who tried to tell Mr. Morgan that one of his witnesses was someone else, but he was not successful, as another witness heard him and put him "hors de combat" (incapacitated) as the Frenchman says.

But I know that what has been written you tonight is true and was written by the persons who pretended to write. Even that Indian who claimed to be the earth guide of Mr. Morgan's father when on earth was a real, true witness. In this case the truth of the claim that Mr. Morgan is entitled to make is established, and he must believe what was written him, and how thankful he should be that it is true.

If I could only have had such a great blessing conferred on me when a mortal, how many weary hours of darkness and suffering I would have avoided when I came to the spirit world. He must believe and in believing, realize that he has that which thousands of spirits in darkness would give the world, as we said on earth, to have.

Well, I have progressed very much, and am still progressing, and am in the Third Sphere. And what happiness and glory are mine! Never, when on earth, did I conceive of such beauty and magnificence, and peace and rest in action. The lifetime of an octogenarian would not enable me to describe the wonders and beauties of this place, and I feel that somehow you should know something of it, but I will not try tonight as it is late. But let me tell you that I would not exchange one little moment of the bliss I have here for a whole lifetime of earthly happiness. I know now what the Divine Love means and what the New Birth is that you used to tell me about, and when I thought that these things were the creatures of the imaginations or speculations of the priests and preachers and religious cranks, I little realized that they would become mine and things of greater reality than the sun that used to shine in my office windows.

Sometime I will come and write you a long letter describing my progress for which you are so much responsible and for which I will never cease to thank you as long as eternity lasts.

I remember your friend and I am very glad that he has some of the Love in his soul and did not wait to get it until he came to the spirit world and suffered the darkness and torment that I suffered. He is a fortunate man, and if any man should thank God and the good spirits, he should, and you, too.

Well, I will not write more tonight. So with my love and best wishes for your welfare and happiness, I can sign myself, as I never in all the long years of my earth experience thought possible.

Your brother in Christ,
Hugh T. Taggart

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sister of Eugene Morgan Writes that His Family in Spirit is Happy He is Receiving the Great Love of the Father

November 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own dear, loving sister (of Eugene).

I have never written before. I want to say a word and tell him how happy I am and largely because I realize that he has received the Great Love of the Father in his soul. Oh, I cannot express my feelings, as I am now writing for the first time, but he must try to understand what I would desire to say if I had the ability to express myself.

We are all very happy, and especially mother. And as she listened to John writing his message, she became so overcome with her emotions that she could scarcely breathe, as you would say. She was so happy, and praised the Father with all her soul's thankfulness and cried in joy big tears of happiness and love. And so were we all so very happy.

We are all progressing very rapidly, and our cousin who has so recently come to us, and whom Eugene is so much interested in and has helped so much, is progressing also, and is in the Third Sphere - a marvelous evidence of progress in so short a time. But she is so earnest in her seeking, and as I sometimes tell her in joke, for fear that her Catholic friends will take her back to count her beads and worship the saints, and believe what the priests tell her, that she seems to never tire of praying and reaching out in her soul's longings for the great things that are ahead for her to obtain, as some of the higher spirits have told her.

It is wonderful, and if my dear brother could only see how much he has helped her, he would never, for one moment, doubt the reality of this Love, which he spoke to her so often about, even though it apparently, at the time, made no impression. We all send him our love and want him to know that we are with him, trying to help him in every way, spiritually and materially, and when I say this I speak for the whole family.

As this is my first attempt at writing, I am a little tired and must stop; but as I have made a first effort, I should like to come sometime and write him a longer letter. So, thanking you, I will say good night. I am the sister that he used to think was so loving to him and careful of his wants.

Eugene Morgan's Sister


Helen Padgett Confirms that Eugene Morgan now has the Divine Love of the Father    

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, my dear, I am glad that Mr. Morgan called tonight, for the assurance that he received from John and the other spirits will do him good and strengthen his faith in the fact that he is now a possessor of the Divine Love.

I can add my little testimony also, and while it may not have the weight of some who have written, yet it comes from knowledge to which is added the love of a sister in the faith. I am glad that he has this great possession, for I see that he is a man of deep conviction, and when once convinced of the truth of any proposition he is firm in maintaining such truth.

As you have received so much tonight, I will not write more, and only say that I love you with all my heart and soul and am happy when I see you happy. So love me and give me my kiss and go to bed.

Your own true and loving

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eugene Morgan's Grandfather Writes That He is With Him Often and Very Interested in His Soul Development

November 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, the Grandfather of Eugene.

I was his father's father and died ever so many years ago. I am in the Celestial Heavens, for many years ago I learned the way to the Heaven of the soul. I have been interested in my grandson's experience and have been with him on many occasions trying to influence him with my prayers and love.

And in the spirit world, I have been with his father attempting to show him the Truth, and to some extent I succeeded; but strange as it may seem to you both, this influence that I speak of has never been so effective as since the time when Eugene's father came in rapport with him so that he could write through him and speak to his inner ear. There is something so mysterious about the effect that the rapport with the human has on the mortal in the way of helping the spirit to progress that we, who are of the higher spheres, cannot fully understand it.

