Friday, May 31, 2013

Seligman, a Mohammedan, Writes That He Has Received Divine Love and is in the Third Sphere

March 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Seligman.

I am the Mohammedan who has written you before. I come to tell you that I have made investigation since I last wrote you and find that what you told me about the Divine Love is true, and I have received some of it in my soul and am progressing towards the soul spheres, where they tell me more of it can be found and where live those who have received it in greater abundance than I have.

I have never in all the long years of my pilgrimage in the spirit world before learned of the existence of this Love and our Prophet never taught us of the existence of this Love or anything more than the love which we all have, and the way to progress therein, but now I know that there is such a thing as the Divine Love, and that it is the only Love that will enable us to gain the Kingdom of Heaven.

Very few of my people have any conception of the existence of such a Love and, consequently, they are in the spirit spheres where only those who have the natural love live and they, while in many instances, are good and pure spirits in this natural love, yet they are not the possessors of that happiness which the Divine Love gives.

I am so glad that I came to you when I did and had the opportunity of meeting and listening to the Christian spirits for their teachings, as well as their condition of beauty and happiness, have caused my soul perceptions to open up to the truth and placed my soul in such a condition that the Divine Love can flow into and fill it with its influence and the Essence of the Father.

I am now in the Third Sphere and am trying with all the longings and aspirations of my soul to get more and more of this Love; and these loving Christian spirits are helping me so much and trying to show me the way and encourage me to increased efforts and faith. I shall never rest contented now until I have received this Love to its fullest extent, for I am told that there is no limit to the amount that I may receive, and no sphere either in the spiritual or celestial world that I may not attain to.

As I receive more of this Love, I find that I become more unselfish, and there arises in me the desire that my brothers who know not of this Love shall learn of it and seek to obtain it, and I will go back to the home of my brothers and try to teach them the way in which it may be found, and the great happiness that comes with its possession. So I thought that I would tell you of my great fortune and of the hope that I now have of a future bliss in the Heavens of God.

Seligman, that is the name that I wrote. Well, if you did not receive it in that way there was a mistake for that is my name. I will not write more tonight.

Thanking you for the help you gave me, I am

Your friend in Christ,
Seligman the Mohammedan

Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Indian Spirit, Who Was the Last of the Mohican Tribe, Writes of His Condition of Hatred and Bitterness

March 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am the last of the Mohicans and want to write a line.

I was an Indian who lived in the early days of your country's existence and I was not a civilized Indian as you would say, but was a warrior and a leader of my tribe and have many scalps to my credit.

So you see there are some Indians in the spirit world who still glory in the deeds which they did on earth and still feel the hatred and enmity against the pale faces who inflicted injury upon them. But I understand that some Indians have lost all such feelings, and that they are happier by having done so, and it causes me to think that I may be mistaken in holding my hatred against the white people, and that I will never reach the happy hunting grounds so long as I am in the present condition of bitterness and hope for revenge.

What do you think of it?

I will do as you say, and I see that your guide is a very happy spirit, so I will ask his advice.

This is all I wish to say.

Good night.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Helen Writes a Short Note of Encouragement to Her Husband and Soulmate, James E. Padgett

March 5, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Helen.

Well sweetheart, I merely want to say that I am sorry you are not in condition to write tonight for the Master rather expected that you would be able to take his message.

But as you are not in condition, I will not attempt to write. I am very happy and I see that you are not so worried and I am glad of it only believe what we say and you will soon be relieved.

Your grandmother* is here and says that you must pray more to the Father and let your thoughts turn more to Him and His Love for then you will find that the rapport between you and the Celestial Spirits will be much increased. She sends her love and will soon write you.

Prof. Salyards is also here and says that he will be pleased to finish his message at your earliest convenience. He says that he will come and do as you suggest.

Well, I must not write more but say that I love you with all my heart and soul. So with a great big kiss,

I am your own true and loving,

*Ann Rollins

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Robert G. Ingersoll Writes That He is Grateful for the Help of Ann Rollins and is Progressing

March 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

I would like to finish my message tonight if agreeable to you. Well, under the circumstances, I do not think it best to write tonight, and I will postpone it as you say.

I am very happy and progressing, thanks to that dear grandmother* of yours. She is a wonderful spirit with a mind as clear as her soul is pure. I cannot tell you how much I owe to her, and her teachings and love.

That is just what I want to write about, and I know that it is the important thing in the whole plan of God for man's salvation. So I will write on that after I have finished the message which I have already commenced.

I thank you and will say good night.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

*Ann Rollins

Monday, May 27, 2013

Rose McGovern Writes About the Progress of Her Soulmate, Judge Frank D. Syrick

March 4, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Rose.

I am your old acquaintance in the spirit world, and you have said that you loved me as a sister and wanted to make me happy, and you did, for I am very happy, thanks to your help.

I am the soulmate of the Judge,* and I merely want to say that we are both with you at times and try to help you and receive help. He is progressing very rapidly now and will soon be with me, when I know he will be extremely happy. He wants me to say that he will never forget you and the great benefit you conferred upon him when you brought him in contact with me and enabled him to learn what was in the future for him in the spirit world. He is now a true believer in the truths of the Master and is trying to obtain the Love in all its fullness, and he wants you to know that this Love is a reality and not a mere thing of speculation.

He wants to come soon and write you a long letter as he promised, and he would come before, but your time is so occupied by the high spirits with their messages that he has not found the opportunity to write.

Well, I must not write more except to say that you have in store for you a happiness that you cannot conceive of. A soulmate** that is so very beautiful and loving and beloved by us all, and who has a most wonderful influence over all with whom she comes in contact. And greater and above all else you have the love and wonderful friendship of the Master, who comes to you so very often.

Oh, I tell you that you are favored and should feel that great benefit of the companionship of the number of high spirits who come to you, for you do have a great number of these Celestial Spirits come to you and write and cast over you the influence of their great love. I am your friend forever, and I want you to love me too.

Yes, I try to help them, for I am present when they come, and some of them come to me for help. This is a wonderful work and we are all so interested in doing it. The dark spirits who seek your help seem to be as much impressed, as any of us, that you have so much influence over them, and when they start on the way to light, they, in many cases, find it and then turn to you in gratitude and thanks. They are your friends forever and say that they will always be with you and protect you.

So my dear friend, I will say good night.

Your friend,
Rose McGovern

*Judge Frank D. Syrick
**Helen Padgett

Helen Padgett, who located Judge Syrick's soulmate, is happy that she is able to write tonight.

I am here, your Helen.

Well sweetheart, you have just had a letter from Rose, who has been waiting to write you for such a long time, and who is so happy that she could write you. She and the Judge were here together, and both of them think a great deal of you, and are very happy in the thought that you helped them so much and caused them to come together even before he became a spirit. He says he wants to write.

No, I was not present when she attempted to write, but White Eagle says; she was not a very bright spirit, but seemed to be in need of help. She may be some poor spirit who wants your help.

Well, I was sorry that you were not in condition to take the Master's message, and so was he, but he says that he will come again soon. He was not satisfied with the message and thought it best not to attempt to write tonight, as I see you are not in condition to write much.

So with all my love, I will say good night, but I want one great big kiss, and your love.

Your own true loving,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jesus Writes that the Soul Must Have an Awakening in Order to Receive the Divine Love

March 2, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I desire to write tonight on the subject of: "How the redeemed soul is saved from the penalties which sin and error has brought upon it."

When the soul is in a condition of sin and error, it is not responsive to the inflowing of the Holy Spirit, and in order to get into a condition of receptivity to these influences, it must have an awakening as to its actual condition of enslavement by these things; and until such an awakening comes to it there is no possibility of its receiving the Love of God into it, and of turning its thoughts to the Truths of God and to the practices of life that will help it in its progress towards a condition of freedom.

I would not have mankind believe that any soul is compelled to stay in this condition of slavery to sin until the Holy Spirit comes to it with the Father's Love to bestow it in all abundance, for the mission of the Holy Spirit is not to awaken man's soul to a realization of sin and death, but merely to bring to that soul this Love when it, the soul, is ready to receive it.

The awakening must come from other causes that influence the mind - as well as the soul - and cause them to realize that the life man lives is not the correct life or one in accord with the demands of the Laws of God, or with the real longings of their own hearts and souls. Until this awakening comes, the soul is really dead so far as its having a consciousness of the existence of the truths of its redemption is concerned, and such death means a continuance in such thoughts of sin and evil, and in the life which leads only to condemnation and death for long long years it may be.

But to come nearer to my point of discourse. The soul that is existing in sin and error will have, sooner or later, to pay the penalties for such sin and error, and there is no escape from the payment of these penalties except in the redemption that the Father has provided by the New Birth. These penalties are only the natural results of the operation of God's Laws and they must be endured until the full penalty is paid. Even though a man may progress to higher condition of soul excellence and have much happiness, yet he must pay the last farthing and thus release himself from these penalties.

With much love, I am your friend and brother,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jesus Writes on How a Soul Must Receive the Divine Love of the Father in Order to Become an Inhabitant of the Kingdom of God

February 28, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I desire tonight to write you on the subject: "How a soul must receive the Divine Love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the Kingdom of God, and realize that immortality of which I have written you."

In the first place, it must be understood that the Divine Love of the Father is an entirely distinct kind of Love from the love which the Father bestowed upon man at the time of his creation, and which man has possessed in a more or less condition of purity ever since that time. This Divine Love was never conferred upon man as a perfect and completed gift, either at the time of his creation, or since my coming to earth, but as a gift which is waiting for man's own efforts and aspirations to obtain, and without which it can never become his, although it is always close to him, waiting to answer his call.

