Friday, January 31, 2014

Hugh T. Taggart Writes About the Experience of a Suicide Spirit Who Learns from the Higher Spirits that there is Hope for Him with Divine Love

February 16, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Taggart.

Let me say just a word, as I am anxious to tell you that Perry has had demonstrated to him, by the appearance to him of certain suicides, the fact that his punishment will not be everlasting, and it is wonderful to see what effect the demonstration had on his hopes and belief that there may be salvation for him.

Then your grandmother brought these spirits to him and had them tell Perry their experiences, which in the darkness were so very much like his own, and then told him that their present condition is due to the Divine Love of the Father, which came into their souls in response to earnest prayer. He commenced, at once, to send his aspirations and longings to the Father for this Love, and all these spirits joined with him in prayer. It was a very impressive sight, as you mortals might say, and his mother was there praying and so very happy.

Your grandmother also brought Judas, and he was so filled with love and glory, that his presence made Perry look in wonderment and astonishment and when he was told that the glorious spirit was Judas, he said that now he knew there was hope for him.

Well, Padgett, I must not take up more of your time now, and I only wrote, because I thought you would like to know the result of Perry's experience with the bright spirits who had once been suicides and inhabitants of the Hells. But sometimes I should like to come and write you as to some of my knowledge of the things of the spirit world. I will say good night.

Your old friend and brother in Christ,

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Helen Writes that an Old Friend of Mr. Padgett's was Anxious to Write but She Postponed it Until Another Time

February 13, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, there was a spirit who was very anxious to write and I was disposed to let him do so, but as you are tired and are not inclined to have others write tonight, I told him that he would have to postpone his writing until another time.

It was your poor friend, William Perry, and he was so disappointed that he could not write. He is still in a very sad and dark condition and does not seem to be able to progress much out of his sufferings. We have been trying to help him but his belief that he came here to suffer eternally still holds him in his dark and suffering condition. I believe though that a conversation with you may do him good. He is still waiting here. He says he will come and I know that he will wait anxiously for the time to come.

Well, dear, I am glad that the Master wrote you tonight such a letter of love and encouragement for it will do you good. Try to follow his advice especially pray more to the Father. We are all so anxious that you get in the condition of which the Master spoke, for it will help you so much in your own development.

I love you as you know with all my heart and soul and so does your dear Mother, who wrote you. She was so happy in doing so and she is a beautiful spirit, as she told you we have both progressed and we are nearer the fountainhead of God's Love and it appears more real and divine the nearer we approach. I will not write more now as it is late.

Well, I will not forget and soon I will write and you must be convinced that I have not forgotten. Well, we thought it best not to write then, for the reason that I have told you but hereafter when you are ready in the early evening we will write, even though we may have to appear a little unkind to these dark spirits, we will explain to them and I think that they will be contented.

Well, my dear, feel that I am very true to you in my love and let not your mind be troubled, but love me with all your heart and you will realize that I am,

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ann Padgett Writes to Assure Her Son, James, that They are Really the Spirits They Represent Themselves To Be

February 13, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother.

Let me say just a word, as I have heard the Master's message and I am glad that he has given you the assurance that he has, for his love and care means to you so much more than you can possibly realize. He is so very loving and gracious and powerful and, when he comes to you, he means to bring with him a glory that is not with him ordinarily as he works in this earth plane.

Well, I love you too, with a greater Mother's love, which now fills my soul and makes me so happy and contented in the knowledge that I am an immortal child of the Father. I know that sometimes you feel discouraged and almost believe yourself alone and that we are possibly not what we tell you we are and then we try the harder to reach your soul and consciousness with our love so that these feelings may leave you and we generally succeed and are happy when we do so. Many of your friends are here tonight and you have around you a wonderful amount of love and effort to make you realize that you are not alone and you must try to believe what I say.

I am very happy and progressing all the time for I am now higher in the Celestial Heavens than when I last wrote you and so is Helen, bless her dear heart and, of course, your grandmother has progressed and she has become a wonderful spirit all glorious and shining. The spirits who sometimes write about her and who live in the lower spheres, of course, never see her as she really is for they would not be able to withstand her glorious appearance. But she brings her love with her to these lower spheres and these spirits can feel the influence of that love and do so.

She says she will come soon and write you a message of truth. All send love and, of course, your mother gives and leaves with you her love in all its abundance. And I am happy also, my dear boy. Keep your faith and trust and even though you may live the years that you have been told you, yet they will be short and then you will be with us and your happiness will be great.

Good night and God bless you,

Your loving,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jesus Writes on the Subject of the Soul

February 13, 1917
Received by James Padgett 
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, I come tonight and desire to write on the subject of the soul but when I consider your condition, which is much better than it has been, I desire it best to wait a while longer. As I have told you, it is necessary for you to get in the best possible receptive condition in order that you may receive my message just as I deliver it.

I know that you are anxious to receive this discourse and expect that it will contain a disclosure of mysteries that the world has so long had hidden from it. And such will be the contents of the message but as a fact there are no mysteries connected with this subject for the soul is a creature of God, just as is the body and spirit. The only reason that mankind has not known of the nature and constituency of the soul is that their soul perceptions have never been developed, so that they could comprehend the qualities that pertain to the soul. They have studied and conceived of the nature of the body and have assumed at some knowledge of its wonderful construction and functions and the purposes of its existence, and so they have some idea of what the spirit is which is really a manifestation of the workings of the soul.

And as I have before told you, the active energies of the soul and even as to the spirit while they see its manifestations yet they have but a slight apprehension of what it really is. Yet they necessarily have some knowledge of its workings, for the results of its activities are manifested even to their physical senses. But as to the soul, they have but a very indefinite comprehension of what it really is and frequently, in their conception of its qualities and functions and existence, confuse it with the mind or with the spirit and hold them to be synonymous.

They know nothing of its origin and of its great possibilities and of the fact that it is the only part of man that lives forever and can become a part of the very Substance of the Father himself and, hence, become immortal. That it is that which gives to man a creation and existence above the brute creation of earth and that it determines the great distinction between man and the brute creation and not reason is this determiner as men so frequently assert.

Reason is merely a faculty of the mind which in the event of the soul taking on the divine substance, becomes, as it were, a thing of non-existence - for the faculties of the soul supplants reason. That is the reason that so distinguishes man, as mere man, and which will continue in this spirit life to distinguish him as God's highest creation, so long as man remains mere man even though he becomes the perfect man.

But I will not write more on this now.

I am your friend and brother,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

John Writes that There is no one in all the World at this time who is Fitted to do the Work

February 11, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I come tonight to tell you that your condition of soul is very much better than it has been for some time, and you are more in unison with the Father's Love than you have been for some time and you realize that this Love is working in your soul and making you happy.

I have been with you a great deal today as you copied the messages and saw that you enjoyed the truths that they contained. The message* describing the progress of the soul is one that contains the truth of how the soul finds the true way to the Love of the Father and to progress to the Celestial Spheres. It is a very clear and convincing portrayal of the necessary course that every soul must pursue, which comes into the spirit world devoid of the Divine Love. There is no other way in which that soul can find its true development, and the message is one that will appeal to the honest seeker after salvation and the happiness which only a perfect atonement with the Father can give.

I also see that you have been thinking a great deal about your future on earth in carrying forward the work that you have been selected to do, and I am glad that the great work is becoming to you a matter of such importance and seriousness; for important it is, not only to the world but to you; and this you will realize when you consider what was told you a few nights ago - that there is no one else in all the world at this time who is fitted to do the work which you are now doing and which you must continue to do during the whole time of your stay on earth.

As you progress in this work and as these truths come to you and your soul becomes more filled with this Love, you will to a greater and greater degree realize and understand the wonderful importance of the work; and you should now bend all your energies to developing your soul and its perceptions and to carrying forward the work.

We understand, as well as you, the disadvantages under which you are now laboring and the necessity for getting into that position with the harmonious surroundings that will enable you to give your whole time to the work, and we are endeavoring to bring about these necessary conditions and will succeed in our efforts, and you must have faith; for faith will help you very much to work in conjunction with us and so cause the consummation of our desires and plans much more rapidly.

