Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jesus Writes on the True Meaning of the Saying "Christ may be in you"

March 3, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I desire tonight to write you in reference to the way in which, as the preacher advises, "Christ may be in you."

I know that it is almost universal among preachers of the orthodox church to teach their hearers that the way to salvation is to get Christ in them and thereby they will be enabled to come into unity with the Father, and cease to remain subject to the effects of sin and evil. Well, this teaching is the true foundation of salvation for the Celestial Heaven, provided it be understood by the preachers and the people what the true meaning of "Christ in you" is, and unless this meaning be comprehended, the fact that preacher or people may believe that they have Christ in them will not work the results that they may suppose or desire.

Many, and l may say the most, of these professing Christians, have ideas of what this expression means in order to become effective that are not in accord with the true meaning of this condition of the soul. They believe that all that is necessary is to believe on Jesus as their saviour by his sacrifice and death, and that in so believing they have Christ in them, and that nothing else is required. They have no conception of the distinction between Jesus, the man, and Christ, the spirit of truth, or more correctly, the spirit that manifests the existence of the Divine Love in the soul.

Christ is not a man in the sense that he is Jesus the son of the Father, but Christ is that part of Jesus, or rather quality that came to him after he fully received into his soul the Divine Love, and was transformed into the very Essence of the Father in His Love. Christ is, thus, not a man but is the manifestation of this Love as bestowed upon Jesus, and made part of his very existence. And when men use the expression, "Having Christ in you," if they could correctly understand the true purport of the same, they would know that it, the expression, means only that the Divine Love of the Father is in their souls.

The indiscriminate use of the words, "Jesus and Christ," is the cause of much misunderstanding among these Christians as to a number of the sayings of the Bible. Jesus became the Christ only because he was the first to receive into his soul this Divine Love and to manifest its existence, and this Christ principle is one that all men may possess with the result that they will become at-one with the Father in His substance of Love and Immortality.

It would be impossible for Jesus, the man, to get into or become a part of any mortal, and it would be equally as impossible for Christ, as the man Jesus, even though perfect and free from sin, to become a part of anyone. No, the meaning of "having Christ in you" is to have this Love of the Father in your soul, which can only be obtained through the working of the Holy Spirit as the instrument of the Father in bringing this Love into the soul.

To many who hear the preachers' exhortations in this particular, the expression is only a mystery, which they accept merely intellectually and feel that by such acceptance they have the possession of this Christ, which is the only evidence of the truth of the Father's Love. Good night.

Your friend and brother,

Friday, May 30, 2014

John Writes that Many of the Sayings in the Bible He Did Not Write or Authorize to be Written

March 2, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I will not write now, except to say, that your spiritual condition is much improved and you are advancing in your soul perceptions of the truth and of the reality of the Father and His Love.

Yes, I know, but you must remember two things with reference to the writings in the Bible ascribed to me, namely:

First, that many of the sayings therein contained, I did not write or authorize to be written; and, secondly, that at the time I lived on earth and wrote, my knowledge of the truth and of God was not so great or so correct as it is now.

I realize that some things I then believed and taught were not in accord with the truth, as I now know it to be, even my conception of Jesus and his mission on earth, and his return to earth, was not true. Then, although I was a close companion of the Master and had many lessons of instructions from him, I was a quite ignorant man and did not grasp the spiritual meanings of his teachings, and up to the time of my decease, my beliefs were more colored by things of the material than by those of the spiritual.

For instance, I, as did the other disciples, supposed that he was coming to earth again in a short time - at any unexpected time - and set up his kingdom on earth. Now, this is a fact, notwithstanding that he had said that his kingdom would be a spiritual kingdom, though existing on earth. I could not dissociate from my conception of the establishment and existence of this kingdom, the idea that in some way it would be an actual, visible kingdom in which the Master would be the king, and rule as other kings ruled, except it would be a rule of righteousness.

All this may seem a little strange to you. but if you will consider for a moment that my teachings as a Jew were to the effect that when the Messiah came, he would actually rule on earth as a king, you will understand how difficult it was for me to get the idea, or make the distinction between that kind of kingdom and one which would be purely spiritual.

At some time, I will write you more fully on this matter, for I realize its importance, as many, yes a majority of the professed Christians, now believe that Jesus, at sometime, will come to earth and establish a material kingdom and rule all the nations of the earth; and some of these enthusiastic Christians believe that they will be of the elect and become princes and sub-rulers in that kingdom as material men called by the resurrection to again become the human, although glorified, as some of them express their faith. Well, they will be disappointed, for when they shall have passed from the mortal to the spirit, they will forever remain spirits, and the only kingdom that they will live in thereafter will be a spirit kingdom; and that, whether the kingdom of the restored man or of the Divine Angel will not be on the earth.

I must stop now. So pray to the Father and strive for a deeper and more abiding faith, and you will realize the truth and this experience. Good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jesus Writes about After Death, the Judgment. What it is and what it is not.

February 25, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I am here and desire to write a few lines in reference to the "Great Day of Judgment," of which the preacher and teachers of theological things write so often. I know that the Bible, or rather some of the books, lay great stress upon this day when, as they claim, God will pour out His vials of wrath upon the ungodly and condemn them to an eternity of punishment.

There is, as you know, very great and diverse opinions among these learned men as to what is the meaning and significance of this day of judgment, and when, in a chronological point of view, it will take place; and all these varied opinions have many students and teachers who embrace and proclaim them to the world as being true and free from doubt.

Well, it is certain that all men must die and there will come the judgment, and that which follows the death is just as certain as is the death itself, and just as reasonable as is the following of any cause by an effect. So men should have no difficulty in believing in the judgment as a fact that cannot be avoided, just as death cannot be avoided.

But the word and the fact, "judgment," when used as an effect or following of death, may have many meanings in the opinions and understandings of many men, depending upon what men may believe as to things that are called religious or scientific or philosophical.

To the ultra-orthodox this term "judgment" means and necessarily comprehends the active pronouncement of a sentence by God, because of and determined by their lives and thoughts while living in the mortal life, irrespective of any of His general laws and the workings thereof. God is Himself the judge - personal and present - and by Him in this capacity are each man's life and works known and digested and made the basis of the sentence that He must pronounce in each individual case. God keeps the record of all of these acts of men, or, if man is conceded to be his own record-keeper, his records are, or will be, at the time of the great assemblage for judgment, opened up or brought into view so that nothing can be lost; and then, upon this record men will be sent to eternal happiness or to everlasting punishment or, as some believe, to destruction or annihilation.

Others, not orthodox, who believe in the survival of the soul and the continuing memories of the acts and thoughts of men, teach that the judgment will follow death as a natural consequence of the operations of the Law of Cause and Effect; and the effect cannot be escaped from until, in some way, there comes to the consciousness of men a realization that the effect in their suffering has satisfied the cause and that there is nothing mysterious or unnatural in the appearance and workings of the judgment. They do not believe that God by any special interposition or personal punishing will pronounce the judgment, or determine the merits or demerits of the one called to judgment.

Besides these views, there are others extant and believed in, but the two that I have mentioned are principle ones and are sufficient to show what the large majority of thinking or rather believing men conclude the term judgment as used in the Bible should mean or be understood to mean.

Well, the judgment of the human soul is an important accompaniment of the human life, both in the flesh and in the spirit world, and as regards the questions and punishments, hardly anything demands more of the thought and consideration of men, for it is a certainty that beliefs, true or false, he cannot avoid them. Judgment as certainly follows what men call death as does night the day, and no philosophy or theological dogmas or scientific determinations can alter the fact, or in any way change the character or exact workings of this judgment.

But judgment is not a thing belonging exclusively to the after-death period or condition, for it is present and operating with men from the time that they become incarnated in the human until they become disincarnate, and thereafter continuously until the causes of effects have been satisfied and there remains nothing to be judged, which happy ending is also a fact - for all men are dependent upon their progress towards the conditions of harmony with the laws that make effective as well as pronounce the judgments. While on earth these laws operate and continuously man is being judged for the causes that he starts into existence, and the after-death judgment is only a continuation of the judgment received by men while on earth.

Of course, men may not know this. These judgments, or the effects thereof, become more intensified after men have gotten rid of the influences of the flesh existence, and they become spirits having only the spirit qualities. And because of this fact, men must understand and try to realize that the expression: "After death, the judgment," has a greater significance and is of more vital importance than the saying that: "Judgment is with men all during their mortal lives."

After death, the causes of the in-harmony with the law becomes more pronounced and appear in the true meaning and force and, consequently, as this is true, the effects become more intensified and understood, and men suffer more and realize the darkness, and sometimes the gross darkness, that these effects produce. The in-harmony appears in its unclothed and unhidden reality, and the Law's workings bring to men the exact penalties that their violations demand.