Then in understanding what this Love is, and that man must seek for it, and what its effect upon the soul of man is, it becomes very important that man should make the obtaining of it the one great object of his aspirations and desires. For when he possesses it to a degree that makes him at-one with the Father, he ceases to be a mere man and becomes of a nature of soul existence that makes him Divine, with many qualities of the Father, the chief of which is, of course, Love; and also causes him to absolutely realize the fact of his immortality.

Mere moral goodness, or the possession of the natural love to its fullest degree will not confer upon man this Divine Nature that I have mentioned; nor will good acts and charity and kindness, of themselves, lead men to the possession of this Love, but the possession of this Love in truth and in fact, will lead to charity and good deeds and kindness, always unselfish, and to a brotherhood of men on earth that the mere natural love cannot possibly lead to or cause to exist.

I know that men preach about the Fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man, and urge men to attempt to cultivate the thoughts and deeds of love and self-sacrifice and charity in a way to bring about the greatly to be wished for unity of life and purpose on the part of men; and by reason of this natural love can, themselves, do a great work in bringing about this brotherhood. Yet the chain that binds them together cannot possibly be any stronger than the natural love which forges it; and when that becomes overshadowed by ambition and material desires, the brotherhood will become greatly weakened, or disappear entirely, and men will realize that its foundation was not built upon a rock, but rather upon the infirm sand, which could not sustain the superstructure, when the storms arising from men's ambition and desires for power and greatness, and many other material things, beat upon it. So I say, there is a great necessity for something more than man's mere natural love to help him form a brotherhood that will remain steadfast and firm under all conditions and among all men.

So this natural love, under circumstances the most favorable to preserve the constancy of man's happiness and freedom from sin and error, proved itself to be not sufficient to maintain that condition, then what may be expected of it when circumstances are such that this love has degenerated from its pure state and has become defiled by all these tendencies of men to do that which is in violation not only of God's Laws, but of everything that would otherwise help men to realize a true brotherhood.

As I have heretofore said in my writings, there will come a time when this natural love will be restored to its original state of purity and freedom from sin, and when this brotherhood may exist in a degree of perfection that will make all men happy. Yet that time is far off and will not be realized on earth at all until the New Birth and the New Heavens appear and, in the meantime, men's dreams of this great brotherhood will not be realized.

I know that men expect that sometime in the far distant future by means of education and conventions and preachments of moral truth, this dream of an ideal brotherhood will be established on earth, and all the souls of hatred and war, and the oppression of the weak by the strong will disappear. But I tell you that if men depend upon this mere natural love and all the great feelings and impulses that may arise from it, to bring about this condition so much desired, they will find disappointments and lose faith in the goodness of men, and at times a retrogression, not only in that love, but in the conduct of men towards one another, and in the treatment of nations by one another.

I have digressed somewhat from my subject, but I thought it best to show to man that his dependence upon himself, which is his dependence on this natural love, is not sufficient and adequate to bring him into a condition of happiness even on earth and, therefore, totally inadequate to bring him into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Divine Love, that I speak of, is of itself not only able to make a man an inhabitant of the Father's Kingdom, but is sufficient to enable him to bring about and realize to the fullest of his dreams that great brotherhood even while on earth.

This Love of the Father's Own Self is of a never changing nature, and in all places and under all conditions is working out the same results and converting the souls of men on earth as well as of the spirits in the spirit world, into not only the image but the substance of the Divine Nature. It may be possessed in smaller or greater degree, depending upon man himself; and this degree of possession determines the condition of the soul, and its nearness to the Father's Kingdom, whether the soul be in the flesh or in the spirit.

Man does not have to wait to become a spirit, in order to seek for and obtain this Love, for the soul on earth is the same soul as when in the spirit world, and its capacity for receiving this Love is just as great in one place as in the other. Of course, on earth there are many circumstances and surroundings and limitations on man that prevent the free workings of the soul in the way of aspirations and faith that do not exist after man becomes an inhabitant of the spirit world but, nevertheless, and notwithstanding all these drawbacks and stumbling blocks of the earth life, the soul of man may receive this Divine Love without limitations and to an abundance that will make him a new creature as the scriptures say.

The possession of this Divine Love also means the absence of those desires and longings of what is called the natural man, which produce selfishness and unkindness and other qualities which create sin and error, and prevent the existence of this true brotherhood which men so earnestly desire as the forerunner of peace and good will, and the more of this Divine Love that enters into the soul of man, the less there is of evil tendencies and desires, and the more of the Divine Nature and Qualities.

The Father is all Goodness, and Love, and Truth, and Forgiveness, and Kindness; and these qualities the souls of men become possessed of when they receive and possess the Divine Love. And when man is sincere and faithful, and possesses these qualities, they never leave him or change; and when this brotherhood shall be founded on them, it will be built on a rock and will continue to live and become purer and firmer in its binding effect, and in the great results that will flow from it, for its foundation stone will be the Divine Nature of the Father, which is without variableness or change and never disappointing.

A brotherhood so created and joined together is, as I say, "The only true brotherhood that will make for man a kind of Heaven on earth, and banish wars and hatred and strife and selfishness, and the principal of mine and thine. The mine will be changed to ours, and all mankind will be truly brothers, without reference to race or sect or intellectual acquirements. All will be recognized as the children of the one Father."

Such will be the effect of the existence of this Love in men's souls on earth, and when such souls leave their envelope of flesh, they will find their homes in the Kingdom of God - parts of the Divinity of the Father, and partakers of His Immortality.

But only this Divine Love will fit the souls of men for this Kingdom, because in this Kingdom all things partake of this Divine Nature and nothing which has not that quality can possibly enter therein. So men must understand that no mere belief or ceremony of church or baptism, or any of these things are sufficient to enable a soul to become an inhabitant of this Kingdom. Men may do and deceive themselves in their beliefs that anything short of or other than this Divine Love can ensure them an entrance into the Kingdom. Beliefs may help men to seek and aspire to the possession of this Love, and other ceremonies may also assist, but unless and until this Divine Love is actually possessed by the souls of men, they cannot become partakers of the Divine Nature and enjoy the happiness and peace of the Father's Kingdom.

When the way to obtain this Love is so easy and the joy of its possession is so great, it is surprising that men will be satisfied with the husks of formalism and the satisfaction and delusion of mere lip worship and intellectual beliefs. As I have said, this Love is waiting for every man to possess who sincerely and with true soul aspirations seek it. It is not a part of, but surrounding and enveloping every man, but at the same time forming no part of him unless his longings and prayers have opened up his soul, so that it may flow in and infill him with its presence.

Man is never compelled to receive it, as he is never compelled to do other things against his will, but as in the latter case, when in the exercise of that same will, he refuses to let the Divine Love flow into his soul, he must suffer the penalty, which is the utter and absolute deprivation of any possibility to become an inhabitant of the Kingdom of God, or Celestial Kingdom, and of any consciousness of the fact of his immortality.

Let men turn their thoughts and aspirations to God and in truth and sincerely pray to the Father for an inflowing into their souls of His Divine Love and have faith, and they always find that the Father will bestow His Love upon them in accordance with the extent of their aspirations and longings, which are mediums of opening up their souls to the workings of the Holy Spirit, which, as I have before written, is the messenger of God for the conveying of His Divine Love from His Fountainhead of Love to the souls of the prayerful and aspiring men.

In no other way can the Divine Love be possessed by man, and always it is an individual matter between the particular man and the Father. No other man or body of men or church or spirits or Angels can do the work of the individual. As to him, his soul is the only thing involved, and only his aspirations, and his prayers, and his will can open up his soul to the inflowing of this Love, which makes him a part of its own divinity.

Of course, the prayers and kind thoughts and loving influences of good men and Divine Spirits and Angels can and do help the souls of men in turning to His Love and in progressing in its possession, but as to the question, "Will a man become possessor or not of this Love?" It depends upon the man.

Well, I have written enough for tonight and must stop. So my dear brother, I will say with all my love and blessings, good night.

Your brother and friend,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jesus Writes of James E. Padgett's Reading About Barbarism and the Mysteries of Abdul Baba

February 27, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I see that you are not in condition tonight and I will not try for I would not be able to convey to you my thoughts as I desire. We will have to postpone it until later. Well, you have been thinking about other things too intently and your mind is not in that condition of concentration on what I may write that is necessary.

You have been reading today about the teachings of Barbarism and the mysteries of Abdul Baba and you have not found that they are anything different from what you expected for they are based upon the writings of the Bible and of the Koran and of other so-called sacred writings. They will not benefit you particularly for they stress that the Prophet is as the writer says, the Ancient of Days, and does not know the real truths concerning God and man and His relationship to them. So I advise that you do not think more of these things but confine your thoughts to my writings.

As I told you several nights ago, I will come sometime and write you in detail about this new cult and that Baba's Allah himself will come sometime. Strange as it may seem, he is not in the Celestial Heavens, but only in a high sphere which is inhabited by those who have equal development of the natural love. So stop thinking about these matters and give your thoughts more to me. I will soon come.

So with all my love, I am,

Your brother and friend,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

John H. Padgett Writes and Adds to Ann Rollins' Message on "Who and What is God"

February 25, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your father.

I have been listening to your Grandmother's* message and was interested in observing the way in which you received it, for it is a deep and important communication of truth that is not generally known to mortals. We in the lower spheres, of course, do not know these truths so extensively as do the spirits of the Celestial Spheres, but I have heard the Master discourse on the subject of God, and what your grandmother wrote you is, in short, what he has explained to us but, of course, in a way that we could better and to a greater extent comprehend the truth than can you.

