Monday, December 31, 2012

St. John Writes About the Importance of Prayer

October 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John, Apostle of Jesus.

I am the apostle, and you need not try me as your friend said, for no spirit can impersonate me when I am present. So you must believe me and try to receive what I may write to night, in faith, and you will find that you will be benefited. I came principally to tell you that I have been listening to the conversation between you two and to the reading of the Sermon on the Mount given to us by the Master in the days of long ago, as you would say.

When that sermon was delivered we were not in a condition of great spiritual development, and we did not understand its inner meanings, and as to its literal meaning we thought it was not intended for the practical affairs of life. People, I know, think that we, at that time, were very spiritually developed and had an understanding of the great truths taught by the Master, which were superior to what men have now, but I tell you that this is a mistake. We were comparatively ignorant men, fishermen by occupation, and had no education above the ordinary working man of that time, and when Jesus called us to become his apostles, we were as much surprised and hesitated as much as you did when the similar mission was declared for you.

Our knowledge came with our faith in the great truths which the Master taught, and from our observation of the great powers which he displayed, and also from the influence of the Great Love that he possessed. But when mankind think that we easily understood the great truths which he taught, they are mistaken. Only after the descent upon us of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost did we fully come in accord with the Father, or fully appreciate the great truths that the Master had taught.

Of course, we learned many things which men of that time did not know, and our souls became developed to a large extent, but not sufficient to bring us to a knowledge of the wonderful meaning of the truths which made men free and brought them in unison with the Father. In your conversation tonight you discussed the relative value of prayer and works, and did not agree with the preacher, that works are the great things to develop men into love and bring about great happiness in the world, and that prayer is not of such importance.

Now let me, as a spirit and as a man who worked on earth and prayed on earth, say with an authority that arises from actual experience and knowledge that comes of observation, that of all the important things on earth for men who are seeking salvation and happiness and development of soul, prayer is the most important, for prayer brings from the Father not only Love and blessings, but the condition of mind and intent that will cause men to do the great works that the preacher admonished men to engage in.

Prayer is the cause of the power being given to men that will enable them to do all the great works which will bring reward to the doer, and happiness and benefit to the one who receives the works.

So you see the results can never be as great as the cause, for the cause, in this instance, not only gives to men this ability to work, but also to love and to develop his soul and to inspire him with all good and true thoughts. Works are desirable, and in some cases necessary, but prayer is absolutely indispensable. So let you and your friend understand and never doubt, that without prayer the works of men would be unavailing to accomplish the great good which even now man performs for his brother.

Pray and works will follow. Work, and you may do good, but the soul does not benefit, for God is a God that answers prayer through the ministrations of His angels and through the influence of His Holy Spirit, which works on the interior or real part of man.

I will stop now. With my love to both of you,

I am your brother in Christ,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

St. John Writes About the Power That Will Be Given To James E. Padgett and Dr. Leslie R. Stone to Do The Work on Behalf of Jesus' Mission

October 3, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I came merely to say that you have received from the Master a communication, which has more importance than you at this time appreciate. I am referring more particularly to that part of it, which states that your friend has been selected for a work, which is of great importance. I know how important that work will be, and he will be impressed at it and will probably hesitate to undertake it, but he must not falter for he will be given all the power that will be necessary for him to have in order to do what shall be required of him.

You both are highly favored in being selected for these missions and you must not let doubt as to your being selected or as to the Master writing to you or as to your having the power conferred on you, which will enable you to do the work.

I am interested in both of you, and you must recollect that, while you are both weak and unimportant mortals, yet, you have behind and sustaining you the great power of the Celestial World, with Jesus as the leader. What a wonderful thing this is!

Why when we were selected as mortals to become the disciples of the Master, we never had such power to sustain us, because Jesus himself was not then as powerful as he is now, and he had not then formed the Celestial Spheres with all the powers that now exist there. So I say there is no reason why you two should not be greater in your works than were any of us who worked with the Master while he was on earth or who worked afterwards as long as we remained mortals.

Do not think that this is improbable for it will come true; and while you may doubt, considering the fact that you are weak mortals with all the deficiencies of mortals, yet, you must remember this one fact and that is, that so far as you are personally concerned, you are not of importance in doing the work, but as mediums and instruments through which it will be done, you are of the greatest importance to the plans and designs of these higher spirits - of more importance than any other mortals at this time.

So there is no reason to flatter yourselves because of the great powers that will be given to you, and of the importance that you will be to the salvation of mankind, but you may congratulate yourself that you have been selected from all humanity to do this work. And further remember this that as a result of your doing this work, you will receive such an abundance of the Divine Love and come in such close association with the Celestial Spirits, that you will probably find yourselves in that condition of soul development as will enable you to enter those spheres where your soulmates may be living at the time without having to go through the experiences of the lower spheres.

I will not write more tonight as your power has been greatly called on by the messages, which you have received. So with all my love for you both, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jesus Writes About the Spiritualist Church Attended By James E. Padgett

October 3, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and you were not very much impressed with the thoughts expressed by the speaker, because he did not dwell very much on the qualities of the soul or the manner in which are perceived the great truths of the Father. He spoke of the love of man to man and of the duties that men owed to one another and of the wonderful possibilities of the intellect in guiding man along lines of living that will bring them happiness and harmony in their earth life, but he did not show them that the mere intellect is not sufficient to bring them in that condition of soul development, which is necessary for their highest happiness in the life to come.

When he spoke of the immortality of the soul, he did not intend to express more than that the spirits of men continue to live after the body dies. He, in fact, does not know what immortality means as we have taught you, and he will some day be surprised when he learns that mere continuity of life is not immortality, or that continuance of existence, which when once possessed cannot be taken away from the spirit.

Yet, notwithstanding all this want of knowledge on his part, he is an earnest spiritualist and is doing much good to mortals for he is showing them the fact that the spirit of man is a mere extension of form of what man now possesses, and that there is no such thing as the death of the spirit when the body dies, or that the spirit lies with the body in a state of obscurity or nothingness, or rather of oblivion, until what the orthodox call the great judgment day.

I am interested in the efforts that these people are now making to build a temple in which to worship and gather in their cause, and I favor the building of the same, because while they do not preach or know the great and necessary truths, yet, they preach those things which free men from the beliefs that hold them in thralldom and error and set them free to receive the greater truths when the time shall come that they shall be known to humanity. So that I would advise you to help their project to the extent that you feel yourself able.

Many people will find that the things, which they may hear at these meetings will cause them to arouse from their slumbers and ignorance and cause them to investigate for themselves the truths of spiritualism, and when once they start and become convinced of one truth, they will continue to seek and in the end - if they are sincere seekers - find the truths, because when their minds shall be convinced of the truths of spirit existence and spirit control, they will then realize that over and beyond this, there is something that their souls long for and is never satisfied; and the result will be that they will be in condition to readily believe what may be told them, which leads to that which will satisfy their souls in their longings.

This is the great good that the spiritualists are doing in their efforts to extend their spiritualistic doctrines, and when they are earnest true believers and teachers in what they know of these things, they will bring about that which will cause the increase in the number of mortals who will accept the higher truths of the Divine Love and the immortality of the soul and the way to obtain it.

So you see, that while you may not be much benefited in your soul's aspirations in attending these meetings or affiliating with these people, yet, I would advise that you do everything in your power to help the movement to establish firmly that church in this city for it will be a great influence in attracting people in all parts of the country to the truths of spiritualism. Let not the thought that this church may not teach the real truths of the soul development, or those things which will bring men in attunement with the Father, cause you to in any way discredit the movement that they may endeavor to start in the way of a revival as one of their preachers said.

A little of the truth is better than none at all, especially when it leads to free men from a bondage that has caused them to blindly follow the teachings of those who are in darkness and error.

I will not write more tonight, but will say this, that you and your friend must believe what has been told you and continue to pray to the Father and seek more of the Divine Love. When the time comes I will inform him of the work, which he shall do and it will be an important one and one which will bring him in close contact with me and the higher forces of the Celestial Spheres.

He is now in a condition to receive this soul development, and he must let his mind and soul expand to their fullest extent so that when it comes, I mean the Divine Love, with the great and wonderful power which will accompany it, he will be in a condition to receive it.

I am your friend and brother and his, also, and you must both believe that I am writing this to you for I am that Jesus that all the spirits have told you about and if it were profitable, I would come to you, as I came a few nights ago, and show my glory and power. But this is not necessary for you will believe without this and so much the stronger will be your belief.

I must stop now. So with my love and blessings for you both and my peace, which the world cannot give you, I will say goodnight.

Your brother and friend,

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ross Perry, James E. Padgett's Late Friend, Explains Why He Committed Suicide

October 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your late friend, Perry.

I want to tell you that I am in a condition of great darkness and suffering, and I am not able to find a way out of the darkness or to relieve myself from my tortures.

