Friday, August 31, 2012

St. Sebastian Writes That He Will Also Help James With His Work

July 22, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Sebastian.

I am the spirit of a man who lived on the earth a few hundred years after the death of Jesus and was a bishop of the Church of Christ and was crucified because of my faith and teaching of the truth of Jesus. I was not a very great Christian in the sense of having a large degree of soul development, but I had the intellectual faith, which caused me to pursue with energy and zeal the callings to which I had given my life.

I was not known to the world as a great disciple of the Master, but in the limited territory in which I lived and worked, I was known as a zealous follower of the Master and a propagandist of his truths.

I am now in the Celestial Spheres and am possessed of the Divine Love of the Father and am happy beyond description. I am interested in the work which you are now performing and want to assure you of my cooperation in making known to the world the great truths which Jesus came to earth to teach and make known to humanity. So, I will be of those who will sustain and help you to transmit these truths to mankind, and I will occasionally write you, as opportunity presents itself.

I lived in Italy and died there a martyr to my faith. So you see, I was like the disciples in this particular.

I will not write more tonight, but will say that I am

Your brother in Christ,
St. Sebastian

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Helen Writes That Samuel and Daniel Are Powerful, Young and Beautiful Spirits

July 21, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, sweetheart you must stop for tonight. You are tired and it will do you harm to write more.

They are powerful spirits and look as young as do the spirits of those who died recently, and were very young. I mean they looked like young men - and really are, and they are very highly developed in their souls and intellects. Daniel is especially beautiful and also very powerful.

With all my love, I am

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Samuel, Prophet of God of the Old Testament, Writes His Testimony

July 21, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Samuel, the Prophet of God of the Old Testament.

I am the same Samuel whom the woman of Endor called from the spirit world to show Saul his doom, and as I come to you tonight, I came to her at that time, only my purpose is not the same, and I am not the same spirit in my qualifications.

I am now a Christian and know what the Divine Love of the Father means, while then, I did not, and was a spirit living in comparative happiness and existing in the consciousness that I had done my work on earth, and was then enjoying the repose of the righteous; for as we understood that word then in both the mortal and spirit worlds, I was a righteous man.

I come to you tonight, because I see that you have been chosen to do the great work of the Master in His efforts to redeem mankind from their lives of sin and error, and to show them the way by which they may partake of the Divine Nature of the Father and obtain immortality.

How much more mankind, and spirits, too, are blessed now than they were when I was a mortal, and for a long time after I became a spirit. My God then and your God now are the same, but His Great Gift of Divine Love was not in existence then as It is now. And so you and all other mortals should realize the great privilege you have because of this Gift and the gift of Jesus to explain and show the Way by which that Love may be obtained, and that freely without mental exercise of a high order, but merely by the longings and aspirations of the soul in its desires to become a part of the Father's Divinity.

I tell you that the ways of God are wonderful and mysterious, and His Plans, while to us may seem to be working slowly, yet, they are working surely and will be accomplished in His Own fullness of time.

I never knew when on earth that God was such a God of Love and Mercy. He was our Jehovah and ruler. He was a God of anger and wrath and a jealous God, as l thought, ever ready to punish those whom He thought to be His enemies with massacre and death. I obeyed Him and performed His work as I understood I should more through fear than love. In fact, love was never with me a weapon or instrument to be used in bringing the disobedient Jew to a compliance with what we thought was the will of God.

In such a method of procuring obedience, the soul was never developed and love was a minor factor in making the Jews obedient to the Father's requirements. Our principal desires were for the success of our earthly undertakings, and when these were accomplished, we had no further use for our God, except to keep Him in reserve for occasions that might arise when, as we thought, we might need His assistance.

I know that Moses commanded the Jews to love God with all their souls and mind and strength, and many of them thought that they were doing so, but in reality their love was limited by the extent of their desires for worldly gain. And this I know, for when they had succeeded in obtaining what they wanted, they forgot to love God; and, hence, we prophets were so often required to instruct them, and so frequently did call them to a recollection of God, and the danger they ran in forgetting Him and His laws. But we seldom attempted to have them call back in their recollections of Him through love, but nearly always through threatenings and the portrayal of dire punishments that would be inflicted upon them should they continue to forget Him.

And, thus, it was that Saul sought my help and advice. He thought that not only had God forsaken him, but that he had forsaken God, and he expected the punishment that he though, would result from such neglect to serve and obey God. And he thought, that as I was in the spirit world and probably very close to God, I would exercise some influence and have the great threatened calamity arrested. Be he did not seek me through love of God, but through fear of his enemies and dread that God would direct His wrath upon him.

So you see, fear was the ruling sentiment that actuated the Jews in my time in their dealings with God, and when that fear was allayed or forgotten - God was forgotten, and only again remembered when danger appeared. Of course, there were many exceptions to this class of Jews, for there were some who really loved God, and that in a way that no fear of wrath or anger on His part formed a part of their love.

So you will see that the laws of Moses were not so much intended to regulate the spiritual or soul part of the Jews, but to control them in their dealings with one another in the practical affairs of life and in their dealings with the heathens and strangers.

The moral laws thus taught were taught for the purpose of making them righteous as between themselves and then, as a consequence, so they thought, they would be righteous towards God. But the great essential to make them one with God by obtaining the Divine Love was missing, and never sought for, and could not then be found for it did not then exist for mankind.

I am now a Christian and know that the Divine Love is a reality and that all men may have it if they will will only seek for it.

Well, the woman of Endor was not a witch and did not practice the black art. She was a good woman possessed of powers to call up the dead, as they were called. She did not engage in practices of doing harm to mortals, such as putting spells upon them or using charms, but she was a true medium and, while not possessed of much spirituality, yet, she was a woman of good morals and had around her many spirits of the higher order whose only desires were to do good to mortals. She was the one who was careful to have no evil spirits come and communicate, and her powers with the higher ones were very great. Had she been of what you call the lower class of mediums, I would never have responded to her call. She was in rapport with men and other spirits whose thoughts were turned to the higher things of the spirit world and, hence, she had no difficulty in having us appear when she desired it for the consolation of help to mortals.

Saul, I had instructed and advised when alive, and naturally after I became a spirit and he needed help, he would seek my advice. In those days, mediums were more numerous than most people suppose, and because of their being so common and of such different kinds, and the most of them engaged in necromancy and evil arts, there were passed strict laws against them pursuing their calling or engaging in the practice of consulting spirits.

But not all were bad and many of them did good in the world, and among these was the woman of Endor, notwithstanding that she has been so vilified and abused by the churches and preachers. You may be surprised when I tell you that she is now living high up in the Celestial Heavens and a redeemed spirit enjoying the Divine Love of God.

Well, I must stop, but I will come again sometime and tell you of the things that I know in reference to these higher spheres. I will say goodnight.

Your friend and brother,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daniel, Prophet of God of the Old Testament, Writes That He Never Knew About Divine Love Until Jesus Came and Declared It to Man and Spirits

July 21, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Daniel, the prophet of God of the Old Testament.

I am with you tonight because you have reason to believe that you have been selected to do the work of Jesus in transmitting his messages to mankind, and I want to add my testimony to that of the others who have preceded me.

I am a follower of the Master, although I lived on earth many years before he came to announce the rebestowal of the great Divine Love of the Father and show the way by which every man who so desires may obtain it.

I never knew what this Love was until Jesus came and declared it to man and to spirits, as he did. And when he came to the spirit world, after his crucifixion, he preached to us, who were in the spiritual spheres, the great doctrine of God's plan of salvation.

Men must not think that mortals are the only recipients of this Love, or that they are the only ones that had the privilege of learning the way to this Love, for, as I tell you, Jesus came to the spirits who lived in the spiritual heavens and made known this great plan and taught the way to Immortality.

I was, before his coming, a spirit who enjoyed the favor of the Father to the extent that my natural love was developed to the highest degree, and in that love I was comparatively happy. I also possessed great intellectual development but as to the Divine Love, which I now possess, I knew nothing of, nor did any spirit then living.

This may seem strange to you, because from my history as contained in the Old Testament, you would naturally suppose that I was in high favor with God, and so I was. But that favor extended no further than in receiving from Him a very great amount of the natural love, which He had bestowed on all mankind, and in knowing by my spiritual perceptions and the power of a psychic nature, which I possessed, that God was caring for me and using me to convince the heathen nations that there was only one God, and that He alone should be worshiped.

Never did I know the reality of what the Divine Love was, or that I was not in position other than I might have been, had not that Love been taken from mankind when our great earthly father committed his fatal act of disobedience. No spirit in those times before the coming of Jesus could possibly progress higher than the sphere where this natural love and intellectual development existed in their greatest degree of perfection.

So you see, I was never a spirit possessed of this Divine Nature until after the coming of the Master. And you will find nowhere in the Old Testament any declaration or promise the man should possess this Divine Nature, and we who lived in the days of my earthly life were satisfied with and expected only the favors and gifts of God as they might affect our earthly prosperity and happiness.

I was a prophet, as it is written, and God spoke to me through His spirits the things which I declared to the people and also enabled me to foretell many things which would and did happen. But this great favor and gift did not bring to me the possession of the Divine Love or nature of the Father and when I came to die, I passed to the spirit world a spirit possessed only of the natural love and the great moral development which my communications from my associations with which the spirits of the Father had given me.

