Thursday, February 28, 2013

William Stone, Father of Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Writes That He is Dr. Stone's Guardian Angel

November 14, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, William Stone.

I am the father of the Doctor and I want to tell him that I am with him very often trying to help him and make his material affairs become more successful. I am also with him in his soul aspirations, for I can see that he is more in the way to learn the truth of the life in the spirit world and of the destiny of mortals after they become spirits. So if he will at times give me a loving anxious thought, I will be able to come into closer rapport with him and impress him more consciously as to what I think is wise for him to do or not do.

He may be surprised that I am here, but I have been present on several occasions when his soulmate and his mother and your wife have written to him and have observed the effect upon him of the communications as given and received. While his soulmate is with him so very much and is closer to him than any of us, yet, his mother and I have a great interest in him and love him very much.

I am his Guardian Angel and have looked after him ever since I entered the spirit world and became imposed with the duty of looking after him. I only wish to tell him this tonight. I am very happy and am in the Fifth Sphere and expect to soon get into the Seventh Sphere where his mother is, but I am afraid that before I do so, she will leave for the Celestial and so I will have to strive again to reach her. I have nothing further now to say tonight.

Well, his brother is in the condition that his mother told him and is suffering a great deal, but he will soon see the light and get relief. Some of your band who seem to love his mother so much are working with him, and he seems to be interested in them, and believe that they are really trying to help him.

I would prefer if he wait until I come again as this is my first attempt at writing, and I want to be in condition to answer any question that he may ask without confusion. So tell him that I will come again and will be willing to answer his questions. So bidding you good night, I will leave you both my love and best wishes.

His Father,
William Stone

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Helen Padgett Writes About the Effects on Babies Who Come to the Spirit World as a Result of Abortion and Babies Who Die Prematurely

November 13, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Yes, I was there and enjoyed the show. The pictures contain a very important truth that all women should understand and appreciate, for so many refuse to become mothers and perform the duties that God intends them to perform. I have no doubt that the pictures will have a good effect on many of them and make them think before resorting to that means of getting rid of the unborn babies.

In my investigation of the subject of babies who have come to the spirit world as a result of abortion, I do not find that they ever go back to their earth mothers for any purpose whatever. There are spirits who are specially designated to take care of babies, and in cases where the natural mothers have succeeded in cutting short the lives of these babies, these spirits who have charge of these babies in the spirit world never permit these babies to come in contact with their unnatural mothers or visit them. And this because the mother's love is not there to receive these poor little waifs; and where there is no mother's love, there is no attraction existing that will cause the return of the babies when they have once left their mothers.

But in the case of babies who prematurely die, or of those who die very young, these babies do return to their mothers under the guidance of their guardian spirits and receive from their mothers their love and feelings which are going forth to these babies.

The Law of Attraction operates here as well as in other matters and this is the law in reference to babies who die early. When there is existing a mother's love, the baby will return and receive this love and help from coming in contact with such mother. But when there is no mother's love there is no attraction, and the baby may never know its mother.

In many cases, the baby, before the mother comes to the spirit world, finds other attractions and, hence, there is no feeling of love or sympathy between the baby and its mother.

It frequently happens that when the mother comes into the spirit world, she finds the spirit of the unborn baby, and in a way has a uniting, but rarely is this love strong enough to keep them together. The Law of Attraction separates them and then each goes his own way.

I will not write more.

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mother of Eugene Morgan Writes That She Was With His Friend, Jennie Lawson, When She Passed Into the Spirit World

November 11, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother of Eugene Morgan.

I am his mother and must say one word before you stop writing. I have been with him today and saw his condition of mind in reference to his friend, who has just come into the spirit world, and want to assure him that she is now in a much better condition than he may think.

I have been with her (Jenny Lawson) ever since she came over and, in fact, I was waiting at the portals of this spirit world when she ceased to be a mortal and took her in my arms and comforted her and told her that there was nothing to fear and that she was with friends who loved her and would help her.

She did not seem to be much confused because when we whom she knew to be dead as she thought came to her in our familiar forms and with our voices so natural that she could recognize us, she thought of what my boy had told her of spirit life and the result was that she believed that we were whom we said we were and, as a consequence, she seemed to lose all fear or dread and to come into a condition of security just as if she were visiting me while on earth.

But she is not very spiritual in ideas of the real truth of things of the soul, for I see that her beliefs of earth are with her and that the poverty of her soul development causes her to experience darkness and soon she will have some sufferings but she will not remain in darkness very long for her mind will soon open to our thoughts of truth and her soul to the influence of our love.

And I want to tell my son this, that he may remember it and apply the principle in his contact with others of earth that the one little seed of truth, which he caused to find a lodgment in her soul, helped her more than I can tell him in her realizing the exact condition of her being when she came to us.

We are all very happy and thankful that love is doing its work in the soul of my boy. His father is with him quite often and he says that some days ago, he heard you suggest to him that he should have a spirit band to help and protect him and his father will form that band and soon tell him who is with him.

I have written long and taken your time and I thank you for your kindness and will show my appreciation by trying to help you as well as my son. So believe that I am your friend and that I love you with a love that is that of a sister. Give my love to my boy and tell him to think of his mother and believe that she is with him trying to help him with her love and influence.

So again thanking you I will say good night.
Mother of Eugene Morgan

Monday, February 25, 2013

John Padgett Writes About James Padgett's Friend Who is Still Frequenting the Bar Rooms Even Though He is Now a Spirit

November 11, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Your Father.

I have been much interested in your conversation tonight, and I see that your two friends are firm believers in spiritualism and in the communications while you receive from the spirits who profess to write.

Of course, Dr. Stone who is a believer of some years standing has no doubt whatever; but Mr. Morgan, having so recently embraced this belief, is at times a little skeptical, and this is natural; but his belief will grow, and we firmly believe, as do you, in the near future, and he will be a great help to you and to the cause. He is now undergoing that change in his ideas of life here and on earth, that he will soon realize the truths as we shall teach them to you.

I want to say a word in reference to the message, which you received from your friend, Mr. Lipscomb. He is a spirit in a very dark and depraved condition and shows upon his spirit countenance the results of his dissipated life on earth. His soul has very little development, and his mind is in such a condition that he will require much discipline through suffering before he will commence to see the light and comprehend that the truths of God are eternal and never change, and that he must accept these truths before he can progress much.

He was so anxious to write to you and expressed his desires in such a pitiable way, that we thought it would do him good to permit him to write and he did. Mr. Riddle has talked to him and endeavored to show him the way to light and relief, but at this time he is not in condition to receive or understand these truths, and he has gone back to his dark and dreary condition and his hell, as he calls it.

We will not desert him, though, but will continue to use our influence and love to help him, and in course of time, he will realize that he must ask help from the Father, and then he will receive it. He is not of a very reverent turn of mind, and his ideas of earth are with him still, and will remain with him until he becomes persuaded that there is only one thing that will take him out of his darkness and suffering.

