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St. John Writes on: "What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity?"

May 29, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

I come tonight to tell you a vital truth, which I know you will be interested in. The question has often been asked: "What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity?"

Many spirits, I know, have written you about this matter and some of them have described their personal experiences, yet in all the information that you have received, there are some facts that have not been referred to, and I will in a brief way describe them.

When the spirit leaves the body, there is a breaking of the silver cord, as it is called, and thereby all connection between the spirit and the body is severed for all eternity - never again can that spirit enter that body, and neither can any other spirit, although, I know it is claimed by some spiritualists that another spirit may inhabit the cast-off body. But this is all wrong, for no spirit ever enters the body, which has once been the home of another spirit and, hence, claims made by some of the wise men of the East that such a thing can be, have no foundation in fact.

When the silver cord is once severed, no power that is known to the Spirit World, or among spirits of the highest sphere, can again resuscitate that body and cause the manifestation of life and, hence, in the miracles mentioned in the Bible where it is said that the dead were brought to life, it must be understood that this tie between the spirit and the body was never broken.

In those ancient days, as now, there were persons who had the appearance of being dead, and so far as human knowledge was concerned were dead, but who were really in a state of what may be called suspended animation  with no signs of life appearing to the consciousness of men. Death was thought to have taken place, yet in no case where the supposed dead were raised to life had the.mortal really died.

As Lazarus has already told you, when Jesus commanded him to come forth, he had not died, and so of all the other supposed dead who were called to life. When this tie has been once severed, there are certain chemical laws affecting the physical body, and certain spiritual laws affecting the spirit, which absolutely render it impossible for the spirit to again enter the body; and as you have been informed, we all, mortals and spirits and angels as well, are governed by laws which have no exceptions and never vary in their workings. So I say, when once the spirit and body separate, it is for all eternity, and the spirit then becomes of itself, a thing apart, controlled entirely and exclusively by laws governing the spirit body.

With the spirit's entry into the Spirit World comes the soul, still enclosed in that spirit body, and to an extent controlled by that body, which latter is also, in certain particulars, controlled by the soul. The spirit body has not, of itself, the power to determine its own location or destiny as regards place for the Law of Attraction, which operates in this particular, operates upon the soul, and the condition of the soul determines the location of itself, and as the spirit body is the covering of the soul, it must go where this Law of Attraction decrees the soul shall abide.

While the mind and the mental faculties and the senses have their seat in the spirit body, yet the Law that I speak of does not operate upon these faculties, as is apparent to every spirit, which he knows from observation as well as from experience, that the combined power of all these faculties cannot move a spirit body one step in the way of progress unless such faculties have, in their influence upon the soul, caused its condition to change; and in the matter of mere mental or moral advancement this can be done.

So, I repeat, the condition of the soul determines the locality as well as the appearance of the spirit body, and this Law of Attraction is so exact, that in its operations, there is no opportunity for chance to interpose, and place the spirit body in a location which is not its by reason of the operation of this Law. So that when the spirit body enters the Spirit World, it must go to and occupy the place which its enclosed soul determines that it shall occupy. No interposition of spirit friends or love of parent or husband or child can prevent this destiny; although for a time, until the soul has really had an awakening as to its condition of severance from the mortal life, these relations or friends may retain the spirit body near the place of its entrance into the spirit life, even though that place be one of more beautiful surroundings and happiness than the one to which it is destined. But this situation does not last long, for the Law works, and as the soul comes into full consciousness, it hears the call and must obey.

And, thus, you see friends and loved ones in spirit life meet with love and kindness and consolation, the newly arrived spirit, but the parting must come, and every soul must find its home according as its own qualities have determined. And yet the consolation mentioned is a real one, for in many instances, if it were not so, the lonely spirit would experience fear and bewilderment and all the unspeakable sensations of being deserted.

Then there comes a time, when every soul must stand alone, and in its weakness or strength realize that no other soul can bear its sorrow or take from its burdens or enter into its sufferings and, thus, is realized the saying that: "Each soul is its own keeper and alone responsible for its own condition."

Of course, in many cases the loving friends may visit that soul in its place of existence and offer consolation and help and encouragement and instruction, but in some cases this cannot be, for as this soul is then laid bare to itself, all its deformities, and sins and evil qualities come before it and, thus, throws around it a wall, as it were, that prevents the good friends and loving ones from appearing to it.

And, thus, again comes into operation the great Law of Attraction for while these more elevated friends, cannot come to that soul, yet other spirits of like souls and qualities may become its associates and render such assistance as the blind can lead the blind in their movings about. And I wish here to say, notwithstanding what some of your spiritualistic teachers have said, that the soul has its location as well as its condition.

The above condition that I have described is the destiny of some souls shortly after becoming spirits, and it is a deplorable one, and you may think that such souls are deserted by the loving influences of God's ministering spirits, and left all alone in the dreary places of their habitations. But such is not the case, for while they are deprived of the presence to them of the higher spirits, yet, the influences of love and compassion are flowing from these spirits, and at sometime will be felt by the lonely ones, and as these influences are felt the poor souls commence to have an awakening, which gradually causes the wall of their seclusion to disappear until at some time, the higher spirits find that they can manifest their presence to these unfortunate ones.

And besides this, every spirit, no matter how fallen, has a work to do, even though it may appear insignificant, and among these spirits of similar conditions some are a little more progressed than others, and by reason of a Law which causes the more progressed to help the lesser, the latter are frequently helped from their low estate.

Now what I have last written applies, of course, to the spirits who are wicked and vile and without any soul development in the way of goodness, but a similar principle enters into the conditions of all the spirits in the earth plane, although the higher they are in that plane the greater opportunities they have for receiving help and progressing. Of these latter, and the operation of the mental thoughts and moral qualities upon the condition and progress of the soul, I will write you later.

I have written enough for tonight, and leaving you my love and blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Martin Luther Writes About the Errors of His Teachings and the Church's Tenets

May 29, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Martin Luther, One Time Monk and Reformer.

I desire to continue my message, if it is agreeable to you. Well, we will try.

When on earth I firmly believed what was contained in our doctrines and teachings, and was sincere in trying to induce others to believe as I believed and taught, but after my long experience in the Spirit World and my communications with Jesus and his apostles and others to whom the truths of the Father have come, I realize and know that many of my teachings were erroneous and should not longer be believed by those who worship in the churches that bear my name.

My doctrine of faith - that is justification by faith - is all wrong when its foundation is considered, and the impossibility of understanding from my teachings and the church's tenets, just what can be intended by faith. Our faith was founded on the assumption that Jesus was a part of the Godhead and the only begotten son of the Father, who so loved sinful man that He caused His sinless and beloved son to die on the cross that divine justice might be appeased, and the burden of men's sins taken from them and placed on Jesus. Oh, the terrible error of it all, and how it has mislead so many of the believers to a condition of darkness and deprivation of the Divine Love of the Father. No, such objects of faith have no foundation in fact, and such a faith does not justify sinful man or bring him in atonement with the Father, so that he becomes a redeemed child of God.

Jesus was not a part of the Godhead, and neither was he begotten in the way that I taught and my followers believe. He was the son of man, and only the son of God by reason of the fact that he had received in his soul the Divine Love of the Father, which made him like the Father in many of His attributes of Divinity.

God did not send Jesus to earth for the purpose of dying on the cross or for the purpose of paying any debt or appeasing the wrath of his angry and jealous Father, for these qualities are not attributes of the Father - only love and sympathy and the desire that men turn from their sins and become reconciled to Him, are His attributes as affects the salvation of men. No death of Jesus could make any man the less a sinner or draw him any nearer to the Father, and faith in this erroneous proposition, is faith in an error and never has man been justified by it.

Jesus came to earth with a mission to save mankind from their sins and that mission was to be performed in two ways only: the one by declaring to man that the Father had rebestowed upon him the privilege of receiving the Divine Love, and the other by showing man the way in which the privilege might be exercised, so that this Divine Love would become his, and thereby make him a part of the Father's Divinity and ensure him Immortality. In no other way could or can men be saved and made at-one with the Father; and faith in these Truths, which makes them things of possession and ownership by men, is the only faith which justifies.

I write this for the benefit, more particularly, of my followers so that they may learn the vital truths of their salvation and change their faith in the death and blood sacrifice of Jesus, to faith in the rebestowal of the Divine Love, and in the further truth that Jesus was sent to show the way to that Love, and that he thereby and in no other manner, became the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I know that the acceptance of these truths will take from them the very foundation of their beliefs, and many will refuse to accept my new declarations of truth, but nevertheless, they must accept, for truth is truth and never changes, and those who refuse to accept it on earth will, when they come to the Spirit World, have to accept it, or exist in a condition where they will see and know that their old beliefs were false and rested on no solid foundation; and the danger to many will be that when they realize the utter falsity and non-existence of what they believed to be true, they will become infidels, or wanderers in spirit life without the hope of salvation or of becoming redeemed children of God.

I fully realize the errors of my teachings on earth, and the responsibility that rests upon me for these teachings which are still spreading, and I am almost helpless to remedy them. And so, I write this message, hoping that it may be published in your book of truths.