So man must not think that we, of the Old Testament no matter whether prophet or seer or the specially favored by God, ever had this Divine Essence of His while we lived on earth, or while we existed as spirits, before the coming of Jesus.

Abraham, Moses or Elias never possessed this Divine Nature, although they were the specially chosen of God to do His work in the particulars in which they were chosen, and they never understood that their lives after death were to be anything more than a mere existence in the spirit world as spirits or, as it was expressed, they were gathered to the home of their Father's. Rest was then understood as the great condition of the good men of God, and this rest meant to them a relief from all earthly troubles and a happiness that would result from such freedom.

So that when the Master came into the spirit world and preached the great truth of the rebestowal of the Divine Love, the spirits were as much surprised as were mortals, and there was just as much unbelief among them as among mortals.

The Jews still believe in their doctrines which had been their rule of faith when in the flesh, and the laws of Moses and the declarations of the prophets control them as spirits just as they had controlled them on earth.

Of course, after they became spirits, they learned many things, which pertain to the spirit world of which they had no knowledge as mortals, and among the laws, which they learned as spirits, was the great Law of Recompense. Of course, Moses had in a way taught the principles of this Law as instanced in his decree of "an eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth;" but this was merely a shadow of what the Law of Recompense means in the spirit world.

This Law was then in existence just as much as it is now, but then spirits had only the natural love to help them get out of their condition of suffering and darkness and, in many cases, it required centuries and centuries for this love to work out their salvation.

And I must tell you, also, that when this natural love had done its work, the spirit came into a condition of happiness and satisfaction. So much so, that many of them remain contented, and some who lived on earth when I lived and became spirits when I became a spirit are still in that condition of happiness, which this natural love in a pure state gives them. They did not awaken to the great truth that the Divine Love had been offered them at the time of Jesus' coming to earth, just as many, yes, as the large majority of men, have never awakened to this fact.

So you see, while God in His goodness and mercy has provided a way by which all may become partakers of His Divine Nature and of the corresponding great and never dying happiness, yet, He has also provided a natural love, which may become free from all sin and earthly grossness, and when so purified enables the spirit to enjoy a happiness far beyond what mortals may conceive of. But this latter condition does not bring immortality, and no spirit with only this natural love has any assurance that it is immortal.

Well, I have written very much and must stop for this time.

Well, at the time Moses and Elias met Jesus in the Mount of Transfiguration, they had received a portion of this Divine Love, because they had learned previous to that date of its rebestowal on mankind. And as they were very spiritual beings, in the sense that they had developed their natural love to its supreme excellence and were very near the Father in their soul development, so they were ready recipients of this Divine Love when it came again to man and spirits. But they were so filled with it then as many spirits who were mortals in your time are now.

As I understand the meaning of the Transfiguration, it was to show to the disciples of the Master that, while Jesus was the possessor and embodiment of this Divine Love in the mortal world, so Moses and Elias were the possessors of it in the spirit world. In other words, Jesus' appearance showed that it had been bestowed on mortal man, and the appearance of Moses and Elias showed that it had also been bestowed on the spirits.

Sometime I will come and relate to you my experience in finding this Love and in becoming convinced of the real mission and truth of Jesus' teaching - and how this Love came into my soul and resulted in my becoming a Christian. The sphere in which I live has no number, but it is high in the Celestial Heavens, but not so high as that in which the Apostles live. They have wonderful soul development, which means the possession of this Love to a great degree, which determines their place of living.

Well, I am grateful that I could write to you tonight, and I feel that by having done so, I am opening the way to my being able to do good to mortals, for we are now forming an army, as you would say, to make a great and successful onslaught on the powers of evil and darkness as they now exist in the mortal world. Jesus will be the leader of this army. He is the greatest spirit in all God's universe and we, who are his followers, realize that fact and follow him without question.

So, my friend, I must stop. With the love of a brother, who to you may seem ancient, but is very young, I will say,


Monday, August 27, 2012

St. Matthew Writes That He Will Also Help James Do His Great Work

July 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, another Apostle of the Master.

I came, because I am a participant in the great work which the Master is now doing for mankind, and I want to assure you that in all your efforts to carry out this work, I will give you my love and exert my power to make you successful. I, too, will be of your band and you will have a band that will be so powerful that no opposition will be able to withstand it.

So you must have faith and with that will come the Divine Love and power to do these things which will help you work beyond your conception.

I will not write more tonight, but in the future you will receive many messages from me.

Your friend and brother,
St. Matthew

Sunday, August 26, 2012

St. John Writes That He Will Help James in His Work and Declares that James is a New Apostle of the Master

July 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

John, Apostle of Jesus.

I desire to write a little while and tell you of the wonderful love that the Master has for you in your selection to do his work. So I say, he loves you not only because you are his choice for doing his work, but because he wants you to become a very spiritual man having a large soul development, and becoming fitted to enter his kingdom and becoming one of his near and dear followers and brothers in the Love of the Father.

I do not know of any mortal who has been so blessed in his earth life. Even we, who were called by him when on earth, were not so blessed until we received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, as you are now doing. You will receive this Great Gift in greater abundance in a short time, and then you will realize what the gift of the Divine Love means to your soul and to your happiness on earth.

So, you are now my brother and a new apostle of the Master, and I know your work will be greater in extent than was the work of any of us when we were trying to spread his teachings while on earth. I hope that God will bless you abundantly and keep you free from all sin and error.

I am with you very frequently trying to help you to obtain the Divine Love of the Father.

Well, you will receive it, and when you do, as you say, all other things will come to you - I mean all things necessary to carry on the work that has been assigned to you. So with all my love and blessings, and the assurance that you will soon receive the Love in increased abundance and do this great work with a faith that will not falter.

I am your brother and friend,
St. John

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thomas Paine Writes That He is a True Follower of Jesus and an Inhabitant of the First Celestial Sphere

July 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Thomas Paine.

When I died, I did not believe in Jesus as the son of God or as his messenger sent to show the world that the Father had bestowed upon it His Divine Love and Immortality and the Way to obtain it. But now I believe to the fullest these truths and am a follower of Jesus and the possessor of the Divine Love.

How different would my condition now be if that erroneous and damning doctrine taught by the churches - that there is no redemption beyond the grave - were true. I never thought that there was any necessity for redemption, either while on earth or after I should become a spirit, but thought that if there was a God, He would deal justly with me and bestow upon me happiness and enjoyment of the future life according to my idea of His love and mercy.

But I must tell you that I was mistaken in some particulars. God is Love and He is merciful, but His love and mercy are exercised only in accordance with His fixed and unchangeable laws - laws that apply impartially to all men and, which in their operation, make no exceptions. What a man sows so shall he reap is as true as that the sun shines for you on earth.

I found the truth of this great law in my own experience and I paid the penalties of my sins. Jesus could not do this for me and he never pretended that he could. But he could and does show the Way by which the operations of the laws, which produce these penalties, may be superseded by the operation of other laws which, as it were, remove the penalties from the individual spirit. This does not change the law but changes the condition of the spirit, which invokes these penalties; and if men would only learn this Way, they would not remain in darkness and sin, because they believe and assert that God's laws never change. If they would only understand that while the laws do not change, yet, the condition of the spirit, which calls for the operation of these laws, does change and new laws are brought into operation.

I have not time tonight to more fully explain these principles, but should I in the future have the opportunity, I will be glad to do so.

Christ was and is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

I am in the First Celestial Sphere and my name was Thomas Payne, the so-called infidel. I believed in God, but only one God. Jesus was never God to me and is not now - and he does not claim to be God now. So you see even the so-called infidel could come into the Truth and Love of the Father, even after he left the material plane and became an inhabitant of the spirit world.

So, my dear brother, I will say goodnight and God be with you,
Thomas Paine

Friday, August 24, 2012

Helen Writes a Short Note and is Happy that James (Ned) Has the Support of Great Spirits in His Work

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Oh, my darling Ned, I cannot tell you how happy I am that all these great spirits should have come to you and testified that you are the chosen of the Master.

Of course, I knew it, and you knew it before, but to remove all doubt that you might have, they came, and in such certain terms declared the fact. I know that you will have the power and love of many spirits to sustain you in your work, and to think of the wonderful messages that you will receive - first those of the Master, which will excel all others, and then those of his various apostles and disciples. You will certainly be blessed with wonderful knowledge of the Celestial World.

You must not write more tonight.

Well, the power that will be exerted by that band will surpass any power that has been exerted before, and you will have the protection and sustaining power of spirits that will not permit any undesirable spirits or mortals to interfere with your work.

I am your own true and loving,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ann Rollins Writes That James Padgett is Blessed and Confirms the Messages Received From the Exalted Spirits

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am your Grandmother, and I feel that I must write to you before you stop, for I am so amazed at the great assurances that you have received as to your being called to the great work of the Master, that I cannot let you retire without telling you what a blessed man you are.

I, of course, knew that the Master had chosen you and the writings that you have received do not add one bit to my knowledge, but the thing that surprises me is that all these exalted spirits should come, one after another, and declare to you the fact that you had been chosen.