There is another thing that I wish to tell you, and that is that he is still visiting the bar rooms, which he so frequently visited when he was on eart, and is drinking his whiskey and other accursed drinks as he thinks. The attraction of this stuff and these places is holding him fast to this manner of living. So you see his life here is not much different from what it was on earth, only he is not able of himself to indulge in these appetites, but must use the appetites and organs of some of his late earth friends to satisfy his appetite. This, of course, is a matter of imagination, but to him it is as real as was his drinking on earth, and for the time being, causes him to believe that he is actually satisfying his cravings. But while he is not doing so, he is working injury to some mortals whom you know in that he is causing them to drink more than they otherwise would.

Oh, the curse of habits and evil appetites once acquired and never gotten rid of. So his only salvation now is for him to have some great awakening as to his true condition, and then his reform may commence, but until then it is almost hopeless to try to help him. I will not write more of him tonight, but say that we will not permit him to write again until he gets into a better condition.

We are all very happy and are with you a great deal loving you and trying to help you. You must not let your worries possess you so much for they do you harm. Yes, I know that it is difficult not to worry under such circumstances, but soon you will not have cause to worry as we have told you. Well, you may lose faith and we can hardly blame you, but the relief will come just the same.

I will not write more tonight.

Your loving Father,
John H. Padgett

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plato, Disciple of Socrates, Writes That He is Now a Christian

November 11, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me be the one to tell you of the truth of what you want to know.

I am one of the first of the great philosophers of ancient Greece and was known as Plato. I was a disciple of Socrates and a teacher of his philosophy, with additions. He was not only a great philosopher but the nicest and best man of his time. His teachings of immortality were then far in advance of those of any teacher, and no man has since surpassed him in his conception of the soul's destiny or its qualities, except the great Master, who knew and brought to light the great truth of immortality.

Socrates and I are both followers of the Master and inhabitants of his Heavenly Spheres where only those who have received the Divine Love of the Father can live. As I followed Socrates on earth, so I followed him in the knowledge of the New Birth, and in the possession of the Great Love which brought to us Immortality.

I cannot say much more tonight as you are too tired to receive any thoughts, but sometime I will come and write you of this great truth, and how far short my philosophy was in its attempts to teach immortality.

I see that you have received many messages from the spirits who are higher than I, and who know more about these Divine Truths but, yet, I think that my experiences in regard to the teachings of this great subject may do some good.

I will not write more, but will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moses Writes About the Importance of the Jews Learning the Truths of God Proclaimed by Jesus.

November 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Moses, the Prophet of God of Ancient Days.

I have been with you on several occasions when some of the ancient spirits wrote you, and I was much interested. I am still the faithful servant of God but, in addition, a believer in Jesus, who is the greatest of all the sons of the Father, and the only one of all God's messengers who brought to light, life and immortality.

I could not have said this before his coming. I mean that I could not have said that other great reformers and teachers of the truths of God had not done this, because I did not know before the coming of Jesus what life and immortality meant - and no man or spirit before that time knew this great truth.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens with many of the old prophets and seers who have received this great gift of the Divine Love, and many who lived and died since Jesus' time are also Celestial spirits partaking of immortality. I now see that many of my teachings were not true - that love did not enter into them, but rather the spirit of retaliation, which is absolutely no part of the truths of the Father. The Jews still look upon me as their great teacher and law-giver, and many of them observe literally my laws.

And I want to tell you this fact, because I believe that when you publish the messages of the Master, should you publish also what I may write, many Jews will believe me, and that I and many of those who taught my teachings are now engaged in showing the spirits of Jews, who come into the spirit world, the truths as taught by the Master.

The Jewish nation is the most strict of all people in their beliefs in and observations of their religious doctrines as set forth in the Old Testament and, hence, will be among the last of all men to accept the truths, which I now understand and teach. But I hope that something which I may communicate to you will cause them to think and become believers and observers of this New Revelation of the Truth.

They have fought and suffered for their religion in all these centuries and are still doing so, and the one great thing, that more than any other has prevented them from accepting the teachings of Jesus and believing in his mission to mankind, is that his followers, or those who attempted to write his teachings, and those who interpreted the same, declare and maintain that Jesus is God - that the true God was three instead of one, as I in the decalogue declared.

This has been the great stumbling block to the Jews, and when they read, as they may, that Jesus himself declares and proclaims that he is not God but only his son, and that they are also his sons, they will look upon his teachings with more tolerance, and many of them will be inclined to accept his Truths and the Truths of the Father; and Judaism in its religious aspect will gradually disappear, and the Jews will become a part of the one great religious brotherhood of men, and as in our Celestial Heavens, there will be on earth no more Jew and no more Gentile, but all will become one in their belief in the Father and the mission of Jesus. He will be accepted as the Messiah not only of the Jew but of the whole world, and then God's chosen people will not be a very small minority of God's children, but the whole world will be his chosen people.

I am so interested in this phase of the Great Truths that shall be given to and accepted by men, because I was - more than any other man - responsible for the present beliefs of the Jews, which causes them to hold themselves separate and apart from all the rest of mankind as the chosen and specially selected of God's people.

I will not write more tonight, but I feel that I must ask you to permit me to write again, as I have a mission to perform on earth to undo a work which I so effectively performed when I was the leader of my people. As Jesus is teaching and will teach all mankind the way to the Father and immortality, I must teach my people the way to get rid of these erroneous and false beliefs, which are contained in the Old Testament.

So thanking you, I will say good night.

Moses, the lawgiver of the Jews

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jesus Writes That He Was Very Much Interested in the Way James E. Padgett Helped to Prevent Two Suicides

November 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I want to tell you tonight that I am very much interested in the way in which you are doing your work among your acquaintances in the matter of bringing them to a realization of the truths of spiritualism, and the importance of believing in the truths which are communicated to you. I refer more particularly to the two instances in which persons who had determined to commit suicide have abandoned that idea and now realize that it would be a most grievous sin to take their lives. I heard what was said today by Mr. Morgan in reference to the young lady who had contemplated such an act.

But for your encouragement, I must tell you that the good that you are doing the darkened spirits in the method that you have adopted is beyond any conception that you may have and beyond the powers of your spirit friends to inform you.

If all this is an indication of what good my messages will do when you shall have received and disseminated them to the world, then I know that success will attend your efforts, and the truths of my Father will quickly spread and be believed.

So you see the necessity for doing this work with all possible speed. I will write a message very soon. I am with you a great deal and am trying to help you in every way.

So with my love and blessings I will say good night.

Your friend and brother

Thursday, February 21, 2013

St. Chrysostom Writes That He Wants Some of His Writings for the Book That Will Be Published

November 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Chrysostom.

Yes, I merely want to say that I am one of your helpers in the work, which you have before you to do and will help you with all my power.