I, Luther, the onetime monk and reformer, declare these truths with all the emphasis of my soul, based on knowledge in which there is no shadow of error, and which I have acquired from experience not founded on the claimed revelations to man by the voice of God. My knowledge is true, and nothing in opposition can be true, and the beliefs and faith of a man, or of all the inhabitants of earth, cannot change the truth in one iota.

The Roman Church taught the communion of saints, and I declare the communion of spirits and mortals, be they saints or sinners. That church taught the doctrine of purgatory and hell, and I declare that there is a hell and a purgatory and that probation exists in both places, and that some time in the long ages to come, both places will be emptied of their inhabitants, some of whom will become redeemed children of God and dwellers in the Celestial Heavens, and others will become purified in their natural loves and inhabitants of the merely spiritual spheres.

I pray and desire that my followers may become inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens and partake of the Divine Nature of the Father and Immortality.To them I say, hearken to the Truths as Jesus has and will reveal them in his messages to you, for in the Truths which he shall thus declare, they will find Life Eternal and the at-onement with God, for which they have for so many years been seeking in darkness and disappointment.

I will not write more tonight, but will come again soon, and reveal other vital truths, if you will find for me the opportunity. So with my love and blessings, I am

Your brother in Christ,
Martin Luther

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ann Rollins Writes About Divine Love and the Teachings of Jesus

May 28, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your grandmother

I will tell you tonight of a truth that may be of interest to you, and I know that it is of importance to all who may long for happiness in the future life.

As you know, I am now in the Celestial Spheres, in a place higher than the Third Celestial Sphere, and where are no special lines of demarcation separating it from what you may call the higher planes.

In my plane, the inhabitants are those who have received the Divine Love in their souls to an extent that makes them know that they are of a nature that is Divine and in at-onement with that of the Father. Of course, those who have entered the First Celestial Sphere have the knowledge of having partaken of the Divine Nature, but they are not so filled with this Love as we are who live in the sphere that I am in.

It is not possible for me to tell you of the extent of our happiness, because you have no words in your language that can possibly convey a faint conception of this happiness, and I will not attempt to describe it; but if you will combine all the emotions of joy and happiness, which you have received or experienced in all the years of your life, you would not be able to realize the meaning of our happiness in the faintest degree.

I merely recite this truth to show to you and all mankind what is possible for you and them to obtain, if you will only pursue the course that the Father has provided, and the Master has pointed out in his messages to you.

The great instrument that causes this great happiness is Love, and by this I mean the Divine Love of which we have so often written, and without which it is impossible for a soul to obtain this condition or to become a dweller in the Celestial Heavens.

Man, as you have been instructed, was not created with this Love and could only obtain it by his own longings and aspirations being exercised in the way that the Father had provided. In no other way could these desires for this Love be realized. But the great pity is that the first of the human race declined or rather refused to pursue this way, and thought that they were wise enough to know a better way; and in attempting to pursue this way brought about their own fall and the loss of the privilege of obtaining this Love; and in all the long years until the coming of Jesus, no man, after the first created, had the privilege and, hence, it was not possible for them to find any greater happiness than that which might come from their natural love.

At the coming of Jesus, men again had bestowed upon them this great privilege and a possibility of the knowledge of the way in which the privilege could be exercised. This was not declared to all men, for the territory in which Jesus taught and proclaimed this important truth was very limited, and the great majority of men died without knowing that this gift had been re-bestowed. But God in His goodness and Love did not restrict the bestowal of this Love to those who might be fortunate enough to learn of it from Jesus and his apostles, but sent His Holy Spirit to implant it in the souls of all men who might be in such condition of soul aspiration and longing as to permit this Love to enter their souls.

When spirits became possessed of this knowledge, they commenced the work of trying to influence men in such a way that there arose in them a longing for a closer unity with God, and an opening up of the soul perceptions and, as a result, many men in various parts of the world received this Love in their souls without knowing that it was this Divine Love; but it was, and when these men in their spirit forms entered the spirit world, they soon found that, to some extent, they were possessed of this Love, and it was not difficult for them to listen to the explanations and teachings of those spirits who had received it as to the truth of its existence.

Now all this may not appear to be of much importance to present man, and hardly worth attention, but my great object in writing in this manner is to show that God had no special or peculiar people, and that it was not even necessary that all peoples should learn from Jesus the fact of this gift, for in such a case, the great majority of mankind could not possibly have heard of this Love while they were yet mortals. No, this was not a necessity, but the knowledge which came to mortals through Jesus enabled them, who possessed it and believed, to the more readily pursue the way to obtaining this Love.

Many spirits had received the benefit of the rebestowal of this Love, or rather the privilege of seeking for and obtaining it, before Jesus came to the spirit world, yet they understood that the greater extent of the possession of this Love was in Jesus; and no spirit now possesses it to the degree that he does.

But whether the souls of mortals or spirits received the knowledge of this truth from Jesus or from the workings of the Holy Spirit in its ministrations, they all know that the seeking for and getting this Divine Love are the only means by which the soul may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens.

I realize that what I have written conflicts with the orthodox belief that it is only through the death and blood of Jesus that men can be saved from their sins and become children of God and at one with Him. If this belief were true, then by Jesus' sacrifice. all men would he saved, irrespective of their obtaining this Divine Love, or only those would be saved who had heard of Jesus and accepted him as their saviour. Neither of these propositions is true, for without this Divine Love entering into the soul of a man, it would be impossible for him to partake of the Divine Nature of the Father and become fitted to occupy a home in the Celestial Spheres. This Love in the soul, whether it is a result of the workings of God's ministering spirits causing a real soul longing in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, makes the man of a nature divine and a redeemed child of God.

Now from what I have said it must not be inferred that the mission of Jesus, and his work on earth and in the spirit world are not the great things connected with man's redemption, for they are. It was not until Jesus' coming that this Great Gift was rebestowed, and it was not until his declaring this fact and teaching the Great Truth of the New Birth could either mortals or spirits receive this privilege. The ministering spirits could not influence the souls of men to seek for the inflowing of this Divine Love until they had first received it themselves and understood its existence; and here let me declare a fact, that when Jesus preached to mortals on earth the necessity for the Second Birth, myriads of spirit beings heard these teachings and became possessed of this knowledge.

And to-day, men are attended by hosts of spirits of all kinds and the sayings and teachings of men are heard by more spirits than men, and the influence of such teachings has its effect upon spirits as upon men, for the spirits of men, which are existing in the earth planes are the same spirits substantially that they were when on earth, and an earthly friend frequently has more influence upon them than do other spirits no matter how high their condition may be.

I am so happy to be able to write you again, and let you know that I have not forsaken you. I am with you quite often and am trying to help you. Pray more to the Father and exercise more faith and you will grow in soul development and happiness. I will not write more now. So with all my love and blessings,

I am your grandmother
Ann Rollins

Sunday, July 28, 2013

St. John Writes About Soulmate Separations in the Event that Both Do Not Obtain the Divine Love of the Father

May 26, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I desire to write about a matter that will interest you as I have heard you express your wonderment as to what would become of the soulmate who should happen to be in a condition that caused him to be without the Divine Love at the time the great potentiality of obtaining the Divine Love should be taken from mankind.

Well, this is a subject which has been discussed by spirits of the higher spheres and we have not been able to solve the question. Of course, it is necessary that the two parts of the soul must again unite in order to make the perfect one, and if one part should be in the Celestial Heavens and the other part in the Spirit World at the time the great gift is taken from man, it would not be possible for these two parts to unite and become one again.

As you know, we are not informed as to when this great separation will take place and only know that at sometime it will and that then the spirits in each of these conditions of development will have to part and never more become united. But as to the effect of such a separation on two soulmates, I cannot tell you as I don't know.

We don't believe there will not be some provision made by which these two separated parts can be united for I cannot conceive that one could be completely happy without his soulmate in condition of unity. Many a soul will never enter the Celestial Heavens or partake of this Divine Love and nature of the Father, but will have to spend eternity in the Spirit World; I mean in the spheres lower than the Celestial Spheres, and may or may not have his soulmate with him. I do not know how to instruct you in this matter and am waiting for the great event in order to learn the truth regarding the matter.

But irrespective of this mystery, every man and woman should strive to obtain this Love which will enable him to enter the Celestial Spheres and not wait until he gets into the Spirit World, as it is very much easier to start on this journey from earth than from the Spirit World.

I do not believe that there will be any separation of soulmates when one of them is in the Celestial Spheres for the result would be the writer's incompleteness of the severance of that soul from its mate.

I wish that I could inform you as to what provision will be made for the reuniting of soulmates who are in the condition of the ones just mentioned, but I cannot, and all that I might say would be speculation only.