Certainly you cannot doubt - in view of what this multitude of witnesses have said. I don't quite understand why so many should have come to give you this assurance, unless it be that they wanted you to start into this great work with a faith that admits of no doubt: and to ensure that faith they saw to be necessary, that this great and cumulative testimony should be given you.

My dear son, I feel that you have been blessed above other men now living and that the great favor which has been bestowed on you is one that very few mortals have received.

So I tell you that we all thank God and praise His goodness for what He has done for you. You must not think that He had nothing to do with this selection, for He is the great Father, and Jesus, the great Son, consulted Him as has been told me.

Jesus is himself, all powerful and wise and good, but also humble and loving and he is very close to the Father and seeks His advice and guidance as when on earth. So you see that our Master, while supreme in this kingdom where the redeemed live, yet, he realizes that he needs the help of his Father. This is true and will be true during all eternity. Well, you are right, but you must not think of your own unworthiness.

So believe.I think that it will be the most wonderful band of spirits that has ever existed, except that band, which watched over and protected Jesus from his birth to his death.

So my dear son, I must stop now and will say that I am your own true loving Grandmother,
Ann Rollins

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A.G. Riddle, James Padgett's Old Law Partner Confirms the Previous Messages by the Higher Celestial Spirits and Congratulates Him For Being Chosen to Do The Work

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Partner.

Why Padgett, such testimony as that would have established in court any fact that you or I might have asserted. Just think a moment. Here are witnesses of the highest character, with the knowledge and opportunity for knowledge that cannot be disputed, and one identifying the other, and all testifying in the most positive way as to that one particular fact.

Who can say that there can be any possibility of mistake? Never in the world has a fact been more conclusively proved, and if you doubt that you have been selected for this great work, I cannot understand the operations of your mind.

Well, my dear boy, to think that in the latter years of your life, this great work has come to you. A work, that I am informed, has never been successfully given to mortal before to do. You certainly are blessed and I am so thankful that it is so, and that you and I were friends on earth.

God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

So my dear friend, let me congratulate you as you are worthy of congratulations. I will write soon and tell you more of my opinion of this great surprise when I think more of it.

With all my love, I am your old partner and now your brother in Christ,
A. G. Riddle

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

John Wesley, a Methodist Preacher, Further Confirms That James Padgett is Chosen by Jesus to Receive His Truths

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, a man who lived in the faith of the Christ, and who was a true follower of him and lover of the Father.

I hesitate to write at the same time with these great spirits who have written you but, yet, I want to give my testimony also to the fact that I have heard the Master say that he has chosen you for the work of delivering his truths to the world.

My dear brother believe this great fact with all your mind and soul, for it is a truth, and one which prefers you before any other mortal. Jesus, the greatest of all spirits and the one nearest the fountainhead of the Father's Love, has declared to us who are close to him, and working to accomplish his great desire for man's salvation, that you he has selected and that you will do the work and will not fail if you will only have faith.

So make your start in trying to get this faith, and pray to the Father for more of it, and it will be given to you in great abundance. Only the Father can give the faith that will remove mountains and overcome all obstacles.

I must not write more, and say goodnight, and sign myself your true brother and co-worker in the cause.

John Wesley, the Methodist Preacher

Monday, August 20, 2012

St. Luke Writes That He Will Help James Padgett Do the Work of the Master Jesus

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let me add my testimony also, and you will soon see that any doubt is more than foolishness.

I am St. Luke, the writer of the third gospel, as it is called; but here let me tell you that in that writing are things that I never wrote, and never believed to have any existence. I know that my gospel is considered one of the most authentic of the four, but in it as it is contained in the Bible are many errors - and impossible declarations of the truth as taught by the Master. You must eradicate the errors and retain the truths, and this you will be able to do when you have received the messages from the Master, and the epistles that we, the apostles and disciples, may write.

Your labor will not be an easy one, but you will be given strength and understanding and wisdom sufficient to make your work of showing the truth to mankind a correct and unimpeachable one. I will help you in this particular work with all my love and powers of depicting the true meaning of what may be written you and will be with you continually when you get ready to compile these messages and other writings, which will come to you from the Master and many others of us.

But in order to become perfect in this great work you must acquire abundant faith and a large degree of soul development. These qualifications are very necessary, because spiritual things conveyed must be spiritually received. This we all know now, and we tell it to you for you must know it, too.

I must not write more now, and so will say goodnight.

Your brother and friend,
St. Luke, sometimes called the Doctor and sometimes the learned Disciple of the Master

Sunday, August 19, 2012

St. Thomas and St. Barnabas Confirm that James Padgett was Chosen by Jesus to Receive His Messages of Truth

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Let your mind be open to the conviction that I and all the others of the disciples of Jesus have and can write to you in testimony of your selection to do the great work that you have been called to do. Never was mortal so favored by the greatest man and most wonderful and powerful spirit that ever lived. I, an apostle, do not see how you could have been selected, and not so great a lover of God as we might expect the mortal to be who should be called to this work. But the Master has chosen you and he knows what is best, and we have no right to pass judgment on his choice. But no matter whether you are worthy or not, you have been chosen and you must do the work.

I know that you will have sustaining you all the power and wisdom of the spirit world that is ruled over by Jesus; and that will be sufficient to insure not only success in your work, but also your own soul's development and salvation.

I wish that I might tell you what a privileged man you are, but I cannot tonight, as I must stop now and let another write.

I am your brother and friend, St. Thomas the doubter, because my faith was failing as it did when I was told that the Master had risen from the dead. Oh, the curse of unbelief. I say to you above all things:  Believe, believe, and believe.

St. Thomas

* * * * *

Let me supplement what St. Stephen wrote. I am an apostle of the Master and was called Barnabas, the partner of Paul in much of his ministry in extending and making known the truths of the Master throughout Asia and also Judea. I was not only the collaborator with Paul at Jerusalem, but among the circumcised Jews who embraced the faith of Christianity. I am now working with the apostles in trying to help men and spirits understand and believe in these Great Truths.

So you must believe that I am trying to help you in the great work which the Master has decreed and declared you shall perform. We are all with you and will exert all our power and love to forward the cause of righteousness and the redemption of men.

You must acquire the faith, which is so necessary to your success. I mean the faith, which leaves no room for doubt that the Master has called you, and has, and will give you power and spiritual development that you may do his work as he desires you to do it. Be a true believer and you will not fail.

I will not write more tonight and will say - may God prosper you and make you like unto Himself in soul qualities and in goodness.

I am your brother and friend,
St. Barnabas, the apostle and a lover of the Master

Saturday, August 18, 2012

St. Stephen Writes That the Disciples Will be a Part of James' Band and Confirms That James is the Chosen One by Jesus to Receive His Messages of Truths

July 18, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Stephen.

I am the martyr, and I came to you to tell you that you must believe in us as spirits who once lived on earth and taught the truths of Jesus to men, and who were followers of him and lovers of the Father, and are now inhabitants of His kingdom and immortal.

I died the death portrayed in the Bible and Saul, who was my most pernicious persecutor, is the same person who afterwards became Paul the Christian. I merely state this fact to identify myself with you, and to show you that I am the same spirit who once died for the faith. So while I am now a happy spirit and an inhabitant of the Heavenly Kingdom, yet, once I was a mortal engaged in teaching the truths of the Master and suffered the pains and torments which such teachings and such faith brought to many of Jesus' disciples.

But those times are past, and now these truths may be preached and there is none to make afraid, yet, opposition will come from the churches and the ecclesiastical brethren who are bound by their beliefs in the creeds of the churches.

But, nevertheless, the truths must be taught, and the Master has chosen you to receive them so that they will be given to the world, and while your task is a glorious one, yet you will find much responsibility and antagonism, and maybe persecution in your private life, because of such teachings. But be firm and stick to these truths, and in the end they will prevail, and mankind will be benefited and will turn to the Love of the Father and pursue the way that the Master will show. So let not your courage falter or your efforts cease, and you will find a recompense not only in the spirit world but in the world of mortals as well.

I will be one of your band that St. Peter spoke of, and you will find that your power for good will develop wonderfully and in a way that will make the world take heed to the truths that you shall transmit. You are the chosen one and have with you the powers of the Celestial Kingdom, and the world will not prevail against you or your efforts to show mankind the way to salvation. So put your trust in the Master and in the Father's Love and you will not be forsaken.

I will come to you again and give you some truths of the Father's Kingdom that will show the real truths of God's will. My teachings will be supplemented to those of the Master and in unison with them. So I must stop now.

I am your brother and friend,
St. Stephen, the martyr

Friday, August 17, 2012

Confirmations of St. Andrews' Message by St. Peter, St. John, St. James, St. Jerome, St. Anthony and Helen

July 17, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, St. Peter.

I come for the same reasons that Andrew came, and I want to add my testimony to his that you are the true selection of the Master to do his work, and that he is with you very often writing to you and bestowing upon you his love and blessings. You must believe and let not doubt enter your mind or keep you from fully believing that the Master is your friend and brother and is with you in your times of worry and gloom.

I am a spirit, who once, when on earth had great doubts as to the Master's sacred mission, and as to his being the true son of the Father, but these doubts left me when I saw the greatness of his person and the wonderful Love of the Father, which possessed him. You will remember that I even denied him - that is, that I knew him as a mere man - and what anguish and suffering that denial gave me. So you must not doubt or deny him.