Man is his own bookkeeper, and in his memory are recorded all the thoughts and deeds of his earth life that are not in accord with the harmony of God's Will, which is expressed or manifested by His Laws. The judgment is not the thing of a day or a time, but is never ceasing so long as there exists that upon which it can operate, and it diminishes in proportion as the causes of in-harmony disappear.

God is not present in wrath demanding as does the human who believes himself to have been injured demanding reparation by the one causing the injury. No, the Father is present only in love, and as the soul of the one undergoing the penalty, which his own deeds and thoughts have imposed upon him comes more in harmony with the Father's Will, He, as you mortals say, is pleased. Never an angry God rejoicing in the satisfaction of a penalty being paid by one of His erring children, but always a loving Father rejoicing in the redemption of His children from a suffering that a violation of the laws of harmony exacts with certitude.

Then, as I say, the judgment day is not a special time when all men must meet in the presence of God, and have their thoughts and deeds weighed in the balance, and then, according as they are good or evil, have the sentence of an angry, or even just God pronounced upon them. The judgment day is every day, both in the earth life of man and in life in the spirit, where the Law of Compensation is working. In the spirit world, time is not known and every breathing is a part of eternity, and with every breathing so long as the Law requires, comes the judgment, continued and unsatisfied, until man, as a spirit reaches that condition of harmony, so that for him no longer the Law demands a judgment.

But from what I have written, men must not suppose, or beguile themselves into that state of belief that will cause them to think that because there is no special day of judgment when God will pronounce His sentence, the judgment, therefore, is not so much to be dreaded or shunned. No, this state of thinking will palliate only for the moment, for the judgment is certain, and is and will be no less to be dreaded, because the immutable law demands exact restoration instead of an angry God.

No man who has lived and died has escaped, and no man who shall hereafter die can escape this judgment unless he has, in a way provided by the Father in His love, become in harmony with the laws requiring harmony. "As a man soweth so shall he reap" is as true as is the fact that the sun shines upon the just and the unjust alike. Memory is man's storehouse of good and evil, and memory does not die with the death of the man's physical body, but on the contrary, becomes more alive - all alive - and nothing is left behind or forgotten when the spirit man casts off the encumbrance and the benumbing and deceiving influences of the only body of man that was created to die.

Judgment is real, and men must come to it face-to-face, and want of belief or unbelief or indifference or the application to mens lives of the saying "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" will not enable men to avoid the judgment or the exactions of its demands.

There is a way, though, in which men may turn the judgment of death into the judgment of life - in-harmony into harmony - suffering into happiness - and judgment itself into a thing to be desired. Elsewhere we have written of this way open to all men, and I will not attempt to describe it here. I have written enough for tonight. You are tired and must not be drawn on further. So with my love I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Helen Writes that Many Spirits Were Also Present at Rev. William Sunday's Service

February 23, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving, Helen.

Well my dear husband, I am so glad that the Master has written you, and that the rapport has been re-established so that he can continue the delivery of his messages, for as he said they, the spirits, are all very anxious to do the work.

I was with you tonight and besides me were the Master and your special guardian, John, and we were all watching the impressions made upon your mind by the preachers and saw that what he said, which was contrary to the truths that you have received, made no impression upon your beliefs, except that you desired to be able to tell him of his errors. I will not refer to the occasion further as the Master has written you fully on the subject, and you realize that he corroborates what I said a short time ago in regard to the good that the preacher is doing.

I am glad that you are in much better condition of soul and are able to realize more and more the existence of the Love in your soul and the fact of your increased nearness to the Father. This makes us all very happy, and we know that you will now be able to do your work with greater rapidity and receive therefrom a wonderful happiness. Continue to pray to the Father, and turn your thoughts to these spiritual things, and think of the great responsibility that is resting upon you.

I will soon come and write you a real long letter of love, and I know you will feel that love surrounding you in great abundance. Many spirits are here tonight and rejoice that the rapport has been re-established. I love you as you know and want you to love me, and you will not be happier than I when you come into possession of the surroundings that you desire as you so often depict them in your mind's eye. Have faith and you will not be disappointed, and you need not fear the judgment that comes to all men after death.

I will not write more now. May you be happier as the days go by. Good night.

Your own true and loving,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jesus Writes About the Preacher Who Does Not Know the Truth that the Judgment is Not Eternal

February 23, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I see that you are in good condition tonight, and that I am able to make a rapport with you. I was with you at the meeting tonight and saw the workings of your mind and the pity, as it were, that you had for the preacher (Rev. Billy Sunday), because of his want of knowledge of what the judgment is that comes to all men after death. A judgment that is certain and exact, but not one pronounced upon man by God, as the preacher proclaimed.

I was trying to impress you in your thoughts and you felt the influence of my suggestions and realized that you did not fear the judgment, or rather its results, because you know the way in which the judgment for you can have no terrors, or no eternity of condemnation. I wished as you did that the preacher might know the truth and then proclaim it to his hearers, and in this manner show them that the judgment is a certainty that cannot be escaped from, and that its sentences are not for an eternity of duration.

He is an earnest man in his beliefs, and teaches just as he believes, and the pity is that he does not know the truth. But, nevertheless, he is doing good to those who hear him, for many of them are caused to think of things spiritual, and of the future as well as of the present, who otherwise might and would neglect these important things that will determine the kind of judgment that they will have to undergo; and I am glad that he is so preaching and doing a work that in many instances will lead men to meditate upon their spiritual condition, and ultimately lead them to seek for the Love of the Father, which they may obtain by their longings, though their beliefs may be erroneous as to how this Love may be obtained.

Men are constituted with a mind and a soul, each having its own perceptions and ability to comprehend the truth, and sometimes it happens that the perceptions of the soul will enable them to see and reach out for this Love, while they may be wholly blind in their mind perceptions, and even these latter perceptions may be in conflict with the operations of the perceptions of the soul.

Until the truths that I, and the other spirits, are revealing to you shall become known to the world, there will be nothing in existence or in the knowledge of men that can supply the place of these truths so much as the beliefs that have been and are being taught by the teachings of the Bible, for in it are many truths, especially those that show men the way to attain to moral perfection; and that, as you know, was one of the objects of my teachings when on earth, but not the great object of my mission. Nevertheless, the man who learns and applies these moral truths to his daily life and conduct comes nearer to the enjoyment of that harmony that man must obtain in order to get into a unison with God's laws, that is necessary to his regeneration and to his becoming the perfect man. And besides, as he - I mean the mortal - progresses in this regeneration, he will find it easier for him to learn by his soul perceptions the great truth of the transformation of the soul through the New Birth.

I approve of the efforts of this preacher to bring men to a realization of their relationship to God, even though he has many erroneous beliefs, and says many things that are contrary to the truth, and not in accord with the true relationship of man to God.

I will write you soon upon this matter of the judgment, and what it means and the variety of its operations. Tonight, I will not write longer, for I think it best to not draw upon you too much at this renewed conjunction of rapport with your condition. I have been with you very often of late, and tried to influence you with my love and suggestions, and I must tell you that you have progressed much in your soul development and nearness to the Father's love.

Continue to meditate upon these spiritual things, and pray to the Father, and you will realize a great increase in the possession of this Love and in your condition that will enable us to come in closer rapport with you.

Well, I will do as you suggest, and am pleased that you feel as you say, for we must do the work as rapidly as possible. We have lost much time and will have to work the harder to bring about the completion of our delivery of the truths. But you need not fear that we will not be successful. We will complete the book and you will receive the other gifts that are promised you. Only have faith and pray, and all will be well.

I must stop now, but before doing so must assure you that I am praying with you in your prayers at night, and that your prayers will be answered. Other spirits will now be able to write you and they have many messages to communicate and all are anxious to do so. Keep up your courage and believe in me and what I tell you. With my love and the blessings of the Father, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Monday, May 26, 2014

Helen Writes that James Padgett Saw Her in a Vision With all her Beauty and Love for Her Soulmate

February 22, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

You have been happy tonight, for I was with you and could see and feel your happiness. Oh, it was grand to have such love as you gave me, and to let me know that your heart was all mine. Why can't we often have such nights?

I was with you all the time and when the rosary was played, I showed myself to you as you imagined you saw me. I was actually there in the position that you saw me in with my heart and eyes full of love for you and pointing to the higher sphere whence came the stream of light that you saw. It was the "silver stream of Love" that was flowing down upon us and showing us that in that happy sphere was all love and happiness. What you imagined you saw was an actual vision in which I was very much present and alive.

So you see I have kept my promise to let you see me and I did it in a way that I know would make you happy, and at the same time realize what a happy soulmate you have, and how Love has made her beautiful.

So now I know that you will believe that I am with you and love you, and am waiting for you to come over, and go with me to the sphere where Love and joy reigns supreme. Oh, my Ned, I am so happy tonight in the knowledge that at last you have seen me as I am, and as I will appear to you when you come over.

So, sweetheart, we will not write more tonight for it would seem to me that to write of other things after one wonderful coming together and enjoying our great happiness would be a sacrilege; and so in the love, which I know you have for me and which you know I have for you, I will say with all my soul: "Be my own Ned forever as you are tonight," and I shall be satisfied and happy.