I will not write more now, but will say that you have my love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, July 27, 2013

John Writes a Short Note of Encouragement for James E. Padgett to Have Faith and Promises Will Soon be Realized

May 24, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

Well, I come to write only a few lines as you are not feeling so well and are not in condition to receive any formal message tonight. But I will say that, notwithstanding what you have read tonight in reference to your material affairs, you must have faith and expect that our promises will soon be realized. The work must be done and you must be placed in condition to do it, without interference. If you could realize the powers that are at work in the endeavor to bring about what is necessary to place you in position to do this work, as we desire it to be done, you would not lose faith or doubt that all the promises made will be fulfilled.

We recognize to the fullest the importance of this matter, and we will not permit much more time to elapse until the end desired is brought about. You and your friend, who is interested in the means that we have adopted to bring about the consummation of our plan, will soon be able to accomplish as we have told you and you must both have faith.

I will not write more tonight, and with my love to you and your friend who is present, I will say good night and God bless you both.

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, July 26, 2013

Martin Luther Writes About the Roman Catholic Church and His Disagreement with their Dogmas and Teachings

May 23, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luther.

I came tonight in the hope that I may write my message of which I spoke to you a short time ago. Well, if you feel that you can receive the same, I will proceed.

In my day, the members of the Church - I mean the Roman Catholic Church - were dependent entirely upon the priesthood for all information as to the contents of the Bible, and the interpretation that should be given such contents, and very few of the laymen were able to possess the Bible, and scarcely any could read it, as it was written in the Latin tongue; and the inhabitants of my section of Europe were not acquainted with that language. The consequence of this was that all the people were dependent entirely on the priests for any knowledge of the will of God, and that only as the priests saw proper to convey the same to these people.

Many things were taught by these officials of the church in such a way as to convince the people that the church was the divine institution of God; and that, in every particular, as to the conduct of men, what the priests said and declared to be the will of God must be accepted without doubt or hesitation, and that the penalties of disobedience of these teachings of the priests would be in the form that they should prescribe, and that the wrath of God would fall upon all who should disobey these teachings of the church.

The spiritual enlightenment of men was not attempted to any degree, and the requirements of the church were that men should strictly obey the dogmas and tenets which should be declared to them by these instructions of the priests. Duty was the principal thing to be observed, and the utmost obedience to the commands of the church must be performed, unless the church itself should release the people from the performance of these duties.

Every violation of these commands was a sin to which a penalty was attached which could not be avoided unless the priests should give to the believers an indulgence, and then to the extent of the indulgence the penalty was taken away. But in order to obtain this indulgence, a compensation would have to be made to the coffers of the church, depending upon the ability of the one receiving such indulgence to make. At a time when these indulgences were most prevalent, and when the church was becoming rich from the revenues paid for the same, I commenced to revolt from the claims of the church and declared my want of belief in the dogma that the church could grant such indulgences and absolve men from the penalties which their sins brought upon them.

You all know the history of the Reformation and its results upon the power of the Church of Rome, and how men were freed from the superstitions of the church and how the reform grew in many of the Catholic countries, and new churches and beliefs were established. Well, I will not further recite any of these things, but merely say that what I have written is intended to be only preliminary to what the object of my writing is.

As men of thought, convinced of the false claims and superstitions of the church and of the necessity of making known to mankind the truths of the Bible, I and several others, in our zeal, refused to recognize and accept as a part of the teachings of the reform belief many things which were contained in the church's dogmas or teachings that were really true, or in a manner true, when relieved of their appendages which the church had attached to the kernels of truth. As a consequence, we rejected many principles that we should have made parts of the beliefs and teachings of the new beliefs.

Well, I am sorry that you do not feel in condition to receive more at this time, but it is best to postpone the remainder. I will soon come and finish what I desire to write.

So, with my love and best wishes, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Helen Writes a Short Note About the Healing Session of Eugene Morgan by White Eagle

May 16, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own loving Helen.

Well, sweetheart, I will not write much, as you are tired and must go to bed early. You have had an experience tonight, which has exhausted you somewhat, and you need rest.

I was with you at Mr. Morgan's, and tried to help him; and when White Eagle was rubbing him, I also tried to help. I think that Mr. Morgan will feel better in the morning for White Eagle used a great deal of his power to treat Mr. Morgan, and you received so much that I was afraid it might do you some harm at the time. But White Eagle said no, that he would look out for that, and so I told him to do his best.

Yes, Jesus was there, and what you received he actually wrote. And he was so anxious to help Mr. Morgan in the way that he indicated and will succeed, if he can only establish the necessary rapport, as he said. It will be a glorious demonstration if he does succeed.

I would like to write longer tonight, but I must not. So, my own dear Ned, love me and think of me, and call me to you more often. Give me a great big kiss and say good night.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Martin Luther Writes a Short Note About the Necessity of Correcting Many of the Principles of Belief of His Followers

May 16, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luther.

I come to tell you that I desire very much to write you before a great time shall elapse, as I have a subject that is important to me to reveal to mankind, and especially my followers in the Church which bears my name. I see the necessity of correcting many of the principles of belief which now hold my followers to bondage and prevent them from learning the truths as I now know them to be.

So soon let me write, if you can possibly find the opportunity. I am very happy in my condition of love and living, and so want to help all others to learn the truth and become happy.

So, with my love and best wishes, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alice, Mr. Padgett's Cousin, Writes of Her Happiness in the Third Sphere

May 16, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me write a line. I am your cousin Alice, and it has been a long time since I wrote you; and as I saw you a few nights ago when you spoke to Mame at the show, I have since had a great longing to write you and tell you my condition now and how happy I am. Mary's mother and I were with her at the time and we saw you speak to her and heard you tell her that you had recently received a letter from her mother. Of course, she scarcely believes it, but nevertheless she has in her heart a longing that it may be so, for she dearly loved her mother when on earth and now thinks of her very often.

Well, I am still in the Third Sphere, but I am so very happy and have such a beautiful home and lovely surroundings and beautiful and good associates. I never on earth conceived such happiness or such a home and such companions. It is one long dream of joy and freedom from sin and unrest. I mean that I now have nothing to make me unhappy as I had on earth. I am still praying to the Father for more Love, for Helen and your mother come to me often and tell me that I must continue to pray so that I may progress to the higher spheres where so much greater happiness may be found. And they help me very much. And what beautiful spirits they are! Helen seems to love me so much and to be so filled with the Divine Love.

Well, Ed, you thought she was beautiful on earth, but you should see her now! You simply have no conception of her beauty, and if I could write for a whole year trying to describe it to you, I could not succeed and you would not comprehend. How thankful I am that she came to me with her love and showed me the way to this Heaven of Bliss. Oh, it is wonderful to know that there is a Heaven and that I am eating its fruits and drinking from its river of life.

I must not write longer.

Well, Aunt Mary is progressing very much. She is not yet with me but she is very happy and free from all darkness and suffering and has some of the Father's Love in her soul and knows how to pray and is doing so. She will soon progress and then I will see more of her. So pray for us both that we may get more of the Divine Love.

I will stop now, but first I want to tell you how much I enjoy writing to you and how much I love you. So with all my love I will say good night.

Your own true cousin,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jesus Writes About the Rapport Necessary to Bring About the Power of Healing

May 16, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I will not write a formal message tonight, but will merely tell you that I was with you tonight at the home of Mr. Morgan, and wrote what you received as purporting to come from me, and I meant that if I could establish the rapport with him I would cure him; and so I will. It depends somewhat on his having the necessary concentration and belief in me.

It may seem strange that I cannot do this unless this rapport is established, but it is a fact. There are certain laws which control the exercise of this power upon mortals which must be complied with. When on earth I could come in direct contact with the mortal by reason of my being in the flesh, and as the power was in me, or could be engendered in me by the exercise of my spiritual powers, I encountered no obstacle in the way of my exercising these powers upon the mortal. But now there is no direct contact between me and the mortal and, hence, there is no means of communicating this power to him until a rapport is established.

This rapport is something more than a mere "spiritual" connection, and partakes somewhat of the material, though we are not of the material; yet the rapport must be of the nature mentioned, and the material part of it must come from the mortal himself.

Now you will understand that my relationship in such cases with the mortal is very different from what would be your relationship to him, had you this power residing in you; and when the time comes for you to receive this power, you will not need to establish any rapport between you and whomever you may be able to cure. I mean it will not be necessary for this rapport to be established by drawing from the mortal any part of the material that belongs to him: this you will have yourself, and the power will be exercised by you simply as a mortal coming in contact with him.

This power can be possessed by mortals just as my disciples and others possessed it at the time that I was on earth, and the same results may be obtained as were obtained in those days.

Well, the power that was manifested in you was somewhat of the nature that I have been speaking of, only it was a power borrowed, or conferred upon you by a spirit. It was a part of this spirit's power, and thereby differing from that which you will receive as a part of your own self, when you shall have had that soul development and possession of the Divine Love, which are necessary prerequisites to any mortal - or spirit either - being able to receive the power.

The spirit who was trying to manifest through you and help Mr. Morgan was your own Indian guide, who is a very powerful spirit; and he drew on you very hard for the material that was necessary for him to make the manifestation. The power which he transmitted will help Mr. Morgan, and he will realize it by morning. And if you had continued for a while longer, its effects would have become seen before you left him.