To us the accomplishing of this work is infinitely of more importance than to you, because we realize as you cannot, what a failure to have these truths made known to men would mean to them in the way of depriving them of opportunities that are so requisite to their future salvation, both on earth and in the spirit world.

So I say, let not yourself become discouraged, but believe and you will find that our promises will be fulfilled, and the work will go on, and the truths be made known to humanity.

I am with you a great deal trying to develop your spiritual nature, and by this I mean your soul, for as this develops the better able you will be to receive our truths and properly transmit them to the waiting world, so that men may readily see and understand the truths of God and the only way to His kingdom of Love and immortality. Doubts as to the teachings of the churches are now penetrating and permeating the minds of many, very many of those who are nominally Christians, and the perception of God is almost blunted, and they attend worship only because of a kind of feeling of duty and impression that it is right for them to do so. They know nothing of the Divine Love of the Father's nature and of the plan for their salvation.

Their prayers and worship are only those which come from the lips or a kind of blind intellectual belief. Their soul longings do not enter into their prayers and, as a consequence, their petitions for God's Love and mercy go no higher than their heads, as has been said. This condition of men is very injurious to their future welfare and cannot possibly lead them to the Father, and so long as it exists men can never become in an at-onement with Him. Only the inflowing of this Love can reconcile men with God in the higher and desirable sense. Of course, they may become in harmony with Him by a purification of their natural love, but that is the harmony only that existed between Him and the first parents before their fall, and is not the harmony which Jesus taught and which was the object of his mission to teach. When he said "I and my Father are one," he did not refer to the at-onement between the mere image and the substance, but to the at-onement which gives to the souls of men the very substance of Father.

I should like to write more tonight, but you are tired and should not further be drawn on as it will make you feel bad physically. So I will say good night and stop.

Your brother in Christ,

*Mr. Riddle on the Progress of the Soul.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nathan Plummer Writes that He Now Has Hope and is Grateful for Help From Dr. Leslie R. Stone

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Nathan PIummer.

Let me say a word now. I am not his (Dr. Leslie R. Stone's) mother and can't write as his mother does, but I am grateful. too, for I now have some hope and a part of the cause is what he told me while on earth.

He may not realize just how the things that he said to me may have this effect, but they have. For when the spirits of his friends told me of what I may hope for, if I will only believe and try to get the Love that they told me of then, I think of what he said to me and it becomes so much easier to believe what these spirits tell me.

I wish I could write longer, but I must stop. I am hoping and some light has come to me and I am following Forrest, who I know was as great sinner as I was and now a very beautiful sinner. I am commencing to learn some of those Heavenly things in Hell but it is hard, as I said.

Your old friend,

Nathan Plummer


Postscript by Dr. Leslie R. Stone

I used to talk to Nathan Plummer when he was on earth of the great importance of praying to the Heavenly Father to fill his soul with His Divine Love, and he remembered what I told him. Forrest knew him when they both were on earth and were in darkness and suffering after they passed into the Hells.

Forrest wrote Mr. Padgett, and his band helped Forrest to progress and pray for Divine Love and obtained it and he became so much brighter. When Plummer saw the great change in Forrest's appearance, he asked how it was he was so much brighter in his spirit body. Then Forrest told him that he had written through Padgett for help and asked to meet a bright spirit that belonged to Padgett's band, and Forrest told Plummer that these bright spirits told him to pray for the Divine Love and some of this Love had come into his soul, shining through his spirit body, that made the great change in his appearance.

Plummer was so surprised to see this great change in Forrest's appearance and, as Plummer wrote Padgett, he knew what a great sinner Forrest was on earth. He then realized if Forrest could get out of the Hells there was hope without doubt, and it caused Plummer to seek by earnest prayer for the Divine Love and Plummer did and that enabled him to progress out of the dark condition into a brighter sphere.

As this message was written 47 years ago, I have no doubt both Plummer and Forrest must now be above the Seventh Sphere in the Celestial Heavens, where these Celestial Spirits are seeking and obtaining the Divine Love in increased progression nearer and nearer to the fountainhead of the Father with the consciousness of the certainty of Immortality.

Dr. L. R. Stone (1964)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Helen Writes that Spirits of Presidents, Rulers and Queens were Present and Confirms Their Messages

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

You must not be surprised that so many spirits of presidents and rulers of Europe are here tonight writing to you, for in the spirit life space is as nothing, and the attraction of kindred thoughts brings together spirits who you might suppose are far apart in their habitations.

These spirits who have written, and many more who are present, are all interested in this great war. And I will say here that tonight you have had around you a greater concourse of men and women who were considered great on earth than have ever before congregated in one place.

This may seem surprising to you, but it should not, for in spirit life, all these persons are mere spirits and are not considered to be presidents and kings and queens - but mere spirits. And some are not so high in the spheres as mortals might naturally suppose. They are spirits who are much interested in their people and have more or less development of their souls and spiritual natures; but when you compare the assembly tonight, as these great ones of earth, with the assembly you sometimes have of spirits from the Celestial Heavens, you would see that it would look to you like a comparison of the light of the sun to the light between darkness and dawn! So you need not be surprised that these spirits came and wrote you.

Well, you have had a variety of messages tonight and must now stop, as you are tired. So with all my love I will close.

Your own true and loving

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Queen Victoria Writes that She Wishes She Could Have Lived Longer to Help to Prevent the War

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, (Queen) Victoria.

I must write a line, for I have listened to the communications and feel that none who have written are more interested than I, as my people, who such a short time ago listened to my advice and loved me, are now being destroyed on both land and sea.

Oh, this war is horrible and the flower of my people are being cut down like so many fields of wheat that are ripe for the scythe. How I wish that I could have lived a few years longer as Queen, for I believe I could have controlled my grandson to the extent of preventing him from launching this terrible catastrophe upon the nations of Europe.

I have tried since becoming a spirit to influence him, but all in vain, for his ambitions were great and his sense of having suffered indignity from my own people was great; and in his blindness and hot blood, he started to rolling the ball of hatred and destruction that is still accumulating as it continues on its murderous destructive course.

I have prayed for all the people who are engaged in this war and have, with other spirits, to stem the tide of hatred and feelings of conquest and revenge which now possess them. I believe the end is now in sight and that the Germans will soon seek for peace and the nations will lay down their arms and common sense and cool blood will again rule.

I cannot write more tonight and will only say that we are all praying to the Father that His mercy may be showered on these unhappy and misguided men. So thanking you, I will say good night.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Col. Cook, a Former White House Doorkeeper, Writes About the Desires of the Spirits to Get a Message to the President

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Col. Cook.

Well, you are much in demand tonight, and the spirits who wrote are really whom they represented themselves to be; for I have been present and know them.

I am Col. Cook, who was the head doorkeeper of the Executive Mansion for so many years, and I know and tell you that tonight have been present many of the spirits to whom Mrs. Wilson referred as statesmen and rulers who have been trying so earnestly to influence and advise her husband. Especially is Cleveland anxious to communicate to the President, for he seems to be more interested in the country's affairs than the others, and is such a virile and powerful spirit. I only wish that there was some way that a message from him to the President might be delivered; but we all realize that it would not be believed.

Well, I cannot do any good by writing more and will close, though, I am much interested in my country and also in this method of communicating.

I will say good night.

Col. Cook

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

William, Grandfather of the Kaiser, Writes that He Praying for Peace and the War to End

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, William, (Grandfather of the Kaiser).

Let me say a word in response to what has just been written, as I am interested in the war. I am heart and soul in sympathy with the sentiments just expressed, and so anxious for the end to come for my people are suffering so much, and so many of them are coming to the spirit world, their lives all cut off and prevented from performing the missions of their Creator.

I have sympathized much with all the people who are engaged in this war and have tried so hard to influence my own family to bring it to an end, but in vain, for the fire of ambition and the cravings to conquer have ruled them. But I see the end will soon come, and then will also come the

I cannot say more tonight, but that we are all praying for the people of the world and are asking the Father to open up the hearts of the rulers to the inflowing of His Love, and the bringing about of peace. I will close.

William, the Grandfather of the Kaiser.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mrs. Wilson Writes of Her Attempts to Influence Her Husband, President Woodrow Wilson

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mrs. (Ellen) Wilson.

