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Jesus Writes That He Has Chosen Eugene Morgan to do a Work in Reference to the Spreading of the Truths

March 22, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

I will give you the prayer very soon now, and you will receive with it a spiritual enlightenment of its meaning that will draw you very close to the Father and His Love.

(Refers now to Mr. Morgan.) Yes, I speak to him sometimes, and he hears my voice, and is not mistaken; but he must not think that all the impressions that he has are from the spirits, for such is not true. As he progresses in the development of clairaudience, he will be able to distinguish between what comes to him from the spirits and what may arise in his own mind. He must not be discouraged or let doubt enter his soul, for his faith must be one of soul and not of mere mind.

I have selected him to do a work in reference to the spreading of my truths, and he must determine that his mission is one that will occupy his time during the balance of his earthly existence; and if he now draws back from this work, he will lose a wonderful opportunity for helping mankind and for developing his own soul and fitting himself for a happy existence in the spirit world.

He has been favored as few mortals have been, or will be, and he must realize and appreciate that fact, for it is a fact, and only the Celestial spirits who are with me in this work know the importance of it. I am his friend and brother, as I have told him, and he has my love and influence as few mortals have ever had, and this because I know that he is a true man and will not fail me in what I wish to accomplish. I know that many times it has been said and written by mediums that I have come and written to them, but such is not the truth, and it is only since I have determined that you shall receive my written messages of the truth, have I come in such close contact with you. Often have I tried to influence them with my love and thoughts, but not for long years have I come in such close rapport as to have them receive my written messages or hear my voice audibly, as your friend has heard it, and will hear it in the future.

Yes, I have chosen him just as positively, and with the certainty as I chose my disciples when on earth; and I expect that he will follow me as faithfully as they followed me. As time passes the conviction will grow stronger and stronger that he has been selected for my work; and there will come to him a knowledge and power which he does not now realize, and which it is impossible for him at this time to understand.

After you and he have gotten in the condition when you can let your thoughts of earthly necessities cease to trouble you, and become in that state of mind and soul that will enable you to turn all your thoughts and longings to the Father and the work that He desires you both to do, there will come to you such a blessing from the Holy Spirit that will prove to you that the Pentecost of the days of my disciples has again been given to man to bless and make him pure and powerful, and the wonder of his fellow mortals.

I, Jesus, tell you this with the authority and knowledge that have been given me by the Father, and no man can gainsay it. I have spoken, and you both must believe.

So, my dear brother and friend and disciple, I will stop, and in doing so, say that you and your friend have the love and blessings of him who never makes a mistake or misleads his disciples in the things of the soul. Good night.

Your brother and friend,


Helen Confirms that the Master wrote and selected Mr. Morgan to do a work in reference to the spreading of his Truths.

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

Oh, my dear one, what a message you had from the Master, and with what power and authority he wrote you! Again, he displayed that great glory of which I have written, and so grand and magnificent was his appearance that we could scarcely look upon him. He certainly was the son of the Father as he wrote to you and declared that you both were his disciples, and that power and great soul development would be given you.

And Ingersoll was present, and he stood in amazement, and almost adoration, as he saw the wondrous greatness and power of the Master. He says that no spirit can doubt that Jesus is the true son of God and the greatest of all the spirits in the Heavens; and that he feels that he is of such insignificance when he sees the glory displayed by the Master. He, Ingersoll, is so humble and so remorseful when he thinks of his days on earth, when he doubted that Jesus ever lived, and if he did, that, in his opinion, he was merely a good man and nothing more.

I tell you that the opportunities which we spirits have had - now three times - to see displayed this wonderful glory and power of Jesus, have made us all realize that the love of the Father which Jesus has is beyond all conception; and he tells us that such love may be ours if we will only strive and pray for it.

Oh, my dear, when I think of the great favor that has been bestowed upon you I thank the Father with all the capacity that I have. I am so happy! Some day you will be with me, and this happiness will be ours together.

Well, dear, this has been a glorious night, and I will not mar the happiness that comes to us by attempting to write of anything else.

So, with all my love and many kisses, I am

Your own true and loving

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