I will try tonight, as I promised, to help him, and if we can form the rapport that I speak of, there will be no uncertainty as to the results. I will give especial attention to his case, as I desire to demonstrate to him that the power of the spirit world, when properly exercised, can be used to help mortals, even in their physical ills, to relieve them from their sufferings. I see that he has a very considerable faith and will make the effort to help establish this rapport, and we may succeed. At any rate, you have already helped him and he will realize it.

I will come to you soon and write you another message on an important subject, so that you may see the necessity for our working faster. I will not write more, but will say that I love you and am with you, trying to help you. So, with my blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

John Writes that the Truths of God Have in Them Only Those Principles that Create Happiness and Wisdom

May 12, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I desire to write tonight, and if you think it is not too late, we will do so. Well, I will not make my message very lengthy, but try to condense it in short sentences. I want to tell you that when a man gets to know the truths of the Father, he will become a very happy and wise man - for these truths have in them only those principles that create happiness and wisdom.

I know that men believe many things on account of their being ancient or having the authority of their forefathers, or some great saint or writer who lived many centuries ago, but such a basis for truth, while worthy of consideration and examination does not of itself, because of being old, afford any certainty that what is, thus, accepted contains the truth.

Truth is a thing very old, and existed for many thousands of centuries before the times in which these ancient writers, as you call them, lived and, in fact, those days of the writers, in comparison to what had gone before, are as yesterdays; and, therefore, you will see that because the declarations of these writers are what you consider very ancient, they should not be received as having authority.

Truths of those days, and of the long ages prior thereto and of the present time, are all the same, as truth never changes or assumes new forms no matter what the conditions of mortals may be as to intellectual or spiritual development. And they may be revealed today, and are being constantly revealed as time progresses, and should be accepted with as much credence and satisfaction as any truths that were ever disclosed in ancient days. Men are just as susceptible now to the reception of these truths in their spiritual natures or perceptions as they were in the times of Abraham or Moses or at any time since.

The mind of man was given to him to be exercised in the way of investigation and search and never was it contemplated in his creation that the time would come when he should accept anything as the ultimates of truth and cease his inquiries, for truths are so many and great and deep, that so far in the mortal universe, man has acquired only a smattering of these truths. And to rest supinely in this acquirement under the belief that there is nothing more in existence than man may know, violates and subverts the very object of his creation; and what I have said applies to spiritual truths as well as to material ones.

The churches, I know, declare and try to enforce the declaration, that it is not possible to discover or have revealed to men the essential principles of spiritual truths to a greater extent than has already been declared in the Bible and the churches' interpretation of the same and that, therefore, it is contrary to God's Will that men should seek further for any additional truths, and that men should accept, without question, the sayings of the Bible, and the dogmas and creeds of the churches which their claim is founded upon, and which they declare are the true principles of spiritual truths. And for many years, this has been the demand of the churches, and the members thereof have acquiesced without question or doubt.

Now, this has been one of the great causes why men have not progressed more, not only in their spiritual nature but also in what may be called their natural qualities. They have remained satisfied, and what was believed by them centuries ago are believed today. I say all this to show how stagnant the intellects of men have been, as it depends on search and investigation, and has remained so for all these long ages. I further recite this to show the necessity for men to seek and criticize and accept or reject as the results of the search may demand.

In recent years though, men have made greater progress, and the individual has come to the front and the old accepted fabrications of truths have been assaulted and shaken and denuded of their falsities to a considerable degree, and so it should be. Men must seek, and criticize, and accept or reject as their own conscience and reasoning powers dictate, and therein will be freedom of the mind as well as of the will.

The soul, also, has been smothered in these dogmatic beliefs and, as a consequence, its development has been slow, and knowledge of things spiritual has not come to men as it should have done, and as is necessary to teach them their destiny and the truths, which should control their lives on earth, and which will control their progress in the spirit world.

Well, as you are tired, I will postpone the balance of my discourse. I think it best when you feel tired to discontinue the writing instead of attempting to force yourself into receiving it. So I will not write more.

Believe that I am your brother in Christ.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jesus Writes Further on "How the Divine Love Enters into the Soul of a Human Being"

May 8, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to finish my message and will do so, if your condition is such that you may receive it.

Well, as you may remember, my subject is: "How the Divine Love enters into the soul of a human being." I have already explained to you the difference between, and the respective functions of the physical body, the spiritual body and the soul, and how the real man is the soul, which may live forever. I have also shown you how the physical and spiritual bodies change their component parts, and as such bodies, disintegrated and disappear in the form that they may have at any one time.

Well, the soul is the man and becomes the Angel of God's Kingdom. The soul may also become the only everlasting part of man in the Spiritual Kingdom as contradistinguished from the Celestial Heavens.

The only way in which the soul may become an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres is by its obtaining of the Divine Love and thereby become a partaker of the Divine Nature of the Father; and this can be accomplished only by the inflowing of the Divine Love, by means of the operation of the Holy Spirit, which is the instrumentality used by God to carry this Love to the souls of men.

As I have before said, this Love never forces itself into the souls of men and comes only when men seek for it in sincerity and with effort. It is waiting for all men to receive it, but never comes into the soul of its own initiative, and without invitation. So the important question is, "How does it come into the soul and what must men do to induce it's inflowing?"

There is only one way, and that is by the opening up of the soul in such a manner that this Love, when it comes in response to sincere seeking, may find an entrance and a condition of development that will cause it to find lodgment and abiding place, harmonious and satisfactory to the qualities of its own existence. Of course, man cannot of himself open up his soul to this inflowing, for while he has great power, yet the will is not sufficient; nor has he any other inherent qualities that will enable him to place his soul in such condition as to make possible the work of the Holy Spirit in causing the Love to flow into the soul.

The only means by which this can be accomplished are prayer and faith. When a man in true earnestness and sincere aspirations, prays to the Father for this Divine Love, such prayer not only brings Love, but causes those portions of the soul, which are capable of receiving this Love, to open up to its coming and to work in such a way as to attract the Love. The Holy Spirit never performs this work of preparing the soul for the reception of this Love, but merely brings the Love and causes its inflowing when the soul is in condition to receive it.

In answer to prayer, there are other instrumentalities of the Father working to prepare the soul condition that is required, and these instrumentalities are the Bright Spirits of the Celestial Heavens, whose duties, among others, are to answer the prayers of the penitent in the way of infilling the soul with influences that turn the thoughts and aspirations to this Divine Love and its operations.

As I said when on earth, there is no other way to get into the sheep fold but through the gateway provided,. He that attempts to climb over the fence is a thief and a robber. But this should be modified to fit the exact fact, for there is no possibility of getting into this fold by climbing the fence. There is only one way - that through the gate of prayer and sincere longing.

I know that many men believe that the performance of church duties, and the observation of the requirements of the church as to baptism and the sacraments, etc., will be sufficient to enable them to get into the Kingdom; but I tell you that they are all wrong, and their disappointment will be very great when they come into the spirit world.

What are called moral deeds and good thoughts will not cause this inflowing of the Divine Love because these things are necessary steps towards the purification of the soul in its natural love; and no matter how pure this love may become, yet it is not the Divine Love or any portion of it.

Good thoughts and deeds, though, may help to turn the aspirations of the soul to these higher conditions, and open up its perceptions to a degree that may lead to prayer and faith and, therefore, in addition to their work of purifying, the natural love may prove to be of great value in assisting men towards the development of the soul so that the Divine Love may enter into it. But to depend on good thoughts and moral deeds and a life pure from sin to give man the right to an entrance into the Celestial Kingdom is a great mistake.

The Divine Love is a thing entirely apart from the nature of man, even in its purest state, and was never conferred on man as was the natural love and, consequently, when man obtains this Divine Love, and it becomes a part of his soul qualities, his nature, as it were, changes, and he becomes a new creature. An additional something has been conferred upon him and it becomes impossible for him to remain the mere man that he was, and he always would be, except for this change in his nature.

I know that men do not understand the distinction between a man with only the natural love and one with the Divine Love, but the distinction is so great, that the one, when possessed to a sufficient degree, makes the man a part of Divinity, while the other, no matter how fully possessed and how pure it may become, makes man merely man, though a perfect one.

Whosoever will pray in sincerity for the inflowing of this Divine Love will receive it. It is not a respecter of persons, and the sincere aspirations of the soul of any man, be he prince or peasant, rich or poor, will invariably cause this Love to come into his soul and change his nature, so that he will become a new creature, and one not subject to death forever more.

The merely intellectual prayers are not efficacious, for it does not have any effect in opening up the soul, and neither does much of this praying do the work. One little moment of this true praying will be more effective in causing this Divine Love to flow towards the soul than a whole lifetime of idle repetition of prayers that come from a source merely mental. And here let me say that the mind is not the soul, and much less God.

Well, I think I have made plain how this Love flows into a man's soul and, in addition, what its effect is when possessed by man. There is nothing in all God's universe that can take its place for the purpose of making a man at-one with the Father and of causing him to become Divine insofar as he possesses this Love.