I will write only a line or two. I am not known to you, but I am very desirous to write, as I am so much interested in what is now taking place in our country in connection with foreign countries; and one (President Woodrow Wilson) in whom I am very much interested is suffering the burdens that are now resting upon him. I am with him a great deal and try to influence him in his thoughts and dealings with the great problems that are now before him to deal with, and sometimes I fear he may succumb to the heavy burdens. He has around him, also, other spirits who are much interested in the country's welfare, and they are the spirits of men who, when on earth, were statesmen and rulers of our country and interested in directing its fortunes. I will not name them, only to say that from Jefferson down to McKinley, they are with him who now occupies the President's chair.

This war is a serious one to not only the people of Europe, but also to those of America; for as I see, and these other spirits say, it is impossible for our country to keep out of it. The Germans so desire - and they are doing everything to bring about - the participation of the United States in the conflict; and the result will be that the U.S. will suffer much more than its statesmen and financiers contemplate.

I wish I could bring to the President in clear and undoubted effect the advice that these spirits would like to have him understand; but this power to communicate is limited to the impressions that they may make upon him by the exercise of the very imperfect rapport of their minds with his, without the proper or necessary medium. If he could only have you with him to receive the advice that these spirits so earnestly desire to give him, it would help him so much. We have been trying to create a way by which this might be brought about, but it seems to be almost impossible.

But so far as I can see the future, he will bring the country to a sound ending, although much trouble and unhappiness will be suffered, and he may not be able to endure the strain.

I wish that I could write longer tonight, but my rapport is leaving me, and I must stop. But notwithstanding what has taken place, which only I know, I still love him, for he is mine, and someday he will realize that fact. I will now close. Thanking you for your kindness, I am

Your new friend,
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Former President William McKinley Writes About the War; Abraham Lincoln Offers a Prayer

February 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, McKinley.

Let me say a word, as I am interested in this great conflict of nations, and especially in the danger that faces my country, and the almost certainty that in a short time the cry of WAR will fill the streets and homes of its inhabitants.

God moves in a mysterious way; His wonders to perform; and this war will result in the wonder - if it may be called such - of many of the inhabitants of the earth seeking a way of a closer union with the Father. Lives will be sacrificed but souls will be saved, and men will realize that they are brothers of one Father, and that love only must rule, and that war must cease forever.

The spirit world is interested in this great conflict, and spirits are striving to open up the souls of the rulers of the nations in conflict and influence them to bring an end to the fearful carnage that is now destroying so many of God's children. The suffering, though, will yet be great before the end shall be accomplished, and many men will become spirits before the dove of peace will leave the ark of refuge and see the dry land. Nations shall fall, and some shall cease to exist; but at least the truth of the fellowship of man and the Fatherhood of God will be established.

But men must work its harvest, and the reaping must continue until there shall not remain in men's hearts any desire for war or the satisfying of unholy ambitions. We, in spirit, see this and are striving to bring the great calamity to its ending. God will not cease to love His children. Even though those children forget Him and murder their brothers.

I have finished, but through the gloom of desolation and ruin I see the rainbow of hope and the end of strife. May all men learn the fact that God is Love, and that they are His children and will soon realize the truth of His Love.

I must stop.

Your brother in Christ,

Abraham Lincoln Writes that Love is greater than hate; God bless all the people of the earth.
I am here, Abraham Lincoln.

Love is greater than hate, and war will end and love will come and peace will be again established. And then the teachings of the Master will reach men's hearts and war will become a thing of the past and brotherly love will rule men's conduct, and nations will know war no more.

And so must it be; God bless our people, and all the people of the earth, and make them truly His children, is the prayer of A. Lincoln.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Elias, Known as Elijah of the Old Testament, Writes an Encouraging Note for Mr. Padgett to Not Doubt the Work of Receiving the Truths

February 7, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Elias.

I want also to encourage you in the belief that you have the great work to do, and that you must not falter or delay the coming of the messages, for if you will only think for a moment, you will realize that there is no other way in which these truths can at this time be conveyed to mankind.

You must not doubt, or cause yourself to hesitate for a moment to believe that the work has been imposed upon you as one not fitted to receive these truths. I know that sometime it is hard for you to believe that you have been selected to do this great work or that you are fitted to receive these great spiritual truths that are to be given to the world, but you must not let such thoughts linger in your mind, for it is a fact that you have been selected to do the work, and you must not shirk it, for if you do, mankind may remain a long time in ignorance of what the truth is, and the way in which it can take on the Essence of the Father, and become His true children, and partakers of His nature, so that the very Essence and Divinity of the Father may become a part of the people.

The work must be done by you and you must not doubt, but have a firm conviction of its truth and try your best to receive the messages. I merely wanted to say this much, as I am much interested in the work. Yes, there are a great number present, and you have around you a wonderful spiritual influence, which should cause you to believe that these spirits are present trying to help you.

I was Elijah of the Old Testament, and I actually lived and was a prophet among the Jews, and was not John the Baptist, nor was he a reincarnation of me as some of earth teachers claim. John was himself alone. He was in the flesh only once and was not a reincarnation of me or any one else.

I will not write more now, so good night.

Your brother in Christ

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cornelius, the Centurion, Writes of the Importance that the Truths of the Way to Salvation be Revealed

February 7, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Cornelius.

I want to write merely a few lines tonight. I am so very much interested in you and your work, that I feel that I should give you some encouragement in the way of letting you know that there are many spirits present here tonight who love you very much and desire that you should receive their messages of love and truth.

As I have told you, I am in the Celestial Spheres and know what the Love of the Father is and what immortality means, as I am the possessor of the Love, and the conscious owner of that immortality. The world is now so anxious to know the truths that pertain to God and to man's relationship to Him, and the messages that you are receiving will give to the world what it so much longs for.

I know that the Christian doctrines as contained in the Bible and taught by many preachers and priests are the only doctrines that the Christians have any knowledge of and, consequently, are accepted by them as being the inspired revelations of God, and the truth of what He is, and what man must do in order to obtain salvation. And these people rest securely in these beliefs, and in the assurance that the Bible way is the only way to salvation; and resting in these beliefs, the world does not see the necessity for obtaining the only thing that will make them in at-onement with God, and make them inhabitants of His Heavens.

I merely write this to show you that it is of the greatest importance that the truths of the way to salvation be revealed to all mankind. I do not think that I have anything more to say tonight, and so will leave you. With all my love, I am

Your brother in Christ

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Priscilla Stone, Mary Kennedy and Helen Padgett Confirm John's Previous Message

February 6, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Priscilla Stone.

I am not going to write much, but I must say to my boy (Dr. Leslie R. Stone) that I heard what John said to him, and that it is of such great importance to him now and hereafter that I must assure him that it was John who really wrote.

He was almost glorified as he announced the great truth of your selection, and I do not want my boy, or you either, to doubt this fact ever again. It is all so wonderful that I might doubt myself had I not seen the writer and heard the authentic words that he uttered. So, believe with all your hearts, and let your principal object in life for the future be the performance of this work.

I cannot write more now, for I am so very happy at the new assurance that has been given you. So, with my love, I will say good night.

Mrs. Stone


Mary Kennedy, Soulmate of Dr. Leslie Stone, Confirms John's Message

Let me say that you think more about your coffee than you do about hearing from us, and we are not at all flattered. Well, pardon me, for that places a new meaning to your remarks but, of course, I am only joking, for I know you would rather hear from us than drink your coffee or eat your pie, for we go with you at times to the lunchroom and see you and the Doctor eat and try to make ourselves believe that we are eating with you.

Well, you wonder who this is, and if I were not writing, I would pull that dear boy's ear so that he would be able to tell you who is here. I thought that I would write a few words tonight, as Helen says that for peace's sake, I will have to do so, and I have been very anxious to write, and since John wrote you as he did, I am more anxious than ever for his assurances are so important that I feel that I must tell Leslie that it was actually John who wrote, and that what he wrote had accompanying it the authority of a spirit almost Divine - yes, really Divine for he is of the Divine Angels of the highest spheres.

I am so much interested that Leslie shall believe this message of John that I think that even my corroboration may help him to believe. And I must further tell him that I have heard the Master say that he, Leslie, has been selected for this work and that power and other gifts will he his that will enable him to do the work; and what a wonderful thing it all is.