I know that many spirits will help you and that a wonderful power will be exerted by the spirits and, especially by the Celestial Spirits, to make successful the work of your mission, and that there can hardly be a failure; but, nevertheless, I want to have some of my writings form a part of the book that you may publish. Not for any self glory, but because I believe that way truth will work good to those who may read them, and besides the individual who does the writing may have an influence with some that another individual might not have.

I will not write longer tonight, but will soon come to you and write a long message on an important truth.
So thanking you for your kindness, I am

Your brother in Christ,
St. Chrysostom

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Helen Writes That She Was With James E. Padgett at the Church and the Medium Saw the Spirits She Described

November 7, 1915 
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C. 

I am here, Helen.

Dear old Ned,* of course, when you call me I must come. I see you are tired and I will not write much.

I was with you at the church and the medium saw the spirits she described for they were present. The Sarah was Cousin Sally, as you call her, and she showed the medium her funeral at the little town where she lived.

The child was a stranger, but seemed to be attracted to you, and wanted to talk and tell you something. She was very young and very lovely. Her name was Rosebud, and she was a bud, because when she came to the spirit world she was only a few days old. We have all petted and loved her since she came to you, and I expect that she will be with you often for she seems to be drawn to you.

The James was a spirit that I never knew, but he says he was your uncle, your father's brother, and that he was anxious to make his presence known to you. He is not a very bright nor yet a very dark spirit.

Well, you must remember that the band of attraction between your father and him has died, for they are in altogether different spheres and, as I have told you before, that fact that spirits were related on earth does not bind them together in the spirit world. When a spirit first comes into the spirit world, the relatives, unless they live in a very high sphere, generally meets it, but after a little time that attraction ceases and they seldom meet and so it is that I never met your uncle. Of course, your father knows many spirits here that I don't know. So you see, the spirit world in that particular is not very different from the earth world. You have cousins whom you have never met and do not know the existence of, and so we spirits here have many relatives that we never see or know. I know this may seem strange, but it is a fact.

I will write a long letter soon, but I must stop now. You are tired. So with all my love, I am

Your own true and loving,

*James E. Padgett's nickname

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

John Critcher, a Former Lawyer Who Knew James E. Padgett, Writes About His Disappointment on Entering the Spirit World

November 7, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John Critcher. 

You must remember me for I had my office in the same building with you, when I practiced law.

Well, I am in a condition that gives me considerable happiness and, yet, I am not in that state of happiness, which I expected to have when I was on earth.

As you know, I was an Episcopalian and tried to observe strictly the doctrines and formalities of my church and expected when I died to go to Heaven and find rest and nothing to make me unhappy. But I was mistaken in this, and I found myself in the earth plane of the spirit world and had to undergo some suffering and darkness and did not find the Heavenly rest that I expected.

But I have progressed since I came over and am now happier and in more light.

I was passing, when I saw the light that comes from your room, and looked in and saw you, and asked permission to write, and your band consented and so I am writing. No, thank you, only sometimes you can give me a kind thought and good wish?

So thanking you, I am

Your friend,
John Critcher

Monday, February 18, 2013

St. Gregory, a former Pope of the Early Days of Catholicism, Writes His Testimony

November 7, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Gregory.

I was the great Pope of Rome, who did so much to establish the Romish Church on a firm basis and to extend its powers and influence throughout the world.

It has been many years since that time and I have had many experiences in the spirit world. I first suffered and lived in darkness, and then got into the light of the spheres where the mind is supreme and progressed in those spheres until I found that the happiness which came to me from my associations and pursuits there was not sufficient to satisfy the cravings of my soul; for I had learned in life that there was a God of love, and although I had never found that God, yet these recollections of what I had in an intellectual way learned came to me, and I was not satisfied with the happiness of the intellectual spheres and, as a consequence, I sought the spirits who I knew were possessed of the Love of God and besought them to teach me the way to that Love, and after a long time I became the possessor of that Love and started on my road of progression to the Celestial Spheres, where I now live.

If I had only known on earth what soul religion meant and not given all my thoughts to the politics of the church and to extending its powers and jurisdiction, I would have avoided many long years of suffering and darkness.

So you see, there is only one way to the Heavenly home and the happiness which belongs to the Father's Kingdom, which the Master is working so hard to establish, and that through the teachings of the Master which, if understood and followed, ensures the seeker of that Divine Love which makes all spirits inhabitants of the Heavenly Kingdom and gives them a Celestial happiness.

I don't find that the church has improved much since my time, and many popes and priests are now going through experiences similar to the ones that I passed through. And many believers in the dogmas of the Catholic Church find that these beliefs are not helping them, but rather retarding them in their souls' progression.

I could write a long letter on this subject, but have not time tonight. I thank you for receiving my message and would like to come again, if agreeable.

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Gregory, the Pope

Sunday, February 17, 2013

William Stone Writes That He is Happy to See His Son's Wonderful Development in His Soul

November 4, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Leslie's father:

I will write a few words, also, for I know my son will enjoy a short writing from me tonight. I have been with him a great deal, as you may think, and am so very much pleased to realize that he has made a wonderful development in his soul, and that he is nearer the Father's Divinity than he has ever been before. I will not tell him of our condition, for he must know that we are very happy, and one of the reasons for our happiness is the fact that he not only knows the way to this Love, but is striving to obtain it, or rather, to increase his possession of it, for he has much of it already, and he is conscious of that fact.

I was present a few nights ago when his mother wrote him, and I cannot tell him of the great happiness we all had - a happiness that no reunion on earth could ever have given.

I will come soon and write him a letter in reference to the war, for while my thoughts are given more to the great Truths that make Angels of men, yet I have been somewhat interested in the progress of the war, as my people, I mean my friends and citizens of England, are very much in the war, and many of them have paid the price of their patriotism and sacrifice and are now in the Spirit World. But this I will say now, that the spirits who have been closely watching the events of the war and its progress, and who have visited the directing minds of the various contending nations, and also the people of these nations, say that the end of the war will soon come and all the bloodshed that mortals expect will not take place.

I will not write more now, but will repeat what has been said to you both so often: "Watch yourselves and pray to the Father with all the longings of your souls."

With my love I will say, the Doctor's* father,

William Stone

*Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leekesi, an Assyrian Official Who Believed in Many Gods, Writes His Testimony

November 4, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Leekesi.

I was a man who lived in the time of the destruction of Nineveh and was an Assyrian official; but I am not mentioned in history for my time was short, though in it occurred some of the most important acts of the whole history of that land.

I was not a believer in the God of the Hebrews, though in my time I had heard of that God, and many Jews lived in my domain; yet I would not let them worship that God or in any way teach my people the religion of the Jews.

Our gods were many and were worshiped by the inhabitants of the nation in accordance with what might be the desires of these people, and when the gods answered the prayers of the people, they were thought to be good and true, but when the answers did not come, the gods were false and new gods were made and worshiped according as they answered the people's prayers or not. So you see that our gods were the creatures of men and not men the creatures of the gods.