There is one thing that I have observed in the case of these, who are called scientists and who believe only the material, and also in the case of those who claim to be infidels when they come into spirit life and, that is, that very soon they realize that there is or must be a God, and that their God of nature, or their man-made God, does not supply the word, if I may thus express it, which they find to exist here.

They, of course, do not get a conception of the nature of God in the beginning, but they know very soon after they come over that there is a God - other and different from what they conceived Him to be when they had any conception of Him on earth and when they denied that there was any God, and they soon realize the absolute necessity for there being one. And when they had made man his own God, they see many spirits of men in such conditions of darkness and suffering and helplessness that they readily realize that man is not God.

So I say the first truth that enters their mind and souls when they become spirits is that: "There is a God;" although they do not know His nature and attributes.

So you see there is only one little veil of flesh between the vaunted mind of mortals that proclaim there is no God but nature, or no God at all, and the mind conscious of its weakness and littleness as it exists in the spirit world.

But I must stop writing on this subject or you will think that I am going to write you a lecture, which I don't intend to do now.

With all my love, I am your loving father,
John H. Padgett

*Ann Rollins

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ann Rollins Writes Further on Who and What is God

February 25, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother. 

I come to resume my discourse if you think that you are in condition to receive the same. Well we will try, and if I find that you are not, I will stop.

As I was saying, God is not in man or material things as regards His personality, but only those attributes of His, which men generally consider to be God, are manifested in the material things.

As I have said, God is not the creator of all things that appear to have an existence, for many things which control and govern the conduct of men are entirely the creatures of man, and are not in harmony with the laws of God or with His will. And, hence, when it is realized that there exists in the souls and minds of men evil that are not in harmony with God's creations, you can readily see that God cannot be and is not in such souls and minds, nor are His attributes, because, as is said in the Laws of Physical Philosophy: two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time, so we may say as regards Spiritual Philosophy: two things cannot occupy the same soul or mind at the same time, especially when they be antagnostic or opposed to each other in their qualities or fundamentals. Until the one vacates its occupancy, the other cannot come in, and this is invariably true of the creatures of God and the creatures of man, for they are always and under all circumstances opposed to each other.

But it must be understood that when I speak of the creatures of God, my meaning must not be taken as including God, for He as the Creator is altogether different from His creatures; and while His creatures or certain attributes may find a lodgment and habitation in the souls of men and the minds of men and in the existence of material things, yet He, God, never finds such lodgment and is never a part of such existences. He is as distinct from the creatures, or better probably, emanations of His, as are the thoughts and desires of man distinct from the man himself.

God is in His Heavens, and those Heavens have a locality, just as the different spheres of the spirit world, in which spirits have their homes, have localities; and His locality is way beyond the highest Celestial Spheres known to the highest spirit, and towards which spirits are always progressing, and as they progress, the more and closer they come in contact with these Attributes of God, which are constantly flowing from Him.

Even Jesus, who as you know, is the brightest of all the spirits and the one possessing more of these attributes of the Father than any other spirit, has never seen God except through the soul perception, nor ever realized that God is in him or forms a part of him; and mistaken and deceived are men when they say or believe that God is in them or that in Him they live and move and have their being.

To believe this as true, God can only be a kind of nebulous something - inconsistent as the air - and, as many of the spiritualists say, merely a force permeating the whole universe, divided into many and infinitesmal manifestations, seen and felt today and tomorrow having no existence. A something less substantial than man - weak at once and powerful at the same time - a contradiction beyond conception or explanation.

Such is not God; but all these manifestations are merely evidence of the existence of a substantial and, I may say, never varying, Self Existing Being, who is not the creature of man's mind or of man's necessities or desires, but the Creator of all, even of these wise men who cannot conceive of any God, but nature, the mere creature of His being and wisdom and power.

The human mind, when left to itself, that is to its own evolution as your scientists say, and not influenced by the revelations of spiritual truths or the suggestions of spirits who have advanced in knowledge of things beyond the material, has not improved much since the days when they lived and died as sun worshipers, and the worshipers of the sacred cats, and bulls and elephants, and of the storms, and thunders and lightnings. God was in all these manifestations, immanent and real, to be appeased or loved as necessity required; and today among your civilized nations, and the wise men of these nations, who can see no God in the spiritual, the aggregate of all these material things is the God, which they must worship, if they worship at all.

Nature is God to them, and you see, that the only improvement, if any there be, that their minds have over the minds of the worshipers of the sun and of animals etc., that I have mentioned, is that those minds are not satisfied to see God in a single manifestation, but there must be a combination of all these manifestations, which they call Nature. You see, it is only a difference in degree, and the scientist of today who refuses to accept or believe in any God, who may be of a spiritual nature, is exactly the counterpart of his so-called barbarian brother who could see Him only in the sun, etc., in everything, except that he demands a larger God, who must be in the lowest form of mineral existence as well as in the highest form of solar excellence and even in man, for with some, man is his own and only God.

And it is questionable whether these wise men are not more limited in their conception and acceptance of a God, than were the earlier uncivilized brothers, because many of the latter saw beyond and behind their Sun God and God of thunders, etc., another and greater God whom they could not see, but could feel and in their souls realized His existence. But the wise men of civilizations have so evolved their intellects that they have lost their soul perceptions, and no God beyond the horizon of their intellectual perceptions can exist and, hence, as they think they know nature, nature as all of the creation, and there can be no other God than nature. But, oh, the terrible mistake!

God then, as I have said, is a being - a soul - with a personality that has a location, high up in the Heavens, towards whom all spirits of the Celestial and many of the spiritual spheres are striving to approach in greater and greater nearness; and as they approach, they realize and know the increased Love and Life and Light that emanates from the Fountainhead of these Attributes of Perfection.

And so I repeat, God is not in man or beast or plant or mineral, but only are His Attributes as he sees the necessity for their workings, and man does not live and move and have his being in God.

Well, my son, I have in my imperfect way, given you some idea of Who and What God is, and my explanation is in substance the consensus of the knowledge of the Celestial Spirits, whose knowledge is based upon the truths that no mortal or all the mortals combined can possibly learn with their finite minds.

I think that you have received my ideas and words quite correctly, and I hope the truths which I have written may prove beneficial to all mankind. I am very happy and will come again soon, and write you some other truths, which may interest you. I must stop now.

With all my love and blessings,

I am your own loving Grandmother,
Ann Rollins           

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

John Yorking Writes About His Knowledge of the True Teachings of Jesus When on Earth

February 19, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, the spirit of one who died a great many years ago in a far distant country, and when the truths of Christianity were known and practiced by the followers of the Master in the purity in which he taught them. I was a disciple of his but I am not known to history and like a great many others who lived in those days, I worked in a humble way among the poor and simple of the earth. My work was mostly in the country outlying, but close to Palestine, and I was one who received from the spirit world the communications of those spirits who had lived on earth as Christians; and these communications were received in our public worship and interpreted or made plain to the common people by those teachers who had the gift of interpretation.

It was such communications as these that John referred to when he advised us to try the spirits to learn whether they were of God; or in other words, to learn whether they were spirits who had a knowledge of the Christ doctrines, and who came to teach us the truths as they saw them to exist in the spirit world, and who were followers of the Master.

I know that Jesus taught the New Birth and the Divine Love, and the re-bestowal of the great gift which had been forfeited by our first parents at the time of their disobedience.

I also know that he never taught us to look upon him as God, or that any death that he might die would save us from our sins or bring us in at-onement with the Father, or that the Father demanded any sacrifice in order to satisfy his wrath or pay any debt that man might owe to Him. No, the things last mentioned were not embraced in our faith or understanding of what the truths of the Master's teachings were.

We also had the wonderful powers which Jesus possessed in the way of healing, casting out evil spirits, etc., and we never looked upon them as miracles, but as the result of the exercise of the powers which came to us when we received the Divine Love and had the faith which made this Love and all that accompanied it, things of real existence.

Jesus was always the man of love and mercy and benevolence, and never tired of his great work of doing good to the mortal; but these works were merely subordinate to the other great mission that he performed.

Above everything else, he was a teacher of the Father's Love, and the necessity of man's receiving this Love in order to become at-one with the Father, and an accepted child, whose inheritance was immortality and Heaven. So you can readily see what a departure there has been from our teachings and faith and practices, and the lives of simple followers of the Master.

Now I see that belief in the dogmas of the church and mysticisms of God are what constitutes the Christian, and soul development is little preached, or really understood, either by preacher or people; and the real secret of man's salvation has been lost to the world.

I am now in the high Celestial Spheres, where the Love of the Father is most abundant, and the spirits of men live in eternal happiness with the knowledge that immortality is theirs.

I will not write more tonight, as it is late and you are tired. But before I stop, permit me to say, that you are receiving the revelation of the true religion of Jesus, as well as truths which pertain to the condition and existence of the spiritual world and the Celestial Heavens.

So with my love and blessings I am,

Your brother in Christ,

John, the lowly follower of the Master
John Yorking (I was a Jew.)


Helen Comments on the Preceding Spirit.
I am here, your true Helen.

I will write only a line, as it is very late. I never saw him before, but he was from the Celestial Spheres, for he was a wonderfully bright and developed spirit, and had the Love shining forth from his countenance to a wonderful degree. I have no doubt that he is whom he represented himself to be. Good night.

Your own true and loving

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ann Rollins Writes About Who and What is God

February 18, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your Grandmother.

Well, my son, I come tonight as I promised for the purpose of writing you a letter telling you of a certain spiritual truth that I desire you to know.