I intended to write him something of a love letter tonight for the occasion, but the thing that John has written is of so much more importance that I will postpone my expressions of love and with all my soul try to cause him to believe and never doubt the decree that has been spoken; and my soulmate is the selection of the great Master, and I am so happy, and I thank God that such a thing has come to pass.

I am his true Mary - his eternal soulmate - and know that when he comes to me, the results of his work will make him one of the shining ones, not because only of the good that he has done to others, but because in doing this work then will come into his own soul so much of the Divine Love that he will be enabled to come into the Higher Spheres, and the sooner be at-one with his Mary.

I love him with all my heart and soul and am waiting patiently for the time to come when the great consummation of our love will make us one in truth. I must not write more. So good night,

Your sister and his own true,


Helen Confirms John's Message

I am here, Helen.

I will write now, for I want to add my testimony to that of Mary and Mrs. Stone as to the truth of the fact that John actually wrote the message that you received.

Of course, you have been told this many times before, and you certainly had no reason to doubt, and I did not think it necessary that you should have the additional assurance, but John has been present most of the evening and heard your conversation and also that part in which you spoke of Mr. Morgan's doubts, and he felt that you should be again assured of the fact of your selections; and what he said to you and the Doctor also applies to Mr. Morgan.

My dear, if you and the Doctor could have seen the great glory that was with John when he made the announcement, you would never again - and I mean all three of you - doubt the fact. The work is before you, and no other at this time can do it, and you all must consider this the great object of your efforts during the few years that will be yours on earth. There is no mistake, and the reality of the mission is so certain that when you shall have done your work and seen the results when you come to the spirit land, you will wonder that you ever could have doubted.

Your own true and loving

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

John Writes About the Spiritual Importance of the Prayer for Divine Love

February 6, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I want to say a few words in reference to your conversation about the Prayer and the importance of thoroughly understanding it, and its spiritual significance and the wonderful truths that it contains. I heard you say that when you first received it, there was in its meaning all confusion, and that you did not understand that it would convey any great truths or help very much those who should offer it to the Father. Well, I have no doubt but what you say is true, and there is a good reason for the same, and that is that it is so full of the declarations of wonderful truths and thoughts for soul aspirations that it was difficult, and almost impossible, for your mind or soul to grasp the same, and like every other truth that men do not understand, it does not at first reception appear to be a thing of truth that men can learn and learning make their own.

But the truths of that prayer, when rightly analyzed, will appear sufficient to meet every necessity that men need or are in want of to bring them to a perfect at-onement with the Father and assure them of eternal salvation as His Divine children and the partakers of immortality. Very soon I will come and give you a full explanation of the Prayer and its deep and vital truths, so that you may become real possessors of its full meaning.

Tonight I do not think it best for me to write more and in closing will say to you and your friends that you must not become discouraged in the work that you have before you, or in the work that you are now doing, for I, John, tell you that your labor is absolutely necessary to make our truths known to humanity, and there are no others of all the men of earth who have been selected for this work or can perform it, for none have the qualifications developed for the rapport which we have established.

So take what I say seriously and do not let the importance of the work, or the thought that you are not suited to do the work, cause you to think that we have made a mistake in our selection, or that this power that has been given to you is a mere myth and without reality.

The high spirits who are followers of, and are led by, the Master have in following the Master's desire determined that you three* shall be the ones to start the spread of these great truths amongst men and leave behind you helpers who will carry on the work after you come over to receive the reward of your well-doing.

I am John, and I write with authority and must be believed. So with my love to you both, and the blessings of the Father, I will say good night.


*James E. Padgett, Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Eugene Morgan

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lukes Writes About the Spirits Who Reside in the Twilight Zone and Their Progress in the Natural Love

February 5, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I merely want to say that you are in better condition tonight, and that I will write a few lines upon a subject that may be of interest to you.

In the spirit world, there are many spirits who are in neither darkness nor light, but are in what has been called the Twilight Zone, and are neither very happy nor unhappy. These are spirits who have progressed from the lower spheres, where they expiated their sins and errors of the earth life and have gotten rid of their recollections of many of their sins and have progressed somewhat in the development of their natural love and, also, in the acquirement of the intellectual knowledge, and are not feeling the stings of conscience, but are realizing the happiness which the forgiveness of their sins and the improvement of their intellects causes them to have.

They are, to a large extent, very much in the condition of men who have paid the penalties of their sins, yet have not received such increase in their natural love as to enable them to progress to the higher intellectual spheres where the spirit becomes to a more or less degree the perfect man. And they have been a long time making their progress, for it is a fact that the development of their souls from the condition of the wholly sinful man to that where such sins have almost disappeared is a very slow development.

These spirits, though, are not to be classed with the dark spirits who so often come to you for help and relief from their darkness, for they are in that condition where it is difficult to convince them that they need any help in order that they may have a more wonderful progress and obtain greater happiness.

In this Zone, the spirits seem to be well satisfied with their conditions and have the belief that their advancement must necessarily be slow and that there is not a better and quicker way to obtain relief from their conditions.

Among this class of spirits commences the greatest difficulty for the higher spirits to successfully convince them of the great truth of the Divine Love and the possibilities of obtaining a condition that will place them in the higher soul spheres without the long delay in making their progress.

In the lower spheres, the spirits are not satisfied and generally are very desirous of getting relief from the darkness and suffering and, as a consequence, we can do more to convince them of the truths that are so necessary for them to know.

You would be surprised to know the number of spirits who are in this Zone, and the great number of years they have been in making the progress that they have made. Many of them have been in the states to which I refer for centuries and yet have never known any desire to progress out of those states except in the way that they consider to be the gradual and natural way to advance.

I will not write more now. So, good night, and may God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Helen Writes About the Spirits Who Come to the Spirit World From the Battlefields of War in a Very Bad Condition

February 1, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well dear, you have received some very interesting letters tonight, and both the spirits who claimed to write actually did so.

Blaine is very much interested in the crisis that has arisen, and his advice is given with much enthusiasm and desire that the President take immediate action to protect the rights of the U.S.

Bismarck was most serious and not at all excited while writing, but was very calm in stating what he considered to be the right of his country.

Well, it is all very sad and we spirits, as well as you mortals, will be very glad when this cruel war is over, for I must tell you that many spirits come over from the battlefields in a very bad condition, and the spirits who receive them are given much work to do in helping them.

I have visited some of the battlefields during the battles and have seen some very terrible sights, and sometimes I will write you the results of my observations, and what the spirits of some of the soldiers have said and done after they were in the spirit world a little while. Peace will come, but never will it be a certain lasting peace until men receive in their hearts the true love for their brother mortals. The reforms must come to the individual, and the victory of nations, as such, will not bring this peace.

Well, you are tired and I must not write more. But I must say that you are in a much better condition of spirit and soul, and if you continue to pray to the Father, you will soon be in condition so that the higher spirits will be able to write their messages, which they so much wish to do.

We all send love and blessings and desire you to be happy. You know how I love you and want you to be happy, and how my prayers go to the Father for your happiness and the inflowing of the Love. So think of me and love me, and have faith and courage, and you will be blessed. Give me my kiss and say good night.

Your own true and loving,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bismarck, a Former German Statesman, Writes His Thoughts on the Current World War

February 1, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Bismarck.

Let me say a word, as I have listened to what has just been written, and am interested in the subject matter of that communication, and do not agree with the sentiments or the conclusions of the thoughts there contained. I am not impartial, I confess, but yet I think that I can do justice to both of the contending parties in the war, as I am a spirit and have learned that right is right irrespective of the person or nation that may claim to be in the right in its actions.

I was a German, and a rather important one, as men consider importance in the earth life, and was acknowledged by the world to be something of a statesman. I have kept in constant touch with the thoughts and motives of the leaders of the various nations that are engaged in this great conflict, and know the right and wrong of things to a greater extent, I claim, than does the spirit who has just written you, and submit that my inferences and opinions are as worthy of consideration and acceptance as are his.

