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Helen Explains the Love Principle and Allows Rose, Judge Frank Syrick's Soulmate, to Write a Message to Him

January 9, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am so happy, and I am awful glad that you are also. I was with you at the show tonight, and you made me so happy when you loved me as you did. I tried to let you hear my voice, but I could not; but don't despair of hearing it, I will soon learn the way and then you will have me quite often. I loved you so much that you could not help feeling my love, and when you thought of me so intensely I was with you and tried to hug your hands. You shed more tears of love, and then I almost let myself control you right there; but as it was a public place, I restrained my control. You are my darling Ned, and you are dearer to me than ever. So let me have all your love and I will be very happy.

I was with you today when Dr. Stone was with you, and heard what was said, and I saw that he was very much impressed with your talk to him about the Love of God flowing into the heart; so I believe that if you continue to tell him of this Love, he will soon see the true way that it must be obtained and will strive to get it. He is a naturally spiritual man and wants to have this Love in his soul.

I know just what he thinks about this Love Principle and while he is partly right, yet he does not grasp the true principle of that Love. He is depending upon a love that man can create by what he calls right thinking and action, but this is not true. Man cannot of himself create this Love. He can let it come into his heart and grow and thereby become more possessed with it; but it will not come of his own creation. His heart is not in such a condition that this Love will spring up spontaneously, nor can he by his mere effort to create it, cause its appearance. He can obtain it only from a higher source, and that source is his Heavenly Father. No man is so good that this Love can emanate from him anymore than life can arise of his own volition or efforts.

What is the Love Principle, as it is called, is not the natural love of a man for God or for man, but the Love that comes into the heart of a man from the Father in answer to prayer. I do not know if I have made myself very clear but you know what I mean and can explain better than can I.

Yes, I am very strong tonight and you are in very good condition, too, but you must not write too much. You must conserve your strength for I am going to draw on it tomorrow night, if conditions are favorable.

She is happy as I told you. You are not so much worried, and I am thankful for it.Yes, he has to a great extent. He sees that only this Love can make him happy and save him from his sins. So you see you have done some good on earth as well as among spirits.

As to Judge Syrick, I will try to have his soulmate come and write him - wait a little while until I find her. - She is here.

"Dear Frank,

I am here and through the kindness of Mrs. Padgett, I have the opportunity to write you, and tell you that you are the dearest person to me in all the world. You do not yet fully appreciate my love for you, but as you come more in rapport with me, you will feel my presence and love to a greater and larger extent. I am not only your soulmate but your guardian angel and when you least think of me, I am with you trying to direct your thoughts and actions towards those things which will make you happier and more at peace with your troubles in life. So do not forget that wherever you may be, and whatever your thoughts may dwell upon, I am with you and know what you are thinking of, and I want you to think and believe that in all the earth, or spirit land either, there is no one who loves you with such a pure and fervent love as I do, my own darling Frank. Oh, how I wish that I could communicate to you in this way every night and tell you of what happiness I have in being with you, and feeling at times that you do really love me in your own somewhat divided heart. But thank God the time will come when I will have your whole love for myself, and no one else will share it with me to the smallest extent.

My dear, only believe that I am your soulmate, and am waiting for you to come over, and share with me the happiness and delight which my home here gives me. No spirit can love its soulmate more than I do you, and no mortal can love so much. Be my own true sweetheart, and even though you do not have the assurance that I am with you as I say, yet I am, and nothing in all the world can keep me from you. So, if you will only believe in me and in my love you will realize that I am with you and will feel my love and my presence, even though your physical senses may not be able to tell you anything. But the sense of two souls which are decreed by our Father to be one, will tell you, at times, that I am one and you are the other, and that the two will through all eternity become and remain one in love and happiness.

So you see, that even though we cannot exchange our love so very often in words, yet in our feelings and sensations we may know that our love for each other is existing, and burning with a brightness that nothing can extinguish, not even your thoughts that I am a mere myth and not your own true, loving soulmate. Be only closer to me in your thoughts and you will realize that I am your Rose, as I once told you. You sometimes doubt that you saw me and felt my kiss your forehead, and that I have no real existence, but I tell you with all my soul's love that it was I that kissed you and told you that I was your soulmate. Oh my darling one, do not doubt me again if you value my happiness.

Let my love for you keep your thoughts in the way of things spiritual, for I can see that you are inclined to the higher things of the spirit life; and if you desire to come to me and live with me when you come over, seek the real love of our Father, for in that you will find everything that will make your soul develop, until when you come to me I will meet you and take you to my home, where you will find that I have prepared a home for you so beautiful that you will wonder how I could have loved you so much, and thought so much about your happiness. You are the only one for me to think of in this way, and when you stop for a moment and think of what love means, you will see that I could not do otherwise than try to make you happy.

There is one other thing that I want to tell you, and that is that you must have no fear of what is called death, because it is not death, but an entrance into life; and when you come over I will be right at your bedside, and as your spirit passes from your body I will take you in my arms and carry you to the home which I have prepared for you.

Of course, this means, if you have developed your soul to such an extent as will permit you to enter my home; and even if you have not, I will be with you as the soul leaves the body and fold you in my arms and say such words of burning love that you will not be afraid or want to be anywhere else than with me. So you see, in life or death, or after death I will be with you and my love will envelope you in the great happiness which I have and want you to have.

As I have already taken up more of Mr. Padgett's time and strength than I intended, I must stop, but in doing so, say with all my heart and soul, I love you and will love you through all eternity my own dear Frank."


Well, don't you think that she loves him? She is a soulmate after my own heart, and I think that he ought to be very happy to know that he has such love as that. No, not so great as mine, and I will love you with all my heart too.

I am somewhat tired now and must stop. So goodnight, my own darling Ned.

Your own true, Helen

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ann Rollins Points Out the Errors in a Book James is Reading About the Hells and Writes that Jesus is the only one Teaching the Truth of the New Birth

January 8, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

Yes, I see that you are desirous of some spiritual food and I have come to tell you of some truths of the spirit life. You have been reading a book, which is not true for there are no hells as described in it, where mortals after passing into the spirit life have to undergo such sufferings and torments. There are no such places as described in the first part of the book. You need not believe that there are any such places of punishment for the evil spirits. God loves all His children too much to have them pass through such experiences as are in that book described. I know what I am telling you for I have descended into the lowest spheres and have never yet seen or heard of such hells or any spirits who are in the condition described. Evil spirits have to suffer for their sins and atone for every evil thought, but not by any such suffering as the writer of that book depicts. I am conscious of the fact that the churches teach of hells somewhat similar to the ones we have referred to, but neither the hells of the churches nor the hells of that book exist. So don't let the thoughts, which the reading of that book may engender, make you think that there is such a vengeful and cruel God, for I know that there is not.

My observations of the condition of the wicked shows me that they must all suffer before they can be relieved from the burden of their sins and have a place where happiness, even to a smallest degree, is obtained; but when they have become truly penitent and seek the saving Power and Love of God, they will always find it.

You are not much, impressed, I can see, by the statements in the book, and I am glad of it, for it might tend to make you have an idea of what God is, that is wholly erroneous.

My own belief is that He is God of Love to even the vilest sinner, and when such a sinner turns to Him and prays for forgiveness and love he gets them both. Let me tell you further that the Love of God, when it enters into the soul of a man is sufficient to wash away all sins and make that soul happy and joyful. Not even the most evil man, who is guilty of the greatest sin, need think that he cannot be pardoned and made happy and brought into harmony with God.

I am now going to tell you of what a love the Master has for all mankind. He is now working for their redemption by showing them the way to the love of God, and the light that they need is not one of belief in any ordinance of the church or creed or doctrine, but simply that a belief in God's Love and the exercise of the will of a man accompanied with a desire to obtain that Love, with an earnest prayer to the Father, are all that is necessary to bring true happiness and salvation. He (Jesus) is here now, and says that he is almost ready to write to you. That you must try with all your heart to get more of God's Love and become one with him, and then he will be able to write and you will understand just what he intends. So you see that you have a duty to perform with regards to your ownself as well as to what the Master requires you to do.

Yes, the Master is now working to lead all souls to God and His Love, and some will follow him, but the vast majority will not, and they will be left to themselves when he stops his work. When that time comes, he will ascend into the Heaven where his home is and all his followers will go with him and live there for all eternity.

He will not come again to the earth plane or even to the higher planes where the moral and intellectual spirits live, but they will be left to enjoy the happiness which their conditions may give them. His Kingdom will be one of supreme happiness and very near the center of God's Love, and will be one that will be entirely to itself. No spirit who is not of his kingdom can possibly enter therein. I don't know just when the time will come for him to leave the earth sphere and enter into this kingdom, but when he does, the gates thereto will be closed forever upon all spirits who are not followers of him, and never again will they be opened. He has told me this and I must believe him and so must you. He is now trying to teach mankind the great truth, that in order to become partakers of this great privilege they must permit the Love of God to come into their souls, as without it, no one can enter the Kingdom. Soon the privileges will be taken away and then will be the separation of the sheep from the goats, as mentioned in the Bible.

No other of the great teachers is teaching the truth of the New Birth, except Jesus. All are teaching morality and, in a way, a love for God, but none teach the absolute entering into the soul of man this Love by means of the Holy Ghost. Many of the ancient prophets and teachers of God's Love will be partakers of this Kingdom, as I am told, and so will all who receive this love, whether born and living before the time of Jesus, or subsequently. The Kingdom will be created not merely by Jesus teachings, but by this Love of God; and all who have it will become inhabitants of the Kingdom. Jesus will be the ruler of it but not in the sense that you understand a ruler on earth to be: but he will be the greatest possessor of this love, and, consequently, the most powerful as well as the most loving spirit in the whole Kingdom. But his rule will be one of peace and love and ministration. You must try to become a member of this kingdom or you will not be happy as you might be by doing so.