I know now beyond all question of doubt that he is the true Master and the true son of God, and the only one in all God's universe that has the Divine Love of the Father to such an extent as makes him almost like the Father in goodness and wisdom. He is your friend and saviour, and even more he is your brother and companion in this great work, which he is doing for the salvation of mankind.

I, Peter, tell you this, and I tell you it with all the authority and faith, and more knowledge than I had when I declared him to be the only and true Divine son of God, and you must believe what I say.

So let no more doubt or fear that you are not the Master's instrument selected by him and confirmed by his love and grace to do this great work. I, Peter, declare it, and I know what I declare, and say it with all the authority that knowledge gives me.

All the followers of the Master are interested in this work and in you, and we are now forming our band, which shall guide and instruct you in all these truths, which only we of the higher heavens know. I do not mean that we will supersede your present band, but we will work in conjunction with them, and you will receive many messages from us as time goes on, and you will believe that we write them to you.

You have more power of the spirit world being exercised in your behalf than has any other mortal; and with the exercise of this power there will come to you a power that no mortal has ever had since the days when we lived on earth. So you must have more faith, and to get it you must pray to the Father more and more.

I have written enough for tonight and must stop. But let me again insist that you pray to the Father and ask for more faith.

I am your brother and friend, St. Peter (The Rock)

* * * * *

I am here, St. John, your friend and brother, and at-one with God and a follower of the Master.

So you must believe what the Master promised you for he will not fail you. I must not write more tonight, but will stop and say that you have my love and best wishes for your success. So believe in what we write, and you will realize the results of our promises. So with my love and blessings,

I am your friend and brother,
John the Apostle

* * * * *

Let me add my testimony to what the others have written.

I am also a follower of the Master and was with him in his travels through Palestine, and was with him when he was crucified on the cross, and saw the great manifestations of God and the doom of evil, and the principalities of the air, as St. Paul describes them. I was a true follower of the Master on earth, and a true one in the spirit world. He is now the Prince of Peace in its truest sense. His love for humanity is so great that we, even though we are his true lovers and very close to him, cannot comprehend it.

So you must believe in him and in the fact that he has chosen you to do his Great Work. Believe and work and you will see the salvation of the Father manifest itself as never before. You have working with you all the powers of the Kingdom of Jesus and nothing will be able to withstand such powers. And Love, the Divine Love of the Father, will enter into many a soul and make it an inhabitant of the Kingdom through this Great Work.

I will not write more tonight but as Peter said he will be with you often in love and sympathy, and will write you of the truths of the Heavenly Kingdom. So with all my love and blessings,

I am your own true brother and friend,
St. James, an apostle of Jesus.

* * * * *

I am also a brother spirit and want to tell you that the wonderful messages that you have received tonight are true, and were written by the spirits professing to write them and that you must not doubt. So believe and you will receive the greatest of all blessings, the Divine Love of the Father.

I will not write more at this time, but will come again and tell you of things no mortal has ever heard of or conceived.

I am your brother and friend,
St. Jerome, the writer and commentator of the Bible

* * * * *

I am your brother and friend in Christ and in the Love of the Father. I am a man who was a follower of the Master when on earth and a follower of him in the spirit world; I mean in the Heavenly Kingdom, and I am a lover of God and a part of His Divinity.

I was not one of his apostles, but I loved him and believed in him, and died in his cause and am now receiving my reward, for I am now, as I say, an inhabitant of his Heavenly Kingdom; and immortality is mine as it will be yours if you continue to believe in him and get the Divine Love of the Father in increased abundance.

So let me tell you that not every man has bestowed upon him the great favor, which the Master has bestowed upon you. No other mortal, at this time, has that great blessing of love and selection that he has given to, and made of you. The others have told you of this wonderful Love and power and blessings that have been and will be bestowed upon you. So I will stop now and say that I am,

Your brother and friend,
St. Anthony, as the world calls me

* * * * *

I am here, Helen

Well, sweetheart, you have received tonight wonderful messages from wonderful spirits and I hardly know what to say. It almost overwhelms me to see the great spirits of the Kingdom of Jesus come to you and write such messages. It seem to me that they are all interested in your work to such an extent that they feel that every one of them must come to you and bring the Great Love and power which they possess and give it to you.

It is so wonderful and astonishing that I can scarcely conceive that it is true. I did not think that you would ever be so favored in your life on earth, but now I see that you will have a work to do that no other mortal has ever had. And to think, that you are my Ned and a mere man.

So I thank God for His great goodness to you, and also the Master for having chosen you as his disciple to do this great work. We are praising God and thanking Him for His mercy towards you.

I cannot write more tonight as I want to think of it all. Only believe and you will see what a wonderful spirit the Master is and how much he loves you. So sweetheart, I will say goodnight.

Your own true loving,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

St. Andrew Confirms That Jesus Has Chosen James as His Disciple to Receive His Messages and is the Most Favored One of Jesus in All the Universe

July 17, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am your friend and brother in Christ and His Love, St. Andrew.

I came because I am interested in the work which you are called upon to do, and because we all love you and want to see you progress in your soul development and in your capacity for receiving the messages of the Master, which he has selected you, as his disciple, to receive and transmit to the world.

I am the true Andrew of the Bible, and no other and you must believe that I am. I know that you may have doubts as to so many of the disciples of the Master coming to you to write, but you must not be surprised at that fact, for who are more interested in the great work that you are to do than the disciples of the Master, who know that his teachings are the truth, and that mankind needs them at this time, more than at any time in the history of the world.

So let all your doubts disappear and believe that we are with you in all our love and desire that you may be happy and may have that soul development that will make you one with us and with the Father, the Creator and Preserver of us all.

Well, you must believe in what we say. I know of no way in which you can become more convinced than by our writing to you. Let no man turn away your faith from us, as no man can truthfully say that we are not writing to you and, hence, the testimony of such a man is not of that character as to overcome the positive testimony that you receive from us and all your band that the Master is actually writing to you. No spirit will be permitted to impersonate the Master or any of us. We are of that higher order of spirits that are all powerful, and if any spirit should attempt to impose upon you, we would soon compel such spirit to cease its attempt to deceive you, and leave you in your efforts to seek and learn the truth. Yes, sooner or later they will disclose their cloven feet.

Well, we expect that you will doubt at times, but we know that after a while your faith will be so firm that no doubt will ever enter your mind.

Jesus selected you, and because you are not worthy, that must not cause you to doubt that he has made such selection. He knows just what is best, and what your qualifications and possibilities are, and it is not for you to say that you are not worthy or not fitted to the work. Let faith in him and in his love and in his promise be established beyond doubt or questioning.

Yes, you certainly are favored and you should appreciate that fact to its highest conception, for I tell you that you are as much favored in being selected for this work as were any of us when he selected us for his disciples, and I may say to a greater degree, because you are the only one in all the universe that he has chosen to do this great work, and you will find after awhile that it is a work of stupendous importance and involves much labor and exhaustion of both body and mind.

Well, I have written a long letter for my first appearance, and I must stop, and I say as the most important thing to tell you now: Believe and you shall see the glory of the Father and your own salvation. I will say with all my heart that I am your true friend and brother and will pray for you with all my love and faith. So goodnight.

Your true brother and friend,
St. Andrew, the Apostle

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jesus Writes a Loving Note to James and Encourages Him to Look to the Father for His Help

July 16, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I see your condition and I will help you if you will only continue to believe in me. I know that everything looks very dark and no light seems to shine ahead, but it is coming.

Yes, I know, but it will come in time, and you will be relieved, if you will only trust me. So do not be so downhearted but look to the Father for His help.

I am the Jesus who writes to you and no other. I came today because you are so downhearted.

Well, he will find his mistake someday, for no other spirit writes to you in my name and you must believe. Let him alone in his belief, for as I have told you, a spirit from the dead, should it appear to him in the form of an angel, would not convince him. So do not let what he may say disturb you. Cheer up and you will triumph and will soon see the light breaking. He is on the way and will soon receive the Divine Love to a very large degree. He is a very spiritual man and is progressing in his soul development.

So believe that I am with you and pray to the Father.

Your own true brother and friend,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ann Rollins Writes Further About Her Experience in the Celestial Heavens and Explains That It Is Inhabited by Angels Who Were Once Mortals

July 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

I want to tell you tonight of my experience in my new home among the redeemed spirits who have entered that Kingdom. I am living, as I told you, in the Second Celestial Sphere, and am surrounded by everything that makes me happy and in unison with the Father. I am also in close attachment with the Master, although he lives in a sphere much higher in the Celestial Heavens and which, he tells me, is close to the fountainhead of God's Love.

I have with me a great number of spirits who have received the Great Love of the Father in great abundance, and who are so good and beautiful that they are as of the Father. And here I must tell you that all Angels in His Kingdom, which is ruled over by Jesus, are the spirits of mortals who once lived on earth, and not what the Old Testament called Angels are.

I am informed there are beings who never had the experience of living in the flesh. I have never seen any of these Angels and I don't know where they live, but Jesus says they are a distinct class of God's creation, and that they live in spheres that are separated from the Heavens that he rules in. I have often wished to see some of these Angels, but it does not appear that they ever come to our Celestial Heavens.