In the first place, this was not brought about by the Germans without justification and cause, and for a long time the German rulers delayed and endeavored to postpone and, if possible, avoid the war. But their rights, as a nation, were so seriously preyed upon and not recognized, that the only thing left for them to do was to compel their secret enemies to respect their rights by force of arms, and so you have the real cause of the conflict. The Germans were not desirous or ambitious for conquest or territory or advancement to the detriment of other nations, but only for what they, as a great nation, were entitled to.

And England, in its greed, stood in the way of and prevented these rights from being recognized, and tried every way in her power to prevent the German nation from enjoying these rights, and especially from extending its commerce to countries in which England had established her commerce and trade, almost to the exclusion of every other nation.

The Germans waited in hope that, by diplomatic means, their rights would be established and recognized but such hope was never realized and as a last and only resort, they threw down the gauge of battle, quick and sharp and destructive - with some violation of the rights of a neutral that stood in the way of accomplishing what the German nation considered its decisive blow. But this is history, and it is not necessary that I should add further detail.

And now, as the war has progressed for more than two years, Germany has naturally become depleted of its resources, and especially in those things that are necessary to sustain the physical existence of its people, and all through the action of the Allies in preventing foodstuff and other necessaries being imported from other nations. Its ports have been blockaded for a long time, and it has been unable to obtain supplies that were absolutely necessary to the existence of its people, until famine and want are staring them in the face, and more than that, have actually worked their ruinous effects, and the cry of the people is for sustenance.

Then, such being the fact, what is the duty of the German rulers? Can humanity ask that they shall sit supinely by and see their people starve and their country ruined, because of the conditions that I speak of, brought about by their enemies in preventing intercourse with outside nations?

I know that international law should be respected by nations in war as well as in peace, and that it is for the good of all nations that such laws be held sacred and inviolable, and Germany has tried to observe these laws, even after some of its enemy nations have violated them.

Let me ask here, what difference does the means used in considering the right or wrong of a thing, make when the same result is accomplished? England, by her superior number of war vessels, has succeeded in blockading the ports of Germany and preventing its people from getting the supplies necessary to their sustenance, and at the same time is enjoying the benefits of unrestricted importation of these necessaries, because Germany had not had it in its power to blockade the ports of England and, thus, prevent her from obtaining these supplies. This kind of blockade, the nations claim, international law justifies, no matter what the results may be.

And now, when Germany has found a way to accomplish the same thing, as regards the ports of England and place her and her people in the same condition that the people of Germany have been in for so long a time, and have given notice of its intention to use such means, the nations hold up their hands in horror because such means are not known to international law.

The effect of one blockade is just the same as the effect of another, then why should the means make any difference?

America has not been permitted for a long time to send its products to a German port, and to that extent its, America's have been blockaded, as the last writer says; but this is allowable, because, as they say, the English blockade is in accordance with recognized international law. All which means, that because one nation has the power to do a thing in accordance with international law, another nation has not the same right because the means used are not contemplated by that law.

Well such reasoning is one that if applied to the progress of the world would have kept that progress in a state of stagnation. When international law was formulated, the means and instruments used in this war were never heard of, and they are only the evolution of the war, growing out of the progress of man in the knowledge and necessities of war. Laws are always subject to change and that change need not be by agreement, for sometimes, and it has often happened, necessity has compelled and justified the modification of the law.

It is said that necessity knows no law, and it is a truth, and one that has been recognized and applied by many nations, at many times. In the present circumstances of Germany, this necessity has arisen to such an extent that the very existence of Germany, not only as a nation, but of her people as individuals is involved, and life is at stake, and the only remedy is that the nations who are fighting Germany, be placed in the same position as she is in, and that can be done only by preventing those nations from obtaining those supplies that are necessary to maintain their people, and this can only be accomplished by blockading their ports.

It may be said that the use of the submarine is brutal and inhuman. Well, for the argument admit this to be a fact, yet it is not necessary that any brutality or any murder be actually inflicted, for if the persons interested will heed the warnings and not attempt to run the blockade, there will be no murder or outrage. And why, may I not ask, is it not just as reasonable to demand that the blockade established by the German submarines shall not be attempted to be violated as that the blockade which the English have established shall not be attempted to be violated? In the latter instance, the neutral nations recognize the blockade and do not attempt to have their merchant ships enter the ports that are so blockaded, and why is there any greater injustice done when Germany demands that these neutral vessels shall not enter the ports that she intends to blockade? The only difference is in the means used, and if the neutral nations will observe the obligations that each blockade imposes to the same extent, there will become no necessity for using the means in either.

I do not see why the U.S. should feel that her rights are being violated to any greater or different extent, as a question of right, by the proposed German blockade, than by the blockade that has been created by the English, and for so long a time existed. Of course, the effects of the two blockades upon the business of the U.S. are different in degree, as more business is done and has been done with the Allies, than was done with Germany. But this does not enter into or affect the question of the right or wrong of the matter. Well, I will not write more along this line.

Now as to the results of the war, or rather as to its ending, I cannot prognosticate. Germany is fighting on very unequal terms, and she may be defeated, and I would not be surprised if such was the end of the conflict. But, nevertheless, and even though victory may come to the Allies, I assert as true that the right of the matter is with her, and that the neutral nations are not doing her justice, when they declare that she is the aggressor; and that she is not justified in the course that she is now pursuing. I am told that I have written enough, and so I must stop, but what I have said is the right of the matter. Good night,

Your friend,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

James G. Blaine Writes His Thoughts About the World War

February 1, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, James G. Blaine.

I want to write a few lines as I am interested in the affairs of our country, and I see the present critical condition of affairs growing out of the recent declarations of the Germans as to the policy that they intend to pursue regarding the blockading of the ports of the Allies, which means, in substance, that the ports of our country will also be blockaded for if the merchant vessels travelling from the U.S. to the ports of the Allies are not permitted to land at their destinations, there will, of course, be no departures from our ports and the result will be the same as if such ports were actually blockaded.

It is a serious condition for Mr. Wilson (President Woodrow Wilson) to deal with and he must act quickly and firmly, and not in any particular recognize the right of the Germans to carry out their policy, or to permit, so far as possible, the cessation of the travel of ships from our ports to those of the Allies. Temporizing will not do, and he must at the very start let the Germans know that America will not submit to the dictation, and that, if necessary, the America nation will not only sever diplomatic relations with Germany and her Allies, but will become active participants in the war, which humanity and the welfare of the majority of the nations of the earth demand shall be recognized and enforced.

He, the President, may in his dream of peace, which he has recently given expression to, and which is wholly impracticable at this time, attempt to conciliate the Germans, and by further reasoning show them that they are wrong and violators of all recognized laws of nations, and this hope to avoid war; or the involving of America in this conflict. But to do so, will constitute a great mistake, for his protestations will fall on deaf ears and create in the German mind the impression that his great desire for peace will restrain him from asserting to the extent of force, the power of the U.S. to prevent the Germans from carrying out their policy of murder and destruction.

I write this, not because I am in any way antagonistic to the German people, or have any special predilection for the allies, but because I see the right of the matter, and that which is necessary to the salvation of not only the larger part of the nations of the earth, but also to preserve the rights and dignity and substantial welfare of the U.S. This action of the German nation must not for a moment be tolerated, and the sooner the President strikes the better it will be for all concerned. Of course, with the Germans it is a matter of life and death, but even so it is not right that the other nations of the earth should suffer ruin or destruction in order that the German nation should continue to exist and be enabled to carry out its policy of domination, which is really the foundation of the existence of the present war.

While I am a spirit and supposed to be interested only in spiritual things, yet my thoughts and interests are with my people and, incidentally, with all the nations and peoples of the earth, and these nations and peoples must be preserved and not be permitted to be ruined by any other nation, and especially so in the present war for which no justification exists, for the course that the Entente have pursued in attempting to carry out its unholy desires for destruction and aggrandizement.

I know what the rulers of the various nations contemplate and what their policies are in the prosecution of this war, for I visit the councils of each of them and learn the thoughts of the leaders, and the objects of their efforts and desires. On both sides there is much that deserves condemnation and entails suffering, but in weighing the wrongs perpetrated by these various nations, I realize that the Germans are guilty of the greater wrongs, and if God should interfere as the Kaiser and the rulers of some of the other nations believe He will, the German nation would have visited upon them the just indignation and punishment of that God. But He will not interfere, and men will be left to themselves to settle this war, and they alone; but here I may say that as right and justice are more powerful in the long run than wrong and injustice, the nations that have the most of right on their side will come out victors. And according to my understanding of the things and motives and ambitions that have entered into and caused this war, the allies must become the victors.