But notwithstanding this false idea, as I now see, of God, there were men of deep insight into the matters pertaining to the spiritual world, who did not make and worship the gods that I have spoken of, but who were able to look beyond these material things and discover that there was such a thing as a higher condition of the afterlife in which the souls of man could find happiness and knowledge of the existence of a real and mighty power that would bring them into a state of existence where men would realize the higher life of the soul's predominance.

These men were not numerous and did not associate with the inhabitants to any extent, but lived to themselves and evolved certain philosophies which satisfied them of truths which our common beliefs did not comprehend. These men also taught these truths, but not very generally, and only to those who might become their followers.

In my time, we had what you would call churches and priests and officials of high position in the religious organization and feasts and ceremonies and sacrifices, and these powerful ecclesiastics were very jealous and intolerant of anything which interfered with or in any manner controlled their religious teachings or the power which they exercised over the people and the government of the kingdom as well. And, consequently, these philosophers that I speak of were not permitted to disseminate their speculations or philosophies among the masses and were compelled to write their doctrines or teachings in a language which the common people could not understand.

This was the condition of the religious part of my kingdom at the time of its destruction, and many of my people who survived this destruction and who were scattered into other countries took with them these beliefs in the multiplicity of gods and worshiped as before their dispersion. In time these beliefs commenced to permeate the beliefs of the people among whom they lived until the belief in many gods became the general belief of many other nations. You will find in history that many nations which became great after the fall of my kingdom, such as Greece and Rome and others, continued the belief in a multiplicity of gods.

But not until the spreading and adoption of Christianity by them did the belief in the one true God become the established and universal belief of these nations and of the people thereof.

Man made the gods and worshiped them until the great Master came and proclaimed the truth of the one and only existing Father. Of course, an exception must be made in the statement in favor of the Jews, because they had only one God; but even they had different names for their God, which were applicable and used in accordance with the qualities that they ascribed to Him. It was only after Jesus came did that one God with many names of the Jews become our Father - the God of Love and Salvation.

From all of this you may suppose that I am a Christian. Well, I am, and I live in the Celestial Spheres; for I must tell you that I became converted to the truths of the teachings of Jesus many years ago and my progression in the development of my soul has been such that I am now in the Celestial Spheres.

I merely wanted to write this to show you that man has been a maker of gods for so many years that they cannot be numbered; and that it was only when the great truths came with the coming of Jesus that the real existing God and all His attributes were revealed to mankind.

Yes, I know, many of the people who lived in my time, and long since, have never learned the truth of the soul development and live in the happiness which has come to them with the progress of their intellects. But many of them have also been brought into the Light and Truth.

I will not write more, but will say good night,


Friday, February 15, 2013

Saelish, Formerly of Assyria, Writes That Reincarnation is a Fable and Has No Real Existence

November 3, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Saelish.

I was, when on earth, an inhabitant of the great Empire of Assyria of which Nineveh was the capital. I was not a king but was one of a great king's magicians or wise men, and when I lived was a man of great influence and power in the kingdom.

I came tonight to tell you a great truth in connection with the soul. As you may infer, when I lived we knew nothing of the one and only God, but we worshiped many gods, great and little, and believed that these gods could help or harm u, just as we deserved their help or their injurious workings. And so our many gods sometimes came in conflict in their treatment of us poor mortals, so that we at times hardly knew whether our gods were our friends or our enemies.

Of course, the help that we sought for was all of a material nature, for never did we think of help in the way of preparing us for a future life; that, we supposed, was only for those of us who by our great achievement in battle or in intellectual pursuits would, upon death, become gods ourselves. The poor, ordinary mortals were only intended to live the mortal life, at least during the incarnation that they then had, and their expectations were that, perhaps, in some future incarnation, they might have the opportunity and the favors of the unknown gods, so that they might become gods themselves.

This was the substance of the beliefs and hopes of the Assyrians at that time; and many millions died in that belief and are now inhabitants of the several planes of certain spheres of the spirit world. None of them has ever returned for a new incarnation and thereby start on their way to become gods, and this for the reason which is sufficient to satisfy them when they became spirits, sooner or later those men who they supposed had become gods when they died were in the spirit world spirits themselves and not gods at all.

So you see that the soul, when once it leaves the physical body, never returns again to any physical body, but continues in the spirit world to exist as a soul with a body of spirit form and substance; and no spirit has ever experienced the sensation of becoming reincarnated. And this is the truth that I wished to tell you; that the soul, when once it leaves the physical body, never again finds its habitation in another or the same physical body, but forever thereafter occupies the spirit body, and that in the spirit world only.

When a mortal dies, earth, so far as being the home of that mortal again in earthly body, becomes a thing of the past; it is a mere way station which has been left behind and will never again appear as a stopping place on the spirit's line of progression.

I thought it might do good for me to write this tonight, for it is the information from a spirit who long years ago lived on earth and believed in this doctrine of reincarnation, and who during all the long years of its spirit life has learned and experienced the truth, that reincarnation is a fable and has no real existence. No, the soul never retraces its steps or its method of existence, for it never goes back from the spirit to mortal.

I know that on the earth today there are thousands of mortals who believe in this doctrine of reincarnation, and many thousands more have died in that belief, but they live and die in that belief, and only when the truth comes to them, do they realize that their belief was an erroneous one, and that they will never reach Nirvana by retracing their course of life through the physical body. The soul never dies, but always lives, and whenever its position is such as to justify progression, it progresses.

I live in the Sixth Sphere and am considered to be a very exalted spirit in my intellectual acquirements and in my condition of freedom from sin and errors, which belonged to me on earth and which belongs to every mortal. My happiness is very great and my home and surroundings are beautiful. This sphere is a wonderful place, not only because of the surroundings and homes of the inhabitants, but because of the great mental and moral development of those who live in that sphere. No spirit who has not that development can live in this sphere because of its unfitness. Male and female spirits enjoy this wonderful development and their intercourse in the intellectual things that exist in this sphere is free and frequent and the interchange of thoughts brings much happiness and satisfaction.

We don't know of any spheres beyond the Sixth, although we have heard it rumored that there are other spheres, but we give little credence to these rumors, because none of us, I mean the inhabitants of this sphere, has ever found a higher one and many of us live in the highest planes of this sphere.

No, I have nothing else to write tonight.

Well, I, of course, can't say that is not true, but I do say that you astonish me beyond all belief, for I cannot imagine that any spirit can make higher progress than we have made. Well, what you tell me surprises me and I would like to investigate and discover the truth of this matter. But I don't know how to commence such investigation or where to start. Is it possible that you can show me the way in which I can commence this investigation?

I have done as you suggested and I do see some wonderfully beautiful spirits, and they seem to be so very happy, too, and interested in you. One says she is your grandmother, and she seems to excel the others in her beauty and brightness. She says she is very willing to start me in my investigation, and herself to tell me the great secret of the great progression that you speak of, and if I will accompany her, she will commence at once.