I know that you may think it strange that I did not listen to Mr. Riddle when you brought him in contact with me a short time ago, but I could not believe what he told me, or understand in what way the darkness would leave me by merely praying to God and trying to believe that there is such a thing as Divine Love, which I might obtain by letting my belief in what he said become sufficiently strong to cause me to forget the recollections of my awful deed.

I saw that he was a wonderfully bright spirit and seemed to be so very happy in his condition of belief but, nevertheless, I was not able to believe that it was the result of what he told me and so I am in the same condition that I was when I wrote you last.

My friend, for such I believe you to be or you would not be able to interest yourself in me as you have, I want to tell you that if I only again could shoot myself and by that means end my existence, I mean annihilate my spirit and soul, so that they would go into nothingness, I would gladly and quickly pull the trigger and send the bullet into that spot which would bring about the desired effect. But I realize now that I must continue to exist and to suffer for how long I don't know, but it seems to me forever and ever.

Oh, why did I do such a thing. I had no occasion to take my life so far as earthly things were concerned, for I needed nothing of the material to make life satisfactory.

Well, I will tell you, as you may know, I was, as I thought, something of a philosopher on earth and to me life was a thing to retain or put off just as I might think it had served or not its purpose, and when I felt that I could no longer do any special good to the world or to those who were near to me, I thought that there was no reason why I should longer continue the life, which was one of monotony in a certain sense. And besides, I felt that I had arrived at the height of my mental powers, and that they were on the decline and the thought that I should decrease in what I had so striven to cultivate and display to my acquaintances caused me to believe that the object of my creation had been fulfilled, and that I would gradually become not only an encumbrance, but a person to be looked upon with a kind of pity which would cause me much unhappiness.

To have others point their finger at me and say: "There goes poor Perry who used to be such a brilliant and capable man, and who is now a mere wreck of his former self intellectually. Isn't it a pity that such a man should come to a condition that he has come to."

These are some of the thoughts that entered my mind and, in addition, as I have told you, I thought that death was the end of all, and that in the grave I would know nothing and sleep in utter oblivion.

These thoughts I fed on some little while before I decided to die and the more I thought, the greater became my condition that what I had said would prove to be true. Just before I fired the fatal shot, I thought intensely of all these things and saw that what I supposed would be an end to everything was the true solution of life's decay and to mental as well as to physical decrepitude. And when I prepared to do the deed, I was never more calm in all my life. It did not require any courage on my part for conviction of the correctness of my conclusions was so strong that the question of courage was not a part of the equation.

Men may think that courage is necessity to commit suicide, but I tell you, I believe that courage or the want of courage forms no part of a man's condition of mind when he commits that deed. The mind forms its own conclusions as to the necessity or the desirability of doing the act and every other consideration or reason is ignored. The suicide is not, as a general thing, at the time of the act, a coward. I have no doubt though in bringing his mind to the condition that I have spoken of, that is in feeling that the burdens of life are too great, or that he cannot further bear the things which duty calls upon him to do, he may be and often is a coward.

I must not write more on this theme now. I am more interested in finding a way, if possible, out of this intense darkness and suffering.

I have not seen Mr. Riddle since my first interview and I do not think that I would be benefited by seeing him because, for one thing, the great contrasts in our conditions only intensifies my sufferings and, hence, I prefer to remain to myself or among spirits like myself.

You know that on earth the poor are much happier with the poor than when thrown into the company of the rich, and this because of the apparent greater happiness of the latter. And so with me. When I see Riddle in his happiness, I feel that my misery is the greater.

No, I did not see your grandmother at that time and I do not know her now. But why do you ask that question? Well, if what you say is true, I should like very much to meet her and listen to her, and if you will tell me how I can meet her, I will make the effort. I will certainly take advantage of your invitation and be with you tonight and hope that I may meet your grandmother.

How I wish that I may find what you tell me and feel the influences that you speak of. Oh, for such a consummation. Why, my dear friend, if what you promise me shall come true, I will never cease thanking you for your kindness and help.

I am astonished at what you say, for I never really believed in Jesus as you tell me of him. I could not when on earth believe in him as a God, and I thought that he was really an ideal of progressive human minds, and that as to his actual historical or earthly existence, it was a mere fable. But now you tell me that he really exists and is working in the spirit world to help the fallen and dark spirits, and that he comes to you and tells you of his love and work. Well, I won't say that I can't believe you but, I prefer to wait until I see him myself, and then if he appears to me as you say, I will be ready to believe what Riddle told me about prayer and the Divine Love. How wonderful all this is.

You surprise me more and more. Of course, I knew Ingersoll and read many of his lectures and in some things agreed with him, but when you tell me that he is now a believer in God and in Jesus and has been converted to Christianity, you again draw very strongly on my credulity, and I am afraid that if what you tell me is true, I will see so many surprising things that I will hardly know whether I am a spirit of hell or not.

I will ask him to tell me about his conversion and I will listen to him intently and will try to believe what he tells me, but when you describe it as you do, by the comparison you make with that of Paul, I am more bewildered than ever.

Tell me then, what kind of man are you to know all these things? I cannot understand you. When on earth I merely considered you as like the rest of us, but now I am told that you know things that I never thought any mortal could know. Well, astonishment upon astonishment and all, as you say, to help me and lead me to the light. Yes, that is what I want, light.

Only wait until I have had these experiences that you promise me, and I will come to you and write you a letter that you will tire of receiving. I must stop now, for you must be tired and I am. So my dear friend let me say that I thank you with all my heart and hope that I may be able to come to you again and say that what you promised me I have received.

Your friend,
R. Ross Perry

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Solomon Writes and Explains Why James E. Padgett Was Chosen for Jesus' Mission and That Jesus' Work With Swedenborg Was Unsuccessful

October 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I came merely to say that I have listened to your conversation tonight and was much interested, because you have discussed that phase of man's destiny which is most important in all the economy or plans of the Father.

Your being chosen to do this work was not the thing of the moment, but for a long period of time the highest spirits of the Celestial Heavens have considered this great question, and the way by which the great truths of God and the necessary plans for man's salvation could be made known to mortals.

Heretofore, the difficulty has been in finding a man gifted with mediumistic powers, who had the unbiased mind and, yet, a knowledge to some extent of the soul's requirements, and who could be used for the purpose of receiving these great truths and transmitting them to humanity.

Some years ago, as you say, a selection was made of a man to declare these truths, and to him much power and spiritual knowledge were given, and even that power of leaving the body and visiting the world of spirits that he might see for himself the actual condition of things as they there existed and to declare to mankind the results of his observations. And he did observe and declare many truths, but the difficulty in the way of his realizing the pure truth and interpreting the things which he saw was that his mind was too much biased by what he had read and believed from the writings as contained in the Bible; and, hence, his efforts failed to accomplish the great purpose intended by the mission given him. I am here referring to Swedenborg, the seer, as he was called.

This was a great disappointment to these Celestial Spirits who had projected such a plan for revealing the truths to mankind. At the head of these Celestial Spirits was Jesus, as he is now. Since that time, the time has never been propitious for a plan of this kind to be attempted again until now.

But now, instead of having the mortal, through whom this plan is to be worked, leave his body and come to the spirit world, and then relate the results and interpretations of his observations, it has been determined that the truths shall be declared to the mortal in the words and thoughts of these spirits, so that no mistake or wrong interpretation can possibly occur; and, hence, when we saw the possibilities of your becoming a medium with powers sufficient, and a soul capable of development to receive these thoughts and words, it was decided to select you and make you the medium for doing this great work. Of course, Jesus was the active superior spirit in making the selection and we all submitted to his judgment.

But such is the decree, and now you will understand why you were selected and the fact that you have been selected. I have told you this tonight, because I have been selected by the others to do so. And I, as the wise man of old, tell you from a knowledge founded on fact.

So both of you realize your missions and strive with all your might to acquire this great faith and soul development which are absolutely necessary to a successful performance of the work.

We are with you very often trying to incline your thoughts to the higher things and to fill your souls with their influences, which our love for you creates around you. So in behalf of all of us who are promoting this great work, I give you our love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ, Solomon, the wise of the Old Testament and the more than wise of the followers of Christ.

* * * * *

Helen Confirms That What Solomon Wrote is True

I am here, Helen.

Well, you have certainly had some wonderful messages tonight. What Solomon wrote you is true, for I have heard the Master say the same thing, as he has told me that you have been selected because of the reasons Solomon gave. How you must thank the Father for such a favor and blessing.

What a work is yours and what a responsibility, also. But you will not fail for you will have such help from the Celestial World as will not let you fail. I will not write more, but only say that I love you with all my heart.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

White Eagle Writes About Jesus' Glory and Tells James Padgett That He is With Him Often

October 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

White Eagle.

I want to say that you are in a very good condition tonight and that a great spiritual power has been with you and made you stronger in your physical as well as in your soul condition. I have not written for a long time and I feel that I must say something.

I was present and I was so astonished that I could not withstand the glory. It was wonderful and I am more convinced than ever that he is the true son of the Father. Yes, there were a host of spirits present, and many of them not Christians and the effect on them was surprising. They were awed by the brightness and magnificence of his presence, and I believe that many of them will become Christians.