Of course, I cannot tell when this war will end, but considering the conditions that exist and the causes that are now operating, I believe that the end is in sight and that very soon the Germans and their allies will have to sue for peace and the end will soon follow.

I would like to write more tonight, but your wife advises me that I have written enough, and so I will close. So good night,

Your very dear friend,
James G. Blaine

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

George C. Calvert, a School Acquaintance, Writes to Ask for Help to Get Into a Better Condition

January 31, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, George C. Calvert.

I was an acquaintance of yours when you were a student at New Market, and you will recollect me when I recall your memory to the fact that I was called "Judge." Well, I came, because I saw that other spirits were writing you, and when I looked at you I remembered you, and then desired to write.

I am in what is called the dark plane and have been for some time now, though when I first entered the spirit world, I went into the Hells and suffered a great deal. But I am thankful that I have gotten out of the conditions that suited me for those places and am now in a brighter plane and in less suffering.

I don't know that you can do anything for me but some spirits say that you have helped them and, if that be true, I should like for you to help me. I am willing to do most anything to get into a better condition, and if you will do what I say, I will appreciate it very much and try to follow your advice.

No, I should like to be surprised. Well, I have looked, and I see some wonderfully bright and beautiful spirits, but I don't recognize any of them. Wait a moment. One is coming to me and I am surprised - for it is Professor Salyards. How wonderful! Why he is really handsome! Well, well, dear old Professor. He says he is glad to see me and that I must go with him, and I certainly will.

I thank you very much and will come again.

Good night,
Your old friend

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Saul Writes that God is a God of the Individual and not of any Race or Nation

January 31, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saul.

I have not written you for some time and I would like to say only a few words and these are that never in all the battles with the Amalekites did God help me or bring to me victory, as is set forth in the Old Testament. Although some of the prophets, like Samuel, at the time might have thought, yet as I now know, it was not true. God was not the partial and particular patron of the Jews, and to Him is was just as sinful for the Jews to commit murder and the other horrible crimes that are mentioned in the book in connection with my life as King, as it would have been for the Pagans to have done the same thing.

God is not the God of any race, but He is the God of every individual child who comes to Him in true supplication and prayer, seeking His Love and help in his spiritual nature. God will respond and the individual surely will be helped. But should that individual come to Him seeking power and assistance to murder his fellow man, no matter how great an enemy he might be, God would not help him or approve of his desires, and this being so, you can readily see that He would not help any nation to commit such acts and gain the victory.

And I want to tell you here, that God is not a God of nations, but of individuals only, and only as the individuals that compose the nations can He be said to be a God of nations. He wants not the praise of men or of nations because of victory that they might acquire through bloodshed and cruelties ascribed to His help, but he wants the praise of men only because their souls may have been awakened to His Love and have acquired victory over sin and evil. Nations rise and fall and disappear from the face of the earth, but the individuals who compose these nations never die, even though the physical bodies die, and God is a God only of those things that never die, and He is interested in having the individual become victor over sin and the appetites of the flesh.

Of course, the individuals make the nation and give it its character and qualities and, hence, the nation will become sinful and cruel as the individuals that compose it become sinful and cruel. He does not deal with nations as such, but only with the small, but important, units that make the nation. Hence, for a nation to say that God is our God, or that God will help us to victory over our enemies, is all wrong. When the individual gains the victory over his greatest enemy, himself, then he can claim that God is his God and give Him the praise, and when all the individuals of a nation have gained that victory then that nation can proclaim that God is its God and render to Him praise for the victory. But only in such event is any nation justified in saying, "God is our God."

And here let me say that no Christian nation so called has yet, as individuals, attained to that condition of righteousness and victory over sin, that it can claim to be God's chosen nation. And so I say that I, Saul the King, before my alleged fall from the grace of God, was no more helped by God, than I was after that supposed event, for the reason that while outwardly I may have appeared to seek God's directions and listened to the advice of His prophets, yet inwardly, I was no more in accord with Him or reconciled to Him than I was after the momentous event.

God never helped the Jews, as a nation, to any greater extent than He did any other nation for they, as individuals, were no more in attunement with Him than were many individuals of what were called the Pagan nations.

When I went to Samuel in my despair, as the Bible portrays, and felt the burden of the sins of my life, I became nearer to God than I had ever been before, and He was more my God than ever, though I did not realize it. I merely write this to show men that they must not believe and rely on the statement that because I was said to have observed God's Will and obeyed His commands before the time that I realized defeat was certain to be mine, that God was any more my God then, directing and assisting me to overcome my enemies, than he was after that event.

I have written enough and will now stop. So with all my love, and the assurance that God is a God of the individual and not of the nation, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, January 6, 2014

Luther Writes as to the Eucharist that the Change in the Qualities of the Bread and Wine Are Untrue

January 31, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luther.

I have come merely to remind you that I am waiting to continue my discourse to my people. I am very anxious to do this and as soon as you get in condition, I hope that you will give me the opportunity. Well, we will arrange that, and all that we desire is for you to get in condition. We are with you a great deal and try to assist you in every way possible.

Well, you have asked me a question that I should like to have more time in which to answer than I have now. But in short, Jesus was not of the substance of God in the sense that the Catholic Church, following the Nicene Creed, claimed. He took on a part of the Divine substance as the Divine Love filled his soul, and so can you or any other man do to the extent that you may receive this Love. But to say, that Jesus was in his very being of the substance of the Father to that degree that made him equal to God is erroneous and should not be taught or believed in. He was born or created in the likeness of God in the way that has been explained to you and in no other. He was a man and not God, or any part of Him, and if he had not received into his soul the Divine Love, he would never have been of the substance of the Father.

But being of a very spiritual nature and, in fact, so much so that he was without sin, this Love commenced to come into his soul very early, as you may say, from his very birth, and at the time of his anointing he was so filled with it that you may say, he was of the substance of the Father in the quality that that substance possessed of the nature Divine. He was no more Divine though naturally, as I may say, than was any other mortal born of the flesh. I should like to write you a long message on this subject and will some time when convenient.

Well, all the speculation that has ever existed as to the Eucharist, and the change in the qualities of the bread and wine, are untrue. Jesus is not in these elements in any particular or view that may be taken. His flesh and blood went the way of all other flesh and blood of mortals, and no more forms a part of the bread and wine than does your flesh and blood. This sacrament, as it is called, is very abhorrent to the Master, and when it is celebrated, I must tell you, he is not present, not only not in flesh and blood but also not in his spiritual presence.

He dislikes any kind of worship which places him as its object in the position of God or as the son of God who paid a great debt by his sacrifice and death. He wants God alone to be worshiped and himself to be thought of only as the one who brought to light immortality and life by his teachings and the living demonstration of the truth of the existence of the Divine Love in himself.

He does not approve of the teachings of men that his death and his blood were the means of man being saved from their sins and becoming reconciled to God. He says, it was his living and teachings and demonstration of the Love of God existing in his own soul that showed the only true way to salvation.

But, I must not write more now. So with my love I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
Martin Luther

Sunday, January 5, 2014

William B. Cornelies Writes that He Wants to Ask Questions About this Divine Love

January 24, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, William B. Cornelies.

Let me write and tell you that I have listened to your conversation tonight and have been much interested in what has been said and especially in that part of your talk where you spoke of the Divine Love and the transformation of the soul into what you called the Essence of the Father.

Well, I desire to say that I have considered spiritual or religious matters for a long time and the ideas that you have expressed are new to me, and open up to my investigation a new field of the possibilities of the soul in its progress. It may seem strange to you that I, who have been in the spirit world for a great many years and been interested in the investigation of what I considered spiritual truths should not have heard of this doctrine of the transformation of the soul into the Essence of God, but it is a fact.