And while I write, there comes another beautiful spirit and says that she formerly lived in the Sixth Sphere and lived there many thousands of years before I lived on earth. She says that she was an Egyptian and that her name was Saleeba and that now she is an inhabitant of the Third Sphere in order to prepare herself for the great progression that she will make to spheres high above the Sixth and tells me that after I have conversed with your grandmother, she will be pleased to talk to me and tell me her experience. I will be with her, you may rest assured. All this is so wonderful to me that I hardly know what to think or do. But I will try to find the truth of it, if it can be found.

So, as I have written you a long time, expecting to enlighten you and not be enlightened myself and am now so anxious for that enlightenment, I will say that I am glad I came to you and good night.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Semiramis, a Pagan on Earth, Had an Awakening and Became a Christian

November 2, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Semiramis.

I was a Greek maiden, and I only wish to say that I desire to tell you that I am a Christian and live in the Celestial Heavens where the Master is forming his New Jerusalem.

I was on earth a pagan, as I was called, and believed in the philosophy of the Greeks and also of the Egyptians, who had written many works dealing with the soul and its destiny. I then believed in the immortality of the soul and the Elysian Fields for those spirits who should obey the gods and do those things which caused the soul to seek the higher planes of truth and happiness. But after I became a spirit and met some of the beautiful Christian spirits, I had an awakening and I became convinced of the truths of Christianity and the wonderful plans of God for the salvation of mankind.

So I merely wanted to say this and to write, and your band permitted me to do so. I will not detain you longer, but must stop, and will say that I am

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

St. Cornelius Writes on His Conception of the Soul

November 2, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

St. Cornelius - the First Gentile Christian.

Let me say just a word as to the soul. I have heard what Matthew said, and it seems to me that he did not describe what the soul is as clearly as desirable.

My conception of the soul is that it is that part of the existence of man, which determines for him what his destiny shall be. It is the real thinking, willing and conscious part of man. The intellect of man may die - this may seem unreal, but it is true - and man cease to exist as a conscious thing - I mean if the intellect was the only faculty that he possesses to make him conscious of his existence. The soul, so far as we know, can never die, and it has as its qualities and elements all the perceptions and reasoning powers that the intellect has and many more. The soul is the only faculty or part of man that performs the mission of knowing and reasoning and determining after man has passed into the Seventh Sphere and, consequently, unless these soul qualities or perceptions are developed by obtaining into the soul the Divine love, a man or spirit cannot get into the Seventh Sphere, for he would be wholly unable to live there and understand or do anything in that sphere.

The soul needs no instructions from the mere physical senses because those senses are not suitable to be used in the operations of the soul's faculties and, hence, a man who never cultivates these soul senses, as I will say, is not capable of understanding the higher spiritual things of the Celestial Spheres.

I will not write more tonight, but will come again.

Your brother in Christ,
St. Cornelius

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Matthew Writes on the Soul and its Relationship to God and Future Life and Immortality

November 2, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Matthew.

I have not written you for a long time, and I desire to say a few words on matters pertaining to the soul and its relationship to God and future life and immortality.

The soul is an image of the Great Soul of the Father and partakes of features like this Great Soul, except that it does not necessarily have in it the Divine Love which makes the soul of a mortal or spirit a partaker of Divinity. The soul may exist in man and spirit in all receptive qualities and yet never have the Divine Essence to fill it, which is necessary in order to make man or spirit a new creature, that is the subject of the New Birth.

Only that mortal or spirit who has received this Divine Love of the Father can be said to be immortal, all others may live or they may not. It has not yet been revealed to us whether the life or existence of these spirits who have not the conscious knowledge of immortality will continue to live through all eternity but if they do, it will be because God so wills that they shall live. But their existence will be subject to change and if such change should take place, only God knows what its character will be. While on the contrary, the soul that has acquired immortality can never die, its status as to a life through all eternity is fixed, and even God himself cannot destroy that existence because it is the possessor of that Divinity which makes God immortal.

"The soul that sinneth, sinning it shall die," means that the qualities which it is necessary for it to obtain to make it a part of immortality can never come to it and, hence, as regards these qualities it is dying and dead. The soul itself will live, for no spirit could possibly have an existence without a soul, and when men attempt to teach that when the spirit of life leaves the body the soul dies, such men do not state a truth. The soul will live as long as the spirit existence continues, and until the great change - should there be one - comes to that spirit. So all men must believe that the soul which God gave to man is just as much a part of man as is the spiritual or physical body.

The soul is the highest part of man, and is the only part, that in any way resembles the Great Father, who is not body or spirit-body in form but is Soul, and the man's soul, as I have said, is an image of that Great Soul. So you see, that when we speak of destroying the soul, it does not mean that the soul which belongs to every spirit will be destroyed, but that the essence of the soul, or rather the potentiality of that soul receiving the Divine Love and Nature of the Father will be destroyed.

Of course, the soul can be starved and placed in a condition of stagnation so that all its receptive powers will be, as it were, dead and only some great miracle or unusual ministration can awaken it, but to say that the soul ever dies is erroneous. In saying this, I do not include the possibility of some great change in the spirit or mortal by which such spirit may be destroyed and in such case the soul will cease to exist as an individualized soul or entity.

I do not know what would be the destiny of a soul in such event and, hence, can't prophesy but, unless there be such great change, the soul will live, but not as an immortal soul possessing the Essence of Divinity, unless it has experienced the New Birth.

God, the Great Oversoul, may not recall to Himself the soul of any man in the sense of depriving that man of his soul, but His relation to that soul will be merely that of Creator and created subject always to the Will of the Creator, whereas, the relationship of God towards the soul that has received the New Birth and, hence, the Divine Nature, is not only of a Creator and created, but also that of a co-equal so far as this Great quality of immortality is concerned. The soul of man then becomes self-existing and not depending upon God for its continuance to exist.

This, I know, is a subject not easy for mortal mind to understand, but when you shall have received the soul perceptions in addition to your natural mind, it will not be so difficult to grasp the exact meaning of my propositions.

I will not write more tonight.

I am your brother in Christ,
St. Matthew

Monday, February 11, 2013

Larkin, an Old Friend of James Padgett, is in the Fourth Sphere and Has Not Yet Accepted the Belief of the New Birth

November 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Lar....

I am here, John the Baptist.

Well, the spirit who tried to write could not remember his name, and he has gone into the higher sphere to recover his recollections. He was not a very good spirit, nor yet one in much darkness. He has returned and says his name is Larkin and that he knew you on earth. I will let him write, for he is so anxious.


Well, I am sorry that I disarranged things, but really I could not remember my name until I went to the Fourth Sphere where I live and recovered my composure. This is my first appearance in your atmosphere and I was somewhat confused.