Your own true and loving,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jesus Writes He is Very Much Interested that James Padgett Get in that Condition of Soul to be in Rapport With Him Again

February 19, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, my brother, I see that you are in much better condition tonight than you have been for some time past, and I desire to tell you that it is due to the facts that you have turned your thoughts more to spiritual things, and have prayed more to the Father. If you will continue to do these things you will soon be in that condition of soul where I can make the necessary rapport with you in order to deliver my messages.

I have been very much disappointed in not being able to deliver my messages of the higher truths as I intended, and have felt that we have lost much valuable time in pursuing our work, and it is true but now I hope that we will not have to delay longer our communications. And we will not, if you will take my advice and in that way try to remedy the difficulties that beset us.

I know that you are interested in the work, and intellectually desire to receive the messages, but this, as I have told you, is not sufficient. You must get in that condition of soul development that will bring you in rapport with me as I come to you for the purpose of writing these higher truths. It has been explained to you that a particular quality of rapport is required in order that we may be able to get in that condition of harmony that will enable us to use your brain and hand so that the messages may be delivered. So for the next few days try to have your soul opened up to the inflowing of the love so that the development may come to you.

I have many messages to write before the book will be completed, and so have many other spirits who are engaged in the work. Pray, and let all the longings of your soul go to the Father, and you will realize the response that will fit you for the work. With my love I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Auguste Comte, a French Philosopher. Writes His Testimony of Progressing in the Natural Love

February 1, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Auguste Comte.

I am not one of those spirits who come to you and prate about the New Birth and the Divine Love and the Celestial Spheres, but am simply a spirit who believes what can be known from observation and the exercise of the reasoning faculties. I have been in spirit life for a great many years and am in a sphere of light and have much happiness and enjoy the life of an investigator of truth.

When on earth, I was known as a free thinker and by some as an agnostic and, consequently, was not very popular, except among a number who thought as I did, and who were what was considered followers of me in my beliefs and doctrines as regards the purposes of man's creation and his functions and duties on earth.

I believed and taught that the great duty and object of his creation were the exercise of good deeds and the offering of the greatest help to humanity in its living the life on earth. That humanitarianism was the great and vital religion of man on earth, and the only god to be worshipped was the god of human kindness and help, and that any and all other gods were the mere creatures of superstition and without real existence and of no benefit to mankind. There were a number of persons who believed and lived in that belief and endeavored to have it guide and control them in their course of living just as I did, and there are numbers on earth who believe and make such belief their religion.

I do not dispute the future existence of the soul, or that man should have a continuous progression during eternity, and finally reach a condition of happiness and perfection that would render unnecessary the application of the doctrines of humanitarianism that was so necessary while mortals.

And I have found since coming to the spirit world that my beliefs and teachings are filled with truth and have resulted in great benefit to me and to numbers of others who carried out to the best of their ability the Golden Rule of: "Doing unto others as they would have others do unto them."

Many of my associates of life are with me here, and we have a comparatively joyous congregation of souls engaged in the work of helping spirits who come to the spirit world not knowing their destiny, or what is before them in the way of living or thinking.

When I came to this world, I entered the planes of darkness and some suffering and had to work with all the efforts of my mind to make progress out of that condition by the exercise of thoughts of benevolence and the doing of good to those spirits whom I found that I could help. My state of freedom from those things that partook of sin was what determined my progress and for a long time I made very slow advancement towards the higher planes of thought and condition of purity.

But I realized that within me was that which was better than I had known or realized while on earth, and that if I should get rid of those things which kept that better part of me from developing, I would progress and so I struggled to get rid of these things and have myself become the master of the situation. I found that these contaminating things, which were really the creations of my mortal animal desires and appetites, were not a legitimate part of myself, and that I was not a true philosopher by permitting them to linger with me and for, to my deception, a part of myself - the undesirable part - and so I fought to banish them from my knowledge and recollections, and as I succeeded in these efforts, I found that I was advancing in light and truth and in harmony with what was pure and good.

I did not ask the help of any mediator to rescue me from my condition of darkness in some mysterious way, or pray to God to take me from my surroundings by means of some omnipotent power that He might exercise in my behalf. I was helped by other spirits who had advanced higher than I, but that help consisted of their advice and the encouragement that came to me when I perceived by their bright appearances and happier conditions that it was possible for me to advance also, as they assured me that they had been in my condition, and that by good thoughts and their efforts to help others, they had been enabled to forget and throw aside those things that caused their state of darkness and suffering. Yes, their advice and influence helped me very much to help myself. I realized the fact that, notwithstanding the help of others, upon myself principally depended the success of effort and the success of advancement.

So, as a spirit who has had the experience that I have related, I would advise all men to examine themselves and learn what is the cause of their condition of darkness and unhappiness, and then seek the means of ridding themselves of this cause, and if they will honestly make the effort they will succeed and become better and happier men.

There is no question that the temptations of the animal appetites and desires to accumulate those things that bring to them selfishness and greed and the want of charity and human sympathy, will prevent them from progressing in the development of the better part of themselves and keep it stagnant and retard its advancement; and men should know this and bend all their energies to curb these appetites and replace these desires with desires to help and serve their fellow men, and let their sympathy and love go out in active works of good to their brothers, for all men are brothers, even in the mortal life though to many it may not be apparent; but in the spirit life, it comes as a truth to all, for as each spirit becomes developed in his better part, spirits as a whole become developed, and a more universal happiness ensues.

Well, I have written a long time tonight and as this is the first time that I have ever tried to communicate to a mortal, I am some little tired, as you mortals say, and will stop. When on earth I was known as Auguste Comte and lived in France. I have no name here and need none.

Well, I have heard what you said and am a little surprised to hear you make the assertion that you do, but I have no pride of superior or exclusive knowledge and while I doubt that you can demonstrate what you say, yet I am willing to have you make the experiment, and will enter it with an open and unprejudiced mind, and only hope that you may be able to show me a way better than the one I have pursued.

I have never seen or conversed with spirits of the Celestial Heavens, though I have been informed that there are such; but as, when on earth, I did not believe in ghosts, so here, I have not believed in these Celestial Spirits, and thought that they were merely creations of the distorted imaginations of the spirits who told me of the existence of these Celestial beings. You must not be surprised when I ascribe to some of the spirits distorted imaginations, for there are many such spirits just as there are mortals on earth with distorted imaginations. The fact of being in the body does not confine distorted imaginations and diseased minds to the earth life only. Yes, I am ready to meet your Celestial Spirit.

There comes to me a beautiful, bright spirit, such as I have never seen before, who says that he has answered your call and is ready to perform the work of love of showing me the easier and better way to development, and it depends on me whether I will learn that way or not, and if I am willing, he will teach me. Well, I am surprised, I confess! I will go with him and learn all that he can teach me. I will come again.

Good night.
Auguste Comte


Helen comments on spirit who wrote and went with Prof. Salyards.
I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I had some difficulty because of spirits who wished and tried to write, but White Eagle succeeded in inducing them to desist and I then took control. I am glad that you are feeling better tonight and I was expecting that John would write, but conditions are not just favorable and he did not stay. You must make the effort to get in condition, so that he can make the rapport as he desires so much to finish his message.

The spirit who wrote you I never saw before, but he appeared to be a very bright and sincere spirit and desirous of learning anything possible to learn. He has no soul development in the Divine Love and I know that he will be interested in what shall be told him. He went with Prof. Salyards and was much impressed at the appearance of the Professor and his kindly invitation to go with him. I hope that he may learn the Way. I will not write more tonight. So, sweetheart, say good night.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mary Kennedy Writes a Message to Dr. Leslie R. Stone on How Small is the Human Mind as Compared to the Spirit who Possesses the Great Love of the Father

January 29, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Well, my dear, I mean Leslie, you may think that I am a simple little English girl without having any knowledge of what the wise men of earth call "psychology;" yet, I know more about the soul than the scientist as he is known on earth, for I know that my soul is immortal, and not only that, but the reason why it is so.

How small a thing is the human mind, even of the most learned, as compared to the mind of a spirit who has received the Great Love of the Father in his soul and realizes that it is a part of the very essence of the Father's Being. I know that you would rather have your Mary be an Angel of the Celestial Heavens than to be one of the wisest of the wise in the spiritual planes.

Well dear, this is all interesting to us from a certain viewpoint, but really not so interesting as the Great Love that binds us so closely together. A knowledge of the soul, as I know it, is very vital, but a knowledge of what makes the soul at-one in perfection with its true soulmate is equally, if not more, important.

How poor are those spirits who are investigating the subject of the soul in a mere intellectual way, as compared with those who know what the soul is, without having to investigate with the mind. And when Love is known and realized how rich is the spirit who possesses and realizes the truth of the reality of that Love, proof comes without seeking proof and speculation is a thing unnecessary and unknown.