But the fact remains that since the time his father first came in rapport with him, the father has made more soul development than in all the years before. The influence of spirit upon spirit seemed to increase, so that the one in the lower condition would listen and strive to progress. These things are wonderful, even to us, and I realize more clearly - since the experience of my grandson commenced - the great work that mortals may do among spirits, when the mortal has in him that which is able to awaken the spirit to a realization of his true condition.

I have been with all the family that I left behind and have seen, and now see, the great difference in their condition of soul and estate, and why such differences should exist is to me not clearly understood. Of course, my love to all was the same and my desire that everyone should progress equally was impartial; but yet, the fact is that equal progress was not made.

I was so glad when I heard John deliver the message that you have just received. Of course, I know the fact, but it is so satisfying to have my grandson told the Truth by a spirit of such high estate and development as is John. Tell my boy to read the message and understand its full significance, and he will then possess a knowledge that will help him in many difficulties that he will encounter in his earth life.

I am often with him and with his sisters who are in the spirit world, and they are very happy, and he may become so, too, even while on earth. Of course, my home is in a higher plane than those of his sisters or parents, and our attractions are somewhat different and I am not with them so often as he may suppose; but I love them very much and am with them whenever I see that I can help them with my love or influence.

Our love for our children remains with us a long time after we become spirits, and I have not yet realized that it has left me, but it grows weaker as the space between us in our soul development widens, and the Laws of Attraction carry our affections to others who are more nearly like us in our development. This I am told is the experience of many who have lived in the spirit life for a long time, and to a certain extent I feel it myself; but, strange as it may appear, this Law does not seem to apply between the spirit, no matter how great its development, and a mortal relative. And so it should be.

Hence, my interest in my grandson is just as great as it could be and in all my progression, there has been a love in my being that has drawn me to him and caused me to look after and pray for his welfare.

I write thus tonight, because I desire him to know something of spirit laws that he may not know, and to assure him that though he may not have any remembrance of me as the earthly grandfather, yet to me he is as dear as if I had left the earth and him yesterday. Of course, the time will come when we may have no recollection or memory of each other and our love become a misty dream, but as long as he continues on earth, he will remain the child of my care and love.

Well, I have written enough and must stop. So with my love to him,and the blessings of God on you both, I will say good night.

Eugene Morgan's Grandfather

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

John Writes About the Soul Awakening of Eugene Morgan

November 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I merely want to say that what the Master and I said a few nights ago to Dr. Stone applies to your friend (Eugene Morgan) who is with you now, and he must realize the fact; and I wish he would take a copy of the writings and insert his name wherever that of the Doctor occurs.

He has more of this Love in his soul than he realizes, and although at times he has some doubts, and the Love seems to be dormant, yet it is there, and he must not lose faith in the fact. As long as he is a mortal, these times of doubt and want of feeling of the presence of the Love will come to him, but he must not let this discourage him for as certainly as the sun shines, he has fought the battle of the soul and has come out victor, and he is now an accepted son of the Father. I would not tell him this if I did not see the condition of his soul and the presence of the Love resting and living in it.

We have all been much interested in his transformation because of the difficulty that has attended his fight - greater than he may conceive of. And when he commenced to get into that condition of awakening, he had the assistance of many more of the higher spirits than he has been informed of, for we left him alone scarcely any of the time when the change was taking place. And besides, he was so unfortunate as to have around him some very evil spirits who had such a hold upon him that it was not an easy work to cause them to leave him.

Of course, we could have dispersed them without any difficulty by the mere exercise of our will, but that was not the desirable or effective way of ridding him of these incubi, for whenever we should leave him they would return to him and his condition become much worse than before. And, consequently, the only effective way - and the one that was pursued, and the only one that can be with certain and lasting results pursued - was to have his soul develop, so that in itself it would possess that power that would cause these spirits to leave him and render him innocuous to their influences, whether we were present or not. And in this we were successful. And all this means that our work was simply to turn his thoughts to the Father and to cause him to have faith in prayer; for when all is said, it was the result of prayer that brought the Divine Love which made him able, because of his own soul's power, to disperse and keep from him these evil spirits.

And in this I do not intend to be understood as meaning that he was relieved from the presence of these spirits in the way of attempting to communicate with him, for that amounts to very little as regards his soul condition; but I do mean that the influence of these spirits on the condition of his soul became of no effect, and that they could not, after he received this power, affect the transformation and growth of his soul. As long as he, or any other mortal, remains mortal, he will be visited at times by some of these undesirable spirits and will feel their influence in a spiritual sense; but they will never have any power to swerve his soul from its progression to the higher development. The fight, of course, will continue all through the earth life, and at times the influence of these spirits upon his mental faculties and animal appetites may tend, for the time being, to retard or hold still the progress of his soul development; but, directly, these evil influences can never have any effect upon the condition or qualities of his soul.

I want him to fully grasp the meaning of what I have written and in the future, no matter how discouraged he may feel or how much his mentality may suggest the existence of things in him that are injuring his soul or taking from it the presence of possession of this Divine Love, he must believe what I have told him and that he has fought the battle of the soul and won, and that this Love is his and cannot be taken from him by the wiles of Satan, as the preachers say. It may lie dormant to his consciousness and the happiness that arises from its active existence may seem to leave him; yet the Love is there and will assert itself. Temptations will come to him, and he must continue to fight - not to keep the Love, but to prevent the Love from becoming dormant and the happiness from disappearing. He has had his resurrection from death to life, and he cannot die again.