Well as you are tired I must stop. Yes, there are many spheres beyond me and I am striving now to progress to a higher one. So you see there is no limit to what may be obtained.

As I understand that spheres of his kingdom will be the one close to the Father's home, and there will be none beyond. I, of course, don't know, but this is what I believe.

Yes, sometime I will tell you more in detail of the conditions and laws of the sphere where I am.

Goodnight, your Grandmother

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Helen Describes in Detail Her Home and Surroundings in the Fifth Sphere and Writes About the Situation of Spirits Who Are in the Lower Spheres

January 7, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am very happy and you are a little better, and there is no need to worry about Nita as she is now very happy in her school. I will try tonight to tell you of what I am now doing in my new home and in the earth sphere where I am most of the time helping spirits.

Well in my home I am so very much engaged in studying the laws of communicating with you that I have hardly time for anything else. I am now quite certain that I understand how to talk to you in an independent voice and also to materialize. So you must not be astonished anytime to hear my voice or see me in the form of a materialized spirit. I am also trying to help the spirits who are in a condition of blindness and doubt.

I am living with your mother in her home, but I am not so spiritual as she. We are both very happy though and have everything that a heart could wish for. The music is so beautiful that I cannot describe it to you and even the love, which helps to make the music, is of such an intensity that you could not possibly understand if I should attempt to tell it to you.

My home here is much more beautiful than that which I had in the Third Sphere, and everything is beyond what I conceived when I lived there. The house and trees and flowers and fruits are very much more beautiful and delightful. No one could be anything but happy in such a home. We have nothing to interfere with our happiness and everyone is a delightful companion and full of love and beauty. I have met many spirits that I did not know either on earth or in the spirit world before I came to this place, both men and women.

Yes, we have rivers and lakes and fields and mountains and all the beautiful landscapes that you can imagine, I not only enjoy these things, but they are more real than those of earth. I am sometimes engaged in painting these flowers and landscapes and have many pictures which others painted. I find that I can paint with a more artistic touch than when on earth. I have no trouble in drawing - as you know I had some in my earth pictures. I am also studying music, and especially my vocal lessons. You will be much surprised when you hear me sing as you cannot conceive what a different voice I have. Sometimes I try to sing some of the songs that I used to sing to you, but they are not pretty in comparison to the songs we have here, either in the music or the sentiments.

Well, as you are not so much interested in my description, I will not attempt further portrayal of the things here. Yes, I can see it in your brain. You are thinking about other things, so you see, I know. Yes, but you must think of what I write for that is necessary in order for you to write. While I can guide your hand, yet I have also to use your brain to express my thoughts. You could, if you will try - that is one of the things that I want you to do, for then you can hear what I say at any time, and it will not be necessary for you to write.

Yes, it is better to presume what I write, for sometimes it does you good to read over what I have said and feel over again the emotions which you felt at the time of your receiving my messages.

I love you all the time, and you know it, but sometimes it is beneficial to reread my expressions of love, even though you doubt that they are mine. Let me tell you that you are not to remain in this state of doubt much longer, for I will so indubitably show my presence to you that you will never again doubt that I am with you. Then when you write you will feel that I am indeed writing as convincingly as if I sat beside you and you could see me. It may happen any night as you sit and write or when you are lying in bed thinking of me and wondering if I am really with you. So you must be prepared to have anything happen which will show you that I am with you. Yes, I believe that I will be able to do that when you are all alone, and so you will hear my voice when you are alone.

No, this is the most satisfactory means of communicating that I know of. You can exchange your thoughts for mine, and can write so much more than I could possibly speak. Yes, I will be able to speak for a little while, at a time, but not as I write. No spirit can gather such power as would be required to continue to talk for any length of time. Even Bright Star, who is an adept, could not carry on an extended conversation, as she says.

The power that I now have enables me to manifest myself in several ways - such as the independent voice, materialization and writing - I do not know about the slate writing, but I believe that I can do that too - at any rate I will try to accomplish it sometime. I don't think that I will be able to manifest on the same night in an independent voice and also materialize, for each manifestation requires great power. Yes, I can knock on the table, but that does not give any special satisfaction - all earth bound spirits can do that - It is the lowest order of manifestation. We of the higher spheres do not care to do that if we can manifest in any other way, and I would rather not try it.

I mean that I am stronger physically, spiritually and mentally than White Eagle. I do not know the exact extent of my power, but the spirits with a better knowledge of these things, say that my power is so very unusual that I can do most anything that I may try. Of course, they mean within reasonable limitations. I could not take a mountain and move it, or even a very heavy substance, but I could lift you and will sometime just to show you how strong I am.

Spiritually, I am now in a sphere that enables me to know what the love of God really is and that in his love I have almost complete happiness. I have gotten rid of those things, I now love everybody, and am trying my best to help every soul that I possibly can. No such feelings of dislike or envy or hatred hasn't any place in my heart, for which I thank God.

The conditions of all spirits is determined by their goodness and love. No distinction on account of what a spirit might have been on earth is known here. The poorest working man is as of as great importance as the most famous man according to his earthly standing. In fact more of the poor and humble of earth are in the higher spheres than are those who were wealthy and held high positions. This is so, not because there were more of the poor, but because their spiritual conditions were better, and they are more susceptible to the influences of the good spirits, who are doing the Father's work. So you see high standing on earth is not a thing which determine the condition of the spirit here.

I know a number of spirits who, when on earth, were prominent in society, and wealthy, but who are now in the lowest sphere, simply because they did not know anything of God's Love, and wholly failed to observe his laws and truths while on earth. You will be surprised at the number of friends of yours who were prominent on earth, and who are not as happy as they were while on earth. Their desires are very much the same as on earth, and yet they have no means of gratifying them, and, consequently, they are very unhappy.

I think that the sin of suicide is the worst, and then the murderer, the drunkard and the prostitute. The last is a person who seems very difficult to things spiritual because he or she does not realize the enormity of his sin so much as the suicide or murderer. A prostitute has ruined many, and when she at last realizes that fact her sufferings are very, great. They are in very low planes - lower than the earth planes, and they are generally trying to pursue the occupation that they had on earth, and imagine that they do. I say imagine, because I have no better word to express it. But they really believe that there is some kind of happiness that comes to them from the belief that they have, that they can still engage in such things. You would be surprised to see the great number of men and women who occupy this plane - some of them who on earth were not considered such. But prostitution is not a thing of act altogether, but of desire or lust. A man may look on a women and lust after her, and, as Jesus said, he already commits adultery in heart; and so, many mortals committed adultery in that way and the sin arising therefrom follows them here, and can only be gotten rid of by prayer, and the consequent forgiveness and love of God in their hearts. A man or women may get rid of this sin while on earth, if he repents and prays God to let His Love come into his soul. When this Love takes possession of a man's soul all sin is cast out and is no more remembered against him - this is what is meant by washing away sin.

The blood of Jesus nor his vicarious atonement, as it is called, ever washes away sin - the only effective thing is the Love of God in the heart. So you see, men may believe all that they possibly can that the blood and sufferings of Jesus, and his death on the cross, saves them from sin and its consequence, and yet, if they are not possessed of this Love, these sins will remain and they are not saved.

I have written more than I intended on this subject, but as you are so much interested I thought it best to tell you what I have learned from the Master himself.

I mean by having more powerful mentality, that I have progressed so very much in knowledge and in my will power. I am not yet a wise woman, but in a certain line I. have acquired a great deal of knowledge as regards, for instance, the way in which spirits and mortals while in the flesh. I am not any more versed in the science of what controls the heavenly bodies, or why one star differeth from another in glory, or what are God's mysteries as you may consider them - these matters are being investigated by other and older spirits. But as regards love, both of God and spirits and mortals, I have learned a great deal. Let me tell you that of all subjects that should interest men, love is the greatest, for love is the fulfilling of all law; and the man who knows what love is, I mean the real, genuine love both for God and his fellow mortals and spirits has that which is not equaled by knowledge of anything else in all the Universe.

Jesus has this knowledge to a greater extent than any other spirit and, consequently, is the greatest power in all the heavens or earth, and those who listen to his teachings and follow them will be when they come over, and even while on earth, the strongest and happiest of all beings. So do not neglect to learn this great knowledge. You are very far in the possession of it, and when you shall have had his teachings and followed them you will be a powerful and happy spirit when you come over.

I am told by him (Jesus) that he is forming his own kingdom in the spirit world of those who listen to and follow his teaching, and get this great love in their hearts; and their home or sphere will be entirely separate from the other spirits, and will be in the highest heavens, where happiness the most supreme will be.

So I am trying to become one of his followers and a subject of his kingdom. He will not let sin of any kind or inharmony find a resting peace in that kingdom, and hence no man or spirit who has not been fully purified can possibly enter into it. He is now forming that kingdom and when his work is done, and he leaves the earth plane and mankind to themselves, he will go into that kingdom and remain there, and rule for all eternity. So strive to become worth of becoming a subject of that kingdom.

You must stop writing now as you are tired. Well as you are my soulmate and the only one that I will ever have or want, I must tell you that I love you with a love that can never grow old or less, and that when you come over you will realize that your Helen is a spirit who knows how to love. But she loves you now with all her heart and soul and you must believe it.

So goodnight my own darling Ned.

Your loving, Helen

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Confirmations from Ann Rollins and Helen Padgett that Jesus Wrote the Preceding Message

January 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

I heard, and you must believe that it was the Master. He was writing and was so in earnest that you must believe that his prophecies will come true.

I am so glad that he wrote you again.

Good night,
Your Grandmother

* * * * * *

You must stop now.

Your own,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jesus Writes that James has received God's Love to a Great Degree and will soon be prepared to take his Messages

January 5, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

You are my own true brother and disciple.