So when you hear us speak of Angels, we mean only those who were mortals, and who have been redeemed by the Love of the Father, and who are living in the higher spheres of our own Celestial Heavens.

Of course, I don't know whether these other Angels will ever know anything about our Heavens or not, but if they ever should, I doubt that they will ever realize the full meaning of a soul redeemed, because only those who have gone through the experience of living in the flesh, and having all the sorrows of mortals and the redemption from their condition of sin and error by the Love of the Father, can ever fully understand what redemption means.

So I believe that no Angel without this experience can ever enjoy the happiness that we, who become inhabitants of Christ's Kingdom, enjoy. I may be mistaken in this, but this is my belief.

All Ministering Angels are spirits who once inhabited the physical body, and only such, it seems to me, can have that sympathy and love which fits them to understand and be able to sympathize with the sufferings of humanity. Why, if you will think a moment, you will remember that even Jesus was not fitted to perform his great mission and to declare the Love of the Father, until he had entered into the physical body so that he could understand fully all the frailties and sufferings and longings of mortals.

At any rate, no Angel that comes to mortal to minister is other than the spirit of one who has passed through these sufferings and sins of the mortal.

Well, as I have said, I am surrounded by many of these beautiful redeemed spirits, and they are all happy beyond conception by you who live on earth.

I am in a state of perfect happiness myself and want for nothing that is necessary to make me realize that God is my Father of Love and mercy. Yet, I desire the progression that will take me to the higher spheres, but not on account of any discontent on my part, but because I am told that there are homes awaiting me and my companions in these higher spheres that are so much more beautiful than those which we now have. And besides, the Law of Progression is constantly working here and never are we permitted to cease our longing for the higher life and the greater abundance of the Divine Love that our Father promises us will be ours, if we desire and seek for it. But you must never forget that while we strive to progress, we are never dissatisfied with what our Father has provided for us and what we possess.

My home here is a part of the Celestial Kingdom, and we who live in this sphere are all immortal, in the sense that that word has been explained to you. We are greater in our attributes and qualities than were the first parents at the time of their creation. We can never die again and have passed beyond the second death, as it is written, for our Love is now so abundant that we are all partakers of the Father's Divinity to such an extent that it can never be taken from us. No, not in all eternity.

And, yet, with all this knowledge and consolation that it brings to us, we still have our love for those who live on earth, who have not yet acquired this Great Gift of the Father, and our work in trying to help mortals is a joy to us and never anything but a labor of love.

I will not tell you at this time how much our interests center in the work that the Master is doing for the salvation of mankind, but only say that his love for man and his desire for their redemption are greater than they were when he was on earth, and all his followers - all who are in the Celestial Heavens as well as those who are in the spirit spheres - are working in unison with him to accomplish this great work to its fullest extent. And many mortals are inspired by him and by his spirit followers, to assist in this work and make known to mankind the truths of his teachings and the wonderful Love of the Father which passeth all understanding.

So while the dogmas and teachings of many of the churches are not in accord with the truth, yet, the teachings of the spiritual truths of Christ's mission, and of the gifts of the Father are now being bestowed upon mankind, and are the causes of many a soul being turned to God's Love and thereby securing their own salvation.

False beliefs and false doctrines as taught in most of the churches do much harm and retard the soul's progress and keep many souls from the light while on earth as well as in the spirit world but, yet, with all these false teachings are mingled some truths of the soul's qualities for progress, and of the way in which it may find the entrance of God's Love into the soul and into His Kingdom.

I know that many men die with these false beliefs and retain them for a more or less longer time after they become spirits, yet, the fact that they have as a part of their beliefs the faith in God's Love and in Jesus' teachings will help them to grasp the real truth and to progress more rapidly after they have gotten rid of these false beliefs.

So while you must pity the followers of most of these orthodox churches because they are living in the security, as they think, of these false ideas, yet, you would not be justified in attempting to do anything to abolish these churches in toto, because there is nothing to supply their places, and the truths which they teach would be destroyed and nothing left to serve the soul's interests.

But I tell you that the time is coming when the churches will teach the real truths of God's Love and of Jesus' mission and the way to man's salvation, and then humanity will be happier, and the Kingdom of Heaven will exist on earth as it does in our Celestial Heavens. The time is now ripe for these churches to receive these truths, and men's longings for light and happiness will demand that the true gospel be preached, and it will be.

So my dear son, you see the necessity for providing the means by which these great truths may be conveyed to mortals. The Bible is losing its hold on many - not only the students but the common people as well - and the, which were intended that that book should contain must be brought to the knowledge and consciousness of men and women.

For many years the powers of the spirit world have been making efforts to have these truths communicated to men, but with very indifferent success. Now I believe that I can see before me, as a vision, that many good men and women will develop their psychic powers to such an extent that they can be used as mediums of communication, and they will be so honest and earnest in their work, that men will believe the communications and learn the real truths that the Master is striving to teach.

I must stop now, as I have written a long time and you must rest awhile before you continue to write.

Your loving Grandmother

Monday, August 13, 2012

St. John Writes About the Difference Between the Natural Love and Divine Love

July 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. John.

I felt your call and came. I will tell you of love, as that is what you called me for.

The love that I taught when on earth is the Love that the Father has prepared for all His children who might seek it. All that is required is that they seek with earnestness and faith, and they will receive it. I know that this Love is frequently confounded with the natural love that God gave to man at his creation, but the two are different and distinct.

Every man has this natural love to a more or less extent; and it is a great gift and makes man what he is; but not so many have this other Love, because it is bestowed only in answer to prayer and the real longings of the heart and soul. This is the Divine Love, and this is the Love that makes man a part of the Divinity of the Father and, consequently, immortal.

God is Love - and this is the great truth of His being. But His Love, while free for all, yet, is not bestowed without the desire of the mortal to receive it.

I wish that I had time tonight to more fully explain this Great Love but I have not; and I came to you only because you called me. No, not tonight, but I will come sometime and write you a long letter on these subjects.

I am supremely happy and am working for humanity, and so directly does the Master. I do more for the advancement of the spirits after they have commenced to enjoy the Love of the Father in their souls.

Well, Jesus is the ruling spirit in our Kingdom and His power is supreme. It is, of course, the Kingdom of God; but this Kingdom is being formed by the Master, and to him is given the supreme ruling power, and we are all his followers. He rules by love and ministrations, and not by the hard lines of force and coercion. Yes, he has many with him in the Celestial Spheres, but they are all subordinate to and obey him, but it is hard to make you understand this. This obedience is the result of love, and the word does not convey the exact meaning intended.

Well, that was a request made by us in our desire to become of importance, but we did not then understand what His Kingdom would be. We are equal here provided we have the same amount of Love - the Divine Love, that alone determines our place and position.

Jesus is the greatest of all, because he has more of this Love than any other spirit, and because he is nearer the Father and knows more of Him and of His attributes. No distinction is made in this Kingdom because of any relationship or personal greatness, but only because of more or less of Divine Love in the soul of the spirit.

I will come to you at times and write you of my knowledge of the truths of the Father and hope that they may do you and the world some good.

I was not an educated man at that time when on earth and never was, so far as languages are concerned. I had no knowledge of the philosophy of the great thinkers and writers of that time. All the knowledge I possessed of spiritual matters came to me from the teachings of Jesus and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I was not a learned man in the earthly sense.

You have my blessings and my love, and I hope that the Holy Spirit may soon fill your soul with the Love of the Father in greater abundance and keep you in its care and keeping.

I will say goodnight.
St. John

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Socrates, the Greek Philosopher, Writes of His Life in the Intellectual Spheres and How He Found God's Divine Love and Became a Follower of Jesus' Teachings

July 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Socrates the Greek.

I knew that you thought of me and I was attracted by your thought. If such spirit is in rapport with you or has a similar soul quality, the soul condition is the great medium of attraction. I have been with you before, and there is a rapport growing out of your soul qualities.

I am now a believer in the Christian doctrine of the soul's immortality and in the teachings of Jesus as to the way to obtain the Divine Love of the Father, as you are and, hence, our qualities of soul are similar. I am now a follower of the Master and believe in his Divine mission on earth, although he had not come to earth when I lived.

After I became a spirit, I realized my belief in the continuity of life after death and lived in the spirit world a great many years after Jesus came before I learned and believed his larger truth of immortality. Of course, when I taught I had only a hope, which was almost a certainty that I should continue to live through all eternity, but I had no other foundation for that belief than the deductions from my reasoning powers and the observations of the workings of nature. I had heard of the visitations of the spirits of the departed, but had never had any personal experiences in that direction, but I readily believed it to be true.

My conviction of the truth of a future continuance was so strong that it amounted to a certainty and, hence, when I died, I comforted Plato and my other friends and disciples by telling them that they must not say that Socrates will die, but rather that his body will die - his soul will live forever in fields Elysian. They believed me and Plato afterwards enlarged on my belief. And Socrates did not die, but as soon as his breath left the body, which was not very painful even though the fatal hemlock did its work sure and quickly, he went into the spirit world a living entity, full of the happiness that the realizations of his beliefs gave him.