I would like to write longer, but others desire to write and I must stop. So with my love and blessings on you both, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Priscilla Stone Writes to her Son, Dr. Leslie R. Stone, About the Important Work that He will Do for the Master

November 2, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother.

Let me write just a line. I am the mother of the boy who is sitting before you, and I want to tell him I am so very happy because I see that his condition of soul is so much improved with the possession of the Love. He may not realize the difference in his condition now and that of a few months ago and may believe that when he has the feelings of exaltation, which he has at times, that they all arise from the same condition of his soul, but I, who can see just what his condition is, want to tell him that this is not just correct, for his soul now is filled with more of the Love than it has ever been.

He is developing day by day and sometime before long, he must not be surprised if there comes to him an experience that will show him just what his great work in furthering the desires of the Master, and the other spirits who are working in the great cause, will be. When that experience comes, he will be greatly surprised and will possibly doubt, but he must remember what I am now saying to him and believe that he is only receiving the realization of the promises that have been made to him, and that they are not more to be wondered at than were some of the powers and gifts bestowed upon the Apostles when they lived on earth and were the followers of the Master.

His work is just as important as was theirs, though he does not realize the importance of it at this time. But he will when the time comes and then, oh! my boy! how you will be blessed, not so much on your own account, but because the power that you will have to do good to others and demonstrate the truth of all the wonderful truths that have come through the messages.

I write this tonight because I desire to encourage him in his search for the Love and for the truth, and he must believe that he is not living merely to do the work of the ordinary mortal, but to do the work that has been given him by the Master and the other Celestial Angels.

His work is his only, and he forms a part of those who will do a work that will revolutionize the thoughts and lives of the whole world. I am so happy in this knowledge, and he must believe what I say, and appreciate the responsibility that has been placed upon him, for he has been selected to do the work and no other can do it for him.

Tell my son that I am truly his mother who thus writes, and what I say, I know to be true, and that if were not true I would not tell him. Pray more to the Father and let his faith increase, and he will find that every aspiration will become a thing of reality, and his soul perceptions will become to him as real as the perceptions of his mind in his earthly affairs.

I will not write more now, and in closing will say that I love him, and the Master loves him, and the Father loves him with the Great Love that floods the whole universe. Good night and God bless you both.

His mother in Christ,
Mrs. Priscilla Stone


Mary Confirms Priscilla Stone's Message

I am here, Mary.

Well, if his mother is permitted to write, I think that I should have the opportunity to say a few words. I heard what his mother wrote and know that it is true, for I am with him enough to see that he has made great progress in his soul development, and that the Love is increasing and is filling his soul just as she says, the leaven filled the batch of dough.

Well, you see I can say something serious, even when I write to him, and why should I not where he is concerned, for he is more important to me than any other mortal is, and I have a greater love for him than has any other spirit. He knows this, but I like to tell him, and if I felt like a little pleasantry, I would say that I wish to tell him, so he may not forget.

I am with him so much, that if he could know how much, he might get a little tired of my presence, but of course this is not true, and I would not thank anyone else to say so. Well, Helen says that you must not write more now, as your condition is not such as to be further drawn upon. So with my love to him and regards to you, I will say good night.

His own true,
Mary Kennedy

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Helen Confirms Jesus' Message and Writes that the Spirits Present Were Bathed in His Love

November 2, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

What a wonderful message you had from the Master and how earnest he was when he was writing.

The glory of his countenance was blinding to even us, and the love that seemed to possess his very being was beyond our conception. He was truly the beloved son of the Father, and the spirits present were bathed in his love to such an extent that they seemed to partake of his glory.

Oh, my dear, it was all so wonderful!

Your own true and loving


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jesus Writes that There are Spirits Whose Duty it is to Look After Newly Arrived Spirits Who Were in Wars But that is Not His Mission

November 2, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Of course, the scenes in which I was represented (from the movie "Civilization") are creatures of the imagination and intended to impress upon the observers of these scenes the belief or thought that because of my teachings of peace and good will to men, I would necessarily be interested in those things that violate my teachings and, consequently, would be present at the fields of battle and the destruction of human life.

But I may surprise you when I tell you that I do not visit these scenes, because my mission as a spirit is not to help those who fall in battle and come to the spirit world as the result of war's destruction and murder of human beings. There are many spirits whose duty it is to look after the spirits of those who are so suddenly ushered into the spirit world, and to help them to a realization of their changed conditions, and to lead them to the knowledge that they are no longer mortals. These spirits are specially designated for this work and they comfort the unfortunate spirits and help them to recover from the shock of their violent and sudden transformation.

This work, as you may say, is a material one, that is the one that helps these spirits come into possession of their spiritual faculties, irrespective of the question as to whether they are fitted for Heaven or for Hell. In other words, they work to make the coming of these spirits as free from the terrors, which such sudden transformation might cause, as is possible. This work is a necessary one, and one which is a part of the plan of the Father for the welfare and happiness of His children without regard to the fact that they know not His love and mercy.

But my work is different. I deal only with the souls of men irrespective of their spirit condition, that is, of the condition of spirit as mere spirit.