I come because you need me and my love, and I want to tell you that you are very near the Kingdom. Your prayers have been heard, and our Father has given you His love to a great degree. So you must soon be prepared to take my messages, for the time is getting ripe for the world to receive my gospel of love and peace. Men are now thinking deeply of spiritual things and want a gospel that will teach them the way to the truth and to God's love and their eternal happiness.

So do not let the things of earth keep you from getting more of your Father's Love and Grace in your soul. Be steadfast in your faith and you will not want for anything that will enable you to become His true son and my own loving disciple in spreading the glorious tidings of joy and peace to mankind.

Your love is now so great that you will soon be at-one with your Father and receive from Him the outpouring of His love and the Pentecost of the Holy Spirit. Be a man that will not let anything of earth or heaven keep you from doing the work, which I have set before you to do.

I am your true helper and protector, and you will not suffer for want of anything that will make you free and happy. Be more earnest in your efforts to obtain the great boon, which your Father has promised to give you, and you will not be disappointed.

You are doing a good work among the spirits and God, our Father, will bless you in your endeavor. You must not let doubt or want of faith keep you from doing the great work that you have undertaken. The spirits whom you have so much helped will progress towards the truth and will remember you when they get the happiness which awaits them.

Your wife is a beautiful and powerful spirit, who has learned to love God very much, and who loves you to an extent that is unusual among spirits, who love with a love far exceeding the love of mortals (the redeemed spirits are the ones I mean). She is now progressing very rapidly and soon will be very near her Father's home of love and joy. So you are very much blessed in having such a wife and soulmate and, when you come over, you will find a spirit waiting for you that will appear so beautiful to you, that you will wonder how such a thing could be.

But you may become just as beautiful and as much possessed of God's love, if you will only pray and do His will while on earth. It is not necessary for you to wait until you come over in order to get this love and become free from sin and error.

I am your true teacher and brother, and I want you to do my will as regards the teaching to mankind of the truths of the Father.

I do not desire to tell you now of these things. I will in a short time and then you will know just what the truth is.

Yes, I know the future, and I tell you now and you must believe, that you will soon be relieved of all your business cares and be in a condition to give all your time and energies to my work. Do not doubt this any more. I think that this is the best place, though the place will not determine the best means of doing the work. I mean the place will not be material, except that the place you mention is a good one, as it is near the Capitol of a great nation and will enable you to make more impression on the world by what you may publish. I do not intend to restrict you to any place - only take the messages and publish them.

You will also teach the truths by your daily conversations and example. Yes, I remember the saying and it is true, but in your case the same conditions do not exist as existed when I gave utterance to the saying. Nevertheless, I will guide you when the time comes and you will follow my guidance. It will make little difference to you where you are for the spread of my truths is the important thing.

Yes, a church will be established, and there will be many leaders of my new movement, and it will succeed and supplant all other beliefs in this hemisphere. I mean in the United States and other protestant countries.

The war will last until the Germans are subdued. I don't think it will be very long before they will see the utter hopelessness of fighting longer; then they will submit and a new nation will arise, which will be a nation of the people governed by the people. Emperors' sons will not have any influence with the people. The nobility will cease to have any power and will become a part of the people.

God will eventually rule men's lives through His love, for men will then seek His love and peace will be established in the earth.

When my Kingdom comes on the earth, I will reign in the hearts of men, not as a ruler or as a sovereign lord, but as a Prince of Peace, the only son of the Father who was born without sin, and all mankind will worship God in spirit and in truth. War shall be no more and swords shall be turned into pruning hooks and plowshares, and men shall know what peace and love for one another are.

My second coming will be as the still small voice that speaks to every man and tells him that Love is the only thing that is necessary for him to have, and when he gets that in his soul all the sins and hatred and desires for evil will pass away.

I will not desert you in your work, and it will prosper. I know that certain churches - I mean the clergy and high officials - will fight my truths and the teaching of them to men, but they will not succeed. I will prevail and mankind will be redeemed.

All will bow down in earnest prayer and thanksgiving to their God, and His love will enter into their hearts and they will be at peace. Brothers will be brothers, indeed, and the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man will be established, and all men will serve their God.

The Catholic Church will eventually, as an organization of political power and as a monster of error and a teacher of doctrines contrary to God's truths, be utterly destroyed, and its followers will embrace the true teachings of my gospel. Many will not embrace these new teachings, though, until the last vestige of the power of this great vampire has utterly disappeared. The priests will be shaken from their seats of power and will become men of no influence among the people, for my truths will destroy all the errors which they have preached and through fear caused their deluded followers to embrace and believe.

You must not write more tonight as you are tired.

So with my love and blessings, I am

Your brother and teacher, Jesus

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Priscilla Stone, Mother of Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Provides a Description of His Beautiful Soulmate, Mary Kennedy

January 1, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother.

I am the mother of your friend and want to tell him how glad I am that I can be with him and make known to him my presence and the fact that though his mother is a spirit, yet she can be with him and feel for him all the love which she had for her boy while on earth. He must not doubt that his mother is here, for she is and has been with him many times when you were writing and has sent him some tokens of her love through his soulmate, Mary.

Why, Leslie, she, I mean your Mary, was a little English girl, and when on earth did not live many miles from your home, and if it had been intended you two could easily have met when you were very young. But, of course, you might not have known of the fact that you were soulmates.

I want to tell you now that Mary is a real, existing spirit, who was once a little English girl, and is all beauty and goodness and is waiting here for you to come to her and when you do you will not find some shadowy unsubstantial thing of air, but a real live, beautiful spirit with form and features perfect and well defined, and full of animation and pink roses on her cheeks, and hair all dark and glossy, and blue eyes, and mouth like cupids, and teeth as you would say like ivory.

She is not a very demure little girl either, but is full of life and love and happiness. I tell you all this that you may form some idea of her and be able to see her, to some extent, in your mind's eyes as you mortals say. And more than all, she is so pure and good and is loved by every spirit with whom she comes in contact.

I will not write much more tonight, but merely add that my prayers for you go out to the Father, and my faith that he will look after and preserve you for the better things not only of the spirit life, but of the earth life, is without a bit of doubting.

I must not write more tonight. But in concluding, I must say that you have with you all the love and blessings of a mother who loved you so much on earth. So think of me sometimes.

Your own dear and loving mother,
Priscilla Stone

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Helen Writes a Short Note About James' Effort to Help His Friends Out of Darkness and to the Light of the Father

December 31, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Yes, and you know that I do love you.

You certainly did try hard to lead the two friends to the light and, my darling, I am so happy that you are so filled with the Love of God that you can do this work as you are tonight. They are most certainly impressed with what you say, and I believe that they will soon see the necessity for a spiritual awakening and turn their thoughts to God and His Love.

What a blessed work for the Master. Be only true yourself and you will be able to do much good.

You are tired. So, my darling, with all my love and many kisses,

I am your own true sweetheart and wife,

Monday, April 23, 2012

John Padgett Writes That He Finds Soulmates in the Book of Lives and Allows Two of James' Friends, Who are in Darkness, to Write Messages

December 31, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Father.

I am very happy and am glad that you seem to be also.

Yes, because of your experience the other night in loving Helen and her loving you. You certainly were filled with love and you must be perfectly happy to have had such a demonstration of love and the realization of the actual sensitive presence of your wife for I tell you that she was with you and was so filled with her love for you, that we all wondered at her love. She is a spirit that seems to have no limit to her love for you. Not many spirits seem to have such abundance of love as she has for you. So you must consider yourself a very blessed man to have such a wife and a soulmate.

Yes, as I told you many years ago, there is of record in the Heavens a Book of Lives, as I might call it, which contains the names of those who are decreed by God to be one through all eternity. And when I want to know who is the soulmate of one who desires to know his or her soulmate, I consult that book, and there I find who the soulmate is.

I am not permitted to give the name of the soulmate, if he or she is on the earth life, for it might create discord or unhappiness to the living, but if the soulmate is not married then there is no restriction upon me, but if the soulmate is married then I must not tell the name, such is the law of God in this particular.

The reason is that I have that duty assigned to me, and as Helen has told you, I have taught her to perform this duty and she is now engaged in it and is most successful in the performance of her mission. She seems to have a wonderful ability or, you might call it, intuition for locating the soulmates in the spirit world as she never fails when she undertakes to find one. She also finds great happiness in doing this work and in seeing the happiness that comes to them who ask her to perform this task. I do not engage in it with so much enthusiasm as she does, but I do the best that I can, and I am rewarded also by seeing the happiness of those soulmates when they are brought together.

No, not if they are not assigned to do this work. It is one of the provisions of the spiritual world that each person has some work of a certain kind, or several kinds to do, and in that way are helped by the higher powers or, as we believe, the love of God to perform.

A spirit who is assigned to do a particular work, such as helping the spirit when it first enters the spirit world, will not attempt to engage in other work of a wholly different kind.

Yes, as to attempting to awaken a spirit to a conception of the love of God that is waiting for it, all spirits may do this, and when a spirit succeeds in causing a darkened or blinded spirit to feel or realize that God's love is waiting for it, then the spirit who has caused that awakening is most happy.

Of course, it is only the spirit who has had that awakening himself, who can cause or lead another spirit to that desire for spiritual enlightenment, that will finally cause it to get this love to his full and complete happiness. I am not yet in a condition to be fully able to do this with much success, but your grandmother and mother are very powerful in this particular, and they are the cause of many spirits becoming reconciled to God and His salvation.

So you see, the one great thing to obtain, either while on earth or after you come here, is this great awakening and love of God in your own heart. It is of all things necessary - the greatest. I know to a considerable degree what it means and the happiness that comes from it, but I am not satisfied and am striving to obtain more of this love and to rise higher in the Kingdom of God. So you must try also, for you need not wait until you come over.

She has it to a degree that almost enables her to go with your mother, and I think that in a very short time she will leave us and rise to the higher sphere, and we will miss her very much.

Yes, he (Mr. Riddle) is becoming more in condition to receive this love and believe in what your mother tells him. She is the one that is trying to show him the way, more than anyone else. He seems to have great confidence in her and in her love.