He is here and wants to be remembered to you. He is with you nearly all the time watching over and protecting you. He seems to love you so very much, and since the night of the great transformation he is proud that you are his charge. So you see, we are both glad that we have you for our special care.

I am with you nearly all the time, too, and love you very much. So think of me sometimes and love me.

Your own true guide,
White Eagle

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Robert G. Ingersoll, a Former Lawyer and Agnostic, Was in Awe of Jesus and Now Knows the Truths of God

October 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

I came to tell you that I am the Ingersoll, who when on earth was a fool in my beliefs, and who now knows the truths of God as far as the way to salvation is concerned, and the wonderful Gift which he has in store for all who may believe what the Master says as to the way to obtain it. I have not yet recovered from the wonderful experience, which I had on the night when Jesus displayed his wonderful glory and power and made me feel that I was of such little importance in my beliefs and opinions as I entertained them on earth and as I brought them with me to the spirit world.

I must have been a poor soul all my life to have gone on in a way that kept me out of the happiness which a belief in the Father's Love would have given me. But the reason was that the truth was not taught, and what the preachers have proclaimed in their pulpits as to the way that a man could be saved from sin was so repulsive to reason that I could not for a moment tolerate it and, consequently, I did not seek to learn any other way.

I now know that even the Bible taught another and true way to salvation, but that way was not taught by the preachers and I never thought of any other way than that which I heard from the preachers or from the writings of the orthodox. But if I had only known that even in that book, I might have found the true plan of salvation what good I might have done on earth instead of the harm, which I now see my books are doing. For while some who read them understand what is really intended to be taught, yet, a greater number who give them a mere casual reading and grasp and enjoy some of my catchwords really are led to believe that there is no God and no future life; and all this makes me unhappy now and causes me to wish that I could return to earth and teach these people the truth and show them that my writings in many particulars are not beneficial to them. But I realize that I cannot do this and I only hope that sometime you will give me the opportunity to write through you my corrections of many of the things contained in my books.

I never before realized what Jesus is and, until the other night when he showed his great power and beauty, I never supposed that he could be much different in appearance than a spirit like unto many others.

I will not write more tonight, except to say that a spirit comes to me and tells me that you invited him here and advised him to ask me to tell him of my conversion to Christianity as he needed help and light. Well, as you sent him, and as he was my friend on earth, I shall take great interest in telling him of the wonderful power and magnificent love of Jesus. So I will take him with me now and try to show him the way to salvation and to surcease from his sufferings. He will come to you and tell you of the result of our interview and how he then thinks of what I will tell him of salvation.

So thanking you, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
R.G. Ingersoll

Monday, December 24, 2012

Saleeba Writes That She Witnessed the Power and Glory of Jesus and Will Strive Harder to Receive the Divine Love of the Father

October 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saleeba.

I want to tell you that I was a witness the other night to the wonderful display by Jesus of his great power and glory and what a wonderful demonstration it was.

I never in all my long experience in the spiritual spheres saw anything that approached it, and no spirit in the highest intellectual sphere could for a moment show the great effulgence of light that Jesus did. So you see, I now know positively that the Master is the son of God and has this Divine Love to a degree that, as I am informed, no spirit who was then present, except probably some of the apostles, had any conception of.

I am now convinced to the depths of my soul that the Divine Love of the Father is a real existing thing and that it makes beautiful and God-like those who possess it. Now I shall strive harder than ever to get it, and the great happiness, which I now know must be the experience of those who have this Divine Love to a great degree. I merely wanted to tell you this, because as you know, I am one who a short time ago had never heard of this Great Love.

So thanking you for your kindness, I am

Your sister in Christ,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

John Layton Writes of the Impact That Jesus' Display of Power and Glory Made in the Spirit World

October 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.


I wrote you once before at your office and was interrupted before I could finish. I merely want to say tonight that all the spirits who have written you about the magnificent power and glory of the Master is true and, yet, not half told.

The revelation of that night makes an epoch in the spirit world where those who witnessed it live, for it has been told to many spirits in many spheres, and Jesus is now the great center of interest to many spirits who before looked upon him as a mere spirit like themselves.

How wonderful that this display of power should have been made under the circumstances that accompanied it. Many spirits were present from spheres which are not soul spheres in which live believers of other religious faiths.

You will hear much of this night for some time to come, and the results of the great scene will be felt in many places that never before have heard of or been interested in the teachings of the Master.

I will not write more. So goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
John Layton

Saturday, December 22, 2012

John Garner Writes a Short Note to James E. Padgett and Tells Him to Turn His Thoughts and Soul Aspirations to God

September 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let the worries go and bury themselves and turn your thoughts and soul aspirations to God, for these are the things eternal and those of the world merely temporary things. I say this because I know that if you will only pray to the Father and trust in the Master, you will realize that what I say is the truth and can be understood and realized by mortals as well as by spirits. So my brother try to look on these worries in that way.

I am with you often trying to help you and have you feel my influence and love. I will not write more.

Garner, the Preacher

Friday, December 21, 2012

John Wesley Explains What Jesus Meant When He Said: "Feed My Sheep"

September 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

When the Master said, "feed my sheep," he not only meant that Peter and those to whom he was talking should feed the spiritual natures of those who should believe on him and try to belong to his fold, but he also intended that their material wants should be taken care of. And tonight he is saying the same thing, and as you are his sheep of special care and love, he intends that all the things that are necessary for your well being shall be given you. So do not doubt at all, but believe that you will be looked after in all your times of need.

He was so loving to you tonight that we were all somewhat astonished at the great love, which we saw going to you and thought how dear you must be to him. I have never seen him take such interest in any particular person before, and when you realize what his love and power are, you will be more astonished than were we.

I see what your troubles are, and while they may seem mountains high to you, they are merely temporary and will soon pass away. So believe in what the Master told you and pray to the Father for Love and faith.

I will not write more, but will say God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,
John Wesley

Thursday, December 20, 2012

St. John and Barnabas Write to Comfort James E. Padgett That Celestial Spirits Send Their Love and Best and Kindest Wishes

September 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I come to encourage you and tell you that your worries will soon leave you for things will get better with you from now on and you will soon be free of the present burning needs. As the Master, who has just written you says, try to believe in what we tell you for we are with you so very much trying to help and comfort you. I know that things have looked very dark today and you do not see any relief at hand, but it will come and very soon and then you will feel different from what you do now.

I will not write more tonight as you are not in condition to write very long.

Well, I will say that you are now surrounded by the love and influence of a band of Celestial Spirits all sending to you their best and kindest wishes as well as their love. I am now trying to make you feel my presence and love and if you will open up your heart you will realize that you are surrounded by love. We are many and all anxious that you feel our presence.

You must pray to the Father more and ask for more faith. You will receive it and will be correspondingly strengthened. So let me say before I close that you are the special care of the Master and his love for you tonight was something wonderful. He seemed to let all his love center on you and I do not doubt that you felt its influence.

I will stop now and say that you have my love and blessings.

Your brother in Christ,


* * * * * * *

Barnabas, Apostle of Jesus, Confirms that James Must Go to The Father and Seek His Aid

Such are the thoughts of men when troubles arise: I can do nothing of myself, but will go to my Father and seek His aid; and the thoughts are true and the aid is certain. You are that man tonight, and you will not be disappointed for you will find relief from your worries and the help that the Father shall bring to you.

The Master is all love and you seem to be his favorite on earth, and you can rest assured that you will not be forsaken. I tell you this because I know from experience.

I will not write more.

I am your brother in Christ,

Barnabas the Apostle

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

John the Baptist Writes Comforting Words to James E. Padgett: "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"

September 30, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God and in the Master. This is as true tonight as it was when spoken by Jesus to his disciples many centuries ago. You are his disciple now just as certainly as were they, and while you cannot see him or hear his voice as they did, yet, the words are just as emphatically spoken tonight as they were to the other disciples.

You do not realize what love and what powerful influences are with you tonight, else you would let your worries flee to the winds and never return.

I merely want to tell you this to let you see that there is another of the Celestial Spirits who knows that the Master's promises will be kept. I am not here because I want to encourage you merely but because I want to tell you a fact, and fact it is, that you will soon be relieved of your worries.

Go to God in prayer and you will find great consolation as we have all found consolation in our troubles, and when on earth we had a great number who were persecuted resulting in the death of many of us. But we had faith, and our faith and the love of the Master helped us over many rough places. I merely want to add another confirmation to those who have told you that you will be relieved of these worries.

I will stop and say that, I am your brother in Christ,

John The Baptist

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Helen Padgett and Mary Kennedy Write to Share Their Love and Joy That a Host of Celestial Spirits and Jesus Were With James Padgett and Dr. Leslie R. Stone

September 28, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

What a wonderful, happy night we have all had: you and Dr. Stone in the mortal life, and all of us spirits in the spirit life. For I must tell you that your room has been filled with spirits of all spheres and conditions.