On the field of battle, the souls of men are not generally open to the influence of my teachings, and my work is not among the physically dead, but among the living who are in that state of mental and soul equipoise to receive the influences of my suggestion and love. No, the field of battle is not my place of work, and the killing of men and the carnage of war do not attract me or have for me the opportunities to do the great work that I am leading the spirits who know the reality and the necessity of the Divine Love to do.

I am interested in the peace of mankind and the love of one brother for another, and my teachings on earth and in the spirit world are given for the purpose of bringing about this peace. But the wars of nations or the hatred of battles will never result in bringing peace, merely because of the horrors and desolation that flow from such wars and battles. Men may think that when mankind looks upon these things of destruction, it will also look upon them with such horror and dread, that never again will war take place, and that only peace will follow and forever remain the heritage of men. But I tell you that in this they are mistaken, for in the passing of a few years all these things will be forgotten, and then men's hearts being the same, with all the hatred and envy and ambition that existed in the hearts and minds of those who were responsible for the forgotten wars, these things will be repeated, and the fact that men are of the same carnal minds and desires will be demonstrated.

As long as men remain in their condition of sin and have only what some may call the brotherhood of man to restrain them from seeking to satisfy their ambitions or to gratify their desires to punish fancied wrongs, wars will ensue and the horrors of such conflicts will reappear on the face of the earth. Men will cry: "Peace, Peace," but the world will know no peace, and poor man will suffer the recurrence of the results of the workings of his evil nature.

And, hence, you may understand that I am not so much interested in having peace come to man as a result of the horrors of war, as I am in having it come as the necessary result of the transforming of men's hearts and souls from sin to purity, from the merely natural love to that of the Divine Love, for when this latter Love is in men's souls, they will not cease from war and hatred and carnal appetites will not be satisfied, because of the horrors that may attend these things, but because of the Love that exists in their souls, which will not permit wars. Love will rule and men will forget hatred and all things, which now form a part of their very existence.

My work is to change men from the fallen man to the possessor of the Divine Love.

Also, am I trying to teach men that originally they possessed a love that in its pure state would lead them from these things of hatred and war, and that their only salvation, outside of the possession of the Divine Love, is to again obtain this pure love - the purified natural love. But strange as it may seem to some, it is more difficult for a man to regain the state of the purification of his natural love, than to obtain that greater purification which comes with the possession of the Divine Love. I see that many centuries may pass before man will attain to this state of purification of his natural love, that will enable him to say that because of his love, wars cannot come again and peace must reign: and, hence, the great necessity for him to know that only with the coming of the Divine Love will come the impossibility of war and strife, individually and nationally.

So when it is written or portrayed in pictures that I am on the fields of battle trying to show mankind the horrors of war, or that I am weeping over the slaughter of men, such writings or portrayals are not true.

My mission is to reach the souls of men, as individuals, and turn them to the Love of the Father, and my weeping or sorrow is when men will not listen to the voice that comes to them all, as it calls them to turn to the Father and Love. A dead body is of small consequence as compared to a dead soul, and there are so many that pass into the spirit world bring with them their dead souls. As the dead bodies lie on the fields of carnage, I know that there is nothing there that needs my help or sympathy: and the souls that leave these bodies are not in condition, at that time, to listen to my ministrations or consider their future existence. So you see there is no reason why I should visit the battlefields or try to help these newly born spirits, as I may describe them. No, Jesus, the elder brother, is not the physician for the mangled or wounded bodies or for the souls that come into the spirit world filled with hatred and antagonism at the time of their coming.

Physical death in view of eternity is not of much moment, and while I know that to the ordinary mortal it is one of the most momentous of their existence, yet as I say, it is of comparatively little importance. But, oh, the importance of the death of the soul, and the great necessity of striving to awaken that soul to life!

Well, I have written enough now and will stop.

I see your friend with you and I must say to him that I am with him very often and am pleased that he has arisen from death to life, and that the battlefield on which he has fought the fight of the soul is larger and more terrible in its aspects and evidences of carnage and destruction than the field of battle that is now destroying the physical bodies of so many of mankind. I mean that the whole world is the battlefield of the soul's fighting, and if men could only see the results, as they see the results of the war that is now shaking the whole earth, they would understand that the great war is not the one that is causing so many dead souls to enter the spirit world. Give him my love and blessings.

I will come soon and write you a message of truth. So with all my love and blessings, I am

Your brother and friend,

Friday, October 18, 2013

James the Apostle Writes that Mr. Padgett Will Soon Get Relief from Worry

October 31, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

When you are weakest, then are you strongest, because then you rely more on the power and help of the Father. Such has been your condition tonight, and I want to tell you that you have received a wonderful amount of the Father's Love, and the love of the Master.

This I tell you because I know from what I actually have seen. So you should not let your worries trouble you so much. Try to think more of the promises of the Master and of the Love of the Father, and you will realize that help is very near you.

We are all here tonight because we are interested in you and want to see you happy, and you should be so; and if you could only know the love that is surrounding you, you would cease to worry so much. The Master has told you that your worries will leave you soon and you must believe him, for it is true. I know this, and I can only corroborate what he says, so that you must not continue to let these temporary troubles keep you in such a condition of gloom and despondency.

I will not write more tonight.

