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Luke Writes About the Special Guardians for Eugene Morgan, Dr. Leslie R. Stone and James E. Padgett

October 5, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Luke.

I did not come to write a message tonight but merely to corroborate what Mr. (Eugene) Morgan told you I had spoken to him. It was I and he understood correctly what I said and what I said to him is the truth. I want him to believe for I have a spiritual interest in him and in his spiritual progression and am with him very often trying to help him.

As the preacher (Dr. Gordon) said tonight, back of each mortal who thinks thoughts and evil deeds, I mean of the kind that is important, is an unseen spirit using its influence to suggest truths and inspire soul. And while they are unseen, yet are they evil and more or less harmful?

If men could only know who these unseen helpers are, they would understand the power and wisdom that are back of him helping their thoughts and attempting to control their acts. Sometimes a mortal will have more than one of such helpers but as a general proposition, there exists some special helper who is with the mortal more constantly than the others and acquiring a rapport which the general helpers do not have.

I will tell you now who these spirit helpers and writers of you three men who have been selected for the great work are: Dr. (Leslie R.) Stone is James; Mr. Morgan's is myself; and yours is John; and over and above all - helping all three of you - is Jesus, the highest and most knowing of all. You must each and all believe this and not be astonished if to each of you comes his special guardian quite often.

I thought it best to make it known to you these facts as from the knowledge three of you may realize that back of you are spirits who are powerful and filled with the Father's Love. Believe and pray and you will find that in each of you will develop a spiritual power that will cause you much happiness and the certainty of your relation with us.

I will come soon and write you a message. With all my love and blessing, I will say good night.

Your brother in Christ,


Helen Confirms Luke's Message

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

I see that you may have some doubts as to who the last writer was because of his announcement of such an important fact as the guardians who are with you there. It was Luke who wrote and what he wrote I know to be true. It is wonderful that these spirits should assume such a relationship with you and the wonder is that it is true.

So all of you believe and conduct your lives and thoughts in accordance with the assurance given you. I thought I would write my message tonight but it is too late. I was with you at church and in your walk afterwards and so was Mary and we enjoyed the conversation very much.

Yes, I wrote the message and wrote it with all my love and desire to help you. It was true and you will realize that I wrote you will come to pass. Keep up your courage and believe in us all for we are all trying to help and do and will. Well, I must stop now. So believe that I love you and am,

Your own true and loving,

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