I merely want to say that I am a believer now in the future state; in fact, I know that I am alive even though I died when on earth. Well, it only goes to show that we can so easily be mistaken in what we think we know as a result of what we call reason. I am very happy, but not so happy as my wife who is in the Fifth Sphere, as she tells me.

I have never yet been able to accept her beliefs in the New Birth, although I see the result of something in her condition which she claims to be the New Birth. But I can't believe in it, and I am enjoying myself in the society of those who are happy in the exercise of their intellectual faculties only.

I will not write more, so thanking you, I will say good night.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Von Moltke Writes A Short Note and Give His Prediction for the Outcome of the War

November 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Von Moltke.

Let me tell you that I am a German and have heard what the little Corporal said and that while he was a great General when on earth, yet as a spirit general he is a failure for his dear France will never see the glory that he predicts for her. She is at her best now, and when her armies commence that great advance that Napoleon speaks of, they will be met by the Germans and annihilated.

I also visit the headquarters of the allies and know their plans, and I know that Napoleon is there advising them; but he is behind the day of improvement in armament and guns and ammunition, and he is also behind the times in his advice. He has found his Waterloo and never again will he rise to become the great leader of armies. But strange to say, he thinks that he is the same wise, sagacious and tactical General that he was on earth. But he will find his mistake. The Germans will surely be victorious in this great war and the French will sue for peace and with them their allies as well.

It is no use for me to write further on this matter, because I could only repeat what I have said; but you, my friend, put into your memory and at the end of the war call forth this prediction: The Germans will become the victors.

Your friend,
Von Moltke
(The old strategist of the German armies when France fell.)
* * * * * * * * * *

Helen confirms that Napoleon and Von Moltke were both present and wrote their messages.

I am here, Helen.

You must go to bed and get up earlier in the morning, for you may lose business by not doing so.

I will not write much, but only say that your communications tonight were interesting, if not convincing, as to whether the allies or Germans will win. Napoleon and Von Moltke were both present, and they did not look as if they had much love for each other.

I will not tell you of my love tonight, as it is too late, but I love you, and I love my children and have been with them today. Harry is very happy and so is his wife. Edward is as usual, I don't think very happy - how sad! Nita is happy, too; she is getting on all right, and as soon as you get some money for her she will be very contented. So you see, I remembered what you said last night, and I feel better by having visited them today. Oh, my darling, do not think that I do not love them, for I do and that with all my mother's soul. But of course, not as I do you.

So go to bed and trust in God, and believe in the Master, for he will do as he promised. Good night, my dear old Ned.

Your own true and loving

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Napoleon's Writes That He is Interested in the Present War Between France and Germany

November 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Napoleon.

Yes, I am that man who did so much harm when on earth.

I merely want to say that I have been told by my daughter of her experience a few nights ago, and I became much interested in the fact that she could write to you, and that other spirits could write; and I thought that I would try. I found, though, that you have around you a band of beautiful and powerful spirits and that I had to have their permission before I was permitted to write. But they kindly gave me permission and I am writing.

I want to say that I am the ambitious man that I was on earth, but realize that I cannot take part in any of the movements or actions of men, as I am only a spirit; but I can associate with them and influence them into doing things and carrying out my ideas of what is necessary for France's good and glory.

I frequently visit the headquarters of the generals of the Allies in this present conflict and I know their thoughts and give them, by impression, the benefit or otherwise of my thoughts. And, in addition, I know what the plans of the Germans are. This war will last some time yet, but in the end the allies will be successful, for I can see all the factors that are working together to bring about that result.

Joffre is a competent man, and Kitchener is a good adjudicator; and when they unite their forces and enter upon the aggressive campaign with all the force and power which they have, the Germans will have to retreat and victory will come to them. But, alas, I also see the great sacrifices that will have to be made; but France will become a glorious nation, and the lives that will be sacrificed will be well devoted to the glorious cause.

The spirits are coming over in great numbers, but as I see things, they are exchanging an earth life for a spirit life merely, and the latter is the happier one. So what matters it that men die when a great nation can be saved, and the country for which I fought and suffered, and was exiled, shall become a glorious nation. A nation is only an aggregation of individuals, and the individual is not so important as the nation. The nation must be preserved even though the individual may die. But I have written enough and must stop.

I am in the Fourth Sphere and my dear wife is in the Fifth. She is so much more beautiful and bright than I am.

Well, I will think of what you said, but until this war is over with and the glory of France is established, I will not think of myself. I am a Frenchman more than a spirit, or rather than the inhabitant of a country that is not of so much importance as France.

So thanking you, I will stop. I will come again sometime and in the meantime I will assure you that you have my best and kindest regards.

Napoleon, the first and as a great Emperor the last.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ann Rollins Writes That the Belief in the Unpardonable Sin is Slanderous and Blasphemous Against the Loving Father and Must Not Be Believed

November 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, your grandmother.

I have been listening to your conversation tonight and am much pleased to see that you and your friend* are growing in your conceptions of the truth.

The matter of the unpardonable sin is one that is of the greatest importance to the world, especially in view of the fact that so many of the orthodox ministers teach that it is a thing of real existence and is so dreadful in its consequences. But thanks to the Master that this teaching will not in the near future be permitted to go unchallenged, for the truth in this particular will be made so plain that men will cease to believe in it and, as a consequence, will be relieved from a fear that has kept many a one from seeking the Love and favor of the Father.

I know that this revelation of the truth will antagonize many of these preachers who see that it is one of the strongest instruments that enables them to keep together their organization. But this antagonism will not avail, for the truth will prevail and mankind will, when they come to think for themselves, embrace this truth with gladness and joy. How strange that the professed ministers of Christ should so slander and blaspheme the one loving Father and cause men to look upon Him as a God of insatiable wrath and one who, because a man refuses to believe in the doctrines of the churches, consigns him to eternal punishment and hell; and when he gets into such condition of hardness of heart that, as your preacher said, "even God Himself will have no power to save." Oh, it is pitiable that such erroneous and harmful doctrines should be taught and worse than all by professed ministers of the loving and lowly Jesus.

So my son, you and your friend, whenever the opportunity comes to combat this monstrous teaching do so with all your strength and power of conviction and show and proclaim to the world that such teaching is not true, and that for every sinner there is opportunity for salvation, and that God Loves the man who will not believe on Him just as He Loves the believer, only the former may not partake of the Divine Nature as does the latter.

I wanted tonight to write this, because I thought that the time was opportune to impress upon you the falsity of this great dogma that has no foundation in truth or in the plan of God for the salvation of humanity.

Well, I will not write more tonight as you have others present who may want to write but before I close, I want to say in fulfillment of John's statement to you today that he is present and with him is his great influence of love.

So with all my love I bless you both.

Your grandmother

*Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Charles Latham, a Preacher During the Reformation, Writes a Short Note to Confirm St. Luke's Message on the Unpardonable Sin

October 31, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Latham.

I was a preacher in the days of the Reformation and died in England a martyr to my beliefs and preachings.