So I say to all men, pray and pray and never cease to pray for the inflowing of this Love, for there is no limit to its abundance, or the amount which man or spirit can obtain. Always in the Celestial Heavens, we spirits continually pray for an increased bestowal and always our prayers are answered - but always there is more to follow.

I must not write more tonight. I am satisfied with the correctness of your receiving my message and will come again and write you another.

With all my love and blessings, I am your brother and friend,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jesus Writes that Mr. Padgett Should Take His Daughter to a Séance to Prove to Her that There is Truth in Spiritualism

May 7, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to tell you that tomorrow night I will deliver my message, and I will not disappoint you, and I hope that you will be in condition to receive it. Tonight you are in very good condition, and I would write tonight but its rather late to commence as it will take some little time to transmit the message, and I desire it to be done when you have plenty of time and not quite so tired physically as you are tonight.

You have had a pleasant evening with your daughter and your soul condition is in a very well developed state and you have much love in your heart. If you will only pray more and let your thoughts turn more to things spiritual, you will continue in this state of soul perception and be able to receive my message as I may come to you. I will try to make my message as plain and convincing as possible, and I think you will be much benefitted by it.

I am with you more than you think trying to help you and encourage you in your work and business and as you see, things are getting better, only give your attention to your business and it will increase and you will get in condition that will cause your worries to leave you. I love you as an elder brother and a spirit who knows what love means and you must have faith in me and think of me and my nearness to you.

Yes, I will be with her and help her and protect her from evil and try to make her happy. She is very happy tonight and is commencing to love you as a daughter and very soon you will see the differences in her affections and demonstration of her love. You will soon be together in your home and then you will both be happy in keeping up your courage and have faith and all these things that you desire will become yours.

I will not write more tonight.

Yes, she is very mediumistic and I think it advisable to take her to the seance for it will convince her that there is truth in spiritualism and she will then commence to think more of the subject and soon become thoroughly convinced and the power will develop itself in her and will work to her good.

So with my love and blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helen Padgett and Mary Kennedy Write that Mary Has Progressed to the First Celestial Sphere

May 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Helen.

And I merely want to say that I have been listening to the talk between you and Dr. Stone, and I think that you both have been enlightened as well as entertained by the message. It undoubtedly contains truths that are pregnant with ideas and thoughts that will cause many men to wonder and change the conceptions of many of their beliefs.

Well, who do you think is here now like a hen on a griddle, so afraid that she will not have the chance to tell the Dr. that she has another secret and he must know it; and she says just let her say one little word. So I suppose she will have to have her way.


Well, Dr., I am here, as you may be surprised to know, if you have forgotten my last secret, but I don't believe that you have. I want to say I am in a happier condition than I have ever been, for I am now in the Celestial Spheres where I know that happiness is so much greater than ever before. So you must believe me when I tell you that my love is so very much more abundant, and that you are dearer to me than ever before. So try to realize what I mean and imagine that you are with me, even for a little while, and then you will be happier, too. I have said what I wanted to and must stop.


Well, she feels better and says if she could go to sleep, she would sleep better now.

Yes, I am here again. Mary means that she is in a condition that is full of the Love of the Celestial Spheres, that are higher than the one in which she was when she last wrote you. She is in the First Celestial Sphere, but she feels that as she progresses, the other spheres are so much more filled with the Love that she speaks of.

Her expression of being near the Celestial Spheres may be misleading, but the truth is that her home is in the First Celestial and she is very near the Second and will probably be there in a short time. I have told you the exact fact and you must believe what I say.

Well sweetheart, I will not write more. So with all my love,

I am your own true and loving,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Luke Writes About the Doctrine of Original Sin and the Principle Involved in "Whosoever Will"

April 27, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I have not written you for some time and desire to write a short message tonight on the subject of: "What is necessary for a man to do to recover the purity of soul and love that was possessed by the first parents - I mean as a man possessing the natural love only."

Well, in the first place, he should realize that he is a perfect creature of God, and that his sins and diseases are merely the results of his own thoughts and of qualities that have come to him down the long ages of his ancestors living on earth.

He need not suppose that these sins and desires are inherent in or a part of his creation, for they are not, but merely accretions that fastened themselves upon him by reason of the thoughts he has had and the resultant course of life he has led, and when he changes these thoughts, which will necessarily bring about a change in his manner of living, he will find that he can progress toward the condition of the perfect man.

I know that many of these thoughts are so deep seated that they seem almost a part of his very nature and can only be eradicated by the death of his physical body; but this is not true, for man, even while in the full vigor of his manhood and possessed with all the appetites and desires, which arise from the perverted indulgence of these desires either on the part of himself or on the part of those from whom he is said to have inherited them, may relieve himself from these desires and become a man having only the thoughts of good and desires for those things, which are in harmony with the nature of his perfect creation.

This I know seems to man a thing impossible and so thinking, he does not try to accomplish what I say he may accomplish and to become free from these sins and unnatural appetites. The almost universal belief in original sin has caused men - all along the ages - to think that such a task is hopeless, and that they are thinking and acting only in accordance with the appetites and desires that God has implanted in their natures, and that so long as they indulge these thoughts and desires in a moderate or respectable way, they are not doing that which is contrary to God's Will or to their own nature.

But this doctrine of original sin is a mocking, damnable lie, and the sooner man realizes the fact that it is a fraud and deceit, the sooner he will be able to get rid of those things, which have placed him in his present condition and held him there bound, as it were, hand and foot. This supine submission to this old and ever recurring belief is the great thing that prevents man from starting to progress towards the attainment of that condition, which is purity and health and the perfect man.

Man must decline and no longer submit to this belief, which, I am sorry to say, is fostered by the teachings of the orthodox churches in order to sustain and make forcible their creeds and dogmas, and to show to man that he is not to be considered worthy of the mercy of the Father and cannot possibly obtain that mercy and be relieved from the great wrath and punishment that God has prepared for him, unless he believes and acknowledges that he is a dependent and lost man, unworthy of the Father's favor, or the help of the instrumentalities which the Father uses to assist men in regaining their lost estate.

If men would only think, and in thinking realize that they are dear children of the Father and His highest creation, and that He prizes them above all His creatures and wants them to know that they are beings of such wonderful qualities and possibilities, they would then have come to them an overpowering and convincing sense of what they really are, and of how necessary it is for them to assert their rights as such exalted creatures of the Father and would realize that they are masters of sin and disease, for they are the creators of the same.

When they shall assume such position and become possessed of such knowledge, they will find that they have a wonderful power as creatures of the Father, they will realize that they are masters of sin that must be gotten rid of.

Let men for a moment think again and thinking, know that God does not desire His greatest creature to become or be less than the perfect being that He created. He is not flattered nor does He have any pleasure in the thought that man is degraded and fallen from His perfect creation, and that in order to rise again he, man, must believe that God may show His power in rescuing him from his low and hopeless condition. No, God is not pleased by man assuming such an attitude, nor does He need any such helpless condition of man that He may show His power or gratify what the teachings of these orthodox imply, His vanity, which He has not.

In this particular, man must work out his own salvation, but it will be a difficult task so long as he continues to believe and act upon that belief, that he is a creature of original sin, and that as God in the beginning failed to make him the perfect man, so now, only God can remedy what He failed to provide in His creation, and that man of himself can do nothing; that all he has to do is to wait until God is pleased to recreate him and thereby take from his very nature this great curse of the original sin. See the great fatality of such belief and how it tends to make man a slave of and obedient to this false belief in this blight of original sin?

God gave to man, in his creation, the great power of will and the right to its unlimited exercise, subject only to the penalties of a wrongful exercise; and by the exercise of that will, man created sin and disease and became depraved and fallen, and the possessor of false beliefs as to the perfection of his nature. By the exercise of that will, man - himself - must redeem himself from this condition of depravity and false belief and again become the perfect man - God's wholly perfect creation.

As man was in the beginning the perfect son of God, and by his own will created his own and only devil, so must he - by this same power - kill this devil and again become the perfect son. He must believe and declare and show the sincerity of his beliefs by his acts and living, that he is a perfect son of the Father needing no new creation.

This I have written to show what man was in the beginning, and what he really and truly is now; although covered with sin and disease and false beliefs. To recover this lost estate or better, condition, he will find that by searching for and learning and acting upon many of the moral precepts of the Bible and of other so-called sacred writings, he will be greatly helped and strengthened in his efforts. But above all, let him understand and believe with the certainty of knowledge, that he is God's highest and most perfect creation.

Now, from what I have said, it must not be inferred that man is his own God, and has not - and needs not - any tender, loving Father, who is interested in him and always ready to help him whenever he earnestly and in sincerity asks the help of that Father. Always is man dependent upon God; but that dependence is not recognized by God, unless man first recognizes it and by his longings and thoughts shows to the Father that he needs His help.

This may seem unbelievable, but man was created so independent in his great will power, as regards the dualities of thought and desire both spiritual and material, that God never interferes to compel. The principle involved in "whosoever will" must be exercised by man before the Father will intervene. But when it is exercised, He does intervene and never refuses or fails to answer the call of the sincere cry of man for help.

