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William Meloy, a Former Friend and Brother Lawyer of James Padgett, Writes That He is in the Fifth Sphere; Helen Confirms His Message

September 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, William A. Meloy.

You may be surprised in what I say but I have learned much since I have been in spirit life. I am in the Fifth Sphere.

Yes, I have seen him but he has not progressed very much. He is in the Fourth Sphere where he is studying the laws of the spirit world.

Yes, I have seen him and talked to him. He is progressing very rapidly. He tells me that you were the cause of his receiving the light and that you are a wonderful medium and are engaged in taking the messages of Jesus. I was surprised when I heard it and investigated myself and found it to be so, for I have seen the Master writing to you and I also heard many things that he said. Well, you certainly are favored and will find that the frequent interviews with the Master will do you much good. I sometimes see him and talk to him and I want to say that he is wonderful beyond all conception either of spirit or mortal.

I am glad that I could write tonight and hope that I may find the opportunity to write again. I am engaged in studying the laws that pertain more to the soul than to what is called nature. I also try to help the spirits who are in darkness and suffering and sometimes try to help mortals.

Well, I must confess that my belief in the trinity was all wrong. I know now that there is only one God and that the Father, and that Jesus is a spirit like the others of us only more refined and filled with the Father's Love, more than any spirit in our Heavens.
Sometime I will come and give you my opinion more fully and in detail if agreeable. Well, I must stop now.

Your friend and one time brother in the practice of the law,

William A. Meloy

* * * * * * * * * *

Helen Confirms That William Meloy Wrote and That Jesus is Always With James Padgett

I am here, Helen.

Well sweetheart, you have written enough for tonight and must stop.

I want to tell you that the spirits who professed to write actually did so. Mr. Meloy was very much pleased that he could write to you and was a very bright spirit and seemed to be very much interested in the phenomenon of your being able to take his messages. I know that he was anxious to write because when he came he told me that he was an old acquaintance of yours and a brother lawyer and asked that we permit him to write, which we did.

Well, he is a quite comely spirit, he is of the ordinary size and seems to be one who has his full development insofar as the spirit body is concerned.

I must not write more. Well, they are anxious to write but somehow when these higher spirits come they stand back and let the former write.

But they will now, anxious to write again and you will enjoy their writings, I know. Yes, I know but they wish to impress on you certain important truths and, hence, in a little different form, they proclaim the same truths. But they will soon change and when writing go more in detail as to the things that they desire to tell you about.

You will be surprised to see how loving and patient he is with you, never a look that indicates that he is tired of being with you or of writing to you, and I know that he loves you very dearly and wants to be with you. So you must not think that because he is with you so often that he is not the real Jesus, for I tell you that any time you receive a message signed by his name, he always writes it.

So goodnight,

Your own true and loving,

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