He is also progressing very fast, and I expect that he will soon be with me in this sphere. So you see, we all are doing well in the way of progressing and your prayers help us very much.

I have seen him (Taggart) very recently and he is in the same condition as when I wrote you first about him. He does not seem to realize that he needs any assistance to help him to become happier or to progress to a better condition and it is difficult to convince him. I tried several times, but he said that I was mistaken in what I told him, and that he knew that he was just where it was intended that he should be, so I have not tried lately.

No, I do not, but I can find him (Mackey) if you desire that I shall, He might want to say something to you, but only through me, as you must not get into rapport with these strangers to our band, for it will do harm, and we must not run the risk.

We are here. Mr. Mackey and Mr. Taggart. They say that they are very glad that you have given them the opportunity to say a word.

He (Mackey) says that he is much happier than when he first came over, as he has commenced to see the things that are necessary to make him happier. He says that he wants you to tell him of your experience with some of the other spirits with whom you have come in contact, as he says he has recently learned from earth sources that you have had considerable experience with spirits who have been in a condition of unrest and spiritual blindness and have helped them some.

He says that he is in the earth plane and, that when he came over, it was a very dark and dreadful road that he traveled, that he was all blind and left alone after he first entered the spirit world, and that only recently has he commenced to see a ray of light, that his condition now is not one in which he receives much happiness, and he is not very hopeful of ever becoming very happy, as he sees nothing around him but darkness and depravity, and evil spirits who delight in trying to make everyone around them feel that there is no hope for any spirit, but that their lives must be spent in a condition of suffering and unhappiness. In other words, that they are in hell and have no hope of getting away from it.

He says that he has gotten some little light from a spirit who has been telling him that there is hope and a better place if he will only believe it to be so, and let his soul open up to the better influences, but that he cannot believe that there is any God or any Saviour or any better place for him. He says that if there is a better place or any reason to believe that there is a God or Saviour he wants to know it, and if you can help him any to please do so.

He says that he has not seen Mr. Riddle and did not know that he is in the Spirit World. He says that he will try to find him and maybe he can get some help.

He says that I am much more beautiful than Mr. Taggart and more happy looking. He further says that I am not so very different, as he sees it, to cause him to ask that question, but as you request it, he will do so. He has asked me and I told him that my appearance and happiness was caused by my having gotten the love of God in my soul, and the realization that God is my Father, and loves me so very much that He wants me to be His child and become one in thought with Him.

He says that that may be true, but he does not understand it, and that if it is the cause, he would like to know the way, for he certainly wants to be rid of the awful darkness and despair that is with him almost continuously. Because, as he says, that you are his friend and that he will try to do as you suggested, but he says that he cannot yet believe that there is a God who can help him to get out of his awful condition. He says that he will try to pray and try to believe and that if there is anything in what you say, and you really believe what you say, that you must pray for him also.

He says that for the sake of what you say, that if any of these spirits that you speak of should come to him, he will listen to them, even though he may not believe - that he cannot promise to believe.

He says that he will come to you tonight and try to pray as you say, but he doubts that it will do any good, but he does not think that it can do any harm. He is willing to pray and will try to believe, you must not feel bad if, when he does so, he tells you that he don't believe in prayer or God.

He says that he is not willing to run the risk of having his conscience lash him or of his suffering any more than he is now. He does not believe that he can do so and live.

He says, that what you say sounds as if there might be some truth in it, and he will think about it, that is, if his happiness or future state depends upon his will, he will very soon determine that question, for if what you say is true, then he will be a big fool to remain where he is, when by the mere exercise of his will he can get into places of happiness and light. So he says, he will think of what you say.

He says that what you say may be all true, but the difficulty is that he can't understand and, therefore, can't believe.

He says that he can say what you have just said and mean it, and he is ready to do so now.

"If there be a God, and if that God has a love for me, and is ready to fill my soul with that love and make me happy and full of light, and whether I receive that love or not depends upon my will, then if this is all true, I will that God give me this love with all my strength and desire."

He says that he is feeling some strong sensation now, and that he will repeat this and pray to God and ask for faith and will continue to repeat it, as you have taught him, and he hopes that he may receive this love and light. He says that you have shown him that there may be some such thing as this love of God, and that he is willing to pray, and if his receiving it depends upon his will, he is willing it with all his heart. He says that as you seem to have such faith in this love and in prayer, that you do not forget to pray for him.

Yes, Mr. Taggart has heard it all and he says, that you certainly did put it up to Mackey to try the experiment, but that he is very doubtful if you will see any good results flow from it. He says that he will wait and see what effect it has on Mackey, and then he may be willing to consider the matter. He does not believe that prayer is anything more than a mere wish that emanates in and goes no higher than mind and that, consequently, there is no God to answer, for if there was, the prayers of all the people of the warring nations would bring about such conflicting answers that confusion would be worse confused.

He says that he never thought of it in that way but if, as you say, the prayer should be that this love which you say would make men love not only God but one another and make every man strive to make happy every other man, then if that prayer should be answered, the war would soon stop and the nations as nations and as individuals would undoubtedly be happy and peace would reign over all the land. And if this is the love that you are trying to tell us about, then I am not so certain that it is worth striving for.

You are a very ingenious reasoner, and I commence to see that there may be some logic in what you say, but how am I to attempt to do that in which I have no faith? I know that I ordinarily, when on earth, required everything to be proved, and unless things were proved I was not willing to accept conclusions, and I have not changed in that particular since I have come to the spirit world and I find it hard to change but, as you say, I should be reasonable enough to let my mind be open to a conviction, if such conviction can possibly be brought about by any means, whether they arise from the knowledge that I gained when on earth, or whether they arise from things connected with this spiritual world of which I have very little knowledge.

So after all I guess Mackey is not such a big fool to try the experiment and having confidence in you as a friend that has at heart my welfare, I will do the same as Mackey has promised to do. So you can pray for me, too, and I will pray also. But, of course, I will not be able to have any belief that my prayers will be answered. So you see, I am not only hard headed, but hard hearted, also.

Yes, I am if it depends on my will, I am more than willing. Not only that, but if there be a God and the love that you speak of, I will forever thank that God for taking me away from this condition of blindness and unhappiness.

Yes, I am willing to pray to God to help me to believe and, if that will bring relief, then there will be no difficulty, for I will make such a prayer with all my heart.

You are the most persistent man that I have ever met in these spiritual matters and if what you say happens, I will certainly thank you with all my heart and soul, for I can conceive of nothing more desirable than to have the great blessings and possessions that you tell me about. So I will keep faith with you as I said. When next you give me the opportunity to write, I will frankly tell you what the result of my experiment is.

Yes, and I appreciate what you have done and I say to you that this violation of your law, which the band you speak of has prescribed, has caused me to think more deeply of your interest in me and what you said, than I can express.

So goodbye for the present. The next time I come, I will try to observe your law and write through your father, if he will permit me to.

[John Padgett resumes writing.]

Yes, you certainly did give the gentleman a struggle to get away from what you said to them, and I believe that you have impressed them to such a degree that they will be lead to learn the truth.

You are tired and must stop.

Your father, John H. Padgett

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Helen Sends a Message to Dr. Leslie R. Stone that God's Love is Real and Not Vibrations of Spiritual Forces

December 30, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Dr. Stone is a different man. He has considerable spiritual development, and is an earnest seeker of the higher things of the spirit world, and has had a considerable experience in these matters.

He is not just right when he ascribes the inflowing of God's Love to any vibrations of spiritual forces, other than the pure and only love of God. His Love is not a mere vibration, but an actual existing Love, which has its source only in the fountainhead of His Love, no other force or thing enters into it - only pure and everlasting Love which emanates from the Father. So tell Dr. Stone that he must believe that God is an infinite actual being who loves him as a father, and not some mere vibratory love or power moving through the universe without a fixed and predetermined plan for the happiness of mankind.

I hope he will soon see that if he wishes to obtain the greatest happiness on earth as well as in the heavens, he will come to believe that God is his real, personal Father, with all the love that a Father - the only one - can have for his child.

He can obtain the happiness, resulting from the possession of this Love, only by prayer to the Father, and belief in the actual existence of the Father, and His desire to bestow this love in answer to such prayer. He must let this Love of God into his soul and believe that it is there. When he gets it though he will know it and he will not need any further proof than the happiness that will come to him by its mere possession.

Tell him to pray for its inflowing, and not wait until he can understand how such a thing can be, and he will get it.

I am much interested in him for I see that he has a longing to know the truth, and to obtain all the happiness that may be found in the spirit world.

Let his thoughts about the movements and operations of the astral body, as it is called, and the vibrations necessary to bring one into harmony with the higher things of this world (spirit world) be taken from his consideration, and let his whole thoughts and aspirations centre upon the great love which the Father has for him.

He will then soon learn that in order to get this great happiness of which I speak is not depending upon any knowledge of the laws which govern vibrations or astral bodies, or anything else which merely are useful in carrying out certain operations of God's laws in His spiritual kingdom.

He must believe, as I say, if he wants to succeed in finding that which is far more desirable than anything which the mere acquisition of the knowledge of the laws governing the inter-communication between the spiritual and the material world can give him.

I am so much interested in his spiritual welfare, that I almost feel that I must come to him personally and try to impress upon him with all my powers, the necessity of his trying to get this great happiness in the way that I have indicated. So be sure to tell him that he must pray to God for an inflowing of His love and believe that God is able to fill his soul with this love, and let all the desires as to why these things can be, pass from him for the time being.

I know his soulmate and she is a beautiful spirit living in the same sphere with me. When I heard you talking today, I immediately tried to find her and succeeded. She knows that he is her soulmate, and she is so anxious to get into communication with him, for she says that he is very dear to her, and she wants him to obtain this great love, which will enable him to come to her direct when he comes over, so he will not have to have an experience of expiation in the earth plane. She says tell him that he is her true soulmate and that he must believe it to be so, for she has known it for some time, and has been with him many times when he has felt downhearted and needed help. She will now be with him very often, and she only hopes that she may in some way cause him to feel that she is, and realize that he is not alone in his earth life.