Tonight I am very happy that I can write to you and tell you what you already know; but to tell you is a joy, for when I do so, you must say, "Sweetheart, I love you in return;" and then you see I am happy in giving and receiving. If it were not so late, I would write you a long letter, but the writer tells me that he must not write more tonight.

So believe that I love you with all my heart, and trust in my efforts to help and comfort you, and above all pray more to the Father for His Love, and have faith that it will be bestowed upon you. Good night, dear heart,

Your own loving,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

John Writes that James Padgett's Intellectual Willingness to Receive Messages is Not Sufficient to Make the Rapport for Higher Truths

January 27, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

No, I cannot write tonight as I expected and am disappointed that you are not in condition for me to make the rapport. It seems that you are not inclined to receive my messages as you were at one time, although you say that you are ready to receive the writings. But your mere intellectual willingness is not sufficient, for my messages are those which do not come from the human intellect, but from the intellect of the soul, and in order that they may be received it is necessary that your soul shall be, in some degree, in harmony with mine. I could easily write you of things of the material or even of the Spirit Heavens, but it is impossible for me to use your brain to convey these spiritual soul truths unless your soul is developed into a harmony with mine.

To explain this was the object of my unfinished message, and as I desired to explain the laws controlling the communication and rapport of the Celestial Spirits with the mortal, and your soul not having the required condition, I was unable to finish my message. I have written you before on this subject, and all that I can say now is, think of the importance of this matter and the responsibility resting upon you. Remember the advice of Elias, and follow it. As soon as you are in condition I will come and write. Good night.

Your brother in Christ,


Helen confirms that both Elias and John were anxious to deliver important messages tonight but could not due to improper soul conditions.

I am here, Helen.

Well, dear, I see that you are not in condition to write much tonight, and I am sorry for it as I desired very much to write. I have heard what Elias and John said and can only join with them in the advice that they gave. I do so hope that you will follow that advice and soon get in condition that will enable the communications to be received.

I know that you do not feel like your usual self, and you don't exactly understand the reason, but if you will think of what they told you, you will soon realize the cause and will be able to get rid of it. Think of these things and keep up your courage and have faith in the future and what we have told and promised you. I will not write more now. Love me and believe that I love you and am with you so very much trying to help you. Good night.

Your own true, loving


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elias Writes to Encourage James Padgett to Get into the Condition of Soul to Enable the High Spirits to Write More Messages of Truth

January 27, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Elias.

I have not written you for a long time and tonight I desire to say a few words, and those in reference to your work and the attitude that you have assumed towards it.

It has been a long time since you have received any formal messages from the high spirits, and this loss of time means more to the accomplishment of the design to inform the world of the spiritual truths that are so important to the people, than you probably realize. As has been told you more than once, this delay has been caused by your condition of apparent indifference and failure to place yourself in the condition of soul that is necessary to enable the spirits to make the required rapport.

You should think more seriously of what this means, and how much on you rests this great responsibility, and of the further fact that without your cooperation we cannot make the rapport and, as a consequence, these messages cannot be delivered. I know that in a way, I may say intellectually, you are willing and ready, as you think, to receive these messages, and that if you are not in condition you don't exactly understand the reason and do not know how to remedy the difficulty. But in all this you are mistaken, for it is not merely a matter of having the inclination and intellectual assent to do the work, but, further, the proper condition of your soul's longings is required, and this will not come to you by a mere acquiescence and willingness to do the work, but an active exercise of the soul's longings is called for, and you must take the effort to obtain these longings, so that your soul may receive more of the Divine Love.

In messages, such as I speak of, the Divine Love in the soul is the important and vital factor in your condition. You must make greater efforts to get these longings and this Love, so that there will come to you the soul development that will enable the higher spirits to make the rapport. Well, there is only one way in which you can obtain this development and that is by turning your thoughts to the Father and His Love until they shall develop into deep, sincere longings of the soul, and with these longings you should pray with all the earnestness of your nature for the inflowing of this Love. If you will do this, the longings will come and also the Love, and then you will find that your desires will go out to the spirits for communication with them. This is the only way in which you can overcome the difficulties that now prevent the writings. I hope you will think of what I have written, and do as I advise.

I have a message that I desire very much to communicate and, besides me, there are numbers of other spirits with similar desires. The most important messages to be delivered are those of the Master, and He is anxious to write. I will not write more now. Good night and God bless you,

Your brother in Christ,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Frederick III Writes About the End of the War and the End of the German Monarchy

January 22, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Frederick III, the father.

Let me write a line. I have heard what Bismarck said and I fully agree with him in his predictions as to the ending of the war and while it is not in accord with what would be my desire as a German when on earth, yet it will prove to the great liberator of the Germans as individuals and as a nation. The government of men are intended by the powers that they have in thought the best interests of mankind to be the means by which the greatest good may be bestowed upon the people individually and as a whole, and the government which is founded upon the divine right of any one man or family to rule is not best suited for either the progress of the nation or of the individuals that comprise that nation.

Hence, I say that the ending of the German monarchy and dethronement of the Kaiser and his family and all who make claim any right to govern men will work out for the people of Germany individually and as a nation the great good and justice and freedom to which all the children of God on earth are entitled.

Of course, when I lived on earth, I did not look on these things from the viewpoint that I now see is the only correct one to assume. I was a monarch and believed in the divine obligations of the people to be ruled and, hence, were I on earth now I might believe that the Empire of Germany should be maintained under all circumstances. Now I am a spirit and realize the hollowness and untruth of all such ideas. In sight of God and in the workings of His unchangeable laws, no one man is by birth or nation better and entitled to any greater rights than any other man, and every Emperor and King and nobleman of earth will, when he comes to the spirit life, sooner or later realize this fact and, in the case of some, the conviction will come, as it may be said, with a vengeance.

It will do no good to write of the great misery and distress that now exists in Germany and of how the cruel masters of the people are compelling them to submit to all this misery, for my writing would not lessen this condition one iota. But I will say that the end of all this horrible nightmare is in sight and peace and happiness will come to the people, though in the meantime many of these people will have become spirits and among them will be the Kaiser and many of his advisers and sustainers in his unholy ambitions.

As a human father, it would be distressing for me to write in this (way) because then I would be controlled by my natural affections and solicitation for my children, but having become a spirit with enlarged and more truthful view of the relationship of mortals and of the importance of each individual soul, while I may still maintain the affection for my children yet, I can see and know that the greatest good to the people of Germany will come when the ruler of the Empire shall cease. Suffering and death must follow, but out of them will rise peace and happiness and a deeper feeling of the people in their relationship to God.

I will only say further, that the end is here. Yes, very soon and the great sacrifice of men and peace and things material will cease. I will not write more. Good night, your friend

Frederick, the father of the wounded nation

(Father of William II, the last Kaiser)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mary Kennedy Writes of Her Love for Her Soulmate, Dr. Leslie R. Stone, and that His Brother is Now Not in Darkness

January 12, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mary.

Well, I must say a word because I have the opportunity and am just now like the old lady who never missed a wedding when she had the slightest chance of being present. I come with love and while I know my sweetheart appreciates gratitude, yet, I know also that love is a greater thing to him and, especially, soulmate love, which in all the Heavens and earth. I am the only one that can have it for him. Isn't this a glorious thing?

No matter how many wives he may have, none of them can be his soulmate, and no matter how many beautiful and attractive spirits he may meet when he comes over, none of them can become his soulmate, only little me, and when he thinks, he will realize that we are eternally united for better or for worse, but there will be no worse.

Well, you see I am full of love tonight and can't help writing about it, and I know that you will not think I cannot write of anything else, for I have written of other things, but I must confess that I would rather write of love, except when I can tell him of the Greater Love, and thereby help him towards the acquirement of that Love.

I heard him speak of his brother, and I am glad that I can tell him that he is now not in the darkness that was his a short time ago. And how could he remain in the condition very long, when it is realized what a mother that brother has in the spirit world, and with the love she gives to him, as she visits him and tries to show him the way to light and truth. She will have to come herself and write of her experience in inducing that son to believe in and trust her and follow her advice, and she says she will do so, sometime.

I am very happy and find that this Love of which his father speaks is growing in my soul all the time, and with its increase my soulmate love is growing also.

I will not write more now, as there are others who desire to write, and Helen says that I had better let the Doctor imagine what the rest of my love may mean, for possibly his imagination can cause him to enjoy the love more than if I attempt to tell him of it. So with my love, I will say good night. And God bless him with a Love that has no ending and is never absent from him when he longs for it.

Good night,

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ann Rollins Writes a Few Words to Encourage James Padgett and Dr. Leslie R. Stone to Press Forward to the Goal

January 12, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am your Grandmother.

