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Judge Frank D. Syrick Writes About the Test of Spiritual Sense Given to Mr. Padgett

January 18, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Frank D. Syrick.

I am glad that you could feel the influence of the spirit sufficient to cause you to doubt the personality of the writer, for this spirit who wrote was not (Robert G.) Ingersoll and he was permitted to write merely to test your ability or spiritual sense, as we have done before. The spirit who wrote was myself and I did not have with me my usual influence, but assumed that of someone else in order to make the test more complete.

Ingersoll is here and was really with you at the church services and so was I and I was interested in what the preacher said and what I wrote you as to the preacher being a medium and his difficulty of receiving the communication from spirit is true. So you may believe that the message contained the truth as to his condition.

I do not feel like taking up more of your time tonight, but very soon I will come and write you as I have promised.

Tell the Doctor (Leslie R. Stone) that I am glad to inform him that I am here and, also, that I frequently come to him and enjoy his thoughts and experiences in the matters of the soul. I am still his friend and well wisher, even though he can't see me or hear my voice, but I am in full sympathy with him in all his efforts to obtain more of the Love and in helping mortals as well as spirits. So with my love to you both, I will say good night.

Your Friend,


Helen Confirms the Test Made by Judge Syrick

I am here, your own true and loving Helen.

I will not write much, for you are not in good condition. However, I was with you tonight at the services and heard the preacher and wished that I could have suggested some thoughts to him that he could have received for he then would have made clear something about spiritualism that he did not. He is a medium and with a little more faith or rather with a little less belief in some of the old orthodox doctrine, he would become quite a satisfactory medium to himself at least.

What Judge Syrick wrote you is true and we merely wanted to make the test and Ingersoll said that he was astonished that you could detect it. He says that he is learning something new all the time. He wants to write you soon. Well I must stop and so I will say good night.

Give my kindest regards to the Dr. and my love to yourself.

Your own true and loving

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