She never knew him on earth. She says that her home was in England, not very far from where he lived, and that her name is Mary Kennedy. She was the daughter of a very prosperous businessman, and is a spirit only for about ten years.

She is not only waiting for him to come over, but is trying to prepare a home for them both, that will show him how much she loves him, and how much she has thought of him for several years past. I never knew her until today, but she seems to be a very lovely spirit and one of entire sincerity.So tell him that here is another reason why he should strive to obtain this love of God in his soul, that I have above all things tried so very earnestly to impress upon him the necessity of obtaining.

So tell him further that from now on he will have a beautiful spirit to enter into all his joys, and to sympathize with him in all his sorrows - which I hope may be few.

I must stop now for I have tired my darling Ned. You must pardon me for having taken up so much time in writing about Dr. Stone but I could not help it as I saw that he is almost ready to let God's love come into his soul and make him a happy man.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Helen Consoles James, Her Husband and Soulmate, and Writes of Her Deep Love for Him

December 29, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am in my home in the Third Sphere still, but soon I hope that I will be with your mother, who is waiting for me to come to her. She is trying all she can to help me, and she says that if you continue to pray as you did last night for me that I will soon be with her.

Your father is also very anxious to progress to the same sphere so that he can be with his soulmate, who is very anxiously waiting for him. He is now a very beautiful spirit and he loves her with a very great love, but not so much as I do you.

No, I am not. I know for I can see the love in the souls of spirits and I know that his love is not the equal of mine, even if he does love her so much. You will know also when you come over and you will say that I am not mistaken. So do not think that I am biased in the matter, for I am not.

Most of my time when I am not with you is given to helping the spirits who do not know the way to God's love, and the necessity for obtaining it in order to obtain perfect happiness. I am also engaged in studying the laws pertaining to spirit intercourse with mortals, as I have told you. I find that a spirit can only communicate when it is in a condition of rapport with the mortal, and only then when certain conditions exist.

Even if a spirit is in rapport it cannot exercise any influence over the mortal unless the mortal is in a certain condition to receive that influence, so it is absolutely necessary for the mortal as well as the spirit to have these conditions around him in order to get the communications.

You and I have no difficulty because we are in the condition that enables us to communicate at all times, although sometimes the conditions are not as good as at other times. No, you are in complete condition with all your band, and also with some others who occasionally write to you.

Bright Star is one who finds no difficulty in writing to you, and she is very anxious to have you permit her to write as soon as possible. I will tell her and I have no doubt that she will take advantage of the opportunity.

But you must not let these outside spirits write too often, for, as we have told you, it will injure our rapport and condition.

No, of course not. He is privileged at all times and has the first right.

No, White Eagle is a part of us and his writing will not interfere.

Yes, I have, and she has met him (Mr. R.), and they have become acquainted and have exchanged greetings. She is in the Fifth Heaven and is a very spiritual woman. No, not on earth. It seems that she lived in the State of Illinois and he in Ohio, so they never met. But he says that she is a beautiful spirit, and he is so thankful that he has found her, and keeps telling me that I am his guardian angel, and that he will help me to watch over you and keep you from all harm and trouble. He is a very powerful spirit although he has not yet gotten the great love which we are all trying to help him get, but he will have it very soon now, and then he will realize what true happiness is.

I feel that you are not so close to me tonight as usual for some reason, and it doesn't make me very happy to feel so. Tell me what the trouble is that keeps you away from me, and I will try to remove it, if possible.

I see, and I am sorry, for I have tried my best to help you and, if I am not successful, it is not because I did not try.

I understand and I do not know what to say for I don't see how I can give any more convincing evidence. I see what you mean, and I am sure that you will not have to feel that I am not your Helen on that account, though I am not infallible, and something might intervene to prevent the happening of what I have told you, but I do not see anything now and, consequently, I am quite sure that you will be relieved in the way that I say.

No, she can do what you want her to do in a very short time as she has the securities, and Harry can help her get the money as I see it, but I am sorry that you do not believe sufficiently to set aside this contingency.

Yes, I know, but you might get a little more this week from local matters and will have enough for your own purposes.

He meant just what he said, and you must believe him. He will surely see that you will want for nothing as he told you, so you have so many assurances that I don't see why you should worry.

Yes, I have met quite a number and have spoken to them, though many of them did not know me, for I had changed so much that they did not recognize me in the spirit that I am now. They are nearly all in the earth plane, and I have tried to help them, but somehow the spirits do not seem to have so much power in that regard as do the mortals by their prayers. I do not understand this, but it seems to be so. Many of the spirits, whom I knew on earth, have not had the spiritual awakening yet, so they do not see the necessity for seeking for a higher sphere. They are pretty well contented with their condition and are comparatively happy.

Yes, she is in the Third Sphere as she was a spiritual woman and had a great deal of God's love in her heart.

He is not with her. He is in the earth plane. He was a very good church member, but not very spiritual. He seems to be quite happy though, and is not worrying much about progressing to the higher spheres. He is not her soulmate. She has one who is still on earth but very old and will soon come over.

Well, I am specially endowed with the power to find the soulmates of the spirits. I don't know why it is, but I am. So is your father. He first instructed me and I am now working with him in that regard. You would be surprised to know the number of spirits here who have no conception of what a soulmate means. They seem to think that they have to remain all alone, until some day they may meet a spirit to whom they may become attached and live with. So you see I am doing some good in that particular, for when they find their soulmates they become ever so much happier and seem to think that I am their best friend and special angel to guide them.

Yes, they could meet and not realize that they are mates. I don't understand how this is, but I know from observation that it is so. Some spirits are so in want of the power of observation that when their soulmates come to them they do not recognize them until some length of time has elapsed. I remember one case where a bright spirit from the third plane came to her soulmate in the earth plane and tried to make him understand that she was his soulmate, but was unable to succeed until after a long time, when he awoke to the fact that he should have a soulmate allotted to him, and even then she had to tell him that she was his soulmate. He did not seem to have any longing for a mate. He was so much engrossed with things of earth that he did not think of soulmates or anything else of that kind.

So you see the spirits who understand that they have soulmates are so much better off in the way of obtaining happiness than those who have no knowledge of that fact.

When that time comes, you won't need anyone to find your soulmate, because she will be right at the portals of the spirit world with her arms open and her heart so full of love for you, that you will know yourself who your soulmate is without having to have someone find her for you.

Yes, I know how happy you are and you make me happy, too, my own darling Ned. Oh, how you must love me to feel that way for me, and I love you with all my heart and soul, too. Dry your tears and know that for every teardrop that falls from your eyes, I have one to correspond in love and joy. Oh, how I wish that you could see me now, and then you would know that I am your own Helen and that every drop of my love is for you and no one else. So do not cry more my own dear boy. You make me so happy that I can scarcely write.

You love me now as you never loved me before and I cannot tell you how happy I am, my own sweetheart. So do not cry more but continue to always love me in this way, and you will find more happiness than you have ever known before.

I do thank God for His goodness in giving you to me and keeping you for me in all these years that we lived together and apart. But, my dear, we will never live apart again through all eternity. Be all mine in thought and desire as you are now and we will know no sorrow in the time to come, my dear boy. Only to think that you will be mine in all the years that are before us, and that no matter what may happen in the few short years intervening, the time will soon be with us that we will have each other without any veil of flesh to separate us. We are one now, my Ned, and you need never fear again that your Helen does not write to you. Now you know and you will never doubt again.

Bless you, my darling, for this evidence of your love for me, for now, never again will I have a thought that you are not mine.

Yes, I will, and he will be so happy when I tell him for he loves you very much. Tell me again what you quoted. "Steeped in the luxury of tears."

Oh, isn't that beautiful, and how I enjoy those tears, but do not shed more now, for I know that they are all for me, and that your love is all mine.

No, not now. More close than ever before. No more distance. No more feelings of separation, only one close eternal one. My dear, how can I tell you my feelings this night?

Oh, night. I will never forget the happiness that you give me, nor the love that comes to me from my own true soulmate. He is mine and I am his, but we cannot ever know the extent of our bliss.

Please, my darling, dry your tears, and let me stop a while. You need not stop writing for the night - only stop awhile that I may rest.

I am rested now.

Yes, that is the way that I feel to. Isn't it glorious that such love has come to us? The Father is good to us, and how we ought to love Him and thank Him for His goodness. So when we pray together tonight we will let our whole hearts go out to Him in thanksgiving and gratitude that He has given us so much of His love, and so much love for each other. For our love must come from Him. Without Him, we would not have the love we do for each other.

You are my lover as well as my husband and no woman could ever have been loved more than you loved me tonight. So do not let us further write as I am tired.

I will be with you in your prayers and watch over your slumbers tonight and try to make you have pleasant dreams.

So goodnight, my own darling Ned.*

Your own, Helen

*Note, Helen's nickname for James was "Ned."

Friday, April 20, 2012

Professor Joseph Salyards Has Progressed to the Third Sphere and Has Met His Soulmate

December 28, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Professor Salyards.

Your wife told you today that I would write tonight and I will try to do the best that I can.

I am now in the Third Sphere with your wife and father, who are my very constant companions, although I am not so highly developed in spirit love as is your wife, who is one of the most beautiful spirits of my acquaintance.

I am trying to learn what is possible about the laws that govern the spirit life but, as yet, I know comparatively little of them. I am also trying to write poems of love of God and of man.

So you must not be surprised if some day I shall write to you some of my productions. I am also trying to get more of God's Love in my heart, so that I may progress to the higher spheres and find the greatest happiness possible to obtain.