I am now in the Third Celestial Sphere, as I already told you, and am in a much more exalted condition in my knowledge of spiritual truths that I have ever been and have opened up to me a spiritual view that increases my understanding of truth and of the question of the Father's provisions for the happiness and salvation of His children.

I know now more than ever that He is a real existing God of Love and Power and Wisdom, and that wrath, such as is taught in the Bible, is no part of His Nature and that He has, for His children on earth as well as in the spirit world, only love and solicitude and sympathy.

He is not a God that is afar off waiting for the arrival of the Great Judgment Day in order to approve or condemn His children according to the deeds done on earth, but He is with all men and spirits in a way that His influence of love and beneficence may be felt by them, if they will only place themselves in that condition of receptivity of soul that such influence may be felt for, as we have before said, the relationship and nearness of God to man depends to a very large extent upon the will and desires of man, himself.

God is not, in what may be called His personality, with men as has been taught by the teachers of the religions of the Bibles of the world, and men do not live, move and have in Him their being, as Saint Paul wrote, for His personality has a location which is not everywhere but in the High Heavens.

I know that this will appear startling to many persons, orthodox and otherwise, and that it apparently takes from them the consolation of believing and feeling that God is with and in them; but, nevertheless, what I say is true.

He is not in them or in nature as some of the scientists, who believe in God, say. He is not in every flower or tree or other manifestation of His creation. And, as regards His personality, is not omnipresent, though He has a knowledge of all things which He created, I say which He has created, for there are some things which appear to man as a part of the realities of the universe, which He did not create, but which man alone created, and for these things has no love and does not approve of or favor their existence, and in the end they will be destroyed from the face of His universe.

And when I say that God, in His personality, is not everywhere and not with men at all times forming a part of their being, I do not mean that it shall be understood that He is not the loving watchful Father, trying to make them happy and save them from the results of their own many wrongdoings, for such inference would not be true.

And while, as I say, He is not with men in this personality, yet He is with them in the sense and truth that His attributes of Love and Wisdom and Knowledge and Power are with them always. Life emanates from God, but life is not God, it is only one of His attributes conferred upon the objects of His creation that they may live and grow and fulfill the designs of their creation; and when that purpose has been accomplished, He withdraws from them this attribute of life, and men can realize that fact. God has not, Himself, ceased to be a part of that object, for He never was a part of it, but only this attribute has ceased to be a part of the object. God is the source and origin of all life, but that life is merely one of His creatures, as we say, as is man or other things which mortals call matter.

Man does not live and move and have his being in God, but merely in the attributes of God. So you see not all these attributes together constitute God, for He is a personality from which all these attributes flow. I know that it is difficult for you to comprehend the full purport of what I intend to convey, but you may in a way grasp my meaning.

Love is a greater attribute than even life, but love is not God, just as love is not man, though it is his greatest possession when it exists in its purity; and as man has many attributes which all together do not make the man, so God has many, and yet they are only parts of His Nature and not He.

Man has a physical body and a mind and yet, they do not constitute man, for he may lose them both and still be man, or spirit, that is - the ego - the soul is the real man, the personality; and all the wonderful parts of man, such as the mind and affections and desires and will are merely of him, and if he were deprived of any of them, he would still be man, though not the perfect man as when they are all with him performing their proper functionings.

And man is so created that, unless he has these qualities, which in his creation were made parts of him, and which were necessary to make him the perfect creature that he was, while he is still man, yet he is not the perfect man that God decreed him to be; and until these qualities are fully restored or regained by him, he will not be the man that was the greatest handiwork of the Almighty.

And God is not God by reason of having these qualities, but these qualities exist, because they are the attributes of God. He never loses them, nor do they become hidden or cease to do their functioning, but always are they existing and working and obedient to His being.

God is Soul, and Soul is God, and in this Soul does His personality consist without individuality, but real and existing - and life from which flow all these Attributes of Life and Love, etc., of which I have spoken. God is Spirit, but spirit is not God, only one of His Qualities.

I write this to give you some additional conception of who and what God is, and to show you that He is not in man nor does man have his being in God. To further show you that God does not and could not exist in the same place with those things which are not in accord with His Nature and qualities and were He in man or man in Him, then no sin or error or things which violate would exist.

I must stop now, but will come soon to finish my message.

With all my love, I am your

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Robert G. Ingersoll Writes About His Progress Since Obtaining the Divine Love of the Father

February 18, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

Well, my friend, I come tonight to say a few words, for I have been very anxious to take advantage of your kindness and communicate a few thoughts that have come as the result of my progress here in matters spiritual. As I told you in my last communication, I am a thoroughly convinced spirit as to the truths of Christianity as taught by the Master - not as set forth in the Bible, but as I have been instructed by him and your grandmother,* and other bright spirits, since I have had my understanding and soul opened to these great truths.

I have progressed very much since I last wrote you and have received into my soul a wonderful abundance of this Divine Love of the Father, which you first called to my attention when I thought that you were a foolish and deceived man. But I now know that you were not foolish, nor deceived, for this Divine Love is a real, existing thing, and is obtainable by all God's children, whether on earth or in the spirit world, who may seek for it in the way that the Master teachers.

My mind, as well as my soul, has opened up to the truth of these teachings, and I now realize that I was in great darkness on earth in my own beliefs and teachings, and that man is not of himself sufficient to bring about his own salvation, but must seek for and believe that his salvation is dependent very largely upon the help that will come to him from the spirit world. I mean, that such help is necessary whether he seeks the Divine Love of the Father or only the purification of his natural love and the happiness that will arise therefrom.

Of course, man's own will and desires are important factors in obtaining this salvation, and he may go on for his whole mortal life, and for a long time after he comes into the spirit world, and never obtain this salvation unless he realizes the fact that he needs this outside help and that it is ready and open to him for the seeking.

I know that many may be astonished and refuse to believe that I am now in this condition of belief; but as I when on earth sought only for the truth, so when I came to the spirit world, I sought for the truth, and when I found it, as I have, I believed and accepted it and made it a part of my faith with the result that I am now convinced beyond all doubt that I am the possessor of a knowledge that has its foundation in truth which never changes.

I am in the earth plane yet, but in a very bright and beautiful location and free from the darkness and sufferings that I first endured when I came to the spirit world.

Life is a thing that is lived on earth only for a short time, and man is given the opportunity to make of it the great means of his salvation and progress to the higher spheres of light and happiness and immortality that those bright spirits tell me of; and when men fail to make the most of the opportunity which the mortal life affords, then they lose that which, when they become spirits, would help them beyond all conception to progress to the higher realms. I know that in the case of many thinking men, as in my own case, it is impossible for them to believe the teachings and dogmas of the churches and the interpretations and even many of the precepts of the Bible and, as a consequence, men turn entirely away from these things, though there are many truths in the Bible, and become seekers of knowledge which science and their own reasoning powers afford them.

But the trouble here is that science does not teach things spiritual and their reasoning powers must be based very largely upon what their senses tell them to be true; and these senses can only learn what naturally comes to them, which necessarily is of the material. As a consequence, men discard entirely all things spiritual which they cannot understand and thus render impossible any development of their soul qualities, except that they do realize the great qualities of their natural love and, in many cases, develop it and in that way gain a progress that does help them in their condition of light and happiness both on earth and here.

Well, as you suggest that you are tired, I will stop, but will soon come and finish my communication. Yes, and I am glad that you feel that way about it. You have many spirits here who desire to write and some of them are such elevated and wise spirits that I feel that their writings will benefit you more than mine.

Yes, I am with her quite often, and she is a wonderful spirit in love and wisdom and has such deep and wondrous knowledge of God and His Love. I almost adore her and feel that if I had not met her, I probably would not be where I now am. I tell you, I am thankful that I came to you that night.

Yes, I see your wife quite frequently and she is a wonderfully beautiful and happy spirit, and makes so many other spirits happy by her goodness and help. She is a very positive spirit as well and she lets nothing stand in the way of her work and mission.

So, my dear friend, I will say good night and God bless you.

R.G. Ingersoll

*Ann Rollins

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Priscilla Stone Writes that She is With Her Son, Dr. Leslie R. Stone, Very Often with Her Love

February 17, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother.

I am here and I want to say just a word to my son* as I have not written him for some time, and you know how much a mother's love means. I only want to say that I am with him so very often with my love and mother's longings for his happiness and prosperity. He, I know, has a great deal of the Father's Love in his soul and that brings him so much nearer to me and causes me the happiness which the knowledge gives me that he will when he comes over become one of us in our consciousness of immortality.

Oh! I tell you that this knowledge is a thing more precious to me than I can express, for it shows me that he, my boy, is very dear to the Father and to his elder brother, Jesus, the glorious one and the most loving one. Why if I could only tell you of the love of the Master for you both, you would never more doubt that you are his chosen ones for the great work which lies ahead of you, and which even more is resulting in the salvation of many.

He may not know that he is helping you in your work among the dark spirits, but he is, and very frequently when you two are sitting together and talking about the great Love of the Father and the fact that these poor spirits can be helped by the higher spirits, these dark ones hear you and many times they believe enough in you to cause them to seek our help and thereby learn the way to light. It makes me so happy because I know for each of these spirits that are rescued from their darkness and suffering there comes to you an additional blessing from the Father, and increased love from all the spirits who love to linger around you.

So, tell my boy, that what I say is true, and he must realize that while he cannot communicate to these spirits as you do, yet, he has helped many of these spirits with his conversation and the love which he had in his soul and which these spirits sense when they come in close contact with him as they frequently do.