My entrance into the spirit world was not a dark one, but full of light and happiness, for I was met by some of my disciples who had passed over before me and who had progressed very much in the intellectual development. I then thought that my place of reception was the Heaven of good spirits, for there were good spirits to meet me and carry me to my home. I was then possessed of what I thought that I was in the home of the blessed, and I continued there for many years and enjoyed the exchange of minds and the feasts of reason.

And as I continued to live, I progressed until at last, I entered the highest intellectual sphere and became a beautiful and bright spirit, so they told me, and taught the things of a mind developed. I met many minds of great power of thought and beauty; and my happiness was beyond my conception when on earth. Many of my old friends and disciples came over and our reunions were always joyous. Plato came and Cato and others.

And the ages went by, and I continued in my life of intellectual enjoyment and profit with many spirits developed in their minds and powers of thought, until our existence was a continuous feast of bright and momentous thoughts interchanged. I traversed the spheres in search of knowledge and information without limitation and found the principles of many laws of the spirit world.

I found in many spheres spirits, who said they were the old Hebrew prophets and teachers, and they were still teaching of their Hebrew God, who they claimed was the only God of the universe and who had made of their nation His favorite people. But I did not find that they were much different from the rest of us - I mean what they called the spirits of the pagan nations. They were not superior to us in intellect, and they lived in no higher spheres than we lived in, and I could not learn that their morality was any more exalted than was ours.

But they insisted that they were God's favorite people and were, in their own estimation, superior to the rest of us and lived in a community all to themselves. I did not know just what the conditions of their souls were but, as I observed, the condition of the soul determines the appearances of the spirit, I did not perceive that their appearances were any more beautiful or godlike than were ours, and I concluded that their God was no better or greater than was ours. No one that I could find had seen any God and I had not. So who or what God was became merely a matter of speculation, and I preferred to have the God of my own conception to the one that they claimed to have.

For long years, my life went on in this way until in my wanderings I found that there was a sphere I could not enter, and I commenced to make inquiries and was told that it was one of the Soul Spheres in which the great ruler or Master was a spirit called Jesus, who had, since my coming to the spirit world, established a New Kingdom and was the chosen son of God in whom he lived and had his being, and that only those who had received the Divine Love of this God could enter this sphere or become inhabitants thereof. I then sought for more information and, continuing my search, I learned that this Love had been given to men and spirits at the time of the birth of Jesus on earth, and that it was free for all who might seek it in the way taught by him. That he was the greatest true son of this God, and that in no other way than the one shown by this son could this Love be obtained or the Soul Spheres entered.

I, thereafter, thought of this new revelation and let many years go by before I became convinced that I might learn something and become benefited by seeking this way and this Love. And after awhile, I began to seek. But you must know that I, and spirits like me who lived in the spheres where the mind furnished our pursuits and enjoyments, could not enter what was called this Soul Sphere, yet. the inhabitants of that Soul Sphere could come into our sphere without let or hindrance.

And I sometimes met and conversed with some of these inhabitants and, on one occasion, I met one called John, who was a most beautiful and luminous spirit, and in our conversation he told me of this Divine Love of his God, and of the Great Love and mission of Jesus, and showed me some of the truths taught by Jesus and the way to obtain this Divine Love and urged me to seek for it.

Strange to me, there were not any of the intellectual qualities required to be exercised in seeking for this Love - only the longings and aspirations of my soul and the exercise of my will. It seemed so simple - so easy - that I commenced to doubt whether there was any reality in what I was told, and I hesitated to follow the advice of this spirit, John. But he was so loving and his countenance was so wonderful, that I concluded to try, and I commenced to pray to this God and tried to exercise faith as I was told. After a while, most surprising of all things to me, I commenced to have new and unaccountable sensations and with them a feeling of happiness that I had never experienced before, which made me think that there must be some truth in what I was told.

And I continued to pray the harder and believe with more surety. I continued to make these efforts until, at last, the great awakening came that I had in me a Love that never before was in my soul and a happiness that all my intellectual pursuits had never been able to supply. Well, it is not necessary to tell you further in detail my experience in getting and developing this Love. But I became filled with it, and at last entered the Soul Sphere, and what I saw is beyond description.

I met Jesus and had no conception that there could be such a glorious, magnificent and loving spirit. He was so gracious and seemed to be so much interested in my welfare and progress in the truths that he taught. Can you wonder that I am a Christian and follower of him? Thereafter, I learned what True Immortality is and that I am a part of that Immortality. I see how far short my conception and teaching of immortality were. Only this Divine Love can give to spirits Immortality, and anything less is but the shadow of a hope, such as I had.

I am now in a Sphere that is not numbered, but it is high in the Celestial Heavens, and not far from some of the Spheres where the disciples of the Master live. I am still progressing, and that is the beauty and glory of the soul development - where there is no limit - while my intellectual development was limited.

I must stop now as I have written more than I should have done. But I will come to you sometime in the not distant future and tell you of some of the truths which I have learned.

Your friend and brother,
Socrates, the one time Greek philosopher but now a Christian

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ann Rollins Writes About Her Life in the Second Celestial Sphere of the Celestial Heavens

July 6, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

I come tonight to tell you that I am very happy to see that you are in such good condition and so free from your worries and cares. So you must try to keep your mind and thoughts free until you have no occasion for worry.

I want to tell you of my beautiful home in the Second Celestial Sphere, and what happiness we have in enjoying its beauties and grandeur. It is not possible for me to describe its appearance, only to say that its beauty is beyond any conception that you may have, or any ability I may have to describe it. Everything that the heart may wish for is contained in it, and everything that you can conceive of as being necessary to make a home beautiful is there.

I am in a great degree of happiness, and have so many bright and beautiful spirits for companions, and never get tired of listening to the grand and angelic music. We, I mean your mother, wife and myself, are with one another very frequently, although our homes are different and not very close together. Of course, my home is in a higher plane in that sphere, than those of your mother or wife, but there is nothing to prevent our having constant intercourse and companionship.

He (grandfather) is in the Fifth Sphere still, although he is progressing, and is so very anxious to get with me, but he has not love and faith sufficient to be with me in my home. I know that you are anxious that we be together and that you pray for such a consummation of our desires, and your prayers will be answered before a great while for my faith is so strong that I know that my prayers will soon be answered by the Father.

Yes, I will go to the Third Celestial Sphere where many bright spirits are. Spirits who have the Love of God in their souls to an extent that fits them for such a life. You are right, there are no purely intellectual spheres in the Celestial Heavens. All the spheres are soul spheres where the Love of the Father is possessed by all the spirit inhabitants to such an extent that intellectual development is merely a secondary condition.

How I would like to write you a long letter tonight on spiritual matters, but I do not think that you are quite in condition to take such a message, and I will postpone it until a later time. Your wife is here and after a little, she will write to you and tell you of her happiness and peace in the Father's Love.

So I will not write more tonight, but will only repeat that I love you with all my heart and soul.

Your Grandmother

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jesus Confirms That Henry Ward Beecher Wrote; He wants Mr. Beecher to be a Regular Contributor to His Cause

July 6, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I merely want to say that you are better in your spiritual condition and also physically. You must not forget to pray to the Father and have faith. I am with you and will help you in all your undertakings and in your soul development, as I promised. So believe what I say and try to throw off all worries from now onward to the time when the occasion for the same will cease.

Yes, the message of Mr. Beecher was written by him and it contains the truth with reference to immortality as I have explained to you before. He is a strong and logical reasoner, and I am glad that he wrote on the subject. It may be used in connection with my writings and will have its effect with a number of persons who thought much of him when on earth. I want him to be a regular contributor to my cause.

So my dear brother, let your faith in me increase and give all your love to the Father. I will soon write a message as I suggested last night.

With all my love, I am your friend and brother,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Martin Luther Writes the Truth About the New Birth and Regrets Teaching The Error That Jesus Was God

July 6, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, a stranger, but a spirit interested in the work that you are doing for the Master and, also, for many spirits - good and bad. I am writing by permission of your band and, hence, do not feel that I am intruding. So if you will kindly bear with me, I will say a few words. I am a spirit in love with the efforts that you and your band are making to help the unfortunates who come to you with such pitying tales of suffering and darkness and ask for help.

I was once, when on earth, a man who suffered much because of my spiritual darkness, and not until late in life did I find the way to my Father's Love through prayer and faith. And even then, I had many erroneous beliefs caused by the interpretations of the Bible, then obtaining in the church of which I was a member. But since coming to the spirit land, I have learned the truth and have gotten rid of any old erroneous beliefs, and thank God, I am in the way that leads to life everlasting.

I was a teacher when on earth of what I thought were Bible truths, and I know that some good resulted from my teachings, although they were mixed with errors. But I have met many spirits of men who listened to my teachings and believed many things that I taught. So you see, that even if the churches do teach many false doctrines in their creeds, yet, mixed with these false doctrines are many truths, and these truths often find lodgment in the hearts of the hearers, and result in their finding the Light and Love of the Father.

I am still teaching mortals whenever it is possible to do. But I find that my task is a difficult one, because there are so few mediums who are capable of receiving the truths of the higher things of life, and the impressions that I make on mortals by the exercise of suggestions are not very encouraging to them or to me. Sometimes the impressions are received and understood but very often they have no effect.

