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Ross Perry Writes that He is Feeling Better and Asks for Continued Prayers; His Mother and Helen Confirm the Message

March 4, 1917
Received by James Padgett
Washington, D.C.

I am here, Perry.

I am very weak, but I must tell you that I am feeling better, for now I do not believe that I am doomed for all eternity to the damnation of darkness and suffering, and when I think back that but for you and the loving spirits that you brought to me, I would be without hope. My heart is so filled with gratitude that it seems as if it must break asunder.

What a wonderful thing is this great gift that you have and no spirit in all the darkness of a hope so near despair can understand the meaning of what that beautiful and glorious spirit who just wrote you said, as I can.

Well I cannot write more, but you and your friend (Dr. Leslie R. Stone) pray for me as surely you who have such beautiful spirits loving you must have some power in your prayers to help. Good night and pray for me.

Your friend,



Perry's Mother Expresses Her Gratitude to Mr. Padgett for his efforts.

I am here, the Mother of Perry.

You must let me say a word, for if ever there was a thankful spirit in all the spirit world, I am that one. Oh, how I thank you and praise the Father for His Mercy and Goodness in permitting my dear boy to see the light and have hope come to him as a star that beckons him to a state of happiness and salvation.

I am so filled with love and thanksgiving that I cannot write much for my heart is just going out to the Father in such streams of love and joy and gratitude that my eyes are so suffused with tears of gladness that I can hardly see.

Do not forget to pray for my boy, both of you, for we all know that you love the unfortunate and miserable spirits who have no hope or way to get into the light. You know that I am his mother, for your soul must feel that it is the mother's love that is thus expressing gratitude.

Good night,
Perry's Mother


Helen wrote that Perry is praying for Divine Love and is commencing to realize the great love that his mother has for him.

I am here, your own true loving Helen.

Well dear, you have had a wonderful night and if, as you say, you could see the scene of your surroundings, you would wonder that there could be such happiness and joy in the spirit world. I mean in these lower planes where there are so many dark and unhappy spirits. We have all been happy and I must tell you that all of your band and also the Doctor's have been present listening to the messages that have been written you.

And it seems to be a night when so many of these dark spirits have come seeking and longing for help and trying to find the way to light. And while only a few have written you, yet many have been benefitted for they have heard the messages and your conversations and have listened to the bright spirits who have been ready and anxious to help them.

Perry is better as he says and is praying and just commences to realize the love and solicitude that his mother has for him and she is so happy that he realizes that she is his own loving mother, and the scene between them was very pathetic and they mingled their tears, hers of love and thankfulness to the Father and his of gratitude that hope has come to him. He is praying and I am so glad that he asked you and the Dr. to pray for him, for it shows that there has come to him some little faith in prayer.

We are all praying for him and your grandmother, in all the beauty of her love, is with him and to her he seems to listen and believe in more than all the others. It is a glorious time for us all. I will not write more now as you have been drawn on a great deal and we must stop.

Give my love to the Dr. (Stone) and tell him that if he could know the amount of love that is surrounding him tonight he would not exchange places with Rockefeller or any other rich man or great men as you mortals consider greatness - for this love will be his through all the years to come even increasing and growing.

So dear believe that I love you and give me your love and trust that I am,

Your own true and loving,

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