We are all very happy and are waiting for the day of our uniting, which will be in God's own time, but not now, he has a work to do on earth and until that work is done he will not come to us, and that is more real than apparent. His little soulmate certainly loves him, and at times we all tease her but she seems to rather enjoy it, and she does. His father and sisters send their love and want him to know that they are with him very much. So, thanking you for your kindness, I will say with all my love and blessings for you both,

His Mother,
Priscilla Stone

*Dr. Leslie R. Stone

Friday, May 17, 2013

St. Luke Writes Further on the Development of the Soul in its Natural Love

February 16, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

Well do you think you can take my message tonight? It looks like you may. At any rate we will try.

As I was saying, "In what way is a man to obtain this development of the soul in its natural love?"

In the first place, he must recognize the fact that he does not live to himself, alone; that what he conceives to be the workings of his own mind and will are not always the result of thoughts and desires that originate in him, but are largely the products of the influences of the workings of the minds of spirits who are around him, trying to impress him with their desires and wills; and. consequently, you will understand that it is very important to man as to what kind of spirit influences he has surrounding and working upon him. If these influences are good, the better it is for his progress in the development of this natural love; but if they are evil influences then, of course, such development is retarded.

Consequently, the first thing for a man to do is to attempt to attract to himself influences of the higher nature; and he can do so by trying to cultivate good thoughts and to indulge in good and moral acts. The great Law of Attraction, that we have written about, applies and works in such cases as this, as it does in every other relation of God's universe. If a man's thoughts are evil, there will always be attracted to him spirits of similar thoughts; and when they come to him, they attempt to and succeed in intensifying these evil thoughts of his, which attract them to him.

It must emphatically be understood in this regard, that man may and often does originate his own thoughts and desires, and it is not necessary that any influence of these evil spirits should be present and operate upon his brain or affections, in order that these evil thoughts and desires should come into existence. And again, man has a will power that is susceptible of being exercised, free from the wills of these evil spirits; and you will see how true this is when you remember that he can exercise that will power, free and independent from the Will of God Himself. So I say that these thoughts and desires may and do originate in man, free and independent of the wills or influences of these evil spirits; and as a fact, these spirits are attracted to him only when these thoughts that he has originated are evil.

Now, if man would have this progress that I speak of, he should endeavor to have good and pure thoughts and desires, and then he will attract to him spirits who are good and pure, and their influences will help him to a wonderful degree in strengthening and increasing these thoughts, and make it less and less likely that evil thoughts will arise in his brain, or evil desires in his affections; and as a consequence, his will power will be exercised in doing those things which are good and moral. Now, while man may originate these thoughts and desires, he must also know as a truth that this progress is not dependent upon him alone, for when he is in that condition to attract the good spirits, they will invariably come to him and render their help; and it will prove to be a wonderful and never failing help.

Now, man's thoughts and desires are not always, as may be supposed, the result of something that may be hidden within himself, and of which he may not know its existence. I mean not in all cases, and probably in only a minority of cases; for most frequently are these thoughts and desires the children of an objective influence, that comes to him by reason of objects becoming sensible to his ordinary senses, which create or suggest these thoughts or desires.

Without going into details, you will understand what I mean, but as a mere illustration: a glass of whiskey may and does suggest to a man who likes whiskey, the thought and desire that he should take a drink, and thereby bring into operation his will, which is followed by the act of drinking. And so with many other objects which a man meets in the course of his daily life. But these thoughts and desires arise not only from seeing objects, but also from feeling and tasting them.

And again, these objective suggestions, causing these thoughts and desires, arise and exist not only from the real object sensed, but also from words and thoughts which are expressed by other human beings in course of conversations or in books and literature. And when they come in this way, they are frequently more effective than in any other and, hence, as these objective words and thoughts enter the mind of man, they create similar thoughts, which frequently intensify and attract the evil spirits of like thoughts, with their degenerating influences. Hence, the importance of a man avoiding companionship where such communications take place and the books and literature where these evil suggestions are made.

It has been well said that, "Evil communications corrupt good manners;" and I may add that such communications corrupt good thoughts and produce evil desires and retard the progress of the soul in its natural love. For it must be remembered that this love is pure and free from all evil or taint of defilement when it is fully developed and anything that tends to defile it retards the progression of the soul in this particular.

So the plain lesson to be drawn from all this is that man must, in the first place, make the effort to have only good and pure thoughts and desires from his inner self, and next, he must avoid those objects and associations that tend to cause to arise in him these evil thoughts, and thirdly, he must learn the truth that when he has these evil thoughts, he attracts to himself spirits of evil who, by their influence, can and do intensify these evil thoughts and desires.

I know as regards this last mentioned truth, that the majority of men have no knowledge of its existence; but it is time that they should learn that such a danger to their soul's progression does exist and is always imminent. And they should learn this other fact that when their thoughts are pure and free from defilement, they have surrounding them the influence of good spirits, who work to increase and make permanent their good thoughts; and as these good thoughts continue, the natural love develops towards its pristine condition of purity, and man comes nearer to his designed condition of existence.

So you will see from this, that as man's thoughts and desires become freed from these things that tend to defile him, he naturally progresses toward that condition which is necessary, in order for him to have this development of the soul in its natural love. Again, the development may be helped very much by man thinking and doing acts of charity and kindness and observing the Golden Rule; for every act of charity and kindness and self-sacrifice for the sake of others has its reflex action in his own condition of love and soul and helps their development.

In short, the observance by man of all the moral laws, which are many and varied, tends to bring about the development of the natural love. And this must be remembered, that as this development proceeds, the tendency to indulge in the perverted appetites of the flesh, as they are called, will disappear; and as it disappears, this love, of course, becomes purer and sweeter, and brings man nearer to his state of perfection.

And again, the meditation upon spiritual things, and the out-flowing of this love towards the Father will cause the progression for while all men, as we have said, do not seek for the Divine Love, yet as all men are children of God, he helps them to the full extent of their desires; towards happiness, and the perfecting of this love in its natural pure state and with which he endowed them at their creation. Upon their will and aspirations depends the nature of the help which the Father gives to them; but always He gives his help and blessings and to the fullest. His great desire is that man shall become perfect in that love which they possess and which they seek for; and the natural love in its qualities may become as perfect in man, as may the Divine Love in its qualities. Each is just as much in harmony with God's universe in its respective qualities as is the other.

So I say, man is helped, and more than in any other way, by his meditations of the higher things of his being, and by prayer and aspirations to the Father, who hears the prayers of the man who has only this natural love, and answers them just as He does the prayers of the man who has the Divine Love in his soul.

Ultimately all sin and evil will be eradicated from the universe, and man in his mere natural love will become pure and perfected and happy.

I have tried in my inefficient way to show man how he may progress in the development of his natural love, and if he will follow my advice, he will succeed. For as man, by the indulging of these perverted appetites of the flesh, and the exercise of his will power, fell to a low degree of degeneracy, so he can by ceasing to indulge in these perverted appetites, and the exercise of that same will power, rise again to his condition of purity in his natural love.

And besides, he has the help of the Father and the good angels in his efforts to recover, and also the experience of the result of his fall, which he may not be conscious of, but which in his inner self has an existence and is continually working.

Well my dear brother I must stop; and I feel that you have taken my message very successfully. Read it over and correct errors of construction. I will come soon and write again.

Your brother in Christ,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

St. Clement Writes that He is an Inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres

February 15, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am Saint Clement the Pope.

I merely want to say that I am glad to be able to testify as to the work that you have been selected to do, and as to the fact that Jesus and many of the high spirits write to you.

I know that my testimony is not necessary in order to convince you of these facts, but there may be some who will more readily believe when they know that a Pope of the Roman Catholic church gave his testimony to these facts.

I am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Spheres and am happy beyond description. But, as I have told you, I was compelled to undergo great sufferings before I was relieved of my recollections of the evil that I had done on earth. But I will write you more in detail later and hope that I may have the opportunity.

So wishing you success and happiness, I am

Your brother in Christ,
St. Clement

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Helen Writes that White Eagle is in Charge of the Dark Spirits Who Desire to Write Through James E. Padgett

February 11, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, these spirits wanted so much to write, but White Eagle won't let them do so, for he tells them that this is not their night, and that if they will come on Wednesday night they may write. He is very good and kind to them, and they understand him, and while they are disappointed yet they take his advice and leave.

Well sweetheart, I am so glad that you are feeling better, for you were not in good condition last night, and I think it was because you were worrying over Nita, but, as I told you, there is no necessity for you to worry.

I am very happy in my new home, and I intend to write you about it very soon, and I know you will be much pleased to learn what a beautiful home I have.

I will write my other message first, as I promised, and you will think that I can do a little deep thinking as well as can some of the other spirits. So try to get into a very good condition, for you know, there are a number of spirits who have promised to write to you, and they are all anxious to do so.

I was not present, but he* told me that he had written. He is a spirit who has progressed considerably and seems to be very anxious to get the Father's Love. He almost worships your grandmother, who has been so good and kind to him; and believes implicitly in her advice and her love for him; and he is with us a great deal, and never seems to tire of listening to your grandmother. I know that he will soon get the Love in his heart and will progress to a higher sphere. He has a great deal of the natural love and seems to love his family so much. Well, I will not write about these other spirits as it is late.

The Judge** is progressing and is with you quite often as you receive the messages from the higher spirits. He is much interested in them and thinks that it is wonderful that you should attract to you so many of the spirits from the Celestial Heavens. He says that he did not appreciate you when on earth; and is so sorry that he did not, for he believes that he would be in a better condition now had he understood your advice.