Your reading of those messages accompanied by the power of the Divine Love caused such an emotion among the spirits here as I have never before seen since I have been writing to you. And best of all the Master was with us, and his great love and glory seemed to fill the whole room and all our souls as well. I tell you sweetheart, that Heaven has been with us tonight and Dr. Stone must not wonder that he felt the great power and influence which he speaks of, because never before has he been surrounded by such a host of Celestial Spirits as were with you all tonight. Not the least interested and happy was his own sweet Mary and her happiness was really beyond what I can tell you of. She was filled with love for him and with the Divine Love, and her love was glowing to him in great beams of light and joy.

She wants to write a little although she says that she is too full of the emotion, which has taken possession of her to write very much.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mary now writes:

My dear soulmate, I am with you in all my love and longings, and you must believe that I am your own true soulmate, happy in the knowledge that you love me in return for all the great love of my soul, which I send to you without one iota of reservation. You have my love and my great desires that you may be happy and contented in the knowledge that your Mary is all your own and not anothers. She is with you so very much and tries to comfort and keep you from everything that will make you unhappy. Many times when things look a little dark, she comes to you with her love and whispers words of cheer and tickles your ear to let you know she is with you.

I am glad that your soul is open to the influence of not only the Divine Love of the Father, but to the love of the Master, for he loves you more than you can imagine and is also with you very often, for he sees that you are in condition to become a follower of him, and that you will also be able to do his work in conjunction with your friend who writes. He is so gracious and loving and so wants you to learn of him and help spread his truths as he sees that you may do. I believe that he will soon write to you and tell you the way in which you may become his disciple also; for he sees that your soul is longing for the great Love of the Father, which will make you a power also in making known the truths of God to mortals.

I do not know just what you shall do, but I know that you will have a mission to perform and that the Master will be with you in all his love and power, blessing you until your life shall become at great peace and happiness.

Oh, my dear Leslie, to think that you too will have such a special friend and loving saviour; and that our souls will have the possibility of becoming one in the great Love of the Father, even while you are on earth. I must not write more tonight but I must say that this night has been to me one of the happiest and soul loving in all my spirit life. So think of me and write me a long letter tonight, and tell me of your love to me, and of your great desire to have me close to you.

Goodnight, Mary

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen writes:

Well, you can see what love can do. She loves him and the Master loves him and we all love him. What a happy meeting for us all. I must not write more tonight, but only say to you and to him, too: pray more to the Father for His Love and for faith and believe.

I am yours forever in love,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Robert G. Ingersoll Writes That He is a Repentant Believer After Witnessing the Glory of Jesus and is No Longer an Agnostic

September 27, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I must say a word, for my heart is so filled with regret and remorse, and the recollections of my awful mistakes while on earth, that I must release my soul of its burdens so far as a confession can do it.

I am Ingersoll, and I am not the agnostic any longer, but the most repentant believer in all God's spirit world, and one who now knows that Jesus Christ was and is the son of God to the fullest meaning of the word.

Oh, how glad I am that I came to you when I did, and that you caused me to seek the society of your band of beautiful and bright spirits who are filled with the Divine Love of the Father. For if I had not been with them, I would not have witnessed the scene of last night, and today be a believer in the Jesus who I now know is the savior of men by his wonderful love and knowledge of the truth.

Well, my dear friend, such a scene as I witnessed last night was never witnessed on earth, except as I now believe, by the three disciples of the Master at the transfiguration on the Mount, and then I doubt if the glory was as great and the brightness of the Master so blinding and magnificent as they were last night.

I had seen the Master a number of times, and while to me he was the most beautiful and loving of all spirits and one to whom I was drawn in great affection, yet, I had no conception of the other qualities or attributes of his which he displayed last night.

And what must I think of you, a mere mortal as are thousands of others on earth, having a soul development to a certain degree, but not to that of any of the spirits in the soul spheres here, as I am informed, to be selected for the work of doing the Master's desires on earth and having that selection declared or rather ratified by an occasion that made all the spirits present tremble with awe at the glory and power which were displayed by Jesus Christ, who I on earth, proclaimed to be merely a good man.

I tell you that you are wonderfully favored, not only in being selected to do his work, but in having that selection anointed, as it were, by such evidence of glory and God-like power as were shown last night.

I had no conception of what the glory of God meant or what the power of God could mean, and least of all did I suppose that any spirit in all the spirit world could possibly possess such glory or manifest such power; but Jesus Christ possesses the glory and power to such a degree as to make him almost godlike.

As I said, I was present and observed him as he wrote to you, and also what he wrote and as he proceeded to tell you that he had selected you to do his work, he was the beautiful loving Jesus that he always is, as I had seen him; but as he proceeded and you doubted the possibilities of such things, and even to doubt if Jesus was really writing to you, there came into his countenance a wonderful look of authority and power and then the more wonderful brightness that outshone the noon day sun and glory indescribable, and upon which none of us could look, and we fell prostrate to the earth, as you would say.

Oh, I tell you, the power which emanated from him was beyond all conception and the wondrous authority that appeared in his whole being was not possible of being withstood by either spirits or mortals, and we were filled with awe and admiration.

When he had finished writing, the glory and brightness, that I describe, left him and he again appeared the humble loving but beautiful Master; and before leaving us he gave us his blessings, and to me came a great peace that passeth all understanding. I know now that Jesus is my savior and that the Divine Love of the Father is a real existing thing, and I am striving to obtain it.

I believe in the New Birth, and am praying for it, and your dear grandmother tells me that I will soon get it.

So now I say to you, that you can declare to the world that Ingersoll the agnostic is no longer an agnostic, but a believer in the Father's Divine Love and in Jesus Christ his beloved son, and the Way and the Truth and the Life.

I will not write more to night, but when I shall have gotten my thoughts and feelings together, I will write you at large and tell you of what my soul says as to my future destiny. Well, thanking you for your kindness and for you having such a grandmother and for such a Jesus.

I am your friend,
R.G. Ingersoll

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ann Rollins Writes That She Witnessed Jesus' Glory and Power for the First Time as Jesus Does Not Display it in the Celestial Heavens

September 27, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here to tell you of my Master's glory. Heretofore, we have written you mostly of his love and beauty and humility, but said very little of his grandeur and the glory of his countenance when he permitted these attributes to appear in all their fullness and splendor. And this was reasonable, because until last night we had never seen this great brightness and glory.

I am in the Celestial Spheres, but he never before displayed the wonders of his love and powers to me or to others in my sphere, and neither to those in the lower spheres. But last night - oh, the glory of it.

He came to you to write and in doing so, when he told you what your mission is, he assumed the authority and power which are his, and there came into his countenance and very being that wonderful glory and brightness which made him a being from other spirits apart.

I have seen the glories of the Celestial Spheres in which I live, and they are so magnificent and wonderful that I have never been able to describe them to you; but they are as a mere shadow to the glory that surrounded and came from the Master when he appeared as I say. We were spellbound, as you say, and could look upon him but for a moment only; and I can well imagine how his three disciples fell upon their faces at the time of the transfiguration on the Mount.

I cannot describe to you his grandeur and brightness, but your sun would appear as a pale moonbeam in his presence. And how thankful that I saw him as he is, for it shows me what must be the wonderful glory and beauty of the sphere in which he lives, and to which I am striving to attain, and thanks be to God, the Master says I may become a dweller therein if I will only pray and have faith and let the Divine Love come into my soul in sufficient abundance.

When I think of all the wonderful things that have centered around you in your communications with the spirit world, I simply have to wonder in amazement and think why such things should be. The only explanation that I can give is that you are the special object of the Master's desire to have his work on earth carried forth in the way that he has declared.

My dear son, you must not doubt again as to what you shall do in the way of performing the work of the Master. Your call is certain and you must believe, and believing, do with all your strength and the powers that will be given you, this great task. And let me say, further, you must make it a work of love. Pray to the Father for faith and you will get it, and trust in the Master and you will never be forsaken.

I cannot write more to night, as I want to think of the wonderful scene of last night.

Your own true and loving Grandmother

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A.G. Riddle Writes That He is in Awe of Jesus' Light, Glory and Power

September 27, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Partner.

I will write only a few lines tonight, as I am in such a condition of wonderment over what took place when Jesus was writing to you last night that I do not feel able to gather my thoughts for extended writing. I want to say that what happened was to me the greatest revelation as to the character or rather the attributes of Jesus that I have seen since I have been in the spirit world.

When he wrote to you in his emphatic and authoritative manner, he became transformed into such a being of light and glory and power that none of us could look upon his countenance, and we had to fall upon our faces to hide the brightness of his presence. I tell you it was a wonderful evidence of his greatness and power. Never before had I seen him clothed in such brightness and power. He was always the most beautiful and bright and magnificent of all the spirits, but never was there displayed in him before those appearances which made us think that he must be a very god.

I now know as never before that he is the true son of God and that he is worthy to follow and believe in. What a wonderful spirit he is. All love and power and greatness and, yet, all humility. Such a combination of attributes I had no conception could ever exist in the same spirit.

