Sunday, March 3, 2013

Helen Padgett Writes a Short Note About John G. Carlisle's Appearance and Explains Why He was Allowed to Write His Message

November 20, 1915
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Helen.

I called you because when the spirit* who wrote came, he was in such a very bad and suffering condition and begged so piteously to write that I thought it would be doing a great act of love and mercy to let him write.

He is a very ugly and dark and deformed spirit in his appearance, and while a man of great intellect, yet, his soul is almost in a condition of death; that is, it has no conscious life, for it was literally starved and was not capable of seeing or feeling any of the higher or better impulses. So when he came and said that he needed help so much, we let him write.

He is now with Mr. Riddle, and I hope that he may find some light and relief, though, I fear that he will have a struggle to believe what may be told him for, as you may know, when the soul becomes all shrunken and dead, it is hard for the intellect to believe anything which pertains to the awakening of the soul; but everything is possible with God and this man is not beyond redemption.

I believe, though, that he will have a long course of soul development before he will see the light and realize that his sufferings are leaving him. He must have been a very wicked man on earth, for he has about him all the traces and evidences of a very abandoned and wicked life.

"Their sins do follow them, saith the Lord," and I may add - stay with them until the great Law of Compensation has been complied with, or the greater Law of Divine Love has supplanted it.

You must not write more now. So goodbye.

Your own true and loving,

*John G. Carlisle

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