He is quite happy though, and so is his Rose, who is with him nearly all the time. They make a happy couple, and Rose wants me to send her love. They are here now and want to write, but I tell them it is too late. He says, "Not on your life," as he is with the one that he loves and who loves him, and there is no other in all the universe for him. And Rose says he is right, and that he does not want any little Dutch girl, or any other girl. So they both send their love.

He says he will be glad to do so. He says he will try his best to prepare a message that will be interesting, but not such a one as he might have written for the University, that he sees how mistaken Dr. Holler is in his ideas of spiritual things and in his teachings, that he would like to write the Doctor a letter telling him of his mistakes, but he supposes the Doctor wouldn't believe that he had written it.

But I must stop or they will talk all night. Take good care of yourself and love me with all your heart, for I love you more than I can tell you. I must leave you now. With all my love I am,

Your own true and loving,

*Stephen B. Elkins
**Judge Frank D. Syrick

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stephen B. Elkins Writes That He Was Helped by Mr. Padgett and Has Progressed Out of Darkness

February 11, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Stephen B. Elkins.

I have written you before, and I merely want to say now that I am in a better condition than when I last wrote you. I acted on your advice and went with your grandmother, who is so very beautiful and good, and listened to her explanations of the way to get out of my darkness and sufferings and tried to follow her advice; and, as a result, I find that much of my suffering has left me and I am in more light. I tell you, the relief that has come to me is beyond description, and the hope that I now have helps me to see that there is complete salvation for me, and that I may attain to the happiness which she tells me of.

I want to express to you my thanks for your assistance, and for directing me to those beautiful and bright spirits who compose your band, and who are doing so much good to the spirits in darkness and torment.

I now realize how unimportant were all the things of earth. I mean the material things, such as money and position and fame, and if I could only tell my children and wife and the others of my family what are the important things for them to do, I would be so happy; for notwithstanding the fact that I am no longer a mortal, I love them with all my heart and soul and want to see them happy.

But, of course, I don't know how I may reach them, for they do not believe in spiritualism, or that I can communicate with them, or even that I am in a position to realize the real life of the spirit world. They are thoroughly orthodox and are resting in the security, as they believe, of their faith in the teachings of the church to which they belong. I am so helpless in this particular, and I see no way by which I can benefit my loved ones, except as I may be able to influence them by my presence, which is with them almost continuously.

Yes, I know you would help them if you could, but I fear it is as you say, and your informing them of my having written you would do no good. So I will have to try to influence them as you say, and in their moments of weakness or unhappiness, when their longings for higher things assert themselves, try to make my presence and influence felt by them as a reality. But I will not despair, for God, in his mysterious workings, may at sometime turn their thoughts to the things of the soul, and then I feel that I will be able to get nearer to them.

I am now in the earth plane, but in a place so much brighter than when I first entered the spirit world. My associates and surroundings are so very different, and my soul seems to have expanded, so that I am commencing to understand what this Great Love that your grandmother and others talk to me about, means. If I had only known when on earth, what are the real things of existence, and how the soul is everything, how much happier I would be now, but that is past and I am striving now to work for the future.

I want to say this, though, that you are a most favored man in the matters pertaining to the soul development, and in the great number of exalted spirits who seem to be with you so often, and write you such wonderful messages of love and truth. I often come to your room when these spirits are present and hear what is written; and when the greatest of all spirits write you, I am almost overcome with the glory of his presence and the love that he seems to cast upon you and all about the room. He is a most beautiful and loving spirit, and his advice has shown me that only the Divine Love of the Father can bring to mortals or spirits the great happiness which I see that these exalted spirits possess.

I, of course, when on earth was not a believer in these things of the soul, or in any Jesus or even in a God in the sense that I now realize exists; and when I came to the spirit world, you cannot understand how ignorant and poor I was. But now I know that there is, and was on earth, a Jesus, and that he is the most wonderful of all the spirits that I have ever seen and, as I tell you, I have seen very many from the Celestial Spheres. But I must not write more, for you have been very kind in receiving this long letter. I again wish to express my thanks to you for your great help.

Well, I understand, but the worry that you have in that particular is only for the moment. It will soon become a thing of the past and disappear from your mind; for I must tell you that you will not be left to worry much on this subject. You have the help of a powerful band of spirits helping you in this way as well as in other ways, and sooner or later you will realize the results of their assistance. So don't let this matter worry you very much. I wish that I could help you, but I cannot, and can only try to encourage you by telling you what I have.

So I will say goodbye and hope that I may have the privilege of writing again. With my best wishes and kindest feelings, I am

Your friend,
Stephen B. Elkins

Monday, May 13, 2013

Helen Writes that Red Fox Will Be Eugene Morgan's Spirit Guide

February 8, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

Well, you need a keeper, for you never know when to go to bed. I mean that you must not let your interest in us or our writing interfere with those things which are necessary for your physical welfare.

I will say only a word more and, that is, that I love you with all my heart and soul and am with you all the time that I can spare from my work. Yes, he told me what you said, and I will try to find him sometime and bring him to answer for himself. I see you object, and it may work all right, I don't know.

He says he was there and gave Mr. Morgan* a guide - a very powerful Indian of the more civilized tribes. He is something like White Eagle and will be a great benefit to Mr. Morgan. Yes, White Eagle says his name is Red Fox.

So with all my love, I am

Your own true and loving,

*Eugene Morgan

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Professor Joseph Salyards Writes that He is Very Thankful to Have Met James Padgett as a Student

February 8, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your old Professor.

I merely want to say that I desire to finish my discourse of some weeks ago and am ready at any time that may suit your convenience. Well, I will come one night this week and try to finish. I see that you are in a very good condition now, as your brain is working very well.

The message that you have received from Paul is a wonderfully deep message upon the existence of the resurrection, and as I understand and have experienced the resurrection is a true explanation of its meaning. Paul is a very logical and clear writer, and I am glad that he finds such little difficulty in making use of your faculties. He is very much pleased at the success of the experiment and his estimate of you is very great, as are the estimates of all the higher spirits who write.

Well my dear boy, I often think of the wonder of all this experience, and sometimes let my mind return to the days when you were my dear pupil; and I think how wholly we were in want of any conception that such a thing could be. And I can't tell you how glad and thankful I am that we ever came in contact with each other, for I will frankly and assuredly say that if I had never met you, I doubt if I would have had the privilege of meeting such spirits as your grandmother and mother and of having received the benefits of their advice and the influence of their love, as well as the companionship of your father and Mr. Riddle. I often think of how a mere accident as your coming to my school should have brought about such momentous results, and in thinking I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father. So my boy, keep up your good work and you will find a wonderful happiness when you come over.

The dark spirits whom you help are so very grateful to you and are all lovers of you and your friends are ready at all time to protect you from the evil that might come to you from the influences of the many evil spirits who have their habitations so near your earth. Yes, more than you can imagine, I want to say this further thing and, that is, that very many spirits who don't have the opportunity to write to you are influenced very much by what they hear you tell others and act on the advice that you give to those who write. And small wonder at the confidence of these spirits have in you and the influence you have with them. So many are being helped, and our work is made so much easier because they listen to us and believe so much more readily when you advise them to do so.

Well, we are very happy and progressing all the time. Oh, I wish I could tell you how beautiful she is and how loving and how much she thinks of you. She is with you quite often and is trying with the rest of us to help you in every way. We know when you pray for us, and it does help us more than you can conceive of, for your prayers are sincere and I know ascend to the Father, who answers the prayers of the sincere and trusting.

So I say, we all love you very much and feel that we cannot do for you what we should like to; but you must believe in us and know that we are with you and have more power than you may think to help.

I have written too long already, and your wife says, "Professor, I don't like to be discourteous, but I must suggest that you stop and let that baby boy go to bed, for he will sit up all night if you continue to write." What a beautiful and loving wife you have and how we all love her for her goodness. So my dear boy, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,
Prof. Salyards  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

St. Paul Writes Further About the Truth of the Resurrection that Jesus Taught

February 8, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, St. Paul, of the New Testament.

I desire to continue my message tonight. As I said in closing my last writing, there is a resurrection that is vital to the salvation of men, which Jesus taught and which, after the death of his followers and believers of the early centuries, the knowledge of was lost to the world and to those who assumed to teach the doctrines of the resurrection that he came to declare and teach.

You and all mankind must know that the resurrection which is the foundation stone of Christianity is a resurrection from the dead and not from the mere existence of a man as a spirit in the physical body on earth, and not as a resurrection of the soul from its environments and limitations that the earth life placed upon it.

Then what is the resurrection that Jesus referred to when he said: "I am the resurrection and the life"?

Now in order to understand this resurrection, it is necessary to understand what is meant by the death of man, that is the real man - the ego, - that part of him in which the breath of life exists, no matter whether he is of the physical or the spiritual.

As has been explained to you elsewhere when man was created, his creation was of the physical body, the spiritual body and the soul and, in addition, the most important part of his creation - the potentiality of becoming so at-one with the Father in His nature and certain of His attributes that he, man, would become so possessed of some of the Divine Essence of the Father and a portion of His Divinity that would cause him to be immortal, so that death could never deprive him of his existence; and not only that, but he would realize the consciousness of his immortality.