Let me write a few lines tonight, as I have been listening to your conversation with some interest, and I desire to say a few words that may encourage you both to press forward to the goal which you have before you: a home in the Celestial Heavens and the acquirement of a nature Divine, which only those who know the way can obtain, by following the way that the Master has so lovingly taught you. You will not be disappointed in your efforts, for when you long for the Love and receive portions of it, every experience of that kind will help you to get more and create in you increasing desires.

You must not think that it is possible to obtain this Love in its fullness, and then permit your longings to decrease whenever you feel that the Love has come to you in wonderful abundance, for I must tell you that we, in the Celestial Heavens, know and realize that there is always more beyond what we obtain; even the Master prays to the Father for an increase of this Love in his soul.

And if you could see the evidence of the Love that he possesses, as we see it, you would probably think that nothing more could be obtained, or that there was any greater amount to be obtained; and with us this fact of the endlessness of this Love is that which keeps us always striving and, consequently, happy. Because in realizing our experiences in our progress and how each successive stage of that progress has brought us greater and greater happiness, we know - I say know - that what is beyond must mean a greater happiness and a nearer approach to the Father, Himself.

So I say, let not your strivings in the slightest particular decrease and you will find that increased happiness will be yours. I will stop now and with my love to you both will say good night.

Your loving Grandmother,
Ann Rollins

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Helen Writes that the Effect of Preacher, Billy Sunday's Sermon, is Directed Towards the Progress of the Soul in the Natural Love

January 9, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well dear, I was with you tonight and saw that you were not much benefited by Billy Sunday's sermon and,  of course, could not be, because the preacher said nothing to feed the hungry soul. He said some things which were very good in the way of showing men and women what they should do in order to make their earth lives more happy and it will be well, if the hearers will heed and follow the advice. But nothing much was said to help the progress of the soul.

I saw that you were not in much sympathy with the methods and sayings of the preacher and thought that there was too much hilarity and not enough reverence present as a meeting for the opening up of the soul and helping the development of those qualities that will lead to the Father's Love and the Celestial Heavens. But nevertheless, some things that he said will do good to some people.

You must not forget that the teachings of the Master were twofold, and for those who were not in a condition to hear and understand his higher spiritual truths, he preached those things which, if followed, would make them better men and women and cause them to progress in the development of their natural love. And in this latter effort, the preacher will do good and his work must not be undervalued, for all men are not alike in their conditions, intellectual or spiritual. And besides, here and there in his preachings some truths that he utters may, by its influence upon the hearts of his hearers, cause such hearers to think more deeply about spiritual things of the higher nature and, in thinking, their souls may be opened up to the influence of the spirits who have the Divine Love in their souls, and from which may follow the longings of these hearers for this Love of the Father.

Everything said that tends to cause a spirit to progress towards either of the conditions of love must be encouraged for the Father works in His own way. And frequently, the Love comes into a man's soul, and the man not being intellectually conscious of what the Love is. Whoever is not against us in this work is, in a certain sense, with us; for the salvation of men is the objects of all our efforts; and if we, or mortals, cannot awaken dead souls to a life in the higher condition, then we must work to bring them into that condition that will cause them to get into a state of purified natural love.

They are all the children of God, and if they will not become His beloved children in the Divine sense, then He wants them to become the pure spirits that the first parents were before the fall. So do not criticize or look down upon the work of this preacher, because he does not show men the true way to the Celestial Heavens, or because he says and does things that may not appear to be reverent.

God looks at the heart and the intentions; and the forms of expression used by the preacher are not important, except as they may have the effect of causing some soul to turn away from the truths that the preacher may communicate. All men are not alike and the preachings of the man, while they may, as some say, disgust some hearers, yet others will be affected by them and good will be done.

I write this because I see that you are inclined to criticize the preacher and conclude that his teachings are not conducive to spiritual progress. Well, as you have been told, the large majority of men and spirits will never become inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens, but that is no reason why they should not be taught the way that will tend to purge them of their sins so far as the natural love is concerned. Those who will not become Angels must become purified men, and any and everything that will help them to become the latter is approved by the Father and is the object of His favor.

Well dear, I will not write more now, as I see that you are cold and must go to bed. But remember this: that while all men will not become dwellers in the spheres of the soul in the Celestial Kingdom, yet they are brothers, and the favored brothers must try and help in every way possible the less favored brothers in obtaining that which the Father has designed shall be their portion, even though they refuse or neglect to seek for and obtain the great goal of Divine Love and Immortality. So love me and pray to the Father for His Love, and with all the sincerity of your soul, thank Him that you have found the way to His Great Love and the mansions in the Divine Heavens.

And what I have said to you, I say to Dr. Stone; for I see that his thoughts are somewhat similar to your own and that you both think that unless a preacher can and does show the way to the Celestial Kingdom, his work is not worthy of much consideration and falls short of what he - as a saviour of souls - should do. And so it is, but all cannot teach the higher truths, for they do not know or understand them; but that fact must not cause you, or any who know the truths, to think that this work, when sincere and beneficial in its moral teachings, should not be taught.

I thought best to write this tonight, so that you may not get a wrong conception of what men who cannot teach the great truths should or should not teach. All men are not in that condition of soul and Love, and they should be taught the way that will lead them to those mansions in the Heavens that will be theirs by free will choice.

I love you, my dear husband, and am closer to you in your thoughts, and do not want you to think wrong in anything, even though you think right in a great many and the most important things. Pray and let your faith increase and believe that we are all with you trying to direct you aright; and one who knows is more anxious than any of us that your knowledge of the truths increase, and your experiences arising from that knowledge bring to you with more convincing force the truths that - God is Love - and your God. Good night.

Your own and true and loving,

Friday, May 16, 2014

Helen Writes of Her Happiness that James Padgett Received an Abundance of God's Divine Love

January 6, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving, Helen.

Well dear, I am very happy tonight, and that because of your condition of soul in the Father's Love, you are nearer the Father than you have ever been, and His Love is now more shed abroad in your heart than ever before; and the Master was so glad that you opened up your soul by your longings and meditation tonight.

Many of the holy spirits are here tonight and united with you in your prayers to the Father, and the Love was bestowed in great abundance. How blessed you are and how happy you should be for you have a realization of the Love in your soul. I know the Master is also pleased that the rapport is now so perfect, and you may expect a long message from him and many of them. And so do the other spirits rejoice now that they realize that soon, they will be able to write. As the Master wrote you: "Meditate and long and pray."

The spirit who wrote is one that I have never seen here before, that I am aware of; and she is a most beautiful and radiant spirit and has her home in the high spheres of the Celestial Heavens. She says her name is Elizabeth, and John tells me that she is the Elizabeth of the Bible, the cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She is filled with the Love and seemed so anxious to write you about the Father's Love and how close you are tonight to Him.

Well dear, I will not write more now, for it is not best to do so, as you are in that condition when you can commune with the Father, and I want you to let your thoughts go to Him with all the longings that your soul is capable of. We will remain with you as you sit and meditate and unite with you in your prayers. So my dear, dear husband, love the Father with all your soul tonight. Good night.

Your own true and loving,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Elizabeth, a Cousin of Jesus' Mother Mary, Writes that the Work that James Padgett is Doing is the Real Second Coming of Jesus

January 6, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Elizabeth.

Let me say a word, and that is that you are a very happy man just now, and so you should be, for as the Master said: "You have much of the Love in your soul tonight." You may not fully realize this fact, but the influence and effect of its presence will manifest themselves, and you will find coming to you that wonderful peace of which the Master has told you.

For a moment think that there is nothing between you and the Father, and that as regards your longings and His Love, they are face-to-face, and no mediator intervenes or can intervene. Only the Father's Love and you, alone. Think of this, and you will realize not only what a wonderful thing the Divine Love is, but what a wonderful thing your soul is that it can become so in nearness and in Love with the Father.

This is the only way of becoming at-one with Him, and everything besides is inefficacious to bring about the great transformation of which the higher spirits have written you. So many spirits are engaged in this great work, which is the real second coming of Jesus; and which means the second coming of the Love and mercy and privilege of receiving the Love. And if you could only for a moment with your physical vision see those who are present, you would never doubt the work that you are to do, and the great responsibility that rests upon you. But as you cannot in this way see, you must believe without seeing, and let no doubt of the fact enter into your faith.

I thought that I must write this tonight, for we see your condition, and many are here with you praying to the Father for a great bestowal of His Love upon you. So consider what has been written you tonight, and meditate and long for and pray the Father, and you will be greatly blessed. With my love, I will say good night.

Your sister in Christ,


Well, it has been so long since I heard - or used the name - that it was a little difficult to recall and formulate it. Names are of the things that we forget in a short time after being in our Celestial homes, unless there is some special reason for recalling them.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jesus Writes About the Great Abundance of Divine Love Inflowing Into James Padgett's Soul

January 6, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well my brother, I am glad to tell you that your communion with the Father tonight has been responded to. His Love has inflowed into your soul in great abundance. His Holy Spirit has been bringing the Love in wonderful abundance and your soul is now filled with it, and the influence of this Great Love is working in your soul, and you realize its presence.

