Friday, February 22, 2013

Jesus Writes That He Was Very Much Interested in the Way James E. Padgett Helped to Prevent Two Suicides

November 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I want to tell you tonight that I am very much interested in the way in which you are doing your work among your acquaintances in the matter of bringing them to a realization of the truths of spiritualism, and the importance of believing in the truths which are communicated to you. I refer more particularly to the two instances in which persons who had determined to commit suicide have abandoned that idea and now realize that it would be a most grievous sin to take their lives. I heard what was said today by Mr. Morgan in reference to the young lady who had contemplated such an act.

But for your encouragement, I must tell you that the good that you are doing the darkened spirits in the method that you have adopted is beyond any conception that you may have and beyond the powers of your spirit friends to inform you.

If all this is an indication of what good my messages will do when you shall have received and disseminated them to the world, then I know that success will attend your efforts, and the truths of my Father will quickly spread and be believed.

So you see the necessity for doing this work with all possible speed. I will write a message very soon. I am with you a great deal and am trying to help you in every way.

So with my love and blessings I will say good night.

Your friend and brother

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