This potentiality then was a part of his creation and, as we have explained elsewhere, the only part of his creation that died as the result of his disobedience; for it is very apparent from the mere knowledge that man has, or may have, from the ordinary investigation of the qualities of his being, and from the truths of psychical research of modern days, as well as from the understanding of the many instances related in the Bible of the appearance of departed spirits on earth and the manifestations of their existence, and also from the many occurrences of the appearances of spirits related in what is called secular history, that the soul and spirit body of man never died, and that his physical body lived for many years after the day on which the sentence, because of his disobedience, announced that he should die. And as I have said, this mortal body - not man -  but merely the vesture of covering for the real man.

This potentiality then being the only part of the created man that died, and as Jesus' mission was to teach the resurrection of man from the dead, it necessarily follows that the only thing that was intended to be resurrected was this potentiality of becoming a part of God's Divinity. This is the only real and true resurrection, and upon this resurrection must rest the faith and truth of Christianity - and by Christianity, I mean religion which is based upon the true teachings of Jesus the Christ.

There are contained in the Bible some things which, if properly understood, would show to man that no resurrection of the body was intended as the thing which Jesus came to earth to declare and teach.

When he said, "I am the resurrection and the life," he did not say or mean, wait until I die and then I will become the resurrection; or when you see me ascend to Heaven, then will I become the resurrection and you will know it; but his declarations, not only in the instance mentioned but at all times, were that he was the resurrection while living. And these declarations did not refer to the man Jesus, or to any disposition that he might make of his body, either physical or spiritual, or to any apparent ascension of his physical body, which never took place, or to any ascension of his spiritual body which did occur. In these particulars, he was essentially no more or different from other men that had died or should die.

But the meaning of his saying and his mission were that, as by man's disobedience, there had occurred the death of the possibility of his becoming at-one with the Father and partaking of his Divine Nature, and as that possibility had never been restored to man in all the intervening years, and man had remained in this condition of death during all the long centuries, if man would only believe in him as the true Christ and in his teachings as to the re-bestowal of this great privilege of again becoming at-one with the Father and of obtaining immortality and would follow his advice as to the way in which man could realize the benefits of this great privilege, then he would become conscious that Jesus was the resurrection from the dead. Not Jesus the man or teacher or the chosen and anointed one of the Father, but Jesus the impersonation of the truths which he proclaimed as to the re-bestowal of the great gift. Only in this way was Jesus the resurrection and the life.

He, himself, had received the great gift and realized his at-onement and the consciousness of his immortality and the possession of the Divine Nature and knew that he had been lifted from death into life and, therefore, if men would believe his teachings as to the resurrection these teachings, and not the man Jesus or even the fact that he had been resurrected, would draw all men unto him, that is, into the condition of life and consciousness that he possessed.

Then the resurrection that Jesus promised to man was the resurrection of this great potentiality which he had lost at the time of the first disobedience and which had never been restored until the coming of Jesus.

Now let it not be misunderstood as to what was meant by this resurrection. As I have said, after men were deprived of this potentiality they were in a condition of death and it was not possible for them to get out of this condition. They were possessed of only what is called their natural love without any possibility of obtaining the Divine Love, which was necessary in order to give them any portion of the Divine Nature and a consciousness of immortality. When the great potentiality, which was as to them as if it had never existed, was re-bestowed, then men were again placed in the position of the first man before his fall and were no longer actually dead, but were possessed of this potentiality to become that which had been forfeited by the first parents.

But as we have told you, the gift of this potentiality was not of itself the bestowal upon man of those qualities which such potentiality merely made it possible for them to acquire by aspiration and effort. Before this re-bestowal, men could not by any aspirations or efforts on their part obtain the conditions and qualities which this potentiality made possible, no matter how great the effort might be; as to them men were simply and absolutely dead. After the re-bestowal, the impossibility - which this death had imposed - was removed, and then men received, not the full fruition of what was possible to obtain because of such re-bestowal, but the privilege of arising from death to life of the resurrection from death to the glories of immortal life.

And while this privilege had become a part of man's possession, yet, if he had remained without consciousness of that fact, he would, in effect, have remained in his condition of death and have never received the benefit of the re-bestowal of the great gift. So to reveal to man the vital truth, Jesus taught and demonstrated in his own life the possession of those qualities that became his because of the existence of the gift.

And he also taught while men had the privilege spoken of, yet, unless they sought for and prayed to the Father in sincerity for the gift of His Divine Love the potentiality, which had been bestowed upon them, would not bring to them the resurrection from the dead, and they would continue in their lives as mortals and as inhabitants of the spirit world, as if they were still under the doom of death.

I may here state that this potentiality, which was lost by the disobedience of the first parents and was re-bestowed by the Father and revealed by Jesus to mankind, was the privilege of receiving and possessing the Divine Love of the Father which, when possessed, would give to man certain qualities of divinity and immortality.

So the resurrection from the dead, that the master taught and which is the one foundation of the Christian faith, arise from the fact that God re-bestowed upon mankind the privilege of seeking for and receiving His Divine Love which would make the mortal one with Him and Immortal; and upon the further fact that man must, in order to obtain the resurrection, seek and find this Divine Love and thereby become a child of the true resurrection - a resurrection that was never known to prophet or seer or reformer or teachers of faiths, no matter how excellent their moral teachings and private lives may have been before the coming of Jesus.

Truly he was the Resurrection and the Life and I, Paul, who am the recipient of this resurrection and know whereof I speak and have knowledge of the fact that those inhabitants of the spirit world who have never received this resurrection are still in a condition of death so far as obtaining the Divine Love of the Father and the consciousness of immortality are concerned, and so I declare unto you what I have attempted to describe as the resurrection from the dead is the True Resurrection.

I will stop, as I have written a long time. So my dear brother, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jesus Writes Further on the Origin of Life

February 6, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I come tonight to resume my discourse of several nights ago. As I was saying, man is the creature of God made in perfection and - instantaneously - as it were - not having a slow growth as other creations. And when he was created, he needed no evolution or additional attributes to make him the perfect man. His physical body was perfect and also his spiritual body and his soul.

He had, in addition to these three constituents a "Gift," which by his disobedience he forfeited, and which was never restored to him until my coming and, which when possessed by him, made him more than mere man. As to those things which were made constituent and absolute parts of him, they were perfect, and no evolution was necessary to give them any increased perfection. Man then was a more perfect being than he is now, or ever has been since his fall from his condition of perfection.

After his disobedience and the consequent death of the potentiality of partaking of the Divine Nature of the Father, which is the "Gift" above mentioned, man was left in a state where he depended exclusively upon the qualities, which he then possessed for his future happiness and freedom from those things which would cause him to lose the harmony that then existed between him and the Laws governing his being.

The greatest of all the qualities bestowed upon him was that of the will power, which was wholly unrestricted in its operations. Although, when exercised in a manner which brought this will in conflict with the Laws controlling this harmony, man had to suffer and pay the penalties of such violations. But notwithstanding that these perversions of the exercise of the will brought the sins and errors, which now exist on earth, God did not place any limitations on this exercise.

Man, in his creation, had bestowed upon him appetites and desire pertaining to his physical nature, as well as desires of his higher or spiritual nature, and they were all intended to work in harmony and not in antagonism; and in such workings, man was kept pure and free from sin - which is merely the violation of God's Laws of Harmony. But after the first disobedience, which is the greatest demonstration of the power of man to exercise that will, even when God had forbade him to do so, and after man lost this great potentiality that I speak of, succeeding disobediences became easier; and as these disobediences occurred, man lost to a great extent the desires for the spiritual things, and the animal or physical part of his nature asserted itself, and then, instead of exercising these appetites which belonged to the physical nature in such a wise way that no in-harmony would ensue - and here let me say that even after the fall it was possible and even expected that man would exercise these appetites in the way mentioned, he indulged them beyond their proper functions, and increased such indulgence, until he commenced to find, as he thought, more pleasure in such indulgence than in the thoughts and exercise of his higher nature and the aspirations which belonged to it.

This deterioration of man was not sudden, but gradual until, at one time, he became in a state or condition of being - bordering on that of the lower animals and, in fact, because of this increased indulgence of these appetites, he seemed to be transformed into the lower animal; but yet he remained man, a being created in the image of his Maker.

And from this position of low degradation or degeneracy, man slowly commenced to progress towards the attainment of his original condition before the fall. Never, in all this time, was his freedom of will taken from him, nor attempted to be controlled by God - but always the Laws of Compensation worked, and man suffered as he continued to create sin and evil.

But as man on earth continued to degenerate and to permit, what is sometimes called his animal nature to dominate his spiritual nature, many men died and continued to die, and their physical bodies went back to the dust of which they were created, and their spiritual selves became inhabitants of the spirit world, where they were freed, in a longer or shorter time, from the desire to exercise these animal appetites and the spiritual part of man again asserted itself, until many of these spirits became free from sin and evil and in harmony with the Laws of God controlling their natures and conditions as they existed before their degeneracy and before the disobedience commenced.

And these spirits, thus, made free and in their spiritual dominance commenced to try to assist men while living on earth to direct his will in such ways as to rid himself of submission to these appetites, and to become again a true man as in his creation state, minus the potentiality that I have mentioned. But these efforts on the part of spirits have been slow in their effects, and while men in individual cases, have been almost regenerated, yet as whole the progress has not been as rapid as is desirable - sin and evil still exist in the world, and men's perverted appetites and desires still control them to a large extent.

Of course, this progress from the bottom of degeneracy has taken place in some parts of the earth, faster than in others and, hence, you have your distinction between the civilized and the uncivilized races or nations; but this does not necessarily mean that the civilized people, as individuals, have made greater progress in the manner indicated, than have the individuals of some of the so-called uncivilized nations, for it is a fact that among some men of the former nations are perversions and manifestations of perversions of these appetites that do not exist in the latter nations.