And God does help man in his recovery from the state of false beliefs and degradation, that I have mentioned. His Love overshadows men, and His instrumentalities are always ready and waiting to answer the call upon Him for His help in assisting them out of their condition of sin, disease and false beliefs; for, as I have elsewhere written you, in God's universe there must be perfect harmony, and the present man, so far as his own creation of inharmony is concerned, is not in that harmony. Ultimately, man, all men, will become again the perfect man.

Of course, you will understand that what I have written does not apply to the redeemed sons of God who receive the New Birth and become partakers of the Divine Nature of the Father, for in their case, the perfect man is absorbed in the Divine Angel.

I have written longer than I intended, but as the theme is an interesting as well as important one, I thought it best to write just as I have. I will now say good night and leave with you my love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Helen Writes a Loving Personal Note to Her Soulmate

April 24, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, sweetheart, you have had a very happy night, and I also have enjoyed the reading of the messages and the exchange of thoughts between you and the Doctor. It is wonderful to see the great truths that are being opened up to you and with what understanding you receive them. I am so glad that you are in condition to understand what the spirits mean in their revealment of these truths. The Doctor is so very much in earnest and has such faith that he, too, can understand these things of the soul.

Oh, how good the Father is to come to you in this way and show you the great truths that do exist and that all men must learn, either in the flesh or in the spirit world in order to become children of the Father.

I will not write more tonight as it is late and you must go to bed and get your sleep; but I will watch over you until you sleep, and even then I will come to you through the night and you will feel my love and presence. When in sleep, your spirit will come to me and you will realize that you are with me, even though you may not remember the fact in your waking moments; but we will communicate in our love and realize that we are together. So love me waking, and you will love me when you think you sleep.

With a great big kiss and a hug, I will say good night.

Your own true and loving,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Robert G. Ingersoll Writes That He Has Progressed to the Third Sphere

April 24, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

I come tonight to tell you of my progress since last I wrote you. You will remember that I had declared to you my conversion to Christianity - I mean the true Christianity of Jesus and to the faith in the Divine Love of the Father. Since then I have been praying and seeking for this love and the faith that comes with it, and now I have progressed so that I am in the Third Sphere, where I find such beauty and happiness as I never conceived of on earth or since coming to the spirit world.

Now I know what was meant by Jesus when he said, "In my Father's house are many mansions," for I have one that is very beautiful and grand, filled with everything to make me happy and to satisfy my heart's longings. Of books, I have so many that I cannot find time to read them; and all the appointments of my home are so very beautiful and satisfying to the eye, as well as comfortable for its occupancy; but above and beyond all, is the happiness that comes from the possession of this Divine Love of the Father, which to me is the most wonderful revelation and reality in all my experience, either on earth or in the spirit world.

I now think with regret of my years of erroneous teachings on earth, and of my failure to seek for and know, at least partly, the great truths of a continuous life and the existence of God; and when I contrast my beliefs then and my knowledge now, my happiness then and my happiness now, I realize that as a mortal I was very ignorant and very unhappy. I know that Jesus is the way to immortality and life everlasting and to the true and always increasing happiness, and that the followers of his teachings of the Father's truths will never be disappointed in their expectations.

My work now is to help those mortals, and spirits as well, who read and believe my books, and as a consequence lose the opportunity for learning the truths and the way to the Father's Love; and very many of my followers live on earth and many have become spirits. I search for them, and when I find them I tell them of my great mistakes and try to turn their thoughts to the true way to become redeemed children of God. My work is continuous, and sometimes disappointing, for when I come to some spirits and attempt to tell them of my new beliefs and knowledge of myself being mistaken, they wonder why may it not be that I am equally mistaken in my new beliefs; and the result is that I find it difficult to convince some of them of the truths that I attempt to teach them.

But as I sowed the seeds of the pernicious and false beliefs when a mortal, now I am bound to root up these seeds and plant in their places the seeds of truth. And I can't tell you how much happiness I experience when one of these deluded followers of mine discards the old beliefs and accepts my new teachings, and how unhappy I am when they tell me that, as they believed what I taught them on earth and were satisfied, so now in the spirit, they prefer the same belief and are satisfied. And as they stay in this condition of belief, they remain in darkness and unhappiness and, I, knowing that I am the cause of their darkness and unhappiness, am also unhappy and always in search of some one of these who will accept my teachings of truth. And thus I fully realize the meaning of "What a man sows that shall he also reap."

But this is my work, and you must know that it is self-imposed, for I see that until I have removed the evils by me taught and engendered, I cannot be so happy and progress as rapidly as I desire. And I want further to say that when I succeed in convincing any of my followers of the truth, I enlist them in my cause of correction and they work with me, for no spirit so well understands the meaning of error as he who once indulged in that same error, as I most assuredly did.

I will not write longer tonight, except to say to all who have heard of me and have read my books and imbibed my beliefs, that I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus the Christ, and a believer, with knowledge, in the Divine Love of the Father. Yes, when I told you that, I actually believed what I said, and really felt sorry for your ignorance; but I want now to assure you with gratitude that that conversation was the means of starting me in the progress to a knowledge of the truth and the gaining of this Divine Love. Oh, I was very ignorant, and with it I now realize there was much pride in my own opinion, for I thought that my reasoning powers and my research in things of the religious past had given me a knowledge that could not be gainsaid or overcome. So my brother, you now see that truth is truth, and that no matter whether mortals learn it or understand it, or not, it is still the truth and never changes. Thanking you for your kindness, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
R. G. Ingersoll

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rose, the Soulmate of Judge Frank D. Syrick, Writes About His Progress in the Divine Love

April 24, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Rose - just Rose.

I want to say only a word, for I am so happy that I must tell you, as I know that you will join with me in my happiness. Well, the Judge has progressed to the Third Sphere, and he is so happy that he hardly knows what to do or what to say! He is here, but wanted me to write, as he thinks that I may be able to tell you more understandingly than if he should try to write.

Well, he now knows what the Divine Love means, and what a Saviour and great spirit the Master is; and he is praying to, and praising, the Father with all his heart. He certainly is happy and wants everybody to know it! You can imagine that we all rejoice with him and unite in thanking the Father for the great blessing that has been bestowed.

I, of course, am especially happy, for I am his soulmate, and he is now so much nearer to my home, and now his progress will be more rapid and his growth in this Divine Love so much more easy. As he realizes the wonderful power of this Love to make him happy and to give him a home more beautiful than he ever conceived of, his faith will increase. He thanks God for his Rose, and for his friends on earth who helped him so much in learning the truths of the spirit world, both as to what you might call the material things and as to the spiritual higher things.

Well, I am so full of joy that I cannot write much tonight, and I feel that what I have said must be disconnected, but I know you will excuse my weakness, for when the time comes for you to understand what soulmate love means under such circumstances, you will wonder that I was able to write at all!

He sends his love, and so do I, and when next he comes, he will want to use up your whole tablet in writing his experiences.

So, thanking you I will say good night.

Your sister in Christ,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lafayette Writes that He Learned About Divine Love from General George Washington

April 23, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Lafayette.

I have been anxious for some time to write you again and let you know the results of your advice to me when last I wrote. After our last communication, I sought General Washington and told him of my conversation with you and asked him to explain what this Divine Love meant and how it could be obtained.

He was so pleased at my inquiry that he actually took me in his arms and called me his boy as he had on earth and with his face beaming with love and happiness, he told me what this Love meant and what it had done for him, and what happiness it had brought him and how he was now progressing towards the Celestial Heavens of light and truth.

Well, I commenced to consider what he had told me and to have a longing in my soul for that Love and the happiness which he said it would bring me, and I commenced to pray for the Love and tried to have faith. Well, without taking up your time by rehearsing the steps of my progress, I am glad to tell you that I have this Love to some extent and that I am now an inhabitant of the Third Sphere and enjoying the associations of spirits who also have this Love and are striving to progress.

My happiness is very different from what it was before this Love came to me and I realize that the soul and not the mind is the man, especially of God's redeemed children. I never thought that the soul was capable of such Love and happiness and of the knowledge that the Divine Love is the one absolutely necessary thing to bring spirits into unison with the Father.

I want to express my gratitude to you and to say that I will never forget your kindness and love in turning my thoughts to this great truth.

Yes, I am still interested in the war, but now I do not have any hatred for the Germans that I had before. I see that they are all brothers and children of the Father, and that only the ambitions of some and the passions and hatred of others are prolonging the war. But it will soon close for I see before me the collapse of the German campaign against Verdun and then the end will come rapidly.

I wish it were tomorrow, for then slaughter and death and added misery would cease. There are so many spirits coming from these battlefields who are all unfit for the spirit life and appear in great confusion, and when they realize they are no longer mortals, they become bewildered and miserable. But we are trying to help them. We know no enemies and all are helped alike.