My present condition is one of great happiness, but I know that there is greater - higher up - and that as your grandmother and mother have found it, I will be able to find it also, if I follow the way that they have pursued.

You must not expect me to write very much tonight as you are not in condition to permit me to do so. I know that I do not write as you anticipate that I would but only because I want to wait until conditions are better.

Yes, I have found my soulmate, thanks to your wife, and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Your wife was certainly good to me and I will never cease to thank and love her for her interest in me. My soulmate is a very beautiful and spiritual woman, who I never knew on earth even though she lived in a part of the Valley not very far from my home. Her name was Sarah Conway, as she tells me, and her father was a farmer near Mt. Crawford. She is now here and says that you are a very dear man to suggest that your wife find her.

She says that she had never been instructed that she had a soulmate and that until your wife told her she did not know that I was the one that God intended for her. I do not understand why this is, but it seems to be so.

I have heard that there is a law of attraction as you say but just how that law operates I am not able to say. Your wife seems to have a knowledge of this law, which I do not have and have never yet tried to learn. She is a wonderful spirit in her investigations of certain laws pertaining to the laws of spirits for one another. How she obtained this knowledge, I am not yet informed and cannot explain just how she discovered who my soulmate is. I know, though, that I have found her and that she is mine forever. How, I don't know, but she did locate her and I have her now with me.

She says that your wife told your mother who my soulmate is and your mother, who is in the same sphere, told her and she came down to my home and found me and then knew that I was intended for her. She is in the Fifth Sphere where your mother lives.

Yes, I see that it is and I will include it in my catalogue of studies. You are right when you say that I must study this matter - for the happiness of so many spirits depends upon knowing their soulmates - that it is well worth studying so that I may help them in finding who is the one that God has selected for any inquiring spirit.

She has not yet, but she will as I will ask her, and she is so good that I know that she will tell me. She is a very diligent student of many of the things pertaining to the love of the spirits for the humans, and she had made wonderful progress in her studies of the various means of communication between them. But she is so beautiful and so filled with God's Love that I scarcely know what to tell you of her current condition on any of these subjects. She is a wonderful spirit in her accomplishments in almost any line of investigation.

Yes, I know that it may seem impossible to you, but she is a spirit of such energy and determination that nothing seems to prevent her progressing in these things. She is also a wonderful lover of her soulmate, and he should consider himself highly blessed by having the great love which she has for him. You need not think that all soulmates have this wonderful love for they do not. Love here seems to be something like love on earth. In some it is developed to a greater degree than in others. I am one who is very deep in my feeling of love and so my soulmate seems to be.

I do not know, but it is quite possible, for if she has undertaken to find her, she will, if there is any way in which it can be done.

I will soon do so, if you get in condition. He is with me in this sphere. He is a very bright and loving spirit and I am so glad that he is here with me. He died so young, that his ideas of spirit matter were not very firmly fixed and when he came over it was not difficult for him to learn the truth. Yes, mother helped him very much as she was so kind to him in his early life here. She is my dearest spirit friend and is so good and fine that I am always much helped by being in her company.

Yes, he is in the earth sphere and is not very happy. He was a good church man, but was not very spiritual. I have tried to help him on several occasions, but he seems to think that the only life for him to lead is one that he lead while on earth. I mean that he seems to be satisfied with the condition that he is now in. His father has progressed to a higher sphere recently, but he is not yet very much filled with God's Love and does not seem to be able to help Ambrose very much as I believe that Ambrose would not be so contented with his present home.

You are very tired and I must stop.

Your old professor and friend, Joseph Salyards

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A.G. Riddle Describes His Present Spiritual Condition Since He Began Praying

December 27, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Partner and Friend.

You are very kind to have me write to you again and I want to tell you of my present spiritual condition, which is somewhat changed from what it was when I last wrote you, as I have thought very much of what you then told me, and have seen some things that have made me think that there is something more in the teachings of Jesus and in prayer than I then believed.

You told me that while I was a man of considerable intellectual attainment that fact would never take me to the sphere where love and happiness existed in their greatest degree, and that the only way to obtain that love and happiness was through prayer to God and faith in His power to give them to me.

I have thought of what you said very much and have tried to pray with all my heart, and have felt the result of that prayer and of your prayers, which you made for me every night as you promised. I am not yet in a condition of faith that enables me to fully understand what this process of obtaining God's love is or how that the mere fact of praying can cause me to get it, but as I see so many evidences of the result of prayer as shown in the wonderful change in the appearance and happiness of your wife and Professor Salyards and your father, I cannot but believe that even though I do not understand the process by which these great changes are made, yet there must be some great power in operation which answers prayer, and why not God, as you all tell me.

I want you to pray for me with all your heart and faith when you pray, that I may have the faith that you tell me about. I must obtain this change in my condition as I feel that it is absolutely necessary to my future happiness, and if I can only get the faith, I feel that I may possibly receive this love that has apparently so transformed your wife and the others that I have mentioned.

I am comparatively happy and realize that I am a spirit wholly of the spirit world and no longer a part of earth, but the realization does not satisfy my longings for something higher, as I look around and see that others enjoy what I have not, and they seem to be so very much happier than I.

You seem to be changed also since I first wrote to you, and your mother tells me that it is because you have more of God's love in your heart and are trying to love Him more, so everywhere I look at those whom I knew on earth, except those who don't believe in the power of prayer, I see changes and progression, which cannot be accounted for in any other way than by the one you and the others tell me is the only way to this great happiness and transformation.

You are very dear to me as I have told you, and I have the greatest confidence in what you tell me and believe that what you tell me is the truth, but I cannot understand it all and, hence, my faith is not very strong.

I understand what you say and I see that you are right, and I will try to do as you say. My mind is such that I have required proof of everything before I could believe, but now I see that there are some things which cannot or need not be proved in order for me to believe, and I must accept them as true by the mere exercise of faith. So I will now try and pray God to give me this love and increase my faith. You must also pray for me.

Yes, I know what you mean. He has told me that you are to do his work and you certainly are a favored man, for I cannot conceive of any mortal being given that great office and having the love of God and of Jesus to such an extent as to make him worthy or qualified to do it. But rest assured if you need any help in any way, and I obtain that great possession for which I will strive, I will be with you and help you in every way possible.

You are very close to Jesus as I am informed, and he certainly is a wonderful spirit - the brightest and most lovely that I have ever seen in the spirit world. He tells me of the way to the Father as he calls God and I listen to him and try to believe what he tells me, but somehow I have my doubts and he turns away as if in great pity and love. He will not let me alone very long, but keeps telling me of the wonderful love of God and how willing God is to give me His love and blessings. But I do not understand as I have told you.

You seem to help me more, for you are somehow closer to me and more in accord with my condition of mind and thought. You are too much given to what I call right thinking about these spiritual matters to ever try to tell me what is not true.

Yes, that is what they all say, but until I do have this faith and love I cannot realize that he is a very great teacher. I mean that I cannot believe what he tells me so easily as what you tell me.

I am praying all the time, and now I will pray with more understanding, or rather belief that it is not necessary for me to understand the process of obtaining this love, but that it is mine if only I believe that it is.

Yes, I hope so, and if I am so blessed you will know just as soon as you give me the opportunity to write. And you will know in no uncertain terms, for when I am filled with this happiness that I see the others of the band have, you will hear me shout it out as you used to hear me shout in my speeches in court - only this will be entirely from the soul and not merely a matter of mind.

I see them (Wm. R & Bert) quite frequently and they are still in a condition of spiritual darkness as I before told you. But I try to tell them what little I have learned from you and the others mentioned, and they do not seem to want to learn of spiritual things, so I do not know what to do.

Your wife and mother talk to them also and tell them of the wonderful things that they may obtain if they will only give their thoughts to God and His love, but they do not seem to comprehend just what is meant and think that they are still to some extent connected with earthly matters. They are not so very unhappy, but their happiness is not of the kind that I see your wife have, and I want them to obtain it, for they are very dear to me as you may know. Mrs. Riddle is not my soulmate but I love her very much and want her to become happy as she possibly can.

No, not yet, but I am hoping to soon. I do not know why, but it is so. I will ask her when I next see her for she is a very beautiful and loving spirit. She certainly does love you and I wonder that she does to the extent that I see, for you are not so much interested in her as I think, for you are not a man that loves anyone very much, so you see you are a very blessed man in having the love of such a spirit.

Yes, I know you do and I was only jesting a little. You do love her as I know and you will be very happy when you come over and live with her.

Yes, I hear of her home as one of such beauty and it must be so for she is so beautiful that I couldn't imagine that her home is anything else than beautiful. Or, if I could only get into the sphere where she is I know that I would be very happy and I certainly would visit her and listen to her music and her beautiful thoughts, for she has beautiful thoughts which you cannot imagine she possesses. You will be the most surprised man in the world when you come over and meet her.

Yes, infinitely more beautiful. I did think her one of the most beautiful young women on earth when I lived, but her beauty then is as a mere faded shadow to what it is now.

Yes. I see the Professor quite often and he is progressing very wonderfully in his spiritual growth, for he is really a beautiful spirit and you know he was not so beautiful on earth. But now he is a spirit that shows that he possesses what he says is the love of God to a wonderful degree. He is still studying and writing, and says that he will soon write you some of his thoughts if you will let him, and I advise you to do so for they are wonderful even for this spiritual world. He is here now and says that he wants to thank you for your inquiry, and also wants you to know that he is thinking a great deal of you and will soon write you if you will only permit him to do so.

You are tired and I must stop.

I am, as ever, your own true friend and partner, A.G. Riddle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Helen Tells Mr. Padgett to Give all his Thoughts to God and to His Love and he Will Become a Very Spiritual Man

December 27, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am very happy and so are you.

Let me tell you that you are very near the Kingdom as your grandmother says for you have a faith that will soon bring you so close to God that you will not let worries or the things of earth trouble you very much. Give all your thoughts to God and to His love and you will soon realize that only His love is necessary for you to become a very spiritual man and one whom the Master will soon use to carry out his work of teaching the people what truth and love are.