Advancement in the intellectual qualities do not necessarily mean progress in the spiritual asserting itself over the perversions of these appetites, for will is not a thing entirely of the mind, and neither are these appetites and desires, because back of the mind are the affections usually called the heart's desires, which is the seat of these appetites, and from which these desires arise; and as they arise, the will is influenced by them and as the will is influenced come positive thoughts and deeds.

It is not surprising that your scientists believe and preach the doctrine of the evolution of man from a lower species of animal, or from an atom or from something that they cannot just understand or give a name to, because in their studies of the history of mankind, and of the created world, they find that man has developed and progressed amazingly from what appeared to have been his condition in some ages past.

But history does not extend to the time when man was in this lowest condition of degeneracy and, hence, all the conclusions that these scientists reach are based upon facts, sufficient unto themselves, which show the progress of man only after the turning point of his degeneracy. They have no facts and, of course, when the word "facts" is here used, it refers exclusively to the material things of nature showing them the gradual decline of man from his state of being a perfect man to that when his retrogression or degeneracy ceased, and his progress of return to his former estate commenced.

So, if the scientists will believe and teach that man, instead of evolving from an atom or some other infinitesimal something, or from a lower species of animal than man, evolved from his state or condition when he was at the bottom of his degeneracy, to which he had descended from the perfect man, then they will believe and teach the truth, and their theory of evolution will then have as its foundation or basis, a fact, which now it has not - only a speculation.

This in short, is the history and truth of the creation of the universe of man - of man's fall and degeneracy, and evolution and progress. And through all this creation and subsequent existence runs life, permeating it and always with it, and the origin of Life is God.

I have finished and I hope that you will find some instruction as well as entertainment in what I have written. I will come again soon and write you another truth.The fact that you waited for sentences to be formulated to express my thoughts, merely means that I was manipulating your brain so that the proper expression or idea could be conveyed to your hand as I wrote it.

You have my love and blessings, and I am more interested as time passes in you and your work. Keep up your courage and your desires will be fulfilled.

Your friend and brother,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Helen Writes a Short Note that the Master is Anxious to Finish His Message

February 5, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen:

Well dear, I see that you do not feel like writing much tonight and will say only a few words.

The Master was anxious to finish his message, but he saw your condition and was not displeased that you did not write. But get in condition by tomorrow night.

Well, I have been with you today at your office, and also at church, and was loving you with all my heart, and soul, and tried to make you feel my presence and love.

I think if you soon go to bed you will feel better in the morning.

Well, I will do so, and tomorrow night he will come and tell you what is best for you to take. While he has not written you for a long time, yet he is with you quite often looking after you. I will tell him your desire and I know that he will do what is best.

So sweetheart, keep up your courage and faith and pray, and you will be happier and realize your desires.

Good night, my own dear husband.

Your own true and loving,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Luke Writes About Truth of the Development of the Soul in its Natural Love Wherein the New Birth is Never Experienced

February 3, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I come tonight to say a few words concerning the great truth of the development of the soul in its natural love wherein the New Birth is never experienced.

I know that men think that this natural love has in it a part of the Divinity of the Father's nature, and that as they develop in the way of purifying it and ridding it of those things which tend to impair its harmony, they will realize that there exists in their souls this Divinity of which we have written. But this is not true, for this natural love partakes only of those elements which the Father implanted in it at the time of man's creation, and in none of these elements is any of the qualities of the Divine Nature.

It is difficult to explain just the distinction between the Divine Love coming from the Father, and the natural love also coming from Him, and yet, not having any of the Divine Nature or qualities; but it is a fact. The natural love may become so purified that it may come into perfect harmony with the Laws governing its condition and composition, and yet, fall far short of having in it any of the Divine Love. And so, as we have explained to you, the soul may obtain this Divine Love and thereby become a part of the Father's Divinity.

I will now try to explain how the natural love of man may be developed, so that his soul may come into harmony with the Law of Love - the natural love - and make him a very happy, pure and contented being.

In the first place, I wish to say that there is no such thing in the world as original sin or evil, and that God did not create them or permit them to exist, except as He permits man to use his own will without limitation; and I mean by this that He does not say that a man, in the exercise of this will, shall do this or do that; and as respects this will, man is untrammeled. But He does say, and His Laws are inexorable in this particular, that  man, when in the exercise of the great power of free will, causes that will to come into conflict with the will of God, or to violate His Laws, he, man, must suffer the consequences.

This may be illustrated by your natural laws declaring the freedom of the press. Man may publish whatsoever he pleases, and so long as he does not thereby violate the rights of others, or of decency, he may make his publications without fear of the law; but when, in the exercise of this freedom of speech, as you call it, he violates the law, then he must suffer the consequences of this violation.

So it is with the mortal who, in the exercise of his free will, violates the Will of the Father, or the Laws limiting its exercise by the mortal. He must suffer the consequences, and the results of this violation are sin and evil created and in no other way. And surprising as it may sound to you, man is the creator of sin and evil, and not God, who is only good.

Then the question arises, "How can sin and evil be eradicated from the world?" And every thoughtful man will have the same answer and, that is, by men ceasing to violate the will of God, or His Laws, which restrict the exercise of the wills of mortals to that which, in its right exercise, will not produce sin or evil. In other words, when men by the wrong use of their wills bring about in-harmony, they can by the right use of their wills not disturb that harmony, which when it exists, leaves no room for the presence of sin and error.

So you see, the one thing necessary in order for men to become happy and free from everything that defiles them, or causes unhappiness or discord to exist, is to develop their souls in this natural love, until this love comes into perfect unison with the Laws that control it and, thus, may be applied the oft quoted expression that "Love is the fulfilling of the Law," but this means love in its purest and most perfect state.

Now how can this development of the natural love be accomplished by men?

The mind, while a powerful helper in this regard, is not of itself sufficient to bring about this great desideratum. It is true that with every mortal there is a constant warfare between the appetites and lusts of the flesh, and his higher desires; and, hence, it is said that these appetites and desires are sinful, and the cause of evil and the in-harmony that exists in the lives of mortals. But this statement is not altogether true, for as man was made with spiritual aspirations and desires, so also was he made with appetites and desires of the flesh, and the latter of themselves are not evils.

The failure to make the distinction between the fact that these appetites and desires of the flesh are not evil, and the fact that only the perversion of them brings evil, is the great stumbling block that stands in the way of man's developing this natural love in the manner that I have indicated. These, what are sometimes called the animal appetites and desires, may be exercised in such a way as to be in perfect harmony with the Laws that control them, and in such exercise not interfere with or prevent the development of this natural love to perfection.

But man, in the free exercise of his will, has in his wanderings gone beyond the limitations which the Law of Harmony has placed upon him, added to and increased and distorted the appetites and desires of the flesh which were originally bestowed upon him and, hence, has himself created those things that are not in harmony with the creation of himself.

So you see, man is a creator as well as a creature. As the latter, he cannot alter or change any of the effects of his creation; but as the former, he can alter and change and even abolish the effects of his own creation, for as the creator, (he) is greater than the things that he created - although these things of his own creation have held him in bondage and unhappiness, to a more or less extent, ever since he became their creator. The strength of this apparent paradox is that the creator, man, has for all these long centuries believed it and submitted to his creations and still does so.

So what is the remedy?

Simply this: man must awaken to the fact that he is greater than his creatures; that they are subject to his will, and that whenever, by their existence and workings, they bring discord and unhappiness, and cause his will to be exercised in opposition to the Will of the Father, then they must be destroyed and never be permitted to come into existence again. Let men become the masters of their creatures, and obedient to the great Will of their Creator, and they will realize that sin and error and unhappiness will disappear, and their natural love will come into harmony with the Laws of its creation, and earth will indeed become a Heaven, and the brotherhood of man established on earth.

If men will only think and - thinking - believe that all sin and error and the resulting unhappiness and sorrow in the world are children of their own creation, and not the children of God, and that in the economy of His universe, He leaves the control and management and even the existence of these children to the will of their parents; they will understand why evil exists, why wars and hatred and misery continue on earth to blight the lives and happiness of mortals; and why, as some say, and especially the so-called Christians, God permits all these things to exist and flourish and apparently contradict the great truth - that He is good and the fountainhead of all goodness.

The universe and the inhabitants thereof and the greatest production of His power - man - were all created by God; but sin and error and their awful followings are the creatures of man. The Laws of His universe work in harmony, and all is good; and even the apparent in-harmony, which man has created, does not affect that great harmony, but is confined in its workings to man, himself. Only man is apparently in in-harmony, and that is caused by man, himself.

Suppose, for a moment, that man's will was working in accord with that of the Father; can you imagine that there would be any of these creatures of man's perverted will in existence? Would there be any evil or hatred or disease or suffering known to the consciousness of man? I tell you, no.

Now I say man, their creator, must destroy these inharmonious creatures. Man must kill and bury deep and forever these children of the perverted exercise of his will, and until then, sin and error and all their concomitants will continue to live and flourish and torment their creator.

And I say here with all emphasis and with a full realization of the great significance and responsibility in the sight of God, which I assume in saying it, that man can destroy these bastard creatures of his will so perverted and discordant. His natural love, if permitted to assert its God-given powers and functions, is sufficient to bring his will in accord with that of the Father and turn his thoughts away from these children of his, and to make him conscious of purity and truth. The dead desires and dead appetites will bury their dead children, and man will come into his own again.

But then comes the question, "How is man to accomplish this great end, so devoutly to be wished for?"

Well, it is late now, and I will write upon this important feature of this development of his natural love in my next message. So with all my love I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,