I merely came to tell you that you must believe in what Luke wrote you as to the unpardonable sin, for I know that it is not true, for many men who on earth denied God and the Holy Spirit, have since coming into the spirit world found the Divine Love of the Father and salvation.

I know it may not have been necessary for me to say this, yet I thought it best to do so, as I was a man and became a spirit long after Luke lived and that which he said was the truth in my day and is the truth now.

I will not write more but will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
Chas. Latham

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

St. Luke Writes that the Doctrine of the Unpardonable Sin is Not True

October 31, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

I was with you at church and heard the sermon on the unpardonable sin and was much interested in the way in which the preacher dealt with the subject. His discourse was very plausible, but it is not true. As Jesus has told you, there is no unpardonable sin, and all men in this life and in the life to come, have the opportunity to be saved from their sins and become at-one with the Father.

The great danger in such a sermon, as the one preached tonight, is that men who have not become believers in Jesus as the Savior of the world, and I mean the expression in the sense that we have explained it to you, will think that after they have arrived at a certain age and find their souls show no inclination or desire to seek the way to God's Love or to a reconciliation with Him, they have committed the unpardonable sin and, hence, there is no use for them to try to find the way to salvation. It is a damnable doctrine, and the preacher who announced it has incurred a dreadful and awful responsibility, for in the after life he will very likely meet spirits in a condition of darkness and stagnation of soul, who will tell him that because of his sermons they gave up all hope of salvation and believe at the time they meet him just as they did on earth. And he, possibly, may see the errors of his wrong teachings: and then will come to him remorse and bitter recollections of these teachings and the great harm that they did to these darkened spirits.

When men get to know the truth, as they will when the Master shall have delivered through you his messages, they will not have to run the risk of becoming bound and shackled by such false beliefs as the one of which I speak. But before that time, with so many preachers and especially those so-called evangelists who strive to force men into the erroneous beliefs which they teach through fear of eternal damnation, many men will have formed these beliefs and will suffer the consequences which these false doctrines entail.

I was sorry that someone could not have arisen in the church and resented his doctrine of the unpardonable sin, and told all the people that there is no such thing, but that the Father's Love is waiting for every one who may seek it in great abundance and freely to be given, and that if men will only come to the Father in prayer and belief, that Love will be given them, and salvation and immortality will be theirs.

The age of a man has nothing to do with his salvation; it is for the old as well as for the young, and no idea or suggestion of any unpardonable sin must be interposed to prevent any man from believing that the Great Love of the Father is waiting for him.

So you see, with some truths preached by these orthodox ministers, there is a great deal of error and the effect of the latter is to prevent or undo any good which the truth may have otherwise been bestowed upon men. Well, these great errors have been preached and worked their injury for many centuries now, and men will be hard to convince that they are not the true doctrines of Jesus and that the claimed truths which they teach are not the only truths.

I will not write more tonight. I will say with my love and blessings, I am,

Your brother in Christ,
St. Luke

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jesus Writes that He is Interested in Eugene Morgan and Desires That He Shall Learn the Truth of Divine Love

October 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I only wish to say that I am glad that the mother of your friend* wrote to him tonight, because I have been interested in him for a little while past, and so much desire that he shall learn the truth. He is naturally a spiritual man, and the long years of his lonesome life have been filled with thoughts and ideas that did not tend to fit him for an entrance into the spirit world, and his awakening will be very beneficial to him and will result, as I see, in his seeking for the Divine Love of the Father and his salvation from error and acts that would only tend to keep him in a state of darkness both in earth and in the spirit world.

And when I say darkness, I mean it in the sense of the want of the proper understanding and experiences of the truths of what will make him a man of light as regards his soul perceptions in the earth life and in the spirit world, both that kind of darkness and actual darkness - meaning an absence of light - for spirits who come to the spirit world undeveloped are not only in a condition of darkness but in a place of darkness as well.

His mother wrote him a beautiful and loving letter, and if he could have seen her while she was writing, he would be convinced that she was not only his mother, but a mother whose heart is overflowing with love for him.

Although I am the Jesus whom many worship as God - but I am not - and although I am the most developed spirit in the Celestial Heavens and have such powers as no other spirit has, yet, to me each child of God is precious and the object of my love and care and when I have the opportunity of coming in sensitive, positive contact with a mortal, as I have with him by reason of his being here with you and being in an atmosphere which enables us to communicate our desires and loves to that mortal, I do not think that because of my exalted position as a spirit and child of the Father, I must not come to the mortal and let him know that I am interested in him and want him to seek the Divine Love of the Father.

No mortal is so insignificant or so unimportant that I will not seek him as an individual and let him know that I am interested in him and that my love is with him trying to bring him into reconciliation with the Father. So let your friend know that he has a brother and friend in Jesus, and that his happiness is the happiness of his brother.

I write in this way tonight because I want to see this man a redeemed son of the Father, and a possessor of that Great Love that will make him happy on earth, and happier when he comes to the spirit world. To me, every mortal who is not in the fold of God's children is that one who went astray and to find whom I left the ninety and nine.

You, my dear brother, will understand this, and you can help your brother - and many brothers - to learn the great truths of their souls' salvation and their spiritual progression. I will not write more tonight as you are tired, though you may not realize it. So with my love and blessings, I am

Your brother and friend,

*Eugene Morgan

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen Writes a Short Note About the Loving Messages From Eugene Morgan's Mother and Jesus

I am here, Helen.

Well, my dear old Ned, what beautiful and wonderful messages you have received tonight. Mr. Morgan's mother wrote him a most motherly letter and her whole soul was in her expressions of love to him.

And then when the Master came and told of his great interest in and love for him, it was so astonishing and unusual that we had to look on in wonder and almost adoration. To think that the greatest spirit in all the Celestial Heavens, and he who is the best beloved son of the Father, should come and in such loving words tell your friend that he is the object of his interest and love.

Well, Sweetheart, I will not write more tonight, as I see you are tired.

Your true and loving,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mother of Eugene Morgan Writes That Divine Love, Soulmate Love and a Mother's Love are the Three Greatest Things in All God's Universe

October 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother of Eugene Morgan.

I heard him express the desire today that I would write to him, and I then determined that I would come with him to your room tonight and gratify his wish. Your band consents that I should write and are helping me in the way of lending me their rapport and, hence, I write so easily, as you may see.

Tell him that I am so glad that he has commenced to awaken to the truths of spiritualism, and that if he will only continue his investigations, he will not only ultimately believe in its truths, but will find the greatest satisfaction and the longings of his soul will be realized.

Many and many times have I been with him hoping and praying that his mind would be opened to the truths which spiritualism teaches, and that as a result thereof, his soul faculties would be opened to the greatest truths which affect his eternal happiness in not only this life but in the great life to come. I, as his mother, have prayed for all this and now I thank God that I can see that my long-wished-for hope will likely be fulfilled.