So do not hesitate to give yourself to God unreservedly and without doubt, and also to believe that the Master is writing to you, and that he loves you in the way that he told you for he does, and you are favored above all others that I know of. He says that you are very close to him and need only more love towards God and more belief in him to become his own dear brother and disciple.

I wonder how that can be when I know that you have been a sinful man, subject to all the temptations of the flesh, and having indulged in these things to a great extent. But it is so, and his selection of you is a surprise to us all, and we can only thank God for His goodness and love in so blessing you. Be only faithful and you will not have to worry about the material things of life for you will be taken care of at all times and in every way that is best.

I know because the Master has told me and he will not tell an untruth or can he be mistaken as he has told you. You will be.

Before very long, He will help you to get what is necessary that you may give him your time and work. So do not be too anxious to commence this great work for in his own time it will be provided for you so that you can give up your professional work, as we have all told you.

Yes, he is with you quite often and is helping you to increase your faith and to love him more, and to believe that he is helping you. He is not one who will forsake you or leave you to go back to your life of sin and doubt. Only be true to him and he will be with you to the end of time and then, when you come over, he will receive you and take you to the home that he has prepared for you, which will be a grand one far up in the Heavens near the Father's place of love and truth.

This I know because he has told us all that you are to be with him in the spirit world and live in his home of happiness and bliss supreme. I will try, and if you will pray for me, as I know you will, there is no doubt that I will be with you.

Yes, it does, but he knows best, and we must only rejoice that it is so. Your grandmother says that she does not understand why he should have selected you, but he has done so, and you are the most highly favored one on earth, as he says that you shall be so close to him in your love and faith that men will wonder how you could possibly become so filled with God's love and know the mysteries of His Kingdom and the way to life eternal in a Heaven of perfect happiness and peace.

So be my own dear Ned and love me with all your heart and soul - only. I mean, next to the love you have for God and the Master. Their love is greater than mine and so must your love for them be greater and more divine.

Yes, I was with you and I saw that you were so very much influenced by the love of God and of the Master that I was greatly helped myself, and felt that if you continued to receive their love in such abundance you would soon be in a state of love that would carry you way beyond me in your progression, and that I would be left behind and, so when this great love came to you, I prayed that I might have it with you and receive a portion, so that I might progress also, and I did receive it and now I am on my way to the higher sphere that I told you I wanted so much to go to. Your mother says that soon I will be with her, and that your prayers and faith will help me so much. So pray for me with all your heart and faith and I will soon realize my fondest hopes.

Oh, my darling, to think that after all our earthly troubles, we should now be so much one in love and happiness. It is beyond my comprehension but I can only thank God and praise Him for His mercy and great love.

They all know, even Mr. Riddle, sees that something wonderful is taking place in your spiritual nature, and in mine, and he asks us what it all means. We tell him that it is the love of God filling your soul and the love of Jesus taking possession of your heart, which is causing your spiritual nature to undergo such a change, and he says that he does not understand, but that he must try to learn the meaning of it all, and he is now asking us to show him the way and to pray for him and help him to obtain this wonderful love.

He is here now and wants to write to you a long letter and tell you of his present condition and how much he loves you as his friend and helper. He is not yet firmly convinced that he needs the love of God to make him a redeemed spirit and one with his Father, but he is thinking very deeply and will, I believe, soon realize the truth, and then he will be free, indeed, and will love God with an earnest and confiding love; for he is a spirit of great conviction of principle, when he has once become convinced of the truth. So try to tell him what he must believe, and you will have much influence with him for he has the greatest confidence in you and your faith and the influence of your prayers.

So if you are feeling well enough let him write to you now, and I will stop, but will write to you again tonight when you come to your room. Yes, go to the church that you have in mind. It will do you good, as the subject matter will be interesting, and the preacher knows something of the conditions of the spirit world.

So goodbye for the present.

With all my love, I am your own loving Helen

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Helen's Message on Christmas Eve that Jesus is Not God and He Doesn't Want People to Worship Him

December 25, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

On this Christmas Eve, we rejoice that the people all believe that Jesus has risen from the dead. He is now in the higher home waiting for the worship of the people of him to end, as he does not enjoy the worship. He wants the people to worship God and God alone. He is not very happy when they worship him, for he says that he is only a son of his Father and that they should not worship him as God. He does not believe that he is worthy of such adoration and he is not pleased at it. So you must love him and not worship him, for he will not love you so much as he does now if you do.

What I tell you is true, for he has said it himself; and you must believe it to be true.

Let me tell you that you are very close to him, and he wants you to do just as he says, for he intends to give the world the true doctrines of God's Love and being and his own relationship to the Father through you as his messenger. So do not let the thought that you are wrong in believing what he tells you.

Now we must stop for you are not in such a good condition to write more at this time.

Your own true and loving wife, Helen

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ann Rollins Confirms that Jesus Wrote and that James is Favored by Him

December 25, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

Your Grandmother.

Was he not lovely and grand?

You certainly are a very favored man and I wonder at the great Love that may be yours and promises of the Master.

Yes, I heard what he said, and he knows. You must believe for he never says what he does not know to be true. You are certainly more blessed than all others. Only think of that promise and the certainty of it.

You are too tired to write more now.

Your loving Grandmother, Ann Rollins

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jesus Discusses His Mission and Tells James That He Has Been Chosen by Jesus to Carry it Out

December 25, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

You are my dear brother, and I will tell you what I desire you to do at this time. You must not let the worries of your business life keep you from giving your thoughts to God in worship and in prayer and from believing in me and loving me as your friend and teacher, for I am and wish only to have you do those things which will make you more at-one with the Father and love me more.

You must try to let all your thoughts turn to the mission, which I have selected you to do, for I have chosen you and you must do my work. As I am the one that God selected to do His work when I was on earth, so you are the one that I now select to do my work by giving to the world my messages of truth and love. I will soon commence to write them and you must preserve them until such time as you shall be in condition to publish the same, which will not be very long, for I have already told you the means that will enable you to give your whole time to me will soon be at your command.

I do not want you to think that you are not worthy to do this great work, for if you were otherwise, I would not have selected you, and this fact alone should be sufficient to make you not doubt that you are a suitable person for the work.

Let me tell you now that no matter what you may think will happen to your business affairs and work, I will look after you and remove all obstructions so that, as I say, you will soon be able to commence your duties.

In my teachings, I want to show that I am only my Father's son, as you are His son, and not to be worshiped as God. He is the only God and the people who are worshiping me in all parts of the world are not doing what I desire, for they are putting God in the background and making me their object of worship, which is all wrong and which I am so anxious to have ceased.

They must look upon me only as a son of God, and their elder brother, who has received from the Father His full Love and confidence, and which I am bidden to teach to them. You are not to let anyone tempt you to let your love of God be displaced by any love that you may have for me, for your love for me must not be the kind that you have for Him. He is the only God and you must worship Him alone. So be careful and make the distinction, or you will make a most egregious mistake.

I am your own dear brother and teacher and love you with a love that I have for very few mortals.


Because I see that you will be a true follower of me and will love God as I love Him. Only, I do not want you to think that you are now in a condition that leaves you free from sin or the necessity of progressing to the Father with all your heart for an inflowing of His Love. You must get all this Love that is possible and that can be gotten only by prayer and faith.

So in your prayers have faith and the time will come when you will become very close to the Father and enjoy His Love to a degree that few have so far obtained.

Yes, it is possible and, as I say, it will take place, only do as I have told you. Yes, I will help you with all my power and love, and you will succeed. Only try to believe and you will realize before you come to the spirit world that God is your Father to a degree that will enable you to live very near Him as I am living. Your faith is now very great as I know, and notwithstanding the fact that at times you have doubts and get despondent, yet your faith is there and it will grow in intensity and become so strong that it will never again be broken.

Yes, there are many things in my life as written in the Bible which are true and many that are not true. These I will tell you when I come to write my messages and you must wait until then. Yes, I did, but not in the sense that it is taught. To forgive sin is only to let the true penitent feel that just as soon as he prays to God to blot out his past offenses and truly believes that He will do so, the sins are no longer held against him for which he will have to account. I could not myself forgive sin, for I was not God, but I could tell them truly that if they repented, God would forgive their sins. Later I will tell you in detail what real forgiveness is and what it consists of.

As for the healing act which I performed at the pool of Bethesda, I am reported to have said, "Is it easier to say, 'take up thy bed and walk,' than for God to forgive your sin?"

Well, that is the way it is recorded, but that is not what I said.

Actually I said, "That thou may know that the son of man through the power of God can forgive sin, I say unto you, 'take up thy bed and walk.'"

It was only as God's instrument in showing man the way to His Divine Love, that I could bring about forgiveness of sin and not by any power of my own. If God did not forgive, I could not and neither can any man.

I know that a church claims that authority, but it is not correct. It has no power to forgive sin or to grant any favor or indulgence to mankind, and its assertions of that power is a mere usurpation of what God alone has the power to give.

May God's blessing and mine rest upon you tonight.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Helen Gives a Word of Encouragement to her Husband and Soulmate, James Padgett

December 25, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

You are much better tonight and I am so glad for you needed to give up all your worries and learn to trust God for all your wants. He will take care of you in every way, and you will not lack for anything that is right for you to have. So, do not worry anymore and you will not only be happy but will be successful in all your efforts of a material kind.

Yes, do that and you will feel like a man out of prison for cares and worries are the things that make a man captive. His love will set you free, indeed, as Jesus says and he knows. Be true to God and to yourself and you need not care what the future may bring for it will bring everything which the Father knows to be for the best.

You are now my own true Ned, and I love you so much that I cannot tell you of its intensity.