Your brother in Christ,
James the Apostle

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jesus Writes that Probation Exists For Spirits in the Hells and it is Not Eternal

October 29, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

You were right in your surmise that I was with you tonight, and as you imagined, I was standing close to you at the time the preacher (Dr. Gordon) was delivering his discourse, and you felt the influence of my love and sympathy, and also received the thoughts that I was superimposing on your brain.

The preacher's sermon was an advance upon the beliefs of the orthodox in many particulars, but in the most important particular and in the one that will affect mortals most vitally in their progress in the spirit life, he was wrong, very wrong. I refer to his declaration that he saw or knew of no statement in the Bible that would justify him in asserting that there would be an opportunity for the spirits of mortals to receive pardon or to progress from the condition of Hell to that of light and Heaven in the spirit world, when they had not started on that journey in the mortal life. This, as I have told you, is a damnable doctrine, and one that has done more harm all down the centuries from the time of my living on earth, than most any other teaching of the church that claims to be representative of me and my teachings.

Many poor souls have come into the spirit world with this belief firmly fixed in their minds and conscience, and the difficulties have been great and the years long before they could awaken from this belief and realize that the Love of the Father is waiting for them in spirit life just as in the earth life, and that probation is never closed for men or spirits and never will be until the time of the withdrawal of the great opportunity for men to become inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens, and even then the opportunity to purify their natural love will not cease, and never will, until all who have the opportunity shall become perfect men in their natural loves.

Had he searched the Scriptures, in which he so implicitly believes, he would have found an authorization for him to declare that even in the spirit world, the spirits of the unsaved sinners on earth, who died without having become reconciled to God, had the gospel of salvation preached to them.(i.e., in the Hells - 1 Peter 3:19-20).

And furthermore, when he declared that the Bible says that I said that: "He that sinneth against the son of man it shall be forgiven him, but he that sinneth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world nor in the world to come," had the preacher placed the natural and only implied construction on this declaration, he would have found that the sinner who neglected the opportunity on earth, would yet have another chance for salvation in the world to come, as the spirit world is referred to. So that, even according to his own source of belief and foundation of his knowledge of these things of the future, he would be justified and even required, as an honest preacher of the Scriptures, to declare that probation did not end with the physical death of the mortal. It is so sad that the creeds and fixed opinions of these preachers, formed from the teachings of the old fathers, as they are called, should be men of soul development, such as this preacher has and teach the damnable doctrine that I speak of which he declared.

There is a Hell, or rather Hells, just as there is a Heaven or Heavens, and all men when they become spirits, will be compelled to occupy one or the other of these places; not because God had decreed that any particular spirit - because of his earth belief or condition - shall occupy that place, but because the condition of his soul development, or want of development, fits and fixes him for that place and no other.

God has made His Laws of Harmony and these Laws are never changed, and when any particular soul gets into a condition of agreement with these Laws, then that soul becomes at-one with the Father and an inhabitant of His Heavens; and so long as that soul remains out of such condition, it is in Hell, which is the condition of being out of agreement with the harmony of God's Laws. This is Hell and there is no other comprehensive definition of it: every thing or place that is not Heaven is Hell. Of course, there are many gradations of Hell, and the inhabitants of these gradations are made by the condition of their soul development, which is determined by the quantity and quality of the defilement and sin that exists in these souls. The soul is developed as the love becomes purified and sin eradicated, and just as this process progresses, the soul becomes developed.

God has decreed that His universe, both of men and things, shall be harmonious, and only the creature, man, has become out of that harmony; and as the universe shall continue, the only destiny for man is, that he shall return to that harmony from which he fell by reason of his own misdirected will. Had God decreed, as the preacher by necessary implication, declared, that the sinner who dies in his sins shall forever remain in his sins and in a state of antagonism to such harmony, then God, Himself, would necessarily become the cause and power of defeating His own Laws of Harmony, which no sane mortal whether he believes in the Scriptures or not, would or could believe.

God's Laws are fixed and unchangeable and always in harmony with one another and with His Will, and knowing this, every thinking man will know and should know that whenever a proposition or opinion is put forth by preacher or layman or philosopher or scientist that shows that in order for a certain condition or truth to exist, God's Laws will have to work in conflict with or in opposition to one another, then that proposition or opinion is false and has no foundation in fact. And so to accept this declaration of the preacher that there is no probation after death, or as he said, chance to progress out of the Hell which the mortal carries with him to the spirit world, men will have to believe that the Loving Father, for the satisfying His wrath and meeting the demands of His supposed justice, will set His Laws in conflict with one another and destroy the harmony of His universe.

The preacher spoke, as he said, as a scientist, and not as a religious teacher, and yet the deduction that he made when he declared the eternal existence of the Hells violated one of the fundamental Laws of Science and that is that: "Two conflicting laws in the workings of God's universe cannot both be accepted as true, and that the one of these two that is in harmony with all the other known laws must be accepted as true."

Then I say, that founded on the Scriptures or founded on science, the preacher had no basis for making the untrue and deplorable statement that physical death ends man's possibility of progressing from a condition or state of existence in Hell into that of purity and freedom from sin and into harmony with God's perfect Laws and the requirements of His will.