Of course, I have come in contact with many variety of spirits, and some who claim to possess this Divine Love, but I never entered into any conversation or discussion with them as to this question, as I was satisfied that they were spirits who had imbibed on earth the orthodox Christian beliefs and were still possessed of the same, and that their claims to what they called this Love were based upon what might be called their beliefs in an imaginary, insubstantial something, which satisfied them, but which was not worthy of the consideration of spirits who had given their whole lives in the spirit world to the study of spiritual truths based upon the Laws of the Spirit World as they became known to the intellects of men capable of studying and analyzing these laws and the truths that they contained.

I have many associates who devote their time and thought to the investigation of these laws and the truths that are deducible from them, and who are men, or rather spirits, who do not accept anything or declaration as a truth that cannot be proved by scientific principles and tests. We, of course, are not of the sentimental or transcendental kind, but confine ourselves to the pure and exact investigation of the laws that govern what we perceive to be the actual condition of spirit substances.

But your conversation has made an impression on me and perceiving that you men are earnest in your discussion and seem to have a firm conviction as to the truth of the fact that the souls of men and spirits may be transformed by this Love with which I am not acquainted, I commenced to think that there may be some spiritual truths that lie beyond the scope of the investigations that I and my companions may have given to spiritual truths. And so thinking, I should like to ask you some questions as to these matters and, if possible, learn if as a truth there exists such a thing as this Divine Love as contradistinguished from the love that we all possess to a greater or lesser degree. So if you are inclined to answer my questions, I should like to propound to you a few at this time.

Well, I have heard what you said, and I have asked if Prof. Salyards is present, and a beautiful intellectual looking spirit comes to me and says that he is the Prof. and that he knows what you said and that it will give him great pleasure to answer my questions and to give me a full explanation of what this Divine Love is and the manner in which it transforms the soul into the Essence of the Father.

And he directs my attention to a number of bright spirits and says that they are living examples of the fact of the existence of this Love, and of the effect that it has on the souls of spirits who possess it. And he says further, that as the appearance of the spirit body discloses the condition of the soul, that if I will look carefully I will find an appearance in all these spirits that I do not find in spirits who do not claim to possess this Love. And upon a careful scrutiny, I realize that what he says is true. He invites me to a conversation, and I will go with him. I thank you for your consideration and will bid you good night.

Very respectfully yours,

William B. Cornelies. I was an inhabitant of England.


Helen is very much interested in the writing just received from the Englishman

I am here, Helen.

Well my dear, I see that you are tired and must go to bed, and I will not write very much. I was interested in the message that you received from the man who wanted to learn of the Divine Love, and he was very serious in his requests and seemed to have much pleasure in going with the Professor, who will instruct him fully.

Mrs. Stone was also very happy that she could write and tell the Dr. (Leslie R. Stone) of her love, and Kate was also serious when she advised the Dr. to get married. It will undoubtedly be a wise thing for him to do as well as for you, as I have told you your life is too lonesome a one. You need companionship. I was disappointed tonight that the Master did not write. He was present in the early part of the evening, but the dark spirits were so persistent in their efforts to write, and so disappointed that they could not succeed, that the Master thought it best not to interfere, and so postponed his writing. He will come soon. You were in good condition tonight for writing. I will not write more. So believe that I love you and love me in return and give me my kisses.You are a dear boy to treat me in that way. I was not in a hurry to sign myself.

Your own true loving,

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Elohiam, a Member of the Sanhedrin and Judge at the Trial of Jesus, Writes the Reason for His Crucifixion

January 22, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Elohiam.

I am the spirit of a Jew who lived in the time of Jesus and was a member of the Sanhedrin and sat as one of his judges at the time of his condemnation for blasphemy and iconoclastic teachings against the beliefs and doctrines of the Hebrew faith and was one of those who voted for the sentence of death upon him and, in doing so, was as honest in my conviction and action as it was possible for an earnest believer in his faith to be.

Consequently, I was without prejudice against Jesus as a man and, as I believed, a fanatic; and it was only because I was convinced that he was an assailer of, and dangerous to, our religion and the welfare of my race that I consented to his death.

Mortals of these days cannot fully understand the exact relationship of Jesus and his teachings to the security of our religion and the preservation of the faith, which we believed had been handed down to us by God direct through our prophets and teachers, and when we were confronted with what we believed to be the destructive and irreligious teachings of Jesus and after making the numerous efforts to suppress him by threats and persuasion without effect, we concluded that our absolute and indisputable duty to God demanded that he be removed from the sphere of his activity even though such result could only be accomplished by his death.

And if mortals of the present day could understand our deep religious convictions and the sense of obligation that rested upon us to protect and keep whole the divine doctrines and teachings of our faith and especially that one which declared the oneness of God, they would not judge the action of the Jews in condemning Jesus to death to be a thing unusual or unexpected. He stood in the position to us and to our religion of a breeder of sedition just as in modern times men have occupied the position towards the civil governments of breeders of treason and have suffered the punishments, which have been with approval inflicted upon them by such governments.

But to us he appeared not only guilty of treason to our national life, but of treason to the higher and God-given life of the religious government of our race, the chosen one of God, as we sincerely and zealously believed.

Even in latter days, men have appeared and claimed to be the especially anointed of God with missions to perform and have gathered around them a following of people whom they have impressed with the truth of their character and mission and of their teachings, and for a short time were permitted to declare their claims and doctrines and then suddenly brought to death by the decree of those who were in authority, as trouble-makers and enemies of the church or state and have been forgotten and their doctrines disappeared from memory.

And only in the instance of Jesus has his death been remembered through all the ages, and those who were the cause and responsible for his death have been desecrated and cursed and charged with the murder of God.

Well, I write this to show you that the Jews who took the life and demanded the crucifixion of that just man were actuated by motives other or different from those that have many times since caused the very followers and worshippers of that Jesus to murder and crucify other men who have claimed to be the sons of God endowed with special missions for the salvation of mankind.

The sincerity of the Jews who took part in this great tragedy cannot be assailed, and even their Roman masters at the time understood that the demands for the death of Jesus did not arise from personal spite, or the satisfaction of any revenge against the individual, but solely because they believed and so declared that Jesus was an enemy and would-be destroyer of the divine faith and teachings of the Israelite nation, and a seducer of the people, and it is only because of the subsequent rise and spread of his teachings and the truths that he declared - which have made so large a portion of the inhabitants of the earth followers of him - that the act of the Jews in causing his death has been called the great crime of the world and the people themselves to be hated and persecuted and destroyed as a nation and scattered to all points of the earth.

I do not write this to excuse or palliate the great error which we committed in causing the crucifixion and death of the true son of God, but only to show that they, though as I now know, mistakenly did that which other men with the same faith and convictions and zealous for the religious preservation of the nation, be these men Jews or Gentiles or pagans, would have done in similar circumstances.

But the great element of tragedy in all this is not that Jesus was crucified, but that the Jews were so mistaken and failed to recognize and accept Jesus as their long looked-for Messiah and Deliverer, not from their material conditions of bondage, but from the bondage of sin and error in which they have lived for so many centuries. This, I say, was their tragedy, and it has been their lasting and deadly tragedy from that time until the present day, and the prospects are that it will continue theirs for many years to come, and that generations of them will pass from the earth life to the spirit world under the shadow of that great tragedy.

They still believe - and that belief is a part of their existence and as firmly fixed as in the days of the great mistake - that they have Abraham for their father and that his faith and example are sufficient to show them the true way to God and salvation and that they are the chosen people of God, and by worshipping the one and only God and observing the sacraments and feasts and commands of God that were given to them by and through Moses and the prophets and as are contained in the Old Testament, they will find the heaven of God here on earth and after death rest in the bosom of Abraham. That the observance of the moral and ethical precepts of their Bible is all that is necessary to develop their spiritual natures, and that beyond such development there is nothing to be desired or to be sought for. That some time they will attain the Adamic condition of reward and happiness, which is the ultimate of man's future existence.

Some are still looking for the coming of the Messiah who will restore to them their former glory and rule on earth as the king and governor of all the nations and that they will be his chosen subjects and selected to assist in the administration of that Messiah's kingdom. How certain it is that their dreams will never be realized and that unless they have an awakening to the true nature of their God, they will never become inhabitants of the Father's kingdom.