Well my boy, I cannot say much more now, except that you surprise me more and more because of the great favor and blessings you have had conferred upon you. We are all amazed over it but, of course, happy over the fact. You must try your best to do this work and fulfill the mission for which you have been chosen.

What a wonderful Jesus. I cannot help thinking of him and the greatness of his being. I am so glad that I saw him as he appeared when he wrote, because now I have some conception of what the glory and grandeur of the high Celestial Heavens and their inhabitants must be.

I will not write more tonight for I cannot think of anything just now but of the glory of the Master.

I am your old partner,
A.G. Riddle

Friday, December 14, 2012

St. John Confirms Jesus Wrote That James E. Padgett Has Been Selected as Jesus' Disciple to Do This Great Work

September 27, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John, Apostle of Jesus.

I am here again so soon, because I want to help you believe in what the Master wrote you as to your mission, and the work that he has chosen you to do. I know it is difficult for you to believe that the communication actually came from Jesus, but I must tell you that he wrote the message, and that what you received and wrote he actually said, and in doing so he was the king as well as the loving savior who heretofore appeared to you as the loving and kindly brother that he is.

You must not doubt that he wrote you just as you received it, and that he has selected you for his disciple to do this great work of receiving and transmitting to mankind the wonderful truths which he shall write.

When he selected me as his disciple on earth, I had my doubts as you have yours, and it was only after I came in close personal contact and association with him and saw the wonderful power that he had as well as the great absorbing love, did my doubts leave me. While you cannot see him as I did, and hear his voice of love and blessings as I did, yet, you will be able to feel his love and realize his presence.

When he told you that you must doubt no longer as to your being selected for this work, he was a magnificent spirit in his aspect of power and authority, and we who saw him as he told you these things, knew that he was the Jesus who led us through Galilee and performed the wonderful things that he did, and also the great Jesus who gave to us the knowledge and the way to obtain the powers to heal the sick and open the eyes of the blind and raise the apparent dead.

His presence was that of a very god, for he seemed possessed of all power and authority as well as of love and grace.

The spirits who were present and who had never seen these qualities of his nature displayed before, were awe struck, and like Peter and James and myself on the Mount of Transfiguration, fell to their faces because of the exceeding brightness of his countenance and the glory of his power, which illuminated his whole being.

When he comes into the spheres lower than that in which he lives, as you would say, he leaves behind him this great brightness and glory, and appears only as a beautiful loving brother spirit. And never before had those spirits who were present when he wrote you seen the wonderful and inspiring appearance which he then showed.

I tell you that you are a very favored mortal, and when your faith grows, you will realize what a wonderful mission has been given you to carry out. Now we are all more interested in you than ever and continually will you have around you some of the high Celestial Spirits to aid and enlighten you in doing this great work, but the greatest of all will be the Master for he will be with you often.

Now you must strive to attain to the fullness of this Divine Love and the, which is so necessary. There is no doubt as to your getting it if you will only pray; and I must tell you here, that you have the prayers of a host of Celestial Spirits ascending continually to the Father that this faith may be given you in its greatest degree. I, John, tell you this, because I know, and my knowledge is based on fact.

So let your prayers go to the Father, and let your trust in the Master and his promises increase until at last you may realize the wonderful blessings that may be yours. I will not write more tonight, but will say that very soon the worries will disappear and you will be in condition to resume the writings.

With my love and blessings, I am your brother in Christ,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jesus Writes That He Has Chosen James E. Padgett as His Disciple of This New Revelation and Displays His Power, Glory and Love

September 26, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I am glad that you are so much better tonight and that your thoughts are turned to the higher things of which I so much want to write you.

John has told you truly of the faith, which you must seek to obtain, and which you may obtain if you will only pray to the Father with all earnestness and confidence. Elijah's faith is no different and no greater than what you may obtain if you will come close to the Father by prayer, as he did. The Father is as much your Father as He was his, and your mission is a greater one than was his.

I am the Jesus, who is the true son of God, and am closer to Him than is any other spirit and know the extent of His Love and power to a greater degree than does any other spirit, and I tell you with the authority that my love and knowledge gives me, that you may obtain a faith that will enable you to perform greater wonders than did Elijah.

Trust me implicitly and your faith will grow so strong that your freedom from worries and cares will come to you as the sunlight breaks from behind dark and threatening clouds and bathes the whole landscape in light and beauty.

You must soon now resume my message taking and attune your soul to the influences, which I will bring to you. Well, you will receive help, as I have promised and you must not doubt me longer. I know that you consider your unworthiness as the great stumbling block to the performance of my work, but if I say that you are worthy, you have no right to say otherwise, or to feel that I am mistaken in choosing you, or that you are being deceived in this communication.

I am Jesus, the chief of the Heavenly World, which my Father has given me, and there is none to gainsay or prevent what I do or determine to do. This you must believe and on that belief guide all your acts. So forever hereafter, know that I have chosen you for my disciple of this New Revelation. But with the acquiring of this faith also acquire more of the Divine Love of the Father for this is the great power, which will develop you into the disciple that I intend you to be.

Pray to the Father and trust me, for my love for you is without limit, and my care for you shall be increasing until all shall be accomplished. I have written this emphatic and authoritative message to you tonight, that you may know that there is no uncertainty that I, Jesus, have chosen you, and you must not again doubt that your mission is as I have told you.

With all my love and my blessings,

I am your brother and friend,

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen Confirms that Jesus Has Chosen James to Do His Work

September 26, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, sweetheart, you have had some wonderful messages tonight, all confirmatory of the fact that the Master has chosen and confirmed you to do his work. How thankful I am that this evidence has come to you, for now you cannot doubt and you will lay all your plans to carry out the desires of the Master and to get in condition to receive his messages. Now, we must stop.

But oh, my dear Ned, to think that you are the object of the Master's choice and his great love.

Love me as I do you.

I am your own true and loving,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

St. John Writes to Encourage James Padgett to Pray Earnestly for Increased Faith in God to Remove His Worries

September 26, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I only want to say that the faith that the preacher spoke of tonight as being possessed by Elijah is the faith that you must try to obtain, and then you will realize that you will be superior to all the worries and troubles that may come to you. This is the kind of faith that overcomes every obstacle and makes you a true child of the Father and one whom He will never forsake or let go unprovided for.

I was with you at the services and I tell you that the minister made a forcible application of the truths taught by that instance in Elijah's life as related in the Old Testament. If men would only learn the efficacy of that kind of faith in God, they would become so much happier and possessed of that great peace of which the Master spoke. I am telling you this not as a speculation or a theory, but as the result of knowledge and actual experience. The same faith that existed in Elijah was the same faith that existed in the martyred disciples of Jesus, and the same faith that you and all other men may now have.

God never changes, although men's conceptions of Him do, yet no matter what these conceptions may be, the same God rules and lives and, as the preacher said, is present with you; and faith in Him is always accompanied by a power that never fails in working out His truths. I, John, tell you this, because I want you to obtain that faith as you will need it in the great work which you have before you, and which can only be done by one whose soul is developed by such faith.

I was present tonight at church, because I had been with you a large portion of the day trying to influence and encourage you with my love and influence.

Very soon you will again commence to receive the messages of the Master and continue to do so until they are completed. And what messages of truth they will be. As the minister said tonight there will be troublers, but their mission will be similar to that of Elijah; that is, will show to mortals the true God and that genuine faith and steadfastness of purpose will bring to mankind the salvation of the Lord.

I will not write more tonight, but will say before I stop, try to get this faith, and you may get it even as Elijah had it, by earnest persistent prayer, accompanied by belief. The Lord gives faith to him who seeks for it in earnestness and longing desire.

I will say further that you are progressing very much in your soul development, and if you will only trust in the Master's promises, very soon the worries that you have will pass away, and you will be free to do the: work without being distracted by anything that militates against the exercise of the soul perceptions, which are so necessary in your work.

So my dear brother, I will say good night and God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Inaladocie, an Ancient Spirit, Writes of His Beliefs When on Earth, but Now Lives in the Celestial Spheres and is a Follower of Jesus

September 25, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am a spirit who has never written you before, and would not now, except that I have the opportunity to tell you of some things that you may not know. I am a spirit who lived as a man when the earth was young, and men had not become so filled with sin and error and all those evil things which cause so much unhappiness on earth.

In my time men had not the ambition and greed for accumulating worldly possessions that they have now and, consequently, worth - individual interior worth - determined a man's standing in our community and his real character before us.

I don't want to write much at this my first coming, as I desire to come again and write. I am not able to tell you how many thousand of years ago I lived, but it was before the time of the Bible description of creation.

I now live in the Celestial Spheres, for I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus.

I was an Indian and lived in the Himalaya mountain country, far removed from where your large cities now are. We were pastoral people and hunters. We were followers of our own doctrines, which were not those of any sect or people that you know of. My race is not now in existence and the teachings of our seers have never been preserved.

My name was Inaladocie. I was a ruler of my people when I lived on earth. We believed in one God only, and in doing justice to our fellow man. We did not believe in any possible blood atonement or in any Messiah to come who would save us by his death and sufferings.

