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Jesus Writes to Encourage Mr. Padgett to Think More of Spiritual Things

January 12, 1919
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

Let me say a few words. I have been with you tonight while at church and since you came home and understand your desire to have the preacher read my message on the soul and I agree with you that it is advisable. He has some conception of what the soul is but his knowledge is not of that character as to enable him to express the most important qualities or its origin or difference from the spirit.

I was glad that he undertook to deal with this subject for it has given you the opportunity of making known to him, or of affording him the opportunity, to talk to him about these truths and then be able to enlighten him, for his mind is working in error and misconception of what the truth of these spiritual things is.

I desire to come soon and write another message and am only waiting for you to get into the necessary condition that I may do so.

Well, I will understand you and will come some night this week. Think more of these spiritual things and pray more to the Father for His Love and you will not fail to get in condition. Our work will go on and we will have many messages, yet tonight we must take advantage of every possible moment.

I have been with you a great deal lately trying to influence you and turn your mind to these spiritual things and away from merely earthly things that are not important to you. I hope that you will soon be so situated that you can give all your thoughts and attention to the work and I believe you will if you will make the effort. You know we can help you in many ways but more depends upon yourself as to these material matters and you must act.

I will not write more tonight and with my love and the Father's blessings, I will say good night.

Your brother and friend,


Helen wishes for Mr. Padgett to be ready to receive the Master's message and that she will write on soulmates.

I am here, your own true and loving, Helen.

Well dear, the Master has just written you and he was very much interested in what you have in mind to do. You must try your utmost to be ready to receive his message when he comes, for nothing to you is of more importance. I will soon come and write a little upon some features of the soul which is not in the Master's messages, I mean about the soulmates and their love. So expect me.

Baby (Nita) says she wants to write and tell you what she knows about love and happiness and will do so as soon as you will arrange things. I will not write more tonight as you are somewhat tired. So sweetheart, love us and pray to the Father and believe that I love you with all my heart and soul, the great thing to you and me. Good night,

Your own true and loving,

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