The preacher spoke from his intellect and mental beliefs of long years standing and the memory echoes of what he had heard said by other preachers and teachers who left upon his conscious beliefs their false doctrines. But deep down in his soul, where the Love of the Father is burning and the soul sense is growing, he does not believe this doctrine, for he realizes that this Love of the Father is so much greater and purer and holier than any other love that exists in Heaven or on earth; and the Father from Whom It comes must be holier and more merciful and forgiving and thoughtful of His children than of any mortal father of his children. And then as a mortal father having in his soul the Divine Love, he knows that his child could not commit any sin or offense that could possibly become unpardonable, or that he would not permit, and gladly, the child to repent of at any time. And so he would see, that if he refused to the Father, from Whom this Divine Love comes, a love and sympathy that would cause that Father to be as forgiving to His children as is he, the earthly parent, then the Greatest Attribute of that Father, God, Who is All Love, would not be equal to the love of His creature. The derivative would be greater and grander and purer and more Divine than the Fountainhead from which it is derived.

No, the preacher in his soul does not believe this unnatural teaching, and at times, he travails in his soul at the conflict that takes place between the mental bondage of his intellectual beliefs and the freedom of his soul sense, the creature of the Divine Love that is in him, and the only part of Divinity that he possesses. And thus is demonstrated the great, real paradox of the existence in the same mortal at the same time, of an intellectual belief and a soul knowledge as far apart as the antipodes.

And also is demonstrated the truth, a great truth, that the mind of man and the soul of man are not one and the same, but are as distinct as the creature of a special creation, the mind, and the creation of that which is the only part of man made in the image of his Maker, the soul, must necessarily be.

But some day the soul knowledge will overcome the mental belief, and then the preacher will know that harmony and inharmony cannot exist for all time - that sin and error must disappear and purity and righteousness must exist alone, and that every man and spirit must become at-one with the Father, either as an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens or as the perfect man that first appeared at the call of God, and by him pronounced: "Very good."

I have written enough for tonight and must stop, but before doing so, I want to say that I have been with you today and saw that you were very happy in your thoughts and in your soul experience. Other spirits were also with you, throwing around you their love and influence. Persevere in your efforts to obtain this Divine Love, and pray to the Father and it will come to you in increased abundance, and with it a wonderful happiness. I will come soon and write you another message. So with my love and blessings, I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother and friend,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Helen Writes of Her Work in Revealing Soulmates to Higher Spirits and Teaching Lower Spirits God's Plan of Salvation

October 28, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, my dear, I am here as I promised you today and will try to write my letter, although I hesitated about doing so, as there are some spirits here who are very anxious to write, but I told them that I had made the engagement with you, and that they must wait until another time to write and, of course, they very willingly acquiesced. Well, I want to tell you that I was with you tonight at the meeting and saw that you enjoyed some of the soul love and influence that were present. These people have a great deal of this love and attract many spirits of the spiritual kind and receive a great amount of the Divine Love for the Holy Spirit is present with them doing the work of the Father. But I did not come to write of them, so I will not write more.

As your father just wrote you, I am in the higher planes of the Celestial Heavens and I am so happy that I hardly know how to express myself to you, for your language has no words adequate to express what I should like to tell you. All the descriptions of my several homes that I have heretofore given you, if combined, could not faintly describe the home in which I now have or the happiness which is mine.

As I go higher, the things of earth gradually fade away from my memory and only my love for you and the children remain in its strength and realness. And if it were not for this love, I do not think that I would often come to the earth plane, for my special work, as you know, is among the spirits of the higher spheres in revealing to them the soulmates that they have and in bringing to them the consequent happiness. But as I have told you while you remain on earth, I will never be able to remain away from you, as the great attraction which our love creates would not permit me to do so, even if I did not desire to come, if you can imagine such a thing to be possible.

The Father is so loving and good that He never prevents his spirits of the Celestial Kingdom from indulging in those things that will make them happy and contented and, consequently, there are more of the spirits in the earth planes doing their missions of love than might be expected, when the happiness that their homes gives them is considered. But these spirits know not selfishness in the sense of desiring all this happiness for themselves. Of course, it they have no attraction on earth - if love for the mortal does not call them to earth, then they live mostly in the spiritual or Celestial Heavens doing their work, but always work for others.

These spirits are never idle, indulging their own pleasures in such a way as the majority of Christians may believe. They have their harps and their music of various kinds and all these things that are commonly conceived by the Christian mortals to exist in the Kingdom of Heaven, yet they enjoy them only in the moments of cessation from their work in helping other spirits to progress towards the fountainhead of the Father's Love.

I am also now working in teaching the spirits of the lower spheres the plan of God for the salvation of their souls, and it is a glorious work and the reflected happiness is beyond all explanation. As we give our knowledge and love to these spirits and realize their happiness and joy, this Love that streams down upon us from the higher planes seems to fill our souls with increased abundance, and we realize the saying, that the more we give the more we receive. Never are we made poor by giving and never cease to give when the opportunity presents itself. Only are we disappointed when those to whom we try to give our love and share our happiness with, refuse to receive these gifts, and this frequently happens especially in the lower spheres and in the intellectual spheres, for you must know that these spirits of the Divine Nature spend much time in the intellectual spheres, endeavoring to lead the spirits of these spheres in the way that will bring to them this Divine Love and endless progress.