If you will meditate and long for and pray to the Father as you have tonight, your soul will soon be so filled with this Love, that you will receive the knowledge that you have a near at-onement with Him, and you will be conscious of the possession of a part of His Divinity of which we have written you.

The Pentecostal Shower will come to you as it did to my disciples in the days that followed my departing from them; and I will be with you also just as I was with them and power and Essence Divine will be bestowed upon you so that you will be able to display the marvelous presence of this Love just as they were able.

So you must pray and long, and your experience tonight has given you some foretaste of what will come to you. There is nothing in all the world that can take the place of this Love in its power to draw you near to - and make you in at-onement with - the Father. All beliefs and faiths in any and every other thing will not suffice. Sacrifice and sorrow on account of sin and vicarious sufferings and mediators will not work the transformation, because it is solely a conjunction between this Divine Love and your soul that is capable of bringing you into this relationship to the Father, and the resultant consciousness that you have partaken of and possess, to some extent, His Divine Nature in Love.

Now you are in condition that makes my rapport with you complete, and I have that possession of your brain that enables me to write as I may desire, and I know that I could convey a message to you tonight in a most satisfactory way; but I will not do so, for I think it best to permit the rapport to become a little more intense, and thus enable me to write a long message without the probability of tiring you; for as you know these messages of deep truths, such as the ones on the "Soul" and "God," necessarily cause me to draw very intensely on your brain power.

But soon now, I will come and commence to deliver my messages and continue to do so if our rapport can be maintained. And it can be, if you will only meditate and pray as you have done tonight. I have been with you very much today, entering into your thoughts and endeavoring to influence the longings of your soul. I was with you at the spiritualist's meeting and sometime I will write you in reference to the claims of the speaker and the real facts as to how much of what she said was inspired, or as she claims, was spoken through her by a controlling spirit.

I now want you to think more than ever of the importance of your work and of the necessity for you putting all your energies and desires into the work. No one can conceive of what it means and, above all, you must realize its great importance and the place that you occupy in carrying it to a successful issue. I will be with you very often and I know that you will feel my presence and influence and, as you do, turn all your thoughts to the Father's Love and let all your longings go to Him.

Tonight, I will not write more, but will soon write as I have said. Have faith and know that you have been selected to do the work, and that upon you rests the responsibility that is upon no other man. With my love and the Father's blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

John Writes About the Law of Communication and Rapport

January 4, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I desire to write for a short time tonight upon a subject that I consider important, and you may consider interesting. As you may know, it has been some time since I wrote anything of a formal character and I regret very much that so much time has gone by without my being able to communicate some of the spiritual truths, and also regret that your condition has been such that I was unable to make the rapport with you that is necessary in order that I may deliver to you these messages of the nature mentioned.

I have explained to you in a former recent letter, in a brief way, the Law of Communication and Rapport, and that Law, if you will try to understand it, will enable you to comprehend the reason why we have not been able to communicate these higher truths. It may seem to you that if we control your brain and not use or transmit your thoughts but only the thoughts which come from our minds, it would be immaterial what the nature of our thoughts might be, and that as your brain is used by us as a mere instrument we, having possession of your brain, would have the power to write anything we might desire. And upon a mere superficial glance at the assertion, it could be reasonably supposed to be true.

But, as we have told you before, rapport and our ability to use your brain are governed by laws, and one of these laws is that a high thought cannot be transmitted through a human brain which is not in the condition that qualifies it to receive the thought, just as the brain, in matter pertaining to mere material knowledge cannot receive a conception or comprehension of some intellectual truth with which it has not had acquaintance, and transmit it. A brain cannot be used by the mind of the human to make known or present a problem in geometry, when that brain has never been used by the mind to acquire an acquaintance with or knowledge of the principles of geometry. This is an incomplete analogy but it may serve to illustrate what I mean.

In the conception by the human mind of a truth, material or spiritual, the brain must be used in order to manifest or make known that conception. This is absolutely true where the idea or thought originates in the mind of the man who is using his own brain to formulate or manifest that idea or thought. The mind may have the thought or knowledge of some branch of learning, and yet when it has never used the brain to put that thought or knowledge into concrete form, the brain cannot manifest or transmit it. This Law applies specifically to the capabilities of the brain where it is attempted to be used or controlled by the mind of the man who owns the brain. And from this you will see that it is possible for the human mind to have thought and knowledge of things, which it cannot use the brain to express.

In many of your material things of life, such as great inventions, the knowledge of these inventions is in the mind. It may be for a long time before it is formulated and expressed by the brain, and sometimes it never gets through the brain at all. The mind and the brain are not one and equivalent things; the one is the operator, the other is the thing used to operate with, so that the possessions of the operator may become manifested to others.

But this Law, applying to and controlling the relationship of the mind and brain possessed by the same man, does not so absolutely apply to and control the relationship of mind and brain, where the mind is that of a spirit and the brain that of a mortal, for in such case the mind may take such complete control of the brain, that the former's manifestations are not governed or limited by the special experiences or want of experiences which the brain may have had in its use by the mind of the mortal along specific lines of expression or manifestation. Thus, as you may know and as it has been demonstrated by the work and experience of many human mediums, the minds of spirits have controlled the brains of these mediums, so that such brains have transmitted from these spirits expressions of various kinds of languages and mathematical truths with which such brains never have had any acquaintance or become exercised in expressing.

In these instances, the brain is used merely in the sphere of intellect and the spirit who takes possession of that brain and uses it to express and make known the knowledge of the spirit's mind, is doing no different thing in essential to what the human mind, controlling its own brain, could have done had the brain been exercised in those directions. The capacity of the brain, whether exercised or not by the human mind controlling its own brain, limits the power of the spirit to control in the manner and for the purpose mentioned.

But this Law has a further phase, and that is, the greater the general experience of the brain in its exercise by the human mind, the more perfectly can the spirit mind control it. All this is dependent upon facts which I cannot linger here to explain, such as the mediumistic qualities and susceptibilities of the human whose brain is attempted to be controlled by the spirit.

And the same laws apply to the disclosure of truth and principles along the moral planes. A spirit cannot possibly use the brain of a mortal to convey or transmit through it moral precepts or truths that that brain is not capable of receiving. And I do not mean by this that the brain must have had any acquaintance with any or many particular moral truths, or must have been used by the human for the purpose of receiving or imparting these precepts, but must be in its essential capacity, potentially be able to transmit and receive these truths. And so the capacity of the brain to receive and transmit these moral truths, limits the control of the spirit over the brain to express through it, these truths.

The rapport of the spirit with the human is determined by the development of the brain and the moral qualities of the human at the time the rapport is attempted to be made - and this means the actual development of these conditions and not what they may appear to be to other humans, or even to the individual himself. And this development determines to a large extent the power of the spirit to use the brain to disclose the truths, either intellectual or moral.

A medium can receive only such truths as his condition, according to the nature of the truths, is susceptible to the forming of a rapport by the spirit. The possibility of rapport, and the kind thereof, lie at the foundation of mediumship and determines and limits the power of the spirit to convey its thoughts and the capacity of the mortal to receive them.

When the medium is in a certain condition of development, the spirit writing can form the rapport according as that condition harmonizes with the condition of the spirit; and it is impossible unless the harmony exists, for the spirit to write these things which require a greater degree of development than the medium at the time possesses. Hence, you will in a way understand why so few of the higher spiritual truths have ever been delivered to the world through the mediumship of any mortal who has been possessed of gifts of either automatic writing, as it is called, or clairvoyance or inspirational powers.

As to those truths, which did not require a higher degree of development than was possessed by the medium, there arose no difficulty in transmitting the same, and many mediums have been very successful in receiving the truth suited to their condition. And this fact and Law, also, will explain to you why the same spirit may communicate through several mediums, and yet the communications be of a dissimilar character; that is, the communications through one medium contain higher or lower character of truth than those transmitted through some other medium; and with the result that those mortals who have heard or read these different communications, especially when critical, have been prone to believe that the same spirit was not making both communications. But this is not a just conclusion, for while the spirit was in the same condition, possessing the same knowledge at the time of both communications, yet the mediums, because of their difference in development, were unable to receive the same character of messages.

You may search the whole history of spirit communications and of mediumship and you will not find any messages of the character of those that have been transmitted through you, and for the reasons that I have stated.

Swedenborg was the last and nearer perfect instrument for receiving these higher truths, and yet he, because of his want of soul development and his being bound, to a more or less extent, by his orthodox beliefs and scientific knowledge that caused him to coordinate and fit in these truths with his ideas of correspondence and such like conceptions, was a failure, and could not be successfully used to transmit these truths which we have been communicating through you. And after him other gifted and, in some respects, successful mediums were used by spirits, of the higher knowledge and progression to convey truths, but their conditions were such that, under the workings of the Laws governing rapport, these mediums could receive only those truths which their conditions of development permitted them to receive. The workings of this limitation was not dependent upon the condition and ability of the spirits to impart these higher truths, but upon the capacity of the mediums to receive them.

