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John Writes that No Spirit Has the Gift of Prophecy; Confirmations by Samuel and Helen

January 7, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, John.

I was with you tonight and heard the alleged prophecies and was interested in the great number of people that were present intently listening to the words of the speaker (Mrs. Kates). To you, the most significant element in the meeting should be the large number of persons present evidently interested in the teachings of spiritualism, or in what they supposed might be manifested as the workings of the spirits. It shows that many of earth are deeply interested in this truth and desire to learn whatever may be taught and demonstrated and such evidence should be inspiring to you in your work of receiving and preparing the great truths that come to you through the medium of spiritualism. The people are longing for the truths of which they know not, but intuitively feel must exist somewhere and hope that a revelation of them may in some manner come to their hopeful souls.

So become more earnest in your desire to receive these truths and give more of your time that can be spared from your business to receiving the messages, and you will the sooner accomplish the work and get in stronger rapport with those who write. After tonight we will come more frequently and more regularly and deliver our messages and will not permit these other messages that you may call personal to interfere with the transmission of ours. I am glad that you are in so much better condition tonight and assure you that you may continue to grow better and better, if you will only follow our advice. Try your best to cast aside your worries. Have faith in us and in our promises and you will not be disappointed. I will come soon and write you another message.

Well, the fact is that she (Mrs. Kates) was controlled by a spirit part of the time that she was speaking, and he suggested to her some of the thoughts that she gave utterance to, but most of her declarations of prophecy came from her own mind, as they had been lodged therein by her observations and thoughts. What she said was really her own prognostications rather than prophecy.

The spirit who controlled her impressed upon her his thoughts as to what the future might be, and her speculations were as reliable as his, except that he has a wider scope of vision as to causes that may bring about results, such as she spoke of. As we have told you before, no spirit has the gift of prophecy, as mortals term it, arising from a supernatural or omniscient power; and these prophecies should be accepted with all the allowance that want of knowledge on the part of spirits or mortals will justify.

Some of those who heard her may believe in what she said and be benefitted by it, for she said some things that are helpful, and in that view some good may come from her lecture; but to accept what was said as known truths is a deception and should not be accepted.

I will not write more tonight. Remember what I have said and believe that I love you and am trying to help you. Good night.

Your brother in Christ,


Samuel Confirms John's Message

I am here, Samuel.

I will say a few words only. I am glad that John wrote so encouragingly, as it will do you good, and I want to substantiate what he said. You may look for better conditions now. Only keep up your courage and have faith in what we write you. You have my love and blessings. So believe in us all and let not the things that appear insurmountable discourage you. I will come soon. Good night.

Your brother in Christ,


Helen Confirms John's Message

I am here, Helen.

Well, my dear, I am glad that John wrote you as he did, and you must believe in what he said. I was also glad that you are in so much better condition and that you have set aside your worries. Soon this burden will not come to you and you will be free.

I was with you tonight and heard the prophecies and as John said, they were mostly speculations of the medium and also of the spirit who controlled her. No reliance can be placed upon what she said as prophecies. Many of the things that she mentioned may come true for there are many causes in operation that will bring about some of the effects that she mentioned.

Well, I will not write more tonight, and I would advise you to go to bed early and get up early. It will help you very much in every way. Believe that I love you and am

Your own true and loving,

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