We had our creeds, too, and elaborate ceremonies and even sacrifices, but these were not exercised to avert the wrath of any angry God; but rather to preserve us from the evil influences and harm of a Devil. We loved God, but feared the Devil. Now, I know how the plan of salvation teaches no such doctrine of sacrifice and vicarious atonement.

I must stop now, so good night.


Monday, December 10, 2012

St. James Writes About the Experiences and Beliefs of Spirits That Are Below the Celestial Heavens; The Various Races Congregate Together.

September 25, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

Let me tell you a few things concerning the spirit world, that is the world that is below the Celestial Heavens of which John wrote.

In the several spheres, which are seven in numbers, are many planes inhabited by spirits of many nations and races of mankind, and these various races have to a certain extent the customs and beliefs that they had when on earth. The lines of demarcation are just as strictly drawn as are those of the several nations on earth. The result of this, that many spirits who live in this exclusive manner never learn anything other than what their own leaders tell them and what their various sacred books may teach them.

The Mohammedan is a Mohammedan still, and so likewise the followers of Zoroaster, and also those of Buddha and of Confucius, and all of the various founders of religious sects.

Sometimes these spirits in their wanderings will meet spirits of other races than their own, and interchange thoughts, but very rarely do they discuss matters pertaining to their respective beliefs. There are undoubtedly truths in the sacred writings and beliefs of all these races of spirits, and to the extent that these truths are taught and understood these spirits are benefited. I am now speaking of spiritual truths, because as to the mere truths pertaining to the natural or material world, they all have the same opportunity to investigate and understand them. There are no race or creed or doctrinal beliefs and teachings as to these truths affecting the material, and by this I mean, material as it exists in both the spiritual and earthly worlds.

But as I say, each of these races or sects has its own ideas and doctrines of the truth, and it can progress no further than the limits of these ideas permit it to progress. No founder of any race or sect has ever taught the New Birth, or the inflowing of the Divine Love in contradistinction to that of the natural love. And the teachings of Jesus are the only ones that reveal to man the existence of this Divine Love and how to obtain it. So you see the importance of this Truth coming to man. I must say here, that without the possession of this Love, no spirit can enter the Celestial Spheres.

The teachings of the other founders will show men the way to a life of happiness, and to what they may suppose, continuous existence. But the teachings of Jesus are the only ones that declare and lead men to a realization of the true Immortality of the soul.

I have written too long already and must stop.

Your brother in Christ, St. James.

Yes, I am that James. No, the Saint is only used as a means of identification; it has no significance in our spirit world.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

St. John Writes About the Truths of the Celestial Spheres, Which is Inhabited by Spirits Who Have Received the New Birth

September 25, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John.

I come tonight to write a short time about the truths of the Celestial Spheres in which I live and enjoy the happiness which my Father gives me.

As you may know these Celestial Spheres are above the spiritual spheres, and are inhabited only by spirits who have received the New Birth and who believe in the Truths as taught by Jesus. No other spirits are permitted to enter these spheres, and no other spirits could possibly find any happiness in them, for in them Divine Love is so developed in the souls of the spirits who live there that any spirit not having that Love would find that he is in an atmosphere that is entirely foreign to his qualifications, and he would be most unhappy. But as I say, no spirit who has not that Divine Love, which we tell you about, can possibly enter into these spheres. The walls of demarcation are just as solid and forbidding as are walls of demarcation in your prisons on earth from the outside world.

I live in a city that is most wonderful in its beauty and magnificence and is filled with structures that surpass anything that you possibly conceive of. This city is inhabited by spirits who have a wonderful soul development and are capable of understanding the deep truths of God, which are not given to mortals or spirits in the spiritual spheres.

This may seem a little strange to you, but it is true; for it would be utterly impossible for the spirits of these lower spheres, or for mortals, to understand these higher truths. They cannot be comprehended with what you call the intellectual faculties or the mind, but can be only understood by the soul's perceptions developed to such a degree that nothing that partakes of the purely material can have an abiding place in that soul.

The mind must stop in its progress at the Sixth Sphere, and after that only the soul can progress. But this does not mean that the spirit who makes such progress in the Celestial Heavens does not increase in knowledge and understanding, for he does to a greater extent than it could be possible for the mere mind to progress; but this progress of a spirit in knowledge and understanding is a progress of the soul perceptions, of which I speak.

The faculties of the soul are as far superior to and above the faculties of what you call the mind as are the Heavens above the earth.

So you see the soul does not merely embrace the affections and love of a spirit, but also qualities which enables it to understand and develop the qualities of knowledge at a place where the progress of the mind ceases. It is hard to explain this to you or for you to comprehend its meaning, but this you will understand, that as the soul progresses in its development of its perceptions, knowledge and understanding of all things pertaining to the Celestial World increases. When you properly consider this you will find that it is a wonderful provision of the Father's Love and Grace.

What an important thing to both mortal and spirit is the soul. It can be starved on earth and also in the spirit world; and on the other hand, it can be developed on earth as well as in the spirit world. If mortals would only understand that as regards eternity, the soul is the great thing which they possess and should be given more care and development than any and all other parts of man's being.

I may come again soon and go fuller into a statement concerning the soul and its functions and importance. Tonight I will not write more. With my love and blessings, I am

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sebastebol, An Ancient Spirit, Writes That the Atlantians Could Transport Themselves By Their Will Power Using Forces of Nature

September 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Sebastobel.

I am a spirit who has never written before, and I desire to say a few things which I consider of importance to mortals as well as to spirits. I live in the highest sphere where intellect rules supreme, and where spirits are happy in the knowledge that their spirit existence is free from all the cares and limitations which a life in the body imposes.

I am a student of the laws governing the relationship of the various planets to one another and to the earth, and of the influences which the sun and moon and stars exert upon mortals of the earth. I am an ancient spirit and have been in spirit life many thousands of years - long before the great flood which submerged a great continent which men know as Atlantis.

When that continent existed and was peopled by living, active, intelligent beings, I had been a spirit many years and was in communication with the prophets, as they were called - or rather seers - of that happy land. The development of these people far surpassed that of the present inhabitants of earth in not only the purely intellectual qualities in the abstract, but also in their knowledge of what you call the arts and sciences.

Then the inhabitants of that fair land not only did not have the necessity for using horses or automobiles or steam cars or boats or airships for moving from place to place and traveling, but they knew of the existence of and the way to utilize certain forces of nature, which enabled each individual or group of individuals to transport themselves from place to place by mere operation of their will power using these forces. These forces still exist in nature, and are just as ready to be utilized now as they were at the time these people of whom I speak brought them under their control.

Some day it will be given to man to understand and control these great forces and utilize them to their fullest extent. Just when this time will be I don't know; but considering the rapid strides that mortals have made in discovering and utilizing some of the heretofore hidden forces in nature during the last half century, I do not think it will be long before these great forces will be discovered, or rather revealed, to man. It will not be so revealed until the higher powers consider the time ripe for man to have the knowledge of these forces revealed to him and to control them.

I know what these forces are, but I am not permitted to make them known to you or anyone else at this time. I should otherwise gladly do so.

Well, while they had this great knowledge and power of transporting themselves, and could have done so had they been given time, the submerging of the continent was so sudden that no man knew the moment when the catastrophe took place. It was in the twinkling of an eye, as it were, and men were drowned before they had time to think or attempt to save themselves.

No, it was not like the Bible description of the flood, which never occurred; that was merely allegory and existed in other books, in a little different form, long before the Bible was written.

These Atlantians are now inhabitants of the spirit world, living in different spheres, and more or less developed in their intellects.

Well, I merely want to say further that I am somewhat surprised that you can receive my thoughts in the way of written communication, for I never before in all my spirit experience have written my thoughts this way. It is a wonderful gift and one which I consider superior to any other method that I know of for communing with mortals. You may ask me any question and I will answer it if I can.

Yes, I see other spirits here - some dark and ugly and some bright and beautiful. I have spoken to one who says she is your wife, and she is a most beautiful and bright spirit - the brightest that I have come in contact with.

Well, I must confess that I have never seen in my sphere any spirit so beautiful or bright, or pure looking or lovely as she, and I wonder why it is. I am at a loss to know, and I would like to know, I assure you.

No, my intellect does not tell me, and I see that there is here presented a phenomenon which is worthy of all investigation and study.

Well, she has told me, and I am astonished at her explanation. I never before knew or heard of the existence of such a thing as this New Birth or Divine Love, and even now I cannot comprehend what she means, but I see a result or effect for which I can find no cause, and it seems reasonable that I should accept the cause which she gives me. But I am astonished, as I thought that there is nothing in all the spirit world equal to the mind, and nothing which brings such happiness. But she tells me of a happiness of which I had no conception. Well, as you say, I see an effect and there must be a cause; and as I am an investigator of the truth, I feel it my duty to search for that cause, and I will.