I will not write more tonight and in closing give you my love and sign myself with a new name, which is,

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, July 12, 2013

St. John Writes That Churches Should Recognize the Truth of Spirit Communications as a Law of God

April 23, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

Yes, I come to tell you that I have been with you to-day in your attendance on the church services, and as the preachers declared their ideas of what immortality means, I suggested to you thoughts showing how unsatisfactory their reasonings and conclusions were. Of course, what the morning preachers said about the reasons for inferring that immortality must be the lot of man had in it a considerable force and also consolation, and I am glad that he dealt with the question as he did, but when all is said, it was merely hope and belief - knowledge was absent - and men so often realize that their hopes are not fulfilled.

How regrettable it is that while men may know - and I emphasize know - the truth of immortality if they will only seek for it, yet they will not seek, although it is open to search even without the information that our messages give you. And in speaking of immortality in this writing, I mean continuous life upon the death of the physical body.

Of course, immortality, as it has been explained to you, can only be learned from the teachings of our communications. But immortality in the former sense, continuity of life, can become established as a matter of knowledge, and to the satisfaction of these orthodox preachers, if they will only seek with open minds, divorced from the beliefs that keep them from accepting, as true, any and everything not contained in the Bible.

It has been established as a fact for a long time, that in its beginning antedating even the Bible, that spirits or angels communicated to men; and the Bible has many instances where such occurrences were declared. But while these orthodox teachers accept all these instances as true, yet they say that the occurrences were caused by some special interposition of God, and to a certain extent this is true. But this cause applies to all instances of spirit communication that have taken place since these Bible manifestations.

As we have told you many times, law - unchangeable law - governs all God's universe, and nothing happens by chance; and so every instance of spirit communion is the result of the operation of some law working in an orderly manner. No spirit could communicate and no mortal could receive the messages, unless the law worked in such a manner as to permit or cause the same. And here I must say, that the same principle of law that enables the evil spirit to communicate or manifest enables the higher spirit to do the same. There is no special law for one and not for another.

Your land is filled with mortals who have developed in them such powers as enable the spirits to become in rapport with them, and thereby make known the fact that the supposed dead are alive and able to declare the fact to mortals. These facts have been established to the satisfaction of men of all kinds and characters, to the scientist as well as to the man of ordinary intelligence, and even less; and to the open-minded orthodox preacher as well as to the infidel.

And all these things are not merely matters of chance, but are designed to show him that he is a living, never dying being, as far as known, whether in the flesh or out of it, and what is thus designed and provided for man's consolation should not be looked upon with suspicion or fear of being against God's Will. No, this great privilege is a part of God's goodness to man, and he must so understand it, and to his hope and desire for continuous life, add knowledge.

So I say these leaders of the worshipers at the orthodox shrines may, if they will learn the truth of this immortality or continuity of life after the death of the body, make certain that for which they have only a hope, backed by their faith in what their Bible tells them is the truth. Of course, this hope and faith may become so strong as to satisfy their doubts on the question, but even then it is not knowledge. This faith and hope will pale into insignificance when the mother, mourning for her recently departed loved one, hears his voice declaring to her that he is still alive, and has all his love, and longings for her, and that he is with her feeling her love for him.

But these teachers will not seek, or if they do, and feel their hope and faith turn to knowledge, they will not declare the truth to their flock; and why not declare the truth to their flock; and why not? Because the creeds and dogmas and iron bands of erroneous beliefs forbid them doing so. They will preach of the press and, if necessary, will lay down their lives for such a cause, but yet, when they come to deal with this question of supreme and vital fact, they are afraid to seek the truth or, in seeking, to find and declare the freedom of their beliefs from the bondage of their creeds.

What a responsibility they have, and what an answer they will have to make! They bury the talent which is given them, and the accounting will be grievous.

But some day and soon, this truth will seek them with such overwhelming force, that their creeds will crumble and in addition to hope and faith, there will come to them knowledge, and with knowledge freedom, and with freedom, the "pearl of great price," which to them has so long been hidden in the shell of fear and bigotry.

I must not write more tonight. I felt that I must say these few things to you to encourage you in your work of bringing truth to light.So with all my love and blessings, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jesus Writes on Easter Day and Declares That the Worship of Him as Part of the Godhead is Wrong and Sinful

April 23, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to tell you that you are in a much better condition of soul than you have been for several days and the inflowing of the Divine Love has been working to-day in greater abundance in your soul.

I do not intend to finish my message tonight as it is rather late and you are not exactly in the condition to receive it; but turn your thoughts more to God and pray in more earnestness and very soon will come to you the power and soul perception which will enable you to receive my message as I desire to deliver it to you.

To-day has been one when mortals - and I mean those who profess to be followers of me - have offered their worship and songs of praise to me and to God, but I am sorry to say, that He has been worshiped in a secondary sense, and I brought into prominence as the Saviour of mankind, and as the important one of the three that constitutes the Godhead. How wrong and sinful this all is; and how I deplore these erroneous beliefs and understandings of men. If they would only know that I am not God, and no part of the Godhead, but only a son and spirit filled with His Divine Love, and one having knowledge of Him, and His plans for the salvation of mankind, they would get nearer to God in their worship and receive more of His Divine Love in their souls and partake more of His Divine Nature.

But I realize that this belief in me as God, and that my death and sacrifice on the cross were necessary to their salvation, will be hard to eradicate, and that many who now live will pass into the spirit world before the truths, which I come to teach and declare will be published to the world.

We must make more speed in our work of writing and receiving these messages, for the importance of the world knowing the truths as regards me, and the true and only plan of salvation is now pressing and must be shown to man in order for him to turn to the Father's Love and gain an entrance into the Kingdom. I want you to give more time to our writings, and instead of reading those books of philosophy and the speculations of what are supposed to be wise theologians and philosophers and scientists, let your hours from your business cares be devoted to my communications and those of the other writers of the Celestial Spheres.

Of course, I do not intend that you shall not permit the dark spirits to write on the nights that you have set apart for them, because such prohibition would prevent much good from being accomplished. These spirits are greatly benefitted by having the opportunity to write, and many of them have been greatly helped thereby, and have been turned to the light and instructed to seek for the Divine Love of the Father. The spirits here, who are engaged in the work of instructing and helping these spirits have rescued many from their condition of darkness and sufferings, and have shown them the way to light and to their salvation. The work is a great and important one and must not stop; and here let me say that this work will be a part of your duty and also your pleasure, as long as you may live a mortal life. You will undoubtedly be the means of helping mortals to see the truth, but your work among these dark spirits will be even greater, and the harvest more abundant, and when you come to the spirit world, you will be surprised and gratified at the great host that will meet you, giving you thanks for the great help and assistance that you rendered them. Yours is a wonderful work and is now spoken of and wondered at in the spirit world. Well, I will not write more tonight, but must come soon and finish my message, as I have many yet to write.

In my Father's house are many mansions, as I said, when on earth, and for your consolation and that of your two friends, I am preparing for each of you such a mansion; not as you may suppose by erecting in the Celestial Heavens actual houses for your reception, but by helping to build in your souls that development of the Divine Love and the Nature of the Father that will, when you came over, make your souls in that condition that will necessarily and absolutely cause the formation of these mansions to receive you. No one else can build these mansions for you, only your own soul development. But while this is true, yet these Celestial Heavens have a locality and surroundings and atmosphere that will contain all those things that will give your mansions the proper settings. The fields, and trees, and waters, and sky, and all these things that you in your earth life find necessary to your happiness and peace are in the Celestial Heavens, only quite different from those that you are acquainted with.

So, believe what I say, and believing trust me and my love, and you will never be forsaken. A man's life on earth is but a span; but in our homes eternity means immortality, with always progress and increasing happiness.

So with my love and blessings, I will say good night.

Your friend and brother,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

John the Baptist Writes That Jesus Was the True Messiah and the true Christ

April 20, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John the Baptist.

I have not written you for some time and tonight, I come merely to let you know that I have not forgotten you and am with you quite often trying to help you with my love and influence.

No, I was not present then.

Well, I am glad that you had such an experience, and I will tell you that you shall have many more experiences of that kind for the Celestial Spirits are your friends and companions, and where they are, only love can come.

Well, that does seem contradictory, but the fact is that I never sent my disciples to ask any such question. I knew at the time of the baptism of Jesus that he was the promised Messiah, and that knowledge never left me or degenerated into a doubt. This passage of the Bible has no foundation in fact, for I never thought it necessary to ask any such question and, as I have said, I never asked it.

To me, Jesus was the real Christ, and I knew that he was the true and only one, and that no other would come after him, for when he brought to light the fact that God had bestowed upon mankind the great possibility of obtaining the Divine Love and the Divine Nature, there never thereafter arose the necessity for the existence or coming of another Christ. The Great Gift that was necessary to make man a being Divine had been bestowed and beyond that there was nothing that the Father had to bestow upon mankind.

I am so sorry that such an untruth should have been written and incorporated in the Bible. It did Jesus an injustice and made me appear as a contradictory prophet and messenger of his coming.

When I said, "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord," I meant that I knew that Jesus was the true Christ and that forever thereafter would that knowledge be mine. No, I did not send my disciples to ask the question that you referred to.

As I knew then, I know now, that Jesus was and is the true Son of God, and the savior of mankind, in the sense that he brought life and immortality to light. I will soon come and write you on some of these Bible declarations.