But strange as it may seem to you, these intellectual spirits - whose natural love has become to a great degree purified - are the most difficult to convince or even interest in the great plan of the Father for their souls' redemption and entrance into the Celestial Spheres. They are comparatively happy as they progress in these intellectual and moral spheres, and they do not desire anything until they arrive at the limit of their progress and then many of them have an awakening to the fact that there may be something beyond their present powers of acquiring, and that the Celestial Spirits may know a way to greater progress and happiness.

We, of the Celestial Spheres, all engage in this work, for we know the importance of it, and the certainty that at some time the Celestial Kingdom will be closed but we do not know when our work with these spirits will have to cease, and then they will be left through all eternity to the limited happiness and ended progression. The more experience I have in this work, the more I am astonished at the great and wonderful power of the human will, and when I say this I include the will that these pure spirits of the natural love have. It seems to me that they approach nearest the greatness of the Father in this will power and in the untrammeled exercise of it.

I know of no power or function that these spirits of the natural love have, that the spirits of the Celestial Spheres cannot control or subordinate, except this great will power, and as to that we are as helpless as babes so far as compulsion is concerned. When we try to influence them with love as our weapon and, unless love can work its way, our influence is almost hopeless. Of course, persuasion of their intellects is also necessary and reason must be taken in the account, but as I say, the approach to persuasion and reason must be through love, which is the power that moves and governs the spirit world.

Well dear, don't you think I have written enough for tonight? You are somewhat exhausted and I think it best to stop.

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

John H. Padgett Writes of His Progress to the First Celestial Sphere

October 28, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Father.

I desire to write a few lines tonight, as I have not written for some time and I feel that I want you to hear from me and learn that I have been with you a great deal, trying to help you and make you happy.

I know the worries that you have and know that everything looks so dark to you and no apparent relief in sight, but you must not have such dreaded views, for what you imagine you see will never come to pass, and things will take on a brighter hue before a great while. I love you, as you know, and so do many others who are with you frequently, and you must believe that they are trying to help you and are doing so. If you could realize just for a moment what power you have surrounding you and how much it is being exercised for your good, you would not look upon material things in such a gloomy light.

I am now in the First Celestial Sphere and am happy beyond all expression, and know that the Divine Love of which you have heard so much is a real living thing that makes the souls of spirits at-one with the Father and immortal. My dear son, I cannot tell you the glories of the home that is mine or of the happiness which I have in my soul; and when I sometimes think of what I was on earth and what I am now, I am astonished that such great difference could exist between the two existences. God is all Love and His Mercy and care are without limit, and all mortals are the object of all these blessed attributes of Him.

Keep up your courage and let all the aspirations of your soul go forth to Him and His Love for you are on the right road to obtaining this Great Love in increased abundance and your home in the Celestial Spheres is assured; only pray and have faith.

Many spirits are here tonight and some desire to write, but I do not know if they will do, as your wife says that this is her night and she has promised to write you and must keep her promise. She is so wonderful and beautiful that you would not know her if you could see her in her glorious appearance and her love is exceedingly transcendent, and her love for you rather surprises us all for it is deeper than the ocean and higher than the Heavens, as you mortals say. She is a spirit of such exceeding brightness that we - who were with her when she first came to the spirit world  - can scarcely realize that she is the same person that came to us a few short months ago. But she sought for the Divine Love with all the positiveness and longings of her soul and was never satisfied unless she was progressing, so that now she is higher up in the Celestial Spheres, and is filled with this Love, and with it has a beauty that outshines the stars and a wisdom that you cannot conceive of. We all love her very much and her work in bringing soulmates together is resulting in a wonderful good and happiness to these happy ones.

Well, I am glad that I could write to you tonight and tell you these things. But do not forget that I am with you very often and am still your Guardian Angel, although you have around you and interested in you, a vast number of spirits of the Celestial Heavens.

Well, you must know that as I progress in my soul development, I also progress in my mental development and knowledge and power of expression come to me, as it were, unconsciously, and no effort is required to write you and explain the things of this world in a manner that you would hardly expect from what you know of my mental development when on earth. There are many surprising things occurring all the time to spirits as they progress, and I am told that there is no end to our progress, and it must be so, for even the highest spirits say that they are progressing to higher and higher planes all the time.

Yes, my soulmate has progressed with me and we are very happy. I wish I could tell you what soulmate happiness when combined with the happiness of the Divine Love means. But it would be useless to try. Your mother's soulmate has progressed also; he is in the Seventh Sphere and is striving with all the energies of his soul to get in the sphere with your mother, and he will soon do so, for she is helping with her wonderful love and is with him a great deal. I must stop now. So with all my father's love, I will say good night.

Your loving father and brother in Christ,
John H. Padgett

Monday, October 14, 2013

Helen Writes a Short Personal Note to Her Husband and Soulmate, James E. Padgett

October 26, 1916
Received by James E. Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I am glad to know that you are in a much better condition tonight, and hope that you will continue in the development of your spiritual powers - that is the soul - for we all feel much encouraged and hope that soon you will commence to receive the higher messages.

I was with you today when the lady called and heard your conversation, and desire to tell you that it had some effect upon your hearer and may help her to get into the way that will lead to the development of her soul in love.