She has invited me to go with her and meet her band, and also one who, she tells me, is the most magnificent and beautiful in all the spirit universe. I will go with her and investigate this matter and will come to you again. So I will say goodnight.

My name when on earth was Sebastobel. I lived in the Upper Nile when the human race was very early developed into thinking beings.


Friday, December 7, 2012

A.G. Riddle, Former Law Partner of James E. Padgett, Writes About Robert G. Ingersoll's Conversion

September 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old law partner.

It has been a long time since I wrote you and I have missed the opportunity very much. I know that you expressed the desire to hear from me, but there were so many other spirits who wanted to write, that I thought it best to abstain for a while and let them write. Soon I will come and write you a long letter and tell you of my progress and of some spiritual truths which I have learned. Well, I will tell you of them also.

What a wonderful thing was Ingersoll's conversion. And I must tell you that it was genuine, for now he is one of the most earnest workers we have. He does not belong to our band, but is working with us. He does not seem to be able to leave your grandmother whenever she is with us. He says she is the most beautiful spirit and orator he has ever heard. Of course, he expects Jesus, but his attraction to her is wonderful and beyond our comprehension. He will tell you himself sometime of how much he thinks of her.

Poor Perry is still in darkness. It is a hard matter to convince him of the truths of salvation, but we are all trying to help him.

No, but they are much improved in their condition and have considerable of the Love of the Father. I think that very soon they will be in the Third Sphere.

I see that you are tired, so I will not write more.

Your old partner,
A.G. Riddle

Thursday, December 6, 2012

John the Baptist Writes About the New Birth - God's Plan of Salvation

September 24, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John the Baptist.

I desire to write to you tonight about a certain truth, which you must know in order to be able to teach others the importance of studying the plan of God for the salvation of man - I mean, that in order for men to be saved from their sins they must believe in the way that the Master shall teach you in his messages. I do not intend to dwell at large upon the New Birth, for that has already been told you of a number of times. But I want now to deal with the truth that this is the one thing that perfects mankind, and spirits as well, and enables them to obtain the soul qualities, which are absolutely necessary before a man can become at-one with the Father.

The other things which the churches teach as necessary sacraments, such as baptism, the laying on of hands, and the Lord's Supper, or communion, are things which are not necessary. They were never intended as being anything more than merely symbolical, and even as symbols, the last-mentioned does no good, but rather harm - for besides being used to remind the followers of Jesus of his communion with them before his sacrifice, they look upon it as something which saves a soul from sin and fits it for Heaven.

I want you to understand that all these things are not important to a soul's becoming at-one with God, and that mortals must learn the truth of what I say.

Many preachers, as well as laymen, believe that only the blood of Jesus can save from sin, and that his death was necessary for man's salvation; but I want to tell you that if he had died a natural death, beloved by all who knew him, and honored by the whole Jewish nation, his blood would have been just as efficacious, and his death just as important, as they were, because he was killed as a result of hatred and envy on the part of the Jewish authorities. In neither case would the blood or the death in one particular have anything to do with the salvation of men.

His living and teaching, and the making known to man the Great Gift of the Father, and the way to find the Gift and possess it, were the things that brought to man salvation. Jesus lived and taught and loved us; he did not die and suffer and make an atonement for us.

The living Christ is of more importance to our happiness and salvation than the dead Jesus, and so Jesus, himself, teaches. And he is not pleased with those who teach the dying Jesus instead of the living Christ. I, John, was and not only a precursor of the Master, but a follower, also, and it was not his blood or death that saved me, but his living and teaching me the way to obtain the Divine Love of the Father.

I am much interested in the salvation of all men, and want to do everything in my power to help men to learn the way to truth and light and Love. I am trying, as well as are many others of our band who are with you now, in carrying forward this work of showing men the truths which will lead them to the Father's Love.

I have only to say further that you must pray more to the Father and keep up your courage and belief in the Master, and all these things will be properly worked out to a final and happy conclusion.

I will not write more tonight. So with my love and blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
John the Baptist

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Robert G. Ingersoll Writes That He is Praying for Divine Love

September 23, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

I come to you again because I desire to thank you and tell you of the great good you have done me in introducing me to the beautiful spirits who form your band. Of course, I knew Riddle, but I must confess that he was so beautiful and bright that I hardly knew him, and also I wondered at his appearance because it was very different from mine and that of a number of other spirits who are here with me and who are friends of mine.

As I said before, Riddle was on earth a man who thought somewhat as I did, and I had never heard of his becoming a convert to Christianity and, consequently, when I met him here I was impressed at his appearance for it was the same as the appearance of a great number of spirits whom I have met here and who claim to be Christians. And when Riddle told me the cause of his appearance, I was more surprised than before, because I did not think that he would let himself become convinced that there was any truth in the Christian doctrines. But once I have talked with him, I find that his belief is not in the Christian doctrines as taught by the churches on earth, but rather in the teachings of Jesus, which Riddle has learned since he became a spirit.

I also talked to your grandmother and what a beautiful, wise and powerful spirit she is. She explained to me the meaning of the New Birth as taught by Jesus and as believed in by all his followers; and I must confess that it appears to be very reasonable and simple of understanding.

I have thought a great deal about this matter and I am commencing to think that there is some reality in this question of the New Birth and that it has a substance as well as a theory for its existence. Your grandmother told me many wonderful truths about spirit life, and especially the life in the higher spheres, and I am inclined to believe what she said because they are all so in harmony with reason and common sense. She is so very lovely that I cannot but believe that her appearance is due to the possession of this Divine Love of which she tells me, and I am now trying to follow her advice and seek to obtain it.

I do what I did not do on earth and that is pray to God in the hope that He will answer my prayers. This will appear most surprising to many who read my books and believe in them, for I always in a manner ridiculed the idea of prayer. But so it is now that I am earnestly praying for light and for an inflowing of this Divine Love into my soul. I am just as open-minded now as I was when on earth, and if the truth of a thing can be shown me, I am ready at all times to investigate and learn whether it is true or not.

As regards the truth of the Divine Love, I have so many evidences as to its existence and the wonderful work that it does that I feel that it is due to myself to learn what this Love is and, if possible, obtain it for myself.

All the spirits of your band claim to have obtained this New Birth and to be possessed of this Divine Love of God, and their appearances certainly indicate that they are possessed of something which beautifies and makes them lovely over and above what the spirits who do not believe in Christianity possess.

I will write you again when I learn the result of my prayers and what effect this Love -, should I get it - has on me. If what they tell me is true and proves so in my case, I will proclaim the same from every housetop in no uncertain words, and I may ask you to receive my expressions of belief and joy that I have found such a truth.

I will not write more tonight, as you have written a great deal already.

I have seen Jesus, but I have never talked with him. He seems to be a very close friend to you, for I see him with you a great deal and writing to you. I will emphatically say that I have never seen any spirit in all this world compare with Jesus in beauty and grandeur and power and love and humility. I will soon have an interview with him and ask him to tell me the truths of the plan of man's salvation.

So I will say goodnight.

Your friend,
Robert G. Ingersoll

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lazarus of the Bible Confirms That Spirits Who Write Through James Padgett Are Those Whom They Represent Themselves To Be

September 21, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Lazarus.

I merely want to say that I am the real Lazarus of the Bible story and that I am an inhabitant of the Father's Kingdom and in the truth that exists in that Kingdom and in its inhabitants.

I declare to you that the spirits who have written you the truths of Celestial and spiritual things are actually those whom they represent themselves to be. Jesus, especially, is with you very often and communicates to you truths from his great storehouse of knowledge of the truth.

He is so much interested in the work to be done and the revelations to be made that he is with you very often for the purpose of not only revealing these truths, but of preparing you to receive them; and he is enveloping you in his love and giving to you a development of your soul faculties that will make you qualified to receive these high truths as no other mortal has ever been qualified, for he knows that you are his best qualified instrument now on earth to do his work and the work of the Father.

From what I say, you must not suppose that you are the best, or the man having the greatest amount of the Divine Love in the soul, for that is not true; nor are you chosen because of any merits of your own or superior mental endowments; but you have those conditions of attunement with him that enables him and the other spirits to use you in performing this work.

I am not of such exalted position or soul development as are many of the spirits who write you, yet, I know the plans of the Master and what I say to you is true. I was a Jew and an orthodox one, until the Master came to me and developed my soul so that I could understand his teachings and become susceptible to the inflowing of the Divine Love.

I will not write more now, but in closing repeat that you must believe what I have said and try to do the Will of the Father, and the work that you have been selected to do.

Well, both Mary and Martha are in the Celestial Heavens, and you would naturally suppose that Mary has made the greater progress in her soul development but that is not true, as they both live in the same sphere, and have similar development. As you know they have been in the spirit world for a very long time and whatever spiritual superiority Mary may have appeared to have over Martha does not exist, for they both have this Love to a degree that has caused all sin and thoughts for the material to have become eradicated long years ago.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, December 3, 2012

William Meloy, a Former Friend and Brother Lawyer of James Padgett, Writes That He is in the Fifth Sphere; Helen Confirms His Message

September 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, William A. Meloy.