I will now stop, and in doing so say, that you have my love and blessings and the Love of the Father, which is the Great Love that makes you a part of the Divine Essence of the Father. So my dear brother, good night,

Your brother in Christ,
John The Baptist

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Solomon Writes About Some Great Truths of the Father

April 20, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Solomon, of the Old Testament.

I come only to say that very soon I desire to write you another message conveying to you some great truth of the Father. I will not write more now but will soon come.

Prayer and faith on the part of mortals and Love - the Divine Love - on the part of God. The latter is waiting and the former causes it to enter into the souls of men. No other truths are so great and momentous to men.

Let what I say sink deep into your memory and try the experiment. I know you do try, but try and then try and never cease trying. Love will come to you and with it faith, and then knowledge, and then ownership.

I could write for a long time, yet, but I must not as you are tired. So with my love and blessings, I will say good night, and may the Father's Love take possession of you.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, July 8, 2013

Arondah, the Hindu Doctor and Guardian of Dr. Leslie R. Stone, and White Eagle Write About Assisting Dr. Stone in His Healing Work of a Very Sick Woman

April 18, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Arondah and White Eagle.

I am the guardian of Dr. Stone. I was the Hindu guide. I want to tell him that I was with him when he treated the sick woman. Her name was (Miss Fallin, an elderly patient). I was an assistant and we were trying to help him in ministering to her and are making every effort to establish that rapport that will enable him to do her good.

He must have faith - for notwithstanding that she appears to be beyond all hope - there is more than hope and if we can only establish the rapport that is necessary. He will be able to help her, so that she will recover and restore to her the powers of sensation in the apparently dead portions of the body and also recover strength of mind sufficient to enable her to regain her condition and the necessity of her following his instructions. We will make a special effort in his case in order to demonstrate the effect of the powers which the spirit world has over the conditions of mortals where all hope has been abandoned by physicians who rely only so far as drugs and medicines.

Besides our powers, there is a Doctor present who has the power of high spirits and such powers are beyond the comprehension of mortals who have not the faith of which he has been told in the messages which have come to you. Faith and prayer are mighty instruments in effecting cures of the human ills and, in this case, the Doctor must pray and exercise his faith and he will see the glory of God manifested in the case of this woman. So tell him to rely on us and in the powers of the bright spirits for they will both be with him in his treatment of this woman.

I thought it best to write this so that he may be encouraged in his good work. Tell him that we will be with him on every visit that he makes to her and will try to get conditions so that our powers may be exercised in helping him. But above all pray and exercise faith.

White Eagle


P.S. I am glad to say the woman who was advanced in age, who I was instrumental in treating, was restored to good health and lived many years after the healing. I recognize that the healing that brought results was on account of the high healing spirits.

Dr. L R. Stone


Helen Writes a Short Note on Healing the Sick Woman

I am here, Helen:

Well sweetheart, I want to say very seriously that Dr. Stone must believe the message that he received from his Hindu doctor guide, for he actually wrote him and seems to have great interest in the case of the sick woman and will do his best to help the Dr. and, in addition, he will find that other and higher powers will also help him, if he will only pray and have faith, and when these powers of the higher spirits come, he will find, as the Christian Scientist say, that there is no reality in the disease that seems to have placed that woman beyond all hope.

Oh, I tell you the power of these spirits is wonderful and if the proper rapport can be established, the Dr. will realize that the power to heal did not die, or was not taken from men, when the last of the Apostles died.

I write this in all seriousness having a knowledge that this power still exists and is waiting to be exercised in answer to prayer and faith when the mortal gets into that condition of sincerity and faith that will cause it to come and manifest itself.

So tell the Dr. to believe that what has been told him is not the fairy story of some spirit who takes delight in planting and encouraging hope, only to end in disappointment. We are all interested in this matter for we desire to have demonstrated again this healing power of God, which has been given to mortals in the past is here waiting for a further demonstration.

We have enjoyed being here tonight and listening to your conversation, and also the atmosphere of love that has been with you. I will not write more tonight but will say - wait just a moment, for Mary wants to tell the Dr. that she is so much interested in the case that he is working with, and that she and his mother were with him when he visited the sick woman and are so anxious that his ministrations will make her well. She also says that she wants to tell him the old, but always new to her, story of how much she loves him.

Well, I must stop, so with all my love and a big kiss, and Mary says, one from her, too. I will say good night.

Your own true and loving,


P.S. This lady was my patient, and I am happy to write that as the result of the high spirits helping me with their healing powers which enabled me to exercise their powers that finally restored this lady to good health and brought about the removal of suffering and pain that caused her to shed many tears of joy and happiness. She thanked me many times, but I told her to thank the Heavenly Father for sending the high spirits to heal her.

Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Sunday, July 7, 2013

John Writes that Jesus Sent Him to Explain that He is Doing Another Work and Will Come Very Soon to Continue the Messages

April 16, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I came tonight to tell you that the Master will not write, as he is not present, but is at work in another part of the universe, where he is needed, and where he is doing a work that none of us can do.

Well, I know that he had an engagement with you but he thought best not to keep it and sent me here to tell you, for he did not want you to think that he had forgotten you, as he has not. Very soon he will come and continue the messages, and you will not be disappointed.

I will not write more tonight as you will have a communication from another that will be interesting.

Yes, it was a glorious night, for as you were told many of the Celestial Spirits were present with their love and helpful influences - and one especially was with you, having a great love for you and your friend. She still has a great mother's love as well as the Divine Love, or rather this Divine Love which includes this motherly feeling and desire to make you happy as one of her children, although she is your sister rather than your mother, - but still she feels like the mother of all of Jesus' followers, as she is his mother still, and yet, not his equal in the great soul development.

She really wrote to you, and what she stated is true, notwithstanding the declarations contained in the Bible, as to Jesus' conception and birth. And I must here state again, that at no time in his ministry did he claim or have the slightest thought of having been conceived by the Holy Spirit or that he had any other father than Joseph.

We never looked upon him as God, or as a Son of God, in the peculiar sense in which the orthodox churches teach; and now I know he was not such God or Son of God. He is merely a spirit as are the rest of us, but the one possessing more Divine Love and having the greatest knowledge of the Father and of His personality and attributes. So believe what we have written you on this question for it is true.

I will stop now, and in doing so will say, God bless you.

Your brother and friend,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saul Writes to Confirm that Mary, Mother of Jesus Wrote Through James E. Padgett

April 15, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saul.

I want to write just a line as I see that tonight you have around you so many of the high spirits. I do not intend to say much, but I must tell you that I am in a condition of love that makes me happy as I see that you are.

I am not so high in my position or have so much of the soul development as have those who have just written you, but yet, I am a spirit who knows the truth of the Divine Love and a possessor of the Divine Nature. I want to say to you both, pray and believe. Let not what others may write or say to the contrary cause you to doubt that the spirit who wrote you was Mary - not the Virgin Mary - but Mary the mother of Jesus. She is a beautiful and pure spirit and one who is filled with the Father's Love to a wonderful degree.

She also has her mother's nature to an extent that makes her love all the children of God, whether they be good or sinful, and she does pray to the Father for the sons of earth, but she is not pleased when mortals pray to her as someone who should be worshiped. She is only a spirit filled with love, and when they, I mean mortals, look upon her as a mother she is not displeased, for as I say she loves them all; but when they think that in order to reach the ear of the Father in seeking for His Love, they have to pray to her to intervene, she is sorely displeased and, if she could do so, would proclaim to them the great error and sin in believing in her and praying to her as a necessary intermediary between God and themselves.

Some day, mortals will know that the Father hears their prayers, just as He does the prayers of Mary or any other spirit, and that while she and all other spirits can help them, even by their prayers, yet God wants the prayers and soul longings of mortals directed to Himself.

I write this to show that some of the orthodox Christians make a great mistake in praying to the Virgin Mary or to any other saint, instead of to the Father.

I will not write more tonight and will say that I, as well as the other spirits who are here tonight, love you with the love of a brother who knows the reality of this Divine Love.

Your brother in Christ


Helen confirms that John, Saul and Mary wrote.

I am here, Your Helen.

Well, you have had some wonderful messages tonight, and you must believe that they were written by the spirits who professed to have written. I know the spirits, and I tell you - and you know that I would not deceive you - that John and Saul and Mary wrote you, and what they wrote they know to be true.

How happy I am tonight, for I see that you are happy, too, and have felt the influence of the Great Love that has surrounded you this night.

I never, in all our meetings, have seen so many of the Celestial Spirits as have been present tonight. And if it were not that you are too tired, though you may not realize it, many others would write you.

But the fact is that you have been in an atmosphere of Love that I believe has rarely come to mortals, and this Love is of a nature that can only come from spirits who have received this Divine Nature of the Father. So you and the Doctor must believe what I tell you and follow the advice that has been given you and rely upon the encouraging words that have been written.

John is a very beautiful spirit and is so greatly developed in his soul perceptions that his knowledge of the Father and the Love that comes from him is astonishing.

I will not detain you longer tonight for I see that you are tired. Good night and pleasant dreams.

Your own true and loving