And I want to say to my people with the certainty of knowledge arising from experience and actual observation, that Jesus of Nazareth was the true Messiah who brought to the world, and first to the Jews, the truths of God and His plans for the salvation of mankind and their restoration to all that they had lost by the fall of their first parents because of their disobedience, and that if the people of my nation had received him and accepted and followed his teachings, they would not now on earth be the scattered, homeless and persecuted race that they are, and in the spirit world would not now be satisfied with their homes and happiness in the Spiritual Heavens, but would be, many of them, inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens and the possessors of immortality and God's Divine Love.

You have received many messages describing the plan of the Father for the salvation of men and what the Divine Love is and how it may be obtained and its effect on the soul of man and spirit when once possessed, and I will not attempt here to enter into an explanation of these things, but with all the love that I have for my race, superadded to a knowledge of the great error and insufficiency of their faith to bring them into at-onement with God, I advise and urge them to seek the truth and apply it to their individual souls and affirm that the truth is contained and the way be found in the messages that you have received from Jesus and the other high spirits.

I am a believer in these truths, a follower of the Master and an inhabitant of the Celestial Heavens; but I want to say that these truths did not come to me as a part of my faith until many long years of life in the spirit world, and that some of these years I lived in darkness and suffering. So I will say good night and subscribe myself

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, January 3, 2014

Elameros Writes that He Lived in the Time of Jesus and Heard Him Teaching in Palestine

January 22, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here. Elameros.

I am a Greek, or rather the spirit of a mortal who was a Greek, and I lived in the days when Jesus walked the hills and plains of Palestine teaching his new doctrines of the Divine Love and the Kingdom of Heaven. I was not a follower of him or a believer in his teachings, for I was a disciple of Plato and Socrates, and was satisfied of the truth of their philosophy and did not believe that there were other truths than what it contained.

I was a traveler and at times visited Palestine and on several occasions heard Jesus teaching the multitudes of people who seemed to be so interested in his discourses. I must confess that I was startled at times by his doctrines and recognized that while they treated of subjects similar to those contained in my philosophy, yet they were different and gave to these subjects a new and spiritual meaning that I had never before thought of.

I could see that he was not a student of philosophy, or yet, an educated man, as we understood men to be educated, yet he dealt with these questions in such an enlightening and authoritative way that caused me to wonder at the source of his information. And when, at times, he said that he was not speaking of his own knowledge, but that his Father was speaking through him, I was almost ready to believe that such was the fact.

You must remember that I believed in God and in the lesser gods or demons who executed His will, and when Jesus spoke of his Father, meaning God, it was not unnatural for me, in a way, to accept what he declared. And then I recollect, that I was impressed with the fact that he was not speaking from a mind that had been developed by the study of the philosophies, but from a mind that seemed to have in it that which had been lodged there by some great outside intelligence. He spoke, as he said, with knowledge and speculations seemed to be no part of his conclusions or the cause of any of his deductions.

Notwithstanding these impressions on me, I was too wise, in my own conceit, that my philosophy was the only true one, and that my knowledge of it was without defect to attempt to give serious consideration to what I had heard Jesus say and, consequently, let the truths which he uttered pass from me.

I saw and heard him teach only a few times, and then I heard of his crucifixion and death as a malefactor, and forgot about him. When next I saw him, it was in the spirit world, and this continued after I became a spirit; and then he was teaching the same doctrines that I had heard him teach on earth; but he was a wonderfully bright and glorious spirit. I don't think that I can write more tonight. I will come again.

Your brother in Christ,


Helen comments on the message of the ancient Greek.
I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, you have had quite a remarkable letter from the Greek spirit tonight, and there is in it substance for much thought on the part of the Greeks.

We thought it best to have him write, because it is a part of the plan that will be disclosed to have some spirits of all nations and creeds and religions write you for the benefit of their races or followers who may live on earth.

Love me and say good night.

Your own true loving,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Helen Writes About John's Prior Message and Confirms the Soulmate Messages and Reveals Mr. Colburn's Soulmate

January 19, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I see that you are tired and must not write more; but I want to say that you must think of the message that John wrote you, for it is a very important one and means much to you as well as to us and our work. He was all kindness and love when he wrote, and so much wants you to follow his advice, and I know you will.

Laura wrote and told you the fact about meeting her soulmate. They are very happy and are both seeking for greater inflowing of the Divine Love, for which I am so very glad. I have not seen him and, hence, of my own knowledge can't tell you, but she should know the fact and, of course, would only write you the truth. I don't see how she could be mistaken.

Well, the last spirit is very anxious to meet his soulmate, but I think I will keep him on the anxious bench for a little while, for he is not altogether in the proper condition; and if he has to worry a little before he meets her it may do him some good. He is a very decent sort of spirit, and I have no doubt will love his soulmate very much; but yet some of his thoughts must change before I bring him to her.

Yes, she has made considerable progress, and is a quite loving spirit. She has not yet gotten into the Third Sphere, but she is seeking the Love very earnestly and before a great while will be there. I have taken a special interest in her on account of Mr. Colburn, and I have told her of him and that he is her soulmate, and she is with him quite often. And having seen the Doctor's Mary (Kennedy) write him, she is very anxious to write Mr. Colburn. She now realizes fully that her earth husband is not her soulmate, and that the love which she had for him is a very different kind from what has come to her for Mr. Colburn. The latter is now absorbing her and the former is now a mere recollection of kind thoughts and good wishes for the happiness of her husband. And these thoughts do not in the least interfere with the greater and only decreed love that has come to her. As I say, she is anxious to write him, and very soon she shall have the opportunity.

I suppose he would like to know her name while on earth and I will give it now, though she says give only her maiden name, for she says that the only true marriage for her is the one with Mr. Colburn, and she wants to come to him with all recollection of her earth matter obliterated. Well, her name was Nellie Robinson, and she lived in the state of New York close to the city of Buffalo. She was a village girl and never saw much of city life; and for his gratification, she says tell him that her mortal life was as pure and undefiled as pure thoughts and rather spiritual nature would make it.

But I will not write more now about her and will leave her to tell her own story and do her own love-making. But say to Mr. Colburn that he is fortunate in having such a beautiful girl for his spirit bride, and I am glad that it is so.

I must not write more now. My own dear Ned, I love you with all my heart and soul and will say good night. Give me my kiss and soon go to bed.

Your own true and loving

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

George E. Luckett Writes that He is Willing to Get in the Proper Condition to Meet His Soulmate

January 19, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me say a word - George E. Luckett.

I am a spirit who has listened to your last communication and was somewhat interested in what the spirit said about her soulmate and her love for a spirit that she never heard of until after she got into the spirit world.

Now that may be all true, and I must say that she and her companion seemed to be very happy and looked like sure enough lovers that you read of in romances; but what I want to ask is: "How could they know that they are soulmates?"

Of course, they may love each other a great deal and think that there is no one else in all the wide world that can take the place of the one with the other, just as mortal sweethearts have thought and said many a time, to find later they were mistaken. And, as I have heard that this soulmate love is one that admits of no mistake, I should like to know, as I said, how they are certain that they are soulmates.

Well, I see your wife, and she says that there is not the slightest difficulty in knowing that you are some other spirit's soulmate provided you are in condition to be able to receive that knowledge. That, of course, some of these old grouchy selfish bachelors would not be able to receive this knowledge; and that is one of their punishments. But whenever the spirit has a loving soul and he has progressed into that condition of development where it is best that he should meet his soulmate, he will meet her and will know the fact when he does meet her.

Now, this makes me think some, for I am one of these bachelors and have never believed in soulmates or anything of that nature; though I have seen a number of couples who claimed that they were soulmates and seemed to be very happy. Yet the fact made no special impression on me, neither did it incite in me any desire to learn if I have a soulmate. But now I believe that I will try to find whether I have or not.

Your wife says that when I get in proper condition for having one come to me, she will find her for me and bring her to me, and that I will almost curse myself for having been such a big fool all these years. But I wonder what she means by "proper condition"? I must go after her and find out and try to get in that condition.

Well, I will do it! I am glad that I broke in here tonight. I am in the light planes of the earth sphere, and am trying to be a decent fellow and hope that I am. But as to whether it meets the "proper condition," I will find out. Thanking you for your kindness, I will say good night.

Your friend,
George E. Luckett