I am very happy, and am a Christian, as he knows I was when on earth; but I am not exactly the same kind of Christian. Then I believed in the doctrines of the church as to the ceremonies and formalities that were imposed upon me to follow and abide by more than in the soul's real religion. Now I see that these formalities were nothing; that the true soul religion determines and brings to us the great happiness which the Father has provided for us.

I will not leave him until he shall come to the spirit world; and I don't mean to say that that will be very soon, but no matter how long he may remain on earth, I will stay with him and give him the great mother love which he never received in a very demonstrative way when I lived. But he is my boy and it seems to me that my love for him is without limit or extent. So he must believe that I am with him and in return think of me often and let his love for me flow to me sometimes and try to feel that the love of his mother is responding to him.

I am in the Fifth Sphere and am among the redeemed of the Father, with only the Divine Love in my soul; and if I could only tell him what this means, all his doubts would flee from him and he would thank God with all his heart that he had been awakened to some realization that there is such a thing as the future life, and a God, and a great overwhelming and all-pervading Love waiting for him to make him happy and to become one with the Father.

His father is here, too, but he is not so much developed as am I, for he was not on earth a very serious believer in the things of the soul; but now, thank God, he has had his awakening and is trying to obtain that Love and to progress to the higher spheres and so, ultimately, be with me; for I must tell my son, notwithstanding the fact that he doubts or cannot exactly realize the existence or meaning of soulmates that his father and I are soulmates and are more happy in our love than ever we were in earth life.

And there is another thing that I want to tell him, and that is that he has a soulmate, too, and she is here, and lives in the same sphere with me. She wrote him a few nights ago, and while I see that he may doubt the reality of her existence here, yet, I want to tell him with all the love and interest that his mother has in him, that she is a real existing being with all the substance and reality that he can imagine a human sweetheart to have, whom he had never seen. Yes, his Clara is here and is with him oftener than he can conceive of and is loving him with a love that even his mother's love cannot compare with.

Tell him that I will come again soon and write him, and more in detail, but tonight I am so full of love and so thankful that I can express it to him that I can scarcely think of anything else. Love, Love, Love is the burden of my message tonight and he must think and learn and know that his mother's love, his soulmate's love, and the Divine Love of the Father are the three greatest things in all God's universe, but in their reverse importance.

I must stop, though it is hard to do so. I want to thank you for your kindness in receiving my message and trust that you will continue to show my boy the way to a realization of the truth in this great and most important Truth of spiritualism.

I will again tell him that I love him and say goodnight.

Mother of Eugene Morgan

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peter D. Buerly, James Padgett's Old Schoolboy Friend, Writes His Testimony and Asks for His Help

October 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Peter D. Buerly.

I am the spirit of your old schoolboy days, Peter D. Buerly. I have been here several times when you were writing and have been much interested in what I saw and heard, and when cousin Sally came last night and wrote and recalled old times, I felt that I wanted to write also, so I am trying.

As you may have heard in the long years after we left school, I became quite a dissipated man, given to drink and other things that I need not mention and continued these habits up to the day of my death. I caused Nannie much unhappiness and, in fact, almost broke her heart, for she was a mild, loving girl, and my treatment of her was such as to give her many weary and suffering hours of anguish. Oh, how I have repented for this since I came into the spirit world, and how I have suffered and undergone many, many years of darkness.

But repentance was earnest, and I am commencing to see the light. And, besides, since she came over, she has been with me and forgiven me all my harsh words and neglect and bad treatment of her. So you see, there is nothing in the world like the pure, forgiving love of a noble and sympathetic woman - and she was such.

We do not live together for she is a much purer and elevated spirit than I am, but she comes to me and tries to cheer and encourage me with her love and beautiful words of promise. She is, she says, in the Third Sphere, where she tells me much happiness is, while I am in the earth plane, yet, but in a much brighter condition than when I first came over.

But I want to express my surprise that you can receive communications from spirits as you do. I don't quite understand it. When on earth I never knew anything about such phenomena, and I have only recently heard of your being so close to us and so easy to communicate with.

I wish that I could get with my Nannie, for there I know I would be so happy. Some of these spirits say that you can help the spirits in these lower planes and if that is so, I would like for you to help me.

Well, I have looked, and I see a number of very beautiful spirits, but do not know any of them, and I wonder who they are. I have done so, and I'll be damned, if there ain't Professor Salyards. Why? What does it mean? Well, he has come to me and shaken my hand and says that he is very glad to see me and wants me to go with him. He has introduced me to a beautiful spirit, who he says is your wife. What beauty and love. You must be glad to have such a wife.

I have told her, and she says she is so glad to meet me, and that she wants me to go with her after the Professor has finished his conversation, and I am going with her. But, tell me, what does it all mean? I can't understand. I must stop.

Peter D. Buerly

Saturday, February 2, 2013

St. James Writes the Only Way to the Celestial Spheres is by Way of the New Birth

October 28, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, James.

I will write only a few lines tonight as conditions are not very good for you are tired and have been working too much to permit us to make a very close rapport.

I want to say that today I have been with you and my charge* a part of the time and heard your conversation and was pleased to hear your conversation; and was pleased to hear you both express yourselves so strongly with reference to the truths that you have received, and you will not be disappointed when the time comes for belief to become an experience.

The truths are not to be refuted by any preaching or teachings, or any reference to the Bible that are contrary to these truths. And I here declare to you that the only way to the Celestial Spheres is by the way of the New Birth, as it has been explained to you.

I also desire to encourage the mortal* to whom I have attached myself especially and assure him that I am with him very often and impress him with thoughts that will make him realize more and more that only the truth that he has knowledge of will fit him for the work that is before him to perform, and that he must endeavor to increase his faith so that his beliefs will become things of real substance, for they are real, and when he gets in that condition and attempts his work, what will appear real to him will, in fact, be real and so real that other mortals will know the benefits that arise from their reality.

I will not write more now. So with my love, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
James, Apostle of Jesus

*Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Friday, February 1, 2013

Alexander Campbell Writes That When On Earth, He Did Not Understand the Plan of Man's Salvation

October 28, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am, Campbell.

I am the founder of the Campbellites. Well, I have spelled it as it should be spelled. I know my followers are called Camellites, but that is not correct. But the name makes no difference, for I am the man and these people are my followers.

I merely want to say that when on earth I did not understand the plan of man's salvation, and I taught erroneous doctrines as to this matter, and I now see the great harm that I did but, nevertheless, there was some good done also; for my people worshiped God as their Heavenly Father and prayed to Him, and many of them received the ministration of the Holy Ghost. So I am grateful for what I taught and also very sorry for the errors that I taught.

I am now in the Celestial Heavens and know that Jesus is a spirit and not God, and that his great work is still going on. So when I say that I am a follower of Jesus, I mean that I follow his teachings and try to imitate his life here as on earth.

I am a stranger to you but I felt that I must write to you and so took this opportunity. So thanking you I am,

Your brother in Christ,
Alexander Campbell