You, yourself, have had experience as to how this Law works and controls communication and rapport. For as you know, it has been a long time since you were able to receive any spirit messages of these higher truths, although the spirits have been present with you many times, ready and anxious to make the rapport and deliver their messages; and you have been willing, intellectually, to receive them, but because of your condition or want of condition, the spirits could not deliver them and were compelled to wait until you get into the necessary condition. From all this you will comprehend why so very few messages containing high spiritual truths, or even moral truths, come through mediums. The mediums, mostly, are so developed that they can receive only messages dealing with the material affairs of life, and which kinds of messages I am compelled to and can truthfully say, are those that are largely desired by the mortals seeking information from the spirit world.

Again in your reading of spiritual literature, you may have observed the great diversity of opinions of spirits upon the same subject, and sometimes contradictory opinions, thus causing doubt on the part of mortals, as to what are the facts existing in the spirit world as to the subject of inquiry. Well this is due very largely to the condition of the mediums, and also to the knowledge of the spirits who attempt to communicate; for the knowledge of spirits is limited by the extent of their progress and development.

Many spirits believe that what they have learned is true, and so give authoritative expression to the facts of their knowledge, and often believe what they know is all that may be known of the subject on which they communicate. And these are mostly honest in their beliefs and truthful, as they think, in their messages. And thus it is well for mortals to understand that everything written or spoken by spirits, at all times, is not to be accepted as the finality of truth. And on the other hand apparently contradictory statements should not be taken as fraudulent merely because they are contradictory. A spirit with greater knowledge using a medium in harmony with itself, can convey to men the more exact and greater extent of truth than can a spirit with less knowledge and development using a medium in harmony with itself.

Now, from what I have written, it is apparent that in order to get the greater truth and more extended knowledge of the spirit world, mediums should make the effort to obtain larger and more intensive development of their spiritual natures as well as of their intellectual capacities. This acquirement is absolutely necessary to the reception of the higher truths which are so vital to mankind.

So you see, communication and rapport depend upon the condition of both spirits and mortals working in unison; though more I may say upon the condition of the mortal; for if the medium is in the proper state of development, there being always many spirits present with that medium in condition and readiness, a rapport can be made.

The Master is here tonight and has heard my communication and unites with me in saying: "Have faith and seek with all your soul for this Love."

Believe that I am your special Angel friend.

Your brother in Christ,

Monday, May 12, 2014

Helen Writes a New Year's Eve Message of Thankfulness to the Father for His Great Love and Mercy

December 31, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, I see you are not feeling so well tonight and I will write only a short letter.

As Dr. (Leslie R.) Stone said, the year has nearly gone never to be recalled and the thoughts of the year have found their places in the great eternity, some to have gone forever never to be remembered, and others to live to face you when you come to the spirit world.

I am glad to be able to state that the large majority of these thoughts are such that you need not dread to face, for they have been of things that will help you in your progress in the spheres of love, and what I say of you, I say of the Dr., for we have been very close to him during the year that is passed.

While your account books have something that do not savor of the spiritual and true, and are to be forgotten as soon as possible, yet many of them are those which only the possession of the Father's Love could have engendered and which will meet you with influences of encouragement and give you great satisfaction, and cause you to thank the Father that you were so susceptible to the influence of that Love and to the impressions of the high spirits who have been with you both so much during the year.

You have much to congratulate yourselves, for your souls will not show the condition of underdevelopment that they showed even a year ago. You may not be able to appreciate the extent of your development or what your real condition of soul is, and I who can see and know desire to tell you that I rejoice with you and am so thankful to the Father for His mercy and Love, which have been so bountifully bestowed upon you.

Not only do I, myself, rejoice in this fact, but many bright spirits who love you both so much are praising God for His great goodness to you. And tonight many are present, but none happier than your soulmates who, of course, have a love for you that the others cannot have. So notwithstanding the material troubles and worries that you may have had during the year, you have so much to be thankful for, yes, so much more than you realize.

And when you consider from a moment the great number of Celestial Spirits and with them the Master who have been such constant companions all through the year, loving you and trying to help and comfort you, you must see that you have been wonderfully blessed. Scarcely any human being has had such companionship as have you two, and none consciously, for to no man or woman on earth have these messages of love and truth been conveyed as they have to you.

I know that while these high spirits have been in close companionship with other mortals whose souls have received the Father's Love and trying to help them with their presence, yet not one has received to his sensory consciousness the realization of the presence of such spirits, and no word of their great love and solicitude have come to any mortals other than to you, Dr. Stone and Eugene.

When you come to think of this, you must see how great has been the privilege and how with that privilege has come a responsibility that calls for your greatest concern and desire to do the work. Let me advise you three to think of this great fact.

Well, I must not write more, but Mary Kennedy says to tell Dr. Stone that she loves him more than ever before and that her love and happiness in knowing that he is her true soulmate is greater as the year goes out. She wishes him a Happy New Year and knows that it will bring to both of them a closer companionship and a greater happiness than ever, and also a greater and more wonderful development of his soul in Love and a consequent greater nearness of the soulmate love.

All your friends send their love and wishes for a Happy New Year, one that shall be filled with an increased possession of the Father's Love and a clearer understanding of His truths and the work that is before you. May the Father Bless you both is the prayer of :

Your own true and loving,

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Otto Von Bismarck Writes the German People's Faith and Hope in the Emperor Has Become Shaken As to the End of the War

December 27, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Bismarck.

If convenient I should like to write a few lines tonight in reference to the war and the prospects of its ending. I am Bismarck and as I have not written you for some time in reference to the subject, I thought it advisable to write a few words.

As I told you in my last communication, the cause of the ending of the war would not be any decisive battle but the deplorable condition of the people of Germany and of its allied conditions. And what I then said, I repeat with renewed emphasis. For since I wrote, the conditions of these people - in the way of starvation and deprivation of those things that make life worth living - have greatly increased with no prospects of betterment so long as the war continues.

The Emperor and his co-workers have endeavored by every false statement that they could make to convince the people that the war would soon end in victory for the fatherland, and that very soon they would be relieved of the distress and starvation, and that peace and good fortune would soon come to them. And with a remarkable credulity, these people have believed their representatives and have endeavored to endure all these privations and hardships with patience and confidence.

But the time has arrived when this faith and hope have become shaken and, in many instances in many parts of Germany and Austria, the people have come to a realization that this peace and relief from their deplorable condition is no nearer than they were months ago, and that less certainty attends the promises of the rulers and military parties. And as a consequence, dissatisfaction has arisen and the desire to save and make secure the life of the nation has changed into a desire to preserve and save from hunger and destruction the individual workers of that nation.

And this feeling has become so fixed with many of these people, they are commencing to think, and are thinking, that they are being sacrificed in order to forward the plans and ambitions of their rulers and also that they, as individuals, are not objects of consideration in the thoughts and schemes of these rulers.

Starvation is prevalent in the land and despair has taken the place of hope with many of these people; and there is slowly creeping into the minds of many the thought that they must arouse themselves and take the control of affairs into their own hands and to such an extent does this thought possess these people, and among them many people who think for themselves, that you must not be surprised to hear at anytime that the people have revolted and that the power of the inhabitants have been overthrown, repulsion of the movement of Russia, although controlled and guided by men of more intelligence and responsibility.

Yes, this ending of the war is coming and the people will rule, and in doing so will make the best terms of peace with the Allies that can be made. Only a little while longer and you will see the fulfillment of my predictions. No great battle on the western front will be fought as the world now expects, for before that time arises, the German army of the Kaiser will have become the army of the people, and many will abandon the fighting line and return to their homes and devastated farms and houses.

It is all so sad when I think of what Germany will become and what it might have been had not the mad Kaiser and his country of ambitious guards and advisers let their ambition run away with their duty and obligation to the true interests of Germany. As I have said before, the Kaiser will die and his followers will die or be scattered and their names and horrible deeds will become dark memory of things that destroyed the national life and the individual lives of many of the promising men and youth of the fatherland.

If I were the Bismarck of a short time ago, this calamity of my nation would cause me to worry and regret and deplore the day that the mad boy continued to succeed his good father on the throne; but now I view these things in a different light and see that out of all these calamities will arise a happier Germany and people free and not subject to the iron bonds of any one man or family, with rights supposed and proclaimed to be God-given. Yes, Germany will suffer and decline as a world power but in the place of this power and insatiable desire for aggrandizement and aggression will come peace and happiness and a greater spiritual development among the people.

Well, I have written enough and the handwriting is on the wall and its prediction cannot be escaped from. Soon, soon, soon the end will come and with it the salvation of more nations than one.