Let your thoughts turn to God and His love and you will be the happiest man on earth for you have His love to a great degree, and you have Jesus to love and care for you in a way that we all wonder at. He seems to think that you are his special care and will not let you need for anything that he sees you should have for your material good. He is here and will write to you tonight and tell you what you must do in order to be able to carry out his mission, which he has designed for you. So listen to him very attentively and try to follow his instructions and you will be a very happy and fortunate man.

We are all so grateful that he has selected you for the work, and when you engage in it we will all be with you to assist you in doing everything that is possible for you to do.

Your grandmother is here and says that you must try to learn exactly what the Master wishes you to do, and do it with all your might.

She is full of love for you and so happy that you have been chosen by Jesus to do this work that she is praising God all the time and giving thanks for his love and favor.

Do not think that you cannot do what he may tell you to do for you can if you will only try. But you must have faith in his teachings and not let the other spirits or any of your friends on earth lead you to believe that Jesus is not writing to you and asking you to be his true disciple. He is with you in every hour of need and loves you with a love that knows no limit. He is so very holy and pure that what he says must impress you that it is he that writes to you, so do not doubt in any particular. He says that you are his chosen one, and you will be a great man in teaching mankind what the truth is and what God's love means to all humanity. So let him teach you and you believe.

We are now all here and are trying our best to make you feel our presence and know that love is all around you waiting for you to feel its influence and cause you to give more of your love in return.

I am very happy tonight for you seem nearer to me than ever since the night that you prayed so very earnestly for my progression to my present home. It was a glorious night when your prayers were answered and I felt the love of God flowing into my heart in such abundance and in such perfect peace. Oh, my darling, if you could only see how happy I am. I know that you would praise God for His goodness and thank him for being so kind to your little wife.

You must now let Jesus write, and I will write you afterwards if you are not too tired for me to do so.

So goodbye for the present, Helen

Friday, April 13, 2012

Helen Writes that Jesus Communicated at a Séance and also Discusses Dreams

December 20, 1914
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I am happy, and I am so glad that you feel so much better. You are now in a good condition of mind and I feel that you are commencing to believe in what we have told you. You will soon be free from your worries and then you will be in such a spiritual condition that you will be able to take the Master's messages, for he is waiting for you to do so.

You must not let your mind get into the condition again that it was in during the past two weeks for it interferes very much with our communications, and also with your ability to work at your profession. You will be able to do what you want to for Nita, and then you will see that we can do much to assist you in material things as well as in spiritual ones. Be only faithful and believe in what we tell you and you will be all right. So do not let me see you again in a despondent condition or I will not love you so much.

You have had a very pleasant day in your association with those people who believe in spiritualism and I am glad that you spent the day with Judge Syrick and Col. Woods. He is a very great believer in spiritualism, but he does not know anything about the spiritual side of it. He thinks that the fact that his spirit friends communicate with him is all that there is to learn or be contented with. His friends were with you today and they are not of the higher spheres, but they are very good spirits and seem to be quite happy in their condition.

He was telling you the truth when he said that Jesus came to him and talked at Mrs. Miller's séances, for your grandmother told me that she knows for Jesus told her he would attempt to do so. I, of course, don't know anything about it, but your grandmother says it is so and you must believe her. She says that Jesus did not show himself or attempt to materialize at these séances, for he has never yet attempted to do this, as he is not inclined to come into the earth influences. He is not one who will do this, for he is too holy to take on the form of flesh again, as I have told you before. He is now doing his work solely by influencing men in the way of teaching them the truths of God by means of his suggestions and messages through other spirits who are helping him to do so.

No, I don't. He did not materialize sufficiently for that purpose, the photograph that he has was that of a spirit who impersonated the Master, for he will not permit himself to be photographed by anyone on earth or even here. He is too pure in his spiritual nature to become an object of photography or even of clairvoyance, for he is a spirit that will not appear to man, except in the way that I have told you. So do not believe that he has ever appeared to any man either by way of the photograph or by clairvoyance. He will come to you in the way that he has told you and write his messages, but not in any other manner. I only know what your grandmother says about it and I am writing at her dictation.

She says that Jesus has told her that he will not appear to mankind again only as a teacher through his writings or through that of his spirits. So do not believe any spirit who says that he has seen Jesus materializing for he has not.

That was his appearance in a dream only. He was there but not as a materialized spirit. You merely saw him in your dream, and he was not even in the spirit form with you. It was the result of your own conscience working on your mind. You felt that you had not done what you knew he approved, and your own conscience took you to task for it and made you dream as you did.

I do not attempt to reconcile these statements for they need no reconciliation. When we told you that he would not leave you again, we only meant that your conscience would not again accuse you of doing what is contrary to his teachings. You were not really seeing him, but only dreaming that you were. He was not present with you but was in your dreams only as your own mind pictured him to be. So do not let the fact that it was only a dream make you think that it had no significance, for it had, and it showed you that unless you commenced to give your thoughts to higher things and live a better life, you would not have his care and love for your welfare any longer. It was only a warning that you should change your course of thinking and living.

Yes, he told you but I have explained what was meant. We know, because we saw it in your thoughts and then we knew that you had dreamed it. So you see, we do not have to know of things actually happening in order to be able to speak about them. All we have to do is to learn what your mind is thinking and we are then able to tell you just what you know and believe. Every man is the mirror of his own thoughts and we do not have to know of our own knowledge just what has taken place in that man's life in order to tell him of all his actions and doings while on earth. We are able by our power of reading the brain of a man to know what he has done in his past life. His brain is a storehouse of all that he has done, even though he is not able to recall these things. But they are there in memory's halls and we can see and learn what is recorded. So you see the past is as apparent to us as the present. We do not always resort to this method of telling a man what is in store for him in the future, but when we need to know his past all we have to do is to look into his memory's storehouse and we know.

But dreams are not stored in memory always. Some are mere fleeting shadows that leave no trace of their ever having passed through his brain, while others leave their records on his memory. So when you dream, if your dream has any significance or is worthy of being preserved, it is in memory's home. But in order to know whether it is there or not we have to search the hidden recesses of his memory as well as the more open places. So you see every act that a man is guilty of and every dream that has a significance, or is worthy of preservation, is kept of record for future reference.

Then how careful ought a man try to do what is right in God's sight, and not do those things which will rise up before him when his spirit comes here and arises before him in judgment.

I am not going to tell you of what I saw at the meeting at Mr. Colburn's tonight. I saw a large number of spirits that wanted to communicate with Miss Colburn, but who were not able to, and who were very much disappointed. Her mother was one of the most anxious, as she has some information that she very much desires that her husband should know, and you must tell Miss Colburn that she must sit for her mother to write. She is a very beautiful spirit and knows that Mr. Colburn will not live much longer and that he should do something in reference to his affairs before passing over. So tell her to let her mother write as soon as she can.

Other spirits there were only attracted by their desires to make known their presence and tell some of their experiences in spirit life.

Yes, his mother was there and also his soulmate. They wanted to tell him of their love and how much they are interested in his giving more of his thought to them and to things spiritual, for he is not going to live very long, as he has a bad case of Bright's disease and needs to be very careful with himself.

I don't know anything about what some spirit may have told him, but I am informed by his mother that she knows that he is not going to live very long, even if his spirit friend did tell him that he was going to live until he was seventy years old. He must not believe that or he will suddenly find that his life is not for him to live as a man of seventy. He must not think that he is going to live to be that age, for he will suddenly find that his life is not one that is to be extended to that age. I mean that he will suddenly die and realize that his information was not correct.

No, do not, for it would do him harm. He is not a very bad man, but he needs the soul development in order to become a good man as his mother and soulmate want him to be.

She is here now and wants to send him a message. So tell him that his soulmate does not think that he is loving her as much as he should, and that he is only trying to let himself believe that he is not really her soulmate and wants to marry the young girl at the University home. She is not for him, and he must not think of doing so, for he would be very unhappy if he should do so. If he must get married tell him to marry an older woman and he will find more happiness, or better still not marry at all as he will only need his soulmate to love him and make him happy if he will only let her do so. He is not going to live very long and he will soon be with her to love and make him happy. So tell him to give most of his thoughts to her and he will be a very much happier man. She says that you must teach him the way to God's love for you know how and he will listen to you, if you will only try and if you do he will bless you just as soon as he comes over, for he will have the benefit of that teaching and will not have to suffer the expiation of going through the earth plane. So she says please try to tell him of the only way that will lead him to happiness and to his soulmate, who is so anxiously waiting for him. Be his friend in this particular and you will never regret it.

She is in the Third Sphere with me and is a very lovely spirit and is trying her best to influence him to become a more spiritual man, so that he may be able to come and live with her when he comes over. She loves him very dearly and will not let his love for her keep him away from the true place of joy and happiness.

I mean that she will not let his want of love for her keep him away from true joy and happiness. She sees that he is not thinking as much of her as he should, but when he comes over he will not fail to recognize that she is the only one in all the spirit world that is his own true soulmate. She says that he is now very dear to her and when she gets him with her she will be so happy that he will see that his happiness can only be found with her. So tell him to think more of her at his leisure moments.

The young girl that he is thinking of does not care for him as a sweetheart and if she should marry him it would only be because he would be able to take care of her, and relieve her of the condition which she is now in on account of her father's unsuccessful adventure in trying to run a school and form a new church, which he will never do, for his ideas of religion are all wrong. I mean the peculiar tenets that he is trying to introduce. Some of his ideas are alright, but most of them are not. He is a very well educated man, but is very visionary in his ideas as to what he thinks he sees in the spirit life. He never talks to Jesus as he preaches, nor does he ascend into the heavens, for no man does that now until he has given up his earth life. So he will not succeed for his foundation principles are not true.

I am not in condition to write much more tonight. You are my very own darling Ned, and I love you with all my heart and soul. You loved me when the music was playing my song that I used to sing to you so often. Oh, my darling, love me with all your heart as I do you.

So goodnight.

Your own true wife, Helen