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Priscilla Stone Writes that She is Progressing and Very Happy Living in the Father's Kingdom

November 20, 1916
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Mother.

I would like to say a word to my son, if you will permit, for I so much enjoy telling him of my presence and love. Of course, he knows that I am with him quite often, yet my presence realized in that way, I mean by the impressions that I give him, is not as satisfactory as conveying my thoughts to him by a written message.

I wish to tell him that I am progressing and very happy and know only the joy that my living in the Father's Kingdom gives to me. If I could only make him understand for just a little moment what this happiness means to me, and what it may mean to him, he would strive with all his power of will and longing of his soul to get the Love in more and more abundance. Yet I feel that even without this one glimpse of what I speak of, he is quite happy at times and is trying to progress in this Love.

I do not feel that I should write longer tonight as you have written considerable already, and I thank you for your kindness. I will stop now and say, but the little sweetheart (Mary Kennedy) says: "Tell him that she is here, too, and loves him and wants him to love her and to believe that she is his affinity notwithstanding what the woman said to him tonight. She has her affinity, too, and it is not that unspiritual husband that she is living with. So tell my boy to love me and think of me as I do of him. Good night,

Your sister in Christ


P.S. I had attended a circle where there was a well known medium, and the medium asked me if I associated much with the girls. I replied, "Very little." And a lady sitting on my left said: "Perhaps I had not found my affinity." I did not give any satisfactory answer, but my soulmate was present with me at the time and gave me the signal of her presence, which she often does and is doing so while I am writing this postscript, and I can feel her love and influence very strong, and my mother is giving me the signal of her presence also, and their love and influence always give me so much happiness.

Leslie R. Stone

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