I am not a prophet, but in the Law of Cause and Effect nations are unthroned as well as individuals, and as I can see the causes that are operating; I can also see the effects that must follow, and the consummation will be that Germany must fall, never to arise again as a great nation that she has been in the past, but a purer, happier and more loving nation than ever before. I will not write more. American lives will not be sacrificed to any great extent, for the great battles of the war have been fought. Good night.

Your friend,

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jesus Writes that He is Not God, but a Mere Spirit - a Child of God

December 26, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Well, my dear brother, I am glad to find that you are in so much better condition, and I know that very soon now I will be able to resume the delivery of my messages.

Well, I have no vicar on earth (in answer to question by Mr. Padgett). In the first place, I am not God, but a mere spirit - a child of God - and one that worships Him with all the devotion of my soul, praying for an increase bestowal of His Love and for a complete unity with Him, and with the longings to progress eternally in the development of my soul.

In the second place, the Pope is a mere man, and he can only represent God to the extent that he has in his own soul the Divine Love and the consequent soul development. The mere fact that he is the head of the Catholic Church gives him no greater privilege, or no greater commission to represent God on earth, than is possessed by any other man with the same amount of soul development. His claimed infallibility is a delusion and a snare, and he is just as much subject to sin, and sinning, even as Pope of the Church, as is any other mortal; and this claim, which is an attribute belonging only to God, will be one of the sins for which he will suffer very much when he comes to the spirit world and has his soul opened up to the truth.

At some time, I intend to write you in detail as to the Catholic Church and its erroneous dogmas, beliefs, and teachings, and as to its destiny. But this I will say that the worship of me as God is a blasphemy, and a thing that is so blasphemous that I care not to remain in the earth plane and hear the prayers of these misguided Christians.

I know that this will sound surprising and un-Christian, to many, and they will continue to believe in their faith in me as God, and also to worship me. But it is a very harmful untruth, and these people will have to realize it sooner or later in the spirit world. And this is one of the errors that my messages are designed to eradicate.

Well, my dear brother, have faith.

Your brother and friend,

Friday, May 9, 2014

Immanuel Kant Writes that He Wants to Learn About the Love that Will Make Men, or the Souls of Men, Divine

December 24, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Immanuel Kant.

I have listened to your conversation tonight and have been much interested, so much that I have wondered what the source of your apparent beliefs is, for I see that you are sincere in your declarations of what you declare the truths to be.

I have been in the spirit world for a great many years, and have not been idle as regards my investigation of the truth, and have given my very strenuous efforts to learn the truth of man's destiny and the ultimate end of his existence. I was a thinker when on earth, and had a considerable reputation as to being a deep thinker of things metaphysical and even today I have a large following among those mortals who give their time and attention to the investigation of the truths of the nature spoken of.

I have progressed very much, not only in the spheres in which I have lived, but also in the development of my intellect and in the development of my soul, for I enjoy a very considerable happiness, and have been able to apply the moral principles that should govern men in their relation to one another and to God, and have experienced the benefit of such application. I have many associates like myself in development of the dualities mentioned, and often do we assemble and discuss these important principles of man's relationship to God and to the development of man and the aim and ultimate destiny of his existence.

Truth is, we know, of itself alone and never changes, and when we believe and are convinced that we have found a truth, we accept it as a basis upon which to found our further efforts for investigation and the discovery of other truths and, as a consequence, we are not compelled to depend upon mere speculation as we were when on earth. We know that the spirit of man never ceases to live and, hence, immortality must be his certain portion in the great economy of God, and that as the law of being is progression, we must always be enabled to progress. And having that fact from which to start, we continue our investigations and studies in the certain belief that their results will be the discovery of the truths, and that we must ultimately find the reason for man's existence, and his final destiny.

But from what I have heard you and your friend say, there must be a branch of truth that I or my friends, have never heard of or attempted to investigate, and to me it sounds very attractive, and so much so, that I would like to have some enlightenment from which I may be able to postulate a premise upon which I may build a superstructure, if possible. I have, of course, heard a great deal of love and the purification of the soul, and the necessity for men and spirit striving to get rid of all those things that contaminate the soul and foster the continuation of the in-harmony that now exists and keeps man from becoming the perfect man and spirit, also.

I have heard that in the higher spiritual kingdom, there are spirits of men that have become perfect and existing in harmony with the laws of God, yet they do not claim to be more than men - perfect men. But you talk of a Love that will make men, or the souls of men, Divine in their constituency and, therefore, a part of that divinity which we ascribe only to the Infinite; and I must tell you that what you say has opened up to me a new vision of possibility of study that may lead to what we now have no conception of.

I am sincere in what I write, and if you can help me in entering on the study of the truths of which you speak, I will be very grateful and assure you that it will not be lost on an inattentive ear or a mind stunted by a belief that it already knows all that can be acquired, or the way to acquire all that may be learned. I was on earth a philosopher and known as:

Immanuel Kant

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swedenborg Writes that He Does Not Want James Padgett to be a Failure in His Work for the Kingdom as He Was

December 23, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Swedenborg.

I have heard the messages that you have just received and I desire to impress upon you the necessity and importance of striving to follow the advice therein given, for if you fail now to do the work upon which you have entered, your regrets when you come to the spirit world will be so great that you will find it almost impossible to get rid of them even if you progress to the soul spheres where the Love is all so abundant.

I know what I write for that was my experience and it seemed to me that everywhere I turned as I sought to progress I saw before me the word "failure" and for many long years it was my ghost of a recollection. Failure as you may know is comparative, and men may fail in their ambitions and desires for fame and wealth and position, and yet when they come to the spirit world they realize that such failures mean comparatively little and in their progress in the truth, they soon forget their failures and cast them behind. But when a mortal has conferred upon him a work which does not have for its object the accumulation of wealth or the attaining of fame or position, but the great and vital end of showing men the way by which they can become reconciled to God and partake of His very Nature in Love and obtain immortality, and also has given to him the privilege of receiving the Great Truths of God in relation to the salvation of men, then I say that failure means a great catastrophe for him and a greater calamity for humanity, and that man is in a condition of mind and recollection beyond description.

Very few men have had conferred upon them this great privilege and power and responsibility, and I was one of them and was a failure not because I did not try to receive and deliver the truth, but because I prevented, by my preconceived ideas of what the truth should be, the real and pure truth from coming to me and thence to humanity. In a way I was unconscious of my failure or of the existence of conditions in me that caused the failure; yet when I came to the spirit world and realized the failure that I had made, then everything was a failure to my conscience.

In your case, you have no such preconceived ideas to hamper you or prevent you from receiving the truth, for you are used merely as instrument for these truths to transcribe and they are delivered in the very language of the writers, and your failure if such there shall be, will be entirely due to your indifference or want of effort to get in condition that will enable the messages to be written. You must see your responsibility and your duty, and I may say your love that should urge you to work and you must not become a failure.

I am your friend and brother and co-worker in making known these truths and only write because I as a failure can speak from experience. So my brother turn your thought more to this work, and if necessary sacrifice every worldly consideration to carry forward your work and make perfect your efforts to fulfill the great mission with which you have been blessed.

I will not write more now. May the Father bless you with His Love.

Your brother in Christ,


Helen says that Swedenborg wrote with authority.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well dear, you have received some important messages tonight and I hope that you will read and ponder them, for they are of great spiritual importance, not only to the work that you are doing but also to you personally. I shudder to think of what the consequences might be if you would make a failure of the great privilege that has been bestowed upon you, and you must think of what Swedenborg wrote, for he would write as one having had an experience with a knowledge that came from the experience.

But I know that you will not be a failure and that you will give your best endeavors to the accomplishing of the work. I wish to tell you also, that you should pray more for the Love and long for it with all the longing of your soul, and then as it flows into your soul, I know that your desire to accomplish this work will so increase that there will be no possibility of failure. So sweetheart, follow the advice given you and determine that the great work of the Master will not this time be a failure through you.

I was with you at church tonight and realized that you enjoyed the services very much and especially the music and your soul experience and considerable happiness from the Love that came to you. And there was much Love with and around you, for many of the spirits were present, but Jesus was not there. Again has Christmas come, and the people are now worshiping their Jesus as God, a worship which is very distasteful to him and one which he hopes by the truths of the messages that he is delivering to you will cease, when these messages shall become known to the people. He realizes how much harm such worship does and also realizes that he is a mere son of the Father as are many and all spirits who have received His Divine Love in their souls and become a part of His Divinity; and Jesus knowing that he is merely a child of the Father, dependent upon Him for His Love and Mercy, avoids all opportunity of hearing the praises and worship of those who substitute him in the place of the Father. So distasteful and blasphemous is this worship to him that he even gives up his work in the earth plane among spirits and men until the time of this universal worship of him shall pass by.

I am so glad that this great truth of the only one and true God, the only being to be worshiped, is being revealed to mankind. So you see how important that you do your work. Well, you have written a great deal tonight and are tired and I will not draw on you further. Love me and believe that I love you, and pray to the Father to give you His Love and strength to perform your mission. Good night my dear husband.

Your own true and loving,