If we could have more writing mediums, such as yourself, who are interested in these higher truths, and would believe that we could communicate such truths to them, the salvation of mankind would become much more rapid. But, as Jesus said, the harvest is ripe and the laborers are few.

You have a mission, which is greatly to be envied, I mean in the best sense, because you by the exercise of your duties become the medium between the Master and man. And I want to tell you that such a mission is a glorious one, and will bring to you untold blessings because you have now, and will have with increasing power, the influences of the higher world of spirits and angels.

The one great spirit, I mean the Master, is with you very often, and seems to love you so much, and his love and power are beyond comprehension. He is your friend and brother and the association with such a one will give you much spiritual excellence and power, which men have not often possessed.

At the same time that this mission holds forth so much glory and power, it also brings with it a great responsibility, and one which will demand of you the exercise of all your love and faith and energy. So you see with the great favor comes responsibility.

I have written rather longer than I intended to when I commenced, and I will now stop. I live in the Second Celestial Sphere, where live your grandmother and mother and wife. Well, I did not have the love and faith that they had and my progress was very slow and, hence, they have overtaken me in my spiritual progress. They are wonderful spirits and have so much of the Father's Love in their souls.

I was a preacher and lived the life of one after I separated from the church in which I had been taught the doctrines. My name was Martin Luther. Yes, Martin Luther, the Monk.

I now see that my teaching of justification by faith is not of itself sufficient for man's salvation. The true doctrine is that of the New Birth. I mean that with faith must come the inflowing of the Divine Love of the Father into the souls of men. Merely having faith will not suffice. Without this Love - faith is futile, except as it may help to bring the Love.

So you see that while I was in my teachings an improvement on what I had been taught, yet, I did not preach the great essential of the New Birth in the sense in which Jesus taught it and which should be understood by mankind. Faith without works is not sufficient. Works without faith will not bring about the great results desired, and both faith and works without the New Birth - or the acquiring of the Divine Love of the Father - are not sufficient to bring salvation to mankind.

Love is the fulfilling of the law and Divine Love is the Essence of the Father, which when possessed by men makes them one with Him. Let all men know that of all Divine things, Divine Love is the Divinest and makes man part of Divinity Itself.

Well, I have regretted so very much that my followers, believing in my teachings, worship Jesus as God. Oh, the great error of this belief and how much injury it has done and is now doing to men and spirits! But, thank God, I see the truth breaking into the consciences and minds of many of my followers, and I hope the time is not far distant when this great heresy will no longer be believed.

And the other false doctrine, which is common to all the orthodox churches has caused much unhappiness and infidelity and disappointment both in the mortal world and in the spirit world, that is, that Jesus' blood saves from sin or that he made a vicarious sacrifice to appease the wrath of an angry God, and thereby removed from men the penalties and burdens of their sins. This false doctrine has caused more men to lose their soul development and rest secure in a false belief that they were saved from sin and immune from punishment, than has any dogma taught by the churches.

No blood, no death on the cross and no vicarious atonement saves a man from his sins and the resultant expiations, but Love, the Divine Love of the Father, which Jesus brought to the world and declared the way in which it might be obtained, and that it is free for all the Father's children, saves from sin both on earth and the spirit world.

I must stop now and will come to you again if agreeable. No, I am not. To me all men are the children of God, and I have long since forgotten any distinction between the Germans and the other races of mankind. But war is cruel and unholy and without valid excuse and should never arise.

With the love of a brother who wants all men to seek the light, I am the former monk and reformer,

Martin Luther

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Henry Ward Beecher Writes About God's Divine Love and Immortality

July 5th, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am your friend and brother in love and desire for the kingdom. I am the spirit of Henry Ward Beecher.

I live in the Seventh Sphere where your father now is, and, because of having met him there, I come to you tonight to write for a short time. He has told me of you and how easily you receive the communications of the spirits, and I want to let you know that, even though I am no longer the same as when on earth, I still have the desire to make known to men the thoughts that arise in me concerning God and the relation of men to Him and His kingdom.

I am now a believer in Jesus as I never was on earth, and it may surprise you to know that when on earth, no matter what I may have preached to my people, yet, in my heart, I looked on Jesus as a mere man of the Jews, and not very different from others of the great reformers who had lived and taught on earth the moral truths which tended to make men better and caused them to live more correct and righteous lives.

But since I have been in the spirit world and have had the experiences, which my life here has given me, and have found the way to God's Divine Love and to His Kingdom, I have learned and now know that Jesus was more than a mere reformer. He was not only a good and just teacher and lived the life of such, but he was the true son of God and His messenger in bringing to the world the truths of immortality and the Divine Love of the Father, and the way to obtain it. He was truly the Way and the Truth and the Life as no other teacher before him ever was.

I know it is taught, and I believed it when on earth, that many religions and pagan teachers asserted and tried to teach to mankind the immortality of the soul and, as men understood the meaning of the word immortality, these teachings were more or less satisfactory. But I now see that their conception of immortality was merely a continuity of life after what is called death. How different the meaning as, thus, taught and the true meaning of the word!

Immortality means so much more than a mere continuation of life. It means not only a continuation of life, but a life that has in it the Divine Love or Essence of the Father which makes the spirit who has that Love a Divinity itself, and not the subject of death of any kind. No mere spirit has this immortality just because it is continuing to live in the spirit world and cannot conceive that by any possibility that continuity of life can ever be arrested or ended. No such spirit knows that to be true, because never has it been demonstrated, as a fact, and cannot be until eternity has come to an end. Such spirit is no different in its essence and potentialities from what it was when enfolded in the flesh and has no greater reason for believing that it is immortal than it had when on earth.

A speculation and a proven fact are two entirely different things, yet, with some spirits, as well as with men, speculation becomes almost as much a certainty as does a fact demonstrated. But there is no justification for relying upon conclusions drawn from mere speculation, and the spirit or man who does, may, in the great workings of eternity, find himself not only mistaken but surprised beyond all conception at what eventualities such workings may bring forth. So, I say, that before the coming of Jesus, immortality had not been brought to light and could not have been, because for mankind - it did not exist.

I was as much surprised when I learned the true meaning of the word as men will be who may read this communication or hear its import. The hope of Socrates or of Plato or of Pythagoras was only a hope fortified by the reasonings of great minds and supplemented by much development of soul qualities. But when all is said, it was only hope - knowledge was wanting. And even if they had realized that the spirits of men departed did return and communicate to them that there was no such thing as the death of the spirit or soul; yet, such experiences did not prove to them anything beyond the fact that life was continuous for the time being. As change is the law in the spirit world as well as on earth, they could not, with the certainty of knowledge, say there might not be some change in the spirit world that would break or set aside the continuity of existence.

Take the young child, when its intellect has not sufficiently developed to understand that there is such a thing as the death of the physical body, and it believes, if it thinks at all, that it will continue to live forever on earth. And so with these philosophers who had the hope of a future continuous life and with the spirits who know that there is a continuous life - living after death - they think that, that living must be the fixed state, and must of necessity continue forever.

As I say, it has not been demonstrated that such life will continue forever; yet, on the other hand, it has not been shown that it will not and, hence, no spirit can say that it is immortal unless it partakes of the Divine Essence, and no wise philosopher or religious teacher, prior to the coming of Jesus, could be said to have brought immortality to light. While hope and speculation exist as the children of desire, yet, knowledge is wanting and certainty is not.

The immortality then that men believed in, and comforted themselves with believing in, was the immortality that hope created and speculation proved; and the experiences of men, in communicating with the spirits, showed that death had not annihilated the individual. But hope and speculation and experience did not create knowledge.

When Jesus came, he brought with him, not only hope but knowledge of the truth. Not many men have comprehended it, or understood the reason or foundation for such knowledge, and the reasoning faculties of men were not sufficient to show the true reasons of such knowledge. And strange as it may seem, the students and commentators of the Bible have never disclosed the true foundation upon which this knowledge exists.

I confess that in my life, while a great student of the Bible, I never comprehended the true meaning of how, or in what way, Jesus brought immortality to light. I thought, as many others do now, that his death and resurrection were the things that showed to mankind the reality of immortality. But these things showed no more, as I now see, than did the numerous instances recorded in the Old Testament and in the secular writings of the philosophers and adepts of India and Egypt that there was an existence after so-called death.

And many who dispute the fact that Jesus brought immortality to light, base their arguments on these other facts: that he was only one of many who had died and afterwards came to mortals and showed that they still lived as spirits. So I say, and as I believed not while on earth, the mere fact of Jesus' resurrection does not prove immortality.

Then what have I learned immortality to be since I have been in the spirit world? My reasoning powers are much greater now than when on earth; my perceptive faculties have become more keen and my experience in the laws of the spirit world have given me great knowledge; but all these would not of themselves have given me the knowledge of immortality, had not Jesus himself explained it to me and demonstrated it by his own condition and that of many spirits in the higher spheres. Now I am, because of my present soul development, the possessor of that knowledge.

Only the Father is Immortal, and only those to whom He gives His Attributes of Immortality, can become Immortal as He is. Love is the great principle of Immortality, and by this I mean the Divine Love of the Father and not the natural love of the creature; and he who possesses this Divine Love becomes as it were, a part of It, or It becomes a part of him, and in Its operations makes him like unto the Father. In other words, a spirit who possesses this Divine Love becomes a part of Divinity itself and, consequently, Immortal, and there is no possibility of his ever becoming deprived of this element of Divinity.