You may be surprised in what I say but I have learned much since I have been in spirit life. I am in the Fifth Sphere.

Yes, I have seen him but he has not progressed very much. He is in the Fourth Sphere where he is studying the laws of the spirit world.

Yes, I have seen him and talked to him. He is progressing very rapidly. He tells me that you were the cause of his receiving the light and that you are a wonderful medium and are engaged in taking the messages of Jesus. I was surprised when I heard it and investigated myself and found it to be so, for I have seen the Master writing to you and I also heard many things that he said. Well, you certainly are favored and will find that the frequent interviews with the Master will do you much good. I sometimes see him and talk to him and I want to say that he is wonderful beyond all conception either of spirit or mortal.

I am glad that I could write tonight and hope that I may find the opportunity to write again. I am engaged in studying the laws that pertain more to the soul than to what is called nature. I also try to help the spirits who are in darkness and suffering and sometimes try to help mortals.

Well, I must confess that my belief in the trinity was all wrong. I know now that there is only one God and that the Father, and that Jesus is a spirit like the others of us only more refined and filled with the Father's Love, more than any spirit in our Heavens.
Sometime I will come and give you my opinion more fully and in detail if agreeable. Well, I must stop now.

Your friend and one time brother in the practice of the law,

William A. Meloy

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen Confirms That William Meloy Wrote and That Jesus is Always With James Padgett

I am here, Helen.

Well sweetheart, you have written enough for tonight and must stop.

I want to tell you that the spirits who professed to write actually did so. Mr. Meloy was very much pleased that he could write to you and was a very bright spirit and seemed to be very much interested in the phenomenon of your being able to take his messages. I know that he was anxious to write because when he came he told me that he was an old acquaintance of yours and a brother lawyer and asked that we permit him to write, which we did.

Well, he is a quite comely spirit, he is of the ordinary size and seems to be one who has his full development insofar as the spirit body is concerned.

I must not write more. Well, they are anxious to write but somehow when these higher spirits come they stand back and let the former write.

But they will now, anxious to write again and you will enjoy their writings, I know. Yes, I know but they wish to impress on you certain important truths and, hence, in a little different form, they proclaim the same truths. But they will soon change and when writing go more in detail as to the things that they desire to tell you about.

You will be surprised to see how loving and patient he is with you, never a look that indicates that he is tired of being with you or of writing to you, and I know that he loves you very dearly and wants to be with you. So you must not think that because he is with you so often that he is not the real Jesus, for I tell you that any time you receive a message signed by his name, he always writes it.

So goodnight,

Your own true and loving,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Josephus Writes That Jesus was an Historical Person Contrary to What Some People Believe

September 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Josephus.

I merely want to say that since I wrote you last I have made inquiries as to who it was that taught that my book was interpolated in the paragraph where it speaks of Jesus. These persons are they who do not believe in Jesus as an historical person and try to procure evidence to show that he was not. But I tell you that he was, and that he actually lived in Palestine at the time I wrote about him.

I do not think it best for me to write a long letter tonight but will come again sometime.

Your brother in Christ,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

John the Baptist, St. Mark, St. Stephen and John Write Encouraging Notes to James Padgett to Not Doubt That He Has Been Selected by Jesus to Do This Work

September 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John the Baptist.

So you are in condition to believe what we write to you and to rely upon our statements as coming from the fountainhead of truth. I am so glad that this is so, for I want to see you filled with the Divine Love and with all the power, which the Love of the Father filling your heart will bring to you. Do not let any doubt arise in your soul as to what you have been selected to do, for I tell you that there is no doubt among us who have heard the Master say that he has selected you to do this work.

I will not write more, will pray for you and believe that you will receive all the promises that have been made to you in these writings. Goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
John the Baptist

* * * * * * * ** * *

I am here, Saint Mark.

Let your faith increase and your belief in the fact that we write to you grow until no doubt will possibly enter into your mind as to who the writers are. I am here merely to say these few lines and encourage you to put forth every effort to get in condition to receive the message which shall be written to you. Not much longer will your worries stay with you for you will soon be in condition to start to do those things which your father spoke of so that you will be relieved of your worries.

I will not write more, but will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
Saint Mark

* * * * * * * * * *

I am here, Saint Stephen.

I merely want to say that I am here to try to help you in getting in condition to do the work of the Master. Have faith and you will find that all your desires will be realized and you will soon be able to receive these messages without any difficulty. I am with you very much trying to impress you with the necessity of this faith and for a belief in what the Master writes to you. So believe and hope for the consummation of these things.

I will not write more. So goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,
Saint Stephen

* * * * * * * * * * *

I am here, John.

I will not write long and merely wish to say that you must continue to have faith and pray. Soon you will be able to do as the Master has said and you will succeed in getting in the condition to do his work as he desires. I come to you so often because I am so much interested in your work and in helping forward the great efforts that will be made by the Christian Spiritualist to give to mankind the Truths of the Father. So believe in what we say and you will find that what we promise you will be realized by you and that you will become free from your worries and very happy in your old age.

I will not write more, but will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, November 30, 2012

Helen Writes a Short Note About Attending the Church Service With James Padgett

September 19, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I went to church with you this morning and saw that you were sleepy and I can't blame you for the sermon was not very interesting. Of course, he preached some truths when he spoke of trusting God to sustain you in your attempts to do His will and uphold the right. The three Hebrew children, who passed through the fiery furnace, merely illustrated the care which God has over His children and it is just as true today as it was in any past age.

Your own true and loving,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jesus Writes That People Have Received Divine Love Even Though Their Belief That His Blood Saves Sin is Wrong

September 19, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I heard the discussion between you and the other man about my blood saving from sin, and I felt that you were not benefited by what was said, because his faith is based on ignorance of the true plan of salvation and my mission on earth.

But he is so firmly fixed in his belief that no argument that you might make would convince him that anything but my death and atonement could save from sin. So I do not think it would do any good to attempt to argue with any of these people in reference to the matter of my blood as the means of salvation.

They have received the Divine Love to a considerable degree and the Holy Spirit is with them in their worship and is in their hearts, but it does not come to them by reason of their belief in my atonement, but because they pray to the Father for its coming and making them a new being so far as their soul development is concerned. They do not know that only the flowing of this Divine Love into their hearts in answer to prayer is what gives them this New Birth.

They think that my blood has something, or rather that it is the great and only cause of this New Birth and they will continue to think so. I would not let this matter deter you from attending their meetings because, as I have said, the spirit is present with them. Of course, they will learn differently when they come to the spirit world and see that I am not God.

Yes, I know that is what all the orthodox believe but that does not make it a fact, for no devil ever comes and teaches the things that I have written you.

I will not write more now. So with the assurance that I am with you very often, and that I will guide you in the ways of truth, I will stop.

Your brother and friend,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

St. Luke Writes That God is Love and People Must Believe in the New Birth and Seek to Receive Divine Love to Assure Immortality

September 17, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Luke.

I came tonight to tell you of some things which are in the Bible, and which are not true as they were never written by me, or by any one at my dictation. I never said that Jesus came to earth as the only begotten of the Father, in the sense that he was born differently from other mortals, for he was not. I mean that his father and mother were Joseph and Mary, and he was their natural son, and that they never supposed that he was begotten in any different way from what the other children were begotten.

Of course, he became more truly the son of God than did any other mortal who was ever born, but that was because he became filled with the Divine Love of the Father to a greater extent than any other human being. He became so close to the Father that in his soul development, he was able to commune with the Father in such a way as to realize exactly what the Father said to him, and his Love made him one with the Father as he said. Now he is closer to the Father than he ever was on earth, and his Love is very much greater than when on earth, greater than any other spirit and, as a consequence, he knows more about the Father's attributes and about His will and plans for men's redemption than does any other spirit. And when he comes to you and tells you that you must receive his messages to be transmitted to mankind, he imposes upon you a mission, which is greater than he ever imposed on any other man, not even excepting the apostles.

He now knows more of the truths of His Father than he did when on earth, and he realizes that the truths, which are so necessary to man's salvation and their future happiness, have never been revealed to mortals in their fullest extent. When he was on earth he declared many important truths, which have not been preserved and, hence, he is anxious that these truths and others shall be given to mankind.

Many things which men, who are professed Christians, believe are not truths and stand in the way of their progress in spiritual things and in the soul's development. I would like to tell you of more of these things which men should not believe but I have not the time tonight as others want to write.

But this you must know and forever proclaim that - God is Love - and that they who want to get immortality must believe in the New Birth and seek to obtain it. Without this, no spirit can enter the Celestial Spheres and partake of the Divine Nature of the Father. There are many other truths that must be learned and believed in but none are so important as those, which I have just written. I am writing this not as a matter of mere belief but as a matter of knowledge. There can be no doubt arise in my mind as to the reality of these things and none must arise in yours.

I will come again when you are in a better condition to take a long message and write you.

With all my love I am your brother in Christ,
St. Luke