At the same time were the spirits of her relatives present, and they, or some of them, expressed a desire to write a message to her, and one in particular who is a very bright spirit of the Celestial Spheres. She seemed much interested in the woman and is quite anxious to write her in reference to the condition of her soul and the necessity for her seeking for the Love and becoming a true child of the Father. I told her that you would receive her message in a very short time, and so you will.

Well, dear, I see that you are happier than you were, and it is all due to your turning your thoughts to spiritual things and praying for a greater inflowing of the Love. I will not write more now

Yes. I should have told you, but our communications have been so brief, or rather caused to be brief, by the condition surrounding you, that I did not think at the time to write you in reference to Baby. I have been with her and saw that she was sick, but that there was nothing very serious the matter with her. She will soon be much better and then she can have the operation that she told you of.

Well, I will write her a long, loving, motherly letter very soon, and you can give it to her, for I will try to write her a very encouraging letter and one that will appeal to her love instincts.

No. I will not forget. He is ready at any time and has been waiting only for you to get in condition to receive his messages. He has made an examination of the Doctor and knows what the trouble is with him, and is prepared to prescribe. You had better go to bed earlier tonight as you need to recuperate, and a good sleep will help you very much. So love me and believe that I love you. Good night, my dear Ned.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jesus Writes About James E. Padgett's Power of Control Over Dark Spirits, Which Prevents Them From Writing

October 23, 1916
Received by James E. Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I intended to night to write a message, but you continued your reading until it was too late. I know what you would say, but at that time these dark spirits were so anxious to write that I did not interfere, although they could not write, because you declined to let them do so. Your power of control over these spirits is almost complete and many higher spirits wonder at it. But as you have been instructed in this matter and have acquired a knowledge of the way in which you can apply the law that operates to prevent them from writing when you intend that they shall not write is not astonishing.

Well, when I saw that they were anxious and were making the effort, I left and returned only a short time ago. But the meaning of my complaint is that you did not earlier in the evening give me the opportunity to write just after you had finished your paper and before you commenced to copy. It was the understanding a short time ago that we would commence our writings this early in the evening.

Well, you are mistaken for I could have written very easily at the time mentioned. That will be agreeable and I will come then. The important thing is to have these messages of truth delivered and received. These other things that you speak of are interesting and have some importance, but yet, the messages should be considered of the first importance and be received in preference to any of these other communications.

I know that the condition of the preacher's mind and beliefs is of some importance under the circumstances attending his liberality of thought, and much good may be done by using these truths to enlarge his scope of the true relationship of God and man, yet there will be time for this and the truths must be first delivered.

Yes, I understand, and I am pleased that such are your longings and desires, and if you will only persist in these longings and pray to the Father with all the earnestness of your aspirations and let faith take hold of these aspirations, you will very soon have a wonderful inflowing of this Love and get in that condition of at-onement that you so much desire. I will be with you and help you with my prayers and love, and I know that the Father will bless you.

I will not write more now but will come tomorrow night. So with my love and blessings, I will say good night,

Your brother and friend,


Helen Writes a Short Note About the Dark Spirits, too.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well sweetheart, the dark spirits are very anxious to write tonight, and it is somewhat difficult to control them, although, as Jesus said, you have the power, yourself, to prevent them from writing. They are so very unhappy that you will relieve it and let them write.

They are increasing in numbers more and more, and seem more anxious to come in contact with you than ever, and we find it is difficult to induce them to leave. But I see the wisdom of your rule (to only receive their messages one day a week) and the necessity of enforcing it, for otherwise the higher spirits would not have any opportunity to convey their messages.

Well, I heard what the Master said, and you must try to do as he says regarding the time of writing. He is so very anxious to write and so are a number of others. I mean the higher spirits, for they all have messages of truth to deliver.

Yes, they (my band) are desirous of writing you but you have been so crowded that they have not attempted to interfere. She has a message and will come soon and deliver it. Well, I will tell them what you say and we will arrange for the writing in the way that you suggest, and they will be happy to do so, I know. I will not write more now - you had better go to bed soon and get up earlier. So give me my kiss and say good night,

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Helen Writes a Short Personal Note About the Sermon and their Children

October 22, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, I see that you enjoyed the evening very much and on the whole felt satisfied with the sermon of the preacher. It was a rather unexpected sermon from an orthodox minister and one that may result in some good to those who heard it.

I was with you and so was that little soulmate (Mary Kennedy) of the Dr.'s (Leslie R. Stone) and she was delighted to be with him and, of course, I was also delighted to be with you.

I was also glad that Edward was with you, for I see he will be led to believe in the truths that we are teaching and so experience the happiness of having the Divine Love and having the soul development that is so desirable. He is a good boy and I am so sorry for him in the manner that you know of. But he will soon have the change that I have written you about. Be with him as much as you can, for he will need your sympathy and loss and will feel very lonesome at times although he will also experience some relief from some of the things that worried him.

I think of baby (Nita) also and am with her a great deal as she needs you also and I hope that soon you will all be together. In fact. I know you will be very kind and loving with her. Yes, I will try to influence her in the way that you spoke of, and I think I can succeed. So have hope that she will do as you desire.

I love you all with all my heart and pray for you to make you happy. I must not write more tonight. Give me my kiss and go to bed soon and get up earlier in the morning. So sweetheart good night.

Your own true and loving,