No spirit is immortal when there is any possibility of its being deprived of that immortality. Even God himself, if He could be deprived of that great quality, would not be immortal. And just as it is impossible to take from the Father this great attribute, so is it impossible for the spirit, who has once obtained this Divine Love of the Father, to lose its immortality.

So you see, immortality comes to a spirit only with the possession of the Divine Love, and that Love is not bestowed upon every spirit, but only on those who seek for it in the way shown to mankind by Jesus. Death does not bring to the mortal Immortality, and because his spirit survives his death, it does not follow that Immortality becomes a part of his existence as a spirit.

So I say, that when Jesus brought to the world the knowledge of the bestowal of this Divine Love of the Father upon mortals under certain conditions, and also showed mortals the Way in which that Great Gift might be obtained, he brought to light Immortality and Life, and before him had no man or spirit brought these Great Gifts to light.

I am now a partaker, to a certain extent, of the Divine Love, and have before me the possibility of obtaining it to its fullest extent as promised by the Master to all who may seek for it in truth and with faith.

I did not intend to write so long a message at this time, but as I am enthusiastic on this subject, I find that I have trespassed upon your time and kindness longer than I realized. So thanking you for your patience I will stop now, but hope that I may have the privilege of coming again at some time and writing. With my kind regards, I am

Very truly yours,
Henry Ward Beecher

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saleeba Writes That She Is Receiving Divine Love and Has Progressed to a Higher Plane in the Third Sphere

July 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Saleeba.

Well, I am with you again, and I want to tell you that I am so very happy, as I have progressed so much since I wrote you a short time ago. I am still in the Third Sphere, but I am in a higher plane, and with spirits who have the soul development to a very great degree and in their love. I am just so happy that I cannot express to you its extent.

Oh, what a wonderful thing the Divine Love is, and when I consider the long years that I lived as a spirit without knowing anything about this Love, I can scarcely express my regret at the unfortunate position in which I lived. I know now that Jesus is the true leader of all the spirits who have this great soul development, and that he can show the way to the Father's Kingdom as no other spirit can; and besides, when I come in contact with him, I realize that he has so much of this Love himself that what he says must be true.

I will soon progress to a higher sphere, they tell me, and will get Love in more abundance, and then in a little while I shall go to my own people and tell them of the wonders and glories of my newfound home. What a blessed, happy time I anticipate among these spirits who are now in such ignorance of the only thing that brings this great happiness. I am not in condition now to tell you of my residence or life on earth as I promised, but sometime I will keep my promise.

You must think kind thoughts of me, and let your love come to me so that I may feel its benefit; for I must tell you that the loving thoughts of a mortal who knows what this Divine Love is have a wonderful influence on spirits and their advancement in the spirit spheres.

I will not write more tonight. So with my love and kindest thoughts, I am,

Your sister in Christ,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jesus Writes That He Was Never in India and Greece Studying The Philosophies of the Greek and Indian Philosophers

June 29, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, you must have more faith, and pray more. These are the important things, and the next is, that you must call on me when you get despondent and need consolation, for I will respond and help you. And then you must let that dear wife of yours come to you with her love and cheer. She is a beautiful spirit and loves you beyond any conception that you may have and you must love her.

Yes, I do love you more than you can comprehend, and you must return my love and be at one with me. I pray with you every night when you ask me to, as you do, and I know that the Father will answer my prayers as well as yours. I know what I say and you must believe me. So let me have your questions no matter what they will be and I will answer before you ask them.

I was never in India and Greece and those other places studying the philosophies of the Greek and Indian philosophers. I never received my knowledge from any other than my Father in my communications with Him and from the teachings of the Jewish Scriptures.

I lived at home in Nazareth with my parents all the years of my life after my return from Egypt until I started on my public ministry. Neither John nor Paul ever communicated that I was in these foreign countries studying the philosophies of the teachers they name. John never traveled with me outside of Palestine, and Paul, I never saw while on earth.

John was a man of very affectionate nature and was with me a great deal during my ministry, but he was not what was called a learned man nor was he acquainted with the philosophies of the men mentioned. He was merely the son of a lowly fisherman, and was selected by me for one of my disciples because of his susceptibility to my teachings and the great possibility for developing the Love Principle. So you must not believe the statements contained in that book on this subject.

Well you must stop, but remember that I am with you and love you.

Your friend and brother,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Helen Writes That the Racial Appearance of Spirits is Removed with Soul Development

June 28, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well sweetheart, you are tired and must not write much tonight for it will make you feel bad. So when I tell you a few things, stop writing.

Well, I see you want to know if the spirits who wrote you last night, I mean the disciples and Solomon, really wrote you. I am glad to say that they did. They were whom they represented themselves to be and you must believe.

After he wrote, I had a communication with St. John and he told me that you are on the way to the kingdom. He is so loving and so beautiful and seems so filled with Love that I really could not help from loving him. But, yet, he is not so glorious as the Master. None are - he is the one altogether lovely. But St. John is a wonderful spirit and he is interested in your work and will no doubt write you at times.

I did not talk to St. Paul, as he left just as soon as he stopped writing, but I will sometime when he comes to you, as he says he will.

Neither did I talk to Solomon, because he departed as soon as he had finished. You may think him a wonderful spirit in appearance, because of the great number of years since he lived on earth. But the years make no difference in appearance. He looks as young as do your own band, though, more beautiful and loving. He is not a spirit who has any of his racial appearance, but as I have said, his appearance is caused by the development, no matter what race they may have belonged to on earth.

When a spirit who was a dark-skinned person on earth gets this soul development, he goes into that sphere which his development fits him for, and no distinction is made between spirits on account of what their race may have been on earth. When a spirit who was a dark-skinned person on earth acquires this soul development, the color that distinguished him on earth leaves him and he has the appearance which his soul development gives him. He is no longer a dark-skinned person but a redeemed spirit and has the color of one. So you see the color of a mortal on earth does not determine his color in the higher spheres.

In the earth plane, the earth color clings to the spirit and sometimes it is intensified. In fact, a purely white man may become very dark in that plane, and the dark-skinned people become darker. As I have said, the condition of the soul determines the appearance. So the Heaven of all races may be the same, provided the individuals of those races obtain this Divine Love in the same degree.

How blinded we are on earth to the fact that all humans are God's children, and all loved by Him just alike, no matter what their color or nationality may be.

Well, you must stop now. So with all my love,

I am your own true and loving

Saturday, August 4, 2012

St. Paul, Saul of Tarsus, Writes That He Was Never Stricken Blind as the Bible States But Taught the Truths of the Master Jesus as His Disciple

June 28, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Saul of Tarsus, now Paul of near Damascus.

Well, as you are so longing tonight for love and fellowship with the disciples of the Master, I thought that I would write you just a little to show that all the Master's disciples are in their living spiritual bodies, and I am alive and will never again die.

I have written many epistles, which are contained in the Bible, and some are nearly correct, and in them you will find my idea of God and of the Master. I never taught that the Master was God, and neither did I teach the doctrine of the vicarious atonement or the sufficiency of Jesus' blood to save a sinner from the sins of his earthly deeds. I never taught that any man's sins would be borne and the penalty for same be paid for by another - and wherever these doctrines are set forth in my epistles, they were not written by me.

I agree with John. God is Love - for this means that God is everything that is good and pure and lovely. Love is the fulfilling of the law and Love includes everything.

Yes. It (the thorn in the flesh) was my doubt at times that I was called to preach the truth of man's salvation as taught by Jesus. I say I doubted at times that I was called to do such work, for notwithstanding the Bible narrative of my conversion, I was not altogether convinced by the vision that I saw. I know now that it was a true vision and that I was called, but when on earth I had doubts at times, and this was my "besetting sin."

Well, as to that I am afraid that I will have to disillusion you, for I was never stricken blind or taken to the house of the prophet of God as the Bible says. My vision, though, was plain enough, and I heard the voice upbraiding me, and I believed, but at times there would come this doubt that I speak of.

Of course, from my epistles you would never think that I had any doubts, and I purposely abstained from making known my doubts and so called it my "besetting sin." But I thank God that I never let that doubt influence me to prevent me from giving the work my call, for if I had, I would have undoubtedly relapsed into the persecuting Jew. As I continued to preach, my faith grew stronger and after a while my doubt had left me, and in my latter years I had no doubt.

No, I am not in as high a sphere as is St. John, for I have not that Love that he has; but I am in a very high sphere and am the governor of the city in which I live. I am probably as much filled with this Love as any of the inhabitants of my city and, consequently, having been a disciple of the Master, they selected me for their governor.

No, Peter is not in the same sphere. He is in a higher one. Some are higher and some lower. Andrew is in my sphere, but does not live in my city.

I am glad that you called me tonight or rather, the influence of your love, as I am much interested in the work that you have to do for the Master. You will be able to do this work and it will be a great revolutionizing one when it is published.

Well, I will be glad to write you at times and will give my present opinion on some of the things I discussed in my epistles. So as I have written considerably. I will say goodnight and stop.

Your friend and brother,
St. Paul of the Bible