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Father Williams, A Former Catholic Priest, Apologizes to Eugene Morgan for Being Aggressive and Insulting; Helen Padgett Confirms the Message

November 8, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Father Williams.

I am the priest that visited your friend (Eugene Morgan) last night, and I was very aggressive and insulting; but now I wish to apologize, for I have learned that he knew a great deal more about things of the spirit world than I thought possible, and more than I knew myself.

Of course, if he will consider for a moment my position and the fact that for many long years, I entirely believed what I professed, and also felt it my duty to God and to my church to defend the doctrines of the church, he may understand why I was so vehement and looked upon him as a foe to truth and a dangerous man to the followers of the church and to all that we believed in as sacred and holy. Now I must confess that I see some things in a little different light and am not so certain as to some of the positions assumed by the church in its teachings as to the destiny of men in the spirit world.

I should like very much to talk to him again and ask him some questions respecting the position that he took, and this not for the purpose of controversy, but to learn his explanations of some of the things that he asserted. So, if he will tolerate me for a while, I will be greatly obliged.

(The spirit is now writing through Mr. Morgan.)

I want to ask you a question, and that is: "How you came to know of the things you asserted to be the great truths that are necessary to be understood in order to obtain salvation?"

(Mr. Morgan has enabled Father Williams to visualize a bright spirit.)

I saw him.

I am very much surprised at your statement. You are indeed fortunate. I am satisfied with your explanation and shall endeavor to profit by it. I am not as vicious as you may suppose, but I thought I was but doing my duty in trying to protect my people from one whom I believed was the emissary of the devil. I now see my error and am thankful that you were so patient in enduring my abuse as you were.

I am, as I said, satisfied with your explanations, and from now on shall endeavor to become as the bright spirit with whom you brought me in contact. You must not think unkindly of me; for I now realize what a great service you have rendered me. I will now go.

Your friend, the once Father Williams


Helen writes about the great work that Eugene Morgan is doing among the Catholics.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Well, dear, you had an unusual visitor tonight and I was very much interested in his interview and experience with Mr. Morgan, and was glad that Mr. Morgan spoke to him as he did, and gave him the opportunity of coming in contact with a bright spirit and thereby having an awakening that he had never had before. The uncle is a very bright spirit and has much of the Divine Love in his soul and is so happy in doing the work that came to him tonight.

The Catholic priest actually wrote you and Mr. Morgan and, while he could not see me, and I did not choose to manifest myself to him, yet I could and did observe all that he thought and did. He had with him a number of spirits similar in condition and belief to himself, and they all heard what Mr. Morgan said to the priest, and some of them were attracted by what was he said, and also saw the uncle when he made himself visible to them; and some went with the uncle and the priest.

We are all glad that Mr. Morgan is doing this work, for it is a wonderful work and one that will accomplish much good among these Catholic spirits; and when it is considered that of all Christians, they are the most bigoted and convinced that their beliefs are the true ones and their states in the spirit world such as must have necessarily followed from the truths as taught by the Church, you can readily understand what a laborious and difficult work Mr. Morgan is doing and will do.

And for his benefit, I say that he will never be deserted by his band, and the Catholic priests will never be able to overpower this band; for this is a truth, that while the band seldom uses any force towards these deluded spirits, yet should they choose to do so, their mere willing that these antagonistic spirits should leave Mr. Morgan would be sufficient to cause them to withdraw and, thus, destroy the rapport. But this cannot be, for the work that he is doing is one that must be done, and this is part of the work which he has been selected to do; and in its results it is a glorious work. The salvation of these spirits is just as important to the harmony of the Heavens as is the salvation of any man or class of men or spirits.

Mr. Morgan will always have the necessary protection, and whenever he calls for the higher spirits to aid in his work, that call will always be responded to. Even now, there are many of these spirits who were lingering in and satisfied with their condition in purgatory that are now in brighter spheres on their way to the Celestial Kingdom, because of the Love that they have received in their souls; and they are more grateful to Mr. Morgan than I can explain. And these rescued spirits are also with him, working to help their friends and acquaintances who are still in their darkness and belief in the efficacy of the teachings of their church.

God will bless Mr. Morgan in his work while on earth, and many spirits whom he has helped will thank and bless him when he comes to the spirit world. I have, thus, written at length so that Mr. Morgan might gain some conception of what his work means and how he has been successful in his efforts and feel encouraged to continue in his good work without doubt as to the truth of what he may conceive the results of his efforts to be.

Well, dear, I will not write more now, but only say that I love you, as you know, and that your condition is much better, and very soon you will be able to receive the higher messages. So keep up your courage and pray to the Father and you will not be disappointed, for the Love will work in your soul the great miracle of transforming a human mortal soul into a Divine existence, at-one with the Father and His very Essence. Good night, and believe that I am

Your own true and loving,

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