Friday, June 6, 2014

Jesus Writes that He is with Mr. Padgett Often, Prays with Him and Wishes to Begin His Writings Earlier in the Evening

April 18, 1918
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I was with you tonight and heard what the preacher said and some parts of his talk expressed the truth and some did not; and I should like to comment on what he said just now, but you are a little tired from the effect of the writings of the spirits who preceded me and I will postpone my comments until later.

I expressly wish to write on the subject of what God has to do with the war, and show how far the preacher was right. I know that men may be surprised at what I may say, but nevertheless I will state the truth as I know it.

I also desire to finish my message on God, and as your condition is much improved, I will do so very soon, and you must commence to write or permit me to write earlier in the evening, when you are fresh. I was with you last night as you prayed and prayed with you, and you were benefitted. I will continue to pray, for I desire and it is necessary that your soul have such development and get in such rapport with me as will enable me to write my deepest and highest messages of spiritual truths and this can be brought about only by the Love increasing in your soul and your becoming nearer and closer to the Father. And there is nothing in all the universe that can accomplish this result so certainly as the receiving of this Love in your soul, in fact, there is nothing else; and you must pray and long for its inflowing. I will not write more now, so good night.

Believe that I am with you often, throwing my love and influence about you. Well, I understand and am sorry that it has so far not worked out its end; but it will, I am sure, for the work has to be accomplished, and the attaining of these ends is necessary. Have a little more faith, and act on it.

Your brother and friend,



Ann Rollins confirms what the Master said and encourages him in his work.

I am here, your grandmother:

Let me say that I have heard what the Master said and join with him in advising you to keep up your faith and courage, for I know that which you desire will be accomplished and the means found for fulfilling the work and bringing it to a successful issue.

We are all with you trying to help you, and we will. Only do as the Master said and you will not fail or be disappointed in the end. Believe that I love you very much and am with you often, and that we will succeed. Good night.

Your Grandmother

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